Strike the Blood (2013) s01e01 Episode Script

Seija no Migiude Hen Ichi

1 Hey, have you heard? What? The Fourth Progenitor? Perhaps, the Night Countess of Flame (Kaleid Blood) I heard the Fourth Progenitor really exists.
Wh Whe Wher Where Where? Isn't it obvious? Here, in this town.
He's immortal and indestructible, with no relatives or brethren.
He doesn't wish to rule, and is accompanied only by twelve Familiars, avatars of calamity.
No one can control him.
He is said to be a cruel, nefarious vampire who defies human reason.
Hmm And? Well that's it.
What kind of story was that? That's not unusual around here at all.
Anyway, what do you think of this yukata? Not bad.
Hey, that's mean! This was really hard to put on— Are you okay? Ow Darn it Oh, my sandal strap broke You mean your geta strap.
What am I gonna do? Oh, fine.
Come on.
What, dressed like this? Damn Give me a break.
Why not? It's not far.
You're such a pervert.
This sucks.
Hey, why do I have to take all these make-up exams over summer break? Come on.
After all the classes you ditched and tests you skipped, do you have to ask why, Kojou? That was beyond my control! I had a lot going on That teacher knows I'm in no condition to take a test, first thing in the morning Is being unable to get up in the morning a condition? It's not like you're a vampire.
Right But hey, I'm here to watch over your studies because I pitied you for that.
You should be grateful.
You're eating and drinking on someone else's dime, and you expect gratitude? And I'm the one who lent you that money.
Make sure you pay me back.
Itogami City x Itogami Sera I know, damn it.
You cold-blooded humans.
That's discriminatory.
Thoughtless comments will come back to burn you.
Damn, this world's such a pain.
It's not like any of them even care.
Huh? You have friends among the D types? Uh No, I mean in general.
Oh, it's time.
I have to get to work, so I'm taking off.
I'm gonna go, too.
I already finished copying the homework.
Without Asagi, there's no point in studying here, anyway.
But Well, thanks for the food, Kojou.
Good luck.
See ya later.
I'm not up to this Thank you very much.
Damn, I can't even ride the monorail now.
What am I gonna do for lunch tomorrow It's hot.
I'm burning.
I'm scorching.
I'm gonna turn to ash.
Am I being followed? That school uniform Is she from our middle school? Nagisa's friend? Doesn't look like I'm gonna lose her anytime soon.
Guess I have no choice.
Fourth Progenitor! Oh! Mi dispiace! Auguri! Huh? I'm Italian who is passing through.
I don't know Japanese very much.
Ciao! Arrivederci! Grazie! Grazie! Wait a minute, Akatsuki Kojou! You've got the wrong guy.
Huh? Try someone else.
The wrong guy? Wh-What? Hey, little lady, what's wrong? Your pick-up line failed? I swear Don't make a move on a middle schooler at your age, geezers.
Hey, what's your name? What school are you from? I'm sorry.
I'm in a hurry.
Aw, c'mon.
Let's have some fun.
Or do you have something else to do? Wanna go get something sweet? How about karaoke? Our treat, of course.
Demon registration bands If you're bored, hang out with us.
I just got paid, so I have plenty of cash.
Please step aside.
Oh, you're cute when you're mad, too! That makes me want to see what you look like when you're crying Excuse me.
I'm telling you to shut up and come with us, bitch! Bastard! Drop the attitude! You little Young Lightning! Is he a therianthrope? And she sent him flying? She must be Are you an attack mage?! He's a D type! A vampire, of all things?! To run into a D type in town in broad daylight This must be the place called Itogami Island.
Abnormal magic power detected.
All those in the area, please evacuate immediately.
Repeat: Abnormal magic power detected.
All those in the area, please evacuate immediately.
He's using a Familiar in a place like this? Now I won't forgive you even if you cry.
I don't need your forgiveness.
Sekkarou! What do you expect to do with a puny lance like that? Shakutei! Get her! It can't be She eliminated my Familiar so easily Akatsuki Kojou! Hey.
Take your buddy and get out of here.
If you learned anything from this, never hit on middle school girls again.
Or use Familiars in the middle of town.
R-Right, sorry.
I owe you one.
And you I don't know what you're trying to do, but that was too much.
Why did you interfere? Interfere? Any normal person who saw a fight in front of them would want to stop it.
Normal? No normal person could stop the Schneewalzer with their bare hands.
That's not the point Plus, he used magic in a public area, and even used a Familiar.
These are clear violations of the sacred treaty.
No one would object if he were killed.
Yet, weren't you the one who struck first? What? That's not See? I don't know who you are, but trying to kill someone just because he saw your panties is way out of line.
Even if he is a demon, your panties are no reason to— Did you see them? Er, well Why are you looking again?! Whoa! Wait, wait, wait! That was beyond my control! It's because you're standing up there! The wind blowing, your skirt flipping up, and my eyes being drawn to your flipped skirt were all acts of nature that I couldn't do anything about! Enough.
Um, hey You're disgusting.
Sheesh Well, I'd better get out of here, too Class 3-C Student Number: 4077-334-679 Year and Class: Middle School 3-C Name: Himeragi Yukina Date of Birth: Jan.
7 Himeragi Yukina? This is Itogami Island, an island located in the Pacific Ocean 300 kilometers south of Tokyo, constructed of carbon fiber, resin, metal, and magic.
Also known as the Demon District.
On this manmade island, built far from the Japanese mainland, therianthropes, spirits, half-demons, manmade life-forms, and vampires All manner of magical beings pushed to the brink of extinction by destruction of natural habitat and battles with humans, are authorized by the government to live here for protection and research purposes.
I, Akatsuki Kojou, am a totally normal high school student living on this island.
Yes I was a totally normal high school student, until three months ago.
The Fourth Progenitor, huh? I sure don't feel like it Saikai Academy Sorry, Akatsuki.
Looks like Sasazaki-sensei from class C isn't here today.
Oh I see.
Did you have something to pass along? I'll hold on to it for now.
Uh, yeah, something like that I'll just come back later.
It's sort of a bothersome thing Jeez Isn't there some kind of contact information in here? No choice now.
Spare me the privacy invasion speech, please.
Pretty well-organized wallet.
And something smells good Crap! Crap, crap, crap! I can't get turned on and let the bloodsucking urge take over now! Thankfully my blood is enough to take off the edge, but But isn't there anything I can do? Smelling a girl's wallet and getting turned on? You really are a dangerous person.
Himeragi Yukina? Yes.
What of it? Um Why are you here? That's what I'd like to ask you, Akatsuki-senpai.
This is the middle school building, is it not? Uh, y-yeah I came to return your wallet on the way to my supplementary lessons.
And that's why you smelled my wallet and got so excited, your nose bled? No! It just reminded me of yesterday F-Forget what happened yesterday! Uh, that's easy for you to say Please forget about it! And I'll take that wallet back! Tell me something first.
Who are you? Why were you following me? You noticed I was following you? You thought I wouldn't notice that? Fine.
You're telling me I have to take it back by force, right? Whoa Huh? Um, Himeragi are you hungry? Don't tell me you haven't eaten since yesterday Oh, because you didn't have your wallet? Do you live on your own, by any chance? Wh-What if I do? At least buy me lunch.
The one who found your wallet has the right to expect that much as a reward, right? Let's eat.
So you eat hamburgers like normal people, huh? What does that mean? You just didn't seem like the kind of person who'd come to a place like this.
Are you making fun of me? It's true that towns with High God Forests in them aren't big cities, but they still sell hamburgers.
High God Forest? Is that the school you came from? Yes, on the outside.
It's actually a Lion King Organization training school.
The truth behind the continuing demon serial murders You do know about the Lion King Organization, right? No, I don't.
How can you not know? How am I supposed to answer that? I've never heard the name before.
The Lion King Organization is a secret service agency established by the National Public Safety Commission to prevent large-scale magic disasters and magic terrorism.
I'm a Sword Shaman, and I was sent here to Itogami Island to observe you Wait a second.
Observe me? Why? "Why"? Well You really don't know? What? The Progenitors themselves are on equal footing with the nation's military troops.
Naturally, that includes the Fourth Progenitor.
In other words, your very existence is treated the same as an act of terror or war.
So not only am I not considered a human, I'm not even considered a living thing anymore? Are you serious? Senpai What do you intend to do here? Isn't there some reason you're concealing your identity and hiding in the Demon District? For example, using Itogami Island as a foothold toward building your own dominion? Now, wait a minute! I'm not hiding.
I've lived on this island since before I became a vampire.
What did you say? I said, I've lived on this island since before I became— That can't be true! A normal human becoming a vampire, and a Progenitor, no less They have to gain immortality through the secret spell of the lost gods, or You're not telling me you consumed a Progenitor to become one yourself, are you? I can't explain it in detail myself.
I just know that idiot forced this irritating condition on me.
Idiot? The Fourth Progenitor.
The previous Kaleid Blood.
Why did the Fourth Progenitor choose you as an heir? How did you even meet a Progenitor in the first place? Well, that's What's wrong? Sorry, Himeragi.
I don't have any memories of what happened then.
When I try to remember, this happens.
I understand.
You believe me? Yes.
I feel like I can tell whether you're lying or not.
Turn that way.
I'll wipe off your leg.
Oh, it's fine It'll stain.
Come on.
I was ordered by the Lion King Organization to eliminate you if you seemed dangerous.
E-Eliminate me?! I think I understand why now.
You don't realize what you are.
You're in a very precarious position.
But don't worry.
If anything happens, I'll take care of it with Sekkarou.
What do you mean, "take care of it"? What are you doing after this, Senpai? U-Uh I was planning to go to the library and do my summer homework.
The library? Got it.
You're planning to come with me? Yes.
I shouldn't? Well, I can't say you shouldn't Wait, you're gonna stick around forever? Of course.
I'm here to observe you.
Maybe this means I should try harder to face it The fact that I've become the Fourth Progenitor Gimme a break Stop it, Avrora! Don't! I have granted your wish.
Now it's your turn.
I leave everything to you, Akatsuki Kojou.
We blew it again today! We've done nothing but fail since that brat yesterday! Will you play with us? Next Time If I died, Senpai would you be sad? "The Right Arm of the Saint II.
" The Right Arm of the Saint II