Strike the Blood (2013) s01e02 Episode Script

Seija no Migiude Hen Ni

1 The Fourth Progenitor? He is said to be the single most powerful vampire known, possessing no relatives or brethren.
Have you heard of him, Himeragi Yukina? Only rumors In this world inhabited by both humans and demons, why do vampires, the greatest enemy of mankind, exist alongside us? Because the sacred treaty was drawn up.
That treaty was a product of Lost Warlord, ruler of Europe; Foregazer, leader of west Asia; and Chaos Bride, who controls the Americas, and the deadlock between them, the three Progenitors.
However, if the Fourth Progenitor exists, the balance will be disrupted, and mankind will be caught up in a war of massive scale.
Look at this.
Who is Is he your type? He is Akatsuki Kojou, the one we have recognized as the Fourth Progenitor.
Bring out the item we discussed.
This is one of the Type-7 demon assault lances known as Schneewalzer.
Its name is Sekkarou.
It is all we can offer as a parting gift to you.
Himeragi Yukina, in the name of the Three Saints of the Lion King Organization, I command you to do everything in your power to approach Akatsuki Kojou, the Fourth Progenitor, and observe his actions.
And if you determine that he is a dangerous being, you are to eliminate him.
Eliminate? We expect you to fulfill your duty as a Sword Shaman brilliantly.
Was this the result of that demon hunt? Apparently, the security camera was destroyed beforehand.
Finally, make-up exams will be over with.
Of course, summer break is over today, too.
But, damn, it's still so hot.
I agree.
Right? Wait, huh?! Good morning, Senpai.
Himeragi Were you standing here this whole time? Yes.
I am your observer.
Are you for real?! I'm kidding.
Actually, I was waiting for my things to be delivered to my new place.
New place? I've brought your things.
Thank you.
Room 705, please.
Wait a second! Room 705 is Akatsuki right next to my room! And I was surprised when Yamada-san suddenly moved out last week.
But You don't have much stuff.
I lived in a dorm, so I don't have many things.
Is that a bad thing? Not really, but Won't that make things hard on you? I don't even see a futon.
I can sleep anywhere.
And I do have cardboard boxes.
Please don't do that.
I had intended to go shopping for necessities later But you can't go because you're supposed to observe me? Well, yes Want me to go with you after my make-up exam? There's no problem if I'm with you, right? Right! Her name is Minamiya Natsuki.
She's an English teacher who claims to be 26, as well as an active attack mage.
She's one of the few humans who knows I'm the Fourth Progenitor.
Very well.
We'll hold off on keeping you back a grade.
What a relief! By the way, Akatsuki, I hear there was a bat stupid enough to fire a gun at the shopping mall in Island West yesterday.
Know anything about that? Then, how about what happened early this morning at Island South? Forget it.
Just try not to do anything stupid that would reveal your identity, Fourth Progenitor.
O-Of course, Natsuki-ch— Do not address your teacher with "chan.
" Sorry.
Anyway, if anything happens, let me know.
Got it? Oh, Natsuki-chan Natsuki-sensei Um, have you heard of the Lion King Organization? How do you know that name? Well, I don't, really I just happened to overhear it somewhere They are our competition.
Competition? Of course, I say so as an attack mage in service to this nation.
They are your natural enemy, as well.
They were created to do that purpose, after all.
Created? You should avoid going anywhere near members of the Lion King Organization.
Little late to tell me that now What is this weapon called? It looks like a mace of some kind.
No, that's just a golf club.
Sporting goods.
It is? Then, what about this heavy equipment that looks like a flame thrower? That's a pressure washer.
You use it to wash cars and stuff.
Now, I'm certain this one is a weapon! I've seen it in movies.
A chainsaw? Well, I guess you could call that a weapon Oh, I learned about this in the Lion King Organization.
I can't believe this is sold here.
It's just detergent Yes, but I believe, if you mix it with this, it creates poison gas— It doesn't! Don't even think of using them that way! I'm beat That was a really fun place.
If going to a hardware store made you that happy, I guess it was worth bringing you.
Yes! Thank you! Huh? Kojou? Who's she? What's this? You're just getting home, Kojou-kun? Nagisa? Oh, right, Himeragi This is my little sister, Nagisa.
Welcome back to you too, Yukina-chan! You know each other? We met at school yesterday and became friends.
She's transferring to my class.
When I heard she was going to move in next door, I was doubly surprised.
That's why I got all this! What is that? We're gonna have a welcome party for Yukina-chan! You don't have to do that for me But if you just moved in today, you can't make meals for yourself yet, right? That's true.
Okay, come eat at our place, Himeragi.
But are you sure? Of course! Kojou-kun and I can't eat all this by ourselves.
Then, I'll take you up on the offer.
Great! Come by once you've dropped off your stuff, then! Oh, we're having hotpot.
Is that okay? I know it's still summer, but I love eating hotpot with the AC blasting because it feels like such a luxury! Oh, but is there anything you can't eat? I was going to use bonito, konbu, chicken bones, and scallops for the broth, but I've got crab today, too Sorry about that.
Nagisa sort of gets really chatty with people she likes.
There's no need to apologize.
Oh, Senpai That x should be squared.
A middle schooler is helping me with my homework I'm so pathetic.
I've studied everything through the end of high school.
I'll help you anytime.
Runner-up Champions Saikai Academy Middle School Senpai, you were on the basketball team? Yeah, but it was a long time ago.
Did you quit? Because you became the Fourth Progenitor? No, it has nothing to do with that.
I quit before that.
At the time, I thought I could win if I worked hard by myself.
I was even selected as an MVP.
I got cocky.
Truth was, I couldn't do anything on my own.
Before I knew it, it was already too late.
I was alone on my own team.
To tell you the truth, when I ended up with this stupid new body as the Fourth Progenitor, I thought Using this power, I bet I could solve a few of the world's problems.
I could kill heinous criminals, wipe out corrupt politicians, stuff like that.
Senpai, that's I know.
I can't do that.
Someone like me can't just go out and change the world on a whim.
Is that why you hide your true form and wish to live as an ordinary human? Maybe.
Honestly, this Fourth Progenitor power is out of my league.
I doubt I could even handle it well.
I'd rather have nothing to do with it.
But that could also be taken as an excuse you make for doing nothing.
Wh-What? That's your evaluation? I just said something really noble! You're right.
Actually, it changed my opinion of you a little.
R-Really? Yes.
Ah, I ate so much You think Yukina-chan had a good time? Probably.
Come on, Nagisa, don't sleep there.
You'll catch a cold.
Just for a little bit.
I'm tired from practice today Hey, where are you going? The convenience store.
Gonna get something to drink.
Oh, get me some ice cream! You'll get fat.
Nyah! Jeez Where do you think you're going, Senpai? H-Himeragi Did you jump out of the bath to run out here? Crap! Crap! Crap! Are you gonna follow me looking like that? I am your observer.
At least go dry your hair! I'll wait for you! You will? Yes! I won't try to run! I promise! So, where are you going? The convenience store.
Don't tell me you don't know what that is Of course I do.
But I've never been to one so late at night It makes me nervous, like I'm breaking curfew.
Oh, right you lived in a dorm.
Where were you born? I don't know.
Everyone in the High God Forest was an orphan.
Gifted children were brought there from all over the nation and raised to be attack mages.
They were created to do that purpose, after all.
Oh, I didn't mean I'm lonely because I don't have a family.
I had good friends there.
I see.
What's up, Himeragi? Sorry, it's nothing.
Is there something about that crane game? It's called a crane game? The thing with the Nekomatan toys in it Nekomatan? Yes, um they were very popular at my old school.
Got it.
Leave it to me.
Yes! You two.
You're Saikai Academy students, correct? What are you doing at this hour? Crap.
Could you turn around, please? Run! R-Right! Hey, stop! Don't run away! Senpai, that was A Familiar and a damn big one.
I'm sorry, Senpai.
We must part ways here.
Himeragi? I'm going to find out what's happening.
Wait If you're going, so am I! Remember your position.
You are the Fourth Progenitor.
If you make any wrong moves, it will cause major problems.
Please go home and stay with Nagisa-san.
Himeragi Is that the Familiar's master? I have to stop him, fast! It's consuming the magic? A witness, eh? I did not foresee this.
Please stop fighting.
Wounding and killing disabled demons is a violation of the Law Concerning Special Measures for Attack Mages.
You think I'm going to obey a law established by heretics who catered to demon scum?! Oh? That lance Is it a Schneewalzer? The Lion King Organization's secret weapon powered by divine vibrations? I never thought I'd see one in a place like this.
Very well, little girl.
Combat Deacon Rudolf Eustach of Lotharingia requests a fight! Why is an exorcist from the West European Church hunting vampires? I have no obligation to answer that! I, Sword Shaman of the High God, as a priestess of the Lion, beseech thee Dawn light of exorcism, spirit wolf of snowy mist, grant me the divine might of thy steel, that I may smite a hundred evil spirits! Such power and that speed! So this is a Sword Shaman of the Lion King Organization? Magnificent.
You've shown me the Lion King Organization's secret spell.
Get her, Astarte! Accept.
Execute Rhododactylos.
This Familiar Did you Oh, no! This isn't good! I can't dodge it! If I die would Senpai be sad? Himeragi! Sen pai Bastard! Lovely eyes.
And your magical power is comparable to that of nobility, if not greater Could the rumors of the Fourth Progenitor be true? Look, old man, I'm begging you.
Would you leave this island right now? I cannot.
In order to achieve my goal, I require tremendous magical power.
Re-execute Rhododactylos.
Senpai! Senpai! Wait Don't! Next Time Senpai, you're a more dangerous person than I thought.
The Right Arm of the Saint III "The Right Arm of the Saint III.