Strike the Blood (2013) s01e04 Episode Script

Seija no Migiude Hen Yon

1 Hey, little lady, you're looking glum.
What a waste of a pretty face.
Itogami Island Management Corporation Oh, shut up.
Security Department An AI program shouldn't be spouting cheap flattery.
I guess even a genius programmer is out of her league in matters of love.
Shut up or I'll put a virus in your— Mogwai, what was that? Now this is a surprise.
We've got intruders.
They're fighting the guards.
A support column got smashed in a by-blow, and that was the tremor you felt.
It can't be Terrorists? Or are we under attack by the Dominion Army? No, there are only two invaders.
The airtight bulkhead's seal is demolished.
Senpai, would you please wake up now? Five more minutes Don't get cocky! Himeragi? Oh was I dead? Yes.
A little while after you died, your wounds started to heal themselves.
And the blood that had splattered everywhere returned, as if time had reversed itself.
If you were going to come back to life, you should've told me before you died! Sorry! But I had no idea Progenitors could do crazy stuff like that, either.
Then why did you try to protect me?! Did you forget? I originally came here to kill you! Himeragi My own parents sold me for money, and I was raised to be nothing more than a tool to fight demons.
So nobody would be sad if I died.
But it's not like that for you! Listen, Himeragi Um, what are you doing, Senpai? I guess it's an aftereffect of dying I can't move very well yet You're lying, aren't you? Uh Yeah.
Senpai Please stop! You smell nice, Himeragi.
And your hair is so soft and smooth.
You really are a pervert, aren't you? Yeah.
So don't go saying you should've died in place of a pervert like me.
That has nothing to do with But you're so cute.
They may not have been your real parents, but I know the people at High God Forest cared for you.
So don't call yourself a tool.
Okay I understand.
Just please, let me go I can't take any more of this Now I know for certain.
You really are an obscene person! Sorry.
You should be! This is no time for An earthquake? Why are you so surprised? That wasn't much of a This is a manmade island! There's never been an earthquake here before.
Wonder if there's any news What is it? The Keystone Gate was attacked.
Asagi, my friend is trapped inside.
They probably did it to keep reinforcements from getting in.
They really did a number on this place.
What are we supposed to do? Hey! Stay with me! So many people were hurt Kojou? Asagi! Thank God! You're okay? I'm nowhere near okay! The building's collapsing all around me, and I'm trapped The attackers were a burly old guy and a humanoid Familiar, right? You know them? Yeah.
They attacked me, too, and almost killed me.
Almost died? Kojou, you But I'm alive now.
More importantly, where did they go? Just give me a second, okay? They're down below, destroying robot guards on their way to the gate's lowest level, the Anchor Block.
The Anchor Block? Is that something valuable? Of course not.
It's just a tough block of steel that connects the north, south, east, and west gigafloats, and absorbs impact and vibration from waves so Itogami Island doesn't break apart.
Then, what could the treasure be? Treasure? Hang on Warning A military secret?! Mogwai, break through the protection! You're sure asking for a lot Fine, but don't regret it.
This is So that's what's going on.
Let's go, Senpai.
We have to stop them.
Stop them? If we go now, there's still time.
Still What good would it do for you and me to go? I can get all humans within my reach to escape the island But that's all.
I mean, in a way, what that guy's doing is right.
But that doesn't justify exposing the people on this island to danger No, it might not.
But I can't decide who's right and who's wrong.
I can't choose.
I can't make that choice! Himeragi Senpai Please take my blood.
What? You said the Familiars don't acknowledge you as their host because you've never consumed a human's blood before, right? Y-Yeah Then take my blood, right now.
I can't defeat the Combat Deacon Eustach on my own.
I have no intention of fighting that old guy That's a lie.
I know you actually want to stop them.
It'd just be a pain in the ass.
If you want to protect everyone on this island, then do it.
If you don't feel you can shoulder that responsibility yourself, then I'll carry it with you.
I'm your observer, after all.
Or Am I not good enough? Sen pai Complete.
Target has been visually confirmed.
The eternal treasure stolen from the Church of Lotharingia I have awaited the day when it would return to the hands of believers! No one can stand in our way now! Remove those loathsome bonds and bring judgment upon this corrupt island! Received.
However, the prerequisite conditions have not been met.
Please choose another command.
What? Too bad, old man.
The body of a saint who served the West European Church I hear it's called a relic.
So this is what you were after.
This place you call Itogami Island was constructed over an intersection of ley lines, known in the Orient as dragon veins, in the hopes that the spiritual energy here would bring fortune to the island.
One might say its designer, a man called Itogami Senra, did an admirable job.
He modeled the four gigafloats after the four divine beasts, linking them organically in an attempt to control the dragon veins.
But in order to achieve that, there was one problem he needed to resolve.
The strength of the cornerstone, right? Indeed.
When he designed the island 40 years ago, it was not possible to create building materials strong enough to fulfill the role of the Yellow Dragon, the head of the four divine beasts.
That is why he sullied his hands with accursed heretical magic.
He used a sacrifice Yes And the human sacrifice he chose to support this city rampant with demons was the body of a revered saint wrested from our church.
This act was unforgivable! That is why I'm going to reclaim our holy relic with my own might! You'd best leave now, Fourth Progenitor.
This is a holy war between this city and our church! And you think that's a good enough reason to let the 560,000 people on this island die?! When you consider the recompense this city owes for its sins, such a paltry number of sacrifices is not even worth mentioning! With modern techniques, it should be possible to create a strong enough cornerstone without a human sacrifice.
If you lodge a complaint, you could probably have your relic returned Could you say the same if your blood relatives were being trampled down and forced to suffer?! Words mean nothing now! Astarte! Accept.
So it still comes to this in the end? But you haven't forgotten, have you? I still owe you for slicing me in two.
Before you worry about avenging people who died ages ago, let's settle this score first! Ready to get started, old man? From now on, this is my fight! No, Senpai.
This is our fight! This is His movements are those of an amateur, but his magic power is impressive.
In that case, I shall face you with due resolve! Armor of the holy war, Alcazava By thy light, remove the obstacle before me! Senpai! If that's how it's gonna be, I won't hold back, either.
Try not to die, old man.
I, Akatsuki Kojou, successor to the blood of Kaleid Blood, now release your constraints.
Come, fifth Familiar, Regulus Arm! So you've finally awakened He's using such tremendous power in a closed space like this?! What recklessness! Astarte! Damn! Even my Familiar can't break her barrier?! No, Senpai.
We've won.
I, Sword Shaman of the High God, as a priestess of the Lion, beseech thee Dawn light of exorcism, spirit wolf of snowy mist, grant me the divine might of thy steel, that I may smite a hundred evil spirits! Regulus Arm! Astarte! Pulsation! It's over, old man! You probably weren't wrong to try to retrieve that arm.
But you went about it the wrong way.
You'll have to bear the responsibility for that.
Himeragi Can I have just a second? Senpai, you shouldn't We're not Thanks.
I think I can do it now.
Senpai what are you doing? Oh, I just thought I'd bring her Familiar under my control.
That'll give her a longer lifespan, right? Then why did you do something so indecent to me first? That wasn't indecent! I have to make certain preparations before consuming blood L-Like getting aroused So you're saying you used me as a fluffer? No! I just had you help me out a little Um, hey, Himeragi? I wish you would just sink to the bottom of the ocean! Jerk! And so Akatsuki Kojou, having gained a blood partner, took another step closer to truly becoming the Fourth Progenitor.
Combat Deacon Eustach of Lotharingia to be deported So that's the story.
Does this mean everything went according to plan? There is no record of a Progenitor coming into existence in this country before him.
The utmost care must be taken to avoid bringing the nation to ruin.
But sending that girl in for the purpose of becoming his lover Harsh way of doing things.
It isn't just harsh.
Being the blood partner of a king makes her a queen.
Akatsuki Kojou In the West European Church, the name Akatsuki is synonymous with the fallen angel Lucifer.
Very interesting.
You're gonna have a tough road ahead, buddy You're really leaving? Yes.
I've violated several orders, and I broke the Schneesturm Wolfin.
I'm sure I'll get the order from the organization soon.
But I don't regret anything.
My actions were my own choice.
Himeragi Why was it sent back to me? It's even been repaired Because you need it, I guess.
In order to observe that idiot vampire they call the Fourth Progenitor.
Himeragi! How'd it go? Negative.
Thank God It was bad enough I had to hurt you.
I was afraid I'd made you my blood servant, too.
I only lost a little blood, and on that particular day, it was relatively safe.
Hmm You hurt her, she bled, she had to get checked, and it was a safe day, so the results were negative? Asagi?! You nasty, perverted lech! And Nagisa?! So you're Himeragi-san? This looks like a good chance to make one thing clear.
What's your relationship with Kojou? I'm his observer.
So, a stalker? No! I ensure that he doesn't do anything bad! Then what do you accomplish by seducing this idiot?! Well, that's true Someone! There's an incubus here who's trying to put the moves on a middle school girl! Cut it out, Asagi! And thus began a new trial for the world's strongest Just hear me out! There's a very good reason for this! vampire, Akatsuki Kojou, the Fourth Progenitor? What? A good reason?! You're despicable! Gimme a break Next Time I think there is one more partner I think Messenger of the War King I "Messenger of the War King I.