Strike the Blood (2013) s01e05 Episode Script

Sennou no Shisha Hen Ichi

1 Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! I can't believe the details of our deal were leaked.
You've really done it now, humans.
You'll pay for this.
I will avenge my comrade! Take this! What? Why won't it An analog wireless detonator with no password protection, in this day and age? An attack mage? How did you catch up to me? Did you honestly think you could get away? A bit full of yourself, aren't you, stray cat? I gather that you work for Christoph Gardos.
A survivor of the Black Death Star Faction Well done crossing the ocean to get here.
I'll kill you! What?! You won't be able to do that.
She can control space with magic? Impossible! It takes a sorcerer of the highest order to pull that off! You couldn't be The Witch of the Void, Minamiya Natsuki?! I am somewhat interested in terrorists from the Warlord's Dominion, but I'll leave the interrogating to the Island Guard.
I need to prepare for tomorrow's classes.
What? Mom's back home today? She said she wouldn't be back until next week since she's stuck in the lab.
Nagisa, is Mom back? We'll need coffee for three people Wh-What are you doing here, Himeragi? Um, are you okay? I'll surbibe.
I wasn't trying to peep or anything.
No, it was my fault.
It was? I knew that you're a pervert.
I should have expected that you might wander in like that and call it an accident.
I can't believe that slipped my mind Don't, Yukina-chan! If you forgive a pervert like him so easily, he'll just get more confident— I told you it was an accident! How was it an accident when you didn't even knock?! Plus, I told you that Yukina-chan was coming over this morning! Oh, yeah, I might remember you saying that But what for? You didn't hear a word I said, did you? Uh you told me? You know I did! We were doing the measurements and fitting for our ball game tournament uniforms! Why do you need uniforms for a ball game tournament? You weren't listening to that, either? Cheerleaders? Yes.
All the boys in class begged Yukina-chan on their hands and knees.
They said if the princess would root them on in a cheerleader uniform, Saikai Academy Ball Sports Tournament they could fight to the death to win.
All the guys begged her? Please! Since they asked with such sincerity, I couldn't bring myself to refuse And that's why you're going to cheer with her? I'd feel bad if she had to do it by herself.
Kojou-kun, did you want us to cheer for you? No, not really.
What? Why not? It's just a school ball sports tournament.
I'd be embarrassed to have someone cheering for me dressed like that.
That's embarrassing? Er, no I didn't mean I'd be embarrassed to have you cheering for me.
In other words, you're embarrassed to have me cheering for you? Where do you get that? No! I just meant there's no point in going to all that trouble to cheer for me.
You're so not honest Huh? Okay, we'll cheer you on while we're at it.
Let's go, Yukina-chan.
Wait, what is this? Rackets? To practice for the ball sports tournament.
The school's gear wasn't enough, so I borrowed those from my sister.
You can be pretty thoughtful sometimes.
The "sometimes" wasn't necessary.
What do you think people call me? Asagi-san, the high school beauty who can look out for others.
A high school beauty who can look out for others wouldn't say that about herself.
Oh, shut up.
I actually just borrowed them from Orin, though.
They were heavier than I thought, so I didn't feel like carrying them.
You can set them in front of my locker.
I never said I'd carry them for you.
So what event are you playing in? Dunno.
I asked Tsukishima to put me in the easiest one.
Talk about irresponsible.
Ball sports tournaments are the only thing that guys who used to be in sports clubs are good for.
You should give it more effort.
Oh, there you are.
Who'd have thought you'd show up carrying the gear with your partner at this very moment? It must be fate that brought you two together.
What are you talking about? What is this? Badminton Mixed Doubles Aiba Asagi Akatsuki Kojou Why do I have to pair up with Kojou?! It's a new arrangement this year.
We dropped some singles matches and added more doubles matches.
That's not what I asked! I want to know why I'm paired with him! Well, didn't you say how you were in love with badminton? And Akatsuki-kun said he didn't care which sport he did.
It seemed perfect.
I-I never said I loved Loved what? Badminton! I just had to practice with my sister sometimes But you know the rules.
You don't mind, do you, Akatsuki-kun? Well, I guess it seems easy enough.
That settles it, then.
We're counting on you two! Why are you involved in this? It was a nice assist, right? So this was all your doing, Motoki? You are Makimura Yousuke of the Kanou Alchemical Industry development department, correct? Who are you? This is a class 6 restricted area! Head researcher Makimura.
We have reason to believe that some of the supplies in your lab violate the Magical Trade Control Code.
W-Wait a minute.
There must be some mistake.
There's nothing like that here— Christoph Gardos We already restrained one of your underlings recently.
So he is an unregistered demon.
A Black Death Star Faction sympathizer? Stay back.
Feel free to be a little rough with him.
Restrain him.
A homunculus? You think a brat like this can stop me?! Execute Rhododactylos.
A F-Familiar? It can't be! How can a homunculus have a Familiar? Instructor Minamiya.
You've been a great help.
No need to thank me.
I didn't do the work.
It was the rookie.
This is the smuggled article? Where's the original? Unable to verify origin of target.
I presume that it has already been removed from this facility.
So we were too late Nalakuvera? What are you thinking Christoph Gardos? Still I never expected to have a cute girl like you as my chaperon.
So, can you introduce me? Yes.
I have no intention of hiding anything.
The Fourth Progenitor is our enemy.
Isn't this too short? The uniform? Is it the wrong size? Don't tell me you've grown in certain places so it doesn't fit anymore? It's not that, but we're just practicing.
I don't see why I have to wear this.
Just get a move on.
Akatsuki-kun is waiting in the gym.
It's surprising though, isn't it? I thought he would complain about having to practice.
When it comes down to it, he loves competition.
He's such a child.
Is he? Isn't it just because you're on his team? Now, look Time is short.
Hurry up and change.
I swear You have such nice legs.
What? Hey, you look cute.
It suits you.
Y-You think so? It's like Yaze-kun said.
You can't be outdone by that middle school transfer student.
Why are you bringing up Himeragi now? I think you know the reason better than me.
Well, I'm heading to the table tennis match.
Good luck.
Yeah, yeah.
Have a little confidence.
Wh-What does that mean? Wait, why should I have to do this?! Stupid Kojou! How's this? Good.
You're too close.
I know.
I can't blame Asagi for getting mad Oh, Akatsuki-kun, where's Aiba-san? Looks like she's late.
You can start without us.
I'll be doing some stretches.
Got it.
I should've made up an excuse and gone home.
But if I did that, Asagi would probably yell at me again Ow What the Who is that? Where are they shooting from? This isn't good.
What should I do? It'll be an easy fight if I use a Familiar But if I do that, the school will be Senpai, get down! Himeragi! Are you all right, Senpai? Yeah, you saved my butt.
But what are you doing here? My shikigami detected an aggressive magical power close by.
Wait Is that how you've been keeping an eye on me all this time? It's my job.
You can relax.
I will protect your privacy.
Like I can relax! More importantly, Senpai, do you know of anyone who would attack you? As if I would.
What the hell were those things? They were shikigami.
They're normally used to carry messages to people far away, so they shouldn't be that aggressive They've seen the Schneesturm Wolfin.
I have to catch them and erase their memories.
You're fine.
You look like nothing more than a girl in a bad cosplay right now.
Don't stare at me! But you're wearing tights You're still not allowed to look! I don't trust the look in your eyes! Fine, fine.
Himeragi What? You said those shikigami are normally supposed to carry messages, right? Yes.
So is this for me? That seal It can't be You recognize it? Yes But surely it couldn't be Kojou! Oh Am I interrupting something? Interrupting? Never mind! It's got nothing to do with me.
I'm heading back.
Hey, Asagi! What's her deal? Lord Dimitrie Vatler of Ardeal? Ardeal is one of the principalities of the Warlord's Dominion.
Warlord's Dominion? A dominion in Eastern Europe.
It's controlled by the First Progenitor.
You know about the First Progenitor, the Lost Warlord, don't you? He's the vampire who controls 72 Familiars, right? It's said that the sacred treaty established to allow humans and demons to live side by side came to pass through his cooperation.
So this Vatler serves the First Progenitor? Also, you're getting too many onions! You shouldn't be picky.
Since he rules a principality, that means he's a noble.
In other words, he must be a pure-blooded vampire born of the First Progenitor's line.
What's a bigshot like that doing on Itogami Island? Got your point card? Yes, right here.
He's probably here to meet you.
You two sure are close.
Huh? You come here to shop every day.
We're not close at all.
Since we take our meals in the same house, we just do the shopping together.
The same house? You don't mean At your age?! Huh? I wonder why that lady was so surprised.
I don't know But what will you do about Lord Ardeal? From all you've said, it seems like I have no choice but to respond to this party invitation.
Is something wrong? Oh, it says here to bring my partner.
Partner It's typical to attend parties with your spouse or lover in Europe.
You'll have to pick someone to play the part.
Well, I can't take Nagisa or Asagi In this case, I think it'd be best to invite someone who knows what you are and can handle herself in dangerous situations.
The party is today, so there's just Natsuki-chan, I guess Wh-What?! Why did you bring up Minamiya-sensei now? Well, she knows what I am, and she's an attack mage.
She's perfect, right? In that case, I think you have another option! I think you have another option! You don't mind if I ask you? It's my job to observe you, after all But, I don't have anything to wear to a party What are you laughing about? Nothing.
Just thought you sounded like Cinderella.
I guess you're a girl, too I'm back.
Lion King Organization The Lion King Organization? For you? A dress? "Order-made party dress.
Bust, 76.
Waist, 55.
Hips, 78.
C-60 Are these your Is that all you'd like to say before I erase your memory? Oceanus Grave A grave on the ocean, huh? Lousy name for a boat.
Um Are you sure this dress doesn't look strange? No, not at all What're you pointing that thing at me for?! You had a perverted look in your eyes! I did not! Besides, isn't that easier to move around in? You say that with ulterior motives written all over your face.
I am not! Also, your hair pin is crooked.
It's unusual to see you wearing something in your hair.
My roommate back in High God Forest gave this to me.
Yeah? A Sword Shaman? No, not a Sword Shaman, but another attack mage in the Lion King Organization.
I wonder what she's up to now.
We are so out of place here.
When a messenger of the First Progenitor visits this island, the first one to greet him should be the Fourth Progenitor.
You need to be more bold.
Easy for you to say.
I'm only in high school.
So, where is this guy? Looks like he's not here.
He's probably upstairs.
Let's go.
Um Where is he? There's no one here.
Himeragi! Senpai! I didn't sense its presence Well done.
It seems a Familiar of this level wasn't enough to harm you.
I deeply apologize for my rudeness in testing your combat skills.
My name is Dimitrie Vatler.
I have been granted the honor of lordship over Ardeal by my Progenitor, the Lost Warlord.
So you're Vatler Shall I say I'm pleased to meet you, Akatsuki Kojou? No, Kaleid Blood My Beloved Fourth Progenitor.
Next Time Senpai do you want to take my again? From the Warlord's Empire II "From the Warlord's Empire II.