Strike the Blood (2013) s01e06 Episode Script

Sennou no Shisha Hen Ni

1 So you're Vatler Shall I say I'm pleased to meet you, Akatsuki Kojou? No, Kaleid Blood My beloved Fourth Progenitor.
Why do you sound so melodramatic? Get your hands off of Yukina, Akatsuki Kojou.
Huh? Sayaka-san! Sayaka? Yukina! Yukina, Yukina, Yukina! It's been so long! How have you been? Uh, fine But why are you here? Weren't you in charge of multinational magical crimes in the Foreign Affairs Division? I still am.
I came here as an observer to Lord Ardeal.
Then, that letter I sent it at his request, to bring you two here.
Anyway, are you okay? You're not in any pain? And how cruel of the Lion King Organization, to force you into observing the Fourth Progenitor while I was away Um, hang on Himera— Don't speak her name.
What? I don't want to hear Yukina's name from your mouth.
You don't, either, do you? Uh, actually, I Hey just who is she? Kirasaka Sayaka, a War Dancer for the Lion King Organization.
She's the roommate I told you about before.
War Dancer? That's different from a Sword Shaman? A War Dancer specializes in hexes and assassination.
It's my job to eliminate anyone tailing Yukina.
If you get the picture, you'd best stop following her around.
Gimme a break So, then you ran away? I didn't run away.
I just don't like the idea of that idiot sneaking around.
If he's going out with Himeragi, he might as well be open about it.
He's treating me like a stranger.
Don't you think that's because he's not really going out with her? Huh? And yet he's always sneaking around with her.
I can think of only one possible explanation.
What? That transfer student has some kind of dirt on Kojou.
Huh? Dirt? Why don't you try tempting him? Tempt him? Why should I? Come on.
You know seduction is a basic technique for gathering information.
Honey trapping, as they call it.
Listen, Motoki Oh, time to call my girlfriend.
We'll continue this later.
Wait, I'm not done I swear, they're all so I'm impressed any spam made it past my filter.
"Requesting decryption"? A puzzle? What's this? Someone wants to challenge me? That presence earlier It was Regulus Aurum, wasn't it? You've heard of it? Sure.
It's the fifth Familiar of Kaleid Blood, Avrora Florestina.
You know Avrora? To put it simply we were in love.
Love? So let us speak of love, Akatsuki Kojou.
Wait a minute! I'm not Avrora! But you consumed her, did you not? So, as you were the one to inherit her blood, I shall give you my love.
That doesn't make sense! First of all, I'm a guy! Lord Ardeal.
Who are you? Himeragi Yukina, a Sword Shaman of the Lion King Organization.
By the way, the smell of your blood emanates from his body Would you be Regulus Aurum's medium? It can't be You could even figure that out? No, I just wanted to say it.
But if you are a prospective blood partner to Kojou, then that makes you my rival in love.
Rival in love? Your expression tells me I'm right.
Th-That aside Please tell us your purpose for coming here.
Are you really here to form such a questionable bond with the Fourth Progenitor? Of course.
Don't respond so quickly! But there is another reason.
What would that be? Are you familiar with the name Christoph Gardos? He's a former soldier from the Warlord's Dominion, and a terrorist who's made a bit of a name for himself in Europe.
He heads a radical group called the Black Death Emperor Faction.
At the time of the occupation of the Prague National Theatre, he was responsible for more than 400 casualties.
I've heard of the Black Death Emperor Faction, but wasn't it destroyed a few years ago? I heard the leader was assassinated.
I killed him.
What? The old man had a talent that was a bit troublesome.
The faction's survivors hired Gardos as their new leader.
Wait You're not going to tell me he's here on the island, are you? You catch on quick.
It seems he infiltrated along with his underlings from the Faction.
You mean to say this island's demon district was so easily infiltrated by terrorists? Who knows? Someone must have been slacking off.
And what are they after? That should be obvious.
The Black Death Emperor Faction is a discriminatory group that gives superiority to therianthropes.
They want to have the sacred treaty revoked and take over the rule of the Warlord's Domain from the First Progenitor.
Their first step toward that goal is to incite trouble in the demon district to demonstrate that the Faction is still alive and well.
Standard practice for terrorists.
Hang on.
Aren't there other demon districts? Why this island? Why, indeed? What are you thinking? I'll ask you straight up.
Lord Ardeal, did you come here to assassinate Gardos? I wouldn't go to all that trouble.
However, if Gardos were to try something himself, I would have no choice but to retaliate.
I get it.
You used this flashy boat to rile them up.
Certainly not.
But if I were in any danger, who knows what my Familiars would do? They could sink this island without a second thought.
Which is why I wanted to apologize to you in advance.
Are you actually serious?! We appreciate the thought, but I don't think that will be necessary.
Himeragi What do you mean? Surely you're not saying Kojou will take care of Gardos for me? I believe my Familiars are more obedient than those of the Fourth Progenitor.
You're right.
So I will apprehend the Black Death Emperor Faction in the Fourth Progenitor's stead.
Yukina! Why does it have to come to that?! Please stay out of this, both of you! Then, show me what a Sword Shaman of the Lion King Organization can do.
I will determine whether you're fit to be Kojou's partner.
That takes care of the analysis.
That wasn't a very tough challenge.
But What is "Nalakuvera"? "How to set a honey trap.
" Motoki again? Just lay off already.
A secret between just the two of them, huh? This has gotten interesting.
I can't believe Yukina said that to me It's him It's all his fault.
The Fourth Progenitor What? What are you doing? Really, Kojou, if you're gonna sleep forever, I'll have to do things to you.
Don't ignore me and sleep! What are you plotting? I-I'm not plotting anything.
I just heard that guys enjoy stuff like this There are several things wrong with that information.
Anyway, get off me.
You're heavy.
I am not! Just get off! W-Wai— Asagi-chan, is Kojou-kun awake? Nagisa Himeragi What is this? Kojou-kun, what are you doing? Wait, I have good reasons for this Senpai? Er um Please take your time.
Yukina-chan God, Kojou-kun! You idiot! Was she jealous? No way! It's not like we're going out I see.
It's not like you're going out.
Just what is she, then? What is she? She's just what she looks like.
Kojou, are you hiding something from me? Do you have some dirt on her or something? Wh-Where do you get that? Motoki really says the right thing sometimes.
What did you even come here for? Good question.
To declare war, perhaps? How shameless It looks like I'll have to deal that man a fitting judgment.
Himeragi Can I help you, Akatsuki-senpai, who was just flirting with his classmate this morning? I'm telling you, that was just Asagi playing a dumb joke! I'm sure.
But I wouldn't expect you to be able to withstand her temptation.
Temptation? What if your vampiric urges had taken over at that moment? You're right.
Anyway, think about what you've done so you won't end up in that kind of danger again.
Yeah But this morning was Think about it.
Himeragi, what do you plan to do about that stuff from yesterday? You mean the Black Death Emperor Faction? First, I intend to go talk to someone who's likely to have some information.
Someone like that exists? Yes, at Saikai Academy High School.
This is the top floor.
Why is she even higher than the principal? Natsuki-chan, got a minute? I've told you not to call me Natsuki-chan.
Learn your lesson already Hm? You came with him, middle school transfer student? What do you two want? We're looking for a man named Christoph Gardos.
Where did you learn that name? From Dimitrie Vatler.
You know him, right? He should have kept his mouth shut Please tell us.
Where is Gardos? Why ask me? So we can catch him before he makes contact with Lord Ardeal.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
You're Astarte-san? Oh, right, you two know her.
They don't need any tea.
More importantly, get me some fresh black tea.
What is she doing here? Astarte is currently serving three years' probation.
It stands to reason that I, an educator and attack mage in service to the nation, should take her in, yes? And it just so happened I was on the market for a loyal maid.
That last reason was obviously the main one So, where is Gardos? There's no need.
There's no need for you two to catch him.
Despite appearances, Vatler is a monster, who's said to be the one closest to the Progenitors.
And the Black Death Emperor Faction can't do anything.
The ancient weapon they've been looking for isn't even usable.
Ancient weapon? Nalakuvera.
A weapon of the gods, said to have destroyed countless civilizations.
It was discovered among ancient ruins, but a company called Kanou Alchemical Industry smuggled it along with a stone tablet explaining how to use it.
Smuggled? So did the Black Death Emperor Faction come to this island to steal it? When you consider their goal, it's natural that they would want it.
So where is this Nalakuvera? Beats me.
It's already been stolen.
No There's no need to worry.
Linguists and magic organizations all over the world have tried to analyze it, but they couldn't even begin to decipher it.
The researcher who assisted in the decryption is already in custody, and there's no indication that Nalakuvera has been removed from the island.
The Island Guard is already searching high and low for its hiding place, and I've been informed that something fitting its description was found in a corner of the subfloat.
I was just on my way there.
Just so you know, it won't do you any good to interfere.
Please wait! More importantly, Akatsuki Kojou Shouldn't you worry more about yourself? Me? Dimitrie Vatler has already devoured two high-ranking, second-generation vampire elders.
Be careful he doesn't get his fangs into you, too.
Second-generation vampires? So if he really wanted to devour me, it'll be tough to beat him unless I gain better control of my Familiars.
Your Familiars? Senpai Do you want to do that again? "That"? You know Like taking my blood N-No, that's not it! That's not what I meant by using my Familiars! I have no intention of doing a thing with your blood! Not a thing with my blood? Vatler probably isn't about to make a move right away, either.
If I attack recklessly, my Familiars might just run rampant again You're right.
They might run rampant and put you billions of yen in debt again.
Not that there's anything I can do.
Huh? Well, yeah Even if you don't use me to feed, you might still do something sexual to me.
Not that there's anything I can do.
Um, Himeragi are you mad? No, not at all.
Not in the least.
I don't get her.
Look into something? Yeah, just a little! No way.
She asked you to do it, didn't she? Please! I just want you to look into something called Nalakuvera.
Nalakuvera? You've heard of it? Okay.
I sort of feel up to it, so I'll go with you.
Stepping out together before class, eh? Now, then The student council room? You're really something, aren't you? Cut it out.
You're embarrassing me.
Besides, isn't there anything else you could compliment me on? Kanou Alchemical Industry Here it is.
Pretty weak security.
We go in from here and This looks like the file.
This is Nalakuvera? An artifact unearthed in a dormant state at the end of the 20th century.
Inorganic life form biological weapon So this is what those terrorists came to the island for? Crap! Hide! Is someone in here? A-Asagi Shh Be quiet.
Asagi, those earrings Took you long enough to notice, stupid Kojou.
So, those are the ones I bought for you They look good on me, huh? K-Kojou? What is that? Have you calmed down a little? Yeah Sorry for making you skip class.
More importantly, what was that thing? It said it was an ancient bequest.
Yeah, well I don't think we need to worry right now, but apparently, a stone tablet with ancient text explaining how to use it was found recently.
Ancient text? Hm? Something wrong? No.
I'm gonna go buy something to drink.
Okay What's that? You're the girl from yesterday! Quiet, criminal! On top of following Yukina around, you've taken her blood That cute, beautiful neck of hers Y-You've got it all wrong! That was an accident! Die! Why are you dodging?! Because I'll die if I don't! I just told you to die! How dare you violate my Yukina that way?! Hang on! I told you, that was You slide your lips down her neck, breathe on her, nibble on her flesh Don't just blurt out whatever you're imagining! And yet you go around flirting with another woman! Disgusting Fourth Progenitor scum like you isn't a Progenitor at all! You're making no sense! If not for you, she would never face any danger.
She'd have no reason to fight that Combat Deacon from Lotharingia or the survivors of the Black Death Emperor Faction.
Your very existence brings pain to her To the only friend I have! Crap! Wh-What?! Kojou?! Asagi Next Time Senpai! Sayaka-san! What are you doing?! Both of you, think about what you've done! "From the Warlord's Empire III.
" From the Warlord's Empire III