Strike the Blood (2013) s01e12 Episode Script

Tenshi Enjou Hen Yon

1 Good work, Yukina.
This barrier should hold for a while.
How is Kojou doing? He hasn't woken up yet.
Most of his wounds have healed But this one The blade is still lodged in his flesh.
It's a blade that neither you nor I can touch.
What do we do? We cannot heal Kojou's wound.
So I will awaken someone who can save him.
Since his body has survived after being pierced by that blade, it must mean he is subconsciously drawing upon its power.
You don't mean Among the Familiars he inherited from Kaleid Blood, there must be one that can render Angel Faux powerless.
But, how will you awaken it? This will be my first time, so I'm not sure how well it will work, but I believe it's worth trying.
So this is a man's body Um La Folia Why are you taking off your clothes, too? I hear that blood given by a spirit medium is the most effective way to awaken a Familiar.
Yes, but Don't worry.
Even if he's not awake, if he's physically stimulated, the arousal should be enough to awaken his vampiric urges.
Now, Yukina, please close your eyes for a bit.
I must admit, this is a bit embarrassing Don't! Don't, La Folia! There's no need for you to do this! Thank you for your concern.
But right now, Kojou needs someone who can save him.
I'll do it.
It's my job to save Senpai.
Because I'm the Fourth Progenitor's observer.
I understand.
Then, Yukina, I'll leave this to you.
Was this what you planned to do all along? Who can say? You really are hopeless, you know Senpai, can you hear me? Senpai! Keep going, Yukina.
Kojou can feel you.
D-Don't look— Senpai! The princess is watching! No Not there It consumed the angel's blade? I had no idea you commanded such a powerful Familiar Akatsuki Kojou, maybe you really can What the hell?! Himeragi did that for me? I see So you saved me again, Himeragi.
Wait, what am I doing here, anyway? It was Kanase Kanon who constructed this ice tower.
Right after she pierced you, her ego lost control.
Ego? So Kanase's consciousness is still in there somewhere? Yes, but if these conditions persist, her ego will be lost.
So we have to save her before she reaches that point.
Even after that passionate display, I see no signs of a Familiar awakening.
Is this Familiar I see.
So that's why.
What are you doing?! Am I not as attractive as Yukina? No, that's not it I mean, that's exactly the problem! I see.
That makes me feel better.
Do you want to save Kanase Kanon? Yes.
Then I order you in the name of La Folia Rihavein, eldest daughter of the royal family of Aldegyr.
Fourth Progenitor, Akatsuki Kojou, take my blood.
Is it absolutely necessary? Of course it is.
Prove to me that I wasn't mistaken about you, Kojou.
Don't regret this, La Folia.
Everything's gone.
I erased it all.
I shouldn't be sad anymore Just wait.
I'm going to save you now.
She's moving? There is nothing left to bind you to this world, Kanon The Fourth Progenitor's Familiar?! You're alive, Fourth Progenitor? This is good.
One more battle with you, and Kanon will attain the highest level of evolution.
No one else will have to be hurt.
Don't say such selfish things! Didn't you raise Kanase-san as your own daughter?! How do you think she felt, being treated as a tool? I have never once looked upon her as a tool.
In fact, I have come to think of her as my own daughter.
Her mother was my younger sister, after all.
That makes it even worse! How could you use her in experiments like that?! Is there any parent who does not wish for his daughter's happiness? Kanon will evolve into a being surpassing humans.
Nothing will ever hurt her.
Eventually, God will call her to His side, and she will be a true angel! What can you call that but happiness?! Did Kanase say that? Did she say becoming a being surpassing humans would make her happy? What? Or did you just decide that yourself and force her into it? That's what you call treating someone as a tool! Quiet, Fourth Progenitor! You know nothing but what you want for yourself! Sorry to interrupt your discussion about child-rearing policies, but could you just hurry up and die? If you don't, these girls we created will never be sold.
Possession Mask! It can't be! I only made seven of them! Well, that's not enough to sell, is it? You cloned them?! They're not very well-made, though.
They're copies of the ones that lost to Kanase Kanon, after all.
But, fortunately, it looks like we'll get our hands on the perfect source body.
Right, Princess? So that really is why you tried to kidnap me.
You wanted to make a clone from royal blood.
I'll slice you into pieces and make as many as I want.
You sow, there are people who'd pay any price we asked for even a normal clone of you— Shut up, you hag.
And you, too, old man.
Who gives a damn about royal blood and spirit mediums? Kanase and La Folia are both just girls! And you're saying this selfish crap about turning them into angels and cloning them It's starting to make me mad! I'm going to save Kanase and crush your stupid plans! As of now, this is my fight! No, Senpai.
This is our fight! Man, what a drag! Stop making me work so hard, Fourth Progenitor! Out of my way! I'll take care of Possession Mask.
Senpai, you save Kanase-san! No need to worry about me.
Do what you must, Kojou, Yukina.
Lowe, apprehend the princess.
Jagura! What's wrong, Sword Shaman? For one so powerful, you— Young Lightning! This must be a joke A little girl like her, beating me barehanded? It's only your Familiar that's strong.
You are not.
Now, hand me the remote control.
Lowe! What the hell? She had me totally fooled, damn it I'm offended that you would accuse me of foul play.
Lowe You can't even take out one worthless sow?! I'll say it one more time.
Hand me the remote control.
Now you've really done it, you little bitches! I'll kill you all! Starting with you, sow! La Folia! Daughter of the gods, that is within me Protector of armies, age of the sword, bringer of victory and deliverer of death! Is that the false holy sword of the VÃlundr system?! It can't be! Without the mother ship to fuel its spirit energy?! Are you summoning that spirit energy within yourself?! Yes.
At this moment, I am a spirit.
Beatrice Basler For your acts against not only knights, but also civilians, I hereby condemn you in the name of La Folia Rihavein.
I will avenge my servants who suffered at your hand! Damn you I believe in you, Kojou.
Are you in pain, Kanase? I know.
You never even spoke an ill word against the irresponsible people who abandoned those cats.
Someone like that would never wish pain on anyone.
Those so-called gods are all arrogant, narrow-minded, and cruel.
If they're just trying to use you as a tool to destroy things they don't like If that's what they call evolving into a higher being Just wait, Kanase! I'm gonna drag you down from there! I, Akatsuki Kojou, successor to the blood of Kaleid Blood, now release your constraints.
Come, third Familiar, Al-Maisan Mercury! A two-headed dragon! That's why your blood alone couldn't awaken it.
It required the blood of two spirit mediums.
It can't be! Angel Faux's extra-dimensional barrier is supposed to be indestructible And that thing devoured it?! That Familiar must be the Dimension Eater! It severed space and all the dimensions within it?! That's right! This is the only way to save you! She only fell into the dimension we're in.
The divine power influx from the higher realm is not lost yet! Damn it, why?! It still wasn't enough? Kanase! No, Senpai.
We've won.
I, Sword Shaman of the High God, as a priestess of the Lion, beseech thee Dawn light of exorcism, spirit wolf of snowy mist, grant me the divine might of thy steel, that I may smite a hundred evil spirits! Of course! Now that the barrier protecting her is gone I can destroy the spiritual evolution magic with the demon assault powers of Schneesturm Wolfin! Devour it all, Al-Maisan Mercury! It's over, old man.
Yes it seems that way.
You're not going to hit me? Whether I hit you or forgive you isn't for me to decide.
Yukina! Kirasaka! Natsuki-chan! Have you awakened from that scary dream, Kanon? Dream Yes My father said he would save me, and I all those people It's all right, Kanon.
Kojou and Yukina saved you.
Onii-san did And not only them.
I'm also on your side, Kanon.
Who are you? I'm your Well I'm family.
Family I don't think we need to worry about your daughter.
You're the real problem.
Why did you try to make your daughter an angel? Only three Progenitors should exist.
The appearance of the Fourth Progenitor means the time when that power will be necessary draws near.
We are out of time.
That's why you tried to make her an angel to use as a weapon? To destroy him? Any weapon that can't destroy the Fourth Progenitor will be useless against what's still to come.
Well, they're not so bad.
Your research, or Kojou.
You'll be left in the care of the company.
We need you to do a bit more work for us, royal court mage.
Natsuki-chan said that? Yes.
She said she'll be Kanase-san's guardian for the time being.
Princess La Folia seemed a bit disappointed.
I see I'm glad for her, though.
This is where you were? We're heading to the hospital now.
It seems they've taken in some survivors from the crashed airship.
You're leaving already? I believe the fate that has bound us will one day have meaning again.
A little something to say goodbye Then, farewell.
Princess, please wait! And you, Akatsuki Kojou! I will have you explain yourself later! In fact, just die! Senpai Kojou-kun! Hey, who was that girl? She looked just like Kanon-chan! She was a foreigner, right? She was really pretty! Kinda like a princess! Why was she kissing you? Why are you Asagi?! I brought her here.
Kirasaka-san said you would be here.
Kirasaka? When were you with— We were looking for you! What else?! Uh And when we finally found you, you were kissing that silver-haired beauty! Who do you think you are?! Oh, yeah! What you meant by that I meant to ask That? That was just a greeting! It didn't mean anything, stupid Kojou! But I'll make sure you pay for breaking your promise to model for me and worrying me to death! Senpai, what does "that" mean? Gimme a break Next Time I-It's not like that! Senpai isn't my boyfriend or anything! It's true Labyrinth of the Blue Witch I "Labyrinth of the Blue Witch I.