Strike the Blood (2013) s01e13 Episode Script

Aoki Majo no Meikyuu Hen Ichi

1 Thank you, Sayaka.
Sorry to put you through so much trouble with Kanon.
Now I can return to Aldeigia with no misgivings.
By the way Welcome to the Halloween Festa What's the "Halloween Festa"? Oh The Halloween Festa is a festival held on Itogami Island at this time every year Oh! So it's a festival that's only once a year? P-Princess? You've already postponed your return twice.
Your family must be worried My It looks like so much fun! Princess! I'll walk you to your plane! You don't need to tell me.
I don't intend to trouble your country for the sake of a little fun.
However, it can't be helped if we never make it to the plane.
This is That's a demon district for you.
Looks like I won't be bored for a while.
H-Himeragi I'm not doing this on purpose, you know.
I know that.
Same goes for me.
This is beyond our control.
It's more crowded than usual today, huh? People are coming to the island from outside.
The festival starts in two days.
The Halloween Festa? I didn't know it was such a large-scale event.
Halloween Festa Getting clearance to visit Itogami Island is easier this time of year.
And it's not just tourists.
A lot of them are people who want to do business with corporations on the island, too.
It's based on Halloween, right? Yeah.
I don't know why they chose Halloween for it, though.
I think it's an appropriate event for the demon races here.
It started as a ritual to ward off evil spirits, after all.
It did? People of the ancient Celtic civilization believed that gates to the spirit world opened during this season, allowing spirits and witches to enter this world.
Spirits and witches, huh? I wouldn't want to go up against any of them.
That's why you should be careful.
I'm the one who should be careful? You're the most dangerous and unstable source of magical power on this island.
Be careful not to let your Familiars run around unchecked.
I'm not gonna do that.
My friend's coming to visit tomorrow, anyway.
Senpai W-Wait! This was beyond my control, too! No, not that.
I mean her.
A molester? That bastard! Senpai! And that's one molester, caught in the act.
What?! Sorry about that! I can't believe I nabbed Akatsuki-chan's brother by mistake.
I never expected to be called a molester by Nagisa's homeroom teacher, either.
And you're Himeragi-chan's boyfriend on top of that.
Talk about a shocker.
It's not like that, Sasasaki-sensei! He's not my boyfriend! It's strange, though.
I was sure I had him I caught the real molester, you stupid mutt.
Natsuki-chan? That was you we saw on the train? Why are you dressed like that, anyway? A lot of students have been molested on this train lately.
I wore a disguise, well aware that it looks unnatural, to investigate.
I wouldn't call it unnatural.
Actually, I think the middle school uniform suits you better, Natsuki-chan.
Don't address your teacher with "chan.
" Why do you call this stupid mutt a teacher, and me "Natsuki-chan"? Maybe it's a difference in dignity and appearance.
Don't pet me! You're so tiny, I can't help myself.
Can we go now? Quiet, stupid mutt! Go away! Oh, come now Akatsuki Kojou.
Yes? The Halloween Festa is coming up.
That's right.
We'll be resuming classes as usual after the weekend.
Make sure you're there on time.
Right Jeez She didn't have to tell me that.
Why did Natsuki-chan say that, anyway? This town is as ugly as ever, Onee-sama.
It certainly is.
This is all they've got? This really spoils the fun, Onee-sama.
We've returned after ten years.
I had hoped they would give us a more spectacular welcome.
Th-Those aren't familiars that any human can use! What are they? Completed comparison of invaders' magic insignia.
We believe they are class 1 criminal magicians, the Meyer Sisters.
Employed by LCO, a.
"the Library.
" Squad 1, "Philosophy.
" Meyer Sisters? Witches of Ashdown?! Bulls-eye.
So you remembered us.
Very good.
Here's your reward.
Squad 15, please respond! Squad 15! Child's play.
If this is all they had, we didn't need the help of the Library, Onee-sama.
You're right, Octavia.
But don't forget.
Natsuki is in this town.
That accursed witch of the void Yuuma-san? Yeah.
Kind of an old friend I've known since I was a kid Or more like a basketball buddy.
Want to see a picture? It's old, but Yuuma's sort of an old friend I can't get rid of.
Oh, pretty good-looking.
I'd never know that was Kojou's friend.
Right? Shut up! You guys shouldn't even be butting in, anyway! Oh, please.
When our friend says his old buddy is coming, it's only natural that we'd want to see for ourselves.
Right? Exactly.
Having this many people here is gonna make Yuuma freak.
Just think of us as passers-by.
Sorry we tagged along, too.
N-No, you and Kanase are okay It'll be fine.
Yuu-chan likes it when things are lively.
Really? That's a relief.
Bet you're glad it's a guy, huh? I-I wasn't worried about that.
Are you feeling better now, Kanase? Yes.
I've completely recovered.
I've been looking forward to visiting the festival with all of you.
Yeah? Glad to hear it.
Kojou! Yuuma? It's been ages! You're looking well, Kojou! I thought my heart was gonna stop.
You're always going overboard, you know? Sorry about that.
Yuu-chan, long time no see! Nagisa-chan, you've gotten so pretty! I didn't recognize you! A g-girl? Oh, come on, stop! A-And she's gorgeous Yuuma, let me introduce you.
These are Nagisa's classmates.
And these two are just passers-by.
'Sup? Who are you calling passers-by? You said it yourself I'm Tokoyogi Yuuma.
Nice to meet you.
Halloween Festa Night-Before Party Come on, hurry up! Demon District Museum Oldest Vampire Hunters in Japan What's it been, Yuuma? Four years? You haven't changed a bit.
Hey, that hurts.
I personally think I'm a lot more girly now.
Well, compared to back then maybe a little.
Well, sorry it's only a little! You don't seem to have changed much yourself, though.
Y-Yeah, maybe.
Well, Kojou's been an idiot for as long as I've known him.
No progress at all.
Shut up! By the way, did you hear about this? At our outdoor school in fifth grade, Kojou Hey! What are you saying?! What? I wanna know! Tell us, Yuuma-chan.
Don't you dare! What an awesome view! We're so high up! It's sort of like we're floating in the air, huh? Oh, yeah, you're scared of heights, aren't you? I-I am not! I'm just worried about the strength of this glass floor.
I'm not scared or anything.
Th-Thank you Yukina-chan, you can see the school! Huh? Where? This way! Is that your girlfriend, Kojou? What're you talking about? I told you, she's Nagisa's classmate.
But she was looking at you the whole time in the café, too.
She seemed worried.
We're not like that.
You really haven't changed, Kojou.
Huh? Nothing.
Kirasaka Sayaka What is it, Kirasaka? I'm kinda busy It's me.
La Folia? You were listed in Sayaka's contacts under "Favorites," so I thought I'd— Princess! Hey, Sayaka Hello, Akatsuki Kojou?! This "Favorites" setting brings bad luck to anyone added to it, I'll have you know! That sounds like a stupid setting.
So what do you want? Wasn't the princess supposed to go home? Well, that's the thing.
You see It's me.
Hello? What is it, Mogwai? What?! What do you mean, class 3 district defense system? You're sure? Okay, I'll be right there.
What? You warped from the airport to the subfloat? That's practically on the opposite side of the island! We don't know what happened, either.
We've tried to get back, but every time we go through a door, we end up somewhere else.
Well, I've got the idea that you're caught in some kind of trouble.
Senpai, um Hey, Himeragi, Kirasaka just told me Visually confirmed location of search target.
Astarte? What are you doing here? Situation report.
Following this morning's scheduled 9:00 call, I have lost contact with the instructor.
What? You mean Minamiya-sensei is missing? Affirmative.
Signals from her transmitter and amulet have been lost, as well.
Natsuki-chan is Are you serious? I have been instructed on the procedure to follow in a situation such as this.
Assign priority protection to Kanase Kanon.
To Kanase? H-Hang on a second.
Hello? Kirasaka? Huh? Did Minamiya-sensei foresee her own disappearance? Unknown.
Due to insufficient data, I cannot answer.
This doesn't sound good.
I agree.
Darn it! Well, what should we do now? It's the Halloween Festa Night-Before Party! Are you all having fun? We'll be going nonstop until midnight! Hello? How's it going there? No problems.
Kanase-san is in the bath with Astarte-san.
Sorry to stick you with guarding Kanase.
I don't mind.
If anything were to happen, getting Nagisa-san or Yuuma-san involved would be dangerous.
And I'm sure you and Yuuma-san have a lot to talk about.
Yeah Thanks, as always.
Not at all.
I'll talk to you later.
Was that Himeragi-san? Huh? Oh, yeah.
Sometimes it seems like you and her smell the same.
Huh? What are you talking about? Nothing, really.
Just saying that's how close you two seem.
Y-You think so? Hey, Kojou-kun.
Go ahead and take your bath first.
I'll take mine with Yuu-chan later.
Okay Got it.
What does she mean, we smell the same? Confirmed intrusion by the Fourth Progenitor.
O-Onii-san, is that you? A-Astarte and Kanase? Why I'm sorry.
We're using the bath first.
Take your time.
What was that?! I don't entirely understand what happened.
In short, you peeked at Kanase-san and Astarte-san in the bath, and you came to turn yourself in? That's not well, yes, that's true, but that's not the issue here! I opened my door, and it was connected to your bathroom! But you did see them, correct? W-Well, Astarte was in the tub, and I couldn't see much of Kanase through the suds But you did see them, correct? I'm sorry.
Apology accepted.
I-It was nothing Well, I wouldn't call it "nothing" Still, it really is strange.
Y-Yeah, isn't it? And considering what Sayaka-san told us It's just a theory, but it may be that some kind of distortion has occurred in the space around Itogami Island.
A distortion? You think this has something to do with Natsuki-chan's disappearance? I don't know.
But the timing seems too perfect to be a coincidence.
For now, let's just wait and see.
It's dangerous to walk around carelessly in a situation like this.
Okay, got it.
This is my living room, right? I get nervous every time I open a door Kojou S-Sorry! Did I scare you? N-Nah, my fault Come on, over here.
This takes me back.
You used to get hurt all the time.
I got in the habit of carrying a first aid kit around because of it.
You sure it wasn't because of you dragging me into trouble all the time? Was it? What? Uh, just What's with that outfit? Oh, this? It's a witch costume.
I wanted to wear it tomorrow, so I was trying it on.
You think I look weird in an outfit like this? No, it looks good on you.
I'm glad.
You haven't changed at all since then, so I thought maybe you didn't even see me as a girl.
I-It's not that.
But as far as I'm concerned, you're just you.
What if I wasn't human anymore? Would you still say that? I've got plenty of friends who aren't quite human.
You're right.
I understand now.
You're the only one for me.
Yuuma The party's in full swing, and the countdown is about to begin! Are you ready? H-Hey Three Two One Happy Halloween Now Time for the festival to begin, Kojou.
Huh? If I remember right, Yuuma ki— Nah, it must've been a dream.
My skin feels weirdly smooth today.
And my body feels so light What the hell?! Next Time Oh, Yuuma-san! Sorry I'm dressed like this.
I was in the middle of changing But since we're both girls, I guess there's no Huh? Why is your face so red? Labyrinth of the Blue Witch II "Labyrinth of the Blue Witch II.