Strike the Blood (2013) s01e14 Episode Script

Aoki Majo no Meikyuu Hen Ni

1 Yes? Himeragi, sorry to bother you so early! Look, I need you to listen calmly Yuuma-san Please, just come in.
This isn't the place.
Right Sorry.
I couldn't stand there dressed like this.
We were choosing outfits for the festival.
Oh, Yuuma-san Good morning.
G-Good morning Oh, right Their guard is down because they think I'm a girl.
Whoa! Um Astarte? Affirmative.
I approve of this attire.
You're dressed as a witch, Yuuma-san? You look cute.
Y-Yeah, thanks No, forget that! Listen to me! I'm Yuuma, but I'm not Yuuma on the inside! It's me! Akatsuki Kojou! I dove in pretty deep, but I can't find any traces of a virus.
Little miss, in the past three minutes, we've had 11 Landing Guidance System malfunctions, 78 complaints concerning road signs, and reports of car navigation system failures increased by 159.
Location information systems on the island are destroyed, and there's no chance it's a cyber attack.
So then what Oh What's up, little miss? Do you think it's possible? There are no problems with the network, and all system numbers are correct Maybe it's the town that's messed up.
What? Of course! Leave it to Mogwai-dono's master! Such keen insight! Tank Another nuisance to deal with They flushed you out, too? Indeed.
I was conducting an investigation at the request of the Manmade Island Management Corporation.
So Empress, you deduced that the space itself around Itogami Island was distorted, correct? Right.
I don't know why, though.
Hang on, little miss.
We've got records of a spatial anomaly from ten years ago, too.
The archives from ten years ago? This is The Dark Oath Grimoire Incident I don't believe it The Dark Oath Grimoire Incident! The Witch of Notaria?! The Witch of Notaria The high librarian of the criminal organization, the Library.
Come to think of it, there was a report of Library members breaking through the wall and entering the town two days ago.
I see Anyway, I've got an idea of what's happening.
Now we just do what we can.
Where did I first meet you, Onii-san? The roof of the middle school.
You were looking for someone to take a stray cat.
That's right Question.
Response requested regarding the location where you met Instructor Minamiya two days ago.
The station platform No, actually, on the monorail.
She was wearing a school uniform.
No discrepancy with the facts given to me by the instructor.
All right, one last question.
Oh, that! That's the thing I won at the arcade, right? What is its name? Huh? Um Maneki Neko? It's Nekomatan.
Looks like you are the real Senpai.
You understand now?! No one else would do something this irresponsible.
But if your mind is in Yuuma-san's body Where is your body now? I don't know.
It'd be normal to assume Yuuma is in my body now But I can't find her anywhere.
After I got back from your apartment last night, Yuuma talked to me and then, the moment she kissed me, I saw some kind of blue shadow, then I blacked out.
You kissed her? I didn't kiss her.
She kissed me.
And that isn't the issue here You kissed her? Um You kissed Yuuma-san? How did this happen? Good morning, Sayaka.
You were wonderful last night.
D-Don't say things that could lead to misunderstandings! Oh? The girls told me that's how people who wake up in the same bed greet each other in Japan It's not! Well, in a way, it is but not in this situation! Why are we both naked, anyway? You don't remember? After being repeatedly warped to random points in space, we ended up in this room.
I remember that much But I had clothes on when I fell asleep, didn't I? I was worried they'd wrinkle, so I took the liberty.
What? Sayaka, what do you think? Huh? W-Well I guess it doesn't count since we're both girls I was talking about the spatial anomaly.
Oh U-Uh I assume it means that all space around the island has been distorted by some entity.
And I believe we were warped all those times as a result of great spiritual or magical power.
But for ordinary citizens, it caused nothing worse than getting lost or stuck in traffic.
What a terrible prank.
Don't you think the scale is too large for a prank? What is the culprit trying to do? You think there's a true motive, other than distorting space? This phenomenon just might run deeper than we think.
Akatsuki You're right.
Yuuma-san isn't here.
Nagisa-chan, either.
If she made breakfast before she left, does that mean She wasn't taken against her will, I think.
It worries me that I can't reach her cell, though.
I think she's all right.
It's your body that Yuuma-san wants.
She wants my body What?! N-Not that way! What are you imagining?! I meant the body of the Fourth Progenitor! Huh? But she doesn't know I'm the Fourth Progenitor— She knew.
There's no other explanation.
Even if you're right, how did she take my body? Can magic do that? No, that's not possible for vampires.
There's no magic that can overwrite a divine curse.
And yet, here I am.
I don't think Yuuma-san actually took your body.
She just distorted space.
She connected your space with hers, and switched your senses with hers.
U-Uh In other words, you think you're moving your own limbs, but Yuuma-san is controlling your body.
I don't really get it, but You mean like, she rewired me? But wouldn't that mean she has to maintain continuous control over space? Yes.
Controlling space is advanced magic.
No normal human can do it.
The only ones who can use it, for example are people like Minamiya-sensei.
You mean Tokoyogi Yuuma is a witch.
The same type as Minamiya-sensei.
Grimoire number 539 How wonderful.
Isn't the grinding of space a lovely feeling? It certainly is.
Truly, what remarkable power the Blue Witch has.
But of course.
She's a born witch, created specifically for this purpose.
Let's use her to our hearts' content, until we find what we seek.
Who's there?! Our guardians My goodness I guess the Witches of Ashdown aren't all they're cracked up to be.
You're Dimitrie Vatler?! So that's the source of all the distortions in space around here? Impressive magic, but that means it's the work of a crystal ball far from here.
I can infer that you're searching for some kind of treasure sealed away on this island.
Too bad You fell short of my expectations.
Stop, Octavia! Oh? Are you Kojou? No, you're not.
Who are you? Allow me to introduce myself, Lord Ardeal.
I am Tokoyogi Yuuma, daughter of Tokoyogi Aya, the Witch of Notaria.
Done! That's my little miss.
I can't believe you completely rewrote the gigafloat network backend in such a short time.
I also scanned all spatial information by the millimeter and updated the database, so that should take care of most of the traffic messes.
I'm gonna sleep for a bit.
Good work.
Leave the rest to me, little miss.
Cake Buffet The pumpkin pie is so sweet and delicious.
This kabocha pudding is great, too! Agreed.
Suggest addition of more sweets.
Three more servings required to surpass the breaking even point.
You heard her.
Want some more, Senpai? Huh? Okay, I'll have a chiffon cake and a scone No I won't! Why are we just chilling in a place like this?! We still don't know why Yuuma took my body— Relax, Senpai.
For the moment, we have no idea where Yuuma-san is, let alone what she's after.
Well, yeah, but Besides, there's actually a way to undo Yuuma-san's magic instantly.
Oh, yeah! Schneesturm Wolfin can break any magic, right? Then However If we were to nullify such an elaborate spell, there would be significant repercussions to the targeted body.
In other words, if we do that right now, Yuuma-san's body and mind would be shattered.
W-We can't do that! I know.
I'd rather not use that method.
If it becomes necessary to use Schneesturm Wolfin, we would have to make your body the target.
You should come back to life even if you die a little.
Wait a minute! Doesn't that mean I'd suffer deathly pain?! Um I'm not really sure what's going on, but I hope you'll be able to get back to normal soon Kanase Agreed.
I have determined that I subjectively wish for the return of the Fourth Progenitor to his original body.
R-Really? Even you, Astarte? I-I'm just your observer.
No matter what you look like, I need only fulfill my duty.
B-But I'll do everything I can.
So, tell me how girls go to the bathroom! What? I mean, if I need to use the bathroom in this body, I figured I should know what to do No! I won't allow it! But it's part of human physiology! I absolutely won't allow it! I-I see The Witch of Notaria and high librarian of the Library? If I recall, she's within the demon district prison barrier.
Yes, she is imprisoned.
I borrowed the body of the Fourth Progenitor in order to free my mother.
But I believe this is an ideal situation for you, as well, Lord Ardeal.
Once the prison barrier is broken, not only my mother, but countless, legendary criminals will be set free.
It seems you're well aware that I seek a strong opponent.
If you would just overlook this for a moment, I ensure that Your Excellency will not be bored.
Himeragi, is that Yes.
A wave of your power.
It's coming from the Keystone Gate.
Astarte, take care of Kanase! Accept.
Let's go! Wait, Senpai! Another distortion in space Damn! Surrender immediately or we will attack! How tasteless.
You're right, Onee-sama.
But this is perfect, since I was already in a very foul mood.
I won't stop you this time, Octavia.
The monad is windowless; it is but a symbol! Oh? So this is the Library's prized grimoire, Pre-established Harmony? No attack can harm the guardians And no defense can stop the guardians' attack.
Whoa, fancy! They put a lot of money into it this year! All right! We made it to the Keystone Gate! But what the hell is going on here? Senpai! Damn it! Let's go! Right! S-Senpai! You mustn't look! I know that! Damn it! What do we do?! What is this?! Senpai, where did you get that photo? I don't know! It just showed up on my phone! From Asagi? Leave the spatial anomaly to me! Itogami Island Navi A navi that uses the distortions in space to determine the shortest route to any destination? I sent them A picture of the little miss looking defenseless while sleeping, and the app we discussed.
You're pretty meddlesome for an AI program.
Hey, I'm sure the little miss will be happy.
The scan system she poured her heart and soul into will be useful to a certain someone.
I meant the picture.
Don't get carried away and tell her about me, too.
Well, anyway, he should be able to get to the Keystone Gate now.
Yeah I just hope he gets there in time.
Before those guys find the prison barrier Himeragi, turn right at the next corner! Okay! According to the navi, just a few more warps and we should come out inside the Gate.
But who sent that thing? Well, we've gotta use whatever's available! That door's next! Okay! Yuuma Damn You're here again today! You always hide and watch us, don't you? U-Um Please, help me out! J-Just a little more Kojou-kun! Did I scare you? Jeez You idiot! Thanks! You're pretty strong! I'm Akatsuki Kojou.
This is my sister, Nagisa.
Thank you! I'm Yuuma.
Tokoyogi Yuuma.
Nice to meet you, Yuuma! Kojou Yuuma! That didn't take long, Kojou.
You've always been like that Always showing up where it really matters, even when you have no idea what's going on.
Next Time Yuuma-san, this is awful! I can't believe you were after Senpai's body I'll be taking it back.
I'm the Fourth Progenitor's observer, after all! Labyrinth of the Blue Witch III "Labyrinth of the Blue Witch III.