Strike the Blood (2013) s01e24 Episode Script

Akatsuki no Teikoku Hen Ni

1 So you really aren't Yukina-chan, then.
Th-That's right, Kano-nee— Kanon-san.
And you say you came here in pursuit of a magical beast.
What sort of beast is it? The thing I followed here is a manmade magical beast created in an experiment.
It crosses time, distorts space, and consumes dragon veins to destroy the land they support.
It's the most evil of strategic weaponry.
If left alone, all the magic power that supports Itogami Island will be devoured And this island will sink.
Hey What is this?! Just what it looks like.
The island is being disassembled.
Don't do this to me The magic supplied as building material is nearly gone! Yeah.
As of now, there's no major imbalance, but it's like a dam on the verge of breaking.
If one section splits off, the rest probably won't be far behind.
For now, we'll just use the physical system and regulate the buoyancy and currents of all floats in real time, but frankly, without knowing the cause, we won't hold out long.
I can't have this island sinking just yet.
I'm counting on you, little miss.
A magical beast that eats dragon veins? That's what Lord Ardeal said.
He thinks it may have been "made" for that purpose.
Are you serious? This is too dangerous to ignore.
When I saw it up close, something about its magic power its balance, perhaps felt unnatural.
Yukina, how did it feel fighting it? Yukina? Oh Sorry.
What? May I, Yukina? H-Hey! Are you a little feverish? I just didn't sleep well last night.
Oh, you were just checking her temperature? What did you think I was doing, you perverted vampire?! P-Perverted— Honestly We've known each other since we were kids, you know! You've only known her for three months.
That's why all you have is dirty thoughts! Three months Now that I think about it, that's really all it's been.
Himeragi really is around me all the time, so it felt like a lot longer than that Well, don't worry.
That will come to an end soon enough.
An end? What do you mean by that? I received an order from the Lion King Organization to return there.
I think they must have given up on me as an observer.
Rather than just observe him, I've given Senpai my blood many times, made him even more powerful, and accelerated him becoming the true Fourth Progenitor And then I broke Schneesturm Wolfin, the ace up my sleeve that I was to use when he really got out of hand.
But that was But if I stay with Himeragi, then someday, that might Wait a minute, Yukina.
Did the Lion King Organization really order you to return? You should double check— It's fine, Sayaka-san.
This will make things easier for both Senpai and me.
I've already been told that someone will come for me this afternoon.
I know it's sudden but you'll be okay, won't you? Even after I'm gone, be sure you get up on time in the mornings.
And try not to do indecent things to girls.
And don't do reckless things just because you can't die.
And It's been fun.
Goodbye, Senpai.
Yukina! No way! That's really how it went? Yeah.
This might be the real history Anyway, I get it.
So what am I supposed to do? Give me instructions, Moegi.
What do you plan to do? You told me before.
If I weren't around, Himeragi would never be in danger.
So this is for the best, right? Why are you being such a wimp?! If Yukina says it's what she wants, I would never object! I told her she should request a reassignment.
And what do you think she said? That she promised.
That she decided to bear your responsibilities along with you, so she would never make the choice to leave you herself! If you don't feel you can shoulder that responsibility yourself, then I'll carry it with you.
I'm your observer, after all.
Whether you wish it or not, you bring disaster, and people get swept up in it.
That's just your fate as the Fourth Progenitor.
Realize what you are already, and at least say you'll use that power to protect everything, Akatsuki Kojou! You're right I'm the Fourth Progenitor, aren't I? Thanks, Kirasaka.
You really are a good person.
Wh-Where did that come from? I'm going to stop Himeragi.
She's probably at the airport.
Hurry! Okay! But, an order to return Hm? Come to think of it That's right.
I'm the one with all this power, and it was you who got me to take the first step.
I think, for me, for this good-for-nothing Fourth Progenitor Himeragi, you're It's no use.
The Island Guard's artillery is no match for that thing! You guys block off the surrounding area and get all the people to safety! Is that you, Asagi? Kojou, the island's in serious danger right now.
At this rate, the island's going to sink within 30 hours.
Escape before that happens.
Escape? Are you Survive, Kojou.
Huh? You idiot! You know I can't take off and leave you here! Kojou This might be my last chance, so I'm going to tell you something.
That time we got mixed up with the Black Death Emperor Faction terrorists, when I kissed you That was actually Looks like the phone company's system just blew.
All common lines are out.
Camera's dead, too.
Come on, what the hell?! Disconnected Unable to connect to the mobile network Damn it! Mimori-chan I don't like that tremor These waves The magical beast from yesterday? You're not going? You're Kojou-kun is probably on his way now.
Yet, you're not going You know you're dying to go.
That's why! That's why I'm not going.
I can't go.
I understand now.
Because I had Schneesturm Wolfin, because we could fight blade-to-blade, I was able to stay with Senpai.
Now that I've lost that, there's nothing to hold us together anymore.
I can't stay here like that.
I won't be able to stop myself.
So I can't be with him any longer.
I swear, you're always like this I didn't come here to listen to your stupid pretenses.
How do you feel? Not as a Sword Shaman or as part of the Lion King Organization, but as a girl, as Himeragi Yukina, what do you want?! That should be obvious! I want I want to stay with him, of course! You were finally honest with yourself.
Okay, I'll give you a magic ticket that'll take you back to Kojou-kun.
Maybe that's really why I came here To give this to you.
Damn it Come, Regulus Aurum! Did we kill it? It came back to life?! Execute Rhododactylos.
Astarte! Natsuki-chan! Don't call your teacher "chan"! Hurry and get back in position! Akatsuki Kojou! I'll back you up, too! Attack it again! Come, Al-Nasl Minium! Al-Maisan Mercury! I, War Dancer of the High God, as a dancer of the Lion, beseech thee Enku of the Aurora, Qilin of radiant light, thou who doth rule thunder and the heavens, come clad in raging fire to pierce Hell's monstrous demons! That must have Damn! Is this how much it sucks to have an enemy that can't die?! If that's how it's gonna be, I'll take you to the end! Regulus Aurum! No! Akatsuki! Akatsuki Kojou! Damn Regulus You got careless, Kojou.
It seems that magical beast can come back to life as many times as it wants by absorbing magic.
But who knew it could absorb a host's magic through his Familiar? Truly interesting.
What the hell are you I thought I'd go all-out for the first time in so long.
This island may sink, but I'll at least save you, Fourth Progenitor.
S- Stop! I won't let you! Yukina! You again, Sword Shaman?! Whoa, there! Can't have that, Duke! Schneesturm Wolfin didn't break because you weren't careful enough.
It broke on its own because it couldn't withstand all the spiritual strength you've gained since coming to this island.
So the Lion King Organization made a new Schneesturm Wolfin just for you.
It was 20 years in the making Himeragi Senpai! I told you not to be reckless You take your eyes off of me for a minute, and this happens.
Senpai You've really made a mess of things.
From now on, this is my fight! No, Senpai.
This is our fight! Don't forget This was my fight first! Listen, Kojou-kun.
That beast travels the spiritual paths of the dragon veins, absorbing magic.
Spiritual paths? It's the same thing that connects you to your Familiars.
Normally, they can't even be touched, much less broken, but If we combine our strengths Little miss! That's enough! Let's run! No! There are still lots of people on the island.
I'm sure Kojou hasn't escaped, either.
That's why I won't let this island sink! Senpai! Kojou-kun! Aim for the base of its tail! I, Sword Shaman of the High God, as a priestess of the Lion, beseech thee Dawn light of exorcism, spirit wolf of snowy mist Grant me the divine might of thy steel, that I may smite a hundred evil spirits! Here I go! Hasta Aurum! Come, Regulus Aurum! Whew, that was really a close one.
Looks like this one was hell-bent on sinking the island.
But disaster has been averted, and the corrupt attain even greater prosperity, eh? The Fourth Progenitor and his princess, not to mention the Priestess of Cain, have certainly grown much stronger.
All according to your designs? Who can say? I want to stay here, after all.
On this island, with you and everyone else.
So I'll try and ask them to revoke the order to return.
Himeragi Stop.
Hey, Yukina, did the order they sent you look like this, by any chance? You got one, too? No! Did you forget? This isn't an order to return.
It's a notification of your regular medical exam! Huh? All employees in contact with vampires are required to undergo regular medical exams to make sure they don't become blood bonded, remember? What medical exams? So when they told you to go back It's only for three days, unfortunately.
Hey, Himeragi! E-Everybody makes mistakes! Besides, it was your fault to begin with! You said you'd prefer I wasn't here! Hang on! When did I say that?! Good grief.
This is why they say never to interfere in a lovers' quarrel.
You two sure are close.
We are not! Still, I'm really glad I got to meet you both And that I got to see you having fun like this.
"Like this"? Too bad looks like time's up.
I've gotta go back.
Wait! Hang on um What's your name? We'll meet again someday, for sure.
So this is goodbye, just for a little while Mom.
Who was with that girl, anyway? I don't know.
This uniform It's mine.
She took it when she knocked me unconscious.
She seriously looked a lot like you, though.
I almost thought you could've been mother and daughter.
Come to think of it, didn't she call you "Mom"? But she was a vampire, right? Huh? Nah, couldn't be.
Y-You're right Oh, yeah, Himeragi here.
What's that? This is Senpai You really are an indecent person, aren't you? W-Wait a minute! This was beyond my control! Put away the spear! How long are you going to hold those up?! Senpai, you idiot! Gimme a break Welcome back, Reina.
Thanks, Moegi-chan.
So you successfully defeated it.
Honestly, I didn't know what was gonna happen.
Hey, Doc, I had no idea it'd be that strong Huh? Where's Doc? Mom went out not long ago.
Said she caught wind of some people who set a magical beast loose.
Really? I guess even the highest technical advisor in the empire has it rough.
Same goes for your, too, doesn't it? So, how was the world of 20 years ago? It was fun.
I got to see what Mom was like at my age And I got to see my dad doing well before he died and talk to him.
No, no, no, no, he's not dead.
You just saw Kojou-kun and talked to him like always this morning.
Besides, that guy can't die, even if you kill him.
I'm home To our Empire of the Dawn.