Strike the Blood (2013) s01e23 Episode Script

Akatsuki no Teikoku Hen Ichi

1 Goodbye, Himeragi.
Wait, Senpai! I I Tears? What was I about to say? Um Senpai, if I were to go away, what would you do? Huh? What brought this on? Uh I was just wondering.
What would you do? Well, you did go away for the training camp I guess it would make some things easier for both of us.
I see.
You'd prefer that I wasn't here.
I understand.
No, I didn't say I'd prefer it! I just meant observing me every day must be tough on you Ow! Oww So close! Don't worry about it! easier for both of us.
Stupid Senpai He's the one who starts doing irresponsible things as soon as I take my eyes off of him Still, what did he mean by "easier"? He could've found a better way to say that! He could have! Yukina-chan, that was awesome! That was really beautiful.
You really are amazing, Yukina.
Are you doing any sports? Oh, uh Not really I was just thinking about something Wow! You can jump like that just by thinking? I get it! Like you're in a state of nothingness, right? All right, all right! Next jump! Okay, that's it for gym class today.
Oh, Himeragi-chan! Are you on duty today? Future plans questionnaires? They were actually supposed to be handed out in homeroom this morning, but I guess I forgot.
Sorry, but could you hand them out now? Okay.
Oh, and be sure to write down your plans for the future, too.
You know, don't you, Sensei? That I'm Of course I do.
But you're only in your third year of junior high.
If there's anything you want to do, Natsuki-senpai and I will do all we can to support you.
My future? I never thought about it.
Growing up in High God Forest, all I knew was that I had to hurry and become a full-fledged Sword Shaman You're No Why? Lord Ardeal! Th-This outfit was a penalty I mean It's part of my training, so don't give it any thought! More importantly, what brings you to a place like this? So even a War Dancer of the Lion King Organization didn't feel anything? Am I just being a bit too high-strung? I thought I felt the dragon, directly below here, that supports Itogami Island writhing The dragon veins The ley lines? Well, hopefully, I was just overthinking things.
What was that? I'm starving! What're you eating for lunch? Oh, it's Himeragi-chan.
She's as pretty as ever.
It's like she lives in a world of her own.
She's cute, she's thin, her face is tiny, she's cute And that little bit of ditz mixed in is irresistible! Ow! Uh, that was more than just a little bit of ditz.
What is she doing? Are you okay, Himeragi? Uh, yes I guess Wait, what? Kojou-kun? Kojou "kun"? Please excuse me, Akatsuki-senpai.
No, I don't care what you call me But you're not hurt, are you? No, I'm fine.
I guess this door isn't automatic ye— Are you Yaze-senpai? You're kidding! What's with you all of a sudden? You're acting like you don't know me.
Well, you're much thinner.
And your hair is so thick Wait a second! Could you not say things that make me worry about my future?! I-I'm sorry.
But you might want to go a little easier on the hair dyes.
It could damage your scalp Y-You've got a point.
The UV rays are strong on Itogami Island, too What's up with you, Himeragi? You're acting weird.
Um Senpai? You're touching me? Oh, sorry.
Did it bother you? No, not at all.
It just wasn't like what I'd heard Were we always this close? Huh? You so were! Flirting in front of us all the time Everyone's always thinking, "Just die, Kojou!" That's not everyone! That's just your own opinion! Himeragi, come with me.
Seriously, what's going on? You're the one who says you follow me around because you're my observer! I do? So, for example we go to and from school together? We just did this morning, didn't we? And of course, I've let you drink my blood, right? W-We didn't have any choice! I was dying, and stuff was happening Oh? Well, that's what I figured.
You really are an indecent guy.
Hey, Himeragi! What's all the fuss, Akatsuki Kojou? If you go into heat here, you'll disrupt traffic.
I'm not in heat! You're a teacher! What are you saying?! N-Natsuki-chan? You really are Natsuki-chan! It's like you haven't grown at all! You've picked up quite the habit of talking down to me since I last saw you, transfer student.
Wait, you're That feeling P-Please, stop that! Natsuki-chan! You shouldn't do that in public! Oh, Yukina-chan! I was worried when you didn't come to the cafeteria.
Nagisa Huh? Aunt Nagisa?! You're so young! Aunt? That's harsh, Yukina-chan! I know people say I'm like an old woman in the family because I talk so much, but I didn't mean that, Aunt Nagisa There! You called me Aunt again! Asagi-chan, what do I do?! There, there.
Don't cry.
I bet she just means you're dependable.
Or maybe she's just showing affection.
Right, Himeragi-san? Huh? Asagi-chan, as in Doc?! Pardon? Is it really you, Doc?! You look completely different! H-Himeragi-san? What's wrong? Hey, Kojou, do something! What am I supposed to do? What do I do, Senpai?! Doc is so cute! She's gorgeous, she's young, she has a great body, she smells good, and she's gorgeous! I heard she was a "gal" type, so I was expecting garish makeup and weird clo— Hey, what happened? I'm sorry I got a little worked up Hey! Wait up, Himeragi! Y-Yukina-chan? What was that all about? Beats me.
What is this? I've never seen waves like these Lord Ardeal? What are you A little test shot, and we'll find out.
Upananda! I'm sorry, Senpai.
I've calmed down now.
Vampiric urges? You figured it out? You're not Himeragi.
Who are you? Technically, I'm a Himeragi, too.
Hmm Himeragi is my maiden name, you might say.
What? Speaking of which, you said some weird things back there.
Calling Nagisa your aunt, calling Asagi "Doc" And saying Natsuki-chan hasn't grown.
Oh, um, that was Senpai! Get back! Himeragi? That's the real one? Are you all right, Senpai? Yeah That's right That's how I know you're Himeragi.
I have a feeling you just said something very rude about me, but I'll get to that later.
Oh, darn You came to already? Step away, Senpai.
I'll take her on.
Take her on? Just because she copied you, there's no need to Schneesturm Wolfin! Wait a second! For the record, I have my reasons! So just listen for a— Enough talk! You're still like this Hey, Kojou-kun.
The way she won't listen to a word you say once you get her mad She's been like that ever since now? Uh Well, I guess she can be like that Senpai! But, hey, she said she has her reasons.
Can't we just hear her out? Very well.
Explain yourself.
What's with the attitude? It's because you're always such a stiff I'll tell you this now.
The harder you are, the more easily you break, and the more easily you break those around you.
Thanks for the warning.
Is that all you wanted to say? C-Come on, you two Let's just calm down and— What was that? It came from behind the school? Weird Hey, Motoki, you heard it, too, didn't you? Huh? Uh, yeah I wonder what that was.
Huh? Where's Natsuki-chan? Dunno.
Is it after Kojou? I haven't picked up information on anything dangerous This one's up to you, Natsuki-chan.
Dimension controlling magic? Natsuki-chan? What is that thing? It's most likely a magical beast.
So you did come here Do you know somethi— Look out! Hey! Senpai! What the hell did you just do? Senpai! Don't! But Can you control a Familiar in your condition? And think about where you are.
Even if you don't lose control, your power will hurt other people nearby! Its tail Teleportation? Don't follow its movements.
Watch it mentally just a moment's future I get it.
If this had been the real Himeragi, this still could have happened to her at any time What was that sound? Senpai! I, Sword Shaman of the High God, as a priestess of the Lion, beseech thee Dawn light of exorcism, spirit wolf of snowy mist Grant me the divine might of thy steel, that I may smite a hundred evil spirits! It can't be Schneesturm Wolfin broke? Himeragi! Come, Hasta Aurum! You're You shouldn't be surprised, Kojou-kun.
I've inherited the curse of immortality, too.
It affects me just a little more than most people.
I followed that magical beast here.
If it's left alone, disaster will come to this island.
So I can't go back until I bring it down.
Go back? To where? Who are you? That's enough, Akatsuki Kojou.
And don't you say any more, lookalike of the transfer student.
Natsuki-chan! I'll look after this girl.
I'll have no objections.
Got it? But, Natsuki-chan Shouldn't you be more worried about doing something for the real transfer student? Himeragi Schneesturm Wolfin broke.
Himeragi B-But, this happened before— This is different! Even the core is completely shattered.
It's just like she said.
Being too hard makes you fragile.
You'll end up breaking yourself and those around you.
Too bad.
Looks like the good part's over.
A girl who looks just like Yukina? Who is she? I think things just got a tad more interesting.
Could that have been I'll be taking your luggage.
Also, this is for you.
"Himeragi Yukina.
The Lion King Organization hereby orders the aforementioned to return to High God Forest.
" Next Time What do I want to do? Why are you asking me that? The answer should be obvious! I want to always always Empire of the Dawn II "Empire of the Dawn II.