Strike the Blood (2013) s01e22 Episode Script

Renkinjutsushi no Kikan Hen San

1 The deterioration has progressed this far, and still Damn, that sage is such a slave driver.
Just a little more You will give me back the other half of my body as you promised, Wiseman! Yukina-chan? I forgot something.
Go on without me.
This feeling I hope I'm just over thinking it So this is the act of someone who's as close to perfect as you can get? Bones? They are the sister and children who were devoured by Amatsuka.
I don't know that man But he was most likely a decoy to host the dummy core.
"Sister"? You mean the nun who was running the monastery when the incident happened five years ago? When I first awakened, my memories were still in disarray But I finally remember now.
About five years ago, and about Amatsuka H-Hey, Nina Fragments separated from the control of the Wiseman They might not be quite enough to reconstruct my body, but Nina? What was that overwhelming presence I felt? Kanase-san? Did you feel it, too? Yes.
I sensed something unpleasant surrounding the boat.
I thought so Um This sensation is familiar to me.
I think I've felt it at some point before Are you referring to me? Amatsuka Kou?! I haven't seen you in five years, Kanase Kanon.
Now I remember.
That man attacked the monastery five years ago.
He said he needed a powerful spirit medium to act as an offering An offering?! Are you saying he pursued you so he could use you for his alchemy? So if I'm not close to them, everyone will be safe.
Kanase-sa— Kanon-chan! Whoa, there.
What do I do? Senpai Akatsuki-senpai Well, I suppose this will do.
You're back, Nina? But why are you using Asagi's body And What's up with your chest?! There was not enough blood to fully reconstruct my original ample-breasted figure, so I tried regenerating only one part.
What do you think? So, you're Nina Adelard, huh? Natsuki-cha— Ow! I heard the gist of the story from Kanase Kensei, who regained consciousness.
But why does the great alchemist of old look like Aiba with fake breasts? Is this what you're into, Akatsuki Kojou? No! Anyway, this isn't the time for that! Please! You have to help me find Amatsuka, fast! This Wiseman he's trying to resurrect is seriously bad news! I have a pretty definite idea where he is.
He headed toward the ocean, looking for the spirit medium he wants to use as an offering in the resurrection.
Spirit medium? You can't mean The ferry that departed the island at 7:00 AM for Tokyo, carrying the students attending the Saikai Academy training camp.
He's after Kanase? No, not necessarily.
That girl called Yukina is also a powerful spirit medium, is she not? Please, Natsuki-chan! Fly to that ferry for me! Himeragi doesn't have Schneesturm Wolfin with her! I can't.
It's too far.
I figured you'd ask that of me, so I've secured a means.
Then take me there! I hope you don't regret this.
What is this? An airship? It's the armored airship Veswield, pride of the kingdom of Aldeigia.
Long time no see, Kojou.
La Folia! You're gonna help me? I'd love to catch up with you, but time is of the essence.
I've arranged the fastest means of transportation in Aldeigia.
Allow me to show you aboard.
This way.
Wait a moment, Fourth Progenitor boy.
Cat-sensei! And your shikigami is fixed? That was fas— H-How long are you gonna have your hands on me, you groper?! Pervert! You Pervert Progenitor! Kirasaka You're the real one? Something wrong with being real?! Stop whining, Sayaka.
He didn't hurt you.
You've let him suck your blood before, haven't you? I-I didn't let him suck my breasts! Just hurry and give that to him.
Yes, ma'am.
This is Pass it along to Yukina for me.
I'm counting on you.
It looks like you're all ready.
Then, please look at this.
You should be able to withstand this, Kojou.
This is Hrotti, the prototype aircraft of the Order of the Sacred Ring.
This game of tag is over.
I need an offering in order to resurrect Wiseman completely.
And it needs to be one possessing a certain power.
Don't hold this against me.
You still don't remember? What? I remembered you, and the time you killed everyone at the monastery.
I feel sorry for you.
You haven't noticed that you're being deceived.
What are you talking about?! What did you hope to accomplish by resurrecting Wiseman? That's obvious! I want to be human again! I'm going to have him restore the half of my body that was devoured! Then please tell me.
Who were you, exactly? When, and where, were you born? What kind of life have you lived? I wondered what you were going to ask.
I am— I am Wiseman will not grant your wish.
Because Shut up You have never been human.
Shut up! Yukina-chan How dare you interrupt me, Sword Shaman?! That knife Is is enchanted meteoric iron? That will be a bit of a nuisance, but you still can't beat me! And you have nowhere to run.
Now, give up! It's over for you! No! A cruise missile?! That can't stop me! Looks like I got here in time.
Senpai! Himeragi Ouch! What on earth are you thinking, blasting in here on a missile?! Well, it is a prototype aircraft, technically Don't tell lies that I can see through immediately! I'm not lying! That's enough.
Kanon is standing there dumbfounded.
Senpai, who is that? The great alchemist, Nina Adelard, so she says.
Why does she look like Aiba-senpai? And that chest A lot of stuff happened.
Anyway, Himeragi here he comes.
Fourth Progenitor This is from Cat-sensei and Kirasaka.
Bastard! Schneesturm Wolfin! Come, third Familiar, Al-Maisan Mercury! Stop this now, Amatsuka-kun.
You've lost.
Give the remains of Wiseman to me.
Nina Adelard? You've realized it, haven't you? You are a homunculus made by Wiseman.
He only instilled the desire to become the perfect human in you so he could use you.
Even you are telling me such things, Master?! It is not your body that determines whether or not you are human.
It's the nature of your heart.
That vampire and myself have lost our human bodies, but we still struggle to live as humans should.
You have no reason to obey Wiseman.
Reason? My reason to obey Imperfect beings, you are too late.
That's Wiseman? No That's not him, Kojou! If that's Wiseman, then where is the Wiseman's Blood? A liquid metal life form is comprised of large amounts of precious metal.
Wiseman didn't come after this ship in pursuit of me or Kanon-chan Seawater? Seawater? Seawater contains trace amounts of precious metals.
With his magic power, he is capable of gathering enough of it together.
The world shall become one with my perfect form! I won't let you do that! Is this Wiseman's Blood? Nina-san She did this to protect us Sen pai? No Senpai For just a moment, Kojou turned the boat into mist to save it from the attack.
But as a result, he was unable to escape it.
But he'll be okay, right? I mean, Senpai is immortal Though he bears the curse of immortality as the Fourth Progenitor, if he hasn't been killed, he can't come back to life.
Senpai you're terrible After you did all those indecent things to me You can't just Freezing magic on this scale? What an unsightly form to take in the face of the scrap steel created by those alchemists.
But you have my praise for attempting to protect this girl to the end.
Out of consideration for that, I'll lend you just a little strength.
Awaken, Sadalmelik The Familiar that she just awakened hasn't acknowledged him as its master yet! Senpai please, hurry Looks like I made trouble for you again.
Sorry, Himeragi.
You couldn't help it.
You really are an indecent person.
That was amazing You looked so grown-up, Yukina-chan Kanon-chan! You can chat about the details later.
Wiseman's rebirth is nearly complete.
Don't worry.
I'll end that nightmare you've been having for 270 years by shattering that shiny gold body of his.
From now on This is my fight! No, Senpai.
This is our fight! Foolish! You imperfect beings dare resist me? Shut up, Shiny.
Get a clue already! You're the one who's far from perfect! Come, Regulus Aurum! Al-Nasl Minium! Natra Cinereus! Al-Maisan Mercury! After learning that you're just being used, you still intend to fight? Sorry.
I don't know what else I should do.
Amatsuka Kou, you are no longer I'm scared that I'll cease to be me.
Just who am I? Why was I born, and what should I do?! I believe searching for that answer is what it means to live as a human! I, Sword Shaman of the High God, as a priestess of the Lion, beseech thee Dawn light of exorcism, spirit wolf of snowy mist I see all I had to do was wish for it I only needed to want to be human Grant me the divine might of thy steel, that I may smite a hundred evil spirits! Imperfect beings, why do you defy me? Why do you refuse to become a part of our perfect world? Yeah, I might be imperfect.
So if you can't defeat me, that makes you worse than imperfect! Impossible! I am perfect! Inferiority to an imperfect being is a contradiction that cannot be! You might be strong, but being strong isn't the same as being perfect.
Even if you have an indestructible body and can shoot beams from your mouth, what have you done with that power? Who acknowledged you? Why didn't you use that power to benefit others?! Anyone who doesn't understand that can't be perfect! Be silent! Obey my perfect command and be silent! I, Akatsuki Kojou, successor to the blood of Kaleid Blood, now release your constraints.
Come, eleventh Familiar, Sadalmelik Albus! It can't be! I'm disappearing my perfect body is— It's melting him? No, that's not it It's at though it's turning back time.
Is this rebirth? A healing Familiar that symbolizes the vampire's powers of recovery? But this is It's taking it all back.
Back to before it was born To perfect nothingness.
I understand now This power is for fighting against Senpai! Himeragi, are you hurt? Senpai! Are you all right? Sorry.
I am a little tired.
Then I guess there's no choice.
Just for a little while, okay? You fought magnificently, Kojou.
You, as well, Yukina.
Thanks to you, I am finally freed from my burden of 270 years.
Nina? You look Pay no mind to that.
I gathered together all the remaining Wiseman's Blood, but this size was the most I could manage.
But this is perfect.
I'll ask Minamiya-sensei if I can keep her in my apartment.
Hey! Don't talk as though I'm a pet! Kojou-kun?! What are you doing here? And what happened to that boat?! Did it run into an iceberg?! What is that? An airship? It's so big! Too bad your vacation had to end up like this, huh, Himeragi? Yes But I truly understand now.
If I take my eyes off you for even a moment, you really will jump into dangerous situations and get close to women I don't know Hey, wait a minute! There's something wrong with that logic! I've learned my lesson.
From now on, I'll have to intensify my observation.
Gimme a break Next Time Um, Senpai? May I ask you something? If that's "if" I were to leave your side, what would you do? Akatsuki's Kingdom I "Akatsuki's Kingdom I.