Strike the Blood (2013) s01e21 Episode Script

Renkinjutsushi no Kikan Hen Ni

1 Quit screwing around You're not the kind of person to die in a place like this! All because I brought you here without thinking Wait, Senpai! Senpai! Warning Magic Detected Pull yourself together! Do you want to destroy the island, and kill Nagisa-chan and everyone else, too?! Nagisa Himeragi, are you I'm fine.
My teacher's shikigami shielded me.
I'm all right.
I'll always be with you.
So you have to get a hold of yourself! If you don't, it would be too sad for Aiba-senpai! If you went on a rampage here and everything ended because of her Himeragi What's this? Just when I thought that wasn't enough, I find you hiding here? I might as well ask.
Are you the one who killed Asagi? Asagi? You mean one of those corpses lying around over there? You bastard! Stay out of my way, Fourth Progenitor! Resonant Thunder! It's over, Amatsuka! You're both so mean.
I can't maintain my original form if you do that.
He's not human?! That couldn't be Wiseman's Blood?! Senpai! Senpai, he's no longer I know.
Come, Al-Maisan Mercury! Devour him! Senpai Kojou Ow Asagi is that you? Who else does it look like? Wait, what the hell is this?! What is going on here? Ugh, what is this? What on earth happened? What's with you? Anyway, it's over now, right? But you're sure there's nothing wrong with you? Of course there's something wrong! Look at this! My uniform, and even my bra is torn in— Wait, forget I said that! Looks like you're really okay.
But I think we should have her examined at a hospital just in case.
We don't want any more hassle, so maybe I'll ask my mom.
Mimori-san? I guess that's okay.
I'd like to see her again, anyway.
Then that's that.
Then, I'll be taking my leave here.
I need to give my teacher a report of what's happened immediately.
Not to mention, I broke the shikigami she left with me.
Wait You won't get a penalty like Kirasaka's for breaking it, will you? I-I don't know.
She is an unpredictable person.
But, am I supposed to ride the monorail looking like this? Oh, yeah Then Welcome back, Kojou-kun! You're home late.
Did you pick up some milk? What do you mean, milk? What?! I sent you a message asking you to buy some! We're having gratin for dinner tonight! Without milk, I can't Huh? You were with Yukina-chan? Hey, Yukina-chan, do you have any milk you don't need? No, this isn't Himeragi.
Good evening.
Sorry to just show up like this.
Asagi-chan?! There's a change of clothes and a towel in the drawers.
And feel free to use the cosmetic stuff on the sink.
I'll go buy the milk, so you wait here, Kojou-kun.
Okay, I'm going.
Ugh, this is awful Okay, then What is this? A-Asagi?! What are you doing?! You are no ordinary human.
A vampire? Is this your home? Wh-What are you talking about? Hey! Vampire! What happened?! Get a hold of yourself! Y-Your clothes Clothes! Just hurry up and put something on! Oh, my apologies.
I guess I'm not quite fully awake yet.
What did you just do? I just used the contents of the vase to make silk.
You altered its properties? Alchemy?! Why are you so surprised? I am the scion of Hermes Trismegistus and perfector of the magnum opus, Nina Adelard of Palmia.
A simple trick like this can hardly be called alchemy.
Nina Adelard? So that stone you call the Hard Core is your actual body? Yes.
It is the control module of the Wiseman's Blood, a self-propagating liquid metal life form.
You might call it my soul.
And your body, the liquid metal part, was contaminated by the dummy core that Amatsuka made, and Asagi got caught up in that? I've done something inexcusable to this girl.
All that I could do was cut the contaminated Wiseman's Blood away, transfer to this body, and heal her wound just before she died.
In other words, your methods aside, you saved Asagi, right? I'm grateful for that.
You are a man of surprising integrity, vampire.
Quit calling me that.
I'm Kojou.
Akatsuki Kojou.
Very well, Kojou.
In that case, you may call me Nina.
But there's something I need to tell you first.
I killed Amatsuka Kou.
He was your student, right? I'm sorry.
There was no other way.
Huh? What are you talking about? He is still alive.
Huh? The fact that the Wiseman's Blood that was contaminated by the dummy core is still moving is proof that his body still lives.
His body? You mean he cut off a part of himself, like you? It would not be wrong to say he turned into a monster.
The man called Amatsuka Kou was exceedingly attached to his human form.
To slip into this building knowing that it's mine You've got some nerve, you petty thief.
So you're the demon killer, Minamiya Natsuki? I might've known you'd keep the place heavily guarded.
The wicked princess of Aldeigia asked me to bring you into custody.
I intended to throw you straight into the prison barrier But you're just a cut-off? Why are you after Kanon now? There are those who consider her a hindrance.
What? Besides, isn't it simply too unfair that she alone survives? So I must continue what I started.
This time, I'll finish the tragedy I started five years ago! Astarte, take care of the rest.
Execute Rhododactylos.
An immortal body acquired through liquid metal? But you've picked a fight with the wrong person.
Five years ago, huh? Hey, what is Amatsuka after? I don't know.
You'll have to ask him.
At any rate, once I've seized the Wiseman's Blood, I promise to leave this girl's body.
Would you help me? Okay, okay! I get it! Just put some actual clothes on already! I'm back! Listen, Nina.
Don't say anything unnecessary.
Just pretend you're Asagi and keep quiet.
With age comes wisdom.
Mimicking the chatter of modern youth is a simple matter! You already sound out-of-date! Huh? Himeragi? I'm here to visit, Senpai.
And Aiba-senpai, good to see you again.
Oh, yes! You are the Sword Sha— Ah! A mosquito! I ran into Yukina-chan at the supermarket, so I brought her over.
She was in the snacks section, looking over everything so seriously, I wasn't sure if I should talk to her or not.
Well Sasasaki-sensei said they had snacks for less than 500 yen Himeragi, were you actually really excited about the training camp? What? No, I'm not excited at all! What are you saying? It's gonna be a blast! We'll all sleep together, take baths together, and have pillow fights! P-Pillow fights? And have pajama parties to talk about love (koibana) late at night Kanon-chan said she wanted to hear lots of stories! Dark flowers (koi hana)? Oh! You mean the ones in the botanical garden of extinct plants that we're going to on the third day? Huh? Have you memorized the entire trip itinerary? I-It's not like that I just looked at the guide book every evening, and it kind of stayed in my memory I-I see I can't tell her now.
What'd you say? Oh, nothing.
This Kanon you spoke of Did you mean Kanase Kanon? Huh? Yeah.
Hey, Ni— I mean, Asagi! Is Kanon doing well? Yeah! She's a lot more cheerful than she used to be.
She seems to be good friends with Astarte-san, too.
I see.
Don't rush me like that.
We'll have our chance.
The dummy core I put in the escaped Wiseman's Blood should be reaching maturity by now.
I'm sure it'll turn up on its own.
I know.
Don't you forget your promise, either.
Listen, Senpai.
Make absolutely sure you behave yourself while I'm gone.
Don't get involved in any trouble.
Got it.
I'll be careful.
Sorry to keep you waiting, Yukina-chan! Kojou-kun, tonight's dinner is in the fridge.
Remember to brush your teeth before bed, and set your alarm so you won't be late— Don't worry about me.
Just watch out for yourself.
You haven't left the island in a long time.
We'll be going, then, Kojou-kun.
Have a good time.
Guess I'll go back to sleep Nina?! Kojou Why am I in your bed? Huh? She's Asagi? Wait calm down.
I'll explain everything.
Does this mean I Huh? Sorry I didn't really expect I'm telling you, it's not like that! Look, just believe me! I didn't do anything, and there's no reason for you to cry! R-Really? If I'm lying, I'll treat you to a Manchu Han Imperial Feast! So nothing happened, right? Right.
You're useless.
Shut up! What was that? Wiseman's Blood.
So it's started to move.
This is Heimdal.
Blue Leader, the target has passed by checkpoint D.
It should appear above ground shortly.
Blue Leader here.
This is getting pretty interesting, huh? Mogwai It's coming! You knew that thing was sealed in the monastery ruins, didn't you? I don't know.
Did I? Why didn't you warn Asagi? She almost died, you know.
But she didn't, did she? The little miss is my valued partner.
As long as she's on this island, I won't let her die.
You We've drawn it in! Fire! I get it.
They're trying to stop it in place by freezing it.
It's a combination of liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees and freezing magic.
Even liquid metal can't defy the basic laws of physics.
That was anti-climactic No, it's not over yet.
Amatsuka Kou?! A dummy No, the real thing? Hello, director.
I'm glad to see you're well.
A-Amatsuka! Fire! Crap! Don't fire! He's after the shells! The anti-magic electrum chip and silver palladium warhead are catalysts for alchemy! If you fire that many of them into it And now for your blood, as promised! Come back to life as you wished, Wiseman! Wiseman?! He can't mean We're in trouble! Run, Yaze! Damn it What happened here? Did the Wiseman's Blood do all this? Heavy metal particle cannons In other words, charged particle beams.
Beam weapons?! Wiseman's Blood can even do that? Or was it Amatsuka's doing? No.
Did you not find it strange? Did you not wonder why that liquid metal is called Wiseman's Blood? Or just whose blood it is? You mean, the one it first belonged to Yes.
The ultimate objective of alchemy A perfect human, born of the goal to approach godhood.
That's Wiseman.
Being perfect, he has no need to be concerned with others.
He is a manmade god with the ability to sway his own perfection, who wishes only for the destruction of all.
It appears he has awakened at last.
By the way, Yukina How's it going with you and Nagisa's brother? Huh?! Ah, that got a reaction.
Amateur! I win! Nagisa and Yukina get the penalty! I can't go any further So close! You were almost there! Close, nothing! I almost lost my first kiss to Yukina-chan! Yeah, and I haven't Oh? Oh, oh, oh? Huh?! N-No! It's not like that! Aww, come on! That was suspicious! So, class rep, what're we doing after this? We meet in the hall at 10:30, watch an instructional film, and then eat lunch.
I wonder what we'll have for lunch.
Curry, maybe? I hope it's curry! It's Kanon-chan! What're you doing? I heard that you can see wild dolphins around here.
Wow, that's so cool! Let me see a dolphin! All right, leave it to me! Yeah, as if we could find them that easily.
The ocean is big.
I know, but still Ooh! What's that? A dolphin? It can't be Next Time Senpai, you're terrible! Aren't you supposed to be immortal? Yet, you did all those indecent things to me and now, this Return of the Alchemist III "Return of the Alchemist III.