Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon (Himssenyeoja Dobongsoon) (2017) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

) Is she a nutcracker doll? (EPISODE 9, LOVE RISKING ONE'S LIFE) What are you waiting for? Newbies, what are you doing? Teach her a lesson.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
You little girl.
What? What are you all doing on the floor? What are you doing? You guys go.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Now, open your eyes.
Always look at the opponent in the eyes.
Then you can predict their next move.
- Okay.
- I'll do it properly, so dodge.
Hey, what are you doing? The other two groups, go together.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Take this! You little Get her.
What's going on? Has it been too long since you fought? Everyone, attack her! - Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
I'll kill you.
- Hey, hear me out for a minute.
- Please - Do you remember me? - I was so surprised.
- We were put up to this.
- You shouldn't do this.
How can you - Hey.
- No.
Hold on.
She's finally here.
Let's go.
Where should I start hitting you? Stop.
- Bong Soon! - Bong Soon! You little No.
No, Mr.
What do we do? No.
I'm okay.
Okay, okay.
It's an abdominal stab wound.
I only stopped the bleeding.
It looks like you stopped the bleeding.
The wound isn't deep.
We'll run a CT scan to be safe.
Let's just stop here.
We should just get on a fishing boat.
I get seasick.
Please wake up, Mr.
If you wake up, I promise I'll follow your orders well.
I will endure your abusive treatment against me.
I won't talk back or annoy you.
I will Mr.
I'm glad - What? - I was stabbed, not you.
I'm glad you are not hurt.
- Isn't this what you were thinking? - What? Look at what condition I am in.
After I hired you as my bodyguard, not a day has gone by peacefully.
- Don't you see? - Are you all right? How long has it been since we met? - It's been - I'm tired as if it's been years.
Why does this hurt so much? - What? - How many stitches did I have? You You had 12 stitches.
You told the doctor to stitch your wound thoroughly.
- I did? - Yes.
I can't believe my body was sewed up like this.
I worked so hard to keep my body perfect.
My goodness.
I'm sorry.
Are you okay? Yes, thanks to you.
How will you pay this back? What? Hey.
- Hey.
- Does it hurt a lot? Are you okay? Did the doctor take something out from my body during the surgery? - What? - Didn't they take something out? What would they take out from your body? If not, how can this hurt so much? I think one of my internal organs is gone.
- What? - I feel empty inside.
Can it be the kidney? - Gosh.
What should I do? - This hurts a lot.
What on earth happened? How could you have been stabbed? Stop it.
I'm not in the clear yet.
I might die from tetanus.
I'm worried about other various complications.
Don't cry, not just yet.
Cry a few days later as you keep an eye on me.
Don't cry.
Stop it.
- Hey, Do Bong Soon.
- Yes? Are you okay? I'm sorry.
- Go eat something.
- What? You probably didn't eat anything today.
How can I eat when you are injured like this? How can I even swallow food? I won't get better even if you starve yourself.
So go and get something to eat.
After that, you can take care of me.
I'm hallucinating and hearing things.
What did you say? What? I didn't say anything.
- You said something.
- I didn't.
I didn't say anything.
I'm hearing things now.
So go eat and come back.
If you insist, I will then.
I will be back.
I'm fine.
Can you pull this up? I'll spend a few days at the hospital and come back to work.
You should go back to work and take care of the company business.
Are you certain you are okay? I told you I was.
It wasn't a deep stab.
So I'm fine.
- By the way, - Yes? Don't tell the employees that I was stabbed.
Yes, sir.
This is how Admiral Yi Sun Sin must have felt.
Can you turn on the TV? I heard So Young told you that she likes you.
I don't find her attractive.
- She's pretty.
Why not? - I don't like tall girls.
I like feminine girls who are like cosmos.
It makes me want to protect them.
- Goodness.
What do I do? - What are you doing? - Let's go.
- Okay.
This is weird.
This can't be bent.
How on earth did this happen? A tiny female student did this.
- No way.
Were you drunk then? - No.
I saw it happen with my own eyes.
A tiny female student did this.
She bent this pull-up bar like this.
Were you drunk or not? I'm certain you were.
What did you say? - Get into positions.
- Get to your places.
Let's go, Classroom Two! - Let's go! - Let's go! - We won! - We did it! We won! It was you.
Are you okay? Yes, I am.
Did you know? - Know what? - Is that why you hired her? Yes.
Bong Soon doesn't want you to know about her strength.
So pretend you don't know about it.
What did you do that? - Do what? - Instead of Bong Soon, why did Why do you think I did that? I saw everything.
I saw what Bong Soon did.
Now that I think about it, so many things were off about her.
I'm sorry I kept this from you, Gook Doo.
The truth is Bong Soon is different from other people.
She's very special.
Since when was she different? She was special ever since she was born.
Gook Doo, please do me a favor.
In our hospital, we are out of beds because of the people she beat up.
I don't want people to find out.
Don't make this into a big deal and just let this go.
I don't care about other thugs, but I can't forgive the one with the knife.
I'm going to arrest him no matter what.
What if Bong Soon was stabbed? What would you have done? Mr.
Ahn doesn't want him arrested.
Technically, he's the sole victim.
The wound isn't that serious.
- Where is it? - Ms.
It's not Bong Soon who got hurt.
Bong Gi might have said it to put me at ease.
I have to check with my own eyes.
Where is it? - What room number is it? - It's this way.
- That way? - Yes.
- What? Really? - Yes.
My future son-in-law took the hit for Bong Soon? - Yes.
- Gosh.
Where is he? My goodness.
Move it.
Ahn! Gosh.
What are you doing here? What? My goodness, how will we ever repay you for this? I'm really fine.
No, you're not.
Our family is not shameless.
We can't live owing you.
We have to pay you back.
I'm really okay.
We'll give you Bong Soon.
You can have her.
The person I loved Is 100m in front of me Hey.
Where have you been? Aren't you going home? They're telling our team to take our hands off.
We're no longer allowed to investigate the Dobong-dong serial kidnapping case.
Can you all hear me? - Yes.
- Yes.
He's not here at this hour.
We should do something together.
We're tied up.
What can we do? Where are we? I don't know, but I'm sure there are people around.
I heard sounds.
I heard cars too.
Why don't we try screaming together? When I give you the signal, we'll scream together.
Let's do it.
We'll scream together on a count of three.
- Help! - Help! - Help! - Help! - Help! - Help! - Help! - Help! - Help! - Help! - Help! - Help! - Help! - Help! - Anyone there? - Help! - Help! - Help! - Help! - Help! Oh, no.
I shouldn't be good to people like you.
This case has been transferred to the special investigation team.
You'll have to make another statement.
I'm sorry for all the trouble.
My daughter must be alive, right? Of course.
I'm sure she's alive.
Please tell the criminal to take me instead.
That street is a peaceful street.
I'm sure it's someone that knows my daughter, or someone from the neighborhood.
- Did they catch him? - It's near 44-gil, Dobong-dong.
There are no CCTVs from this point.
I could smell something strange.
You know the smell of asphalt? Please find her for me.
Please find her Are you crazy? Why are you giving him Bong Soon? It's not even funny.
What nonsense are you saying? I wish I could give you as a plus one.
But where would he use you for? It's really so touching.
Right? He got stabbed in order to protect Bong Soon.
My goodness.
Who was it anyway? Yes, which jerk was it? I'll just - Doesn't it hurt? - No, I'm fine.
This would hurt, but you're taking it well.
- It's going to sting.
- When can I take out the stitches? I'm not sure.
Maybe a week or so? A week.
Does it hurt a lot? I actually have really sensitive cellular tissues all over my body.
- Gosh.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Please lie down.
- Be careful.
- I'm okay.
- Bong Gi.
- Hee Ji.
Gook Doo told me he liked someone for a long time.
Is that what he said? Yes.
He says there is a girl so foolish that he ends up getting mad at.
That's how I felt while dating Gook Doo.
It didn't feel like he really liked me.
I can see why now.
Are you all right? I had this thought in my head all along.
Is this love? Do we even like each other? But when I'm with you, I feel different.
I'm sure of what I feel.
I don't want to waste any time.
Gook Doo and I are friends.
We need some time before we can start seeing each other.
What if I end up finding another man? What if you find a woman? It's all about timing.
Let's go on just five dates.
If we don't think it's working, we can forget it then.
Shouldn't a man say such a line? - Gosh.
- Boss.
Are you here? It's okay.
Have some rest.
Our boys are filling up the hospital.
- Boss.
- Boss.
- Where is Gwang Bok? - Over there.
Is that you? - Pardon? - Is it you? - No - I told you not to use tools! - Wait.
- Boss, no.
Don't you know better? - No, Boss.
- Stop.
- No, no.
- Let me go.
He deserves it.
It's not him.
Why didn't you tell me sooner? There Don't point! I'm sorry.
Which jerk stabbed my daughter with a knife? - Please calm down.
- You! You're in this gang? I knew you looked suspicious.
You look like Zhu Bajie's underling.
Pardon? Ma'am.
You can hate crimes, but don't hate faces.
Be quiet.
Who was it? Which jerk was it? Was it you? Pardon? It wasn't me.
Who was it? Tell me.
Who stabbed my son-in-law? Your son-in-law? First, calm down.
This is no time to calm down, Zhu Bajie! Zhu Bajie What? That's really harsh.
Who was it? Tell me who it was right now.
I will hit that person from his face to his toes.
Who was it? Was it you? Me again? You jerk.
- Let go of me.
- He's not the one.
It's him.
You should have told me sooner then.
I told you I wasn't.
What is this? There's no way I can hurt him more than this.
- Gosh.
- You're right.
I apologize on his behalf as the CEO.
- Then I should beat you up instead.
- Pardon? You will get beaten up instead of him.
You scumbag.
- Look at you.
- Chairman Ahn.
What? Come here.
How dare you hit my son! - I'll take care of this.
- Don't turn this into a problem.
He didn't mean to stab me.
It's nothing to make a fuss about.
Don't make this into a big deal.
It's not about the fact that you were stabbed.
It's about my pride.
How dare he stab my son? He forgot whom he owes his success to.
I told you.
I wasn't the target.
Then who was the target? Why did you Why did you get stabbed for someone else? Are you stupid? Getting stabbed doesn't hurt at all.
- What? - I'm not afraid of getting stabbed.
I suffered far greater wounds than this.
You jerk.
Who took you in? Who fed and clothed you? Took me in? Oh, right.
I wasn't your son.
I wasn't a brother to my brothers.
I was a beggar to my stepmother.
That was me.
Why? You should have abandoned me like you abandoned my mother.
I wonder why you took me in, fed, and clothed me.
How dare you! You jerk.
I told you not to talk about your mother.
There is not a thing I didn't give to you.
Just because you're successful, doesn't mean you can be rude.
Please get out.
I don't need a father like you.
Do you think running a business is easy? Did it start? I will be there soon.
Really? It's his ex-wife's son.
He isn't even hurt badly.
He's fine.
He's used to being alone.
All right.
This jerk.
What did he do? Chairman Ahn.
How's Min Hyuk? - He's such an impolite jerk.
- Is he all right? Chairman.
Synced & ripped by bozxphd Hello.
Is the owner here? What brings you here? Were you the owner of this place? Yes, I am.
I heard someone calling out for help.
Was it a black hoodie? The height was about 180cm.
I didn't see his face.
I remember his feet being quite bag.
Did your trip to Africa go well? Yes.
Did you get the culprit? Not yet.
You made a statement as a witness for us, but it's hard to catch him.
- What brings you here? - When I stopped by here last time, I heard you also buy and sell used parts.
- Can you take a look at my car? - Sure.
Shall I take a look? Let's go.
Excuse me.
I don't think there's a problem with your car.
I have to close soon.
I see.
This is why Serious Crimes Unit Two thinks the killer of Jung Hyung Sook isn't the abductor.
I think it's the same culprit.
Even if the crime scene is the same, the footprints taken at the crime scene are different.
The footprints at the scene were different in size.
Look at him.
Lieutenant In.
Where have you been? - Sir.
- What? Why did he come to the same crime scene even if it meant - he'd be damaging the scene? - Why did he? Do you remember how the footprints were different on the scene? The unidentified footprints on the scene of Jung Hyung Sook's murder.
The shoe size was 270cm.
What if it was the footprints of the real culprit? Then what? Are you saying that in order to ruin the crime scene, he committed the second crime at the same place? He left fake footprints in order to throw off the investigation.
Do you remember the witness, Kim Jang Hyun? Of course, I remember him.
He gave us the crucial clue that the culprit has big feet.
When I visited the junkyard, it turned out that he was the owner of the junkyard.
Let's do a stakeout.
Go home.
No, I want to stay here.
I want to be alone.
Please just go.
Why do you always want to be alone when you're sad? You were like this before.
When you really need someone and want to cry, you just hide yourself.
Don't do that.
Remember? You promised me that you won't do this.
Let me stay with you.
Aren't you hungry? I'm hungry.
Is there anything you want to eat? The food we had at your place.
Ahn, my son-in-law, please wait for me I'll make you delicious dinner No.
This isn't food for an ancestor's memorial service.
Can't I eat it? No, I'm giving it to Mr.
Ahn first.
Gosh, I hope he likes it.
I hope he enjoys it.
Why did you do it? Do what? Why did you take the hit for me? Why? You were like this back then too.
When we first met at the police station, you stared into my eyes just like now.
Don't look at other guys like that, okay? - It was you, right? - What do you mean? The bus girl.
You stopped that bus.
It was you, right? Gosh.
Darn it.
Mom is going to kill me.
What am I going to say? That was the first time.
I always kept it a secret.
That was the first time I used my power for someone else.
It felt strange.
I really thought you were a guardian sent by my mom from the sky.
I can't believe that was you.
A guardian? No way.
I was on my way to see my mom at her grave while skipping night school.
Skipping night school? Were you in high school then? - What? - You just said that.
- You skipped night school.
- No.
I've been curious.
How old are you anyway? Why are you curious? If you were in high school then, you're either my age or younger.
My goodness.
Yet you were talking so casually the moment we met? - Oh, gosh.
- What is it? Are you okay? I had pain killers.
Then, nurse! - No, no.
- Give him a shot - It's okay.
- You're okay? What is it? Does it hurt? - Nurse - No, no.
Don't go anywhere and stick beside me.
Okay, I'm going to rest.
Continue what you were doing.
This hurts more.
- Are you okay? - Yes.
- It's just leaking a little.
- What? It's okay, keep going.
You're not bleeding here.
That's good.
Do it well.
Yes, in between fingers.
Hey, this isn't our boss' style.
Do it again.
You need more lessons.
How about this? Are you crossing out her face? - Yes.
- Put it away.
How dare you do that to our boss? - Do it over.
- Okay.
You punk! How dare you put poop on her face? What do you want me to do then? - Have you gone crazy? - Stop.
I'll kill you.
Are you ready? Did you hit these kids? "Did you hit these kids?" - Gosh.
- Hey.
You have to change her voice too.
Hey, put my voice in.
- No way.
- "Did you hit these kids?" - Be quiet.
- Seriously.
- I'm hungry.
- What can I do? Mom.
- Hello.
- Hello, Mr.
Sit down.
He kept on demanding home food.
All right.
Okay, okay.
There are people who never had it before, but you can't have it just once.
It's Dobong-dong's specialty! It's Dobong bibimbap! All right.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Let's see.
- It's ready.
- Good.
It's ready.
You waited a long time.
Open up.
No, stop! Seriously.
Look at this.
He's fasting today.
My goodness, what do we do? What do we do? It's okay.
Don't mind me and eat.
How can we do that? It's okay.
Please go ahead.
We'll hurry up and eat it all.
He can't eat today.
Hurry up.
- Yes, sit down.
- Let's finish it up.
You should eat too then.
- He has to fast.
- Here.
- He can't eat this? It's so good.
- Let's hurry and eat it.
- You should eat fast and go.
- You have to work.
It's so good.
Can't he have a taste? No way.
- No? - No.
Come here and sleep with me.
I don't sleep with just anyone.
No? Then do as you see fit.
I'll be sleeping.
Do you have any chips? (FASTING) Go.
You should go home.
Thank you so much for coming today.
You should go home with Bong Soon.
What are you talking about? We're not leaving.
Bong Soon must be tired.
She should go rest.
I'm okay.
I'll stay then.
- Pardon? - Don't decline.
I'm good at nursing.
- I hurt a lot of people too.
- Mom.
So many people had to be admitted to the hospital.
I'm really good at looking after the injured.
- I'm okay.
- It's not okay.
It'll be uncomfortable alone.
I think that would be better I think I'll be more comfortable alone.
Should we just disappear? - Let's go.
- Yes.
- Let's go.
- Pack it up, honey.
Why, why? Let's go.
Hurry up.
By any chance, if it was her instead of me, I would've killed you already.
See yourself out now.
I hope we never run into each other.
Gifts are a bit beyond our relationship, don't you think? What is your relationship with Do Bong Soon? You're not the person I should be hearing this from, too.
Where did you scout her? Where did you find - such a valuable individual? - Get out of here.
Then shall I? What is he? Ms.
Do! I don't like gifts.
I apologize for my underling's foul play.
He acted on his own judgment.
It was not my intention.
I would like you to understand.
Our conflict ends here.
We have lost.
I admit to a clean defeat.
I hope we never have to meet over this again.
But as you're already aware, I have a lot of mouths to feed.
I can't allow such incidents to become rumors.
If it does, then I'll have to forfeit this line of work.
Don't worry about that.
I'm not fond of rumors either.
Right? If people found out, you wouldn't be able to get married.
That's not why.
I just kind of prefer a quiet life.
Lead a good life too, okay? I will try my best.
Then I'll be on my way.
By any chance, are you interested in working with me? You Please lead a good life.
Hurry and see yourself out.
You didn't go home? What do you take me for? I promised you earlier that I'll be staying with you.
And unlike you at all, I'm exceptional at keeping promises.
And my mom even packed me clothes to change into.
- Mr.
- Why? How should we spend the time today? What do you mean? I have to take a bath.
Did you say "bath"? Don't be scared.
- Help me wash my hair.
- Gosh.
- Why? Were you excited? - What? Gosh.
He's annoying as always.
Are you whining? Help me get out already.
All right.
Shouldn't we call someone for that? - I'll take it off.
- Oh, no.
Hold on.
Judging by the purse and earphones found on the scene, it seems like a kidnapping case.
We do have eyewitnesses this time, but the problem is, we lack the search rights.
It's out of reach without warrants.
The special investigation team is refusing to give us information.
During the time of the incident, Kim Jang Hyun never stepped out of the junkyard office.
- What could be going on? - What's going on? Is it another false lead? This is really going nowhere.
We've never had a culprit be so bold to report oneself to the police on his own will.
But we never know, so I mandated our boys to take turns overturning the junkyard.
All right.
That sounds like a plan.
Go sleep.
I'll dry myself.
What? Then I'll just go and sleep.
How could we meet again so soon? What? What's going on? We have a big problem.
We have a big problem.
Get up for a second.
Take a look.
What a huge embarrassment.
- What is going on? - Take a look.
This is a video of every one of us.
Isn't this Hammer? This is humiliating.
Let Charles Go know and ask him to take down their faces.
There's no point now that it's all over the web.
Report it to the police! That would make us lose face.
As you can see Boss, the content of the video makes it hard for anyone to support us.
Just show it to him.
Take a look.
Here it is.
Another female student was kidnapped.
That's right.
Maybe it was better having those thugs around.
As soon as they were chased out, the incident became prevalent.
Maybe we shouldn't have protested.
Nothing is free in this world.
Asking for protection is like approving the redevelopment.
Maybe you're right.
My gosh.
During the incident last night, he didn't step out of the building once.
Are you sure this isn't a false lead? The chief's sixth sense seems to be snuffed out, right? He should call it quits.
Do you want to know what makes us better than the FBI? It's our sixth sense.
No matter what, there's something fishy about him.
What was that about the FBI? (RESUME) (IN GOOK DOO) Hey.
Get up.
He's finally on the move.
- Over there.
- That punk.
He's swerving everywhere.
Maybe he's aware of us.
- Stick to him.
- Something is off.
Get on him.
Look at his speed.
Stick to him.
He's turning right.
That punk.
- What's that? - Gosh.
- Move out of the way.
- Gosh.
- Move the car! - Back it up.
- We're police investigators.
- Move it.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Hi, Mom.
Did you eat lunch? I see.
Because of my upcoming solo, I'm eating lunch with Professor Kim.
Afterward, I'll be going to practice before I head home.
But tomorrow's schedule includes Do Bong Soon's Strategy Department admission.
Let's push that until I get discharged.
Understood, sir.
When will that be? My discharge? Why? - I'm just - Why? It's just This isn't a hotel room.
What's with his clothes? Then I'll be on my way then, sir.
- Goodbye.
- See you.
I'm sure they require hospital gowns for a reason.
Must you stand out like this alone? Didn't I tell you? I don't like this communal fashion thing.
Wearing the gown won't make me heal any faster.
Gook Doo.
Bong Soon, you have to accompany me to the police station.
There was another incident last night.
What? Are you saying another woman was kidnapped? Yes.
But we need to investigate.
Don't go.
Stop involving yourself with that case.
I can't do that.
- What? - I'll be back.
I don't want you to get hurt.
It's fine if it's me.
But I really don't want you to get hurt.
- I'll be back.
- Hey Gosh.
Why that little Bong Soon is mine to protect.
What did you say, punk? Get over here.
That little How preposterous.
You saw everything, right? What? You saw me beat up those people.
What about that? Isn't that why you're his bodyguard? You should have at least one thing you're good at, don't you think? - Bong Soon.
- Yes? It's always like this.
- What is? - The timing is always off.
Why am I not thankful that he took the knife for you? Is the victim another young woman? Yes.
It's the same culprit.
But we lack search rights.
Isn't there any evidence regarding the criminal? That is why you're coming with me.
Do me a favor.
Let's go.
It's been a long time, Ms.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Bong Soon, this way.
- I was on my way home.
- I see.
From the alley to the left, I heard someone screaming, "Save me.
" So I approached the sound.
Once I approached, Pardon me.
the culprit ran - I'm sorry.
- after kicking the woman.
- It's him.
- Are you sure? Yes, I am.
It's him.
Gook Doo.
- The culprit got caught.
- What? This is breaking news.
What is going on? The culprit has been apprehended.
It wasn't Kim Jang Hyun.
What? But that was his voice.
He's the real culprit.
I'm sure of it.
) Synced & ripped by bozxphd (STRONG GIRL BONG SOON) Do you still like Gook Doo? When I look at him, my heart starts pounding.
Let's meet.
I have something to tell you.
I came to tell you something.
I have to tell you now.
It's confusing.
What on earth are you doing? You figured it out, Detective.
Let's fight.
Isn't she worth fighting over? Where are those women? Gook Doo.
You are suspended.
You are out of Serious Crime Unit.
Why did you pair Bong Soon with him? He bullies new employees.
- Are they twins? - I am the crazy one in this area.
We'll see who will get bullied.
Oh Dong Byung? - You intentionally took the hit? - Yes.
Do you really have to be by his side? Bong Soon.
Bong Soon.
- You don't have to do it.
- I will do it.
I think I should.