Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon (Himssenyeoja Dobongsoon) (2017) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

The suspect for the recent serial kidnapping cases in Dobong-dong was arrested.
After the murder in Chungwoon Intersection, there has been three missing cases in the near regions.
Last night, everyone was shocked to hear that there has been a fourth abduction.
However, thanks to the special investigation team - who's been working on the case, - They caught him.
- the victims have been rescued, - Look.
And the culprit has been apprehended.
He's not the culprit.
The voice I heard He's the culprit.
She heard the voice of the witness, Kim Jang Hyun.
This is the personal details of the suspect we arrested.
Read it first.
He stalked the abducted student for six months.
That makes him the stalker of that one student.
He's irrelevant to our missing cases.
The arrested suspect has claimed that he is the culprit of the serial kidnapping cases.
The police is looking into the cases.
According to the police, the suspect, Mr.
Jo Darn it.
How dare he take credit for what I did? Don't interrupt the investigation.
What are you doing? Gook Doo, his name is Kim Jang Hyun, right? Tell me where he is.
Why? Are you going to go there? - Just tell me.
- No.
It's police work.
It's not your job.
Please, tell me.
No, I can't.
Go home.
I'll take you.
It's okay.
I'm not going home right now.
Are you going to his hospital? - Yes.
- Is it because it's your job or is it because he got hurt trying to protect you? Or do you Do you have to go? Do you need to stay by his side? You don't have to do this.
I will.
I think I need to do this.
The person that the police arrested isn't the real culprit.
Another crime could happen.
Kim Jang Hyun.
Why isn't she coming? I'm back.
- Look at you.
- Did you have dinner? You won't see Gook Doo again now that the culprit's arrested, right? Well - He's a fake.
- What? They got the wrong guy.
You're almost a policewoman now.
- Doesn't it hurt? - It does.
I'd rather get hurt than you do.
By the way, do you still like Gook Doo? I really don't get it.
How can you like him when I'm Is that what you're thinking? You know.
"Would such a perfect man with great character" "who has everything ever like me?" "He never would.
" "How dare someone like me even like him?" - Is that it? - What a joke.
Didn't you have a thing for men? - You don't? - Unbelievable.
Did you say you wanted to work at my company? Yes.
To create a company that even people like you want to work at, do you think I had time to date? Then why didn't you do anything about those rumors? It's called noise marketing.
Even if I said that's a marketing strategy, you'd never get it.
Your brain circuit's too simple to understand.
Don't try, I get it.
Doesn't it hurt to talk that much? No wonder it hurts.
Let's summarize everything and wrap this up.
Women drive me crazy.
My eyes start to spin.
What does that look mean? This bathrobe really bothers me.
You know how much I dislike uniformity.
Of course I know that.
I know what you're like.
Did you think it was a compliment? Did you just imitate me? When did I say it like that? Are you crazy? - Are you - It was funny.
You didn't say it properly.
"Did you think it was a compliment?" You have to flip the tone at the end.
Good for you.
We were sitting on Jang Hyun and put the other cases aside.
You have no idea what a hard time the chief gave me last night for our team's low-clearance rate.
You should drop this case and take a new one.
Get me a warrant.
I'll keep at it.
Your friend misheard.
I'm sure of it.
Don't you get it? The suspect confessed.
Then where are the other missing women? We still He hasn't mentioned that yet.
He can't because he didn't kidnap them.
What's wrong with you? I'll do it alone.
I know you're in a bind, so I'll do this on my own.
I'll risk my badge, not yours.
What are you talking about? I take the blame if you go out of control! Hey! You punk! What a jerk.
Oh, well.
Good for you.
You stay at it at least.
Kim Jang Hyun Kim Jang Where did I see him? Bong Soon.
Kim Jang - Hey.
- What? Do you need something? Look after me with all your heart, not just out of responsibility.
Could you look into someone for me? Who? - The perpetrator? - How did you know? I wonder the same.
Isn't it fascinating? Don't you take a step out of this room.
You aren't a detective.
I need to go home for a bit.
- What for? - Well, I know I shouldn't care about how I look when you're in this condition, but one needs a lot of things when caring for someone ill.
Can I dash home for a bit? I'm sorry, but I'm a hygienic person.
I want to go home.
For just a bit.
Okay, but just go home.
Don't walk around the neighborhood.
- Okay.
- Wash my face before you go.
- Your face? - You see - Okay, I get it.
- I can't wash it myself.
Help me inside.
We're done here.
I will avenge you.
Leave it! You have no talent.
We must switch businesses.
Look at what they did to him.
We have to do something.
That's right.
Let's not give up.
We can do this.
Nothing's impossible if we try.
My face was my best feature.
Do you know how much my looks got in the way of my getting this far? "You look too pretty.
" "You don't look manly enough.
" I'm too cute.
It's swollen.
His ego's too big for his head.
What do you need? Have you eaten? Are you glad we got him? Do you think you got really lucky? I didn't think he really did it.
- Did you think so too? - You jerk.
Where are they? Tell me, you scumbag.
Where are those women? Did you kill them all already? No, right? I don't care.
Leave the poor women alone.
Wouldn't you rather duke it out with me? I cooperated with the police.
Why are you harassing me? Why you little Scumbag.
You scumbag.
Shut your mouth.
Save me! A policeman's trying to kill me! What are you doing to him? Call the cops! He's trying to kill me! - Call the cops right now! - Okay.
What are you? A thug? Sorry.
- Sorry.
- Sorry.
Gong, it's me.
Come over.
Cho, the suspect of the Dobong-dong serial kidnapping case testified while being investigated by the prosecution that before stalking the college student, he was not involved in a murder and three kidnappings, recanting the statement he had given to the police.
Transfer Bong Soon to the Strategy Department.
I told the HR director.
Didn't you tell me to wait until you discharge? That means I'm going home tomorrow.
Already? Goodness knows what she'll do if I let her loose.
I need to tie her down to a job or something.
- Okay.
- She just disappears.
She hasn't called or come back.
I'll call her right now - and tell her about the transfer.
- Okay.
Don't tell her I'm being discharged tomorrow.
Okay, sir.
Which Strategy Department team should we assign her to? What? Which team? Yes.
) That's strange.
What's this? (FAN CLUB FOR BBO GEUL) Of course.
They're driving me crazy.
- Hey.
- Yes? Are you going back to Mr.
Ahn? Yes.
I'm on the same side as your mom.
What are you talking about? I'm going to support you and Mr.
Not you too.
I'm already confused.
- You're confused? - Anyway, I have to go.
Make sure to stay home.
The criminal is still on the loose.
Yes, hello? Yes, Mr.
Really? Are you serious? Am I officially getting transferred? Thank you so much.
How could Mr.
Ahn move me like this? Yes.
- Hey! - Yes! I'm going to officially work at Ainsoft! Yes! - That hurts.
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
It's about time she calls me.
I knew it.
I know you like the back of my hand.
- Hello? - Mr.
Thank you, thank you so much.
A promise is meant to be kept.
I'll work really hard.
I'll give my all.
- Go ahead.
- By the way, what are you doing? What do you think? I'm waiting for you.
Then I'll be right over.
But if I want to prepare for my first day of work, I have to go see you right now, then come back here early morning.
I think I'd have to do that.
That's your problem.
But you'd want me to just rest at home since I have to work tomorrow.
It would be a waste to travel.
Gyeong Shim keeps on saying that to me.
Anyway, I'll come over now.
I'll be a little tired tomorrow.
It's okay.
Just don't come and rest at home.
How can I do that? I'll be right over.
Forget it, don't come.
I don't know what you have to prepare for work, but go ahead.
Worst thing possible is my side bursting open.
Do as you wish.
I'm hanging up.
- Mr.
- Yes? I respect you.
I'm going to work tomorrow.
What should I wear tomorrow? What do I do? My goodness.
This is the video that was reported by the witness.
Your performance is poor already.
Not only are you investigating a case you're no longer on, you beat up the witness without even a warrant? Do you know what the world is like these days? I'd be fired if this gets uploaded on social media! Where is Gook Doo right now? Where is he? Chief.
Let me say a few words.
Our Lieutenant In has reasons for what he does.
The special investigation team thinks that the suspect has nothing to do with the serial kidnapping.
If our team could Be quiet! Think with that brain of yours.
Do you think a culprit would walk into the police station and testify as a witness? It makes no sense! Also, his feet are 270mm long.
Even a child would know.
Anyway, Gook Do will be disciplined.
He'll be cut from this team! He should be sent to sewage treatment plant.
Hey, hey.
- Lieutenant In! Lieutenant In! - Hey.
Why do you keep on leaving? - He's too young.
- Great work.
Good job.
It's great.
Your team is so classy.
Serious Crimes Unit Three, you're the best.
- You're awesome.
- I'm sorry.
Lieutenant, what are you doing? Let me go.
What are you doing? Let go! Your boss is kidnapping women! Where are they right now? What are you talking about? Harboring a culprit according to the criminal code's act 151 can give you up to three years in prison.
Don't try to stop me.
Sir, you can't do this.
- Why are you doing this? - Let me go.
Lieutenant! Nice to see you again.
Hey! You can't do this at someone else's business.
Are you serious? Go ahead and hit me again.
- I'll - Don't do this.
Let's get out first.
Come on.
That jerk! Come on.
Calm down.
Get over here.
I told you to calm down! I already quit! If you're here to persuade me, you can leave.
That's not why we're here.
You're right.
That play called "Blue Beard and Seven Brides" The producer and the actors all know his face.
He watched the play more than 10 times.
He obsessively likes that play.
Do you get it? Then we have to arrest him and search the premise.
- Wait.
- We want to go in too.
We don't have the authority to investigate or a warrant.
Chief Yook wants you to come back.
Don't go hitting people.
Why must you always have it your way? Don't be stubborn and come to work tomorrow.
We can talk then.
I'm a full-time starting tomorrow.
I'm a full-time employee starting tomorrow.
Full-time employee, full-time employee.
I'm a full-time employee starting tomorrow.
I've made it.
I'm a full-time employee.
Aren't you going to the hospital? I'm not sure.
Our wonderful Mr.
Ahn told me I should rest at home since I have work tomorrow.
Who will take care of him then? You're right.
I guess he's alone.
He shouldn't be alone.
He gets lonely easily, although he doesn't show it.
- I better go see him.
- It's okay.
You can stay.
Mom? Where Here.
Open up.
My son Bong Gi told me that you're no longer fasting.
This is Bong Soon's favorite.
Fiery chicken.
Why do young people like this so much? - Here, open up.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Are you discharging tomorrow? - Pardon? - Already? Yes, it doesn't hurt that much and I'm behind at work.
Mom, why are you using medical gloves? These stick to your hands so well.
- Mr.
- Yes? - Do you want more? - No.
Come on, you don't have to decline.
There's no need for that.
Open up.
You're a good eater.
There you go.
Ahn, do you want water? Okay.
One moment.
I'd be fine even if your mother goes home.
Can you tell her to go? I can't do that.
She doesn't listen to people.
It's so spicy.
That's sour.
My goodness, your face looks like a rag.
Well Anyway, why are you here again? My daughter will be starting her full-time job at Ainsoft tomorrow.
That's why I came instead.
A full-time job You should've let me hit you.
Then it wouldn't have been this bad.
Let me see.
My goodness.
- My goodness.
- Gosh, that hurts.
Why did you do such a horrible thing in the first place? It's because your daughter beat up my employees.
We tried to restore our reputation, but it was a wrong move.
My deepest apologies.
I did not intent to use tools.
Stop it.
I heard what happened.
You look terrible.
It's like a boiled pig's head that's been left untouched for 15 days.
What? A pig's head? - Where does it hurt the most? - My eyes.
I feel like my eyes are open when they are closed.
I feel like they're closed when they're actually open.
Your face is a blur right now.
Let me see.
Oh, my.
Look at them.
I can't believe this.
They tried to hurt my daughter.
I guess he's still hungry even in that condition.
How pathetic.
This is humiliating.
Those pigs.
He's so good-looking.
Goodness, Bong Soon.
Oh, Romeo.
Wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name.
Or if thou wilt not Romeo.
Romeo, doff thy name.
Darn it.
I give up.
- Juliet.
- Romeo? - Yes.
- You're Korean? Yes, why? Hold on.
Do you like women? Of course.
I go crazy for women.
She's desperate.
Hey, Bong Soon.
Are you feeling sexually frustrated lately? Let's go now.
I'll take this one.
Congratulations on joining the Strategy Department! Did you get discharged already? You shouldn't be though.
Well I had no choice.
I didn't exactly get discharged.
I broke out of the hospital.
- What? - Never mind.
Congratulations on joining the Strategy Department of Ainsoft.
Thank you.
Oh, right.
What is this? Open it.
What did you get me? Goodness.
Work hard.
I'll be watching you.
- It's a welcome gift to the team.
- Thank you.
When did you get my photo? It's the photo on your resume when you had the interview.
I'm certain I will a great job.
I'm going to do my best.
I look forward to it.
Where will I go? - To which team am I assigned to? - What? Anyway, work hard.
If you can't do your job right, I'll fire you.
Understood? Understood.
It's my employee card.
Are you that happy? Ta-da! "Strategy Department team".
I knew it.
I had a bad feeling about this.
The thought that things were going my way too easily did cross my mind.
I'm telling you this since you might not be aware of it.
Strategy Department is a team of the most intelligent and outstanding employees of our company.
If you join the department like this, they won't think you earned it.
I can't let you get bullied.
That's why you need to go through an internship here.
I don't have a supervisor or colleagues.
I eat alone and work alone.
I do everything by myself.
That's not true.
You have a senior manager.
Really? Of course.
He's the smartest senior manager in our company.
- You should have started with that.
- Wait here.
- Come in.
- He's coming now? He's coming? - Where is he coming from? - Why isn't he coming in? It's me.
Shall we start after we introduce ourselves? It's nice to meet you.
I'm Ahn Min Hyuk, senior manager of Waiting to be Strategy Department.
Hi, I am Do Bong Soon.
I know.
Don't need to introduce yourself.
You told me to do so.
Let's start our meeting.
How can two people have a meeting? Don't people usually say it's a conversation rather than a meeting? They do? Then let's have a conversation.
It's not a problem.
Come in.
- Mr.
Ahn, did you call me? - Come in.
- Why is he - Okay, let's get started.
Take a seat.
- Did you have breakfast? - Yes.
Synced & ripped by bozxphd Yes, Mom.
You're coming today? Really? When you come, bring that thing.
I got it.
That's right.
I should lead a good life.
I should forgive them.
I need to be in good graces of Buddha.
I mean, he sent me my future son-in-law.
He's so adorable.
Let's begin the meeting.
Yes, come in.
This can't be happening.
That is (DOPPELGANGER, TWO PEOPLE THAT LOOK THE SAME AND EXIST AT THE SAME TIME) This is the data for presentation tomorrow, divided by each teams.
Did the team leaders check the graphic concept plan? Of course.
All right.
You can go now.
Well done.
Wait, what is his name? He is the leader of the Planning Team One.
He's called Oh Dol Byung.
Does he have a twin? I don't think so.
I heard that he gets lonely easily because he was brought up alone.
Let's start the meeting.
I need to get this call.
Hello? Now, Bong Soon Oh, right.
- Focus.
- Yes.
What kind of game do you wish to develop? Don't we have to wait for Mr.
Gong? No.
If you leave the meeting without authorization, you can't come back.
I see.
Tell me about the game you'd like to develop.
I want to make a game that isn't violent and that doesn't encourage spending money.
I want it to be educational and sound.
I want to make a healthy game.
You don't want to earn money, do you? No, I can earn a lot with it.
Everyone from kindergartners to the elderly can play.
Kindergartners and the elderly don't spend money on games.
Well This was enough.
Let's wrap up.
But we didn't do anything.
What's wrong, Bong Soon? This was a nice meeting.
What went well? What exactly? I got to know the game that you'd like to develop.
You know it.
Now what? I will talk about the plan with the CEO.
The CEO? The CEO? Why are you doing this to me? Don't do this.
You're driving me crazy.
Now that the meeting is over, you can go to the bathroom.
Bathroom? I will go when I want to.
Right now, I don't want to.
You'll change your mind once you are there.
Interns should control their instincts.
- Bathroom? - Yes.
- Okay.
- Quickly.
- Where are you going? - Well, I'm going to the bathroom.
- Hold it back.
- Okay.
Let's talk.
- Close the door.
- Okay.
How rude of you? Come close to me.
Stand still.
Do Bong Soon? Who are you to be by Mr.
Ahn's side when you're not even his secretary? - Are you that pretty? - What? No, that's not it.
He said I needed internship before I go to the Strategy Department.
I'm at a loss for words.
Internship, my foot.
- Hey.
- Yes.
- Answer me loudly! - Yes.
I'm the crazy one in this area! I heard the rumor that you were the shadowy power behind Mr.
But that means nothing to me.
No, I'm nothing like that.
How dare you talk back to me? You are so rude.
Do you want to die? Listen to me carefully.
You need to get on my good side.
Do you know why? If you want to be in the Strategy Department, you have to go through me.
A word of advice.
Don't act out.
Don't go near Mr.
Do you have a twin, by any chance? You lunatic.
What should I do? (STRATEGY DEPARTMENT) Yes, right away, please.
I'll be staying here.
Why? You should be in the office.
I want to stay here.
You can't.
Go inside.
Don't mind me.
- Let me stay here.
- Intern Do? Intern Do? Intern Do? Yes.
I'm going.
- Goodness.
- Intern Do? - Why is he bullying her? - Intern Do.
Is he getting back at her for getting stabbed? It's nothing.
Intern Do.
Intern Do.
Intern You're here.
What is it? How's your work going so far? Work? I don't really know because I don't think I'm doing anything.
I'm thinking of throwing a welcome party.
You should come.
- A welcome party? - Yes.
Just the two of us? Yes.
So if you don't come, it will definitely show.
I don't really feel like it.
I don't feel like being welcomed.
Why not? Do you have any complaints regarding work environment? I'm sorry.
The phone call went longer than I expected.
- Mr.
- Yes.
Can you tell the CEO something? - Yes? - That this is not what he promised me.
This is unbelievable.
That I want to do some real work.
Thank you.
This is a prototype plan.
This is the graphic concept plan.
This is the graphic resource plan.
Anything else? These reports were all declined.
Find out why - and submit a report.
- Okay.
- By the way, Mr.
Ahn, - Yes.
Can I talk to the intern for a moment? I want to explain to her about social life and so on.
- All right.
- Thank you.
- This way.
- Okay.
Ahn, why did you choose him? He's such a bully to new recruits.
We'll see who wins.
Bong Soon.
- Yes.
- Coffee, please.
- With one spoon of sugar.
- Okay.
- Hey.
- Yes? I don't like brown sugar.
- I don't like the color.
- Okay.
This reminds me of what Gook Doo said.
"Bong Soon, why are people in your company so strange?" I think so too, Gook Doo.
Why are they all so strange? Here you go.
You didn't spit in there, right? I would never do that.
You don't like the color of brown sugar, but I guess you like the color of coffee.
- Don't be smart with me.
- Okay.
Darn it.
Do you call this coffee? I drink coffee for its sweetness.
You said you wanted only a spoonful of sugar.
How dare you talk back? Not a teaspoonful of sugar, but a tablespoonful I meant a tablespoonful of sugar! I understand.
Let me bring your coffee again.
Forget coffee.
What did I tell you? I told you not to be smart with me.
Why do you keep flirting around? What? What do you mean by that? Come closer.
- Didn't you get a nose job? - No, I didn't.
Stop lying.
You can't fool me.
You are not Mr.
Ahn's type.
Oh Dol Bbyeo.
Please don't bring up things unrelated to Hey! How dare you call me that! It's Oh Dong Byung.
Oh Dong Byung! My social security number is 10293141.
I was a sergeant in the army before I was discharged.
Repeat after me, Oh Dong Byung! Oh Dong Byung.
Oh Dong Bbyung? Oh Dong Why you Do you want me to give you a good beating? Gosh.
You're too tiny to beat up.
Your face is so small like a CD.
Gosh, you little Mr.
What are you doing? Did you just hit me? Yes, I did.
What are you going to do? Go tell your mother on me.
Hey, do you like playing darts? Go fetch.
Why aren't you going? - I'm going now.
- You'll come back "Soon".
What a joke.
This is cracking me up.
Go fetch.
Hey! I can't believe her.
What is happening? What is this? What's going on? What is this? Hey, Bong Soon.
Bong Soon! - Get me out.
- Mr.
Here's your pen.
- Did you do this? - No.
Was it an earthquake? What is this? Get me out quickly.
By the way, I think it's only right I bring you a fresh cup of coffee.
I don't need coffee.
Just get me out of here.
- I will be back shortly.
- Hey! Goodness.
Stop! Hey! She's crazy.
Do Bong Soon! - The sound effects are too rough.
- Yes, sir.
- Go easy on the graphic effects.
- Yes, sir.
The characters are too flashy.
Tone them down.
- Understood, sir.
- Why aren't they coming? Where is Mr.
Oh? He is still drinking his coffee.
What? Since you brought it up, I want some coffee.
Get some coffee with me.
I'm stuck.
I am stuck here! Save me! I am stuck! How can you just walk away? Mister! Mister! Hey! Mr.
- Thanks.
- Here you go.
What did you do to him? You didn't hit him, right? Did you knock him out somewhere? - Then? - He's sitting down.
- Why isn't he coming then? - Well He's just stuck.
- Bong Soon.
- Yes? Go set him free.
- I don't want to.
- You don't want to? What is all this? "We wish a bright future" Whom is he trying to kid? He's an idiot.
I think Mr.
Oh went missing.
It's like he dropped off the face of the earth.
I have no idea what happened.
- Let's go.
- Pardon? This is suffocating.
Please someone save me.
I have to pee.
Someone save me! Save Mr.
- How on earth did this happen? - Get me out.
Please hurry.
Get me out.
Who did this? Bong Soon.
- Go bring more people.
- Yes, sir.
Don't look at me.
Please don't.
- Just wait a bit.
- Don't look at me.
This is embarrassing.
I told you that we will have to see who will be bullied.
I want to ask you something.
I mean you take care of your body with utmost importance and you can't stand if things don't go your way.
Why did you take the hit for her? You slipped by accident, right? No.
Then you intentionally took the hit? - Yes.
- Why? I I was I'm going to the library.
Should I wrap things up here and head there? - Yes.
- Okay.
I mean you take care of your body with utmost importance and you can't stand if things don't go your way.
Why did you take the hit for her? By the way, About the welcoming party for a new employee Let's have it when you take out the stitches.
You shouldn't be drinking right now.
Let's do that.
Let's go.
I'll drop you off.
I can't ever forgive her.
It's nothing to be proud of as a man.
Just forget about it.
It already happened.
You won't know how it feels if you didn't experience it, Mr.
You have no idea how I am feeling.
You know nothing.
How about me? What do you know about me? What do you know about me? How dare you judge me as you please? Why do you think I didn't experience what you underwent? What I suffered is incomparable to what you are suffering now.
Do you know how it feels to not be able to wear skinny jeans anymore? Do you know? How did that happen? Nothing is as it seems.
You can't see it.
I didn't know.
I had no idea.
I'm so sorry.
Wait, where are you going? This is what I hate about men.
Why do they leave after saying whatever they want? Gosh, I hate it so much.
It's not fermented yet.
The alcohol is clear.
It's fresh.
Take it.
All right, Mom.
It tastes aromatic.
What is it? It's not fermented yet.
It works best if you have it in a week.
It has a clean aftertaste.
I wish for your fast recovery.
What kind of alcohol is this? It's feces wine.
You can tell the professor about your discomforts tomorrow.
How is your neck? The back of my neck hurts.
Let's get another x-ray done tomorrow.
- Okay.
- Tell him about our boss.
Did something happen? - He's really upset right now.
- Why? He ate something he shouldn't have.
He says he's not human anymore.
What did he eat by himself? I'm so curious.
He won't tell us even if we ask.
Is your constipation better? No, it's really full down there.
It's a circulatory disturbance.
Do you want to receive an enema? No, I never had trouble going to the washroom.
I always poop as much as I eat.
That's enough! I hate poop.
No one likes it.
Did you have feces wine? - Feces wine? - Feces wine? Is that it? Yes.
Is it really feces wine? Did you have it? He did, he did.
He had it.
- I saw some big pieces.
- He had it.
Why did you leave the hospital? You should have gotten the stitches out first.
- Are you all right? - Yes.
Okay, rest well.
I'll get going.
Let's stay like this for a moment.
Then this is Bus 470 will be arriving soon.
Let's meet tomorrow.
I have to talk to you.
Hey, Gook Doo.
Do you think you're the only one trying to catch him? We all want to arrest him.
This is what I want to say to you.
Ma'am, do you have anything like kimchi? - We don't have any.
- Forget it then.
This is what it's like to be in an organization.
Command and discipline should be aligned.
If someone up there goes, "Hey, do it!" You say, "Yes, sir.
" That's it.
I know it.
I know, but we have no choice.
This is what organizations are about.
I won't do something if I know it's wrong.
If I must do something, I'll do it no matter what.
You just don't listen.
My goodness.
You're too young.
Yes, a police should be like you.
Let's go without a warrant.
We'll just give it a go.
So you have to come to work tomorrow, okay? - I need kimchi.
- Here.
- Sir.
- Yes? But I'm off tomorrow.
Off? There is no day off for a police.
It's 24 hours, every day.
Have a drink.
I'm off today too.
Bong Gi? When are we going on our first date? Okay.
I'll text you later.
Bong Soon.
Bong Soon.
Disinfect it every five hours, and make sure to take your pills.
Okay, I will.
Pass them over.
Starting today, give them to Bong Soon.
You can start writing them from now.
This is the history of the power that's been handed down in the women in our family.
It's a type of a record.
We'll leave records of the power in our maternal line.
We must teach our future generations how to use this blessing in the right way.
It's evidence from the ancestors.
At the age of 19, your mother wrote two lines and gave up.
Bong Soon.
Now, you write in it.
I don't even write a journal during the holidays.
- I don't like keeping them.
- Do it.
It's your mission.
You are no longer the clueless Do Bong Soon from Dobong-dong, Dobong-gu.
The deities have given you a mission.
You are no longer an average person.
You must no longer hide or avoid your fate.
Use your strength to do good.
And then write down what you did here.
I'd look perfect if my nose were just 5mm higher.
Didn't you say you were confused? Are you saying you have feelings for your boss? Do you? - I don't know.
- Why? My heart beats really fast whenever I see him.
Maybe I don't have a backbone.
- I think I keep - Keep what? It's like, I keep You keep what? Bong Soon, go outside this instant.
- What for? - Mr.
Ahn's here.
- What? - Go outside.
Go on.
- I came to say something.
- It could've waited until tomorrow.
I need to say it now.
I I'm in pain.
I told you to take your medicine.
First, you ignore the police and now you ignore a doctor? It's not that.
It hurts right here.
You need to stop having a crush.
I think I like you.
) Synced & ripped by bozxphd (STRONG GIRL BONG SOON) I'm weird, really weird.
I'm not in my right mind.
Bong Soon.
Let's go.
What are you? Reveal your identity.
What are you really? I'm actually an alien.
You witch.
She took a call and left.
It sounded like a man.
I waited.
I want to stop being your friend.
- I like - Gook Doo.
Who do you have to save? The prince.
He's really lonely.
You must save him.
If he's lonely.
I hope the us of tomorrow are different from the us of today.
Are you asleep, Bong Soon?