Succession (2018) s02e04 Episode Script

Safe Room

1 We're going for PGM.
We leverage up and eat Pierce, we're too big for Sandy and Stewey to come for.
- We all like this? - (CHATTER) Contact with the family did have one heavyweight they liked.
ROMAN ROY: It's not been the same without you.
It's been better.
Carolina has bad news about the biography.
LOGAN: The writer, anyone who speaks to her, they're dead to me.
You're pals with Naomi Pierce, right? You want to use Naomi to broker a deal? ROMAN: Bingo.
MAN: The Pierce family got word that you were on maneuvers.
We need to back right off.
Someone spiked Pierce.
Which one of you boars did it? ALL: Boar on the floor.
- What are you hiding? - What are you It was Roman.
He took a call from Naomi Pierce.
Roman, you're a moron.
Who backs me on Pierce?! They're all against it.
We are going after it.
How do I get him to take me seriously? Do the management training program.
- (GRUNTS) - Ground floor.
Pierce's CEO, Rhea Jarrell, she can help us.
Okay, it's time to bring you in.
Hey, it's Kendall Roy again.
Uh, I hope this isn't getting weird.
Um Yeah, I just, uh, wanted to check in and, uh Frank gave me the impression it was cool to make contact.
Just hoping we can, uh Yeah, we can make this happen today.
Would just be good to connect.
(SIGHS) So? - What? - First day in.
- Uh, it's more of a fact finder.
- Sure, but it's exciting, no? It's like you and your dad have finally admitted how much you're into each other, you know.
And now you can You know, not this, but now you can bang.
Uh so what's the current thinking on Ravenhead? Ravenhead, uh, stick with him.
Young talent, nice guy.
Your dad likes him, and, uh, he's one of our most popular anchors.
Yeah, sure, but is he a fascist? Well, that's a very loaded word.
You've seen the video, Tom.
He's right there with the fascists.
TOM WAMBSGANS: It was a long time ago.
He was interested in politics, he gets invited to a conference, he's excited, he has no idea who he's who he's sitting on a panel with, It's all perfectly plausible.
Oh, yeah, it's plausible, but is it true? TOM: Shiv, come on.
Who wasn't a bit salty when they were 21? He's grown up now.
He lives in Connecticut.
He's crazy about the Knicks, he's he's a lovely guy.
And and his demo skews younger.
The fuck is this? TOM: Ravenhead fanboys.
Morning, assholes.
Hey, those are our assholes.
Well, technically, they're your assholes.
PROTESTORS: (CHANTING) Say it loud, say it clear, Ravenhead is welcome here! Say it loud, say it clear TOM: Okay.
Now who are these assholes? SHIV: This could get ugly.
Can you imagine if someone actually cleaned up here, Tom? With a cleansing fucking zeal? Uh-huh.
Like Mary Poppins with a hard on? No, like me.
Or you.
Wish me luck.
All right.
I'm exiting Earth's atmosphere.
The prince is departing the palace.
See you in six weeks.
If I don't come back, send goons.
They may sacrifice me to their gods.
Welcome to management training.
- Oh - Itinerary.
Oh, thanks.
PAULA CONROY: Welcome, everyone.
Congratulations to all of you for being selected to be here.
This is very exciting.
You all excited? - (CHEERING) - PAULA: Yeah.
All right.
After this short video, we'll get you out for a taste of the park in costume.
LOGAN ROY: Waystar Royco is a family.
a family that spans four continents, fifty countries, three divisions: entertainment, news, and resorts.
Working together to provide a net that can hold the world, or catapult it forward to the next adventure.
Joining Waystar Royco, you're joining one of the most dynamic news and entertainment companies in the world.
Feel it.
WOMAN NARRATOR: Waystar diversity and harassment policy.
Waystar Royco has worked hard to develop a tolerant and respectful workplace.
The company is strongly committed to making employment decisions based on valid requirements, and without regards to race, color, religion or religious creed, age, national origin, ancestry, gender, gender identity, gender expression What the fuck happened with the video? What do you mean? I've been cut.
It's me and some satellites for, like, three seconds.
I'll find out.
It's not a big deal, Gerri.
I don't care how many minutes I get, it's just the message it sends.
Sure thing.
I get it.
So, uh, how is it going? Oh, amazing.
I'm stripping back to basics.
This is my White Album.
Is it very horrible in America? Oh, yes.
It's glorious, yeah.
No amount of antibacterial gel is gonna be able to wipe the America off me.
This is good for you, Rome.
I know.
I'm gonna grow up and become a real little boy, and learn the price of an egg, and do phone sex with my girlfriend like a normo.
GERRI KELLMAN: You'll be fine.
Just be brave, okay? Yes, Mommy.
Welcome to the family.
Finally in.
(SIGHS) So, what's on the slab? Proxy battle tactical shit.
Good to have your PR thoughts.
- Yeah.
- LOGAN: Distributors.
Check in on Ravenhead.
Mo's funeral.
So, where should I base myself? In there? Not there.
That's Kendall.
He has his office, but on the proxy battle, we keep close.
Makes sense.
We'll find you somewhere.
Something nearby.
I'll float.
So, every day begins with champagne? Let's, uh get hammered and buy a mining company in Tanzania.
Why not? (CHUCKLES) KENDALL ROY: Hey, Dad.
It's time.
- Hey, Shiv.
- Hey.
KENDALL: With food, this yellow one.
I thought Joan was on his medication.
Joan missed a dose.
So, just till we have a system that we can rely on Your sister's just in for the day.
Oh, yeah? Okay.
- Just to observe.
- KENDALL: Cool.
Just to observe what? It's not a big deal, Ken.
No, sure.
Good point.
Good, uh, observation.
Lucy, can you find Shiv somewhere? I'm gonna prep with Ken.
Twenty minutes.
- You good? - Yeah.
- (FAIRGROUND MUSIC PLAYING) - (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Hey, hey! Dirk Turkey! Can we get a photo? ROMAN: Of course! - Hey, picture time.
- Oh, excuse me.
Hey, um, can you take a photo for us? - (ROMAN CLUCKING) - Thank you so much.
All right, here we go.
- ROMAN: Right.
- Hello! ROMAN: So I'm guessing you two aren't fucking much? - Excuse me? - ROMAN: You need to get home and figure this shit out.
This is a sad state of affairs, my friend.
This woman needs satisfaction that you are clearly not providing.
Thanks for coming.
Enjoy the park.
What was that? I said "gobbledy go fuck yourself!" CYD PEACH: So, I'm just curious, Greg.
What does it mean being executive assistant to Tom? Um, well, I I perform a variety of target-oriented tasks, and keep close to the deal flow, - and - Sort of, kind of like a like a farm hand? Clip his coat? Uh, do you have to milk him? Uh, no.
I just, uh, keep my head down, and keep the lattes flowing, you know? CYD: You're a smart cookie, you know? - GREG HIRSCH: Mm-hmm.
- We should talk.
TOM WAMSGANS: Greg! When you're done flirting, can you latte me, please? Oh, ho! Farewell, lords and masters of the board.
Time for the real meeting.
(LAUGHS) Hey hey! Who's the hot intern? (CHUCKLES) I'm not here.
I'm just observing.
(TEXT MESSAGE ALERT) She's coming.
We got her.
- It's real? - As I understand it.
Uh, family doesn't know she's coming, so Right? I mean, why lie to the old lady, unless, uh you're down to fuck? (INAUDIBLE) Now, this is, uh, us three.
- We're the group on this - Yeah.
The family trusts her.
You get her on board, that's huge.
She could be our Coriolanus.
He switched sides.
You know, why don't you take your library card and fuck off? So What's first? Ravenhead.
I'm getting carpet bombed on this.
Pierce News is all over it, and Antifa has turned up.
Can we not get a water cannon down there? You know, give 'em a fucking shower, fucking animals.
The police have it under control, I believe.
Well, yeah, but I don't think it's smart to sugar-coat it.
To me, "ATN under siege".
- That's our line.
- Agreed.
And, uh, I've managed to talk the advertisers down off the ledge, so I think we just weather the storm, right? Well, the problem is we've been asked to comment, because, um, apparently Mark Records show that he got married at the Eagle's Nest, Hitler's retreat in Bavaria.
A chapel below.
Uh, ignore that.
- She's not here.
- GERRI: His agent assures me that it was a coincidence, they were on vacation - in the area.
- (KNOCKING ON GLASS) LOGAN: Yeah, well, fuckin' big coincidence.
Uh (SIGHS) Is that curtains? I think he's toast.
Right? We just toss him.
Come on.
No coaching from the sidelines.
Uh, no.
I'm not here.
Oh, right.
I forgot.
You're not here.
Well, what do you say, Ken? Hey.
Cyd? We don't wanna fire him.
He's a big draw.
And if we cave to this, then who's next? Tom, check him out, turn his guts inside out.
Uh, but nah.
We back talent.
Ravenhead stays.
Connor, you ready? You okay, honey? I know how you are about death.
CONNOR ROY: (SINGING) Happy deathday to Mo - Happy deathday to Mo - Okay, not so sad.
This is a big opportunity for me, baby.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Campaign financing.
Mo knew a lot of high-net-worth individuals.
I'm gonna work the room, meet some wallets.
The whole church is gonna be stuffed with weeping ATMs.
So, Marcia called.
Marcia? She called you? Yeah.
She wanted me to talk to the widow, see what Mo told the biographer? No, this is good! They're involving you in their disgusting little stratagems.
- Right.
- It means they like you.
Come on.
Let's get ready to shed a tear at Mo's funeral, AKA the gold rush.
I'm getting a donor boner just thinking about it.
(SIGHS) That's cute.
TOM: Yo! Hey.
Oh TOM: Hey, Greg.
What's going on? Jonah, say hi.
- Hey, Greg.
- Hey, Jonah.
Hey, I'm thinking of taking things to the next level.
- GREG: Uh-huh? - Footstool fiesta.
We had a bet, Jonah lost.
Be his turn to do it to me one day.
Come on! Um - Just, uh - Go ahead.
Let Let me know if I'm too heavy.
Will do.
So, uh, Herr Ravenhead.
Do you have anything for me, ahead of my meet? Um Honestly, I've been, uh, been asking around, and not much.
Uh, I heard he named his dog after Hitler's dog, maybe.
That's not good.
But, you know, Logan likes and America likes, and "Blondi" is pretty common.
No, but I mean, fascist meeting, Nazi wedding, Hitler dog Oh, dude.
If it's true, he's gone.
I mean, Nazis, terrible, right? Nazis? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Yeah, they're they're the worst.
Yeah, sure.
We all hate Nazis.
And we all hate Cyd.
Right, Jonah? If we look at the aggregate of all employment opportunities available on Earth right now, this is top one, two percent.
We are basically in heaven.
Well, aren't you positive.
They'll beat that out of you.
What's your story, Hunky Dory? Me? I'm an enigma.
You can't pigeon-hole me.
I'm there, then I'm gone.
I'm intellectually promiscuous, but culturally conservative, I work hard, but I do not play hard.
I play easy.
- Why would you play hard? - Good question.
And what is it you're doing right now? I'm lurking.
Like a dormant virus.
Biding my time in the Fort Meyers resort, but I'm being stymied by a variety of enemies who are envious of my talents.
- Obviously.
- Brian.
Uh, yeah.
Ron Rockstone.
Sure, man.
Very solid name.
GERRI: In terms of proxy statements, I'm not sure how much you need to see.
SHIV: Uh, yeah.
Maybe just show me everything.
Yeah, uh, because, uh, that's a lot of material.
I can process pretty quick.
And after this perhaps we sit down with my dad, and go through PR strategy? Oh.
He's unavailable this afternoon.
Because what? Monkey gland butt injection? (CHUCKLES) Yeah.
Something like that! Getting his hair blown out.
Yeah, his afternoon is greyed-out.
And then there's Mo's funeral.
- Yeah - (KNOCKING ON GLASS) Does Karolina know? - Has Colin done his thing? - JESS JORDAN: Mm-hmm.
- Thank you, Jess.
- Okay.
- What was that? - Nothing.
Well, Jess, so Kendall.
And Karolina so public-facing.
But Colin, too? Grubby.
And Dad's in a secret meeting, and I'm in here with a coloring book.
What's goin' on, Gerri? Maybe you should talk to your dad.
Oh, come on.
It's me.
What's happening? It's Kendall.
What, is he huffing Sharpies again? Shoplifting.
He's stealing? Stealing what? Candy and vape fluid, I believe.
He's stealing vape fluid? What? He could buy the entire industry.
Well, is someone talking to him? Is he suspended? Hmm.
We're cleaning it up without getting him involved.
Oh, good.
That'll teach him a lesson.
I'm sorry, what the fuck? How many lives does this guy have? Logan wants to keep it down low.
- SHIV: Hey.
- Hey.
Just, uh, wanted to check in and see how you're doing.
Yeah, great.
(SIGHS) So, uh, what's goin' on? How are you? What's your next move? Are you thinking media? Like, here, or somewhere else? Division? Yeah, you know, I don't know, but, uh - I Do I have to tell you? - No, sure.
Hey, listen.
- I know you lost your job.
- I walked out.
Okay, whatever.
It's all good.
I just, uh Yeah, I don't know.
I - It's good to see you.
- Cool.
Maybe I should come in more often.
- (KNOCKING ON GLASS) - Ken? Your thing.
- She's en route.
- Okay.
- What's that? - Ah, it's nothing.
Shiv, it's it's, uh, it's not a thing.
Okay? I just can't say.
That's fine, Ken.
Do your secret shit.
You seem to be mistaking me for someone you're in competition with.
Well, that was exciting.
Smuggled in like Cleopatra in the carpet.
Sorry for the cloak and dagger.
Rhea Jarrell.
And you must be Oedipus Roy? - Uh - RHEA JARRELL: I'm teasing.
- Right.
(CHUCKLES) - RHEA: Are we this way? KENDALL: Yeah, over here.
Sorry about the commotion outside.
Rhea Jarell, Logan Roy.
Dad, Rhea Jarrell.
It's lovely to have you.
Please, have a seat.
KENDALL: Now, can I get you something to drink? Oh, just some water, thanks.
- Quite a view.
- LOGAN: Mm.
Lady Liberty.
So, the agenda of the meeting is just to sort of, you know, check in on how we can all better work together to protect journalists in hostile environments, - and any other areas - Uh, yeah, yeah, thank you for the cover story but we don't need to bother with all that.
We know you're interested in an acquisition again, and, uh, I have a message.
- Oh.
- RHEA: Yeah.
The message would be, on behalf of the Pierce family, and the media organization that it's privately owned for 150 years, the message would be a typically balanced, nuanced, and objective "fuck off".
Very nuanced.
And is that the view of the whole family? They're united in that? Well, I don't involve myself in the palace intrigue, but overall, the family knows what you're after, and they're not interested.
And what am I after? You're playing your favorite tune again, no? Only this time, I take it some genius banker has convinced you that the only way to keep the jackals out is to leverage yourself until you're too big to take down.
Well, I can assure you that is not a fair characterization - of what we're doing here.
- LOGAN: Look.
What do they want? - The Pierces? In general? - Mm-hmm.
- Who knows? - So there is a price? All I can say is that at this point, uh, the position is they're not interested.
And you? What do you think? I think they're amazing custodians.
So you don't have a position on who your owner is, because that would presumably affect things, - if you weighed in? - I'm a chief executive.
I take my orders from the board.
I'm a mere tool.
- KENDALL: Uh-huh.
- Uh-huh.
Anyway, I hope this hasn't been too disappointing.
It's been fun.
You know, I want Pierce.
But it only works for me fast.
- LOGAN: Very fast.
- Mm-hmm.
So, please, stay.
Have lunch.
Oh, uh My tummy is delicate.
We really only eat Pulitzer over at Pierce.
You eat.
I'll, uh stay for five and skulk out the way I skulked in.
PAULA: Okay, everyone, now that you've found a partner, for this next exercise, I'd like you all to come up with some ideas for new rides or attractions.
And then, uh, work it up into a pitch, and we're gonna present to the group, okay? What is this, fucking school? We're pitching now? What if we fuck it? What if I can't think of anything? I don't have anything prepared.
Did you know about this? This is cool.
Sounds like a great exercise.
You have no fucking understanding of how this works, do you? Like, this, right here? This is a rank and yank.
It's fucking up or out.
This is a death march through a fucking minefield.
Okay, well, come on.
What do people like? What do everyday people like? Um, do Everyday? How the fuck should I know what everyday people like? I like booking out a suite at the Chateau, and snorting purified sertraline off women that don't know they're prostitutes yet.
Interesting hobby, Ron Rockstone.
Well, what do the normos like? What do you like? - Me? - Yeah.
Okay, uh, I enjoy spending time with my nephews, Cooper and Clark.
I hike.
I have several high-end racing drones.
Oh, my God, stop.
No offense, but wow.
(ROMAN TAPS TABLE) How about terror? Like, actual terror.
Like a VR experience, but like, "I'm actually gonna fucking die.
" Like war.
Like, we put you in one of those landing crafts, and you're about to hit the beach - Mm-hmm.
- Normandy, you know what I'm saying? No one's ever gone bust overestimating the American public's interest in violence.
Fuck yeah.
- Write this shit up.
- All right.
Great to see you.
Come on in.
I caught the show this morning.
Uh, where's Cyd? She's out on a thing, but she's she thought it would be great for us to check in, and I'm I'm a big fan.
Thank you.
Uh, so Karyn tells me, uh, you want the full colonoscopy, - huh? - Oh, dude.
No, no.
We both know, I think, how dumb these things are.
You know how it is.
It's just due diligence with all the turbulence, and, can I just just need to check a few boxes.
Sure, sure.
Thank you for the show of faith.
No, no.
No No problem.
Okay, right.
Okay, so this is embarrassing, but, um, just for the record, and just so we have it, um You are not, and have never been a member of the Nazi Party of the United States, have you? Come on, Tom.
You serious? Nope.
Thank you.
Sorry to have to even ask.
Uh, bu-bu-bu-bu-bah And Oh, yes, the Hitler dog thing? - Okay, the dog thing's bullshit.
- Great.
I thought so.
Different spelling.
- Okay.
Different spelling? - MARK: Yeah.
Uh, and this other one that came up, just to fend this off, have you ever read Mein Kampf? Um Yeah, couple of times, I guess.
Couple times? Are there Easter eggs in there you didn't get the first time? - (TOM CHUCKLES) - (LAUGHS) Look, I'm I'm just I'm interested in that period of history, Tom.
Okay? - I skimmed it.
- Skimmed.
Thank you.
And, um And what, specifically, do you find interesting about that period of history? The scale.
The tragedy.
Hell yeah.
Which tragedy, specifically? Europe decimated.
(SCOFFS) Seven million Germans, twenty million Russians, five million Poles.
Just Just checking the till here, Mark, and it seems you're short a few million.
(GUNSHOT) - GREG: What was that? - The fuck was that? - MAN: Shooter.
Shooter! - TOM: What? What did he say? - What did he say? - Shooter.
Sir? Please Please follow me.
Come on.
- Do we have a safe room? - We have a secure location.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Executives coming through! - (SIREN WAILING) - Gangway! Apologies.
There seems to be a fire alarm sounding.
We'll find out the cause of that and be right back with you, after the break.
Please follow me.
Everybody, please - please follow me.
- ANCHOR: What's going on? We have to evacuate.
Oh, God Oh, my God.
What What the fuck? (STAMMERS) There was a gunshot from somewhere down the hall.
Shooter in the building.
We think they got in.
- Holy shit! - Where are the others? Where's Logan and Shiv? - Are we still on the air? - I dunno.
This is them, right? Antifa? Or a maniac? (STAMMERS) Are they trying to come get us? Maybe she's gone outside.
GREG: Maybe we should try to get outside.
- No, we should try - This is This is the safe room, okay? This is the panic room.
- What? How is it safe? - We're safe here.
- Calm down! - It's just a room! What is this? What's happening? - We'll get on that, sir.
- (KEYPAD BEEPING) - We just wanna get you safe.
- Where's Kendall? Is he safe? We'll find them.
Open the door, please.
(DOOR BUZZES) Thank you.
Shiv! Shiv, thank God! Thank God! - Are you okay? - Tom, what's going on? I'm not sure.
I'm hearing crazies or maybe Antifa.
We think they were coming for me.
Coming for you? Yeah, maybe.
You know, head of ATN.
Wait, what? Who said that? Okay, well, where are you now? Uh, I'm in the panic room with Greg.
Okay, great.
I'm coming there now.
Okay, hurry.
Be safe.
See you soon.
Are you armed? I'm not allowed to disclose that information, sir.
If If he's the target maybe he should get his own room.
- How you' doing? - Hi.
How you doing? (LOGAN CLEARS THROAT) - You want anything? - Uh - You want some water? - Where's Kendall? - Is he safe? - Uh, yeah, I don't know.
What is this, Siobhan? - Uh, Antifa maybe.
They think.
- Pieces of shit.
Where's Tom? So what are you hearing? Is it all over? Things seem to have calmed down, but honestly, - I can't get a read, sir.
- Okay.
(PHONE VIBRATING) - Any updates? - TOM: Hey, Shiv.
SHIV: Tom, where are you? - I'm with Dad.
- What? Where? I I'm in the fucking panic room! There's two panic rooms? I think I'm in the wrong I'm in the wrong panic room.
Well, just, uh Just stay where you are.
It's Is there more shooting? Uh, no.
It's all quiet here.
What a How about you? No.
Was there really a shooter? I don't I don't Who else is in there with you, Shiv? - Is Cyd in there? - SHIV: No.
- (DOOR BUZZES) - It's, uh, just me and Hey, uh, Tom, I should go.
Stay safe.
I love you.
What the fuck? We got the shit room! That makes total sense because this safe room doesn't feel that safe.
Okay? I mean, is that airtight? Or And is that bulletproof? Are these windows bulletproof? I mean, they could waft gas in here.
Right? I don't think this speculation is very helpful.
I mean, these are the things you think about when you're designing a panic room! So, I'm just saying.
And a person can fit through there.
A person can definitely fit through that window.
A small person.
An attack child.
Okay, I need you to get me to the other safe room, - the real one, right away.
- Sir - Have you taken your pills? - What? - Does Kendall have your meds? - I I don't know.
You want something? How's your blood sugar? - You want some beef jerky? - Yeah, maybe.
Are you okay? - I was on my way out, and, I have to say, this seems like a very drastic way of keeping me on the premises.
Here, come, sit.
Are we on air yet? Do you know who was hurt? COLIN: Waiting on updates.
Any more shots? Rhea Jarrell.
How are you? Uh, yeah.
As good as I can be.
We're up.
We're up.
ANCHOR: on the 15th floor, I heard the alarm and was told to evacuate immediately.
We were rushed down 14 flights of stairs.
I heard one staffer who was obviously very distressed saying she heard a single gunshot, and someone shouting, "Shooter!" WILLA: Everyone's okay, though? Everyone's fine, but apparently they're not gonna make the funeral.
I guess we can't leave too, right? Didn't think so.
- Hi.
Thank you for coming.
- CONNOR: Yeah.
I'm so sorry that Dad didn't get to see him - before he went.
- Yeah, he was asking for Logan.
I'm so sorry for your loss, Maria.
You know, I never met Mo, but I heard that he was just a great guy.
- Um, Mo? - Your husband? We're so sorry.
His name's not Mo.
- What? You call him Mo.
- His name's Lester.
Okay, so why does everyone call him Mo? His real name is Lester.
(STAMMERS) It was I guess I haven't thought about it for a while, but it was kind of a joke.
- Like what? - Mo-Lester.
I guess it wasn't a very nice joke.
- And was he one? - Oh, God, no.
Just, you know Old Mr.
Fiddlesticks, Uncle Meathands.
Dad wouldn't let us in the pool with him.
But, you know, the guys of that generation It was a different time.
Let's get a donor on the end of this boner.
- I feel a PAC attack coming on.
- (WILLA SIGHS) It's like the old tunnel of love, but much hipper.
- And you travel through it in - Bullshit.
- canoes shaped like vaginas.
- Our idea shits on their idea.
- Thank you.
- (APPLAUSE) Don't fucking clap.
PAULA: Okay.
Who's next? Oh, fuck.
All right.
Don't fuck this up.
Don't screw it up.
Uh, thank you, everyone.
- So what we tried to do is - COREY: Uh, Mr.
Roy? create an adult-focused attraction.
- Okay, so it's called - Mr.
Roy, um, just in case you get a news alert on your phone, there has been an incident at ATN.
- My dad okay? - It's been suggested it could be a concerted attack against the family.
Do you want us to take you to a more secure location? Yeah, of course I want that.
Get me the fuck out of here.
This way.
CYD: There's a lot of confusion.
We have reporters currently locked outside of the building.
I'm talking from inside the control room.
This is not good, Greg.
They're just trying to make me look like a coward.
Hiding in the fucking closet while she's out there breakdancing through gunfire.
You ran pretty quick.
You ran pretty fucking quick, too.
I was just behind you.
Everybody was running.
- CYD: Lives here are at risk.
- (PHONE CHIMES) But we at ATN will not be cowed.
We're determined to fulfil Oh.
Nobody hurt, it seems.
One person.
Look, off the record, I think we're in the clear.
We just need to hang out for a little while longer.
- Wait for confirmation.
- Okay.
(GREG SIGHS) Oh, fuck.
TOM: Shut up.
(GREG CLEARS THROAT) Tom? Do you think, uh Do you think right now might be a good time for a little chat? Yeah? What, Greg? Um, I've just been thinking a lot recently, and, uh, you know, uh Yeah, I don't know.
Um (SIGHS) I'm in the shadow of a giant here.
AKA you.
(SCOFFS) And, um, you know, like, do I wanna maybe catch some sunlight if I'm gonna grow? Like, would it be okay for me to maybe take take a chance, and go to another department? What? I'm I'm digging in here.
Yeah, you are.
And I'm just wondering, like, would it be maybe interesting for both of us if I go work with somebody else for a little bit? Sorry.
Are you Are you attempting to break up with me, Greg? It's It's just (SIGHS) Dude, ATN, human furniture, like Verbal assaults, physical humiliations, Nazi stuff, shooters I just don't love it like I I just I don't really love it, and I wanna go explore.
And then I And I can come back.
You know? It could be like like a business open relationship.
(EXHALES) This is not a good feeling, Greg, that you're making me have, you know? (CRUNCHING) Can you stop crunching? Sure.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, I'm feeling What? I just I feel a little bit You know? I know, I know.
It's just an idea.
- Fuck.
- Yeah.
(THUDS) GREG: Okay, Tom? Hey, hey, Tom.
- We're good.
We're good.
- We're good? We're good? It doesn't feel fucking good, Greg! GREG: Let's just Can we (YELPS) I will not let you do this to me! I will not let go of what is mine! GREG: What What What What am I doing? Ow! - Stop pelting me! - (TOM GRUNTING) - TOM: Fuck! Fuck! - I was Stop Stop! Security! - Guys! - No, you back off! You back off! This is executive level business! - Okay? No! - Stop, Tom! We're friends! You're one of my best friends! (MUSIC PLAYING) Are you okay, son? Where were you? Yeah.
I'm fine, Dad.
I was fine.
It looks like there was only one.
An employee.
ATN segment producer.
- What, he went postal? - It was a suicide.
He shot himself at his desk.
Colin, I need a little more time KENDALL: Hey.
You okay? Uh, sorry everyone.
Just gonna need to keep you here another 20 while we sweep the third.
Rhea, it's okay if we go back to ATN? RHEA: Thanks, yeah.
NEWS ANCHOR: within minutes.
They are now surrounding this building, and to catch our viewers up here about ten minutes ago, at least one shot was fired inside the ATN offices, along with screams.
You doin' okay? Oh, um, well.
(CHUCKLES) I'm finding it increasingly difficult to explain to people why I'm canceling and where I am.
(CHUCKLES) And you were here having a meeting with my dad this afternoon, so Interesting.
It's just, uh Just nonsense.
How come you're in? (TOILET FLUSHES) You work here now? Uh, no, I just, uh my family owns the joint.
I don't know if you knew that.
NEWS ANCHOR: no word on any number of casualties, but we do know that there has been at least one shot fired.
Not your favored style, huh? Well, depends what you think news is.
A public utility, or entertainment option.
You can actually do both.
Inform and engage.
Well, it's certainly full of vim.
Full of piss and vinegar.
I take it you're not taking any offer seriously? Actually, Shiv, we had a productive meeting, so maybe let me and Dad handle this.
Excuse me.
Clumsy old Shiv, stomping all over it in my work boots.
It was a good chat, but I think "hard no" was the take home.
There's no need to put a name on it.
Doesn't feel right to me either.
And we take her view very seriously, what with her years of media business experience.
I just can't see it.
Like, the thing for me is that culturally, politically, your operation, it's exactly what we lack in the portfolio.
But I don't see how the business side works.
Well, I'd say the business synergies are are obvious, you know.
One legal, finance, distribution, marketing department.
I think it's the incompatible cultures that that stink up the deal.
Oh, uh, on that (CLEARS THROAT) We did have one thing to mention that could, uh, - address that issue.
- RHEA: Uh-huh? Twenty-one billion dollars.
Well, look, I'm a mere conduit.
Well, maybe you should conduit that.
You know, I suppose the thing is, it's an emotional matter for the Pierces.
Money is not irrelevant, but but, how can I put it Relevant? - Nevertheless - 21.
I Is he allowed to just say numbers? - KENDALL: Is that enough? - It's not up to me, so you're just bidding against yourself there.
Look, I'm a hairy old bastard who everybody hates, yadda, yadda.
But I fuckin' love news, and news people.
We can argue the angles, but I will invest.
Well, it would take a hell of a lot of investment from where things are.
- Twenty-two billion.
- SHIV: Jesus, Kendall.
Can he say that, Dad? I mean that's not even the issue, right? - Um, well - So So what's the issue? Editorial independence? I don't think there's anything to even say without that.
Well, okay, there are models, right, for an independent board.
And forgetting the numbers, there are structures designed to ensure the current philosophical approach is protected.
Okay, thank you.
And now, um remembering the numbers, what would move the dial for them? 22.
5? Now, honestly, be careful or I'll take you seriously.
Well, if the business side can work, then I guess one pitch for the family could be, "Waystar isn't coming in to fuck you, but to make sweet, sweet, Barry White-investment love.
" Beauty saved by the beast would be the flavor.
I think it's telling that your most positive spin still sounds a bit rapey.
- Hey.
Do you trust me? - Do I trust you? SHIV: That's not really the issue, Dad.
I mean, you're not gonna be around forever, so there need to be structures in place - that are - Siobhan.
This is what it comes down to.
You know, we can draw up some agreement with any number of provisions in it, but you know that if I want, I'll find a way round it.
So, in the end, it's a question, right? If I say I won't fuck Pierce over, I'll keep the brand, their editors, their people, do you trust me? And will you tell them to trust me? Uh-huh.
Because when I say something will happen that thing will happen.
Am I right, kids? - Right.
- Um, right.
So, will you tell 'em? Twenty-four.
And they can trust me.
I, um I'm with him.
So is this the safe room? Yes.
Apparently it's impregnable.
Well, um, they announced the winning pitch.
- Oh, they did? - Uh-huh.
Are you attempting to do suspense on me, Brian? We won.
Oh, look at that.
- You don't believe me? - Mm, nope.
Do you happen to know who they were going to give it to, before they gave it to the name? I don't think it was the name.
Well, that's very touching, but I'm basically fucking Elvis around here.
So you wanna go check? Yeah.
Yeah, let's fucking check.
Well, I'll be right back.
Hey, baby, how about this for the eulogy? - "Lester touched all of us.
" - Okay, no.
I don't think you should do your speech.
No one else is gonna get here.
I have to.
I said I would.
Baby, I think it could be really bad for your campaign.
I mean, I was just talking to those guys over there.
- CONNOR: The Wolf Pack? - "The Wolf Pack"? Yeah, Dad's old crew, back in the day.
Oh, Jesus.
Okay, some of the stuff that they got up to with Mo, - you do not want to be associated with.
- Sure, no.
I know.
Still, it's complicated.
It was a different time.
But it wasn't a time before they invented laws, was it? I mean, what if this shit comes out, and you're on the record praising the shit out of him? CONNOR: Oh, this is a nightmare.
Why can't I be the one caught in a lockdown with a maniac? Connor? Hi.
Sorry to interrupt.
I'm Michelle Pantsil.
I'm working on a study - I know who you are.
- (MICHELLE CHUCKLES SOFTLY) I I spoke to Lester a lot toward the end.
He always spoke so fondly of you.
Oh, I see you a mile away, sister.
What, you want to dig through my treasure chest for some previous memory gems? No, I don't want to make anyone do anything they don't want to do.
Hey, if you wanna print something in your little book, you may print the following line: "Connor Roy was interested in politics at a very young age.
" That's it.
C This isn't an interview.
We're just two people chatting at a funeral.
- Fine.
- It's a good turnout.
It's a nice church, don't you think? Tell you what a nice church it is, "Connor Roy was interested in politics from a very young age.
" Okay.
You know you're not doing yourself any favors by refusing to talk? Interesting point, to which I would add: "Connor Roy was interested in politics from a very young age.
" I look forward to hearing what you have to say about Lester.
Come on.
We're all clear.
- Is he still in there? - I don't know.
(TUTS) God.
(SIGHS) You know, uh, Greg, I know that, um it wasn't cool, you know.
The bottles, the attack.
(SIGHS) No, it didn't feel great.
I don't always like who I am, Greg.
Yeah, I get that.
But don't you think it might be just the right time for me to make a move? Seriously, Greg? You're smart, you're ambitious, you're loyal.
Why would I let you go? Come on.
Okay, wait.
I have a thing, but I I'm reluctant to say.
- What do you mean? - (SIGHS) I I just I have some leverage, but I'm reluctant to use it.
You know, in case it sours things for us.
What leverage, Greg? I just Um Well, I'm not bringing this up as any form of threat, but (SIGHS) So, you know when you had me destroy those documents at Cruises? No.
Well, I I kept it (INDISTINCT CHATTER) I kept a few of them.
Just in case I got in trouble, and 'cause I was worried that maybe I was destroying evidence of criminality.
Did you now? So, like, I don't know.
Would it be I don't wanna bring anything up to you in a way that feels, like, horrible, but would be bad for me to, like, mention those to you now? Are you asking if you can blackmail me? No No, I I would I would hate that.
I like you, it's just, you know, context.
Very well.
I accept your blackmail.
No, I'm not blackmailing you, - Tom.
No - But you are, though, - you piece of shit.
Greg - I'm not! I'm gonna accelerate you.
Okay? New title.
Ton more money, nice new office.
You're moving up, you can throw away the training bra.
Seat at the big table.
You like that? - Yeah.
(CHUCKLES) - Yeah.
I like that.
You fucking Look at you.
Where are they, those papers? - I'll never tell.
- (LAUGHS) You're a fuckin' slime ball! - No.
- Attaboy.
For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, - nor depth - Here you go.
I did a pass.
Let's see her try to make something out of this.
from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus, - our Lord.
I'm here as a fellow human to acknowledge that Lester has, as we know, passed on.
Lester was a man.
Also, Lester was an employee of the Waystar company for 40 years.
And when a man dies, it is sad.
All of us will die one day.
In this case, it is Lester who has done so.
Lester was alive for 78 years.
But no more.
Now he is dead.
Lester's wife is Maria.
They were married for 15 years.
Now she is sad.
(SOMBER MUSIC PLAYING) Apparently he emailed a close friend last week, talking of a culture of bullying.
It's a newsroom, not a fucking kindergarten.
Again, condolences.
As the head of an organization myself, I can only imagine how you must be feeling.
- It's a dark day.
- A lot of introspection ahead.
Perhaps we could talk again next week.
Thanks for your hospitality.
Hope to see you soon.
Well, if not, we'll always have the panic room.
I'll let them know that number.
And that they can trust me.
I will give them my honest assessment.
And, uh, if you're really serious about approaching the family, do yourself a favor.
A peace offering would be nice.
That Walmart Mussolini who puts Nan Pierce off her Old Fashioned, Ravenhead, yes? Well done, son.
Good work.
(CAR ENGINE STARTS) (MUSIC PLAYING) I fucking killed it, Tabs.
I slaughtered them, and you know what? They're jealous.
And that's just all there is to it.
They are jealous.
Um, anyway, how are you? I'm good.
I'm, uh, yeah.
I'm about to get into the bath.
Oh, yeah? Um, yeah.
Do you want to, uh You wanna do this or what? We got like six weeks of this.
Yeah, sure.
Um, okay.
So, I am making the bath really sudsy.
Is that because you're a dirty one? I am.
I'm a dirty, dirty girl.
Yeah, you are.
And I would love to fuck you.
Would you? I'm so wet for you right now.
Um, that's not Uh, you don't have to be so specific.
I'm being sexy.
Yeah, it's just Could you not do that thing with your voice? It's, like, breathy and unnatural.
That's what I sound like when I'm turned on, Roman.
I know, it's just I just don't like it, you know.
It's just, like Let's just be normal.
More like, "I wanna fuck you in the pussy.
" Hmm.
Well, I was I was trying to get into it, but, you know.
No, fine.
You're right.
Um I'm fucking you.
I'm I'm fucking you hard.
What are you gonna do next? You gonna, I don't know, change your water filter cartridge? Ah, Jesus fucking Christ Oh! Oh, I'm coming! I'm coming! Ah, I came.
Thank you.
Thanks! NEWS ANCHOR: A feeling of hopelessness has set in for those watching from afar, leading many to wonder, what is the best way to explain this tragedy to children? Pierce News contributor David Stanton joins us.
- (PHONE RINGING) - David, first off, are we Roman, what is it now? You know, I'm still pissed off they didn't give me - any good footage.
- Seriously? They're treating me like I'm a piece of shit.
- You are a piece of shit.
- Fuck you.
I found a rough diamond out here and I wanna bring him back with me.
Fast track him.
Also, we should build my ride, bitch.
I'll email you.
It's genius.
No, no.
We are not building a ride that you came up with on your first day of management training, Roman.
Well, you should.
I am an ideas fountain.
You're acting like an over-excited little boy.
You know, technically, I'm your fuckin' boss.
Go to bed, Roman.
Go to bed, and masturbate all your ideas out, and let's see how excited you feel tomorrow.
Well, maybe.
Maybe I will.
Maybe I'll just leave you on the pillow so you can hear my brilliance cascading.
I've heard plenty worse than a spoiled brat ejaculating on himself.
Oh, yeah? You sure about that? I could be doing it now for all you know.
Well, get going.
Chop chop.
- (HEAVY BREATHING OVER PHONE) - (SCOFFS) You disgusting little pig.
You're pathetic.
You are a revolting little worm, aren't you? Yeah.
Yeah, I am.
You little slime puppy.
Yeah, what else am I? You're revolting, Roman.
Only you can be trusted with the meds, huh? Yeah.
Till we have a system going on.
So here's a question.
What the fuck is going on between you and Dad? What do you mean? Do you have something on him? Are you blackmailing Dad? No.
I'm I'm I don't know We're We're just in, uh We're just in a good good place these days.
Uh-huh? All right.
Do you have a deal with him? Did he make you an offer in the Hamptons? Um, no.
No, Shiv.
There's There's no deal.
I promise you.
Then what? Why's he protecting you? - Protecting me? - (SHIV SCOFFS) Yeah, the drugs, the shoplifting, the the fucking the takeover bid.
Yeah, I'm not sure what you mean.
Anyway, why do you care so much? You know, what what is this? What's going on here? - You comin' in? - Can we just talk? I'm not a fucking dummy.
There is an atmosphere.
Uh Yeah, I don't know.
He's He's just Maybe, uh, he's concerned about me, for whatever reason.
Yeah? For whatever reason? You'd need to ask him.
You can't tell me? You can't tell me what's going on? No.
Fucking look at me.
It's not gonna be me.
You wanna tell me why? Come here.
Give me a hug.
- Come here.
- Give you a hug? (SCOFFS) Hey.
(STIFLED SOBBING) You okay? (KENDALL SNIFFLES) I would just ask that you take care of me, because, uh, if Dad didn't need me right now I don't exactly know what I would be for.
You wanna talk some more? I r I really can't.
But, uh thank you.
Yeah, it ain't gonna be me.
(CHUCKLES) (MUSIC PLAYING) Backing Pierce is the key to our proxy defense.
They're inquiring about your moral character, hence this weekend.
My worry is that Kendall may come across as too cool and likable.
Welcome to Turnhaven, our city on the hill.
Wow, I like this staff.
Why couldn't this staff be Dad? Any thought given to whom you might handover the keys? Just whisper it in my ear.
Watching you people melt down is the most satisfying activity.
We aim to please.
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