Succession (2018) s03e02 Episode Script

Mass in Time of War

- Tom, where is she, huh?
- She must be in transit or a tunnel.
Or Roman.
- Where's Shiv?
- "I don't know where she is, Dad."
What the fuck's going on?
What's everyone saying?
I need to know where everyone is
and what everyone's thinking.
"Where are you?"
You know, heading for a shit,
shave, and a shower.
"No. No. I need Connor steadied."
I need Marcia. I need Shiv.
I need Ray and Cyd and fucking
I need you showing your face for me, son.
You want me to go talk to him, to Ken?
"No! Fuck that. No.
No one talks to the snake, no."
Keep Gerri close. Hmm?
Keep an eye on, huh? I trust you.
"It just had to be Gerri.
For right now. For today. "
Uh, yeah. Uh, yeah. I get it, Dad.
Okay, Greg.
Let's game a call with your Grandpa.
I'd like us to get Ewan squared off.
- Oh, yeah. Yeah. I think
- Yeah?
I guess
Maybe you ought to just do that, right?
- You okay, dude?
- Yeah.
You wondering if you tied your dick
to a runaway train here?
What? No, no, no. I mean
- You aren't Judasing are you, Greg?
- No. No.
Come here. Come on, buddy.
Come here. Let's huddle.
- What's up?
- Yeah.
- I don't know. I'm
- Talk to me.
I don't know.
I am, uh, just a bit scared.
Like, I don't
You know, I don't really
wanna go to Congress again.
I'm kind of too young to be in Congress
so much, you know?
- Did my dad get to you?
- Tom keeps calling.
He just wants to know where we
got the papers and or you got
- Look
- And what's in the papers, and
I'm not gonna burn you, kiddo.
I don't even have to tell the government
where I got the papers.
- Well, you said you wouldn't tell them.
- Yeah.
- And and I'll stick by that.
- Yeah.
- Hey, Ken.
- So, don't Yeah.
- Remi's here.
- Hey. What up?
- Remi in the house.
- What's up, bro?
Big things. Big things.
- You did the right thing, man.
- I want to do the right thing.
Okay. Let's settle your stomach.
Let's let's set you up with a lawyer, okay?
- Hey. Ken?
- Okay.
- Ken?
- Yeah?
Oh, fuck yeah. Okay.
Can can you figure this out?
Uh, hi, everyone. Sorry to interrupt. If
We we just need the room for a little bit.
- So, um Take a five, take a ten
- Thank you. Thank you, mental giants.
Can I I'm gonna hop in that elevator
while it's still Thank you.
Very nice.
- Hello?
- "Hello, Gregory."
Tom? Th this
this isn't the Tom number.
I know. Aren't I clever? Hey, Gregory,
is it true you have a saucy secret?
I I actually don't know what
you're talking Are you
Do you like to do
your house chores in the nude?
- "Hello? What?"
- What the fuck is going on, Greg?
I don't know, man. I'm just an observer.
I'm not a part of this necessarily.
"Well, Logan is very interested
what you're up to."
You don't come home to us,
you're gonna end up in a work camp.
Logan is going to fire a million poisonous
spiders down your dicky.
You better find an animal's corpse
to crawl into and hide.
I I'm not a part of this, necessarily, Tom.
Okay. What about the papers?
I don't I maybe don't even know
what they are or where they came from.
Fine. Okay.
Well, we'll have to see if he buys that.
Well I I mean, I can say
Did you know that Shiv's over there?
- Wait. At Kendall's?
- "Yeah. Di Did you know?"
Yeah. Obviously. But
let's just keep that under the old Stetson
for now, okay, cowboy?
Yeah. Yes, sir. Yessiree.
- Any Shiv news?
- Um, what?
- Shiv.
- Shiv? Uh, no, no, no. Not as yet. Nothing.
No no luck there.
- Okay.
- Okay?
Yeah. Oh, and I called Stewy
and asked, and this came from him.
It's, um
- Okay. Is that a joke?
- It's
Who who's the Trojan horse here?
You want you want me
to look inside of it?
It's mind games. Send it back.
And set something, I need to see him.
- We good?
- Yeah. We're good.
There he is, the little man
who started this big war.
- How you doing?
- Can we get out of the sunlight please?
Who sold you the Thoroughbred?
"Safetime is backed by investment firm
Granite Holdings Incorporated"
"who stood by Safetime
throughout last year's technological issues."
- "Now at Safetime's"
- Oh, my God.
- Look at you photograph your tiny name.
- Well, you know, for my daughters.
Oh, right. That is so cute.
How are your daughters? You got pictures?
- Don't talk about my daughters.
- Look at you, telling me the sensitive areas.
You know me, I'll be respectful.
So this is it, huh? It's actually happening.
The odor prevails. The gas also rises.
Well, you know, it's like when you see
those lists of popes and emperors,
and some of them have asterisks
by their names.
So couple of things
I wanted to talk to you about.
I just wanna make sure
Check that you're not concerned
about all of this stuff.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
I hope that you're not anxious
that you've, you know,
chained yourself to a fire hydrant that
spews out cultural insensitivity and sperms.
Look, Roman, I'm not kidding myself
about anything.
I need family support,
so I'm very open to cooperation and input.
- Right.
- And you have good instincts.
- Thank you.
- You also have horrible instincts,
like the not cooperating is a disaster.
But you also have a good finger
on the pulse of, uh in terms of
You mean I sometimes surf the web?
Yeah. You know, news and culture, and whatnot.
You're you have an instinctive
Thank you. I have a thought.
I think you should put together an executive
committee to guide things in this interregnum.
Well, you know,
I don't wanna dilute my potency.
Yeah. But on the big calls,
you dip everyone's hands in blood.
But you and me, we run it to fuck.
See, I was thinking that first
we'd start with, you know,
working you into the quarterly earnings calls
as a signal.
- But, uh, you know
- Likey-likey. That's a good start.
Let me think about
the executive committee thing. I mean
- Yeah.
- it has good angles.
You know, like he's irreplaceable.
It takes six of us to replace one of him.
- Here we go. Your apprenticeship begins.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
So, Shivy, how we doing?
Look at you, all fucking merry.
Is Lisa here?
I have an offer.
- Yeah, that's not why I'm here.
- Well, I'm not gonna fuck around.
I want you to join me.
- I want you on my side.
- I'm not here to cozy up.
But I would say, what dad did to you
the sacrifice, that was cold.
Well, I don't know.
From his point of view, it made sense.
I mean, who else was he gonna choose?
Unless, you know,
he took responsibility himself.
- Well, yeah.
- So
So? I get it. You were angry.
- That was a fucking snake move.
- Yeah. I I know. I just, uh
Look, the situation was the situation.
I felt I had no choice.
Oh, come on, Ken.
That was self- aggrandizing bullshit.
It was a peacock fuck-show.
That's fair. I get it, sis.
You're angry with yourself.
- I'm sorry. What?
- You know I did the right thing
and you're angry with yourself
for never doing it.
- Come on. Fuck you.
- That's just
what I would say is going on here.
- But if you don't see it that way
- That is not it.
- Sure.
- You fucked the family.
- Or I saved the family?
- I think since this thing broke,
we've all been trying to navigate
our way through
conflicting loyalties, and that's difficult.
You tell yourself you're a good person.
But you're not a good person.
Right now, I'm the real you.
What? Sure. You're the real me.
And I'm the real you.
Yeah? What-fucking-ever.
- Where is she, huh?
- Yeah. Hold up. Let's see
Have you spoken to Marcia?
Is someone connecting?
She's available, we hear.
You wanna reach out?
Yes, I wanna fucking reach out, Hugo.
I'm stuck in quicksand.
My family have disappeared.
The world is wobbling here.
Does no one understand
what the fuck is happening?
I'm losing juice.
I can't find the right fucking lawyer.
The sky is falling in.
So when I say something, it fucking happens.
We have to act on the world.
The fucking world. We have to act.
- Yes, sir.
- Get her up. Con, my brother.
And get me some options,
some solid fucking options where we can fly.
I'm not gonna smuggle out of here
in a fucking packing case, okay?
- You got her?
- Still
- Con?
- "Hey. Hey."
- How you doing?
- "I'm great."
We flew back scheduled,
so that was just delightful.
- I'm sorry, son. That's tough.
- "It was fine."
They had movies and a selection
of heavily refrigerated cheeses,
so, you know, it was really nice.
You know, I just wanted to say, uh, hello
and, you know, thanks for holding the fort.
Sure. Operation: Thumb-Twiddle.
You bet.
And now that we got a moment,
those words, maybe harsh words
on that tin can on the boat, you know
- Yes. So no harm done?
- You're pretty rude, Pop.
I I'd just like to say,
it's good to know that
with everything, I can rely on you,
with Kenny going nut-nut.
"Yeah. Sure. You know Yeah."
Now, no one speaks to him, right?
You're number one, kiddo.
"You know that."
Number one.
So where are these famous papers?
Safe. Getting copied.
You know, lose those, all this goes away.
Burn them. Go say sorry to dad. Beg for mercy.
Right. Say I had some deli sushi
and everything went a little hazy.
- Shiv, come on.
- Great idea.
No. I'm doing this, and I want you on my side.
- So show me the papers.
- Well, I can't.
Unless you wanna come on board with me.
- But, you know, I gotta
- Um, Kendall, you have a visitor?
- Roman's downstairs. Okay. Now we're talking.
- Shall I send him up?
- Well, does he know who's here?
- Uh, does he know she's here?
- I I didn't mention it.
- You wanna let him up?
- Uh, I mean
- You're the one I want, Shiv.
I want you.
- Sure. We should bring him in.
- Okay. Jess.
- Okay.
- Show him up.
Uh, Lisa needs two minutes.
Greg, this place is amazing.
Oh, thank you. Yeah.
It's, uh, not mine.
It's Anyway, I'm very grateful.
So, uh, Kendall wants to pay for my lawyer.
And I just Well, do you You say.
What what do you think, legally?
I haven't even finished first semester, Greg.
- I just need someone to talk to, Lia.
- Yeah.
Oh, God. Oh, man. What now?
- Hello?
- "Hi."
- "Uh, Oliver Noonan."
- Okay.
"Gerri Kellman said you agreed
I could come talk to you?"
Oh. Right. Um, sorry, who buzzed you in?
"Uh, we met at the hill hearings."
- Oh, yeah. Yeah. Okay. Hey.
- Hey.
- Oh, yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yes. I Yeah, I remember.
- Yeah
There were a lot of us, right? Yeah.
Like, I'm a lawyer from Arbuthnot Weiss,
and I'm just checking in to say hi.
- Oh, that's nice. Am I paying for this?
- No. My fees are paid by Waystar.
Should I come in and and and explain?
- I can
- Uh, wait. Sorry. From Sorry.
- From Waystar? So from Logan or
- No. No.
I'm from Arbuthnot Weiss.
Greg, keep up man.
Hey, no, I'm just checking in to see
if the FBI has been in contact
- and see if you have any questions.
- Oh, um, okay.
- Because you're
- I'm your lawyer
- Okay.
- right? Yeah?
- Yeah.
- So I'll just I'll call Gerri
and tell her that we're all squared away.
And if the government calls,
then she can tell them that I represent you.
Can can you
can you hold for one moment?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- Just just hang hang in. Hang tight.
- Yeah.
- And we'll, uh, we'll seal the deal.
So there is a lawyer here, Lia,
and so he's saying he is my lawyer.
- Do you think he's probably my lawyer?
- Uh, well, I I don't I don't know.
He couldn't, like, sue me or not
arrest me or subpoena me or
I don't I don't know
I don't really know what any of it means.
- You want me to text my professor?
- Yeah. Text text him. Text him.
Yo. Yeah, man. I think it's good. I feel
I feel, like, uh, just a couple quick,
quick questions
which is, do you choose me
or do I choose you?
- No, well, you choose, Greg.
- Let's let you go now, and and
and I'm gonna think. I just need to think
a little bit and just, uh, see you soon.
- Well, okay. Good.
- No, no, no, no. Not
- Not that that constitutes a legal promise.
- All right.
- All right.
- Okay. All right. I'll call Gerri.
- I'll call Gerri first. Oh Okay.
- Okay.
I know you have things going on
but I'm gonna need you
for like eight to ten hours very soon.
You could get a subpoena anytime
and we need to be ready.
Okay. Uh, I can't do that right now.
I have bigger fish.
Bigger fish than staying out of prison?
Look, I'll message you a time.
And ahead of our interview,
I need to look over these papers in detail
and then we can talk through
what the government gets and when.
- Let me think.
- Ken, the FBI
maybe showing up at your door now.
They could be getting a search warrant
for your apartment.
Big picture. What are you hearing?
Well, your dad is pushing political buttons.
There's talk he might play hardball
and not cooperate, which would be amazing.
I mean, that's just a really
terrible, terrible decision.
- What if he shuts this all down?
- He can't shut it down.
Oh, yes, he can. I mean, he might.
You need to prepare for all eventualities.
We might need to
to call the state police to arrest the FBI.
We might need to plan to fly me out
without a tail number to
- to Frankfurt or Venezuela.
- Yeah.
I'm not serious, okay?
But I am serious.
- Hey.
- "Hey, how goes it?"
Yeah. Good. Fine. Why? What's up?
- "Just, um, wondering where you are."
- Me? I'm at home.
- "Just taking five."
- Okay.
Well, just checking in, seeing how you are.
Uh, do you mind about Gerri?
Uh, what? No. Gerri? No. It's fine.
It's, uh, just, uh, another
fucking humiliation.
Well yeah.
Talk to me if there's big stuff.
Uh-huh. Will do. Thanks for checking in
and, you know, I love you.
Thank you.
And do you do you love me too?
- "Why?"
- Why?
- Why do you wanna know?
- "The fuck?"
I just feel like it's a pretty important thing
to know whether you do or not.
You know, you can't just take my love
and bank it,
and then take a view of the love market
and see if you wanna invest in me.
But, um, yeah, I do.
- I do.
- Great. Because I do too.
Thank you. It's good to know we
we don't have an unbalanced love portfolio.
I love you.
Okay. Well, lookey-lookey here.
Who's all this then, huh?
- Hi.
- Hi. Okay. Well, fuck me.
I wondered but all right. Okay.
- Uh, how is he?
- How is he?
- Yeah.
- He's wondering where the fuck you are.
- How come you're not picking up?
- Oh, I've had my phone off.
- No agenda.
- No agenda? None at all?
- How is he?
- He's fucking, you know
he's fine, I guess.
Gerri's looking into how it works
to buy a private island in the Philippines,
so regular stuff.
- What is your fucking game?
- Why? What's yours?
- I'm here looking for you.
- Yeah. Oh, sure. Sure.
As far as you know, that's the fucking truth.
It's true. I'm hearing footsteps.
- Oh, here he comes. The attention whore.
- Hey, Rome.
- Hello.
- How you doing?
Oh wow, thank you for asking.
I'm great.
It's just been like a really
great few days, actually.
- How about you, how you doin'?
- I feel pretty good.
Certain amount of regret
but, you know, pretty cleansed.
Cleansed? That's interesting.
That's like really fucking interesting.
I guess if I wanted to know
how you're actually doing,
I'd have to wait for you to, you know,
call a national fucking press conference,
and you'd be like, "No, I said I was fine,
but actually I'm not fine."
"Roman is a dick, and he didn't even
bring me anything from the airport."
"Now I feel bad."
I did, actually. I brought you those Danish
cinnamon things from the wherever place.
- Oh, that's
- The the
- That's sweet. That is so kind. Thank you.
- Oh. Oh, shut up. Just eat them or don't.
You're welcome.
- You take a look?
- Oh, yeah. Fuck you too.
Yeah. So, look, guys, can we clean slate this?
You didn't like how I did what I did to dad.
Sure. Whatever. I'm sorry.
You know, that's for me and him.
But here's the thing.
He's over, so let's work together
to take over and help him move on out.
Um, well, I'm just here
to spy on this one, so
And I'm just here to get you to back down.
I'm sorry, I wanna tell you
what a fucking prick you are,
but can we do it where we don't have
to fold in Rava's dog walker?
Yeah. Sorry. Yeah. Follow me.
- Sophie's room.
- You don't remember this kid's name?
"Uh, uh, Sophie Sophie's room."
Okay. Just here. Thank you. Five stars.
Hey, Gramps. Oh, thanks for this.
Big Gramps in the big city. Hey, how you
doing? What what are you doing here?
I am putting my affairs in order.
Very nice. Very nice.
Your publicity shy friend,
the shrinking violet, has been calling me.
- What does he want?
- Kendall. Well, so I
I think he's very much
on the same page as you.
If it doesn't sound too basic
to be like good, right?
Make the company nice and so on,
which which I guess is
that's kind of your thing, right?
I found his performance
histrionic and meretricious.
Well, tell me about it.
- The man is a self-regarding popinjay.
- No, sure.
I just don't like seeing dirty
laundry washed in public.
Right? Uh, yeah.
And that's and that's actually why
why I wanted to chat with you.
I just wanna chart the right course
through this whole thing.
And Logan's offering me a lawyer
and Kendall's offering me a lawyer.
And I just, you know, I'm try
I think I could use some
independent legal advice.
- Why do you need a lawyer, Greg?
- I mean, I haven't done anything wrong.
I I I just think if everyone's
showing up to battle in armor,
then I feel kind of expose here
in my loincloth.
Bad visual.
- Yes.
- Yes?
Yes, I can back you, Greg.
I'll set you up with legal counsel.
Thank you. Thank you, Gramps.
So Yeah. Sorry. Sorry.
That'll do. Thank you. I'll call you.
- All right. You're the man.
- Soon.
I love you.
Okay. Don't touch any of her shit.
Okay. So, uh, it's pretty simple.
- Let's gang up on dad and take him down.
- Jesus, let me shut the door first.
Okay. Well, why didn't you come to us before?
Yeah? This is a real fucking mess now.
It came together for me in my head late
and, uh, you know, it wasn't
- I I knew what I was gonna do but
- That was spontaneous?
Well, I spoke with a lawyer.
- Oh. Okay. You spoke with a lawyer?
- Yeah. But
but they advised against, essentially.
I mean, I
I and don't wanna rehash it all but
look, I was effectively acting alone.
Right. A spontaneous, heart-felt outpouring
of thoroughly lawyered emotion.
You guys can think whatever you want,
in the end, of me.
Okay. Well, you've made this very hard.
But I'm here to find out what
you want and to get you to back down.
Yeah. On dad's behalf.
Oh, right. Right. Right.
So if I say, I'm taking him down
and I'm not interested in any deals with him,
you just you call and tell him,
and just take a hike?
- He's here.
- Who's here?
- Connor. Send him in.
- Right.
I thought I heard a clown car pulling up.
Ideally I'd like to make a media appearance
all four of us.
- Oh, would you?
- Oh, sweet.
Are we gonna be wearing costumes
that you've designed, asshole?
Yeah. That's just not gonna happen.
- Hey.
- Okay.
- Well Thanks for coming.
- Hey, Con.
Here we all are.
- You know, Pop's looking for you two.
- Yeah. We're here on his behalf.
Oh, sure thing, honey. Me too. All about dad.
That's why we're all here.
Okay. Can can we, uh, turn off the devices
and get into this?
So my thing is if this shit was just
epiphenomenal, maybe it could be written out.
But these incidents are symptomatic
of a foundational sickness
within our father and his company.
Hmm, don't he use that tongue prettier
than a 20-dollar whore?
Yeah. Like, what's your point?
- My point is the milk is going sour.
- Well, that explains it.
You know, the the Great Whites,
from politics to culture,
they're rolling off stage. It's our time.
Oh, you mean, us, this multi-fucking-ethnic
transgender alliance
of 20-something dreamers we got right here?
Okay. Big picture.
We're at the end of the long American century.
Our company is a declining empire
inside a declining empire.
- Amen, brother.
- People are are
killing themselves with guns or dope
so fast that we're losing pace.
- Unsubscribe.
- We're we're fat-fingered fucks
and we can only live on cream.
US supremacy is waning.
What I think is, within that context,
we can become omni-national and reposition.
Because actually we are not tied,
culturally or physically.
So so we are actually
in a great position to leapfrog tech.
Information is going to be more precious
than water in the next hundred.
Combine all our news operations,
become the global news information hub.
Amazon is 20 years old.
Gates is an old geezer.
Detoxify our brand and we can go supersonic.
So what do you say? Are we interested?
You know, there's just something
about betraying our father
that just doesn't sit well with me.
He's a central player in a rotten cabal
that has basically eaten
- Okay. Well
- the heart out of American democracy.
Rotten cabal is a good name for a band.
He's not gonna be on trial
for that though, Ken.
- Well, maybe he should be.
- You know, but if he didn't do it,
it would have been someone else
making the same dollar off the same shit.
- Maybe. Yeah, maybe.
- Yeah.
Ma Maybe we're all irrelevant.
You know, maybe there were always going
to be death camps
and maybe the planet is going to fry
and there's nothing we can do.
Or maybe people make a difference.
I don't know. Do
do you think human beings matter?
You know, I'm just gonna say
right out that I'm a spy.
I'm gonna go back and tell him everything.
I'm with dad. So, yeah, fuck you.
Fine. Fine. I I don't actually give a fuck.
You know, I'm
I can perfectly well do this alone. I'm
actually just trying to be openhearted and
and invite you in here.
I mean, it would probably be simpler
to go alone
but I want to offer you a fucking ticket
to the escape pod.
Nice fucking guy, huh?
You're happy he went over your head
and put in Gerri?
I think that Gerri is a good choice, yeah.
- What?
- Whatever. Defend dad all you want,
- but Gerri can look after herself.
- Yeah, I know that.
- I'm not defending Gerri. I'm saying
- You can't hide under the covers with mommy.
- Oh, fuck off, Shivan.
- You love showing your pee-pee to everyone,
but someday you know you're actually
gonna have to fuck something.
- Fuck you. Bitch.
- Rom
- What? Leave it.
- Rom, just
- What?
- Rom?
Okay. Fine. I'll That was low.
That was an overreaction. That was not.
Can we just try to keep this nice? Yeah?
It's not my fault he's got a sex thing.
Was I too harsh?
Are you kidding? He loves it.
He'll be out there jerking off
wearing my ex-wife's panties.
- Welcome to Sarajevo.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- Those fucking kids of yours
- I know.
- Are you all right?
- I'm okay.
It's not a good time to be estranged, Marcia.
- Boy. Proxy battle.
- I was very hurt, Logan.
- I know.
- So?
I can't eat shit, Marcia.
I just can't.
You're a fool.
I can sometimes get distracted.
Of course, I might like to have
small conversation with somebody.
- This way. Good evening, Marcia.
- Good evening.
- Welcome.
- Thank you very much.
- Sorry.
- For what? I went to the bathroom.
I don't give a shit.
You whore.
Okay. Here's how I see this.
Dad is complicated
but he did or let bad stuff happen. Yeah?
And now it's a part of us and our sickness.
And we have to take responsibility
because we knew
and this is our chance to pay our dues
and wash our hands for absolution.
Uh, okay. Well, hmm, I didn't know.
Sure, whatever, but yeah, you did.
Uh, no, I I I didn't.
- Did you, Rom?
- No, I didn't. No. No.
- No?
- No.
The fucking pipeline of sad dancers
who got used and abused
and promised some Hollywood bullshit.
We fucking knew.
Right. No, I I mean, I kind of knew
you know, that there was
but I didn't know to the fucking
I didn't. I really did not.
Oh, come on. We knew.
- What?
- We fucking knew, okay?
And I and I I don't like bullshit, okay?
I'm done. Enough.
- Well, okay, but what did we know?
- Yeah.
I'm not saying that you're responsible, Shiv,
- but the guys, Dad, Mo, the wolf pack.
- We knew.
The jokes and the vibe to women and to the
to the grubby fat asses who took the cruises,
the blind eye, and the payoffs,
and the hush-hush about dad's pals,
or foreign workers who got crushed like
like meat in a fucking grinder
with zero training, and the border barrel,
and clean out the rats in the hold.
And, you know, no, it wasn't our fault.
And you want to pretend your shit
doesn't stink, be my guest, but but we
- We knew. We knew what those guys
- Thank you.
- in dad's study were laughing about.
- Oh, no, I didn't know the dancers
were fucking for their jobs.
And I didn't know that we threw
fucking migrants off boats
and covered it up as
a matter of secret company policy.
No, I didn't know what
they were laughing about.
- Don't get in the pool with Mo.
- Yeah.
I didn't get in the pool
with any of those fucking creeps.
Yeah, because he'd let a gang
of creeps run cruises.
- No, Kendall, 'cause I was 15.
- Yeah, well, you know now, right?
- Do you know now?
- Of course, I fucking know now.
Okay. This is all a sidebar. Okay?
We all I am asking is for us
to move forward from a position of truth.
And are we excluded from the kingdom of heaven
unless we accept the one true truth?
Look, the kids are I'll go uh,
I just wanna hug my kids. Okay?
I'll be right back.
We don't even need to get into this. Okay?
This is side shit.
I'll be right back.
Thanks for the horse, man. Pretty funny.
Yeah. Well, I wanted to send a real one.
Well, a severed head.
But you wouldn't believe the paperwork.
Look, sorry I couldn't, you know, fold you in
or alert you on the press conference.
Dude, I got to see the Vietnamese monk
set himself on fire.
I got a ticket to the greatest
freak show on Earth.
So so, look, how does this play?
From the point of view of
- Do you actually have a case?
- Yes. I can kill it.
Okay. Good. We're all ears.
But I don't see it, dude.
Let's talk.
Hey, Sandi, thanks for coming over.
- It wasn't terribly convenient.
- No? Well, sure.
I guess, nor would losing the proxy vote
for you and your dad.
- Dad, you're on.
- Hey, Sandy.
- "Hello."
- Okay. Look
so I can give you two hours, two minutes,
or two words.
Ooh, shorter's better.
- Back me.
- Well, maybe a little more.
Look, Sandy, we all know you are
kind of not really but, yeah, really
- doing this to beat my dad.
- My father doesn't operate that way.
He's in this because
of the business fundamentals.
Sure. Sure.
Well, look, the offer we made Stewy in Greece,
we stick with all that,
but, plus, my dad's gone, yeah?
And when my dad offers you
the board seats and all,
one way or another,
he's gonna sideline you, right?
But when my team offers a strategic review,
we mean it.
And what do you want today, Ken?
Today, I just
I just want the conversation,
and and an understanding
if we push him out,
then we can avoid a, uh, you know,
contested shareholder vote.
"Hi, Marcia.
Everyone's so happy you're back."
Good. I'm very happy.
"We were thinking we could discreetly
agree some words"
"in terms of, um, where you've been
and where the relationship is at."
- Of course.
- Great.
And in terms of the optics on this,
if you'd find it acceptable,
we would love to get back visually
to the Logan that we all know
and his wife back by his side
so that if we fly or if we go
Obviously, I have some requests.
Oh, okay. Right.
I was quite humiliated
by his infatuation with that woman.
- Karolina, do you wanna
- "No, you go ahead, Hugo."
I mean, I think Logan's position,
and it's the truth, is that
I was humiliated
and things must be made right.
- Nothing needs to be said.
- He was led by his prick.
Because we really would say
that nothing ever happened.
She's a whore and it's not my problem
if she wouldn't finish him.
- Got it. Got the message.
- So for my return to be public,
I will need my role on the trust finalized,
Amir's prospects assured,
my daughter taken care of,
and improvements in my financial position.
Celeste will deal with the details.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Now, the numbers I'm going to propose
will sound like very, very large numbers,
but if you consider them in terms
of the difficulties it would present Mr. Roy
to have an acrimonious divorce announced
ahead of a contested shareholder meeting,
then they start to seem
like very reasonable numbers.
I do worry.
I was assured that yours is the best facility
for the storage of fine wines,
but now I'm looking at a geological survey
and it's worrying me.
- So?
- What?
- Where you at?
- Just, uh, hear him out and report, right?
- Right. Oh, yeah. We gotta protect dad.
- Yeah.
Because if we knifed him now,
it's true he would bleed out, so
- I don't know about that.
- Well, it's just true.
- Well, I'm not sure I care to speculate.
- No, it was just a statement of fact.
- Is it now?
- Yeah.
Well, then why are you making
fuck-y eyes at me?
- I'm not making fuck-y eyes at you.
- Yeah, you are.
- You're making fuck-y eyes. You're like
- What are fuck-y
- Like
- Oh, those are my eyes?
- Bleed out.
- Jesus!
A little bit though.
Stop trying to convince me of shit.
It's not necessarily true even.
Maybe someone else, but this is dad.
And he's like fucking Moby Dick.
He could take us all down
with his back riddled with harpoons.
- A All three of us?
- Yeah.
And Con?
We back Ken, no, he's toast.
I'm not saying we should do it.
We just need to decide what the fuck
we're gonna do because this is a moment.
I mean, what do you think?
Uh, first Rhea. Now Gerri.
Uh, it doesn't it's not great.
Well, I don't know,
I don't think dad would actually go.
- Do you, Con?
- He's not infallible, Rom.
No. Sure.
I just don't think he ever fails or ever will.
He What? He missteps all the time.
He's not dad from 20 years ago.
He's he's now dad.
It's very hard to imagine him surviving
if we allied and backed Kendall.
Yes. Exactly. And if we squared Frank
and Karl, then he is toast.
- I don't know. Maybe.
- Yes-by.
- Uh, but it's his board.
- Oh, yeah. Oh. Sure.
But a lot of fresh blood is a lot of fear.
I think if we pulled the pin today, tomorrow,
a spooked board, we could win.
My only concern with that,
it might actually kill him.
Okay. How we doing?
So where are we?
All right. Look, you win, take dad out,
I don't see us coming through
in the proxy battle.
Shareholders, they don't like confusion.
How does the family stay in control?
We give dad the revolver,
show him to his office, proxy battle is over.
Sandi and Stewy would back down.
I've spoken with them.
- Busy fucking bee.
- No vote.
- We have a settlement.
- Really?
I think if dad went fast, yeah.
Look, guys, I don't know
what I think about dad.
Uh, I love him. I hate him.
I'm gonna outsource it to my therapist.
But he was going to send me to jail, you know?
And he'd do the same to you, Rom.
And Con. Shiv, I don't know.
I don't know. Maybe.
So what do we owe him here, really?
Well, what would the shape of this new fucking
reality be anyway, us leapfrogging Amazon?
Yeah. Well, uh, we're
we're looking at, uh, 323 B.C., basically.
- Oh, yeah, naturally.
- Alexander is dead.
I take Asia. You take Egypt.
Shiv takes Europe.
- Con, the rest of the world.
- Right.
- Thanks.
- Separate divisions.
I could oversee us as CEO on paper
as we shift to these spheres of influence
and evaluate what is core as we move forward.
So you'll oversee us?
Well, I'd offer my leadership initially
as a as a
you know, as a necessary part
of a transformational process.
You would do that for us?
- Dude, I'm Come on.
- Oh, you're so generous. Thanks, Ken.
Well, no, because in your position
that just doesn't work.
- It's a stretch.
- It's a stretch.
It's a fucking scrotum over a timpani drum.
If I were to back you against dad,
I would need to take over.
- Uh, what? Whoa.
- Here we go.
Whoa, Nelly.
You know, I wish I could,
but you don't have the experience,
so that's not possible right now.
I wish it was but it isn't.
Come on. You're a busted flush.
I'm the only person who can reform.
You're too divisive.
You're still seen I don't see you this way,
but you're still seen as a token woman wonk
woke snowflake. I don't think that
- What?
- but the market does.
- Bullshit.
- Well, it's true. I just spoke to the market.
- That's exactly what the market thinks.
- Guys, interim chair. Okay?
New directors, clean broom, and then
we can figure out how to split the spoils.
Uh, I have some calls to make.
Well, I actually do have
some calls to make, so
- No. Unrelated.
- Take a moment.
But this stays in here, yeah?
- Absolutely.
- Yeah.
"Uh, hey, Tom."
Can you, uh can you talk?
- Yeah.
- "Okay."
- So I'm with Ken.
- Oh. Wow. You are?
- Did you know?
- No, I no. Why would I know?
Uh, so he's he's offering an alliance.
Me, Rom, Con, we take down dad.
- Shit.
- "Yeah. Yeah."
- What do you think?
- I don't know. Is
- how is he? Is he okay?
- "Uh, he's okay."
- Uh, the Bosnians want us to leave. Maybe.
- "Fuck."
So, fuck, what do you what do you think?
If we got you, Frank
Right. That's terminal, I guess.
But then who ends up king potato?
- "I Is it you?"
- Uh, maybe. I don't know. I
I mean, I'm nobody is the thing.
I've never worked in the company,
and I don't even have a fucking job title.
What but
"you can see it though, can't you?"
- Yeah.
- You can see it.
- "Yeah?"
- Hey, Gerr Bear.
So I'm just gonna put my dick
in your mad scheming Scissorhands here.
I'm at Kendall's, and he wants us to join up
with him and take down dad.
"So, yeah.
Nightmare for you if that happens."
But for a moment, put that aside,
which obviously you can't,
but if I do that, what happens?
Um, if you all come out and work the board,
honestly, yeah, I think that zaps your dad.
Right. And then who takes over, do you think?
Is it is it gonna be Kendall,
or possibly me, Shiv?
No, I don't think any of you come through.
It's snake linguini.
I mean, maybe Sandi picks. Maybe.
I don't know. But honestly, no.
I think you all get burnt.
But obviously I can't trust you.
I mean, your advice is so compromised
as to be completely worthless,
but what is your advice?
Stick with me, Roman.
We have something going.
And I'm an incredibly dangerous enemy to whom
you've just imparted prejudicial information.
Well, don't threaten me Gerri.
I don't have time to jerk off.
"So what are you gonna do?"
Dad sent doughnuts.
- What the fuck?
- Dad has sent
some perfectly innocent
and I'm sure safe-to-eat donuts.
He wants us all to have a nice tea party.
- Beautiful.
- Yeah.
- He's gonna know. Of course, he is.
- Well, did you tell him?
Shiv, come on.
Why would I tell him?
Well I wouldn't.
I mean, no, of course.
Uh, yeah, I mean
You think he would send poisoned doughnuts
to the house of his grandchildren?
No, I'm like 98% sure
those are not poisoned.
- Okay. These are irrelevant, so
- Oh, no. No, no, no.
These these are relevant doughnuts.
So do we wanna?
Guys? You wanna?
I'll make the call right now.
We'll say it tonight. It's over.
We're in. New dawn.
Con, stop looking
at the fucking doughnuts, man.
Okay. Focus.
I'm out.
Well, fine. You're irrelevant.
- Hey, fuck you.
- Go on. Go.
- No. Come on.
- You're not wanted.
- Come on. No.
- Go, go, go, go, go.
- Yeah, you're not wanted.
- Because You're not wanted.
- So you know you know
- No. You're not wanted.
- I love this.
- You're not wanted.
Like he hasn't heard that enough in his life.
- Roman.
- Yeah, howdy. What's up?
- Let's do this.
- Uh, pass.
Pass? Why?
- A number of reasons.
- Like what?
You you think I can't win?
Dude, we will win this together.
We'll fucking win. I mean, come on, man.
Whatwhat I eat don't make you shit.
- There's enough for us all.
- Uh, like I said, I'm with dad.
- I have been. I always have been. Told you.
- You're a fucking moron.
- Shiv, forget them
- I'm with dad.
- Why?
- Why? I don't need to tell you.
Yes, you fucking do.
Is it the goddamn donuts?
Have you been spooked by fucking doughnuts?
That's pathetic, Shiv. Why?
You owe me an explanation.
Oh, yeah, 'cause you've always been
very careful to keep me fully informed.
What is it? You you don't believe me?
Obviously, you believe me.
So you're literally doing
the wrong thing over the right thing.
0 That's what you're doing?
- I can see that you're angry,
but please don't project your disappointment
on to me, okay?
There are times to be someone.
- It's high tide.
- Okay.
- It's high tide.
- Right. I ought to go.
I mean, i i is it cowardice or avarice?
I'm intrigued.
It's because you don't take over. Is that it?
Well, good luck with sleeping on that, Shiv.
- Fuck you, plastic Jesus.
- You're a fucking twat.
I was the only one you wanted. Yeah?
I was the only one who mattered.
Yeah. Only 'cause you're the girl.
Girls count double now, didn't you know?
Oh, yeah. No, I know. I fucking know.
It's only your teats that give you any value.
So, you know, it's only your teats.
You're calling it wrong.
And you're fucking over the victims.
And you're fucking the company at the AGM.
And therefore renewal at the company and
and the country and probably the planet.
- So well done, dipshit.
- I just don't wanna destroy dad.
I'm a national figure.
It's not right to kill one's father.
- Yeah, you're a prick.
- History teaches us that.
- You're a national fucking prick.
- Yeah.
Save the planet, Ken.
- You're a fucking prick. Goodnight.
- Oh, thanks for telling me in person
- Goodnight, you fucking prick. Idiot.
- instead of calling a press conference.
- What?
- Those
"What's also unclear is what's next
for the largest family-run media empire"
"in the United States."
"It's long been believed that Logan Roy
wanted to keep it in the family"
"when he decides to step aside,
passing the reins of his"
I think I need to get back to the city.
- People need to see a little family unity.
- Of course.
And you do have things you could say,
no, to stop him?
You drop some bombs,
you get burned too, you know?
- Shiv?
- Roman.
- Hey, Romulus.
- Hey, Pop.
- "You got her?"
- Who? The one who matters?
Yeah, I'm with her.
"Was she there? Was she wobbly?"
No. No. Uh, she was trying to get to Ken
to push him off course.
Yeah, she was dark 'cause she
was all in on trying to get to him.
Trying to talk him around
to like burn the papers.
But she couldn't change his mind,
'cause he's gone bananas.
Is she solid?
Oh, yeah. Yeah, she's solid.
Okay. Okay. Thank you, Tumbledown.
I'm getting out of this shithole.
We should be together.
So, uh, Gramps, this
this isn't the lawyer I was recommended.
Pugh's a good man.
He's helping me set my estate in order.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey.
Just getting a double black eye.
Strong filter with a double espresso shot.
Might as well fire up Charles Babbage's
Difference Engine.
All right. Nice.
- America is always right.
- Never left.
I think you're gonna like Pugh.
He's incredibly intransigent.
Right. Good. Good. Yeah.
Okay. Uh, can I do you mind if I just
you probably have a
do you have a system?
- No, this is it. Right here is good.
- Okay.
So, priority one, your wellbeing
and the satisfactory outcome.
Good. Okay. Yes, yes, yes.
Priority two, expose the structural
contradictions of capitalism
as reified in the architecture
of corporate America.
Good. Also good.
You're our little wedge, Greg.
A nice little wedge to open up the hood
and have a poke around in at Waystar.
Okay. Good. I I guess
I'm quite focused on like my position
and me in particular not getting fired
or going to jail, if that isn't too selfish.
Eyes on the prize, Greg.
Eyes on the prize.
Good. I like it. I like it.
- Which one is Shiv?
- That black one right there.
This one? Thanks.
- Well done, Gerri.
- Thank you.
- Good to see you, Pinky.
- Yeah, it's good to have you back, Dad.
A hug would have been nice.
Uh, thanks for the doughnuts.
You know, and I think they got enough shots
of me through the window, so
No, no, no. Not shots.
For the hug.
Oh, yeah. Sure. Captain Cuddles.
So I wanna get you in
before the shareholder meet.
High level. President.
- What does it mean?
- It means whatever you want it to mean.
- Okay. So, made-up?
- Someone at the top with credibility.
- A mascot?
- My eyes and ears, Shiv.
At the heart of everything through
this shitstorm,
but wearing a full chemical and biological
suit going by the name of Gerri Kellman.
- Hey, Ken.
- Heavy infantry.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
Winning this case,
what this is gonna do for the world.
Amman - Jordan
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