Succession (2018) s04e06 Episode Script


Take one. Mark.
Let us know when you're ready.
What this new product
offers is community.
Safe, secure community, enriched with
the integrated interactions
with the cherished family
of Waystar's movie and TV characters.
I'm convinced that the Living Plus
real estate brand
can bring the cruise ship
experience to dry land
and provide a significant
boost to the earnings
of our parks division.
I couldn't be more excited.
- And I
- Can I stop you there?
Sorry, the the thought is, uh
Can we maybe do just just one more.
Um, the thought was just
maybe, um, a touch more upbeat?
Oh, that was the thought, was it?
Just be good to, uh,
get it as good as it can be.
Oh. You think we should get it
"as good as it can be"?
Could could you maybe sound
more excited when you
say the word "excited"?
Um, okay. So He's a little shiny.
Can we Can we get
Angela, are you nearby?
Just a little shine. Thank you.
Oh, can you please
stop buzzing around me?
God, you're fucking
useless, the lot of you.
You're as bad my fucking idiot kids.
That's bullshit. Sorry sorry, Ken.
Oh, that that's fine.
That's a Valentine's card.
Um, could we watch it again, actually?
Good to see you, Dad.
I'm convinced that the Living Plus
real estate brand
- Hey.
- Hey.
- So?
- So, what?
What, you came 3000 kilometers
and you can't come another 20 meters?
Oh, yeah,
see, I'm just stopping at a
convenient location to refuel
and there is no reason for
me to get off the plane. So
- Hey.
- Yoo-hoo.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Tired interior.
Ow. Don't criticize my
jet interior. It hurts.
- So?
- Nothing. Nothing. Um
Just thought I'd check in, you know.
With the whole, uh, the whole
product launch, investor thing?
- Living Plus.
- Yeah.
Why why are you doing this bullshit?
Well, it's on the calendar.
And if we decided to
cancel the product launch,
it would look like we
were just minding the shop
- until you came in.
- Well, you are, right?
I don't I don't need it.
It's fucking Land Cruises.
Living Plus.
- Li "Living Plus."
- Yeah.
No, it's it's Land Cruises.
"Hey. You know how
shitty and heartbreaking it is
being locked up on a cruise?
How about that, but you also get to stay
in the same fucking
place the whole time?"
I'm not gonna pursue, so
why would you announce?
- Well, that's presumptuous.
- Okay.
So, here's my situation. Um
The deal is going
through, with velocity,
and lots of it lots of you I
- I really like.
- Mm-hmm.
But lots of it I also really hate.
Lots of rooms I never
want to go into, okay?
So there's, um There's a
If there's someone on the inside
who who understands all that
but also gets me
- Uh-huh.
- That could be, uh
could be of, uh, value.
- Uh-huh.
- "Uh-huh. Mm-hmm."
- Oh, God.
- Come on. We're buddies.
- Can we just talk, like
- No, maybe I hate you.
No, you can't hate me, you
don't know me well enough.
Maybe I love my brothers very much.
Oh, by the way, did they mention
that they went totally
fucking mental on me
up above Åndalsnes?
Totally unprofessional, totally dumb.
Look. You spoke, I listened,
but I I gotta go now.
I think my Oh, yeah, I
can My flight's leaving.
- Ah!
- Yeah. Start the engines!
- Okay. Well, you keep me looped.
- Mm-hmm.
- My girl on the inside.
- Oh, fuck you,
my boy on the outside.
You know, I'm gonna tell my
brothers everything you said.
Cool. Do that.
Nothing to hide, nothing I
wouldn't tell them myself.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
Enjoy L.A.
- Hey. Welcome.
- Hey, hey. Morning.
- Morning.
- Welcome.
Thanks. Thanks for,
everybody, for finding time.
Our CEOs wanted to
give us a sensitive
uh, in-person update
on negotiations, correct?
Correct. Yeah. Uh, thanks.
Thanks for being here, guys.
I know everybody's swamped
with, uh, Investor Day
and we've we've
got the product launch,
so so so, uh, I'll
make this brief, but, um
Oh, did I I'm sorry, Shiv.
Look, uh Overall, very excited.
- Mm-hmm.
- Super excited.
Just, um, questions about, uh,
Matsson's full understanding
of the whole business.
We're we're pleased
with the offer we extracted.
It's The price is great.
I mean, you knocked it
out of the park, guys.
- I mean, really.
- Thanks!
Hear, hear. Hear, hear.
Uh, but it's just, uh,
as as we're preparing
our board recommendation,
we wanted to share some
confidential context
with this senior group
and seek your advice.
Yeah. I mean, long story
short, Matsson exhibited some
what you'd call erratic
behavior that made us concerned.
Ah. What Well, what exactly happened?
- Well Yeah.
- Well, we were pushing him, gently,
on what we wanted, how
much, and then he fuckin'
- How would you describe it like?
- I would describe it
- as a meltdown, human Chernobyl.
- Yeah. Right.
But, like, specifically
Specifically, he was,
like, shouting about how,
you know, we didn't know
what a good deal was,
and how he didn't even
especially want the deal.
He didn't want the deal?
Yeah, like, his senior
leadership team, uh, liked it
but, you know, we better
take what was on the table.
But that That smells like
a negotiating tactic to me,
- 'cause he made the offer.
- I mean, maybe.
It wasn't really coherent.
He was sort of, like,
saying that he was stringing us along
and that he could, you
know, pull the deal and
So, what are you suggesting?
Can we recommend a deal with
a person of this character?
Given everything else and
so on? Tweets, drug rumors.
You know, 50 percent in stock,
that means we are exposed.
Um. Shall I go? Uh, okay, it's a worry.
It's, uh, a concern and I think
we should monitor it closely.
- Uh-huh.
- Uh, I don't think it hurts.
I mean, he's, uh, a genius.
Nobody minds a genius acting weird.
Honestly, it probably kind
of adds to the mystique.
And we know that his bank
and legal team are, right now,
progressing in a very
professional manner.
I just What what's
what's to worry? It's
- His reputation is priced in.
- Absolutely.
- Good.
- Yeah, okay, we feel covered.
- Sure. Yeah.
- Right? Just Just, uh,
letting you guys know
and, uh, we should
we should move ahead with what we know.
Thank you for keeping us informed.
Thanks, guys.
Thanks, Frank.
Big day tomorrow. Big product launch.
We, uh Sorry, we didn't mention.
We We were just We're
hoping to keep things dry.
Oh! Yeah. Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I think vanity stopped us, maybe.
We were proud of the deal,
from raising it earlier. So
Oh, yeah. Sure.
- What?
- I know you.
- What?
- I fucking know you.
- What?
- "What"?
- Yeah, what?
- "What?"
- What?
- Oh, fucking hell.
Boys, you're not good at this.
"Hey, Dad? Shiv spilled chocolate milk
in the Range Rover."
- You're trying to fuck the deal.
- No, we're not.
- No? Yeah?
- No, we're not trying to fuck the deal.
But you failed to mention this very
fucking interesting incident,
even as a bit of gossip?
- Yeah?
- No.
No? I'm wrong?
Go on, lie to me. Lie to my face.
We're not sure about the deal.
- Uh-huh.
- Oh thanks, fuckface. Excellent.
- Just, what am I
- Yeah. I mean, no, great.
Throw me under the
fuckin' Great. Nice.
Shiv, I mean, the
plan was to tell you. We were
Honestly, we were protecting you.
Oh, thanks so much.
Yeah, don't get mud on
my confirmation dress.
Thanks so fucking much.
Well, it did go nuts
on the mountain, Shiv.
- He was talking shit about Dad.
- The plan was always
- we were getting out clean
- Yeah.
doing Pierce,
buying Pierce together.
What the fuck happened?
Shiv, maybe we can keep
it, and Pierce, all of us.
Oh, man, you are fucking cocksuckers.
Shiv, we're I'm
Sor I mean, we're sorry. We are.
- Mm-hmm.
- We wouldn't have dicked you over.
- Yeah.
- We wanted to keep you clean.
Should we like
Can we do the huggy thing?
- Sure.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- All right. I am sorry.
- Cool?
- Mm-hmm.
- Oh. Hello.
- Uh, I have a
- What?
- appointment that I can't reschedule.
So Okay. Sure.
- You're in here.
- Mm-hmm. We all set?
Think so. Investor relations in 20?
Yeah. Thanks.
- What do you wanna give me?
- I wanna give you
- Douche. What?
- a little preview of tonight's selection.
- Hey. Hey.
- Hey. Uh
- Go on.
- Sorry.
All right. You okay?
Uh, I'm fine.
We had We had this room booked.
Okay. Right. No, I'll leave you to it.
I thought the room
was empty for, uh
- You really okay?
- Yeah, fine.
You sure?
Yes. I'm just very busy.
I have found I am too
busy, what with my dad.
And so, uh, Sarah has
sometimes found me somewhere
so that I can have a moment to cry.
- Yeah.
- You're scheduling your grief?
Just just fuck off. Yeah?
Hey. Come on. Shiv.
Come on.
Come on. It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
"Sadly, my sons, Kendall and Roman Roy,
are too tied up with
important company business
to join us at this
year's Investment Day."
We're not gonna
keep that in? Let's keep that in.
Does it feel cheesy to alternate
or or should we do
block one, block two?
No, it's fine. It's
whatever. It's Uh, yeah.
What do you think on, uh Thank you.
Um, what do you think on Matsson?
If, you know, Operation
Fruit Loop doesn't fly.
Muster a share bloc?
Uh, board, convince
he's a value destroyer?
Regulatory shit? Hope
the price runs away?
I don't know. Something.
Mm. Tellis says he doesn't
have juice past 192.
Well, something
about this all does depress me.
Oh, yeah? And, uh,
do you think it's the speech
written specifically
for our late father,
or the fact we're planning
to warehouse the elderly
and keep them drunk on content
while we suck 'em dollar dry?
I think it's the '90s pitch.
"Personalized longevity programs."
- I see them.
- What is that?
Is that something?
- Can we see drafts, J?
- Yeah.
Give me the double click on longevity
so I can see everything.
Infinite brainbox.
I can, uh, ask Joy
Palmer if the fucking.
Kalispitron director can come onboard
and make everything
more confusing and loud.
- Is that is that now? Joy?
- Yeah. That's now.
All right, sprinkle some sugar.
- Yeah. Will do.
- Full confidence. Yeah?
Gotta up our velocity, man.
Yeah. I mean, even she should be
able to come up with a mega-hit
from a couple extra content bill.
Just break the log jam, get
the franchise pump pumping.
- Yeah? Pump it up.
- Pump it. Yeah. Fuck yeah.
I'm gonna love-bomb
that stuck-up bitch.
All right. Shoot it to the moon, Rome.
- Will do.
- New space cowboys in town.
Yeah. Who wants to
fuck? I'm ready to fuck.
Who ready for Fuckywood?
- Hello.
- Roman Roy.
- 'Tis I.
- Hey.
How are you? Good to see you.
We'd all like to offer
our sincere condolences.
Oh, thank you. That's
That's very nice.
- Yes.
- Uh, refused.
I have all the condolences I need.
Tummy full. Mm. Shall we?
Well, it just hasn't hit you yet.
- Oh, no. It's
- You know, I'm sure it will.
But you'll be okay. It takes time.
Okay. Well, many, many thanks.
Many, many, many, many, many.
- You'll be fine.
- Okay.
And it's very exciting about the deal.
- Mm-hmm.
- What's he like?
Lukas? Great. Uh, flaky.
Really druggy, odd, not focused.
But, um, yeah. You know.
Honestly, few issues.
I'm sure I can fix it, but um
So, I can't stand still.
I I have thoughts.
Well, of course. Everybody does.
- What was that?
- A little Groucho Marx for ya.
Oh, right. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Inside cinema.
- Yeah, um, so I just sorta
wanted to maybe just get it out
of the way. Kalispitron?
I just wanna know who's
getting fired for that shitshow.
I mean, I can certainly loop
you in, but it's complicated.
- Okay.
- Uh
Shall we just sidebar
that? You know, that
particular situation has
lots of big personalities.
Oh! Big personalities. Yeah,
I can't see that happening again.
No, I've been taking it very seriously.
Good. Okay. Well
Look, I I I'm
I'm gonna turn on the
money hose for you. Okay?
We wanna back you. We just wanna hear
that you're confident that we
can the hit machine pumpin'.
Well, absolutely. Yeah.
I mean, there is one thing that
we have been concerned about.
- Okay. Hit me. I'm ready.
- Uh
- Let's do it.
- The rightward lean from ATN
Lots of people are concerned
about democratic institutions.
Yeah. Mm-hmm. Yeah, hmm. Got it.
Oh, you want me to say more things.
We're getting a lot of questions
about ATN's favorable coverage
- on Mencken.
- Mm-hmm.
I mean, isn't there something you can do
- to signal a distance?
- Mm-hmm. Yeah, yeah. Look.
Mencken's IP, just like anything. Yeah?
I don't like him, you don't
like him. What are we gonna do?
But it's all in terms
of talent. You know?
- Mm-hmm.
- Uh, the company
We have values here in
this creative community.
And I know, I get it. And
I And I love the values.
I mean, it's, uh, an incredibly evolved,
ruthlessly segregated city
you built on this geological fault here.
- Let's get real.
- Look, we're trying.
I just I sort of feel
like Yeah, I feel like
you're not really listening to me?
I'm saying I'm gonna just
dump a ton of money on you,
and all we want is to
get the hit pump pumpin'.
You understand, right?
Balance between
streaming and theatrical.
Franchise creation.
International marketing. Yeah?
Yeah, you can trust me.
I got it. Very exciting.
All right.
You know
Joy, I, um, I get it.
I You're thinking,
"The fuck does this
guy know about anything?
He's not his dad. He can't do it.
Roman's track record is bullshit."
No, I'm sure you are where you are
for very good reason.
I could just fire you. So
That's a funny joke? I could.
- Look, I I think
- I'm not saying I am.
I'm just saying I could.
- Although maybe I should.
- Oh, no.
Oh, no, I said it. Now I
feel like I gotta commit.
Our tentpole is bullshit
and out of control,
and you're not gonna fix
it, so I'm calling it.
- I'm sorry. We're done.
- Are
- Yeah, we're we're
- Are you
This is Yeah, I am. What
I mean to say is the, uh,
the the company wishes
to terminate your employment.
HR will be in touch to start
the termination process.
We wish you the best of luck
on all your future endeavors.
This is a mistake.
- Uh, hey, uh, Jade, um
- Yes?
Can can we get
Let's get Lana and Hugo on analyst
double check, who's confirmed.
And let's get Raj primed to
throw some softballs. Okay?
- Uh-huh.
- And I think Shiv can just say,
you know, this and this,
and and maybe maybe this.
Give that to Roman.
Just let 'em know. Okay?
Uh-huh. Yeah. I can let them know.
And in terms of lighting
cues, just so we can brief Kush
and the AV team. What
are you thinking
Could we build me a Living Plus house?
Uh-huh. As in
Small, plywood, basic
brickwork, nothing crazy.
I could walk through it.
ATN on here. Face
aging on the wall here.
Maybe clouds appear above
the house. What do you think?
We can definitely check
with the team. Denny?
It it's certainly an
exciting vision, but
Don't say no, Denny.
Don't say no.
This is for tomorrow?
Hollywood though. Right?
We need a house, practical build.
Here's the rule. Okay?
No one can say no.
"Yes, Kendall. Thank you, Kendall,
for the cool new rule."
- Thank you, Kendall.
- Thank you, Kendall.
- Thank you, Kendall.
- For the cool new rule.
Good pep talk?
Uh, yeah, good, good, full of joy.
It kind of turned into a
- Whatever, I'll catch you up in a bit.
- Okay, look.
I've been looking
through the launch deck.
- Mm-hmm.
- I have a big
I have a I have a big thought.
It's looking great. Without an
investor relation to withhold
Uh, would you excuse me
for a moment? Thank you.
- Hey. Hey.
- Hi.
Enjoying the investor reception?
- Sorry, I don't wanna cramp your style.
- No, no, no.
I'm sure you're keen to get amongst it.
Yeah, the the vaginas
of the cheerful women
who aren't tall enough to be models.
Nah, I'm good. I'm good.
Uh-huh. Okay.
So Who do you like?
Yeah? Can I guess?
Could do.
Is that what you've been doing,
going around and just, like,
saying things to people?
The leggy blondes?
- The tan models.
- You know
Like, leaning in, saying,
"Hi. Hey, I'm Tom."
I think, I guess,
if I was gonna say something
from the heart, I would say I'm sorry.
- You're sorry?
- Yeah, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for fucking you up.
Oh, you should be so lucky.
You hardly scratched the surface.
I was fucked up long before I met you.
What, with TK?
Yeah. Yeah, with TK.
The Washington situation.
You were the one after the one.
- Hmm.
- The actual one, and that's always
You know, that's hard.
I think I got my chisel in on you.
Mm, hardly a scratch.
But you, I mean, I'm
the whole story for you.
I just twisted your heart right up.
Yeah, I guess.
Mary? Tom, please. I
did a number on you.
Mary? You didn't have
You didn't have a taste
of the dark meat before you met me.
Oh, I'd had my times.
You want to play bitey?
- Bitey?
- We never played bitey?
Oh. Okay, well, you bite me,
I bite you, see who can take it.
- Okay, sure.
- Give me your arm.
So, first one to stop, loses.
- Mm-hmm. Bitey.
- Ready? - Yeah, I guess.
- Mm.
- Oh.
- Mm.
- Is that all you got?
- Oh!
- Bitey!
- Wow!
- You okay?
Yeah. Tom Wambsgans finally
made me feel something.
So, I've been through the
material and I have a pitch.
Unbelievable growth.
- Price rocket.
- Okay.
Drive the price, we
make the deal impossible.
Oh, so all you need
is unbelievable growth?
Okay, all right, Dr. Sarcasmo.
Did we ask you to squeak?
- Stand easy there, pitch wall.
- If we can drive above 192,
no one thinks Matsson has the juice.
- Okay, so
- He has to walk.
Chase him out on price?
I think we can get a tech valuation
for a real estate proposition on this.
Living Plus?
Well Can I just say,
I I think it's hard to
make houses seem like tech
'cause we've had houses for a while now.
Just, we need to make analysts
look at the company differently.
I'm telling you, this is the killer app.
Maximize your physical potential,
live well, not not forever
- Why not forever?
- Well, sure. If not forever,
live more forever.
Pitch bot, is it dope?
It's kinda dope. Like a
robot, please, pitch bot.
It's kind of dope.
- Oh, my God, you're fired.
- We can push this to the moon.
But we don't have the numbers, right?
- These are not These are the old numbers.
- We'll have the numbers.
- We'll have the numbers?
- Yeah.
So then, what where
where's our go-to?
Uh, I guess the sweet spot would be
right after they get fucking delicious
and just before they get fucking stupid.
- Right. Mm-hmm.
- Right?
Greg, uh, go find Jess,
and what we talked about,
- getting the edit.
- Robot out.
Beat it, scrub.
Um, you know, I like it.
I mean, I'm not crazy
myself about dying. So
I know, right? It's bullshit.
It was kind of not It was very
I just, you know
It wasn't I just didn't
see it coming with Dad.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- It's very un-Dad.
- Very un-Dad.
So I think people
would be very intrigued
if there was another way
through the whole situation.
- You mean life?
- Life.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Death, yeah.
Yeah, yeah. I mean, you know,
get loaded onto a chip and
fired up someone's ass,
float around as a gas,
live in a tortoise,
I don't know. There's
got to be ways through.
Death just feels very
"one size fits all."
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Roman.
- Yeah.
- I want to talk to you.
- Gerri. I want to Okay.
The fuck is that?
I'm on a schedule. So, what is this?
What happened?
- With what?
- With Joy?
- Oh.
- She's not picking up.
- She's got outside counsel?
- Yeah.
- What the fuck happened?
- Look, I fired her. So?
Roman, you absolutely cannot
fire a studio executive
without speaking to Legal and HR
and and, uh, having
someone else present,
- in case
- Right, right, except I can because I did.
What precisely did you say?
- Because now we are open to litigation
- Who cares?
- and ridicule
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
and now, we have to think
of how to frame an apology
- or row back
- Jesus fucking Christ, I didn't fire her. Okay?
I said that she was
fired to her, that's all.
The fuck does that mean?
It means she's not going to
be on the fucking street. Okay?
We'll kick her up to International,
or she walks and takes
a fat fucking producer deal.
You can work on the
sweep up, okay? Chop-chop.
Joy has a lot of relationships.
She has a lot of friends.
- So do I.
- And you are weak monarch
- in a dangerous interregnum.
- No, no.
And I think you need to reconsider.
This is something that
Dad would have done,
- and you know it.
- Oh, well, maybe. But you're not your dad.
- Okay.
- I mean, you're in
- No, I'm what's left.
- a more complicated position.
Gerri, here's the fucking thing.
- What?
- You hauling me out of things,
telling me to reconsider good calls,
and using the F-word freely,
it it feels it
feels disrespectful.
- Uh-huh.
- I need you
to believe that I am as good as my dad.
Can you do that?
Can you do that?
Say it or believe it?
You don't treat me
with sufficient respect,
- and that's a problem.
- Uh-huh.
Well, maybe I'll fire you, too.
- Sure, I'm not on the kill list.
- So?
- So, Matsson will be very angry.
- Fuck Matsson, I don't care.
Be serious, you're minding shop.
Roman. Oh, no, no, no, no. Roman?
- Yeah.
- You cannot win against the money.
The money is gonna wash
you away. Your dad knew.
- Mm-hmm.
- Tech is coming. We are over.
- Make your accommodation.
- Okay. This is a simple business decision.
You are not good at your
job. Maybe Dad did know.
Maybe I'm firing you
for a list of failures
I choose not to outline right now,
but including a failure to
close off our liabilities
vis-à-vis claims
against Waystar Cruises
in a timely manner.
That'll play nicely. Let's do that.
- I am good at my job.
- Shall we get started
on the paperwork? You
wanna do it yourself,
or do you want me to get
somebody a bit sharper?
You fucking asshole!
Yeah. I think we can
push. Push it, push it.
Hey. This is juicy as fuck, Rome.
- Yeah?
- We're gonna work through the night.
- Cool.
- Yeah.
Hey, and, uh, you okay to
show face at the reception?
- The party? Uh, sure.
- After the thing?
- Okay.
- Because I got the big eye on.
- The ball is looking fat, bro.
- Good.
- I can see everything.
- Good, good, good.
So, um, it's just, uh
I think you should know.
Um, I think we should let Joy go.
- Okay. Yeah?
- Yeah. Yeah.
I mean, right now, it's kind of
all about the move, so that's
Yeah, that's that's
Dude, that's baller for me.
- Yeah? Great.
- Yeah. yeah. Let's put an end to Joy.
- Great.
- Death to Joy.
Gerri told me that that was a bad move
and I should sorta roll that
back, so I, uh, I fired Gerri.
Fuck off. You fired Gerri?
Shiv's godmother, Gerri?
Yeah. Yeah, but we may
need to roll back on that.
I don't know, you may need
to smooth over, whatever.
Fuck it, bro. Why not?
Drop her in the end zone.
I mean, look at you.
Who Who are you gonna fire next?
I mean, fire Frank,
fire Karl, fucking eat
Greg, and fire me, man.
- Yeah, I don't know, it's big.
- You're on fire.
- It feels big. It feels maybe it's a bit big.
- No, it's not big. It's not big.
- It's not too big? Yeah?
- Put on the Dad goggles. Right? It's nothing.
- Yeah?
- Nothing. "Dynamic Waystar duo
shake up their senior leadership team.
Grumble quote, grumble quote, caveat.
"Some are saying these two young turks
might just have what it
takes to turn things around."
Very nice.
Hey, what do you think
about the election party?
Your dad's party? You
think maybe I should host?
Ooh, who's that? Striking Viking?
Let me ask you one thing.
You're all in on Matsson, huh?
Yeah. I guess.
I mean, your brothers
hate me, and you hate me,
and you'll fire me. So, yeah.
I don't entirely
entirely know what to do.
Regarding Matsson?
Yeah. Well, you know, we
have a connection. So
You have a connection?
Yeah. What?
What? It's just not, like
Oh, because you want to suck him off,
you think that that
I must want to fuck him?
Think we're all gonna live
together in a big old Matsson house,
you know, fucking each other
and singing Matsson songs?
Still keeping all your
options open, honey?
Yeah? You should be careful with that.
Wow! Truth bombs from
from the phony man.
I think I think I want you.
I think I would like this back.
Well then, you shouldn't
have betrayed me.
If I try to say it. If
I try to say the truth
It's that when I met you, all my life
I've been thinking a
little bit about money
and how to get money,
and how to keep money.
And you didn't ask me in.
Shiv, you kept me out.
And I always agreed to
all the compartments,
but it seemed to me that
I was gonna be caught
between you and your dad.
And I really, really,
really love my career
and my money.
And, you know, the suits,
and my watches, and
Yeah. Sure, I know.
I like nice things, I do.
And if you think that's shallow,
why don't you throw out
all your stuff for love.
Throw out your necklaces and your jewels
for a date at a three-star Italian.
Yeah? Come and live with
me in a trailer park.
Yeah? Are you coming?
Well, I'd follow you anywhere
for love, Tom Wambsgans.
I'm convinced
that the Living Plus real estate brand
can bring the cruise ship
experience to dry land
and provide a significant
boost to the earnings
- of our parks division.
- Okay, you can You can stop it. So, that's
So, what we want him to
say We want him to say
"double the earnings" instead
of "a significant boost."
Mm-hmm. Well, I, uh, um, I'm not sure
that I can do that. Um.
But I bet you can.
Oh, yeah. I can talk
to the sound editor but,
you know, without those
words, without him saying
No, yeah. You you you
can build it from other bits.
- Well.
- In in the
Yeah, I don't know if I can.
Well, yeah, you can. I need you to.
Well, I mean it's
just that, technically,
I don't think that I can do that.
No, no. Look, look, look.
That That that's enough.
That's enough. Okay? That just
Just fuckin' make it happen.
- Make it happen. Okay?
- Okay.
Or I get in trouble. And I
don't wanna get in trouble.
I wanna get in the good books.
So, you help me get in the good books.
Understand, Mr. Snippy-snip?
What if we doubled that?
"Eh?" What is that?
- Well, I think you know the specific
- Can we double it?
You know the specific
business better than me,
but on units, if we go optimistic
Go explosive, Pete.
I guess, the first wave being Florida,
- Colorado, Arizona, 500.
- Could that be 1,000?
- I suppose. Yeah.
- And then the, uh,
five and ten-year projections?
I mean, it needs to be super credible.
Pete, it's gotta be credible.
New products and services,
uh, machine learning on the marketing,
plus repackaging health
data to third parties.
Easily, easily grow that
- Um, I
- Two, three percent per month.
What what does that
what does that do to CAGR?
Does it make it bigger, Pete?
- It makes it a lot bigger.
- What? Fifty percent? Per year?
- Five years, we 10x revenue? Yeah?
- Can I talk to Karl?
What is the biggest headline
number that's credible?
The thing is, numbers
aren't just numbers.
- They're numbers.
- That's you you're talking gibberish, Pete.
I'm just kidding. I'm kidding.
I'm fucking with you. Pete.
If it feels scary,
it's because the
potential is scary, Pete.
Sure. No, good.
Hey, I need you to be comfortable
because the analysts, they're
gonna get into us on this.
Are you confident? Are
you confident, Pete?
- I think we can make the argument.
- Huh? Dukes up?
- We can make the argument. Yeah.
- Yeah. Yeah?
Great! Fuck yeah.
Can you get the door?
Hey, Lukas. Hey, Sweedey.
Uh, so Look, I figured
that I should mention
we are gonna be pushing Living Plus.
I don't want
I don't like real estate.
It's not scalable, and I don't
want the hassle of unwinding.
Is is there any way you can stop it?
Uh, no. No, I can't.
I mean, and like how?
Oh, I don't I don't know.
You can turn off the lights,
or, uh, bomb threat.
Look, I am being very
generous telling you stuff,
because I feel like it's appropriate
given where we're at,
but I'm not about to start
dropping stage weights
on people's heads.
Look, let me have a think about it.
- Okay?
- Okay. Bye.
Okay. Okay. Morning.
Great. And then the
light that comes through
- How we doing?
- Good. The house.
In the end, the guys
couldn't achieve everything.
This won't be just this, will it?
Well, no. We're we're
throwing something over it.
We can do it with light.
You did the clouds?
- Yeah.
- Can I see 'em?
Yeah. Yeah. John. Hit
it. Hit on the clouds.
Okay. Hold the work.
Guys, this That's
that's not the clouds.
It's not the clouds at all. Uh
I told you, I saw it
in Berlin. It the
We we were in touch with them, but
Just, uh
let me think.
What do you think, man? It's
It still fits? The words?
The words? The words. Yes. Um
Where did those fun little numbers
Where did that come from?
- From up here, Rome.
- From From up there?
- Hey. Projections, right?
- Sure.
I'm kidding. No, we have
it. We have it. Pete has it.
- Yeah?
- It's all good.
Yeah. Hockey stick, we're
pushing to the moon. Right, Rome?
- Yeah.
- To the moon.
- Hey.
- Oh, hello.
What do you think about the words?
Uh, yeah, words are
good. Words are okay.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
And what about the numbers?
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, I get the idea, but
um, you know, those are big numbers.
I'm worried, Rome. He's
He's got that gleam in his eye.
- It'll be okay.
- Jesus Christ, Rome.
- What?
- This is not good.
It's gonna be very fucking messy.
- You're out of control, he's out of control.
- It's fine.
And this is going down.
I think, should we just
Should we pull the plug on today?
It's fine, it's fine. It's
a decent play, I think.
- Mm-hmm. Yeah. Sure.
- Yeah.
Made-up numbers and and,
uh, shooting to the moon,
- and imaginary clouds.
- Yeah.
- Dude, come on.
- No, I know. I just
I think it's Yeah, it's high risk,
but I think, you know,
we have to back it.
You know he could do
anything up there. And then
- Mm-hmm.
- you're a part of it.
Like, he has harebrained schemes.
I love him, but he
cracks under pressure,
and I think we should protect him.
We should stop this.
No, it's okay. Roman's here.
- Hey, man. Come on in. Hey!
- Beautiful service.
- Hey, hey.
- Hi. How are you?
- Yeah, good. Good, good, good, good, good. Uh
- Nice. Ah, cool digs.
Flight jacket.
- For the launch.
- Oh, for the launch.
Uh, you wanna run it, should we run it?
Uh, uh, I'm not doing the clouds.
- I decided.
- Well, yeah.
- Because they weren't clouds.
- Don't need 'em. Don't need 'em.
We're just gonna do an acoustic
set. Ken and Rome unplugged.
Uh, heads up, I've gone
even bigger in Colorado.
- Oh, yeah?
- The numbers get crazy good.
- Yeah. Okay.
- Like, dude.
It's enough to make you lose
your faith in capitalism.
- Like you could say anything.
- Right. I'll bet.
Uh, uh, I got I made you one.
- But you should try it on.
- A jacket?
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. That's for you.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
- Uh Yeah, okay.
- That's the idea. Flight jacket, co-pilots.
I got you. Uh
- You got the pages?
- Well, in that case,
I should talk a little
bit. I just, um
- What?
- I think that I
I don't know. Maybe
Maybe, like
we shouldn't do it?
Or like maybe postpone?
Oh, don't. Um
Hey, man, it's fucking
It's okay. It's not
Shit. Uh, you know, let's
Maybe we just dump it on fucking Ray.
I mean, look, it's his
division, and you know
but maybe not do the whole
This This is the
This is the the idea, though
- I know.
- This is the
Maybe I'm just worried that
I can sell it. I don't know.
- So, do we pull it?
- Uh-huh. You think it's nuts?
- No! No. I mean
- No?
You know, I mean,
pitching fuckin' playhouses
and living forever, and then doubling up
- the fuckin' numbers.
- It's time. It's time.
- It's big-swing time.
- I get it.
- We have to.
- I know. I know. I know.
I just, maybe Maybe
I just worry that it's
Or that, you know, they're your words.
You got the words. You
got the fucking skills,
and I just might, you know
It's your vision, this whole thing,
and I've sort of been in
You know, I might fuck it.
- Oh, man.
- I mean, we could also, like, raincheck this,
do this some other time, and
see if something else comes up.
- Yeah.
- Uh, okay. It's about time.
- It's time? Great.
- Yep.
Uh, it's gonna be great.
It is, you're gonna kill it.
I read the thing, and I know you,
and this is gonna be, you know
Good luck. Break break that leg.
Karl wants two.
- Hey, Karl.
- Yeah. Hi. Just
- Just to say good luck, huh?
- Thanks, man.
And, uh, just to get some
visibility, if that's okay.
I 'Cause I just heard
that, uh, more tweaks
have been made in my arena.
- It's cool. It is cool.
- Okay, well,
if I could just take
a quick, quick peek.
Karl, man, it's not a good time.
Oh, then if you could
just talk me through it.
Just No, just so I'm comfortable
in my own mind that I got your back.
- It is all good, Karl. Okay? It's all good.
- What we we really need
- Now is not a good time.
- Just a sec. Hang on, just
- It's not a good time, Karl.
- Oh, really? Well, listen to me.
I took a lot of shit from your dad
because we've been through the mill.
But I've been the CFO
of major public companies
for over two decades,
and I know a thing or
two about a thing or two.
And if you fuck up his deal,
or you try to stand up numbers
that I am not comfortable with,
- I swear to God
- Hey, hey, hey.
Hey. Easy. Easy. CEO. CFO.
What? You gonna fire your chief
financial officer a week in?
Your dad just gone?
You'd be fucking toast.
You have my dick in your hand, Ken.
But I've got yours in
mine. So let's get real.
If you say anything that
I don't like up there
or make me look foolish,
I'll fucking squeal.
Good luck. Good luck to you, buddy.
to the debates,
through election night
to Inauguration Day,
we'll be there every step of the way.
Giving you all the breaking stories,
all the inside scoops, and
all the expert analysis.
America has come to depend on.
Four years ago, election night coverage
drew 71.4 million viewers
across a dozen networks
"You're an ATN citizen.
You're an ATN citizen."
And fully half
of them were tuned to ATN.
And this year,
we intend to do even better
with a stronger lineup
and a clearer vision
- How's he doing?
- Uh, uh-huh. Good. Good, good.
So this election
promises to be a very good year
for America, for democracy,
and for ATN ad revenue, and
for you, our shareholders.
Ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome co-CEO Kendall Roy.
That ain't got
nothing to do with rap ♪
Check the facts ♪
Expose those cats ♪
Your government's
gangster so cut the crap ♪
A war going on ♪
So where y'all at? ♪
Thank you. Thank you. Hey, uh yeah.
Big shoes.
Big, big shoes.
Big, big shoes. Big, big shoes.
Big shoes. Big hat.
Big nervous breakdown.
Uh, okay.
It says here on my words that,
uh, "I'm glad to be here."
And, uh, you know, I I I kinda am,
so, uh, thanks, prompter. Thanks.
Don't talk to the teleprompter, amateur.
- Why is that bad?
- You don't do that.
Last time I was up at
something like this,
I was disrupting our annual meeting.
And, uh, now I'm CEO. Co-CEO. Huh?
And, uh, you know, I I
just want to say thank you.
I want to thank the
whole Waystar family,
who have offered us so
much love and support
over these last few tough days.
So, yeah, we're so grateful. Thank you.
It means a lot. It means a
lot. Isn't that right, Dad?
Oh, my God. My fucking God.
- No way.
- I mean, this is new, this is all new.
We, uh, we had our differences, yeah.
But it is good to see you.
Let's, uh, get on with it, shall we?
Yeah, for sure, for sure.
Sure thing. Sure. Sure.
Strangest double act ever.
- I'll say.
- He never changes.
Fucking amateur hour.
Wake me up when it's over.
I don't know if I
can I can watch this.
She said while watching
the fuck out of it
and getting turned on. I can
hear how wet you are. It's gross.
I mean, Jesus, Ken,
keep it fucking light.
Hey, you don't even have
to worry about your speech.
You just go on and mop up all the blood.
Okay, so listen.
Today, I wanna share with
you an extraordinary product
that my father was
working on to the very end.
It's an exciting new
vision we call Living Plus.
Yeah. Yeah. Living Plus!
Look, the world's tough.
It's tough. It's getting tougher.
What our incredible new
product offers is a sanctuary.
It's a place where it doesn't feel
you or your mom or
dad are surviving life.
It's somewhere you're really living.
Living Plus.
Now, rebranded "Kendall Goes Woo-Woo."
If I cringe any harder,
I might become a fossil.
Our brand-turboed Living
Plus real estate communities
are going to guarantee
three absolute essentials.
One, total peace of mind.
Discreet community protection
and enhanced home monitoring.
You'll have your keys but,
uh, yeah, you won't need 'em.
Crime-free, hassle-free,
and respectful.
Two, fun.
This is good. Th Is that you?
Is that yours? Very good.
Fun is what we're all about at Waystar.
You know, by a lot of metrics,
the leading entertainment brand
in the world. So
hyperlocal news, movie-themed events,
advance screenings, ATN
debate and discussions,
multimedia events from cooking
to premium access sports.
We're talking integrated, everyday
character IP life enhancement.
Maybe a director will
swing by with a rough cut.
Stars certainly will.
Movies, shows, rides,
experiences to enjoy at home
or with the family, who will
not want to stop visiting.
We can even tell them you're
out if you need a break.
We think We think that security
plus entertainment is a
pretty unbeatable offer. Right?
Well, one more thing.
How about I told you it was
all going to last forever?
Okay. Now we're leaving planet Earth.
Glad you're not strapped in?
Well, I can't, I can't. Not quite yet.
We're not there yet.
But our central extraordinary offer
is health and happiness.
Because here's what makes
this amazing new product
almost irresistible.
Our incredible links with tech
and pharmaceutical companies,
which mean privileged
access to life enhancement
and extension therapies that, right now,
are the preserve of tech billionaires.
But we're gonna deliver
them at home, at scale,
targeted and supported.
- Hi.
- I don't like it.
- Yeah.
- Can you stop it?
Oh, what? You don't wanna
make prison camps for grannies?
Uh So, what's the game?
Yeah, I mean, he's riding
the bullshit unicycle,
but maybe someone could
put a stick in the spokes?
Do we have anything behind me?
- When I go on?
- I think nothing behind you.
The screen will just be black.
But that's good 'cause
then it's all about you.
We can get a light on you.
Well, I would assume I
would hope I'm being spot lit.
You know, my dad, he'd
been around a little bit,
would you say?
Uh, he he he was
conservative on these matters.
And in terms of earnings
growth, he has this to say
I'm convinced that the Living Plus
real estate brand
can bring the cruise ship
experience to dry land
and double the earnings
of our parks division.
I couldn't be more excited.
Wow. Double the earnings.
Okay. That's not fucking cool.
- Um, well
- That's really well edited.
Can we really do it?
You know, are people who subscribe
to Living Plus support
really gonna live ten,
20, 30, 40, 50 years more?
Is it worth it?
Living Plus is going
to be a premium product.
Is it worth it?
Well, if you asked me,
would I take an extra year,
right now, with my dad? Say the unsaid?
That would be priceless.
Uh, yeah.
I miss you, Dad. I love you, Dad.
- General buzz is
- What? How is it?
- Really good.
- Yeah?
- People are liking it.
- Yeah.
Wow. They're likin' it.
- Oh, fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
- What?
"Doderick macht frei."
- That's a very nasty joke, right?
- Oh, shit.
Yeah. That's, what, a
It's a Holocaust joke.
- Look who it's from.
- From our acquirer,
so we might need to strategize.
Pull the Q and A. Can we let him know?
- Can we let Kendall know?
- Fuck.
- Because he's about to
- We should try.
base jump into a buzzsaw.
Right, right. Are are you backstage?
This is kinda good for you,
'cause your presentation,
not great, and so now
no one will be watching.
Detailed financials I
will leave to Karl Muller,
our legendary CFO, there
he is. Round of applause.
Hi. Thank you.
Uh, but but, uh, any
questions with a broader overview?
Uh. Okay, yeah, Raj.
Good to see you guys.
Hi. Uh, congratulations
on a great presentation.
I just wanna know how you feel
about Lukas Matsson's response?
His tweet right now?
Uh Uh, sorry. I'm
I'm I'm catching up.
Well, he's, uh, tweeted the words,
uh, "Doderick macht frei."
- Which is from the Naz
- Yeah. I know what it's from.
Uh, give me a sec.
- Wow, okay.
- What's your response?
Well, uh, I'm not gonna fave it.
Uh, everybody
knows here, you guys all know
we're looking at a deal with Lukas.
And, you know, I have
so much time and respect
for what he's built.
Now, personally, I
wouldn't have said that.
And, uh, apologies, sincere apologies
for any offense caused.
Uh, you know, he's, uh
He's very European. Um
And and and if and
if and when we complete the deal
and he gets into the
incredible opportunity
this product presents,
I think he'll be tweeting
something different.
Maybe you're giving this too
much attention than it deserves?
- I know what I'm doing.
- Just back off. Yeah?
what he's gonna do next, Matsson?
Well, that's why Matsson? No.
Tweet. Tweeting.
He is. Right. No, no, he's
handling himself very well.
He's smart, but we don't
always come across as we intend
on social media.
And one of the things
about Living Plus, actually,
is, uh, that we see it going beyond.
You know, it's kind
of like social media,
but it's better. You
know, it's it's
it's physical social
media in the real world.
I I think people are
hungry for that connection.
I know I am.
Um Any any more
questions, any more? No?
They're They're
telling me that's my time.
Listen, it's been so fun
sharing this with you.
It's been so fun.
How am I supposed to follow this?
He's just promised them eternal life.
Thank you, guys.
And, uh, thank you, Dad.
- I think it's time. Is it time?
- Now, please welcome
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Okay.
ATN Chair, Tom Wambsgans.
I'm here cheering you on.
- Thanks, buddy.
- Go, go, go.
- Warmed 'em up for you.
- Thanks, Ken.
Go, Tom! Yes!
- Incredible. Launched it.
- Launched it! You launched that shit, bro.
You are an ATN Citizen.
And you are an ATN Citizen.
And you are an ATN Citizen!
And I'm an ATN Citizen.
- Oh, yeah!
- Yay!
Knew you could do it.
You crushed it! You crushed it!
Great work, man. You
did a thing. Proud of ya.
Thanks, guys. Thanks.
Thanks for being here.
How we doing?
- Meme stock frothing.
- Yada-yada, on the reals, on the reals.
Good with buy side.
Good vibes with sell.
- Okay. Zoom, zoom, zoom.
- Bloomberg has positive snaps coming.
Seeing some movement.
The king is dead.
Long live the king
Kings, and queen.
Long live the kings and queen.
- Hey. Come on, everybody.
- Heil Kendall!
Okay, the motherfucker deleted it.
He deleted the tweet.
- Oh, yeah? Show me, show me.
- Really? let me see.
Oh, yeah. Sure. Here you
go, man. Here. See anything?
No. Nothing to see, dipshit.
- He deleted it. Moron.
- That's fuckin' right. Now we're talking.
Climbdown. Price rocket.
Houston, we have fuckin' lift off.
Great work, boss man!
- Hey
- I was here cheering you on.
- Yes!
- He's special.
I know special, and he is special.
He's special!
Houston, we have
special. We have special.
You crushed it. You crushed the launch.
Fuck out of my way, please.
All right, you goddamn doofus.
Great job.
I don't even remember it,
you know. It's kind of a blur.
- It's like that.
- 'Cause you were really in it.
- It's just like
- Pitch bot!
walking on the moon,
you know? Walking on the moon.
Worked out. Yeah, walking on the moon.
I wanna make
what I think is a fairly
historic announcement.
I'm convinced
that Roman Roy has a micro dick
and always gets it wrong.
I wanna make what I think is a
fairly historic announcement.
I'm convinced that Roman Roy
has a micro dick and
always gets it wrong.
I wanna make what I think is a
fairly historic announcement.
I'm convinced that Roman Roy
has a micro dick and
always gets it wrong.
I wanna make what I think is a
fairly historic announcement.
I think, uh, if we're
thinking of hosting,
I can't I can't get into
it. Any of our shit, yeah?
I think it has to be,
if this is okay with you,
strictly party and strategy.
Strictly. Entirely. Uh-huh.
I can't help it if I find
strategy sexy, though.
I do. I really do.
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