Succession (2018) s04e05 Episode Script

Kill List

Whoo! ♪
R.O.C. We runnin' this rap shit ♪
Memphis Bleek We
runnin' this rap shit ♪
B. Mac We runnin' this rap shit ♪
The takeover The
break's over, nigga ♪
God MC, me, Jay-Hova ♪
KENDALL ROY: Thanks, Fikret.
Just wanted to be on hand to
smooth and say welcome home.
Who are they?
Uh, additional manpower
for the new role.
Okay. Welcome, "additional manpower."
They can fuck off until I need them.
HUGO: Mm-hmm.
I just wanna show my face,
check in with the grays,
and then get to the plane.
Yeah? I'd rather have
more time other end, okay?
- For sure.
- Maybe I get in early
and fucking slip a Mickey
in Matsson's meatballs.
HUGO: (SIGHS) Okay, we'll make sure
the plane is ready to go.
Before takeoff, might be nice
to get a shot of you and Roman
on the, uh, candid shot. "Stepping up."
"CE-bros" is kinda the bad version.
Shall we, maybe, not do the bad version?
HUGO: Agreed.
KENDALL: Thank you.
- KENDALL: Thank you.
Thank you. Boy, you have
a knack for the theatrics.
How about one of these?
KENDALL: You get any sleep?
Uh, a little bit. Did you
get the condolence assistants?
Yeah. Uh-huh.
What do you think? Old
Guard, loading us up
- with human listening devices?
All right, look at you fucking chumps.
- ROMAN: Yeah.
- KENDALL: This the Romey A-Team?
ROMAN: This is the team.
KENDALL: What's shaking? You
camp out overnight out here?
Yeah, I got here early,
I'm just getting briefed.
Should I get Shiv?
Uh, Bastian. Could you get Shiv, please?
KENDALL: Okay, so what's bubbling?
You know, short-range top-lines?
Studio would like to schedule
a call this morning, red flag.
We're okaying Kalispitron
reshoots, panicky vibes.
Second producer signed off on leave,
citing "mental collapse slash overload."
- Uh-huh. We okay it.
- Yeah? We're balls deep already.
- ROMAN: Hmm.
Oh, yeah, I think, gotta keep spending.
I will say "no" a lot,
and shout, obviously,
initially, but yeah.
KENDALL: And you got my email
on Matsson angles, deal thoughts?
Yeah, which one? You sent several.
The last one. "Ignore previous emails."
ROMAN: Yeah, great. Thanks for
putting me through all that.
We're good here, by the way, guys.
- Yeah, thank you.
- You can all fuck off. Yeah.
- Great. Okay.
- Don't talk to my team, Hugo.
- So, uh, talk on the plane?
- ROMAN: Yeah.
Oh, here we go. March
of the Emperor Penguins.
- Morning.
- KENDALL: Morning.
- ROMAN: Morning.
- Welcome back, huh?
- KENDALL: Thank you.
- Congrats.
KENDALL: Nothing to celebrate, but
Yeah. So, what is this?
You guys are re-interviewing
- for your jobs?
- No, just a check-in pre-Norway.
ROMAN: Oh, okay. I think we did
the check-in on the board call,
and on the follow-up call,
and with your 33,000 emails.
Well, just anything we
can do to be helpful.
In terms of, like, uh,
dry-running the negotiation or
Uh-huh. Okay. "We trust you absolutely,
now tell us every single word
you plan on saying to him."
KENDALL: Look, we wanna
knock this out of the park.
Squeeze an extra three,
four dollars a share.
Rome and me. Shiv on point
here to advise and liaise.
Oh, cool, yeah. Did I miss the invite?
Uh, what's the conflab?
Boomers versus Zoomers?
ROMAN: No, this is unscheduled, Shiv.
- Mom and Dad just stopped by
to make sure we have food in the fridge.
- ROMAN: Uh, okay, Matsson,
uh, asking he's he's
saying not to freak out.
- What?
- KENDALL: Freak out, why?
- What, is he wobbling?
- ROMAN: Look
Did Did you all just
get this? Do you have this?
They're asking for everyone.
They're requesting us all in Norway,
plus division heads,
bunch of EVPs. I forwarded.
He actually sent a list of names.
Okay, so that's sinister as fuck.
KENDALL: What is it, do we think?
compatibility check."
early, but it is smart.
Okay, but why check
cultural compatibility
if we haven't done the deal?
I guess because we are
probably doing the deal?
It's positive.
Unless he's looking for a way out.
Yeah, or invite everyone so
he doesn't just have to deal
with the B-roll brothers?
Can I have a look at this list?
FRANK: Yeah, yeah, you
should all have it, I se
- You You're on the list.
- No, you didn't send it to me.
What does it look like if we say no?
We don't play that weak?
Um, I guess in the
interest of doing the deal
that we all want,
maybe we should, you know, play ball.
Yeah. No. Great. Great. Good.
Let's go get the deal.
- ROMAN: Get it.
- KENDALL: Let's bleed the Swede.
Sir! Sir!
- Whirlwind, huh?
- Uh-huh.
- So, why Norway, not Sweden?
- Annual retreat.
Anyway, Norway, Sweden,
what's the difference?
It's all descended
from the same rapists.
- Hey!
- Right.
- Hello.
- Hey, how are ya?
Well, excited to get a
feel for Scandinavia and
- and some hotties.
- The hotties?
GREG HIRSCH: The Arctic foxes.
- Bit of Norwegian wood.
- Greg?
- Huh?
- Show some respect.
It's not a trip to the Guggenheim, Greg.
It's musical electric chairs.
To see whether they like
us after the acquisition.
Find out who they like,
everyone else, welcome to the lime pit.
You're on the other plane, by the way.
Yeah, I know. Thanks, Hugo.
But But you're not worried, right?
- Me? No.
- You're good.
With the ATN carveout, I'm
not worried about Matsson.
I'm worried about being whacked
by the cast of Bugsy Malone over there.
- You got a problem, Tom?
- No.
SHIV ROY: You guys are
seriously not concerned
about this Dad stuff?
'Cause there's been more.
Sorry, I have to focus.
Studio overages,
Kalispitron: Hibernation,
225 mil sunk cost.
Estimating about three
weeks of reshoots,
which is like 25 mil, plus CGI.
- SHIV: Mm-hmm.
- It's a fucking sleepy robot in a cave,
how is that a quarter of a bill?
Mm-hmm. I mean, it's just
You know, I'm just struck
by the number of pieces
that knife Dad and
and imply that his children,
particularly his younger sons,
have been covering for
him for quite some time.
- Hugo.
- HUGO: Yeah?
Hey, if someone's briefing
anything against Dad,
we'll fucking crucify them. Okay?
- Ratfucker Sam, okay?
- Okay.
Rome, do you want to do
the Matsson dossier together
for angles, yeah?
- Yay. Let's doit.
- SHIV: Mm-hmm.
You know, I don't
I don't actually care.
If you want to (INHALES DEEPLY)
burn Dad's legacy or
Shiv, we're trying to
prep to get inside his head
to squeeze every nickel
out of this fucking thing
and keeping the numbers straight
across five fucking divisions,
- it's just
- Shiv, we're we're
We're death wrestling with ogres.
- ROMAN: Bah!
- You're reading documents
is what you're doing, Ken.
You know, one thing
- Hmm?
- KENDALL: If you want, just to mention it.
- What?
- We can cut Tom's throat.
- SHIV: Oh.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, well.
Yeah, how's he doing?
I mean, he's doing
good, he's doing fine.
That's not it, we just thought, maybe,
in case that might be
a nice thing for you.
Oh, well, thanks. Uh. So
nice of you to offer that.
Uh, you know what? I'm
up to my fucking eyeballs
in investor conference shit,
so I should speak to Gerri or
HUGO: I happen to think
we're being acquired
by a high-caliber organization.
- KAROLINA NOVOTNEY: That's coming out
- HUGO: I don't know, guys,
I would say there's a lot to admire.
Yeah, did you see? Their
deputy of comms is a ski jumper.
- Ex-Winter Olympian.
- Hmm. Yeah, I saw.
RAY KENNEDY: A ski jumper.
You can hardly stand up. You're fucked.
KAROLINA: I mean, Fulbrights
coming out of their ass.
NASDAQ master race.
They're just a bunch
of really impressive,
very serious young people.
RAY: Did you see what
happened when they acquired
the video game publisher?
Less than ten percent retention.
They went through the
place like fire ants.
Incredibly meritocratic.
Insular, weird, brutal motherfuckers.
And we're dead.
Hey, come on, guys, listen.
Sure, they're young and they're fit,
but they're European, they're soft.
Hammocked in their social
security safety nets.
Sick on vacation mania
and free health care.
They may think they're Vikings,
but we've been raised by wolves.
Exposed to a pathogen that
goes by the name Logan Roy.
And they have no idea
what's coming to them.
We're snakes on a plane.
You guys clock that he's a movie guy?
We might need a line.
In case he queries the
fucking cash incinerator
- that the studio is right now.
ROMAN: Why's this fucking
belt so fucking tight?
It's like strangling me.
- You nervous, Ken?
No, I mean, he's just some guy.
(CHUCKLES) Wow, the ice man.
I don't know. I mean, maybe a
little anxious about the deal.
- Sure.
- SHIV: Mm-hmm.
You're all right, you're
good. Just, you know,
fucking every dollar you
squeeze makes us stronger
for when we do Pierce-ATN. Yeah?
HUGO: Might be a little wet out there,
but let's see how it goes. Thank you.
RAY: Looking forward to
meeting your Winter Olympian?
- Oh, Andreas Bloc?
- Yeah.
The guy blew a seven-point lead
- at the Sochi Winter Games.
- Fuck.
He's a possible choker,
Ray. Possible choker.
RAY: Choke him out.
- SHIV: So
- Uh, where should we go?
Which way to Chairman
Matsson's reeducation camp?
Take a seat. It's the next stop.
We're about to leave.
Two more bags coming.
Shiv. Pretty nice, huh?
I already got fucking mud on my sneaks.
- ROMAN: Nice.
- You like the merch?
ROMAN: Yeah, I'm gonna jerk off over it
while staring at you. You
like that, you little bitch?
I see you.
- Look out your window.
- KENDALL: Is that you?
ROMAN: Yeah, of course
it's me. The handsome one.
Is yours small? Mine is fucking small.
When a bear shits in the woods,
it uses one of these, I think.
- Yeah. Let me call you back.
- ROMAN: Yeah, great.
Um, so, divisional heads, et
cetera, are offered brunch,
and Mattson's invited
the negotiating team,
like, "up top" to get into it,
and they'll escort us if you want.
Hey, you wanna walk the deck once more?
Talk the angles, the
foreseeable unforeseens?
ROMAN: No, we're good.
- Good on the plan.
- FRANK: Okay.
Mm. Well, yeah, everyone has a plan
until they get punched in the mouth.
But I but I
(CHUCKLES) I might just add,
I've seen guys going in,
uh, you know, uh, playing hardball
and then not being able to row back.
So your I tell you
what, your dad, now he
Often he would just start with a joke.
Just to establish that no
matter how tough things are
- That's the whole thing, right?
- Huh. Yeah.
Bring in an offer lower than 144,
net result, unhappiness.
Over 144, net result, happiness.
Yes, increasing exponentially
with each additional dollar
until such time as Karl creams his pants
while dropping into
his golden parachute.
- All right.
- Aiming for 147, hoping for 148.
What with everything,
we'd settle for 145, 146.
- Right?
- That's the whole of the game?
- Hey, Con.
- Uh, I'm at Frank E. Campbell.
- And, uh
- ROMAN: Yeah, now is not a good time.
Look, are are are
you guys okay to talk?
Because, uh, Marcia's been in.
And she's talking about
putting him in a kilt,
- like a fucking Bay City Roller.
- KENDALL: What?
It's, uh, Con. Uh, Marcia's been in,
and they're talking about
Dad with a kilt or s
- What?
- ROMAN: (SIGHS) Yeah.
Can't he just fucking figure it out?
Is it just drama? It sounds like
- It sounds like drama.
- Yeah, yeah, I heard that, Ken.
You know, I got a
pretty full plate here.
had to cancel on a room full
of working-class Whites in Cleveland.
So, look, I am genuinely concerned
that he will look odd
and I'll be blamed.
SHIV: Uh, okay. Hey, Con?
We appreciate you
holding it down for us,
but, uh, what do you need from us?
Carte blanche. If I go in the
embalming room and start
throwing my weight around.
I'm going to need to make some asks,
but I don't want to get blamed.
- Don't let them make fun of you.
- KENDALL: Uh, sure. Okay, Con.
Carte blanche, you're empowered.
No recriminations. Uh
If If you want,
send photos or whatever.
Don't. S Send photos?
He's not taking him
to the fucking beach.
Don't send photos. Okay,
bye. Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye.
Um, can I have a, uh, waffle, please?
Ooh! Looks good.
- Cinnamon buns?
Oh, yeah. Serious Scandi spread here.
- Thank you so much.
- HUGO: Uh-oh. What's this, guys?
Ambush. You took the bait.
Fattened for the kill.
- Hi! Thank you.
- KAROLINA: Good luck, everybody.
- Hello.
- Hey, gang.
- EBBA: Hi.
God eftermiddag.
Comms and Public Affairs.
- Karolina.
- Yes, exactly.
You look well. Very refreshed.
- Oskar Gudjohnsen? I'm Tom.
- Yeah.
Oh, yeah, Tom. Tom of, uh, Siobhan.
Yeah. (CHUCKLES) Yeah. And, uh, ATN.
ATN. So I'm not really
I'm not really part
of this whole situation
and, uh, yeah.
And if you want if you want
a little guide of our forest,
you know, the mighty oaks
of Waystar and the deadwood,
just, uh, give me a nod.
- Okay. You're the guy.
- I'm the guy.
- (CHUCKLES) Yeah.
- All right, good to see you.
Hey, easy, buddy. Leave some for us.
Oh, would you like some?
I'm I'm happy to share.
I, uh, I metabolize
fast because I'm dynamic.
- Andreas? Hey, man.
Oh, wow. They They tell me
that you nearly got a bronze
- at Sochi.
- Another lifetime, you know.
- HUGO: Yeah.
Oh, man, that's
That's almost huge, man.
You know? Those darn
tenths of a second, huh?
HUGO: Guy's a dick.
- Hey, hey, there he is.
Oh, wow, look at you
all. Rolling deep, huh?
- (CHUCKLES) Rock Steady Crew.
- Yeah.
- LUKAS: What's up? Hey.
- Oh, okay. Hi.
LUKAS: You made it.
- ROMAN: Yeah.
- Hey, bro.
LUKAS: The fuck are you doing here?
- Keen to get into it.
- LUKAS: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Uh I'm not sure
What do we do here?
Am I gonna get a lawsuit
if I hug you or
Maybe. Wanna find out?
Wow. You, uh, brought
the whole gang, huh?
Outmaneuvered me.
I'm solo, baby.
What, you guys scared to come and talk
without the village elders?
- No.
No, we don't want to outman you, bro.
- (LAUGHS) I'm just kidding.
- KENDALL: Let's talk.
- LUKAS: But seriously, can we?
- KENDALL: Just us. Let's do it.
- All right. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Let's chat.
Hey, if you want (SIGHS)
Fuck him and his dude-bluff.
Thanks for coming out.
- Appreciate it.
- ROMAN: Yeah.
LUKAS: I know it's not ideal.
ROMAN: Yeah, well,
it's not like our dad died yesterday.
It was a couple of days ago, so
Well, at least you
didn't find him yourself.
BMW still running.
- That shit can be traumatic.
- Right. Sure, sure.
- No sorries for Lukas?
- KENDALL: No, sure.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry, man.
- LUKAS: It's not a competition.
Um, saw that your little,
uh, kicky ball team,
they won a thing. They
did a win or something?
- Congrats on that.
- Oh, yeah, yeah. Thank you.
- Good dossier.
- Yep.
Do you wanna know what I have on you?
- So, do you want to maybe
- ROMAN: Uh, so, what's the, in terms of schedule
- KENDALL: We were thinking we could, uh
(CHUCKLES) Relax, guys.
It's just me, we can talk.
(LAUGHS) All right?
- (SIGHS) Okay.
- Okay?
So, what the fuck is this
place? What is this place?
Like, the fucking 50K wedding mill
for lawyers' daughters?
Bridal shots by the window?
LUKAS: Yeah, I know,
it's kind of bullshit.
But it's also
People thi Cool? I
don't give a fuck, honestly.
Can we get into it? I feel
like I want to say shit.
- Can we get into it? Or do you want me to wait?
- KENDALL: Yeah, yeah.
ROMAN: Yeah, yeah. Let's
get into it. We, um
We've come to say that,
um, we like your offer.
But we don't, as yet, think
it reflects the full valuation
of the potential of
what you're purchasing.
LUKAS: Okay.
And your stock dropped
20 percent on Friday?
KENDALL: And regained ten Monday.
Logan was never going to be part
of the company going forward.
I mean, in a business sense,
his absence is not relevant.
Our key growth drivers are unaffected
by our father's passing. The
dip is the dip. It's not
Yeah, but I I still feel like
I'm going to the checkout during a sale
and getting asked to pay more.
- A bit.
- Well, Lukas, if you were willing to pay 144 last week,
- shareholders won't like you looking opportunistic
- Yeah, can I interrupt you
- right there?
- I'd rather you didn't,
- but you already did, so
like to propose an offer.
I want to buy your entire operation.
For the price of one
single dollar.
- LUKAS: (LAUGHS) I'm kidding.
- That's really good.
That's funny.
- One single dollar. Ha ha.
- (LAUGHS) Sorry.
Sorry, man, your face
Um. (COUGHS) But I
I I do want ATN though.
Well, no. ATN's off the
table. Dad carved it out.
LUKAS: Yeah, I I'm
not sure it makes sense,
- and I want it back in.
- ROMAN: Uh, why?
- LUKAS: Why?
- ROMAN: Why?
LUKAS: Uh, why?
I feel like I don't
have to say why, do I?
It's the original deal.
Like it's it We have the shape.
This can be fast.
You can get the sugar
that you came looking for.
The price is what?
Oh, I don't think we're at price.
LUKAS: Like, 187 per share.
Fifty-fifty cash stock
for the whole thing.
Are you gonna tell me what you think?
- Yeah, yeah, sure.
- Sure.
- LUKAS: All right, maybe you guys haven't done this before,
but how it usually works
is I say something
and then you say something.
'Cause if you don't say
anything, some things
- tend to get a bit congealed
- Can I interrupt you? And say fuck off.
- Yeah, thanks for the pro tip.
- (LAUGHS) Okay.
ROMAN: Yeah, we just weren't, you know,
we weren't expecting that.
And, uh, I'm not sure that that works.
- LUKAS: It works.
- (CHUCKLES) Okay.
Yeah, well, we're not
sure that it does work.
It works.
Do Maybe you want to check in
with the boiled eggs out there?
KENDALL: Well, yeah,
this is a material change.
- We need to
- LUKAS: Of course, of course.
All that. Hundred percent, um
But do you like it?
Just between us.
Oh, you like it a little
bit, don't you? Right?
There's something there, huh?
You don't have to answer but
maybe an indication.
A bit of bubbles?
I think we're just gonna
take a beat actually.
We're just gonna Yeah?
- We'll talk later.
- Yeah.
ROMAN: (SIGHS) So fucking eager.
- We say? Yeah?
- Yeah, we say.
Hi. So the offer is
187, but he wants ATN.
- KARL: He's He's right there.
- ROMAN: Okay, well,
why don't you tuck
your boner away, Karl?
- FRANK: But he wants the deal?
- Yeah. He wants the deal.
And I think he knows
ATN is an emotive issue
and he's being a fucking asshole.
KARL: Oh, sure, sure, sure.
But excellent news, gents, huh?
- Excellent.
- ROMAN: Mm-hmm.
You effectively achieved a bump.
ROMAN: Yeah, we did amazing.
We're amazing people.
So we take it to the board.
Yeah, well, first, we
have to run through it
- and make sure it works.
- Where's Shiv?
- Oh, she went back down.
- Okay, well, we should talk to her too.
- Wow.
Yeah. Let's go do that.
- KARL: Excellent.
- Wow.
KENDALL: You think he's
just trying to fuck with us?
ROMAN: He actually wants
ATN, or is this a move
so that we ask to
subtract, and he goes low?
Who cares? What do we want?
Well, we want to keep it, right?
We do Dad's deal, keep ATN, we add PGN.
And you, me, and Shiv, you
know. The Three Fuckateers. Hey.
Uh, so, I just got a
bad rumor in my ears.
- What is it?
- Uh, apparently,
ATN has an open line to
Jeryd Mencken's campaign team
and they're just dialed in on
editorial morning conference.
- Did you know that?
- Uh, I did not know that.
Rome, if this comes out,
this blows any credibility.
ROMAN: Ooh. Yep.
- That's not okay. Rome.
- ROMAN: Yeah.
Yeah, I don't know, fucking
Cyd. Cyd's in operational charge.
- It's a mutual back scratch.
- Rome, even Dad had a line.
Look, Shiv, we can We should
We should get into that, it's not okay,
but, uh
But we do need to focus.
Big picture, we should discuss.
What do we think on ATN folded back in?
- Uh, ATN back in?
- Yeah.
Fuck, uh, well, then, yeah.
Sure, fine, get rid of it.
It's a toxic asset.
Uh, it's also Dad's pride and
joy, he died trying to keep?
Yeah, well, let's just keep
one of his old sweaters.
Less racist.
You know, there's leverage
in not looking too thirsty.
He needs to know that
if there's no deal,
we're good, we survive, thrive.
But do we? Like, can we?
Well, Ken and I have been
doing a pretty good job.
SHIV: (CHUCKLES) In the last 24 hours?
Price has stabilized,
markets seem to like us.
Yeah, the markets like that
you're selling to Matsson.
Mm-hmm. Well, Dad wanted to keep ATN.
Uh, yeah, but he also
wanted to poison Brezhnev
and and hang Mandela.
- It doesn't mean he's always right.
I think that overall,
he wanted the deal, so
Well, we don't know.
We we can't navigate by Dad maps.
- He's not here.
- I know he's not here.
I have a giant hole in my heart
and a 24-hour migraine and
I'm just saying, I
don't think we know if
Would he have done the deal?
Would he not have done the deal?
We don't We don't know.
You know what? Just
Let's get it done.
I don't really I don't Whatever.
Just get the deal done.
TOM: Okay, so we need to
play this very delicately.
Laid before you is a chessboard,
so every move is crucial.
So what have you got?
Matsson, pretty cold.
- Right.
- When he's fucking randos,
he does noise-cancelling headphones.
- Right.
- Podcasts.
He just lies back, cans on,
watches 'em slide the beanpole.
Okay. Well, I'm not sure
how I'm gonna use that to my advantage.
Um, and what about in
terms of the cage fighting?
Yeah, um, so some say
Ebba, some say Oskar
in terms of who's keeping the kill list.
Oh, so there is a kill list?
Oh, yeah, I have it on good authority.
- There's a kill list. Yeah.
- Right.
Like, eight, nine names. It's evolving.
Okay, I'm going in,
fuck it. I need profile.
But keep your eyes out, okay?
If I need a pawn sacrifice,
I'm going to give you the eyes.
Uh, can I take a beer,
please? Thank you.
The bankers will, uh, give
the number a yellow light,
so that gives us room for maneuvers.
- SHIV: Mm-hmm.
- KENDALL: Okay.
Hey, Greg, - What's, uh, what's up?
What's the counter?
- What?
- Just saying, yeah,
in case you guys want to
sling some ideas around.
Just within the safety of the Quad.
- The Quad?
- GREG: Yeah, the Quad Squad.
The the Roy Patrol.
The the old team.
The fucking the da family.
SHIV: Da fuck?
Yeah, maybe you could get
me a coffee or something.
I just I got a
feeling (WHISPERING)
- Hey.
- LUKAS: Hey!
Mind if I perch?
- Sure. No problem.
- Yeah, great.
Lukas, you remember, we we laughed.
We were at Sun Valley.
We we were mocking, uh,
Sundar's, uh, cargo shorts,
the creases, and the
- LUKAS: Okay. Yeah. Okay.
- Yeah. Yeah.
Well, we were just discussing,
uh, is France gonna make it?
Sorry, in terms of
As in Like, the
LUKAS: As in, like, will they
make Will France make it?
Birth rate, youth unemployment,
sclerotic state, um,
- fucking angry Arabs, all that.
- TOM: Right.
LUKAS: Will they make it,
or will they pull a Greece?
TOM: Well, what I I think
what you need to know about
from a well, from
a US news perspective,
is that we really don't give a fuck.
(LAUGHS) Uh, US is
US is late imperial, and we don't know.
Because we don't really wanna know.
You know, we have our own
Paris, and when it burns,
we'll build another.
GREG: Wow, Tom.
You know, I, uh, I read
a great article recently
- in The Economist about it
- Oh, excuse me? The Economist?
S'il vous plaît!
Tell us more. (CHUCKLES)
- No, well yeah
- TOM: No, no. Go on. Go on, go on.
GREG: Just in terms of
education and quality of life?
Old Lady France?
Fucking don't fucking bet
against the old fucking, uh
the the baguette, uh, you know
- The the baguette might be mightier than the bagel.
- Can I sorry who
Who are you? I don't
remember you from the list.
- GREG: Me?
- LUKAS: Yeah.
GREG: Well, therein hangs a tale.
Greg Hirsch. Ory. Gregory Hirsch.
He's a cousin. He's Logan's nephew.
- Wait. You serious?
- Mm-hmm.
He's my cousin. He's good.
There's There's more of them.
- There's
Wait. Are you You're
Are you all related?
- This is one big, uh, insular
- No, no.
- No, no, no.
- GREG: Just us.
- Yeah, you agree?
- I do. I do actually.
Are you done, or
I don't know, maybe it's
Yeah. Sorry, man. Sorry.
It's fine. I've just I've
seen enough of this shit.
But, uh, yeah, you do
you do what you like.
Yeah, we're just passing time
till you come up with a counter.
You wanna do this here?
All right.
- GREG: Thanks, Ken.
- KENDALL: Yeah.
- Give us a minute.
- GREG: Yeah.
Okay, well
I don't wanna preempt the board, but
my view Our view
it's not necessarily compelling.
Mm-hmm. We're running the numbers,
but we want to explore
options for us keeping ATN.
- Bad.
- ROMAN: We just wanna hear you
on price for Dad's deal. No ATN.
(CLICKS TONGUE) You don't want ATN.
- Okay, sure, but we kinda do.
- LUKAS: You don't.
I've been talking to Oskar,
and we see a way back.
KENDALL: You see a way back?
Okay. Wow. Okay. You
see a way back for our
phenomenally lucrative and
influential news operation?
- You gonna save that?
- LUKAS: Yeah, it's
- Thanks, bro.
It's It's fine, but
the graph is horrible.
Well, look. We're just
Honestly, we're concerned
about the fit, about your vision.
And with half our value
coming in stock, 50-50 split,
we stand to lose a lot of
value if you screw it up.
- So it's complicated.
It's not complicated.
I've seen it. It's, uh,
it's it's a lot of
yelling. Small men, big veins.
- Fat wallets.
- Sure, but long-term,
I don't think news for
angry, old people works.
I don't. I would fold it
in. Fat pipe that shit.
Make it more Bloomberg grey. You know?
Simple, cheap, huge.
- IKEA'd to fuck.
- Dude, I gotta say
I think maybe you don't
understand what you're buying.
And maybe that's why there's
a disconnect here on value.
Oh, sure. Lecture me, Vaulter guy.
Hey. Took a big swing.
If you look at experiences,
you look at the high
ceiling on parks, cruises,
from a trusted brand
(CHUCKLES) Did you call
it "a trusted brand?"
- KENDALL: Yeah.
- ROMAN: Yeah.
(CHUCKLES) No, no. It's a parts shop.
Good parts, yes. Bad brand.
Gotta say, I just think
fundamentally you're wrong.
Yeah, well, I don't care what you think.
You're a tribute band.
Uh we okay?
LUKAS: Yeah, we're okay. We're okay.
I'm just trying to
make you fucking rich.
Already rich.
on the offer I think
I am what I am what I am.
Okay, Popeye. We'll, uh,
we'll check in, take
it back to the board.
Right? Hate to see this break down.
LUKAS: Yeah, let's make it
work. Let's make it work.
- Okay.
- OSKAR: All right, it's time!
Time for sauna. (CHANTING) Sauna! Sauna!
- Sauna! Sauna! Sauna!
Come on. Sauna! Sauna! Sauna!
(CHUCKLES) Oh, my God.
Poor bastards.
Hanging in the window like Peking duck.
- Hey.
- SHIV: Hey.
Sorry about the shit weather here.
You should've been here last week.
Oh, yeah. Well, everything
was better last week.
So, Siobhan, this is
Ebba, our head of comms.
- EBBA: Hey.
- Hi.
Ebba is like an estrogen air freshener
we keep around to try to keep us,
uh (SNIFFS) smelling clean.
EBBA: It's okay, I keep notes.
When I walk, it either goes
in my book, or they pay me off.
You'll never walk. You fucking love it.
Oh, yeah. Uh-huh. I love it.
So, uh how bad was
this thing?
- This?
- Yeah.
The majestic stags sparring
with their memory foam hard-ons?
It was a breathtaking spectacle.
I like to fuck around.
I do. But but I like
to fuck around like
psilocybin at breakfast, you know?
- Uh-huh.
- When it comes to money, just
- say the fucking number.
- Uh-huh.
Sure. So, what am I?
The the messenger girl?
(CHUCKLES) Is it there?
Fucking deal?
Yeah, potentially.
It's potentially there.
Leave it to the expert ♪
Step aside ♪
And leave it to the expert ♪
You get it right ♪
When you leave it To the expert ♪
Step aside ♪
What do you think?
- Hmm?
- How does it feel?
Oh, yeah. I don't
know. Not great, but
also, I guess that's the thing, right?
We're selling. It's like
have we won or lost?
It's kinda hard to tell.
I think I'd like to tank the deal.
Keep ATN?
I think tank the whole deal.
Like, kill it. Blow it up.
Well, that's quite the high-risk
piece of fucking sword swallowing.
I like running the ship.
I think we're good at it.
And I don't want to
stop. I mean, do you?
Well, everyone wants the
deal. It's Dad's deal.
He's a bad fit.
- Yeah.
- You know it. He's a bad fit.
He doesn't get the company
and I think he's gonna fuck it.
We've seen him up close
and he's a card trick
and he's gonna destroy
everything Dad built.
You want to, uh
Wanna chew it with Shivy?
- I just think
- ROMAN: What?
Can Pinky dance?
I mean, no. Obviously not. But
KENDALL: You like it though.
Go from fucking weekend
warriors to bossing full-time?
Hmm. It's Dad's deal.
It just It feels
fucking do the deal. Finish
his breakfast, you know?
I don't know. What do
you think he would do?
- What do I think he would do?
- Yeah.
Exactly whatever the
fuck he wanted, right?
ROMAN: Well, that's right.
Well, we have to make him walk, right?
So that he thinks it's his call?
I mean, if the Old Guard
smells that we're getting smart,
they're gonna shit their
beans, go crying to the board,
- and we're fucking toast.
- Oh, yeah. Sure.
It's a fucking tightrope
walk on a straight razor.
Five-hundred-foot reputational drop.
Okay, but why is that making you smile?
That shouldn't make you smile.
Who likes tightrope
walking a straight razor?
- Nut bag.
- I just think it's fucking feel the force time.
Choose our adventure.
Full bore. Fuck the living
shit out of this thing.
You with me?
Yeah, let's do it.
Let's tank it. Let's fucking do it.
All right.
LUKAS: I've I can find it
hard to see the angles on people,
- you know.
- SHIV: Uh-huh.
Like, I I I get
into things, and then
(CHUCKLES) I don't have
I don't have very good boundaries.
I'm doing it now.
Okay, so I think
a meaningful bump
gets you over the line.
All right. Oh. So you're saying
if I keep offering
more and more money
eventually, I'll get it.
- Hmm.
- Ah.
Hey, thanks, top mind.
- Oh, you got it.
What do you think of Ebba?
Uh, yeah. I don't know.
Ebba is not good.
- SHIV: Mm?
- She's very, um
Like she won't let me in.
- What's your Karolina like?
- Oh, she's good.
Yeah, she's solid.
- Here.
- Sure.
LUKAS: Well, I
I might be in a bit of a pickle.
- Uh-huh. Yeah?
- Yeah. People are judging me.
- SHIV: Yeah?
- Yeah.
Lots of judging.
So, what's going on with
your husband situation thing?
Oh, uh
Well, we're fucked.
It's a disaster.
I broke his heart and
he broke mine
and we lost our footing.
I don't know.
Hey, I'm not gonna
give you the whole backstory
and everything, but, um
I was I was seeing this girl,
and, um, after we broke up
because of some things that we said, uh,
when things were nice
and intense, you know,
as sort of a nasty, uh,
friendly joke about
about what I shouldn't do, um
I sent her some of my blood.
- Oh, okay.
- Uh
A half-a-liter frozen blood brick.
- As a joke, obviously.
- Uh, half a liter?
- Yeah.
- Wow.
- And then
- Well, I mean, obviously,
- first of all, good one.
- Yeah.
Well, she got a bit weirded
when I did that, but I, uh
Um, I just kept doing it.
Again, and again, and again.
And then, it it became not a joke
and then a joke again.
And and now, it's
apparently not a joke.
- Uh-huh.
- Yeah.
Uh, this is
Uh, well, who is this?
It's Ebba.
Actually, it's, uh
Yeah. It's a bit
It it's a bit, uh
- A com complex situation.
- Hmm.
LUKAS: But what I'll I'll just
deny it, right?
I'll call bullshit
and just lawyer it out.
Oh, well, yeah.
Deniability is difficult,
given she has so much of your blood.
Man, your head of comms?
I don't know who you
got advising you on this,
but whatever they're telling you,
you gotta 10x it.
'Cause people, you know,
people don't know you,
and if this acquisition goes through,
US media are gonna be all over you.
So if you're the creepy stalker guy
who sits in the dark writing code,
dripping into an IV bag,
and harassing his
direct reports, it's
it's gonna have an economic impact.
- It's bad.
- Well
Uh, three-point PR plan
just off the top of my head.
Point one
Might be hard for you, but
stop sending people your blood.
Uh, and then, you know,
like catch and kill maybe?
Or just have like a really open meeting.
- Hmm.
- Do not Don't fire her.
- No?
- Yeah, you know,
Gerri would be good
on this. And I can
I can give you in
some informal advice
- if you like.
- I would like that.
I would.
I like you.
You're cool.
You're not judgy, and you you
(CHUCKLES) Thanks.
You can take a joke.
I like that.
Like your dad.
- Hey, Kenny.
- KENDALL: Greg, hey.
Listen, I need some help.
- GREG: Well, yeah, sure.
- Okay.
What do you got? What do you got for me?
Uh, I have a contact.
They're gonna be
calling you on this line.
GREG: Uh-huh.
- Any additional context? Or
- KENDALL: Yeah, no.
You're just telling a
journalist the truth,
which is that nobody's getting along,
the two cultures don't mesh,
and the deal vibes are bad.
Okay. Yeah. Sour the vibes
to give us juice in the room.
- Yeah, something like that.
- Am I right?
- Yeah.
- Quad Squad. That
- It's Quad Squad type shit.
- Yeah.
- You can do that?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Oh, yeah.
- Jess, I need you to liaise with their AV guy.
- Yeah. Okay, yeah.
Set up a screening.
Kalispitron: Hibernation, rough cut.
Uh, 4K, fucking giant
screen, full three hours.
- Uh, for when? For
- Tomorrow morning.
Sure. Yeah.
ACTOR: It's waking up!
me from my hibernation.
GREG: Killing off GoJo members
one by one like Kalispitron.
- Hey.
- GREG: Or Zanaplax.
KENDALL: In 4DX, they move,
they shoot water at you.
Hey, you seen this?
Nasty little piece about out here?
You know, no one getting
along, bad vibes
You know where this is coming from?
GREG: Them. I'm sure.
They're probably trying
to put the squeeze on you.
Hear you were getting pretty
close with Lukas last night?
Yeah, you jealous? Just, you know,
working the case, looking for angles.
Right. You get anything we can use?
- Where you going?
- Yeah, I'm gonna go back.
It's so intriguing.
I mean, honestly, no. I
think he wants ATN for real,
and he's gonna go high to get it.
So, what's the plan?
- Up on the ridge. Crunch time.
- KENDALL: Okay, pitch is,
we retain ATN and we'll bite at 146.
Or he takes ATN, but
we need a crazy premium.
- Good?
- KARL: Yeah.
- FRANK: Very good.
- GERRI: Good.
- Good.
- Yeah.
- Good. Great.
- ROMAN: Yeah, let's go.
KENDALL: Let's take it to the ridge.
GREG: Rock it.
- GREG: Rock it, fellas
- ROMAN: Shut Shut up.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Oh, what are you
hearing? I hear that, uh,
Jimenez thinks he's gonna be tap dancing
- across Lake Michigan.
- You know,
- you should be careful, Tom.
- Why?
These people are coming down
from molly, and their pupils?
They're dilated.
And your shoes are
like looking at the sun.
- No, they're dangerous.
TOM: What are you doing?
What are you doing?
- What are you doing?
- I'm helping you, Tom.
This is why people
don't take you seriously,
'cause your shoes are so fucking white.
Your earlobes are thick and chewy.
- What the fuck?
- Yeah, like barnacle meat.
How was your little chat with Lukas?
- It was good.
- Yeah.
I mean, he's boring, but he's
very conventionally attractive.
He's broad. I used to
think you were broad,
but you're, you know,
compared to him, you're wiry.
You're like a fucking spelunker.
ROMAN: Jesus fucking
Christ. Goddamn it. (SIGHS)
- What?
- That's some fucking
Connor Dad, it's
But it's not Dad It's
Fucking sent a picture. Jesus Christ.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Yeah.
Do you wanna see it?
- No, I don't.
- Yeah.
I don't Is it
is it okay?
No. I mean, yeah, it's
fine. It's fine, it's not
It's just Fuck!
Sending out cool tweets?
- LUKAS: Hey!
- Hi.
People are fucking tiny, right?
But not us. Not us.
So, thanks for the
link. I saw the movie.
Yeah, no worries. You know, it's, uh,
early cut, still some work, but
- LUKAS: Yeah?
- we're excited.
- It's the big one.
- LUKAS: Oh, yeah?
KENDALL: Yeah. I mean, it
needs to be, strategically.
- You know, few issues, but but exciting.
- ROMAN: Yeah. But you know.
"Everything is fine"
is the headline, so
I feel like there's a
"but" in here somewhere.
Yeah. I mean, yeah. I mean,
the first two hours of the movie
is a sleeping robot, but we can fix it.
We got control of the
cut. But the lowdown is,
is that it's spiraling
and tomorrow, or
soon, there's gonna be a press thing
about it being "in crisis" or whatever,
something like that.
You know, Hollywood's always
in fucking crisis, right?
- Yeah, right. Right.
But it's a big one, huh?
Yeah, fucking LA
studio's out of control.
It's cultural issues,
but, you know, it's cool.
- ROMAN: Mm-hmm.
- The fix is easy. We only
We only flag it so you
know we're not hiding.
All right. I appreciate that. Thanks.
guys. Uh (SNIFFS)
Are are you for real?
- What?
- The movie.
And what about these
fucking press stories?
(CHUCKLES) Are you
Scooby-Dooing me here?
Is that where you went?
Hanna-Barbera fucking business school?
You're telling me the
theme parks are haunted
and your big movie is shitty?
Are you tanking the deal?
- No, man. No.
- No.
We're just being open.
Look, on our models
and the bank's models
- Oh. Yeah, yeah.
- I think there needs to be more value
for the board to get conviction on this.
Right. The banks. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
The banks, of course.
KENDALL: Also the pace.
You know, we we we
might need to slow it down
a little. It's a behemoth.
- Uh-huh.
- ROMAN: Slow it down a bit.
And we got the election coming up,
and then there'll be the transition,
and we have relationships, so, you know,
in terms of regulatory issues
Yeah, I preferred doing
this with your dad.
ROMAN: Mm-hmm?
I mean, he was a prick,
but at least he knew what he wanted.
Okay. Pedant's corner.
Our dad was not a prick, okay?
LUKAS: All right, sure. But he was.
There are just some
issues, is the honest truth.
- Fucking streamers, studio news, it's a lot.
- LUKAS: Yeah.
- Yeah, I need to make this happen fast. Okay?
- Totally. Totally.
We're committed, but,
you know, this is a
It's a long-distance run.
It's not a sprint.
I think he'd be embarrassed
if he saw you two now.
His two big boys playing Scooby-Doos.
Am I gonna have to go around you?
Talk directly to the board?
Talk to the old ones?
ROMAN: Yeah. Um
Hey, I was just
thinking. Do you remember
when you asked me when
my dad was gonna die?
- Yeah, that was a joke, Roman.
- ROMAN: Uh-huh.
You really couldn't push
this a week, could you?
You just couldn't like
There was no part of you
that could just be like,
"Hey, let's reschedule and
move this 'cause, you know,
their dad just died and, you know."
I mean, my sister's kinda
She's fucked up about it,
and my brother's a mess,
and I'm fucking I'm gone.
I'm like I'm on the fucking
I'm dead. It's over for me.
It's okay, it's fine.
But you just drag us out here,
you inhuman fucking dogman. You
- Crazy.
- Easy, brother.
You fucking killed him
too. You're the one who did it.
You just And you did. You
drained the life out of him.
You dragged this thing
out for six fucking months,
and then you bring us out here now.
You couldn't wait like a few days.
You actually couldn't do
that for us. No idea, huh?
- This is good, Rome.
- Yeah, shut the fuck up, man.
We're not selling to
you. Okay? We're not doing that.
We are gonna grind you down, man.
We are sand in the gears.
Every e-mail is gonna
take like six months.
We're all gonna spend hundreds
of millions of dollars,
and in the end, you're gonna
get fucking bored and move on.
It's not happening, okay?
- Really?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I fucking hate you.
And if you tell the
board I said any of this,
I'm just gonna say it
was a negotiating tactic,
and you know what? Maybe it is.
- But it's not. So fuck you.
- Oh, wait, wait, wait.
- You just fucked yourself.
- Did I?
- Good.
- Really?
- Yeah. (CHUCKLES)
- Good.
- Did you hear what your little brother said here?
- Did you hear what I said?
- ROMAN: Did you hear it? Yeah.
- LUKAS: Was that clear?
ROMAN: You know, it's uh,
it's a negotiating
tactic, you stupid cunt.
- LUKAS: All right. Okay.
- It is.
You piece of shit!
LUKAS: Did You heard that, right?
KENDALL: It wasn't the
plan, but maybe it plays.
ROMAN: Mm-hmm. You know, if
a deal collapses in the woods
and no one hears it,
is it an SEC violation?
RAY: All right, I feel
like he looks solemn.
- Maybe danger, maybe no deal?
- No, no. Ken's unreadable.
It's Roman you wanna eyeball.
I think they got it over the line.
- You?
Oh. You.
How are you?
Thanks for ca Oh.
Hey, it's Mattson.
- Mattson.
- Mattson.
- FRANK: Yeah. Oh, oh.
- Yeah?
FRANK: Uh, okay.
Well, uh, thank you.
Uh, do I would be glad
to pass that message along.
Would you like to speak
to one of them yourself?
They're both
Revised offer.
- One-ninety-two.
- KARL: Wow
Five-dollar bump, okay!
GERRI: Wow, he really wanted ATN.
FRANK: Hey, it's a home run, boys.
Hail the conquering heroes.
GERRI: Your dad would be really proud.
- KENDALL: Wow. One-ninety-two?
- ROMAN: You're welcome.
- Amazing.
- KARL: Yeah, very good.
- Excellent.
- Yeah.
KENDALL: Let's run the numbers
and take it to the board.
- Right.
- KENDALL: Shall we?
- Good, good. Yeah, terrific. Wow.
- KENDALL: Okay.
KARL: One-ninety-two. It's undeniable.
- KARL: We came, we saw, we pillaged.
We raided the Vikings.
- Yes!
- Are you kidding me?
- One-ninety-two.
- Great job, guys.
- ROMAN: Thanks.
- Thanks, Jess.
So there's, uh, apparently a deal.
- TOM: Deal?
- Yeah, Matsson takes ATN,
the whole caboodle.
- Okay.
- SHIV: Mm-hmm.
Oh, come on, Tom, you can be happy.
It's, you know, it's The Great Escape.
Well, we'll see.
- Mm-hmm.
- TOM: We'll see. Yeah.
Yeah, we're looking
at some moves at ATN.
I'm not happy, so.
Oh. Okay.
- You're really gonna do this?
- SHIV: Mm-hmm. Yeah.
Cyd's getting too close to Mencken.
Yeah, she's really just
She's just a little bit
power-crazed post-Dad,
so she's gotta go.
Oh. You think?
Mm-hmm. Yeah, you wanna let her know?
- Sure. Uh, sure. Yeah.
- Oh.
Don't get an erection, Tom. It's weird.
You wanna get dinner when we get back?
- Uh Well, I don't know.
Hang on. Important call.
- Hey.
- LUKAS: Are you with your brothers?
SHIV: Mm-hmm.
Could you send me a
photo of their faces?
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, sure.
- HUGO: Congrats, congrats, congrats.
HUGO: What what
what's going on there?
- GERRI: I don't know. It's
- HUGO: What is that? Is that Is that the kill list?
- It is, isn't it?
GERRI: It's just, uh, Jess managed
- to get a hold of something.
- Yeah, yes, it is.
- Um, uh, early draft.
GoJo finance list of
potential severance costs.
It's highly provisional.
It's it's caveated,
subject to change.
It would just be an interpretation.
Come on, Gerri. Don't leave us hanging.
Who's on it?
GERRI: Okay, if you insist.
In seemingly no particular order,
um, just, uh, potentially surplus
to requirements are
- Ray.
- God fucking damn it.
- GERRI: Mark.
- Shit.
- GERRI: Hugo.
- That slalom motherfucker!
Naturally. It's just speculation.
GERRI: Karl.
Let the good times roll.
Wait, wait. What about Karolina?
- Um
- Okay.
She's not on the list, so retained.
- Retained. Okay.
- FRANK: And you?
- HUGO: Congratulations.
- KAROLINA: Thank you.
Uh, also not on the list.
Tom? What about Tom?
Tom must be on the list.
- GERRI: Mm.
- Oh, my God.
- GERRI: I don't see him.
- HUGO: Great fucking trip.
Highly fucking productive.
So much for being raised by wolves.
SHIV: Congratulations, you guys.
Nothing to it. Right?
- One-ninety-two.
- SHIV: We did it.
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