Succession (2018) s04e04 Episode Script

Honeymoon States

Hi. Hello.
Good morning, Siobhan.
Sorry to bother you today.
Oh. Uh, hey. Sharon. Uh, hi. No problem.
DR. HASFORD: I wanted to discuss
your results and I didn't know,
but I thought you would
want the chance to be aware,
if you're up to it.
- Yeah, sure. Okay. (GRUNTS)
DR. HASFORD: I won't draw it out.
It's a good result.
The journey we went on
with the amniocentesis
after what the blood test showed us
- everything looks healthy.
Okay. Good.
DR. HASFORD: Great. And you're
still well? No spotting, no bleeding?
No. No.
Well, in terms of all the
results I have for you,
there is nothing I think we
should be concerned about.
Mm-hmm. Okay.
- Great.
- DR. HASFORD: So, Davina will reach out
to make an appointment
for your 20-week scan.
But I'm thinking of you at this time.
And if there's anything I can do
Okay. Great. Thank you. Thanks, Sharon.
HUGO BAKER: You know, you fucked me.
You fucked me right in the ass here.
What you've done, Juliet,
is you've taken a strap-on
and you fucked me
right in the ass, yeah?
Call me. Please.
- DOORMAN: Have a seat.
- Thank you.
- I will see you later.
- GUEST 1: Okay.
MARCIA: Yeah. Thanks.
- Hello, Marcia.
- Hi, Kendall. Hi.
Mes condoléances.
Sorry for your loss.
- Thank you. Uh, likewise.
- MARCIA: Yes.
It's a terrible shock.
And, uh, where where have you
When did you get in?
We spoke every morning and afternoon,
- so I came as soon as I heard.
Yeah, I mean, uh
I honestly I didn't
think you guys were
- You know?
- We were very close.
It was complicated,
but we spoke intimately every evening.
- Right. Okay. Um
- Graham, Janet.
- We're so sorry.
MARCIA: Thank you so, so much
- for your sending of flowers.
- Praying for you, Ken.
- KENDALL: Oh, thank you.
GUEST 2: It's so nice
to see you, dear one.
- Hey, brother.
- CYD PEACH: Sorry, Ken.
Thank you. Thanks, Cyd. (INHALES DEEPLY)
Sorry for your loss.
- So sorry, Kendall.
- Thank you, Penny. Thanks.
Thanks, Mark.
- SHIV ROY: Hey.
- How you doing?
- Hey.
- SHIV ROY: Hey.
What's up with Marcia?
- Oh, the belle of the ball?
- Mm. Death becomes her. (CHUCKLES)
And, like, where where's
You know, where's Kerry?
Uh. In Marcia's trunk.
Inside an anaconda.
Inside a sarcophagus.
SHIV: You know that
Marcia hasn't seen Dad
in, like, seven weeks.
Says on his calendar.
Intimate calls every night.
- Did you get that one?
- No.
I think I might sue her for making
me think of Dad doing phone sex.
Oh. Yeah. No. I could do a
phone sex bit if you want.
I just thought you
wouldn't be in the mood.
Yeah, I'm actually I'm fine.
Like, I'm sure it'll
crush me, eventually.
Freight train a-coming! But
today I'm Yeah, I'm okay.
- Yeah?
- ROMAN ROY: Yeah.
I feel knocked out.
- Yeah.
- I didn't sleep.
I wonder if maybe I've just
thought about it so much,
one way or another that I don't know,
- I've maybe pre-grieved.
- Well, good for you. I mean,
I don't believe you, but
No. Well. (CHUCKLES)
Either way, we should, you know, huddle
- 'cause
- ROMAN: Yeah, yeah.
for some of us, it's
a sad day. But for others,
it's Coronation Demolition Derby.
ROMAN ROY: Mm-hmm.
- KENDALL: What's the schedule?
- Uh.
Work call is 11:00, I think.
Hey. How we doing?
KARL MULLER: Oh, you know.
It's so strange being here
- KARL: Yeah.
- without him.
Indeed. Indeed. So, what have I missed?
Mm. A lot of incoming.
- Lot of incoming.
- KARL: Yes.
- Presidents. Prime ministers.
Just trying to keep everything stable.
Board on the line in, what,
an hour, to pick a new top dog.
And what's your sense, Frank?
What are the, uh, CEO vibes?
Would anyone care for
a look at the china?
He was gonna fire half that room.
Do people know that? Should
we get that out there?
No. We don't want it to
look like a shit show.
You know, it's chaos narratives
fratricide narratives, bad narratives.
- Hey. Hey, guys.
- Hi.
I'm I'm sorry. I'm
sorry for your loss.
- Thanks, man.
- ROMAN: Thank you.
It's just great that we can all
The family can support each other
and stay strong through this.
- Thanks, Greg.
My guys.
My lovely guys.
Okay. Hey, hey. You
know, we're not, like,
playing Chutes and Ladders.
Okay? Our dad just died.
- And
- GREG: No, I'm sorry.
- I'm sad.
- ROMAN: Mm.
And just thinking about
how things will shake down.
Right? There's the board
meeting coming up
any minute, and I talked to
Ewan and he'll have a say.
- So
- ROMAN: You You need to get
- a new mommy. Okay?
We're not your mommy.
I'm I'm getting a call
here. Could you maybe
- Thanks, Greg.
- Yeah. No, I mean it. Seriously.
- Fuck right on off. Thank you. Uh.
- GREG: Sorry, guys.
Matsson. Do I?
- Uh.
- ROMAN: Yeah.
just Let's Let's
- just do five
- Yeah.
And get our ducks in a
row. Yeah? I mean, we
We fucking blurt and he
puts it on his socials,
and suddenly we sold
Manhattan for glass beads.
- Right?
- Okay. I'll let it ring out.
So, the aim is,
we'd like to make an announcement today.
Stating who we think would
take over in the interim,
- ready for Monday.
- Right. And here's my position.
I wonder if we don't wanna
take control of the plane here.
Yeah, well. The I guess
the first thing is the GoJo deal.
The board, the shareholders,
everyone's very keen.
- So
- No, exactly. And I tell you,
I worry about the kids'
commitment to the deal.
GERRI KELLMAN: If we called
around the board, Frank,
you would hold a lot of sway
on the interim appointment.
They'd like senior
management input, yeah.
Right, and if the message
we gave was to be, you know,
"But that the kids are are"
Screw ups and dipshits.
Maybe, uh, not
constitutionally well-equipped
- at this point
- to take on the role.
- FRANK: Yeah.
I guess the question
then, uh, would just be,
"Who might we favor?"
Gerri, obviously, is
a safe pair of hands.
- She's done it recently.
- Yeah.
Although, obviously, generally speaking,
the CFO might be considered
the natural interim.
- Yeah.
- GERRI: Mm.
I guess you've already had
your tilt at the windmill on here.
Exactly. I've already done
it. And quite successfully.
- And it's an interim role
- Oh.
to do the deal. I'd get it done.
Buckle you into your
golden parachute, Karl.
Don't push me out the
plane so fast there, Gerr.
- Well, with the old man gone,
I can't help but wonder
if I don't have a little left to give.
Look. I think you're a corporate legend.
What you did in the '90s with cable?
- Huge.
- Logan was souring on you.
- Well, Logan's not around anymore.
- Oh.
- I would just like to say
- Yeah.
to this senior group of
very respected greybeards
that all I have ever personally asked
is the chance to serve.
I mean, I'm sick with grief.
- Oh. You're sick with grief?
- TOM: But I
Well, you might wanna
put down that fish taco.
You're getting your
melancholy everywhere.
TOM: Very funny, but
were the opportunity to arise,
all I would say is
that if there's a ring,
my hat's in, respectfully.
Well, I would just say, um,
if we were to recommend
you to the board
- TOM: Mm-hmm.
- the question they might ask,
would (STAMMERS) Can can
Can I frame the question for you?
- But as a friend.
- Sure.
- KARL: Just so so you'd be
- Sure.
be prepared. The
negative case would go
(CLICKS TONGUE) you're a
clumsy interloper and no one trusts you.
The only guy pulling for you is dead.
And now, you're just married
to the ex-boss' daughter.
(CHUCKLES) And she
doesn't even like you.
And you are fair and squarely fucked.
Jesus, Karl.
Uh. Frank.
- Can I grab you for a second?
- FRANK: Oh, sure. Yeah.
PHONE) Hi. This is, uh,
Oskar on Lukas's phone.
Um. Oh, hey, Oskar.
Uh, this is Roman Roy.
Uh. Lukas called but
I was just rounding up
my chimpanzee friends
'cause they wanna say hi too.
Is he there?
OSKAR: Uh. Oh, uh. No. He,
uh He won't now, he says.
ROMAN: Uh. Yeah, okay. All right.
Um, so can you get him, please?
OSKAR: Yeah, well. He was
he was calling last chance,
unfortunately, because,
y'know, we we have this, uh,
a company strategy sesh this week.
Hey, this is Kendall. Come on, man.
(GRUNTS) We dropped a call
because we wanted to all be on
out of respect. Can you grab him?
It wasn't a power play.
OSKAR: Oh, sure, man. No,
that's cool. No, we know.
It's, uh This isn't from him.
He's just on a super tight schedule now.
Okay. Well, does he
just not wanna say hi?
You know, is he still
buying the company?
(OSKAR CHUCKLES) Oh, sure, man.
Maybe, if you don't
squeeze too tight. No, no.
He's, uh He's excited
to speak to you guys.
Uh. Who will be leading?
Uh. We're just huddling on that now.
- We're a pretty fluid group.
- Yeah.
But listen, it seems like maybe
your retreat has come at a good time.
You guys get your ducks in a row.
We do our board, pick our captain.
We can reconfigure
in a week or whatever.
OSKAR: Yeah. Well, we d we don't
we don't wanna lose momentum.
Uh-huh. Okay. No, nor us.
Uh. Y you obviously
know what happened here
yesterday, right?
OSKAR: Oh, sure. Yeah, yeah.
We really feel for you guys.
Bad one.
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, bad one.
Thank you for that. Thanks.
OSKAR: Yeah. Yeah. But,
you know, could you guys
or whoever, one of
the old guys you have,
like, be here in 24 hours to do this?
Y Sorry, our our dad just died,
and we have the election coming up.
Uh. How would you feel about
doing a meet in the U.S.?
OSKAR: To have here This
This is the annual retreat.
We can't just drop it.
Oh. No. I totally see that. Fine.
- GREG: Marcia.
- Yeah.
I am so sorry for your loss.
Thank you. See how they run.
GREG: Yes. Scurrying like little rats.
- Hi, Marcia.
- I'm so sorry for your loss.
MARCIA: Thank you. (KISSES)
- To you too, Connor.
- Okay. Hi.
- Oh.
- CONNOR ROY: Thank you.
- Marcia, we'll catch up later.
- Yeah, of course.
- Okay.
- Congratulations.
- WILLA FERREYRA: Hmm. Thank you.
- Look how far you've come.
- Yup.
- Well, look at us both. Right?
Um. I'm sorry about everything. I mean,
after your wedding, to have to do this.
Oh. Uh, we're gonna head off next week.
You know, we've got a
little trip planned out.
- WILLA: Hmm.
- Wisconsin, Minnesota,
Michigan, Pennsylvania.
Mm, the honeymoon states. (CHUCKLES)
- Ah.
- WILLA: Yeah, sorry.
- (QUIETLY) I'm just gonna
- Right. Hmm.
CONNOR: I wanted to say, because
these things could happen in a flash.
But if and when the time comes
for you to consider selling this place,
- I would be
I'm worried to even say the words.
- But I I would be I
- MARCIA: No need to be ashamed.
We're family.
I will be looking for
between 60 and 70 million.
Oh, right. Okay. Wow.
- MARCIA: Yeah.
- So, like
- Sixty-three or
- Done.
- Done?
- MARCIA: Yeah. Done.
- Done.
- Great.
- FRANK: Karl, hey.
- KARL: Mm-hmm.
Come here a second. I wanna
talk to you about something.
In my role as executor,
I've, uh, had passed to me
a rather worrying piece of paper.
- Mm.
M'kay. And
- Who else knows?
As of now, as far as I
know, just you and me.
So what are you thinking?
Well, I honestly didn't
even wanna start thinking
till you were here.
I mean, could it, might it just go away?
I mean, it might get lost.
I hope it doesn't.
But what if your hand
goes a little wobbly
and the draft takes it away,
and it gets flushed
down a toilet by mistake.
- I'm kidding, of course.
- No, sure, you're
You're speculating in a comic mode.
- Yeah. In a humorous vain.
- Mm-hmm.
We're not gonna let the little
princess screw things up.
Right, Frank? If Gerri's
going to block me, I want out.
I want my fucking package.
I am halfway in on a Greek island
- Mm.
- with my brother-in-law.
- Say, what's up, boys?
- FRANK: Oh. Hi.
- (CHUCKLES) Okay, um, well
- Well,
I've just been handed
a piece of paper, Gerri.
Uh. It's, uh It has a list of wishes
in the event of Logan's death.
- Funeral arrangements, so on.
- May I?
KARL: Mm-hmm. Paragraph three.
And where was this found?
In his private safe.
And this penciled addendum is what?
We haven't touched it.
The underline in the pencil is his.
Undated, apparently.
Not even shared with his
lawyer or myself, so
So, what are you thinking?
Well, legally, since the family
doesn't have full control,
- legally, it it wouldn't
- GERRI: Legally,
it's up to the board to
decide who's next, so
- FRANK: Right.
- this is not germane.
Right, it's not germane. Not germane.
We were joking that it
could fall in the toilet.
Yes. Well, that is a very funny joke.
(WHISPERS) You know,
they say it's a bad idea to
make big decisions right after
Sure. But they also say
it's pretty smart not
to pay realtors fees.
And it's such a bitch to get
into these good buildings.
- WILLA: All right, well
- CONNOR: Hey, guys.
- ROMAN: Hey.
- KENDALL: Hey, Con.
- Hey.
- CONNOR: How are we faring?
- How are you?
- Oh, you know.
Seen the obits?
Hmm. Sure. You like the Globe photo?
you guys ever see him laugh like that?
Only if a hobo was on fire.
Yeah. I mean, to be honest,
uh, Dad sounds amazing.
I'd like to have met Dad.
But you guys are okay, really?
- Mm-hmm.
- ROMAN: Yeah.
Yeah, Roman has pre-grieved.
Already gave at the office.
They don't fucking believe me.
You know, from where I'm sitting,
you're the ones that look naive, okay?
I've been worried that this
was gonna happen for ages.
(SMACKS LIPS) How you doin'?
- I have no clue.
- ROMAN: Hmm.
- I'm okay.
- ROMAN: Yeah?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
- You okay?
- Me?
You're gonna laugh but in
the middle of the night,
I did a talk,
like, a session. My
therapist recommended someone,
and I got to him and
he's he's kind of good.
I have his number if you want.
Like, it's dumb but there's
actually things you can do.
I mean, sounds like you've
got the best grief guy.
(CHUCKLES) I have a
great grief guy. Fuck you.
You're gonna destroy this.
Hi, guys. Uh, some more hard copies.
- Obituaries.
- ROMAN: Ah. The reviews are in.
- Great.
Yeah. They're mostly five stars.
And I think the board
will assemble now at noon.
Okay, thanks, Hugo.
- Okay. Uh. Ken.
- KENDALL: Yeah?
Can I, um Can I ask you something?
Just for one second, sorry,
just something quickly.
- Yeah.
- HUGO: Just take a second.
- SHIV: Uh-huh.
- Oh.
(SIGHS) Ken, um, I may have, um
(WHISPERS) caught myself up
in a little bit of something.
Uh. Probably nothing but, uh
I'm I'm sorry to
bother you with this.
- Okay. What?
I just found out that my daughter,
she happened to sell a
bunch of Waystar stock
just before the news about
your father went, um
- went public.
- Uh-huh.
A total coincidence.
But I, uh I don't want it
to come up as an issue, y'know?
Did you speak to her on the day?
What are the phone records gonna say?
I can't recollect.
(SIGHS) Hugo.
I don't even have a
relationship with Juliet,
that's the sad fact.
The irony is, we hardly talk and, uh
Thanks, Ken.
- Anything good?
The Courier. You need a
code book for this one. You ready?
ROMAN: Yeah.
- "A complicated man."
- Threw phones at staff.
- It's good.
- "Sharp reader of the national mood."
Uh. He's a bit racist.
(CHUCKLES) Well, then. "He was
very much a man of his era."
- Again, racist.
- ROMAN: Mm-hmm.
Also, relaxed about sexual assault.
"Business genius."
- Never paid a penny in U.S. tax.
- Oh, that's Yeah.
- Boom.
- "Well connected."
ROMAN: "Well connected."
Now, that's not fair.
I feel like well-connected is
generally accepted to be
a euphemism for pedophile,
and no one ever suggested
that he would, you know
- KENDALL: Fuck a child.
- Yeah.
He wouldn't even hug his grandkids.
- (LAUGHS) Aw.
Hey, guys. Sorry. Uh. I think they
wanna see you up in the library.
(GRUNTS) All right, let's go.
- Hey, Ken.
- Hey, Tom.
- Hey, um, Ken, I just wanted to say, you know,
I know there's a lot of water
under the bridge, a lot of history.
But as far as I am concerned,
the the big man passing
cleaned the slate. So,
yeah. I just Yeah.
I just wanna say that and
you know, I wish, maybe,
- there's some things
I could maybe take back, some words.
And I'm sorry for your
loss. But I want you to know
that I'm that I'm
here to serve. Right here.
I like you, Tom.
Good luck.
- FRANK: Hey.
- KARL: Hello.
- Hello.
- Yeah. Come on in. Have a seat.
What's up? Yeah, I know. We're in. Okay?
- No, thanks.
- FRANK: How are you doing?
- Yeah. Hanging in. (SIGHS)
- So, look. Uh
I'm one of the executors
of your dad's affairs.
- SHIV: Mm.
- FRANK: This is not a legal matter.
But certain wishes have been discovered.
And it appears at a
certain point, undated,
it was suggested that it
was your dad's wish that
Kendall take over as CEO.
- Uh. Uh-huh. Eh. Uh. From when?
- Well, it was in the safe.
Uh. Between pieces on
the Raymada acquisition
and the first U.S. Virgin
Islands reorganizations.
- So, it's
- KARL: It's old. It's it's
So, as far as we can tell,
from four years ago or so.
KARL: Yeah. Then, it
looks like there are
pencil addendums from another time, I
GERRI: We don't know
its status. And I mean
- it doesn't hold any legal value.
But we wanted you to know,
but we wouldn't want it to feel
more significant than it should.
FRANK: Because the family no
longer has majority control
of Waystar, so any such
suggestions are non-binding.
Dad was the founder.
- So
- FRANK: O of of course,
it is from some time
ago and things changed.
And Logan was a man of different moods.
Yeah. Yeah.
There are some additions in pencil
that he put in about artifacts.
- Uh. And I think
FRANK: We think from context,
uh, they were added maybe
in the last 18 months.
KENDALL: Oh. So, he underlined recently?
- Underlined or crossed out?
- Shiv.
Oh, no, no, no. I'm not
saying for or against.
I'm just As a matter of fact, it's
- Are you serious?
- SHIV: I mean,
- it's kinda
- I mean Okay. Okay,
let me see the thing.
It's underlined or
crossed out, it doesn't
It doesn't really matter because it's
Legally, it's the board,
- yeah, who will choose.
- GERRI: Exactly.
The market, the shareholders, the board,
we all want the sale to go through.
So, it's an interim position, really.
Sure. I mean, anyone could do that.
And since he said I mean I mean,
- he has said
- (ROMAN SIGHS) I mean, Ken.
Sure, man. I get it. But
like, this this thing is old
and you've tried to
put him in jail, like,
- twelve times since then. So
I wonder what was the, you know
(CHUCKLES) the underlining
or the crossing out
and the unknown age
if it The document
isn't essentially moot.
You know, it's im
Impossible to decipher.
Well, it sure as fucking
shit doesn't say "Shiv."
- Um. So, what else
is in the fucking Can
you I don't wanna
Music, burial in the city,
Catholic. You can see.
Should I get Greg now?
- FRANK: Hmm.
- KARL: Just clear this up.
- Excuse me.
There's a mix of, uh,
business and personal.
A watch for Colin.
Honestly, it looks like
he drafted it himself,
never sent it to his lawyer
and just put it in the safe.
- FRANK: Mm-hmm.
- I mean, mo more of
a selection of musings, really.
Some thoughts on the tax position
- or some artwork in storage.
- What what does he have?
He's got, like, a shit ton of,
like, investment impressionisms.
Right? Like, he's
got, uh, three Gauguins
no one's seen for tax reasons, so
FRANK: I think his suggestion was,
it might be smart tax-wise
to just leave them in the Geneva vault.
Oh, fuck it. Why not just burn
them for the insurance, no?
Yeah, that would be the
dream. Financially speaking.
- GREG: Hey, everyone.
- FRANK: Yes. Uh.
- ROMAN: Hey, Greg.
- FRANK: Greg.
- Hey.
- FRANK: Um.
In case it comes out,
we wanted you to be aware that
you're on a piece of paper.
Uh, a side letter left by Logan with
- some wishes and disbursements.
- Okay. Uh. Eh. Yeah.
In in what, uh, capacity?
In in what fashion?
You're in addendum of
miscellaneous matters
in pencil
- with a question mark.
- Nevertheless.
Dad may have said he
wanted me to take over.
And so then, maybe the natural
conclusion might perhaps be,
- I'd be his number two.
Nice try, kid.
He he probably wrote it down
so he can remember your name.
- GREG: Hmm. We had a good rapport.
- You had a good rapport?
I feel like he already
wanted to see less of you.
That's probably, like, 50/50,
fire Greg or kill Greg.
Mm. I think that it's not
that kind of question mark.
I think it's, uh, um,
possibly It's a wonder.
It's a doodle. We just
wanted you to be aware.
- TOM: Oh, hey.
Sorry. Marcia wanted me to let
you know that there's some words,
- down, some informal
- FRANK: Okay.
Well, there's a lot to consider.
Should we reconvene
before the board meeting
- to pool thoughts?
- KENDALL: Yeah.
SHIV: Yeah.
GREG: Thank you.
Is it real, Frank?
I don't know.
KENDALL: My dad wanted me to take over?
FRANK: Well,
sometimes. (CHUCKLES) You
know that he did. Sometimes.
He made me hate him, then he died.
I feel like he didn't like me.
- FRANK: Oh.
- I disappointed him.
No. No. Come on.
We think these grand horror things,
at times like these,
these ice shelves are gonna
come at us in the night and
take our heads off. It's not true.
He was an old bastard. And he loved you.
He loved you.
You think?
I think so.
If I get them in behind
me, will you follow?
Ken, you've got stuff cooking.
You seem so well.
You really want back in?
Part of me is just like,
"Well, let's just give the
poor orphan what he wants."
- Mm-hmm. Hmm.
Sorry, I don't know what's
wrong with me. That's not good.
Mm-mm. No, no, no. I get it, yeah.
I mean, it is interim.
- So long as it is.
What do you mean? What are you thinking?
It's felt good. Us, right?
- ROMAN: Yeah.
- And now, does this
feel good? Like, does
that feel good? It's
- Um.
- Hey. How're you doing?
- Hey.
Uh. I don't know.
Well, he wasn't my dad but, you know,
It's sad.
SHIV: Yeah.
I guess you already
picked the wrong horse.
- Yeah, you might've picked the dead horse.
- Don't.
You'll regret it. Let
me show you some kindness.
Not my thing.
You know, honestly,
I guess I'm just,
uh, slowly coming to accept that
- we killed him.
- Oh, Shiv. (CHUCKLES)
SHIV: No, we did. He died on the plane.
And he wouldn't have been on the plane,
except that we made him get on there,
- so that's just very cool.
- Anything could've happened.
A million things could've happened.
SHIV: I just don't
wanna fake myself out.
If we had said yes to
GoJo, then (CHUCKLES)
he might've been
around for 20 more years.
So he could rock his grandkids to sleep.
As he was evidently so keen to do.
Well, that's fucked now, isn't it? So
(QUIETLY) Don't. Just stop.
I'm angry.
My dad died.
And my mom is a fucking disaster.
And my husband is
And Kerry, and Marcia, and
It it it feels like
I'm the only one who lost something
that they actually fucking wanted here
and it's not coming back, so
Siobhan, do you remember when
we first, uh, knew one another?
The first time in France
when I flew to you?
And it was that very
difficult time for you.
And I'd sent you (CHUCKLES)
all those handwritten notes.
And then the first time
that you were wearing that
very fine silk shirt.
And I put my arm around you.
I said, I kept asking,
"Do you like this?
Do you like this?"
And you said, eventually,
"l like it all."
That was a while ago, wasn't it?
Not that long.
No, it was a while back.
- Colin does jeans?
- SHIV: Yeah.
He doesn't know what the fuck to
do with himself. Look at his arms.
He looks like a dog without its person.
- SHIV: Oh, fun.
Colin has a kid?
ROMAN: Oh, shit. Didn't even notice.
- SHIV: Oh, what the fuck now?
- What do we think?
ROMAN: There's a dog
There's a dog in the house.
Um. Hi. (STAMMERS) Marcia.
Marcia, uh, so, what's with the
the "ruff-ruff"?
The Secret Service
are conducting a sweep.
Jeryd Mencken is en route.
I'm not sure that I
want that today actually.
- I don't wanna see him.
- MARCIA: Yeah, he asked.
He was a friend of your father's, no?
Come on. They spoke. But
no, it was transactional.
ROMAN: Oh, yeah. Not
like all his real friends
from his men's group and choir.
- His two best friends.
- SHIV: Oh, come on, Rome. He didn't know him.
'What's-his-face" and
SHIV: He called him the spooky embryo.
Yeah, okay. Look. It's just
there's all these fucking ghouls here.
- So, come on.
- I just don't wanna see
his smirky, little autocratic face.
Probably gonna be president
this time next week.
Okay. Well, I think I have
a veto. My dad just died.
ROMAN: Oh, I think I have a counter veto
'cause, weirdly, my dad just died too.
Guys, I think on a business level,
we need to have a relationship.
- ROMAN: Mm-hmm.
- Oh, yeah. You do?
Now you do, huh?
- ROMAN: Yeah, all right.
- RON PETKUS: Friends.
- God.
- SHIV: This fucking day.
- PETKUS: Good friends, all.
When a great man passes,
the angels of heaven weep. But when
a giant of the conservative
movement passes
Oh, God. Now, we're
having a kids' entertainer?
Who the fuck made him
the king of the day?
PETKUS: Logan Roy was such a giant.
He was a man of
humility, grace, dignity.
(WHISPERS) Who died fishing his iPhone
- from a clogged toilet.
- PETKUS: In public,
- he was a great communicator.
- (WHISPERS) Really?
- PETKUS: A powerful man.
- (WHISPERS) Oh, man.
(WHISPERS) So they say. Karl blocked it.
- TOM: (WHISPERS) The man lives
on Wonder bread and steak frites.
He hadn't had a shit for 20 years.
PETKUS: He was a man of wisdom.
A man of humility. A man without vanity.
He was a man who wasn't
wearing his compression socks
- so he could look hot for Kerry.
- PETKUS: to make the world a better place.
He molded the country
like clay in his hands,
and made it into something beautiful.
- Into the shape of a dick.
- (WHISPERS) Come on.
He made it stronger.
(CHUCKLES) More coherent.
When I think of L.R., I think
- of a great lion of freedom.
- Can you believe this shit?
He's trying to make Pop
into a neoconservative.
He wasn't a neocon, he
was a paleo libertarian.
He was practically
an anarcho-capitalist.
Yeah, sure. I mean, if you
like Benny Hill and Sinatra,
- does that make you one of those things?
- They're trying to body snatch him.
History's being written.
The next 48 hours are crucial.
PETKUS: Godspeed, for surely soon,
Logan Roy will be running
rolling news in heaven.
- (GROANS) How's it going?
- Hey.
- Shiv, I'm so sorry.
- SHIV: Aw. Thank you.
- Hey, I'm so sorry, Shiv.
- SHIV: Hey. Thanks.
- KENDALL: Thank you for coming.
- Hey.
KENDALL: Good of you to be here.
Oh, yeah, I'm so sorry.
My dad was very affected.
- Yeah.
And so, why is he doing that
with his face, can I ask?
That's just how his
face looks these days.
ROMAN: Oh, yeah? Frozen into a smile?
He's (SIGHS) He's sad.
He knew your dad for a long time.
Mm. I'm sure I'm pretty sure
he just fucking winked at me.
- CONNOR: The news world
- Sandy, it's Kendall.
is broken.
What is he doing?
I mean, I guess,
they were close, Dad and him, so
Yeah. Plus, he still has a board vote.
But, you know, I guess,
who would you prefer,
one of us or one of the old guard?
- SHIV: Mm.
- GREG: Everything all right?
- Yep.
GREG: Oh, dear. Yes.
Look who's crawled out of the woodwork.
I told her not to do
this. I don't understand.
Oh, God. Oh, she's coming over.
Oh, it's so distasteful.
- Hi.
- Hello.
I got your message
but I just wanna go
I just have some things of
mine upstairs that I need.
They're in a bag.
Kevin. Melanie.
Uh. I just need to go up, so
- MARCIA: Please. No.
- Thank you.
Not upstairs.
I don't want her up.
- Okay. I know
- Come on. Easy. Easy.
- (SOBS)
- Don't look, Marcia,
- it's too unpleasant.
- Sorry, what's uh
What's going on? You okay?
Is this yours? You okay?
(SOBS) Yeah, I'm good. I'm good.
- I'm I'm good.
- ROMAN: Mm. Cool? You're good?
Um, do you need me to help you?
Sorry. I don't know if I
have your private number.
Can you send that to me?
- ROMAN: Okay.
It's fine. I got it, I got it, I got it.
(STAMMERS) We were talking
about getting married,
and he was making arrangements
about us, so could you check?
- Yeah?
- Uh. Yeah, yeah. And, um
He was gonna He
was gonna make a note.
He was gonna write his
lawyer or something.
Please, can you check?
- Can you check on it?
- ROMAN: I'm gonna check on it. I got it.
Do I have your
private number? I think
Go ahead, take her out the back, yeah?
ROMAN: I can get it. I can get it.
Oh, God. Here come the waterworks.
- Out the back, Billy.
- (SOBS)
"Take her out the back, Billy."
That's always nice to hear, huh?
Marcia, that was unnecessary, right?
We're calling Kerry a taxi
to the subway so that she can go home
to her little apartment.
- Jesus.
- How's your friend, Sandy?
- Yeah. "Who are you?
Why is this sex party so sad?"
- Mm-hmm.
- Shiv, should we talk?
Yeah. We we don't need to
Nothing needs to change too much.
Like, whatever you're thinking,
you can you can say.
Fine. We should We
should definitely talk. Okay.
TOM: Hey. Hey, Rome.
- How are you doing?
- Hi. Great. How are you?
- Yeah. I'm good. I'm okay.
I just want to say, uh, tell
me tell me to fuck off
if you like, really,
but, you know, the, uh
(WHISPERS) the piece
of paper situation?
- ROMAN: Yeah.
- Yeah. I heard about it.
And I, uh I didn't wanna
I don't wanna t talk out of turn,
but we both know that
Logan only wanted one person
to take over, and he
just asked you back in.
Look at you. Tommy-wommy.
Tightrope Tommy.
Riding his little subtle cycle
across Niagara Falls, huh?
- Tip-toe Tommy.
- Here to serve.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'm I'm here to serve.
Lip balm, Tom-wom. Lubing
up his lips to kiss my butt.
- KENDALL: Hey, dude.
- That old fucking bastard.
- Yeah.
I thought he'd be like my dad.
Ninety-five and just
started suing the neighbor.
- What was it?
- Uh. Embolism. Pulmonary.
Because I heard he saw your Pierce
business plan and choked laughing.
- You fucking prick.
Come on.
- It's all right.
- Hey.
(SIGHS) So, uh
You gonna do the board call from here?
Mm-hmm. Uh, here or car.
Because there's, uh
there's a piece of paper with me on it.
That Dad said it should be me.
- Wow.
- KENDALL: Can you swing in for me?
You know me, you know my flaws.
It's short term.
I mean, you're really selling
me right now. I mean
Uh. I guess.
You know, my pubes got a little singed
- the last time I went with you.
- KENDALL: Yeah.
- Remember? Yeah.
- Yeah.
Well, yeah. That was, uh
That was a different
different thing. For my
family, I had to back down.
There was no card he
wouldn't play against me.
Do you even fucking like the deal?
Yes. Yes, I do. Look,
the deal has to happen.
We can't live in a haunted house.
I have plans with the sibs.
We we'll take news and
maybe fuse with Pierce,
but, you know, it'll
be a feather in my cap
to bring in the deal.
And you could bring it
home? Dude. Ken. (CHUCKLES)
Is your fucking head on straight?
I'm twin track. I'm dead but I'm alive.
Yeah? Dive into work?
Dude, what are we gonna do?
Sit in the dark and
d drink Laphroaig?
Mm-hmm. And
what's in it for me, Ken?
I don't know, man. Maybe do a solid
for your oldest pal the
day after his dad died.
How about that?
What do you think of the apartment, Mom?
- Mm, it's very pleasant.
WILLA: Hmm. We need
to check all the walls
and see if they're structural.
I'd actually like to make this,
- you know, bigger.
- Willa's mom.
- God love her. Her plate is groaning.
Hey, so listen. I think Stewy
would swing behind one of us.
Oh. Okay. Does she know she can go back?
- And she dropped the grapes.
Her boat really came in, didn't it?
This is turning into
the grand tour for her.
I guess the agenda for me is do we
You know, do we agree
to flying to Matsson?
You know that Connor's moving in, yeah?
Okay. What?
Well, Marcia gets it but she kinda,
- she she sorta sold it to me.
- ROMAN: She did?
Let's all move in.
Grow old together, share a bed like
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
We've got, like, ten till board time.
Yeah, you've spoken to Mom yet?
Um. No. S swapped messages.
Shiv. Should should
- Can we can we Should we talk?
- ROMAN: Peter Munion was flying to Spain,
and he tried to reroute
to come directly here
because he wanted to be with
us at this difficult time.
- SHIV: Oh, man.
- CONNOR: He sent a message
saying "It's a rum situation,"
and, "one in the eye for all of us,"
- and also
- Can you stop ignoring me?
Please, for fuck's sake,
huh? Come on, please.
- Let's talk about it.
We got somewhere. Us.
We've got somewhere.
Yeah? Let's talk about it. I
don't even care what happens,
but let's not just give it
to the fucking keystone fucks
because we didn't talk.
(SIGHS) Con.
- ROMAN: Oh, really?
- SHIV: Do you mind?
- Uh-uh.
- ROMAN: (GROANS) Sorry, man.
Mi casa es su casa.
KENDALL: So, what do you think?
You have an issue with me because
Yeah. (GRUNTS)
That's fine.
But I'd like it to be one of us.
And yeah, uh, Dad said so.
Okay. Well, let's discuss
but can you please just stop jonesing?
You're walking around the
wake with a fucking hard-on.
KENDALL: I'm not. I'm
All I am suggesting is
that I swing it for us,
and then we move ahead, us three.
- Pierce, ATN, everything.
- Okay, good. Great.
Well, I have some thoughts.
Uh. Yeah. I guess I
have some thoughts too.
You're not pulling for Gerr-bear?
What, me? Hell no. No, I'm I'm done
helping old ladies cross the street.
But I do wonder about
- About me? Yeah.
- ROMAN: Yeah.
- Okay.
- I think it needs to be me too.
Uh-huh. Okay.
SHIV: Yeah. We're doing what we do
- together.
- KENDALL: Well,
ultimately, that's how I want it.
Man, come on. You're
jerking over a piece of paper
that he scribbled your fucking name on.
(STAMMERS) There is an argument
that you're the worst of both worlds.
Different, but the same.
That plays, Shiv, it
does, with the board.
Same old but with a vibey new banner.
COO is on the draft plan, right? Like,
- right?
- KENDALL: Yeah.
ROMAN: I'm the COO.
And I know Matsson. And
I was very close with Dad.
We had a number of communications
that you were aware of
and some that, honestly,
now's not the time, but you were not.
And yeah, I just think we
were close and honestly, Ken,
it doesn't feel good, right?
For it to be just you.
ROMAN: So, them's my words.
I see that.
Yeah. I see that, bro.
- You do?
- KENDALL: Yeah.
I mean, Rome, it doesn't
have to be just me.
I'm down. It makes sense.
SHIV: M'kay.
And what about me?
Honestly, I just worry (GROANS)
it looks like special pleading.
Like, it's the COO's.
It's in the draft plan.
I'm on the piece of paper.
It (SIGHS) It needs
to look fucking dry
and clean and tough.
- And I don't?
- ROMAN: Hmm.
Yeah? I look too teary
eyed and mascara streaked,
and like I might fucking faint?
- It's clean enough.
- Shiv, it's not it's not
really (STAMMERS)
I don't think it works.
You actually don't have experience.
It starts to look flaky.
I did the strategic review.
- That was "Daddy make work."
And besides, I think two
is cool but three is
- Like, three is
- Three is a bit wonky.
I mean, two is fucking,
and three is like some
weird orgy for hippies.
I can't see the board going for three.
Well, I need to wet my beak.
We'd only be fronting it.
I don't need to be front
facing, and it's not about ego.
Really, it's the
threebie. It's the team.
Yeah, you're inside everything.
Okay? This is like I'm not
trying to fuck anyone, okay?
This is just to sell,
and yesterday was
Come on. Like, yesterday
was fucking That was real.
And I think we're
I feel really good about this.
This is I think this is good.
- I need to be across everything.
- ROMAN: Everything. Yeah.
KENDALL: Yeah. It's a holding position.
It's holding.
We'll do the deal. Spin
ATN, fold in Pierce.
- Six months, eight months.
- And that's all equal?
- ROMAN: Yeah.
- Equal as fuck, to the gram.
'Cause you guys fuck
me on this, and it's
- ROMAN: No.
This is a Dad promise. On yesterday.
- ROMAN: Yeah.
- On yesterday.
ROMAN: On yesterday.
- Not gonna fuck you.
You guys wanna talk?
- Ready?
- GERRI: Yeah.
- ROMAN: Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh. Uh. Um. I think, uh, pre-board,
we were just hoping it would be just us.
Oh, no. This is a good group.
I'm just not sure
it's appropriate for this discussion.
Well, if you're uncomfortable,
Frank, you can fuck off.
This is a lovely gang of
pals having a chat. Okay?
KENDALL: Look, it's simple.
COOs are on the draft emergency plan.
It looks perverse not to honor that,
and it looks pointed
for it not to be us.
Me and Roman step up.
KARL: Huh. Well, uh,
when was the last time
you spoke with your dad?
- Like, 48 hours ago.
- And how'd that go?
- It went well.
- KARL: Well?
Ken, the DOJ's all wrapped up
and everything you said about
Logan amounted to nothing.
You're damaged goods.
Whereas I shepherded in,
um, a lot of cultural change.
I think we all know that
Dad had soured on Gerri.
I don't think there's anything
on paper to that effect.
But I'm not gonna push it.
We're obviously the people
to take over for Dad.
- We were closest to him.
- I think the board could have concerns.
Well, Kendall's name
is on a piece of paper.
Logan said it should be Kendall.
- FRANK: But when?
- A few times.
You've lost Logan.
And for his faults, he was the founder.
Ken and Roman.
I think a Roy at Royco works.
It's not for long.
So you can puppet master them.
- Who? Me, Frank?
- Get the fuck outta here.
Come on.
There will be the
renegotiation with Matsson.
I wanna do the deal and get
out. We've got our own ideas.
With ATN refreshed,
there's a shape for things.
- For us, we have things cooking.
- ROMAN: Yeah.
I mean, we we know that
the board is very excited
about the deal. So are
we, it's a good deal.
- STEWY: It is a good deal.
- ROMAN: Yeah.
- History is happening.
- Mm-hmm.
- Can you smell it?
- Sure.
Roses and the rotting corpses.
- Okay. Okay, it's done.
It's done. They voted it through.
- Ken and Rome?
- Ken and Rome step up from COO.
Let's draft it, Hugo, right now.
- Ken and Rome. All right!
- And I'll reply to
GREG: Long live the king!
GREG: Long live the king!
Long live the king!
- And the other king.
- Everything well?
- Yeah. All great. All good.
Shut the fuck up
and stop laughing.
It's not a comedy night.
- God. (GASPS) Ow! Ooh, shoot.
- Hey. Hey, honey.
- SHIV: No, I'm fine. I'm fine.
I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine.
Don't fucking touch me. (SIGHS)
Stop stop smiling!
ROMAN: No one comes in here.
So, you're running the company.
Yeah, yeah. Thank you.
Great day. Great week.
Did you know he did Sudoku?
Yeah. Yeah, I guess
he did them. I I think
I I think I knew that.
(QUIETLY) Oh, Jesus fucking Christ.
- You guys okay?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Okay, yeah. I'm sorry that we have to
you know. But we are putting
together the statement
- announcing you and
we'll go through all
the biographical details
with your offices, and
yeah, just wanted to check in
on Comms and PR.
And there's also a lot of
quite difficult decisions, so
Yes. I guess what we wanted to say
from a Comms point of view,
and listen, this is strictly
Comms, but the markets
are gonna open on Monday.
And, um, there are a number of ways
to solidify your guys' position. Okay?
KAROLINA: When Logan was with us,
we did everything we could
to burnish his reputation.
Now, you're taking over so
we wanna do everything we can
to burnish your reputations.
Yeah. I guess there are two ways to go.
They're sort of
Operation Embalm Lenin
or there's another way.
Yeah, for the first
option, we, you know,
just put together a nice package
of photos with you and your dad.
You're a safe pair of hands,
mention the piece of paper.
And you're gonna follow what
Logan Roy did to the letter.
Or there's a more
complex, more fresh start.
- Go on.
- And this is, again,
just a PR perspective, yeah?
There's gonna be an issue
about your competence.
And so, maybe, if we
stress, for example,
how involved you've
already been previously.
So, toughest version,
we say that he was
losing his focus towards the end.
Okay. So, it's Operation Shit-On-Dad.
- No.
- HUGO: Mm-mm.
- ROMAN: Yeah. Yes, it is.
- No.
I think the piece of paper is strong.
- ROMAN: Okay.
You really think that
people are gonna buy that
Dad was a fucking puppet?
KAROLINA: It's just an option, Roman.
Logan Roy was a great man.
However, lately, the people around him
have been making the big decisions.
His kids have been pulling the strings.
I mean, we can go as far as you like.
I wouldn't, but it is our job
to say that we could go to Connor's mom.
Physical and verbal
abuse. The Kerry situation.
Okay. Well. That's All
right. Okay? Yeah, I I I
I do have, uh,
certain feelings of
queasiness about, I guess,
shitting on our dad while he's
still up at Frank E. Campbell's.
Yeah. Right now, I would say
considering our dad has just died,
we should maybe not shit on Dad.
Yeah. Thanks, Karolina.
You too, fuckface. But
maybe don't bring us this
disgusting shit ever again.
- Okay?
- ROMAN: Thanks, anyway.
- HUGO: Understood. Understood.
- KAROLINA: Sorry. Thanks, Roman.
- Thanks, Hugo.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yep. Apologies.
Hey, Hugo. Um
You know the stuff?
What stuff?
The bad Dad stuff.
Uh-huh. Yeah.
It's what he would do.
He'd want this for the firm.
Right. Okay.
So, action that. But soft, no prints.
Right. I mean, I don't wanna
I'm a little concerned of freelance.
Can I get a sign off
from Karolina and Roman?
No, pal. No. Down-low.
Just get on it.
Unless you want me to
pull out the strap-on.
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