Succession (2018) s04e03 Episode Script

Connor's Wedding

- Hey, Pop.
- Hey, son. (CHUCKLES)
I've thought it over,
and I really think
you should come and
see the Swede, get inside this.
Oh, okay. I, uh Yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah. Um
- Oh, come on, he likes you.
- ROMAN ROY: Uh-huh.
- You'll keep it light.
- Well, you know, the only thing is, um,
- Con's wedding.
- LOGAN ROY: Oh, it'll be okay.
Are you gonna make it at all?
Hmm, we we got him some, uh,
uh, Napoleon thing, you said?
- Napoleon and Josephine letters.
- Ah.
Let him know that I'll call
him when I have a minute.
- Right.
- LOGAN: And, listen.
Uh, I'm (SIGHS) I'm
feeling now, more and more,
I'm uncomfortable with Gerri.
How she's handled things.
On the DOJ number, on the spin-off.
- Oh, yeah?
- LOGAN: Yeah.
I think we wanna let her go.
Uh, right. Right. Uh,
okay, well, let's discuss.
LOGAN: So, will you
give her the heads-up?
- ROMAN: Me?
- Yeah, I I think
it would be nicer coming from you.
I mean, you two, you know,
you were you were close.
- Uh, Dad
- I mean, you are with me?
You weren't just fucking me around?
Uh, well, sure, yeah. Okay, yeah.
LOGAN: We'll make it tidy afterwards.
Just give her the word today. Thank you.
- GREG HIRSCH: Just Just checking, uh,
he definitely doesn't want
me coming with you guys?
TOM WAMBSGANS: He doesn't, correct.
GREG: And should I speak
to him direct or
Or to Kerry to apologize?
No, you're in the bad books.
Just keep your head down.
Well, I have a a little list of, um,
of nice things to say to Kerry.
TOM: Well, that sounds creepy.
It's not creepy, it's
TOM: No, listen. Look,
Greg, it's not your fault,
but he just finds you
visually aggravating right now.
"Visually aggravating"?
He's so petty. I don't know, do you
Do you have all the support
that you need for Sweden?
Oh, yeah. I got, like,
three, four people.
Gregging for me.
- "Gregging"?
- TOM: Yeah.
I roped in a few little
mini Gregs from the pig pen.
Little, uh, Greglets.
Okay, well, don't turn me
into a word, Tom. I'm a guy.
Why Why do you have
all these little guys?
These little Greggies running around?
Who are these little Gregs?
Well, the boat leaves in
30, and there's champagne
and canapés till Ellis Island,
and then after that,
there'll be something more,
you know, substantial
after the ceremony.
- Look at that boat.
- Yeah.
Willa, it's like you're
a princess in a film.
(CHUCKLES) Thank you.
I mean, all and all,
I guess it's not
exactly what we expected,
but (EXHALES) It's fine, so.
- He'll look after you.
- He will.
- CONNOR ROY: I'm not looking.
- Oh!
- I'm not looking.
- Okay, I'll go. I'm going.
- No bad luck. (CHUCKLES)
- Hi.
- Oh, Connor, it's all so lovely.
- Yeah.
Oh, my God. Look at
all the young people.
I heard a few of them
moaning about the rich.
Yeah, well, they don't mind
the taste of your champagne.
Mr. Scrooge just happened
to be a huge wealth creator.
They don't mention that in
Mr. Dickens's books, do they?
No, they do not. Very convenient.
TOM: Hail Loganus
Maximus, slayer of Vikings!
- Morning, sir. How are you?
So what have you
got on Matsson for me?
TOM: Well, he's playing hardball,
but everybody says he
still wants the deal.
So we might have to weave a little.
There's still a bit of grumbles
about the ATN carve-out, but
- Well, that's not on the table.
- Well, right.
But, if You know, he's playing tough,
but if there was no upside,
he wouldn't be making
- the time, so.
- Uh-huh.
- I think today's the day
- Uh-huh.
I'll talk to Cyd.
Oh, you mean, like (MIMICS GUNSHOT)
LOGAN: Uh-huh.
And, uh, Gerri. Find
out when he's done it.
- Karolina!
Gerri's getting the push.
Oh, okay.
- LOGAN: What?
- KAROLINA: Nothing.
We'll tell her today,
swing in the legals.
We can begin to let it seep.
Hang Cruises around her neck.
Sort of incompetence or worse. Yeah.
I think the idea would be that
she took her eye off the ball.
Clean out the stalls, strategic refocus.
A bit more fucking aggressive.
You push Cyd,
Roman knifes Gerri. All in a day's work.
Hey. What you heard about Matsson?
The deal gonna be all right?
- You all right?
- Hm? Yeah Fuck you.
- I'm great, why?
- I don't know, fuck you,
- I'm just asking.
- Fuck you. (STAMMERS) I'm fine.
- Okay!
- Let's just enjoy
this sham marriage and the death
of romance. It's gonna be great.
- (LAUGHS) Okay.
Let me know if you hear from him.
- Fuck off.
- You are.
Yeah, what, what?
Talk, talk, talk. What?
Hey, you done it?
Your dad wants to know.
- Have you done it yet?
No, Jesus fucking Chri
I just got off the phone
with him, okay? Like,
she's she's not here yet.
- Are you going to do it?
- ROMAN: Yes, I'm going to do it.
I'll let you know, okay? And back off,
you inflatable dicky-dick.
(QUIETLY) Oh, fucking asshole.
- ROMAN: Oh, hello, Gerri. How are you doing?
- ROMAN: You look well.
- Thank you.
I saw a client of mine in there.
- Oh, no worries.
- MARTYN: Excuse me a minute.
He didn't have to go.
What, no stupid jokes about Martyn or
- Martyn, okay.
- something disgusting
about dicks or maybe vaginas?
Okay, I'm just being nice.
Can a guy not be nice anymore?
- What?
- GERRI KELLMAN: Why are you not looking at me?
I (STAMMERS) I will stare at you
as long as you want, if that's
what you so desperately desire.
- What's going on, Roman?
- Nothing, I'm just
You make me go weird, as
you know and fully intend.
Uh, but we, um
Let's talk later, okay?
Like, in, like, 30 or whatever,
once we set sail, we should have a chat.
What is it?
- What's going on? Tell me.
- (STAMMERS) I just need to talk
with you, that's all.
And we should do it later.
It'd be better if we
did it later because, um,
you can no doubt tell just from
looking at me that it's not great.
But, you know, Dad said
it. So, it's a message.
Is this why I'm not going to Europe?
- Look, it's not
- What the fuck?
official. And I'm just
heads-upping you here, okay?
But, yeah, early warning.
I did not intend to talk
about this right now.
- But, yeah, you're
- Why?
I guess that he's just unhappy
about how long it took for you
- to settle with the DOJ.
- Bullshit!
Well, the number and I
think the fine, too big.
I danced us through
a fucking thunderstorm
- without us getting wet.
- Okay. Guess you just lost
- his confidence.
- GERRI: Oh, since when?
Since you sent me repeated
images of your genitalia?
- Okay, no.
- GERRI: He really loved that
- when that happened.
- Don't be so stupid
and reductive, okay? I'm
doing you the courtesy
of letting you know. I
mean, you can go legal
if you like, but we are
gonna stuff your mouth
with so much fucking gold. This is
I mean, you know that I
am on, like, a human level,
like, obviously sad, but
- I am. I'm sorry. Like, I
- I'm good.
This is fine. This is nothing at all.
Thank you for the consideration.
- Don't
We'll be boarding.
We'll start our boarding process,
and we're gonna start
with the red invites.
Family and friends. Welcome aboard.
I'm sorry.
- The cake.
- Yes.
It's inadequate.
So, I'm saying that we can
have it as display, obviously,
but I do not want it served, okay?
I don't want to see the internal
- qualities. Yes?
- BETH: Okay.
- Yes?
- BETH: Okay.
- Thank you.
- Uh, hey, Dad, can you, uh
can you call me back? That was, uh
Uh, it was horrible with
Gerri, so, uh, I'm just in
I don't know if And
don't listen to this
if you don't want to, but I'm not
Uh, I'm not totally okay with, uh
Are you kind of just
being shitty with me?
'Cause your son is getting married,
and you can't fucking keep
expecting me to bend over
for you, like, being cunty.
So, I'm just asking. So, uh
Yeah, that's the
question. Are you a cunt?
Okay, give me a buzz.
- Kidney chop!
- Good.
- Good?
Good, that was a good one.
- Shall we go?
- Yeah, let's go.
Let's, uh, maybe get a head start
on all the fucky-fucky
face-people, so
- Hi. Oh. Look how lovely.
- WILLA: Hi.
- Oh, smooches. (SMOOCHES)
- Nice boat.
- (CHUCKLES) Thanks.
- Hi, congratulations.
- Thank you. (SMOOCHES)
- How's the groom?
- Oh, you know,
he's nervous about you guys,
and his dad, and he invited the press.
he's fixated on the cake.
He says it's a "loony cake"?
- Oh.
- ROMAN: Yeah, okay.
WILLA: What is that?
- Uh, it's
I believe
when they told Connor's
mom was getting, you know
- Going to the funny farm.
- taken into
into mental health
care, they gave him cake,
Dad and whoever, just to calm him down.
You know, dab of sugar, bite of cake.
So, he was eating Victoria sponge
for, like, a week straight.
Oh, right. Okay.
- So, "looney cake."
- ROMAN: Yeah.
So, Willa, I'm really looking
forward to saying hi to everyone
and mixing it up and whatnot.
But is there an area where we can,
- you know, so we don't get Roy'd to fuck.
- Uh, yeah. Yeah, um
On the second floor, there's an area.
Thank you. I mean, I want to
meet everyone and get into it all
- about their fucking jobs
- Hey, Julie, can you, um,
- help them get upstairs.
- children and everything but, you know,
- thank you.
- Unbelievable, Julie.
- Can you believe this guy?
- ROMAN: Who's Julie? You Julie?
- Yes.
- This is Julie.
- Hi.
- It's right this way.
- Okay.
- So, uh, what are you hearing?
- Is he coming by?
- Hey. Uh, I
- I have no idea, I don't know.
Uh, I'm hearing
Stockholm, gone or going.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- SHIV: Mm-hmm.
KENDALL: Matsson wouldn't
fix it with him on a phoner?
GREG: Journalism, taking
quotes and kicking asses.
Oh, you shouldn't talk to him.
He likes to whip it out
to see if anyone notices.
- It's a sick game, Greggy
- Oh!
stop playing it. No, bad.
Hey, nice to see you. Hey, guys.
- Hey.
- Oh! Hey. Hey, guys.
- Hey, can I grab you for a sec?
- No.
ROMAN: No. I I Sorry,
- Pass.
- I just I just want to congratulate you
- on everything
- Don't touch me.
KENDALL: Get your nose
out of our trough, Greggy.
You think Matsson is gonna
tell Dad to just fuck off?
He'll approve the offer
is what will happen.
- Dad's gotta go fucking
- KENDALL: lingonberry picking with Matsson.
Fucking puppet mastering
the old bastard.
Okay, well, what if
the deal falls apart,
- though, Ken?
What's the what's the
latest from Nan and Naomi?
- Still in touch with Naomi?
- He'll land it.
And we will pocket
that sweet bonus loot.
- Uh-huh.
- KENDALL: There he is.
- Hey, hi, hi, hi. (SMOOCHES)
Uh, hey, so, the idea is,
uh, that Dad will pop by,
be dockside, and you guys are up here.
And I think that's just the cleanest.
Oh! Oh, okay. Uh
- You think he's gonna pop by?
- Spoke with Kerry. He's hoping.
- Oh, okay then.
- Okay.
All right, thanks. Okay.
Well, someone's gotta tell
him. We should tell him.
KENDALL: We should tell him.
- SHIV: No, come on. Really?
- He likes you.
- Fine.
- I'll be the wedding Grinch.
Fuck you.
- Good luck.
Oh, my. Fucking leave me
Yeah, hello! Fucky-sucky brigade.
How can I help you?
- TOM: Calling, yeah.
- Hey, Roman.
- Yeah.
TOM: Hey, uh, your dad is very sick.
- He's very, very sick.
- What?
- KENDALL: What? Okay?
- (STAMMERS) It's Tom. Apparently, Dad's sick.
Uh, what do you mean he's
sick? Like, sick, like
- What's going on?
- Tom?
- Tom! Are you still there?
- Is he okay?
- What's going on? What is it?
- TOM: We don't know.
- Is he okay?
- TOM: He seems kind of hurt.
- Who's with him?
- TOM: Uh
He had a very serious
- Serious, what?
- TOM: We don't know. It's it's
- It is very, very bad. It seems very bad.
I'm so sorry to call you like this.
- ROMAN: Can you put him on the phone?
- Who's there, Tom? What's going on?
- What happened?
- TOM: Uh, so,
he was short of breath and
he went into the bathroom,
and he was gone and then what it
was, uh, someone heard something
and he was we were concerned
and then they went in there.
They they went in, they broke in?
TOM: They broke in. They, uh, they
had the key and they got in there,
- but he's nonresponsive.
- Is he still in there? Did
He's he's he's nonresponsive?
- TOM: Yeah. They're
- Is he talking? Can he can he talk?
- Is he breathing?
They're doing chest compressions.
- Oh, fuck!
- Has his heart stopped?
- Has his heart stopped?
- TOM: Uh, I don't know.
- Do you guys
- TOM: I don't know.
Do you have the machine on board?
- The fucking heart thing?
- The defibrillator.
- Do you have that?
- Well, unless his heart has stopped.
- Well, okay, I don't fucking know.
- What's going on, Tom? Who's in charge?
- TOM: Is Is Shiv there? Is Siobhan there?
- Who's in charge?
- What is going on right now?
- No, she's not.
TOM: Karl said that maybe
he's He's breathing, maybe.
- Who is medically competent there?
- Okay, he is breathing?
TOM: They're trained The
the people The attendant is trained.
- I'm gonna put you on speaker, hold on.
- The fucking flight attendant?
KARL MULLER: The captain has
spoke The captain's been in touch.
He is in touch and, the,
uh, the cabin staff,
they're receiving medical,
uh, advice from their service.
- From who?
- KARL: The cabin service.
- You have a service? Okay, what is that service?
- Okay, can we be
What's the name of that service?
KENDALL: Guys, can we be
looped in on that? Karl?
- They they should talk to him.
- You tell 'em, go ahead.
- They should speak to him.
- ROMAN: Is that Frank?
What did he say?
TOM: So, Frank Frank thinks
you should speak to your dad,
and I can hold the phone I can
hold the phone near him if you like.
Why does Frank think that, Tom?
TOM: I guess, if
if it's a chance to,
you know. I I think in
case it's the last chance.
Fuck do you mean, Tom?
FRANK: He's not in good shape,
Roman. He's not in good shape.
They're doing chest compressions.
Well, should they be doing that?
FRANK: They're getting good
advice. They're good people.
But I think you should talk to him.
I I'm not sure he's breathing.
You serious right now,
Frank? Fuck me, man!
We just heard that he was breathing.
You shouldn't do CPR to someone
whose heart is going, Frank.
- What the fuck is going on?
- Can you breathe without a heart?
- Can you?
- What is going on?
TOM: I'm gonna take you to him.
I'm taking you to him
now, and I'm gonna put you
- by his ear.
TOM: Okay, he'll be able to hear you.
- That's
- TOM: If he can hear,
he'll be able to hear you.
Uh, you might wanna get, uh
Yeah, yeah, yeah. We'll
get Shiv, we'll get Shiv.
- We'll get Shiv.
- TOM: You might wanna get Shiv.
- Okay, I'm putting you by his ear now.
ROMAN: Can he hear me? Is he okay?
- Tom! Is he okay?
- TOM: No, Rome, he's not okay.
But you can speak into
his ear, right now.
Go ahead.
Uh. Um
Uh, hey, Dad, uh
Uh, I hope you're okay.
Uh, you're okay. You're
You're going to be okay.
Uh, because you're you're a monster.
And you're gonna win. 'Cause you just
You just win and, uh, you're a good
You're a good man. You're a good dad.
You're a very, very good dad. Uh
You did a good job. (INHALES SHARPLY)
No! I don't I'm sorry,
I don't know how to do that.
You can I can't. Your turn.
- Am I by his ear?
- TOM: Yeah.
You're by his ear. If he can hear it,
he can hear you.
- Go ahead.
- KENDALL: Okay.
Uh hang in there.
Yeah, um
- "Be okay"
- It'll be okay.
And know we love you,
Dad. Okay? We love you.
I love you, Dad.
I do. I love you. Okay? Uh
- KENDALL: And it's okay.
Uh, even though you fucking
I don't know. I can't
I can't forgive you. Um
But, uh
Yeah, but I I,
It's okay, um
And and and
and I love you, uh
- I don't I don't
- Hello, Tom?
- Is Siobhan there?
going to get her right now.
- He's not here, I don't think.
- Um. He's, uh Ken's gonna get Shiv.
- Uh
- I'm gonna get Shiv.
ROMAN: He's going to get her. Uh
Can you can you
put me back to his ear?
Thanks for making me do that.
- Uh, sorry, just a sec
- Shiv.
- Shivy, honey.
- Mom?
- Dad, he's in trouble.
- What?
- What's happened?
- Uh, he's on the plane.
And he got
Uh, I don't It's bad and, uh,
they're doing chest compressions.
- What?
What? What, Ken?
(SOFTLY) Come on, this way.
I don't know everything, um
He's with Tom and Frank and Karl,
- and they're on the line to doctors and, uh
- SHIV: Um, okay.
KENDALL: I don't know,
he was in the bathroom.
And he had trouble breathing.
Like, I don't know It's, uh And
And they started doing
chest compressions,
- and he was still breathing a minute ago
- Okay.
- but it's it's very bad.
- ROMAN: Okay, yeah.
- So, Shiv's coming, uh
- Okay.
- ROMAN: Hey, um
- SHIV: Um
- They they think he's gone.
- SHIV: What?
- They think he's gone.
- SHIV: What happened?
- What do you mean?
- Well, they think
- They think Dad died.
- What?
- ROMAN: Yeah.
- ROMAN: I'm sorry.
- No! Um
No, I can't have that!
- KENDALL: Hey, hey, Tom.
- Hey, can she do it? Can Shiv, uh, speak to him?
- ROMAN: They've been putting us
to Dad's ear, just to speak to him.
KENDALL: Can you put her
next to his ear? Okay.
- I'm I'm giving you to Shiv.
- Okay.
- What?
- TOM: Hey, Shiv, I'm putting you by his ear.
Uh, is he hearing? Is he still hearing?
TOM: Uh, I don't know. But
I'm putting you there, okay?
And you're by his ear, you can go now,
- you're talking to him now.
- Oh! Oh! Okay! Hey!
(WHIMPERS) Hey, Dad. Uh, hello.
Um, you're gonna be
okay. And I'm sorry
- Is he dead?
- ROMAN: I don't know.
I don't know if he's
dead. Is he fucking dead?
ROMAN: I don't know!
- Hey, hey.
SHIV: Is he is he even alive?
- I don't know, honey.
- SHIV: Is is he
Are you just being
nice to me? Is he gone?
TOM: He's, uh I don't
I don't know. We He, uh
We don't know. We don't know.
Okay, I'm putting you back there, okay?
Uh, okay. Well, um
(TEARFULLY) I don't know what to do.
TOM: You're by his ear.
- TOM: I'm gonna put you back there.
- Okay, just, like, go private.
Be somewhere private, just speak.
It's weird, but speak, okay?
- Like, you never know, he might hear you.
- SHIV: Uh, Dad?
Um, hey.
(SOBS) Dad?
(SOBS) Daddy, uh, I love you.
Uh. Uh, don't go, please, not now.
No, I, uh I love you, you fucking
God! I don't Um, there's
no excuses for the
But, I
But, I Fuck!
I don't know. I do love you. (SOBS)
And it's okay.
(WHIMPERS) It's okay,
Daddy. It's okay, I love you.
TOM: Do you want to stay on?
- ROMAN: Do you want me to take it away?
- SHIV: I don't want it.
- (TEARFULLY) Please, please.
- Uh
- ROMAN: Um, Tom? Tom?
- TOM: Hey, Roman.
What's happening?
What's What, precisely
Like, tell me, precisely,
what is happening right now.
TOM: Okay, so, um
Yeah, so we're all here,
and I'm and I'm heading to the back
- of the plane. Uh
- DEFIBRILLATOR VOICE: Stand clear of patient.
- And they're
- FLIGHT ATTENDANT: Shocking. Everybody clear.
- He's at the front,
on the floor, and they're doing
chest compressions and, uh
Okay, so they're still
doing chest compressions?
TOM: Yeah, yeah, they
are. But not because
I think they have to.
I think they have to keep doing that.
In the plane, people are
lovely, and they're good people.
I think he's
I think they've made
him very comfortable.
- What? But but is Is is he gone
- ROMAN: What?
- SHIV: He's gone
- Tom, is he, uh
Is he okay, at all?
- He's not okay. No, he's not.
Is is he gone, Tom?
TOM: I mean, they say
his heart has stopped
and his breathing has stopped.
(INHALES DEEPLY) For a while, maybe.
Okay, but that doesn't mean
that he's dead, medically?
- Right?
I don't know, they're
They're still doing
- the chest compressions.
- ROMAN: Okay, and and
And when do you land?
Have you turned around?
Are you coming back?
TOM: Yeah, I don't I think yes. Yes.
We're coming to We're
heading back, I think.
ROMAN: Okay.
Can you put me through
to the flight deck?
Can I speak with the pilot, please, Tom?
You know what, I'll call Frank's phone
and he can take me to the flight deck.
Okay. Okay.
So, Frank, Kendall's
going to call your phone
to be taken through to the pilot, okay.
- Okay, that's happening.
- JESS JORDAN: Hey, Ken.
- Jess, I need a few things.
- JESS: Yeah.
- Uh, my dad's dying.
- I'm just going to do facts, okay?
- JESS: Sure. Got it.
- I need my doctor and, uh, I need
- JESS: Are you okay?
- Do Do they have his doctor?
- Uh, do you have
his doctor on the line?
TOM: Do they Uh, do
we have his doctor on
No, I think we got
We we have their service.
Their medical service which they have,
and we have Karl's guy listening in,
- but we couldn't get ahold of his doctor.
- No, no, no, no.
They don't have his
And and, uh, and Dad's
doctor. Doctor fucking Judith.
Get that lazy fucking
bastard, and get him,
and get the best heart
doctor in the world,
and the best airplane
medicine expert in the world
and get them conferenced in and waiting,
and send a conference call number to me
and to Tom and Karl's phone,
and any or all of those things
I will take, but I would
like that in the next minute,
- two minutes, please, Jess. Okay?
- JESS: Sure. I'm on it, Ken.
Oh, boy.
- (INHALES) Hey, Ken.
- KENDALL: Can I speak
with the pilot? Can you put
me through to the pilot?
Um, the pilot can't speak
to you right now, Ken.
Yes, he can. Yes, he can.
He's he's flying the plane, son.
Okay, what's, uh What's happening?
Frank, I need, uh What's
Where's the information?
FRANK: We're gonna We're
turning the plane around.
We're coming back to Teterboro.
Uh-huh, okay.
Well, just fucking tell
them Tell them to do it, uh,
to do it right, okay?
I will, I will.
I'm sorry, Ken.
Is he gone?
Frank, I mean, uh
Is he gone?
I He he
He got very short of
breath and he was hurting,
and then very I I don't know.
I don't want to bullshit you, Ken.
I think he went. I think he's gone.
Thank you, Frank. Thank you.
Frank thinks he's gone.
- Why didn't you come and get me?
- I did. I did.
- Shiv, we did.
- No, but I was
- I was right out there.
- I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.
How long was it happening before?
- I'm sorry, I wasn't
- ROMAN: No, no, no.
- KENDALL: We did we did but I wasn't
- No!
- There was, like, no time.
- KENDALL: I wasn't thinking.
- There was no time.
- KENDALL: I'm sorry. I didn't
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay. (SNIFFLES)
It's just
Tom said that Kerry
spoke to him, quite a bit.
Right, well, I don't I don't know.
I mean, we don't know
if he could hear us.
(SNIFFLES) Yeah. Just I'm sad, I guess.
Do we know if he was on his phone?
He checked his messages?
- Rome, it's okay.
- ROMAN: Yeah, I know,
- it's just
- We're okay.
ROMAN: I don't know. I just don't know.
- Like if I said
- KENDALL: You did good.
I feel I feel like I didn't
Did I say I loved him?
- I think so, yeah.
- ROMAN: I'm pretty sure I didn't.
KENDALL: No, I I I think you did.
No, I don't think so. Uh,
Tom, could you put me back
to his ear? Or Fuck it. Never mind.
Uh, never I don't know. I don't
Maybe just Let's
just keep the line open.
- TOM: I'll tell you if anything happens.
- ROMAN: Okay.
- CONNOR: That this cake is fucked.
- Toss it over.
- ROMAN: Oh, fuck.
We need to get Connor.
We need to tell him.
- Can you do it, Ken?
I think I don't think I can.
I mean, I could. I
definitely could, I just
Thank you. (SNIFFS)
- KENDALL: It's okay.
- SHIV: Do you want me to
- (WHISPERS) Oh, fuck.
- (SOFTLY) Fuck this.
- CONNOR: Hey, hey!
- That's my brother and sister.
- Hey, Con.
- Fucking cake nightmare, okay.
- KENDALL: Con, Con.
- Would you take care of that for me?
- Con. Come here.
- Yeah? What is it?
- Come
- Come here.
- CONNOR: What is it?
- It's just It's private.
It's serious, come here.
- Five, okay.
- Yeah.
- Come here, buddy.
- CONNOR: What is it? Is it important?
- KENDALL: Come here for a sec.
- What?
Let's get you, um
- CONNOR: Is it Pop?
CONNOR: Is he okay?
- SHIV: Uh
- What is it? Is he sick?
- What is it?
- Dad's on an airplane to Sweden,
but they're coming back.
We think he died.
They (SOFTLY) They think he's dead.
Well, is he?
KENDALL: Well, uh, everyone says he is.
I mean, we don't know.
They're doing heart compressions.
Oh, man.
He never even liked me.
- (SOFTLY) Hey, Con
- Hey Sorry.
You know what? I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I don't even know what
I mean. He did. He did.
I just I never got the
chance to make him proud of me.
He's dead.
- He's
- Roman is on the phone
- to the plane.
- Jesus.
Do you If you wanna talk to him.
- CONNOR: Oh, man.
- SHIV: He's
- ROMAN: Hi, Con.
- CONNOR: I don't know, I don't know.
- Anything?
CONNOR: I can't do this, okay? I can't.
- I can't. I can't do this, okay?
Thank you.
(TEARFULLY) What happened?
- What happened?
- I'm sorry, man. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- He, uh, uh
He was on the plane and, um
- he got short of breath, uh
- I said I said, "Hello,
fucky-sucky brigade," and
he was in the bathroom.
He was he was in the bathroom?
ROMAN: Yeah, I don't know.
He was in trouble, I guess, so.
Wha wha wha wha What was it?
- He got short of breath.
- Well, we don't actually know.
I mean, like, we don't know he's gone.
SHIV: Uh, okay, so,
he was in the the airplane toilet.
- ROMAN: Oh, fuck. Shiv, come on.
- And No, but can we please get this straight?
Yeah, let's just How about
we get some doctors in there?
Some proper doctors, and then
we'll know what actually happened.
- Then we can talk about it.
- KENDALL: Sure, I mean
he has gone.
- I think he has died.
- Well, Ken, we don't know that.
- So
- Sure. I get it.
- But, like, I think they know.
- Okay, okay, maybe.
- Maybe is all.
- SHIV: Roman, I think
you have to accept that
Okay, I'm not, like, saying anything.
All I'm saying is that
we actually don't know.
That's it, that's all I'm saying.
Okay, right. Well, yes,
but you sound delusional.
I sound Wha What am
I, out-fucking-voted here?
No, Rome, I'm just saying
Come on, you know that
- ROMAN: What?
- SHIV: They know
- No, no, they don't.
- SHIV: that he's
- No!
- KENDALL: It's okay.
SHIV: That he's
(WHIMPERS) He's fucking dead!
Well, okay! But there's no
need to fucking say that, right?
Until we know there's no goddamn
What's the point of keep on
saying it? All I'm saying
I'm not being crazy. I'm stating
a fact. I'm saying we don't know.
And until we do know,
it's not a very nice thing
- to say, is it?
- KENDALL: Okay.
So, fucking stop!
- KENDALL: Okay.
- Okay.
- Sorry.
- CONNOR: (SOFTLY) It's okay.
- Come here, come here.
I'm gonna have a little,
uh, stiffener here.
Just Uh, gents. (CLEARS THROAT)
Karolina, pardon me.
Let's drink to him.
TOM: Well, I guess we're off the clock.
KAROLINA: No, I think it
might be smart for us to
start putting together a timeline.
And also, I've been drawing
up, just in case, you know,
if we need to, a contact list.
Oh, God! He's just
They're still pumping on him
- back there, Karolina.
- KAROLINA: Well, I'm not happy
- about it, Karl.
- No. No, I know.
And I think we're all being respectful.
I'm being respectful, but this is going
to be a very complicated
situation to handle.
So, you know, if we get a miracle,
we get a miracle. God bless us all.
If we don't, I just have to prepare,
- that's all. Right?
- Absolutely! Go, go.
Okay, so I think we should
call Matsson and let him know.
Well, then we should at least
call him and tell him that we're
that he's delayed.
Oh, he's heavily fucking delayed.
Yeah. And then, in no particular order,
not in this order
anyway, um, the board
- Gerri, POTUS, um
- Hey, how are you?
um, that was fucking
- That was fucking crazy, right?
- FRANK: Yeah.
- Yeah.
- FRANK: It is, it is.
- We were we're in shock. Yeah.
- Yeah.
Whoa! That's so fucking
weird. Jesus, wow!
- You guys okay?
- Yeah.
- FRANK: We're good. Thank you.
- We're good.
- KAROLINA: Um, Kerry?
- Yeah.
If it's all right with you,
we're just using this space
to coordinate a response to, you know,
if we need to send out
an Do you mind if
Is that okay? If we
But Yeah. Uh, yeah. Do
you Uh, do you want
- So, do you want me to help?
- KAROLINA: Oh, no.
No, no, that's so kind,
but you're in shock
and I think you should go back there.
And we'll make you
comfortable, and we'll bring you
whatever you need, yeah?
Okay. So, do you want me to be, uh
part of that, of the response and the
FRANK: That'd be great, Kerry.
Why don't you rest up in there?
Let us get our ducks in a
row and we'll get your input.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- FRANK: Okay. Okay.
- Okay, I'm gonna be back here.
- There.
- FRANK: Yes.
- (SOFTLY) What the fuck?
- I think she's freaking out, Tom.
- KARL: Yeah.
- TOM: Oh, yeah?
- Judging by her grin,
it looks like she caught a
foul ball at Yankee Stadium.
- I mean, Jesus.
Here is the list of
names. I think we divide up
as soon as we get the
Well, not the
Not the all clear but
- once those 30 minutes are up
- Some of those it's
It's small for you. I think
we should get Kerry to do them.
Oh, now you want Kerry to do it?
- Good.
- Chuckles the Clown?
I think not.
- GREG: Wait.
- GREG: Hold that thought.
- Sure.
- GREG: Hey, Tom.
- TOM: Hey, Greg, hey.
So, I might need you to
whiz into the office for me.
Um, it's a wedding day, Tom. Why?
Why, um, because Logan is dead.
Uncle Logan, really? Uh,
how what what
So, listen to me, you
You have to stick to Cyd
like a limpet, okay? And
you delete my folder marked.
"Logistics," and then you delete that
from the trash. And I might need you
calling around with my narrative.
You sing my song.
- Merry Christmas, Greg.
- What? What do you mean?
TOM: Well, he's passed
away and you've lucked out.
And, yeah, what's at the bottom
of your stocking, Greg, huh?
An old guy who fucking
hated you. (LAUGHS)
Tom, man!
- Easy, dude, like
- TOM: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
GREG: Are you okay? Jesus.
I'm not okay. (SNIFFLES) I'm not okay.
Uh, but I'm sorry.
Yeah. But, um, Fuck.
I don't know. It was pretty grim, man.
- It's a horrible
- TOM: I lost my protector.
- Okay? And and
- Mm-hmm.
this is total lockdown.
Okay, Greg? Total
lockdown. If this leaks,
it's a stock price rodeo
and a fucking slit throat
for the big mouth, okay?
Okay, but people people should know
that I was with him, okay?
Okay. Okay, man. Okay, bye.
- OLIVIA: Everything all right?
- Oh, yeah, yeah. Fine, uh
- OLIVIA: Mm-hmm.
Do you think your uncle's gonna make it?
- Do I what?
- OLIVIA: Sorry.
Is your uncle gonna
make it to the wedding?
Hey, guys.
Are you What? Have
you heard already or
Yeah, well, the folks on the plane
thought it'd be a
good idea for me to act
- as a liaison with you guys.
- ROMAN: Mm.
I am so, so sorry for your loss.
Okay, yeah. But we
don't know shit, okay?
- They're still working on him.
- Right, absolutely.
What if this is a drill? What
if it's a big fucking test?
- You don't know.
- No.
If it was a test, I'd say hats off
- to the planning department.
- ROMAN: Yeah, well, I just
It does not feel likely
that he's, you know.
You guys want me to wait outside?
Hey, Tom.
Fine. Okay, thank you.
They stopped the CPR.
I don't think they should, though.
Yeah. Hugo, Karolina wants you.
Hey, Kay.
I mean, all good, um
under under the circumstances, yeah.
- Are we going?
- HUGO BAKER: We we'll
- What the fuck?
No, no, I I get it. I'll
I'll We'll discuss it.
- Yeah, I think we're going.
- SHIV: No.
- HUGO: Okay.
- KENDALL: Where are we going?
- HUGO: I gotta go, okay?
- Hugo? Hugo?
Can you find out what
the fuck is going on?
- Where are we going?
- Uh, yes, I will.
Uh, and for your
information, they're, um,
they're starting to draft a statement.
How do you mean?
Uh, Karolina and Frank, and
Karl and Tom are putting
something together
for when we're ready
to release the news.
The they're on the
state statement?
- Who asked them to?
- HUGO: I don't know,
- but they're doing it.
- That feels
- that feels
- ROMAN: Yeah, that feels
- KENDALL: Right?
- Yeah.
- SHIV: Yeah.
- Yeah.
Hey, Hugo, can you fuck off and find out
what the fuck's going on with this boat?
- HUGO: Yeah. Okay.
- We want to go back.
- Yes. I'm on it. I'm on it.
- Get the fuck out.
Yeah. Hi, folks. Uh,
you're on speaker now.
- Hey, uh
So, what's going on with this statement?
Yeah, so we're just starting
to put the bones together
for when when we're
going to announce this, um
Sorry for your loss.
- SHIV: Oh, okay.
Well, feels pretty fucking presumptuous.
Uh, well, sorry, that's how it seemed,
but, you know, regardless
of our personal feeling
of loss, in terms of
a business position,
this is it is a material event.
We just need the board
to put something together
- to reassure the market.
- Oh, the market?
Yes, will someone please
think of the market?
I'm trying to do my job.
He's, like, 12 feet away
and I knew him for 40 years.
We're not pulling anything here.
We just thought that
since you were estranged,
we thought that you might want us to be
- at the hub on this.
- We're not estranged.
- We weren't estranged.
- KARL: All right.
Uh, Kendall, no, I just
simply meant that
KENDALL: We've all had
communications with him.
We had a family function
last night, in fact.
Estranged is a strong
word and not accurate.
KARL: Fine. All good. Uh, we got it.
FRANK: Yeah, look, hey. Uh
uh, let's stay close, huh?
And the best to you guys.
Good strength, friends.
I think, you know, they're very much
still processing.
Oh, fucking great.
- ROMAN: Shit.
How are you all doing?
I, uh, I briefed her.
I'm I'm really sorry.
I'm very sorry.
He was, um (CLEARS THROAT)
He was an important man in all our lives
- but especially yours.
- Uh-huh.
Thanks, Gerr, I'm welling up.
GERRI: I mean, he was a
lot of things, but yeah.
ROMAN: Yeah, well, we don't know yet
that he's dead, okay? No
doctor has actually seen him.
KENDALL: Gerri, uh, in
terms of the breathing space,
we have a bit of time to
think, right? Until he
- GERRI: Are you
- Until they land?
GERRI: Are you thinking,
can we hold this information
till the markets close?
Because, obviously,
this is a very
significant, private thing.
Oh, is it? Is it significant?
But it's also a big thing
in terms of the public,
- uh, in terms of the company.
- I honestly don't know
how much I can get into this.
Um, how long till they land?
Um, I will I will check.
SHIV: Gerri, we can't think straight.
Can we, uh, keep it up
there for an extra beat?
- Un Just until we can, you know
- GERRI: What?
- while we gather
- ROMAN: The fucking plane?
SHIV: Yeah, I mean,
I I'm not ready to
Wait. We need to get him
on the ground. We need
to get a fucking doctor
- on that plane.
- No God! I've got a headache.
HUGO: Um, look, I think it's really good
for you guys to stay across this.
Do you, um, do you want me
to ask if they can circle?
- ROMAN: No.
SHIV: (SIGHS) No, but
- Karolina.
- SHIV: Not till the markets open
- on Monday, but just, you know, so we can think?
- That's
- ROMAN: Absolutely not.
Can you get Yeah, and can you get me
- an Advil, please? Hugo?
- HUGO: Of course.
And and can we get
back to fucking land?
- We want to go to him, yeah?
- ROMAN: Yeah.
Thanks for getting
Gerri, but back to land.
- I'm on it.
- ROMAN: Do your job, thanks.
Look, this is very surreal.
And, uh, just to say
every single thing we say and do today
is going in the memoirs,
going in the fucking
congressional record.
It's coming up at board
meetings, it's going
in SEC filings. It's like
And we tell them to
circle for half an hour
so we can get our heads
straight and then some
fucking rumor starts, we get crucified
for being cold-hearted,
or I don't even know.
KENDALL: We are highly
liable to misinterpretation.
So, what we do today
will always be what we did
the day our father died.
So, let you know, let's
grieve and whatever, but
not do anything that restricts
our future freedom of movement.
CONNOR: What do you think?
Let's cancel, yeah?
I think it is cancelled.
What do we tell 'em?
I mean, everyone will assume that
it's you backing out and that's fine.
could something good
come out of something bad?
Too weird, right?
- Or is it?
- Oh, Con.
Con, it feels like you
kind of want to do it.
(INHALES) I don't know. I don't
I guess the truth is
I'm scared if we don't, that
that you'll walk away.
I'm always scared
you're gonna walk away.
I'm so much older than you, Willa.
You're young and you're full of life,
and I'm
I don't know.
My father's dead and I feel old.
It's okay.
And I'm sorry,
I don't know, that I stole you away
- from the world.
- WILLA: Oh, Con. Come on, no.
Are you just with me for money, Willa?
Well, uh
I mean, there is something about money
and safety here, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, there is.
I'm happy.
- I am.
- You okay?
- WILLA: Mm-hmm.
- It's okay.
I'm not gonna walk.
Not today anyway. (LAUGHS)
- I'm sorry.
What was that like?
- When he told you?
- SHIV: Uh
I I I thought I knew.
And actually, I thought it was Dad.
But I said, "Mom," right?
Yeah, you asked if it was Mom.
SHIV: Yeah, I was thinking
Dad. (CHUCKLES) But I sorta
think I
Think I was hoping it was Mom.
- ROMAN: Jesus.
- SHIV: Oh, shit.
The fucking lists, the everything.
- I don't know if I can do it.
- ROMAN: You don't have to.
You don't have to do
anything, our dad just died.
We'll be okay.
We'll get people.
We'll get a funeral off the rack.
- We can do Reagan's with tweaks.
I have Karolina.
Uh, so, Karolina, I'm with the kids now
and I'm going to put you
on speakerphone, okay?
Karolina, you're on
You're on speakerphone.
Hey, hi. So, um, I just got a call
from a reporter who's
already heard a rumor
about Logan's health.
- ROMAN: From where?
- KAROLINA: I don't know what the source was.
I just said there was nothing on that.
- Which isn't great, but
- Oh, man. How? How?
- KAROLINA: I don't know.
Plane to ground comms,
um, our tail number, uh,
we're turning, they're
tracking. I don't know
what goes on down
there. Eavesdrop, Kerry.
TOM: Well, we We
probably do just need
to figure out the choreography
- SHIV: Oh, yeah?
- here.
You want to choreograph some steps
with my dead father, Tom?
That the dance you like?
That's okay. It's
It's a difficult day.
KAROLINA: So, yeah, we're
gonna need the statement.
Do guys want to do it?
Do you want us to do it?
Yeah, I know that this is tough
for you guys, I understand that.
So, if you like, we can give the word.
Frank, Karl, myself,
Karolina, we could handle
the immediate chowder. And if you like,
you could be excused from the board
meeting on compassionate grounds.
Mm-hmm. Thanks, Gerri. I need some air.
SHIV: Can you give us five
before we do anything, yeah?
- KAROLINA: Yeah, sure.
- Thanks!
I don't know.
- I mean, I I
I don't really want to be the one
to have to say things. I feel like
you're looking at me and, yeah, but
It's okay.
It's okay. We
You can say, "I don't
think anything of it."
- It's You can say.
- Okay. I mean, just
I mean, who knows? Maybe we
Tomorrow, hand in the crown,
probably a good idea,
finish the sale, great,
but just
Should we keep our options open?
One second, Hugo.
Um, yeah, I just don't
know that I can
literally do anything or talk to anyone.
We need to be on the
statement though, Rome.
- ROMAN: I know.
- Otherwise,
it could be all Frank and
Karl and and Gerri and
You know, even just overnight,
whatever the text is,
the subtext has to be
Logan Roy, you know. But
Roman Roy and Kendall Roy
and Shiv Roy. We're all here, yeah?
Okay, and (STAMMERS)
I just don't want Karolina
to just handle it
- It's just for this statement.
- Okay.
You know, it'll be for
the board to decide.
But but I think until then,
you know, just for the markets
we need to be in control.
- Us.
- SHIV: Yeah.
Until the board can meet.
Yeah, uh-huh, I mean, I would.
I don't want anything happening
that we don't, like, approve, so.
We'll draft the statement, okay?
HUGO: Great. Great. Great.
Um, we'll need them to sign off.
It'll need to come from Frank,
or Simon, or the board
Yeah, but we'll draft, okay?
And who will call Matsson?
ALL: Uh.
(GROANS) I know but
Oh, I gotta get off the phone, sorry.
- Fuck me. Oh.
- Okay. Okay.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Uh, yeah. I kind of need the room.
Oh, sure, of course.
ROMAN: I'm, uh
I'm pretty sad.
GERRI: Uh-huh.
ROMAN: I mean, I'm actually,
right now, totally numb,
but theoretically, you
would say that I'm
- Yeah, that I'm sad.
- Yeah.
The room's all yours.
It's a fucking mess.
- (SIGHS) Hey.
I don't know what to say.
Sorry. I'm so sorry, I I
- Hey.
- I'm so sorry.
Hey. Uh, how are we getting him off?
Uh, I don't know, Jesus.
Uh, I'll handle it.
You you got the edits
on the statement?
We do feel that for market
competence, it's important for Karl,
myself and Gerri to
be mentioned by name.
KAROLINA: Great, I'll
get that out right away.
Uh, and, look, we got
shutterbugs all over the perimeter,
and we're looking at a feeding frenzy
if we don't talk. So, we're gonna
get some comments from the family,
- and I primed our friendlies.
- Duty calls.
Oh, uh, the press conference
is happening in there
and the kids are already in, so
- I'm gonna
- Yeah. Go, go, go. Yeah, I know.
- Um Hey. Hi. So
HUGO: Hello. Hello, everyone.
Are we gonna be okay?
KENDALL: Yeah. Yeah.
We'll be okay.
You're not gonna be okay.
- Well, you're not gonna be okay either.
- You're not gonna be okay.
- You're fucked.
- You are fucked.
- You're totally fucked.
- You're very fucked.
- Okay. Hi. Everybody ready?
- Yeah.
- Shiv?
- Ready?
- Sure?
- Mm-hmm.
- KENDALL: (SOFTLY) All right.
- SHIV: I Thank you.
As you know, my father,
Logan Roy, was pronounced dead
on arrival at Teterboro
Airport this afternoon.
I'd like to thank the press
for their respect at this time.
You'll understand that I
won't be taking any questions.
But my brothers and I just want to say
that Logan Roy built a great
American family company.
And as you know, the
board will be convening
in the next hours to
decide on the leadership
of the company going forward.
This nation has lost
a passionate champion
and an American Titan,
and we lost a beloved father.
- Thank you.
- JOURNALIST: And in terms
of your roles at the company?
We intend to
We intend to shepherd it through it's
Whatever its future may
be, but we'll be there.
- We intend to be there.
HUGO: Guys, guys, thank
you! No more questions!
Guys, no more questions.
No more questions, please.
Respect the privacy of the family.
Thank you very much.
There he is.
That is Dad.
Okay, so, we gonna go see him?
Do you want to?
Shouldn't we?
I mean, he's not gonna
get angry if we don't.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, right.
Hey, Tom! Can you
go through it again? What happened?
I'm gonna go I'm gonna go see him.
Do you wanna?
Uh, I'm gonna I'm gonna
- watch him down from here.
- Okay.
Okay, so
Yeah. Okay.
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