Succession (2018) s04e02 Episode Script


Okay. Yeah. Everything
Everything seems nailed
down for tomorrow.
How you feeling?
Why does everyone ask how I'm feeling?
I'm sellin'. My decision.
I'm feeling great.
And yes, yes. Axe that chopper.
- They can fucking walk.
- Right. Absolutely.
- Office?
- Uh, ATN.
Surprise visit?
Happy Christmas, you
clock-watching fucks.
NEWS ANCHOR: but where they
are, not to a significant degree.
Well, that may be true,
but NATO has a cultural weight
ROMAN ROY: So many olds.
Where are the hotties?
Yeah, I mean this needs the
living shit kicked out of it.
KENDALL ROY: A show about politics
called Inside Baseball.
- SHIV ROY: What?
- Yeah. How fuckin' confusing is that?
- ROMAN: They have that?
- SHIV: Mm.
"Have we left yet?"
Eyeballs emoji. (CHUCKLES)
Fingers crossed emoji
and helicopter emoji.
- KENDALL: We're coming.
- ROMAN: This is unbelievable.
Our PGN is just gonna crush this.
- SHIV: Mm-hmm.
- Not quite yours yet.
ROMAN: Business retreat,
Telly. PGN brainstorm.
KENDALL: Sunday, Monday
programming. Dookie.
Tuesday, Wednesday programming. Dookie.
Friday, Saturday programming.
Massive stinky dog dookie.
I gotta say, the upside is
huge if we just broaden out
and stop over-indexing
to college professors.
- ROMAN: Mm-hmm.
- Right?
ROMAN: Sorry, I just can't
seem to tear my eyes away
from the bald man talking about NATO.
- I have a boner
- So, my floaty, kinda
semi-pitch would be
hardcore international news
from global-global to hyperlocal.
Jess, would you watch that?
Uh uh, yeah
Uh, if it was on, totally.
Like, maybe a focus on Africa?
Every day, just what
is happening in Africa?
The Maghreb. Sub-Saharan
East, Sub-Saharan West.
I would watch that shit.
ROMAN: You would not watch that shit.
- KENDALL: I would.
- SHIV: No, I mean, that that sounds like.
Homework: The Show.
- KENDALL: No, the point is it's global reach.
- KENDALL: It's a network that teaches you how to watch it.
- ROMAN: Or, shove all your
- foreign report melatonin news hour
- Oh.
- info dumps in the daytime
- Yeah.
ROMAN: Primetime, we go full
Clockwork Orange, you know?
- SARAH: Yeah.
So, unfortunately, Gretchen
Yung is conflicted out.
Really? With Tom? He went with Gretchen?
Okay, uh, who's in
Who's in second position?
- SARAH: Crowley.
Okay. (SIGHS) Uh, yeah, fine.
SARAH: I contacted his office.
He's also conflicted out.
Uh, and Kohlmayer, uh (CLICKS TONGUE)
and Bulloch and, uh, and Camden?
SARAH: Yeah. Yeah.
Conflicted out. It's weird.
Okay, great. I'll call you back. (SIGHS)
Okay, so, have we tied up all five now?
- Yep.
- And they're all the ones
- that Mr. Roy's office gave us?
- SARA: Yep.
- Hey, buddy.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
So, uh, so Logan's in.
TOM: Logan's in? What, upstairs?
In the sales meeting?
- No, he's on the floor, Tom.
- TOM: He's on the floor?
Wait, explain to me exactly what
he's doing with his body and his face.
GREG HIRSCH: (SIGHS) I don't know. He's
just moseying. Terrifyingly moseying.
He's wearing sunglasses inside.
It looks like if if
Santa Claus was a hitman.
Okay. Okay, okay. Hold on.
Hold steady. I'm coming in.
Okay, Sergio, halt
the car. Halt the car.
Okay, cancel the rest of my afternoon.
- Hey.
- SHIV: Hey, Tom.
So, all the top attorneys
are conflicted out. Yeah?
Dad teach you that?
It's a fucking nice move.
Wow, does he wanna marry you now?
Um, I'm not sure I know what you mean.
Oh, yeah, okay. So,
you've met with or retained
every usable divorce lawyer in New York
just to fuck with me. Hmm?
I don't know, Shiv. I think
maybe Sara made a mistake.
You think I don't recognize
my own dad's playbook?
- Fuck you, Tom!
- TOM: Shiv,
I I did not intend for
this to be aggressive,
but I've seen what your family can do
in these situations and
I want it to be amicable.
I'm sure we can figure it out.
SHIV: Yeah, okay.
You wanna be my dad's little bitch boy?
Why don't you deliver
him a message, bitch boy?
Tell him to fuck off
and stay out of my life.
(WHISPERS) Okay, so what's
happening? What's happening?
(WHISPERS) Okay, so he's still
just kinda walking around,
but with a slight sense
that he might kill someone.
It's like Jaws.
If if everyone in
Jaws worked for Jaws.
- Yeah.
- So, he did one big shout.
- Right.
GREG: He does not like
the countdown-to-election chyrons,
he hates the new font, it's too small.
It's too ingratiating.
It's a really bad vibe.
What what is this, do you think?
I don't know. Maybe he just
wants to play your sex tape
on Late Night, Greg.
No, the future starts now, Greg.
You know, once once
the board rubber-stamps,
and once the regulators
nod the deal through,
three, four months, Waystar is gone.
This will be home.
- GREG: So, he's gonna be here all the time? in person?
- TOM: Yeah. Yep.
Yep. Hanging around like the
threat of nuclear war. Here we go.
- GREG: Go get him.
- Hey, hey. Hey, sir, Mr. Boss Man.
- Uh
One email.
Fucking Stakhanovites in here.
- Please, don't exhaust yourself.
What do you think of
the, uh, election refit?
Oh, yeah, pretty fucking
penny. It's an aircraft hangar.
What's the air-con bill?
Well, yeah, Cyd really
loves the sense of space.
It's certainly interesting.
Where is she?
Cyd? Oh, she doesn't tend to stay late
- when it's opera season.
- Oh. Hey, Cyd.
Oh, boss. I didn't see you. I was busy.
But I can see that my social secretary's
- been looking after you.
- Have you watched the tape?
- Hmm?
Kerry's tape. Have you watched it?
What do you think?
Of Kerry?
What do I think of her
audition to be an anchor?
Well, did you What
what do you think, Logan?
Oh, no, no, no, no, no. You go first.
Well, I think (CLICKS TONGUE)
I think I liked it.
- I mean, she's got something.
- Oh, she really does.
- Yeah, should we
You thinking of giving her a slot?
Because I I personally think
that that could be
a very interesting idea.
- Right?
- LOGAN ROY: I'm keeping out.
She's my assistant.
It would be very unprofessional
of me to get involved.
Whatever you two geniuses think.
Now, I want to talk to
them, a little speech.
Somewhere down here in the middle.
Man of the people.
Good evening, I'm Kerry Castellabate,
- and these are our top stories tonight.
- ROMAN: Doing great so far.
You look stupid.
Missouri State poli
police Missouri State Police
- have issued an AMBER Alert
- Oh, my goodness.
KERRY CASTELLABATE: as two children
are believed to have been abducted.
They were last seen
outside the school gates
waiting for their
mother to collect them.
- (CHUCKLES) And then sudden smile.
- KERRY: The police are appealing for anyone
Must act natural to fool the humans.
- And a new medical study has found that
KENDALL: She's doing the
shit out of this news.
KERRY: can extend your life up
to five years while three cups
- ROMAN: Man, Dad was a god.
- KERRY: can reduce it by two. Who knows?
Maybe it's time to switch to tea.
But tomorrow, he's selling
the empire to a 4chan Swede
and dishing out jobs for blowies.
- Hey.
Uh, Sandi, hi.
I hope you don't mind.
I was gonna try and set something,
but I thought I'd just call
'cause it's kind of urgent.
- Hope that's okay.
- Um, uh,
yeah, no, of course. Um, what's up?
Is it about Connor's wedding?
- Because that was such a regretful no.
- Oh! (SCOFFS)
No. No, no, no.
This is completely different.
It's, uh, just about
our chat and your pitch.
You know, I was just, well,
thinking maybe I was a little hasty.
- SANDI: Uh-huh!
- Yeah.
And do your siblings
feel the same or still no?
SHIV: Well, no, I haven't had a chance
to talk to them about it yet,
but I'm gonna bounce it around,
see if I can't persuade
them, because, you know,
I agree there's a
There's a lot of upside there
- to get a little more money.
- Well, I mean, obviously, I agree,
but, uh, the board
meeting is tomorrow, Shiv.
SHIV: Uh, well, look, can I just
Can I put you on alert,
just in case there is room
for a discussion there?
And and just to say that
this is a live issue for me.
- You know, maybe
Maybe we don't just wave
this through. Maybe
it pisses off my dad,
but maybe that's okay.
- Yeah?
- SANDI: Yeah. Absolutely.
Maybe we can circle
back. Is that okay, Sandi?
- And the USA Today
- ROMAN: Oh!
- KENDALL: It's so good. It's so good.
- ROMAN: Again, again, again.
- ROMAN: Oh, what! Kinky!
- One more.
- Roll it through again.
- Again.
- One more.
- Go press the button.
- KERRY: Good evening, I'm Kerry Castellabate
- Una más.
KENDALL: If he puts this on air,
this is, like, easily packaged
- as symptomatic of total loss of judgement and control.
- ROMAN: Yeah.
- Um, guys, they're actually
- KENDALL: Yeah, I know
Transpo's on the tarmac.
It's waiting to take you
to Connor's rehearsal.
- He's texting me.
- ROMAN: Oh, he is? Yep.
- This is this is special.
I I'd prefer something
a little more stable.
Yeah. Uh, no, there's no
need for a song and dance.
Let's keep it cheap and cheerful.
- Tom?
- Yeah?
- LOGAN: Will you, uh, do a little intro for me?
- Sprinkle a little sugar?
- Up up there?
- Yeah.
- Of course.
- On the Yeah, sure.
- LOGAN: Yeah.
Okay. (CHUCKLES) Okay.
Hey, guys. (CLEARS THROAT) Hey. Hi.
Just want to say hi. Um, come on over.
Yeah, it's been a tough few weeks.
Election coming into view, um
Yeah, I appreciate you all
and Cyd, my partner in crime.
And, uh, from my POV, you know,
keep cranking 'cause we're doing great.
Up three percent in
the demo week over week.
- Woo-hoo.
- TOM: But, you know, we can do more, uh,
up 15 percent, uh, year over year.
And, uh (COUGHS)
Just It's great work. And,
uh, Just w Real pleasure
to have the big man
here to give us some, uh,
some support. So, sir. Up you come.
Okay. Come on up. Want help? No? Okay.
I could give you a kiss from here.
Good afternoon,
everybody. Good afternoon.
Uh, 15 percent up year on year?
Well, it's a shame we're up 40 on costs,
but I guess I guess it evens
itself out in the end. I mean, does it?
Is 15 equal to 40, pal?
- Uh
- Is 15 equal to 40, pal?
- No.
- No! Good!
Good head for numbers!
All right. You're good folks.
You're the best or you
wouldn't be in here.
But you've got to knuckle down for me.
Waystar, I can't say too much as yet,
but I'm going to be spending
a lot more time in here
with you lot, because I love it in here.
I fucking love it!
So (CHUCKLES) I don't wanna know
about three percent week on week,
I wanna know that we're
killing the opposition!
I wanna be cutting their throats!
Our rivals should be checking in,
out the back of their chauffeured cars
because they can't believe what we did.
So fucking spicy, so true.
Something everyone knows
but nobody says because
they're too fucking lily-livered. Huh?
They cannot believe what we said,
and the fact that we fucking said it!
They're fucking jam
smears on the highway!
- Now
anyone, anyone who
believes that I'm getting out,
please shove the bunting up your ass.
- This is not the end.
I'm gonna build something better.
Something faster,
lighter, leaner, wilder.
And I'm gonna do it from
in here with you lot!
- You're fucking pirates!
- All right? All right? Yeah!
KENDALL: Who are you most excited
about never having to see again
- once GoJo closes?
- ROMAN: Uh, Hugo,
Frank, Karl.
- What about you?
- Hey, uh
- Wait. No, no, no, no, no, no.
- What?
- We can't get on.
- What?
I don't know. Uh, there's a problem.
- Excuse me. What?
- There's a new policy,
- apparently.
- What?
CINDY: I don't know what this is,
but, apparently,
I'm not authorized to let you take off.
- Who is?
- The company has just sent word.
- Uh, what? We are the company.
- Yeah.
- Our dad is the CEO.
- KENDALL: Okay.
- Okay, okay.
- Right?
- ROMAN: Yeah.
- What?
- ROMAN: What?
- What?
It's Dad.
He's fucking with us.
- Oh.
- Right, he knows we're out here making moves.
- Okay.
- KENDALL: His feathers are ruffled.
So, we're just gonna get on and
we're gonna figure it out later,
- okay?
- I'm I'm I'm really sorry,
- I'm not able to let you board.
- ROMAN: We have somewhere to be, so we need
- to be on that chopper and if we're not
- It's not authorized.
I'm gonna set aside several
hundred thousand dollars
and I'm going to dedicate
it to destroying your life.
Is that great? How does that sound?
- I can't speak to that.
- KENDALL: There she goes!
- KENDALL: Oh! Oh! Okay, bye-bye.
- ROMAN: Where's it going? What is this?
- KENDALL: There goes Daddy.
- CINDY: It's going back to the city.
- KENDALL: Buh-bye birdie.
- Oh, wow. There it is.
- SHIV: Oh, man.
- KENDALL: Wave bye to Daddy.
- The fuck is this?
Well, we're gonna be late now.
- Connor's gonna shit.
It's gonna be a guilt trip to
the fucking moon. God dammit.
In Buddhism, sometimes
your greatest tormentor
can also be, uh, your
most perceptive teacher.
That's that's really wise.
- Um, hey, Buddha.
- Nice Tom Fords.
- Uh, oh! (SIGHS)
- Okay, this is interesting.
- KENDALL: Is it Con?
- No, it's, um (CLICKS TONGUE)
- Where's the car?
- It's, uh, Sandi and Stewy, they wanna
they wanna meet. Call or meet.
They'd prefer the meet.
They're asking if we're gonna
be back in the city (CHUCKLES)
- in the next one to two.
- ROMAN: I mean, tonight?
No, it's about the board shit, right?
Like Stewy says that Sandi thinks
there's more juice to
squeeze from the Swede
so they're just flying that again.
- It's bullshit.
- ROMAN: Yeah.
It's bullshit, Shiv. We've moved on.
- ROMAN: I agree with this
- KENDALL: Hey! Where's the car?
- fuckin' hippie.
- KENDALL: Hey, where are they?
- They just left.
- JESS JORDAN: Yeah, they're I
- He's just like
- ROMAN: Get a car!
I'm trying, I'm trying.
Nothing from the board.
I don't like this silence.
Give 'em one last buzz round.
Kerry, get Frank and Karl
on to the independents.
Let's triple lock this down.
- KERRY: (OVER VIDEO) As severe thunderstorms
KERRY: are expected
to hit Pennsylvania,
- West Virginia, Virginia
- This shit's everywhere.
- KERRY: and the Carolinas today.
- What is she doing?
- KERRY: To end our forecast
- Hey.
- Hi. We finished early, so
What's going on?
Sorry? Uh, just some
prep for post-board meet,
- the signing of the deal.
- Ah.
HUGO: It seems Matsson would
love an actual photo op.
I guess the question is,
is that something you would like?
- Or should we just
- What were you laughing at?
- What?
- LOGAN: What were you laughing at?
Uh, Gerri was Um, we were chatting
and she said (CHUCKLES)
something amusing, so
Okay, okay, let's look at the options.
Um, look, I, uh
I don't know if I
should be seen shaking,
uh, Matsson's hand.
I mean, he's been such a
prick about the spin off.
Okay, uh, Karolina, can
you do the option deck?
- Well, you're ready to go in.
- Uh-huh. But can you do it?
your laptop not working?
- Nope.
- Well, just give it a go.
It appears to be working, give it a go.
- See if it see if it works.
- HUGO: Here.
- Severe storm
So, here's the deck and it's
We got some great stuff here.
- Uh-huh.
- KAROLINA: So, um, should we get into it?
- Look, I don't wanna be
seen like some piece of
fucking set dressing, okay?
GERRI: I mean, the only thing is,
everyone's saying the
timing, the deal you've done,
don't you want your moment in the sun?
LOGAN: Oh, you working
for Matsson already?
I'm still here, you
know? I haven't gone. Huh?
You getting your Viking
hat on early? Huh?
- No.
- LOGAN: Nah.
Nah, this is bullshit.
Hugo, I think we might need someone
to go and suck off an
independent director.
I'm concerned about the board.
Put your fucking lipstick on.
- HUGO: Okay.
SHIV: Is it worse to go up now?
I mean, I'd love to not go,
but I think we kinda have to drink
at least a couple of Martini Passive
Agressos just to make up, right?
guys want a taxicab ride?
- Taxicab? Come on, come on.
- ROMAN: Okay, what the fuck?
STEWY: Flat rate. I'll
give you good price.
- Good price, good price.
- Okay, what is this?
- We're kinda pushed.
- Yeah. Come on, man,
- is this a fucking ambush? Hi.
- No. We just wanted to do five in person.
- Right, Sandi?
- SANDI: Yeah,
we have a suite booked across the way.
Well, guys, it's not exactly convenient.
We're prepared to vote
no on the GoJo deal
at the Waystar board meeting tomorrow.
We think there's more money
to be squeezed from the Swede,
and we think you're rushing
this for emotional reasons.
Hmm. Well, I don't
think so. Okay, see you.
The premiums look weak on
market comparables, you know it.
- Look at last week, Ro.
- It's a different deal, it's not relevant.
- Oh, come on, Ken.
- We want our dad to ask for more,
but he stopped engaging.
- He's palmed us off with Karl.
- ROMAN: He does that.
He can get the deal through without us,
but if we can get you guys on our side,
we can force him back into
the ring for one last round.
Okay, so I guess, like,
board pushes back on price.
- What's the big deal?
- What's the big deal?
- SHIV: Okay.
- KENDALL: Well, we'd have to weigh that
against the risk of
blowing everything up.
ROMAN: I think our
position might be that
we're just done corn-holing our dad.
But we we just feel like
your old man got hot for this.
Can't we cool him off?
STEWY: Listen, listen.
There's money for all of us
if we ask nicely. We push
too hard, danger, danger,
but, yeah, it's there.
You know, it's there.
My dad is clear. He wants to vote no.
- Yes.
- Us, plus you guys, that's it.
He's outvoted. This doesn't
get through the board.
Send it back to the table.
- It doesn't need to go nuclear.
- No. What
Okay, it's not a big deal, let's just
We'll think about it. Yeah.
SANDI: Okay, well, the
board meeting's tomorrow.
So, we need to know in
the next hour or two.
- Okay. Sure.
- 'Kay?
So, it's either we vote yes tomorrow
and we all make billions of dollars,
or we sign up for your cool shit
and then Dad disinherits us entirely.
That sounds like a toughie.
We'll think about it. Thanks. Bye.
- Yeah. We gotta go.
- STEWY: Ken.
- KENDALL: We're done.
- STEWY: Ken!
- I'll keep working.
- Yeah. And I'll call Ken.
- Hey.
(SIGHS) So, you're here now, huh?
Yeah. No, sorry. Um.
What, are you leaving or
- You okay? (CHUCKLES)
- Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm I'm just, um
I'm just going for a little drink.
- ROMAN: Oh, it's over? Is it done?
- The the rehearsal?
- Yeah.
- Um, no, no, but I
I think they can take it from hereon.
Not vital from here, so (CHUCKLES)
ROMAN: Yeah, I mean,
the bride is normally
I guess, is generally considered
one of the first team
- in the old wedding, you know?
Yeah, right. (INHALES)
Yeah, I should go.
You know, and, um, have a
think. I'm in a bit of a fuzz.
(CHUCKLES) Everything feels
very vivid today, doesn't it?
- You okay?
- What what's
- Uh-huh. Yeah. Fine.
- KENDALL: What's going on?
- Oh. Hm.
You can't be jumping for
joy the whole time, right?
- No, I guess.
Yeah, look I should,
um I should go.
- ROMAN: Yeah. Okay.
- Yeah, bye. (CHUCKLES)
- Okay, bye. Uh, wow.
Fairy-tale wedding.
- ROMAN: There goes the bride.
- I have enough cash.
- She is
- I'll take her.
- I mean, do we even go up?
- It seems like it's over, so
- Uh, well, I mean, yeah.
- I think we should.
- What do you mean?
- Yeah. Of course.
- ROMAN: What do you mean? Yeah. No.
SHIV: No, we're gonna
We we have a lot to discuss.
Oh, what? The fuck-y
bullshit? No, come on.
Roman, look, a few weeks'
pain could really set us up.
- And I think we over-promised on Pierce and
- ROMAN: Mm-hm. Just It's a
- I just wanna
- ROMAN: Sandi mind game.
- We're gonna go. Come on.
- ROMAN: Fuck 'em. Fuck those guys.
- Sure.
- Found him.
- Finally
- KENDALL: Hey, hey.
- here they are.
- SHIV: Hey.
- Hello, sir. Hugsie.
- We're so sorry, man.
Aw, thank you.
Yeah, Dad screwed us. Hey, bro.
Oh, look at you. The Rebel Alliance.
- SHIV: Mm-hmm.
- How is it out in those hills?
Supply lines okay? Got enough to eat?
This is how it is, huh?
The battle royale. Me
and Dad on one side,
you guys on the other?
ROMAN: You you okay,
man? We bumped into Willa
on the way in.
Yeah, I think it's all fine.
Willa stood up to do her
speech and she said
"I can't do this."
And she went to the bathroom for
40 minutes with her so-called friends.
Jesus. Oh, no, no, no. No,
that is not You're fine.
That's totally fine.
Don't worry about that.
Just toss her another ten grand,
or a snowmobile and some
teeth whitening vouchers.
Any luck, Sylvia?
Willa's mom.
It's fine, Con.
- Okay, so
- This is so fucking weird.
SHIV: Do we regroup at my place?
Shiv. He's Come on,
he's looking a little rough,
- don't you think?
- SHIV: Well, sure.
I'm sorry that Dad fucked us,
and I'm sorry that we're late,
but we do need to decide fast, so
- Well, I think we know, right?
- SHIV: Do we, though?
- Yeah.
- They made some
- pretty compelling arguments.
- Sandi's a greedy little bitch.
She's got her hand up the
ass of the carcass of her dad,
and Stewy's just come along
for the ride. It's a
Fuck it. It's a packet of horseshit.
Okay. What if I want to talk it through?
I just think I think we
rise above it, Shiv. Right?
- SHIV: No Maybe
- ROMAN: But?
Dad is not on it like he used to be,
and maybe he's underplayed his hand
and the board are all
a hand-fucking-picked
bunch of Japanese plastic
cats just waving it through.
CONNOR: Okay. Still incommunicado.
I just really hope she's
okay. So, what do you say?
Little bit of karaoke?
Uh, or would it be possible
to do anything other than that
- in the entire universe?
- She's partying, I can party.
I mean, we can go drink, right?
Little bachelor party for POTUS-SCROTUS.
Uh, well, I mean, we three kind of
- Oh, sure. Everybody's busy.
- We've got a
Come on, let's give him a drink, sis.
- ROMAN: Yeah.
- Let's give him a drink.
- Yeah, but not but not
- Let's get him a drink.
your usual stupid places.
Uh, somewhere fun and real.
Away from the fancy dance.
A real bar with chicks.
And guys who work with
their hands and grease,
and sweat from their hands
and have blood in their hair.
ROMAN: I don't like these guys.
They sound like a medical
experiment gone wrong.
I don't know, he just said
it's a big fucking problem.
Well, why the kitchen?
Should we hide the knives?
I don't know, he just said
- Hey, Loge. Hey, what's up?
- Hey.
Is all this pizza?
- TOM: Uh-huh.
- GREG: Hmm.
LOGAN: Why am I looking
at all this pizza, huh?
It's killing me.
This is It's out of control, Tom.
- Right.
- They send out for fresh pies,
and there are two or three here
already that are perfectly good.
All you have to do is put
them in the fucking microwave.
- TOM: Right.
- GREG: Right. Noted.
I guess, just to say, it does tend to,
uh, it loses a s
There's a sog factor
Greg, fuck off.
(SIGHS) Uh, it's not the pizza.
I've been thinking about Kerry.
Okay. Okay. Yeah, very excited.
I mean, let's get into it.
She's a she's a natural.
(CHUCKLES) She's got "it."
Is she the finished article?
Well, finished article, no.
- But you wouldn't expect her to be.
- No.
TOM: No. She needs a
little Needs a little time.
Maybe, maybe quite a bit of time.
- LOGAN: Interesting.
Yeah. She's, uh She's raw.
And I think, um, maybe
we should think about
starting her way under the radar.
And, uh, you know,
she has a lot to learn.
A lot.
And I think I think
it can be damaging
to put talent out there too early.
- Now, that's smart.
Yeah. Okay, sure. No problem.
I'm not involved. I'm nowhere near this.
- I know nothing.
- TOM: Sure. Understood.
- Ah! America
- ROMAN: This is charming.
- I missed you.
- Okay, what's everybody having?
- Oh. Uh
- KENDALL: What do you want?
Uh, do you think they know
how to make a vodka tonic?
- SHIV: House red? Do I dare?
- Yes.
- (CHUCKLES) What? No, no, no.
- ROMAN: That. Get that.
Just a club soda with a sealed lid.
Uh, nothing from that tainted nozzle.
Con, what do you want?
I'll just have whatever
a regular Joe would have.
Just, uh, Belgian Weissbier.
Not Hoegaarden, ideally.
- Hey, have you seen this?
- Hmm?
- From "Heard on the Street"
- Mm-hm.
about what the Waystar
price will come out at?
- Mm-hm.
- Sandi shared, so I
Hey, can I get, um, a vodka tonic,
- I'll have a bitters and soda
- You still, uh, with us, Con?
Oh, sure. Just Willa.
I have her location shared.
- I just think it's a factory setting.
- It's not.
Yeah, well anyway, I'm reassured.
She's definitely not on her way to Cuba.
- Well, her phone isn't.
- Yeah, she's stopped moving.
I guess she found a spot she likes.
- SHIV: Sure.
- On another man's dick.
On a much bigger,
nicer, harder, younger
dick is all I'm saying.
- Can we not? Can we not, d
- Okay. Sorry. I know.
Dude. You know, 'cause I'm feeling
- I'm I'm having certain anxieties, huh?
- Okay, sorry. Mm-hmm.
I mean, I I wanna have a good time.
- Okay all right.
- KENDALL: Let's have fun.
We can monitor her dot together.
- She's What? (GROANS)
- Let's get it up
- on the big screen.
- CONNOR: Why so long at the
Her dot is at a
aquarium supply retailer.
That doesn't make sense.
Is that a drug thing?
- (WHISPERS) I love him.
- You sure?
- KENDALL: I am sure.
- It is. It's a drug thing.
- KENDALL: Sorry.
- Now, she's at a dry cleaner's.
ROMAN: She's, uh, probably
getting her panties cleaned.
- Mussed 'em up a bit. That's really tough.
- I'll be right back.
- What's wrong with you?
- Drinks are right here.
ROMAN: I'm not saying it's your cum.
- No, stop.
- ROMAN: Your cum, I'm sure, is very
- CONNOR: Stop. Stop.
- ROMAN: washable. Okay.
KENDALL: Yo, Lukas. What's up, brother?
(INHALES DEEPLY) I can't fucking sleep.
- You sleep good?
- Uh
Honestly, not really. No.
Well, I've never met anyone
I respect who sleeps good.
Tell me about it. One eye
open, bro. One eye open.
LUKAS: Yeah. And secondly,
my my team says
I shouldn't be talking to
you about this, but, whatever.
(INHALES DEEPLY) Well, I've been
I've been hearing that, uh,
the activists hustling on the price
are trying to get you
to join their little, uh,
scheisse party. Is that true?
Uh-huh. Well, I can't, uh
I can't give you a play-by-play, but
Well, I I know that you tried
to screw this deal with your dad
and I know your dad hates you now.
- So
you're out of options,
huh? (MUNCHES)
And I've also been hearing
that you've been going around
offering old ladies
suitcases full of money.
Well, if you want to have a
full suitcase anytime soon,
- you you don't push me, okay?
- Okay, dude.
- You're He's gonna sell.
- I hear you, man.
But if he pushes me
again, it won't be to me.
This isn't aggressive.
Like, uh, I've been told
that sometimes when
When I'm direct, it can code aggressive,
but it's not, it's just
Look, I like you, I like you. I do.
I thought clarity, you know,
before any nukes get launched.
So, either back off, or I'm gonna walk.
- I got you, loud and clear.
- Okay.
- I think that's it, K-Roy.
- Yeah. Sweet dreams.
Storm warnings have been
issued in parts of the east,
as severe thunderstorms are
expected to hit Pennsylvania
and the Cali Carolinas today.
- And our forecast to la
This is an incredibly delicate
piece of diplomacy, Greg.
Okay? It's like Israel-Palestine,
except harder and much more important.
(CHUCKLES) She's not gonna be happy.
- TOM: Right.
But I think I see a way through.
- GREG: What's that?
- You tell her.
Yeah, in interesting.
I mean, I I don't I don't like it.
- Well, you're a little frustrated?
- Yeah.
- You wanted next-level tasks, right?
- Yeah, but not like
telling our boss' girlfriend
she can't be on TV. (SCOFFS)
Honestly, I think I think it tracks.
- This is what you do, all right?
You go to her and you say
(INHALES) Like you say,
"It's really hard,
even being the cousin of this family,
and you've seen what's
happened to the kids.
- You know, things get muddled"
- Mm-hmm.
And and then you tell her
she's good, but not too good,
and then you you You
make sure Logan's out of it
and I'm out of it and you tell her
that the focus group had thoughts.
- Mm, okay.
- And then you ask her, you know,
does she even really want it
handed to her on a silver platter?
You know, with all the
resentments and accusations?
And then you can make it
seem like it's her idea
- to cool things, right?
- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Okay.
- TOM: Yeah? Good.
- Yeah.
But if she's like,
"Fuck you, Greg, and I
wanna be on TV tomorrow.
- ATN is my home"
- Well, then, if that happens,
just back away to a position of safety
and I will march in and
mop up the rage, okay?
GREG: All right.
- Oh, god dammit. (EXHALES)
- Well, I'm having fun.
Hey, what's up? What did I miss?
- SHIV: Hey.
- We're eating.
- KENDALL: Yeah?
- Right here.
Billy Ray Cyrus's
Kentucky Fried Shit Shack.
Well, they seem to
have some hearty fare.
- What was that shit?
- Uh, Stewy.
- Oh, great. What the fuck now?
- Yeah.
Well, actually, guys, can I
can I Can I show you something?
- Yeah.
- Oh, wings!
I wonder from which particular
creature they snip these wings.
- It's, um
- Perhaps a mammal.
on the comparables.
It's it's actually
pretty fucking intriguing.
Okay. Well, it makes you think.
Maybe Dad isn't on
it like he used to be.
You know, he's been
pushed around by Matsson
and fucking being
pushed around by Kerry.
Giving shows to his
girlfriend? That's just
Fuck, she's in the East
River. She's in the fucking
- No.
- SHIV: What?
She's on the bridge.
She's headed to, uh, Williamsburg.
Not to be dicks, Con, but is it okay
if we do a little breakout chat,
- just the three of us?
- We won't be long. Like, two minutes max.
- ROMAN: What?
Hey, fuck it. Why don't we fold Con in?
Well, he's not on the board, so
Yeah, but he has a
share, so if the deal
(CLICKS TONGUE) he loses his payout.
- Excuse me?
- Oh, yeah. So, Shiv wants
to get us mixed up in
some sort of drug deal
that will fuck the vote tomorrow.
Uh, no. A small delay,
we all want the deal.
- Okay.
- And, look, I think I agree.
- Oh, what the fuck now?
- KENDALL: Yeah, just
- ROMAN: Seriously?
- It's just
looking at the numbers
- SHIV: Yeah.
- it's it's compelling.
- SHIV: Yes.
- It's compelling? Come on.
So, you're gonna force Dad to grovel?
Oh, man. How long will
a renegotiation take?
SHIV: It's a play.
More money is more money and
that's all there is to it.
SHIV: (CHUCKLES) Oh, I'm sorry.
Uh. What the fuck?
Uh, Roman
The fuck is Dad messaging you for, Rome?
Uh uh, I don't know. Ask him.
- Stupid question.
- You're not gonna read it?
- ROMAN: Mm-mm.
Yeah, I'll read the I will, yeah.
I'll read it, sure.
Um, uh, just a check-in.
- SHIV: Oh, yeah? A check-in?
- Yeah. Yeah.
Oh, yeah, you're right. Classic Dad.
He always just checks in.
- Just wants to see how you're doing.
- Okay, I sent him a text
on his birthday just saying,
"Happy birthday."
- Uh, "Sorry we missed it."
- I'm sorry, wait a minute.
You texted him initially?
- On his birthday. Yeah.
- We said no contact until he apologizes.
Okay, well, so then, never?
- You know what?
- ROMAN: What?
- I think I would like to see your phone.
- ROMAN: Oh, really?
- Yeah.
- Show me your phone.
World's biggest WhatsApp group
of people sharing
pictures of your snatch.
- No, thanks. Fuck you. No.
- KENDALL: Rome? Guys? Rome.
ROMAN: What?
We have to trust each other here.
So then fucking look.
I don't give a shit.
- Great.
- It's dick pics anyway.
- He's got a real taste for 'em now.
- KENDALL: Great.
ROMAN: It's this right
here. Read. Who gives a shit?
Well, this is more than one text.
- It's two, three. It's
- Yeah.
Yeah, it's more than one. Sorry.
- It's a bit warm.
- It's warm? Why? What did I say?
- "Take care."
- "Take care"?
What am I supposed to
say? "Happy birthday.
Hope you fall down a
flight of stairs, shithead."
You know what? I feel a little
bit weird about this betrayal.
- The betrayal?
- SHIV: Yeah.
Yes, the the betrayal of,
"Happy Birthday, Dad. Take care. Roman."
- KENDALL: You know what?
- SHIV: Yeah.
- Betrayal?
- I do, too.
Okay, great. Fucking family guilt trip.
European vacation. Let's do it.
It's hard. It's been hard on everybody.
You know that he advised
Tom on the divorce?
Gave him a Dad trick.
Went and spoke to every pit
bull in Manhattan, tied 'em up.
I got Mommed.
I mean, there's probably one more
horrible motherfucker lawyer
somewhere in the United
States if you wanna look,
but, um, yeah, that sucks, I'm sorry.
KENDALL: Guys, I feel like
we need to stick together.
And we should push back,
and you should come with us
- and we should put the squeeze on.
- Okay, but,
we want to do Pierce, right?
- We want to out, right?
- Yes.
- KENDALL: Yeah. Yeah, exactly.
- Okay.
KENDALL: Just with
just a bit more money.
Yes, but I don't think
Matsson will go up in price.
He won't. I know this
because I have spoken to him.
Oh, well, if that's
If that's what he said,
- then it must be true. Yeah.
- Okay, seriously,
- I think he might walk.
- Oh, might he?
- ROMAN: Yes.
- Yeah, do you think he could maybe, like,
is it a possibility he could say a
- a not
- Okay.
- like a thing that isn't, a lie?
I mean, why would he say that?
Well, it's Negotiating 101, Rome.
Did they not teach you
that in management training?
All right, but he It
sounded like he meant it.
Oh, yeah. That's Negotiating 102.
- ROMAN: Okay.
- SHIV: It's pretty basic.
Look, I know the conflict isn't nice,
- but we overcommitted on Pierce
- ROMAN: Wait, what?
- and this gives the cash
- ROMAN: I don't give a shit about conflict.
- to make it right. Yes, you do.
- Like, I will conflict fucking conflict.
- No, I don't.
- SHIV: Oh, okay, fine.
Well, it is about Dad
feelings for you then.
- Dad feelings?
- SHIV: Yeah.
If anyone here has fucking Dad feelings,
it's holy shit, poking
Satan with the fork.
I'm genuine about us three.
And stop ganging up on me like
you're Lennon and McCartney
and I'm fucking George.
I'm John, motherfuckers.
Ringo, Yoko.
He's still Connor, but he won
having drinks with us at an auction.
KENDALL: Honestly, though.
I think going with Sandi and Stewy
is is the best thing for us to do
- SHIV: Yeah.
- as a team.
It's just a it's just a move.
It's a it's a delay, a couple weeks.
He'll get it. It's what
Dad would do in his prime.
SHIV: Mm-hmm. Exactly.
I guess if it's just a play,
then yeah. Fuck, yeah, I'm in.
God fucking dammit.
- God fucking dammit.
- ROMAN: Sorry. Sorry.
- You ruined it all, you fucking ruined it all.
- Con, Con, Con.
- Sorry.
- CONNOR: You fucked it up.
- What do you wanna do?
- What do I want to do?
I wanted to get married tomorrow.
- Well
- I wanted to spend tonight
with my family and tomorrow with my dad
and I wanted to get
my fucking money out.
What else can we do?
I would like to sing one
fucking song at karaoke
because I've seen it in the movies,
and nobody ever wants to go.
Hey, hey, Kerry, um, s sorry,
can I possibly please, uh,
grab you just for five minutes?
- Quickly, please, right now?
- Yeah, why not?
You've already grabbed every
other woman in Manhattan.
(CHUCKLES) Thank you. Let's
let's just head in here.
I just wanted to grab
you for a quick moment.
Um, uh, I I hope I'm not
getting above my station here.
Um, but I wanted to talk to
you about the whole tape thing.
Oh, I I'm not sure I
wanna talk to you about that.
Oh, yeah. No, fair enough.
Then, just as a friend I
I wanted to give you
a heads up on the down-low
on what the murmurs
are, and say, you know,
how careful I have had to be
about my particular
position as a family member
and say how people
chatter so unpleasantly
about accusations of legs-up
- and unfair
- What is this, Greg?
Are are you
rushing things a bit?
And could could that, long term,
- actually harm your position
- So, okay, Tom doesn't think
- I'm ready and he's sent you
- No, no, no.
No, no, no, not at all.
Uh, he thinks you're great.
- Um
- Oh.
I mean, there's some little
doubts from a focus group
- and they're
- They focus-grouped me?
GREG: Yes. But but the big
picture is, what I'm saying.
You know, like, how Kendall and Shiv
- have an entitlement problem?
- Okay, I'm sorry.
What did they say, the focus group?
Uh, well, headlines, great
just maybe not fully there.
- And a few criticisms, but but
- Such as?
Uh, minor shit, like, nothing.
I mean, may Great package.
Uh, maybe a little, you know,
arm the arms aren't right,
you know, or they're a little un-TV.
The arms aren't right?
No Yeah, but but not a biggie.
No, it's fixable with a few years.
But, uh, no sorry on TV, this is on TV,
and it can happen th that
they shoot weird, the cameras
So, who was in this
focus group, Greg? Just you?
- No.
- Is it Tom?
- No.
- Logan?
(STAMMERS) It it's a bunch
of grandpas and little twerps and such.
- Can I see it?
- No.
- Because?
- Because it's private.
- Well, it's not.
- You can't.
- What if Logan wants to see it?
- It's I'm sorry,
- it's confidential.
- From the CEO?
- Yes.
- Okay. If this focus group isn't real,
I'm gonna take you apart
like a human string cheese.
I did the job. (INHALES
DEEPLY) I did the job.
LOGAN: Heard from Connor.
The kids, Sandi and Stewy,
they have the numbers
to force us back to the table.
W what? What do you
do? You want me to call?
- You want me to ream 'em out for you?
- No. Delicate.
They have some juice here.
They have some fucking juice.
KENDALL: You should share
your fucking dot with Willa.
Then, she'll see that
you're out having fun.
- ROMAN: I love karaoke, it's great.
Boo, boo! Your wedding is doomed.
CLUBBER: I said maybe ♪
- Okay.
- Thank you.
So, what happens now?
Uh, well, someone has
to humiliate themselves
in the shame palace.
Think they have
"Desperado" by The Eagles?
I would imagine they do.
Longest night of my life.
- CONNOR: Oh, shit.
- KENDALL: What?
- She's gone dark.
Why has she gone dark?
I mean, is this it?
Is she going off with some buck
- and they're gonna, you know?
- Hey, take it easy.
Maybe maybe her phone just died.
Yeah. Have you ever considered
that she might not be right for you?
This could be good. Yeah?
- Connor?
- SHIV: You'll meet someone else.
You're not doing better than Willa.
I would agree. Do not let go Willa go.
So, Dad's on his way.
- What?
- He wants us to meet him down at the car
- when he gets here.
- What the fuck?
KENDALL: How does he know we're here?
- How do you know he's coming?
- Well, I told him
that it's the night of a
thousand wobbles over here
- and he needs to talk to you.
- Oh, for fuck's sake, Con.
CONNOR: My life isn't filled
with secrets like some people.
- I share things.
And I want my father
to be at my wedding.
- You mean you want the money?
- Well, no, Siobhan,
that was not my primary consideration.
I mean, what do we do? Do
we do we leave? I mean
Will he come in? He's
not coming in, right?
You know what? Just be water, my friend.
"Just be wat" Wow, thanks, man.
What happens if I kill a Buddhist?
Do I get reincarnated
as a fucking Buddhist?
SHIV: (SIGHS) I hope not.
It's four in the morning
The end of December ♪
I'm writing you now Just
to see if you're better ♪
New York is cold But I
like where I'm living ♪
There's music On Clinton Street ♪
All through the evening ♪
This is Guantanamo-level shit.
- CONNOR: I hear that you're building ♪
- What is this, Con?
- Your little house ♪
- I think I'd like to hear "Desperado." Please?
- Deep in the desert ♪
- CONNOR: You're living for nothing ♪
- Uh, okay. I don't know why Dad's calling me.
Well, really he should be calling me.
What did we say? Don't answer it.
- Hang up.
I could just, uh Hey!
I was gonna let it ring out.
Oh, shit! Of course.
I didn't think of that.
Mm, with a lock of your hair ♪
Oh, my God.
Oh, shit.
Can we, uh, go somewhere
else? These lights are
I could have a seizure.
- We're not going anywhere.
- Fine. Very well.
- Okay.
Uh, we won't be needing
you, Kerry. You can
- Oh, yeah.
- Thank you.
This here is a
A family fuck-fuck, so
Ignore me.
LOGAN: Okay, let's get this figured out
and then I can let you
get back to your fun.
Well, it might've been a wasted trip.
Wanna give us a quick blast of
"New York, New York" and fuck off?
Well, I I wanted to say something.
Yeah? Reasons we should
vote through the sale?
It's No surprises there.
Unless you do it to the tune
of "The Girl From Ipanema."
Well, um, it's not that. I
mean, um, uh, aside from this,
um, I guess I
I guess I just I I wanted
you there a bit at my party.
Holy shit.
- Did Dad just say a feeling?
Well, you know, I just
I thought maybe it would be nice.
Oh, fuck. Now now,
it's all coming out.
Oh, my God, Mr. Melodrama over here.
It's like a fucking telenovela.
Come on, guys, he's trying something.
Look, you knew I wanted Pierce
from way back.
And when I lost out
that was not a good feeling.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, no shit.
We practically had to
walk back from Albany.
Can we just I'm sorry.
Can we cut the shit?
It's obvious why you're here.
Your father wanted to
address the personal stuff
and not just launch into the business.
Well, see, this isn't personal, Dad.
Uh, this is a business decision.
This is about the money.
Look, you're smart to ask
about the money, you are.
But Matsson won't go there.
You haven't been around this,
but I've got done a good deal,
and you'll get enough
to do whatever you want.
I do ATN, you do Pierce.
It'll be a fresh start for all of us.
It'll make things better,
and it starts there.
All you have to do is vote
yes and support the deal.
Do you know what he's offering?
You can separate the personal
and the business, you can
- ROMAN: Hmm.
- reset your dynamic
- as a family.
- SHIV: Oh, super.
We gonna be just how
we, like, we used to be
and and and go
on summer vacay together
and drive down Route One
in an RV singing show tunes?
It may be more complicated than that.
SHIV: Yeah, I mean, I guess you're
still in the honeymoon period, so
(CHUCKLES) getting
your own show on TV.
Oh, are you not gonna be on TV now? No?
SHIV: I'm sorry, is that not
- ROMAN: Mm.
- Has he fucked you on that?
That'll happen, the fucking.
- But congrats on losing your betrayal cherry.
- Enough.
I thought you'd be
interested in an apology,
- but that that's enough.
- SHIV: Wait, I'm sorry.
An apology? We we missed that.
Look, I don't do apologies
but if it means so much to you
then sorry.
There's nothing you could say to
me now that I would ever believe.
This deal push could be
worth 100 mil to us, Dad.
How many sorrys do we get for that?
- KERRY: Okay, to be clear
- What are you actually sorry for, Dad?
- SHIV: Hmm.
- Well, I'm sorry for the helicopter for a start.
Oh! You guys, he's sorry about
the helicopter from today.
Well, that's the big one, I guess.
- Are we actually doing this, Dad?
- KENDALL: Okay.
'Cause I think, you know
Seriously, what fucked
all this was when
- with Mom and Italy
- Yeah, okay.
I've had certain thoughts about that.
Look, with the best of intentions,
I, uh, I got the structure
of the holding company,
the ownership structure
of the, um, family trust.
There is a lack of clarity and maybe,
- maybe you got certain impressions
- Amazing.
You sure you're not having that seizure?
I mean, he is trying,
right? And what you said
you were interested in was an apology.
Okay, then. Anything else?
KENDALL: Come on, Dad.
What are you sorry for?
Sorry for fucking ignoring Connor
- his whole life?
- Bit strong.
Hitting Rome when he was a kid?
Oh, no. I mean, everyone hit me.
I'm fucking annoying.
For having Connor's mother locked up?
Can we not do a whole show trial here?
SHIV: What about advising
Tom on my divorce?
Yeah? I mean, that
one That took effort.
That was above and beyond.
Tom asked me for advice.
I recommended someone he could speak to.
You weren't around.
If you'd been around,
I would've offered you the same advice.
But I can't help you
if you won't see me.
Look, the bottom line is
if we ask for more money,
- Matsson walks. I know that.
- No! You don't know that!
You don't know him!
You don't fucking know everything!
Just 'cause you say it doesn't
make it true. (CHUCKLES)
Everyone just fucking agrees
with you and believes you,
so it becomes true and
then you can turn around
and say like, "Oh, you
see? See? I was right."
But that is not how it is.
You're a human fucking gaslight!
Look, I I just want
to get us all together.
What you kids don't
realize, this is a good deal.
The world likes it. It makes sense.
But deals have a habit of disappearing
because pricks like Matsson
get pissed off or snap. This
This is fucking real.
Okay, well, I think I can
speak for everyone, can I?
When I say, "Go ask him for more money."
- But why?
- Just good business sense.
Gotta make our own pile.
- Right, Dad?
- Oh, come on!
Yeah, I mean, it's what
my gut is telling me,
and so I gotta listen to my gut.
It's it's all I got to go on.
LOGAN: Jesus.
You're such fucking dopes.
You're not serious figures.
I love you
but you are not
serious people.
Look at this prick.
They should get out here.
Some cunt doing the
tin cans for his supper,
take a sip of that medicine.
This city (SCOFFS)
The rats are as fat as skunks.
They hardly care to run anymore.
I don't know. I don't fucking know.
- The meeting's off.
I need to see Matsson. It'll be you, me,
Tom, Karl, Frank.
- But no Gerri.
- Fine.
So, how was it for you?
Fucking Dad. (CHUCKLES)
- Amazing, just over too soon.
- KENDALL: I could've kept going.
Rome, we're kidding, man. Kidding.
No, I know. It's fine. It's cool.
Okay. (INHALES) I'm going home.
Well, I'm sure she'll be in touch, Con.
CONNOR: You know what? It's fine.
- KENDALL: Really?
- Yeah.
The good thing about having a family
that doesn't love you is
you learn to live without it.
- What? Con
You're all chasing after Dad, saying,
(WHIMPERS) "Love me,
please love me. I need love.
- I need attention."
- I think that's the opposite
- of what just happened.
- You're needy love sponges.
And I'm a plant that grows
on rocks and lives off insects
that die inside of me.
Jesus Christ, Con. (CHUCKLES)
If Willa doesn't come back, that's fine.
Because I don't need love.
It's like a superpower.
And if she comes back
and doesn't love me,
that's okay, too,
'cause I don't need it.
Thanks for the party.
Yeah, you're welcome.
REPORTER: (OVER TV) Mark Ravenhead
- and Jeryd Mencken is coming up tomorrow night.
REPORTER: It really is a must watch.
- LOGAN: Oh!
- Hey, Dad.
Hey! Lookie, lookie here.
Twin Cities Tessie.
I thought I smelled dairy.
- So, um, that just felt a bit weird,
- and there was a lot going on, so
- Oh,
we know what they're like. (CHUCKLES)
I've pushed the board meeting,
I want you to come with me
and see Matsson tomorrow.
I could use your help.
- Oh, yeah?
- LOGAN: Mm-hmm.
Uh, I mean, it's the
wedding. Con's wedding.
Uh, but that feels Yeah, let's see.
- Yeah. I'll give you a moment.
- Thank you.
ROMAN: Okay, yeah, sure.
- Here.
- Okay.
Night of the Long Knives coming.
Cyd's toast.
I'm reinventing ATN.
- LOGAN: I need a fire-breather.
A ruthless fuck who'll
do whatever it takes.
- Maybe I should go.
- You're not Pierce.
Smart people know what they are.
I mean, you really want me at ATN?
More, Romulus. More.
I need you.
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