Succession (2018) s04e09 Episode Script

Church and State

to prevent the certification
of election results
until all absentee ballots are tallied.
Meanwhile, Jimenez supporters
are making their voices heard
at a number of demonstrations
around the country,
including outside the
Manhattan offices of ATN,
who first called the
election for Jeryd Mencken.
- Crowds of angry protestors
continue to make their way
towards ATN's headquarters.
And with reports of a number
of instances of street violence
and intimidation, the
NYPD is urging the public,
- for their own safety
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
DELTA PIKE: to only join officially
arranged and marshalled protests
My father, Logan Roy, was a great man,
in the true sense of the word.
Born the middle child of three,
he was sent away during
the Second World War
to bing, bang, bong.
Sad, sad, sad.
I look good. I look good.
I am the man. I am the man.
As you can see, here I am.
Talking loudly about my father.
And don't I, perhaps, remind
you of him just a little?
A little dry.
Chicago Daily, '81.
Launches The Correspondent.
"A passion for human communication."
I am King Dong. I am the King of Dong.
Bow down to me.
selected the president.
Do you see his pecker in my pocket?
end of the first marriage,
it's very sad, saddy, saddy, sad.
Look out. See Shivy cry, see Kenny lie.
See Roman the Showman light up the sky!
Last days. New adventures.
Was he, maybe,
tiny nice voice, losing it a little?
Who knows? But a great man.
His demise was carried, written in fire.
Pulsed electric, in a
flash, over seven continents,
into newspapers that he
started, networks he launched
through fiber he laid,
satellites we built.
A great man indeed. A great, great man.
Father, with your permission?
Applause all around.
Come on! Let it rip!
- We love you.
Something, something,
something, something, something.
- What's up?
- KENDALL ROY: Rome. Hey, man. Uh, you okay?
Yeah. I'm okay. I'm good.
I'm actually, like
Honestly, I'm excited.
- ROMAN: Does that make me a sick fuck?
Mencken wins, he blocks the deal.
It's, you know, it's exciting times.
Interesting times!
Do you think, you know, for
business, for everything,
can we maybe get Jeryd to
turn the volume down a little?
Oh, come on. Don't be a pussy, dude.
What, you don't like
these fucking ratings?
It's discord, man.
Discord makes my dick hard.
- KENDALL: Sure. Just
I mean, it is the funeral.
ROMAN: Oh, he'd fucking
love it. Are you kidding me?
KENDALL: You know,
I don't know. Just a little
Queasy Gonzales?
ROMAN: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We're all busy. Okay.
Well, see you at, uh, Shivsky's, right?
Okay. Hey, Rome, uh,
I'll I'll see you there.
- Okay.
- ROMAN: Roll deep.
- Hey.
- RAVA ROY: Hey. Hey, Ken, um
Listen, I I just want to
say that I am concerned, okay?
Everybody's saying
that there's gonna be
major disturbances
today, and Thank you.
- KENDALL: No, yeah. Rav, it's it's rumors.
Okay. I'm with Fikret. Uh,
I'm gonna go with the sibs,
- but he'll pick you guys up, and then
- RAVA: Okay. Yeah, no, Ken.
Listen. I think we may, uh
I think we're gonna head upstate today,
- and I'm I'm really sorry
- What?
RAVA: but that is (SIGHS)
That is my decision. Okay?
Um, we're gonna go to
Travis and Robert's
What are you even talking about?
Ken, it it just It
does not feel safe today.
Okay? This is just what we need to do.
- All right?
- Where are you now?
Are you are you on the
road? Have you left yet?
RAVA: No, we haven't left. But we're
Fikret, I want to be at
Rava's in three minutes.
Okay? I'll figure out
fines and violations.
Just get us there now.
What a shit show, huh?
- SHIV ROY: Uh-huh. Yeah.
- LUKAS: Are you watching?
Yeah. I reckon you should
get your bad numbers out,
because it's just become an
amazing day to bury bad news.
- Yeah?
- LUKAS: Mm, I don't know.
Like, if you have a little dicky,
maybe you don't go to the nudist beach?
- SHIV: Lukas.
- Yeah?
A tsunami just came and
washed everything away.
No one is checking the dicks.
Just Seriously, I know this.
- Do it. Get 'em out.
- LUKAS: (CHUCKLES) You're so forceful.
Well, how do we get around Mencken?
'Cause this This is real, right?
That he's blocking the
deal over regulatory?
SHIV: Well, I don't
I still don't see it.
You know, he's
He's out of tune with some
some deep sentiments in this country.
LUKAS: Yeah, well, you've been
a democracy for like 50 years, so
What? No. I mean Well, okay.
LUKAS: Oh, not unless you
don't count Black people?
Which is kind of a bad habit, so you
Okay, yes, but it's a little
more complicated than that.
LUKAS: I'm just I'm just saying.
You you are nearly as
mature a democracy as Botswana.
So I should reach out. How
how did that go by the way?
SHIV: I still think
cleanest is just activate.
Can you talk to your buddies
and and get the algo,
you know, pushing that straight dope?
- Mm-hmm.
- SHIV: Yeah?
Okay, well, I gotta go.
But he's gonna be there today. Yeah?
So get Ebba to bury those numbers.
It's just so golden.
- What are you doing?
- Okay, okay.
- What do you think you're doing?
- Ken. Ken.
- Ken, what are you doing?
- KENDALL: The fuck is going on?
We are just getting out of town.
- Okay? Yes.
- You're getting Well, that's hysterical bullshit.
- Ken
- Okay? You're not bringing the kids
to their grandfather's
funeral? Are you insane?
I don't consider it safe.
You're you're
you're too online, okay?
- You've lost context.
Everything is fine.
Nothing is fine. You
said things would be okay.
You said that Daniel would win.
- Our daughter is not fine. Nothing is fine.
- No, you can't go. You can't go.
- Ken, stop it.
- Get out of my way. Do not fuck with me today!
- Ken.
- Do not fuck with me today!
You need to stop.
You need to calm down. Ken
- Hey, guys? Soph? Open up.
- Ken. Ken. It's okay.
Ken, you've gotta stop this.
You've gotta stop.
I do not consider it safe. Okay?
That's bullshit. Pretext.
You're trying to hurt me.
It's my fucking father's funeral.
I'm really sorry, okay?
But we are gonna go.
And there will be a memorial,
- and we will go to that. I'm sorry.
- He didn't want a memorial.
I'm gonna go to court to
get an emergency court order
- to stop you leaving the city.
- That's what I'm gonna do.
- Okay. Go do that. Okay?
KENDALL: I'm gonna block your car.
I'm gonna lie in front
of your fucking car.
'Kay? You're gonna have to
run me over if you wanna go.
What are you gonna do?
who gave them the timeline?
Well, a lot of people know.
A lot of people don't wanna go
- to the Hague for war crimes.
- Ooh! Look at you.
Well, there's not much of me. You know?
- There's a great, big graphic of Darwin.
- GREG HIRSCH: Mm-hmm.
But they can This diminishes my role.
I'm tarred with the Mencken brush,
so I may as well get my goodies, right?
There's no point joining the party
- unless you get your little dacha.
- GREG: Mm-hmm.
TOM: I said two minutes.
I did say two minutes. Thank you.
- TOM: What?
- No. No. I just
The funeral, right? I mean
I feel the need for closure.
I would like to grieve.
- I would like to
- TOM: Well, I do I do, too.
I do, too. I'm a wheelman.
I'm a casket wheelman. I'm front right.
- It's (SIGHS)
- TOM: Fine, fine. Fuck off.
- Fuck off. Go on.
- GREG: Thank you.
Save me a place, though. A good place.
- Uh-huh.
- TOM: Okay? Second row.
And tell the Mencken team
that I made the call. Okay?
Tell Mencken that I swung it for him.
And you may as well walk,
'cause it's gridlock!
Okay, now come in. Thank you.
ROMAN: Hello.
Party time.
There you are.
Is he gonna come today, Mencken?
Is Matsson?
Hmm. Doesn't know when he's beat.
You should be pleased.
Mencken wins, blocks the
deal, we stay in charge.
SHIV: Mm-hmm. Yeah. You do.
- ROMAN: Well, the idea is family. So
- SHIV: Mm-hmm.
- ROMAN: Big picture, yeah.
Yup. It's just a great fucking day.
You okay?
Yeah. Yeah, good.
I don't know.
Rava's taking the kids out of the city.
She's "concerned." So
Well, that's dumb and shitty.
I'm sorry, Ken.
Yeah. Well it's fine.
It is what it is, right?
You guys get Mom's invitation
for a "Caribbean air clear?" (CHUCKLES)
Oh, Mom just suddenly wants to mom now?
Yeah, I'm a hard no.
- Right.
- Yeah.
Uh I I should tell you
'cause I'm telling Mom today, probably.
I've wanted to say for a while,
I'm Actually, I'm pregnant.
There you go.
- Is it mine?
- (CLEARS THROAT) Yeah. Uh-huh.
Really? Fuck. Shiv. Wow.
Wow. An and
- Um
- Yeah, it's Tom's.
- Is that
- Fuck's sake. Uh
- ROMAN: Wow.
- SHIV: Yeah.
- KENDALL: Congratulations.
Yeah, you're having a Wambsgland?
I thought you'd just
been eating your feelings.
(SIGHS) Yeah. Thanks. Good stuff.
ROMAN: You know I'm not gonna stop
with the joke things. I'm also, like,
if I see you breastfeeding,
I am gonna have to jerk off.
- Jesus fucking Christ, man.
- ROMAN: I I mean that because it will be hot.
SHIV: Do you know how
disgusting you are?
- ROMAN: Do you love it? Should we bone again?
- SHIV: No!
- ROMAN: Kid number two?
- SHIV: Fuck off!
Guys, can can we, today
Shall we, for the funeral,
just, yeah, cool it?
Like a funeral truce?
Yeah, like, today is just about today.
- SHIV: Mm-hmm.
- 'Kay.
KENDALL: Hey, Jess. You're on speaker.
Hi. Yeah. Um, listen.
So, they're they're
saying that there's like a
a gathering, or like a
like a march or something
that's gathering from the park,
and FDR's, like, totally gridlocked,
so do you want me to just,
um Oh, wait, wait, wait.
I dropped a pin. I can guide you?
- ROMAN: Jesus, fuck!
- Yeah.
- Hi. Morning.
- ROMAN: Good morning.
How you doing?
- Fine. Great. Swell. Great day.
- SHIV: Hey.
JESS JORDAN: So, yeah, I
think from uptown it's easier,
but there's just, like,
a lot of confusion, so
Glasses. That's smart.
You can cry in secret,
hide all your emotions,
and thus emerge victorious
as the winner of the funeral.
- KENDALL: Hey, Jess. Listen.
- JESS: Yeah.
Um, early next week
- 'Kay?
- I wanna speak with some family lawyers.
Custody. I I want custody.
- Okay. Um
- 'Kay?
Uh Monday, Tuesday?
Let's do
All right.
What's this? What's this meet with you?
Oh, uh, don't worry about that.
'Kay. Well, let let's bump that.
JESS: Yeah.
- So so, what is it? What is this?
- Uh, yeah.
Shall we just do it when we do it?
Like, what is it?
Uh, I just wanna talk
about my, uh, situation.
Okay, sure. What about your situa
Ken, this is a big day.
I don't wanna do this today.
Yeah, well well,
now I'm thinking, like,
- all kinds of things.
- Don't
So, come on. What?
Well, uh, you have always been
- so supportive of me and
- Yeah.
my aims and ambitions,
and I really appreciate that.
So I'm sure that you can understand
that it might be a good
time for me to move on
to another position.
Okay? Wow. Okay.
Fine. Fine. Of course.
Of course you can.
Great. Um, yeah, and we can
chat more about it when we
KENDALL: Can I ask why?
Um Yeah, it just
feels like time. You know?
Is this about Mencken?
Well, I've been thinking
about it for a while. So
- Fine. Fine.
- I'm sorry.
I just have to say, like, where, like
It's kinda It's kinda
ridiculous, Jess, though?
I mean, if you feel sorry about it,
maybe you should reconsider.
I just think that it's time.
I'm sorry, but I've given
you extraordinary access.
Where else are you gonna get that?
Nowhere. I'm telling you,
you're gonna get that nowhere.
You have no idea how
things will turn out,
and it's very juvenile.
It's fuckin' dumb. You're being dumb.
Everybody's being fuckin' dumb.
Okay. Sorry, you feel that way, Kendall.
Nice timing, Jess.
Lovely day to tell me.
Really thoughtful.
HUGO BAKER: Uh, Ken? Um, GoJo.
Uh, Matsson has slipped out
they got deeply bullshit
subscriber numbers
all across South Asia.
But that's not for now.
Well, you are in fact
telling me now, right?
HUGO: Yeah, but it's
not for you to engage.
It's just just so you know.
Weather could've been a
lot worse for this, huh?
Okay, well, this is I
thought that we were gonna
Roman was doing the eulogy, Con.
But we said we could
consider if we wanted to.
Yeah. Sure.
But this is long, and
it's hard to follow.
Right. Well, it's formally inventive.
That's one of the things
that we like most about it.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay. Well, I think
this eulogy's gonna leave
us open to legal action.
All right, so who have you hit?
- Who have I hit?
- Yeah.
Okay. Well, just You know.
Because I think it's great
that Mencken's a racist
and he won't let a dirty
foreigner buy the company,
but I still think we need to
get the board and brass rallying
around the old orphans
here. Don't you think?
- Sure. Yeah. Sure, dude.
- Okay.
Ooh! Marcia's looking chic. Yummy.
She's a sexy funeral lady.
If you're weirded out by that, wait till
I have sex with her on Dad's coffin.
(BREATHES DEEPLY) So fucking weird.
Eulogy is good, right? He did good?
Yeah. He's on top of the world.
Target-rich environment.
Glad-handing the sad faces.
Oh, man. So many fucking
moneychangers in the temple.
There he is. Frank.
Uh Just wanted to say,
I know we've, uh, had
our battles and such,
but this really puts it
in perspective, don't it?
Sure. Life is short. We
should all love one another.
- (SCOFFS) Right.
- Go on.
Nothing. Just, uh
Just an observation.
Mencken is going to block the deal.
And if Ken has lost his
stomach for the fight,
which I really hope he hasn't,
there's gonna be one cherry on the cake.
Well, I'll be, you know
- rounding up a posse.
- Hmm.
- Oh.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay. Well, lovely chatting.
- Mm.
You know, you are tied to
two dirty little fuckers.
- Hey. Hey, Rome.
- ROMAN: Gregory.
- Hey. Sad day. Sad day.
- ROMAN: Oh, yeah. Yeah. Thanks.
- So, uh, so Mencken's right there.
- ROMAN: Yeah, I know. I'm aware.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
So, can you get me an intro?
- To Mencken?
- Yeah.
Can you I mean,
I'm I'm one of the
I was one of I'm amongst
the crowning committee.
- So
- Right. Okay. Uh, yeah, maybe. Later.
Um, you're on Ewan watch,
okay? He wanted to speak,
but, um, unfortunately,
there was no time.
So if he starts, like,
unfurling a banner,
or, you know, singing union songs,
or whatever, you have license to
You know?
If you promise me a link-up with
Uh, sure. I'll Yeah. Absolutely.
- All right. Nice trade.
- (SIGHS) This is it, huh?
- KARL MULLER: Mm-hmm.
He's gone. He's really gone.
How much of you is glad?
Well, I mean, we had our
fights. Okay. But I miss him.
- GERRI KELLMAN: Stockholm syndrome.
- Well
Crossed with a little
bit of China syndrome.
- 'Kay, whatever.
Well, here she comes.
Thought I could hear the
sound of Dalmatians howling.
We freezing her out? Or what's
I dunno. One down? Maybe be nice
in case she drops
dead of a broken heart?
- Uh-huh.
- Or not having a heart.
- Sure. Well, it's her big day.
(SOFTLY) Hello, darling.
- Hi.
- Hi, darling.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Are you, um, okay?
- Blimey!
- Mm. I know.
Well, I never.
Well, then you
Well, well.
Um, thank you.
CAROLINE: Exactly.
Well, we can go into this later, but
You didn't think to let me know?
Uh, I have to be careful the
information that I give you
because you might use it against me.
- No? Am I wrong?
- Hello, Mum.
Sweet one.
- Yeah. Good day.
- Peter?
Peter's incredibly excited.
I think he's brought his autograph book.
- PETER MUNION: Hello. Hi, all. So sad.
- So sad.
- Hi. Thanks.
- Thank you.
- Daddy's here.
- Sorry for your loss.
- ROMAN: Mm-hmm.
- Thanks, Peter.
- Well, he spoke of you often.
- Oh!
SHIV: You were one of his favorites.
I'm going to I'm just
going to, darling, um
Would you excuse me just one sec?
ROMAN: Mm-hmm.
He's now going to go roll
around like a Labrador
in a lovely pile of senators.
Mm. How respectful.
Oh. Hey.
- Hey.
- EBBA: Hi.
So, the numbers pieces
are starting to come out.
- No significant blowback, right?
- LUKAS: No.
- So far, it's, uh, pretty good, right?
- Mm-hmm. Good. Yes.
- So uh, gold star for the red devil.
- Great. (CHUCKLES)
- LUKAS: Good job.
- Uh-huh.
And what are you thinking about, uh,
the handsome Nazi over there?
You thinking he's he gonna win?
And if he does, like,
ironically, would that be bad
for a tall, blond, White guy?
(CHUCKLES) The whole
thing is unimaginable.
Uh, but I did have one idea
- if it does come through, Mencken.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, I mean, I was
wondering if it would be smart
rather than just to walk away,
uh, what about you offer him a US CEO?
Yeah? Just for the US properties.
Let him have that win
in the media sense, yeah?
Okay. Well, if I offer
him an American CEO
who who would you have in mind?
Oh. I mean, I don't know. Anyone.
- Yeah. Anyone.
- Anyone.
Yeah. Okay.
I mean
- Actually, you know who would be good?
- I don't know who would be good.
- Shiv Roy.
- Shiv Roy.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Very inexperienced, though. Yeah?
Well, political acumen,
knows ATN, can control the narrative,
just very, very fuckin' clear-sighted.
- Uh-huh.
- Besides, I also hear,
apparently, the
chairman, that sad Swede?
The sad Sw (LAUGHS)
Basically pulling her strings anyway.
They say she's Lukas
Matsson's total puppet.
All right.
All right. Well, you
know what I've heard?
That she's, uh
- Uh-huh.
- Is that true?
Yeah, well, you know.
She's one of those hard bitches, right?
Who's gonna do, what, thirty-six
hours of maternity leave?
Emailing through her vanity cesarean.
Poor kid will never see her.
- A hard ass. Okay, I get it.
- SHIV: Yeah, not widely liked.
Well, what do you think?
Uh, would he buy it?
'Cause you two are very
hatey-hatey with each other, I hear.
You think you can get him to like you?
- Yes.
- You think?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Can you intro?
I can do fucking
anything. My dad just died.
Okay. He's, uh, he's here.
The headline act. Shall we?
- ROMAN: Showtime.
- Thanks for coming.
- Of course.
Kerry? It is Kerry, isn't it?
- Yeah. (CHUCKLES)
- CAROLINE: Not Kelly? Yeah.
Um, why don't you come and sit with us?
Um yeah, uh yeah.
Are you you're s
you're sure that's okay?
Absolutely. Who is this?
Oh, um, this is my brother.
And, uh uh, my friend.
- Sorry.
- CAROLINE: Hello. Just going to steal her away.
- CAROLINE: She'll be safe with me.
- Uh. My my friend,
um, who's a who's a
lawyer 'cause I thought
that there might be an
issue in terms of entry
or something.
- Are you all right?
- Yeah. I'm okay.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- This is Kerry. Sally-Anne.
- Hi.
- Hi, Kerry.
- Hi.
Come and meet Marcia.
- Yes.
- Marcia. This is Sally-Anne.
- Hello, Marcia.
- Bonjour.
Sally-Anne was my Kerry, so to speak.
So, it's all water under
the bridge now, innit?
Should we go and pile in?
- Oh, my goodness.
- What is Kerry doing in the front row?
She's in the front
God, Logan would hate this.
At least he won't
grind his teeth tonight.
Okay, dude. This is it. Final call.
Logan is boxed and
ready to be delivered.
TOM: Greg, there are
fires in Baltimore.
Darwin might resign.
Online is peaking. You know?
I'll get there as fast as I
can. And tell them it was me.
GREG: Can I inquire about front right
Probably even lower, right?
SHIV: It's gonna be fine.
Anyway, if we report it on
- Hey. Hey. Hey, Lukas.
- Hey, sexy.
- Nice to see you Oh, that's very kind. Um
- You, too.
Shiv, I just spoke to
Tom, and it looks like
he's not gonna make it.
- LUKAS: What?
- GREG: Yeah.
- Mm-hmm?
- Where's where's your Tommy boy?
He's at work. Lot of news today.
- LUKAS: Yeah.
- Yes, he's in the grindhouse.
Sadly, that means that
there is a wheel free
on the casket. You're down a wheelman.
- Mm-hmm. Okay.
- CAROLINE: Peter could take a wheel?
- What?
- PETER: A wheel? Yes, certainly.
Do you need a spare pair of hands?
- No, no, I was saying that Tom
- PETER: Very happy to.
- just kind of offered it to me.
- Oh, I see. Tom did.
- I misunderstood.
- Yes.
CARDINAL: Please stand.
Into your hands, Father of mercies,
we commend our brother Logan
in the sure and certain hope
that together with all
who have died in Christ,
he will rise with him on the last day.
Please be seated for a word
from those who knew
and loved Logan best.
- GREG: Uh
- Greg. Greg, Greg.
- Hey, Gramps. Hey.
- Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg.
- Greg, Greg, Greg.
- GREG: Hey!
- What are you doing, Grandpa?
- EWAN ROY: What?
- GREG: Don't do it.
- You're making a scene.
- I'm not making a scene, Greg. You are.
Hi. Uh, I think maybe
you're not, uh, on for today?
EWAN: Thank you. I'm going to speak.
GREG: Gramps? Can can
- Fuck.
- The fuck, Greg?
What do you want me to do?
- Want me to take his legs out?
- Thanks.
EWAN: Good morning.
- MARIANNE: It's okay. Just sit down.
- GREG: Shut up.
It's not your fault.
Don't tell me to shut up.
What sort of people would
stop a brother speaking
for the sake of a share price?
- (WHISPERS) I'm sorry.
It is not for me to judge my brother.
History will tell that story.
I can just give you a couple of
instances about him.
You probably all know
we came across, the first
time, during the war,
for our safety.
But the engines of our ship let go
and the rest of the convoy
sailed on without us,
leaving us adrift.
They told us
They told us children
that if we spoke,
or coughed, or moved an
inch, that the U-boats
would catch the vibrations
through the hull,
and we would die in the
drink, right there in the hold.
Three nights and two
days, we stayed quiet.
A four-year-old and a
speaking with our eyes.
there's a little sob
And, uh, once we were
over, our uncle, who was
so to speak, "a character,"
he, um Well, they
they had a little money,
and they sent Logan
away to a better school,
and he hated it.
(CHUCKLES) He just hated it.
He wasn't, uh He
wasn't well. He was sick.
And he mewed, and he
cried, and in the end,
he got out and came
home under his own steam.
But when he got back, our little sister,
she was a baby, but
she was there by then
She, uh
He always believed
that he brought home the polio with him,
which took her.
I don't even know if that's true.
But our aunt and uncle
certainly did nothing to
disabuse him of that notion.
They let it lie with him.
loved him, I suppose.
And I suppose some of you did too,
in whatever way he would let us
and we could manage. (SNIFFLES)
But I can't help but say
he has wrought the most terrible things.
- Okay?
EWAN: He was a man who has,
here and there, drawn in
the edges of the world.
Now and then, darkened
the skies a little,
closed men's hearts.
Fed that dark flame in men,
the hard, mean, hard, relenting flame
that keeps their hearths
warm while another grows cold,
their grain stashed
while another goes hungry.
And even has the temerity
to tell that hard
(CHUCKLES) funny, yes, funny,
but hard joke about the man in the cold.
You can get a little high,
a little mighty, when you're warm.
Oh, yes, he he gave away
a few million of his billions,
but he was not a generous man.
He was mean,
and he made but a mean
estimation of the world.
And he fed a certain
kind of meagerness in men.
Perhaps he had to,
because he had a meagerness about him
and maybe I do about me, too.
I don't know.
I try.
I try.
I don't know when
but some time, he decided
not to try anymore.
And it was a terrible shame.
Godspeed, my brother.
And God bless.
KENDALL: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You okay?
Hmm. Mm-hmm.
KENDALL: You're gonna
You're gonna say the other side,
- yeah? Like That's that's
- ROMAN: Yeah.
That's not it. That's
not everything, right?
Uh, yeah. I'm good. I'm good.
I might, uh, hit on
Marcia on the way up.
- Yeah. You got this.
- ROMAN: Thank you.
- I got this. Yeah.
- FRANK VERNON: You okay, son?
ROMAN: Uh, yeah. I
pre-grieved. Not your son.
That was a good, hard
take that you gave.
Hi, uh
One second.
Um, my
father, Logan Roy, uh
(SOFTLY) All right.
Uh. He was, uh, a
great man in the, um
in the true sense
sense of the world word.
(WHISPERS) Can you just come here?
Uh, yeah. No. So, uh,
I can't do it. I can't
I can't do the thing. I
actually can't do this.
tried the thing and I can't.
It's okay. Just take a breath. Hey.
- KENDALL: It's okay. It's okay. Just take
- We we It's okay.
Is he is he is he in there?
- SHIV: Yeah.
Well, can we get him out?
- (SOBS)
- Um
- Hey, hey, hey, hey. It's okay.
- KENDALL: It's okay.
- It's okay. It's okay.
- ROMAN: Ken, I'm sorry.
(SOBS) I'm sorry.
- SHIV: It's okay. Hey, hey. Just take a breath.
- Hey. It's okay. You're okay.
- KENDALL: We got you. Okay?
- SHIV: Do you wanna?
KENDALL: Uh, I can I Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- 'Cause you gotta
- 'Cause you gotta say the other side. It's not
- I get it. Right now.
SHIV: Yeah. I got him. I got him.
- You got him?
- SHIV: Yeah.
- It's okay. I'm gonna just
- ROMAN: I was stupid. I'm sorry.
- Do you guys have a pen?
- Yeah, yeah. Here.
ROMAN: I'm sorry that I Sorry.
- KENDALL: No, it's okay. I got you.
- SHIV: Yeah, it's okay.
- ROMAN: You d You got Okay.
- KENDALL: I got you.
ROMAN: Thank you.
Um. Just bear with me a second, please.
Um, I'm gonna try to just
- ROMAN: It's okay.
- KENDALL: stand in for my brother.
I think I just need water
or something. I'm fine.
- SHIV: Hey, Hugo, can you get some fucking water?
- Yeah, thanks.
- HUGO: Of course.
- KENDALL: I have some of his, uh, words,
my my sister's and
my brothers', but, um
Yeah, I I don't know
how much I know.
But I knew my father.
You know, I've said it. I've said it.
And it is true, what I
said, what my uncle said.
Yeah, my father was, um
a brute.
He was. He was tough.
But, also, he built
and he acted.
And there are many people out there
who will always tell you no.
And there are a thousand reasons,
I mean, there always are
a thousand reasons not to to not act.
But he was never one of those.
He had a, uh
You know, he had a vitality, a force
that could hurt
and it did.
But my God, the sheer, the the
I mean, look at it. The
lives, and the livings,
and the things that he made.
- And the money. (CHUCKLES)
KENDALL: Yeah, the money.
The lifeblood, the
oxygen of this this
this wonderful civilization
that we have built from the mud.
The money, the
corpuscles of life gushing
around this nation, this world,
filling men and women all
around with with desire.
Quickening the ambition to own,
and make, and trade, and profit,
and build and improve.
I mean, great geysers of life he willed.
Of buildings he made stand.
Of ships, steel hulls.
Amusements, newspapers,
shows, and films, and life.
Bloody, complicated life.
He made life happen.
He made me and my three siblings.
And, uh, and yes, he had
a terrible force to him.
And a fierce ambition that
could push you to the side.
But But it was only
that that human thing.
The will to be, and
to be seen, and to do.
And now people might
want to tend and prune
the memory of him to
denigrate that force.
That magnificent, awful force of him,
but my God, I hope it's in me.
Because if we can't match his vim,
then God knows the future
will be sluggish and gray.
And there wasn't a room,
from the grandest state room
where his advice was sought
to the lowest house
where his news played,
where he couldn't walk
and wasn't comfortable.
He was comfortable with this world.
And he knew it.
He knew it and he liked it.
And I say amen to that.
That was great. There's a bit of
- at the office.
- Yeah. Okay.
I'm gonna
- Sorry about that. Sorry.
- It's okay, buddy.
- I just
- It's okay.
- That was good. That was good.
- Thank you.
Uh, the the way
things have gone today,
we haven't had a chance
to And it's okay, Rome,
and thank you, Ken. That was
Yeah, but we haven't said everything,
and so I'm just gonna
We'll be done soon. Sorry. (CHUCKLES)
Uh. (SIGHS) My father.
My father
We we used to play
outside his office.
(SNIFFLES) And I I think
because we wanted him to hear.
And, uh, he would come out,
and he was so terrifying. (LAUGHS)
Oh. He was
Oh, God, he was so terrifying to us.
He'd come out and he'd
he'd yell at us to be quiet.
You know, this this, "Silence!"
(LAUGHS) What he was doing
in there was so important.
We couldn't conceive
of of what it was.
You know, presidents,
and kings, and queens,
and diplomats, and prime ministers,
and world bankers.
And I don't know. Yeah. He, um
He kept us outside.
But he kept everyone outside.
When he let you in
when the sun shone
it was warm.
Yeah. It was really
It was warm in the light.
But it was hard to be his daughter.
I can't not You
know, he was It was
Oh, he he was hard on women.
You know, he couldn't he couldn't fit
a whole woman in his head.
But he did okay.
You did okay, Dad.
Uh, we're all here and we're doing okay.
We're doing okay.
So, goodbye
my dear, dear world of a father.
CARDINAL: Please stand.
And we pray, almighty God,
that your servant, Logan,
who has journeyed from this world,
may by this sacrifice be
cleansed and freed from sin
and so receive the everlasting
joys of the resurrection.
Through Christ our Lord.
- That was wonderful.
- Thank you.
Thanks, Jess.
KENDALL: Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you. Hey. Good to see you.
Good to see you. Hey. Thank you.
- That was perfect.
- Thank you. Talk later?
KENDALL: Thanks so much. Thank you.
- Take care.
- Thank you.
Um, will fill you in later,
but very interesting conversation.
Ebba. Shiv floating a US
CEO to placate Mencken.
Oof. Look at that thing. Jesus.
He never sent you pictures?
You never saw this?
- Did he? No, I never saw this.
- No?
- Did you guys?
- No.
Yeah. He got it on a deal.
- Oh, man.
- He was really pleased.
It was a
It was a dot-com pet supply guy
who built it, I believe.
But that guy decided against.
- Yeah.
- SHIV: Really?
- Yeah.
- SHIV: You serious?
Was he in a bidding war
with Stalin and Liberace?
Pop sort of
I think he didn't
wanna go in the ground.
And I think He didn't
wanna think about it too much.
So I think he just went in
for it at auction and boom!
Wow. Cat food Ozymandias.
CONNOR: I think it was five mil all in.
But that's forever.
- Yeah.
- Obviously.
Five mil?
- Good deal.
- Yeah.
Come on, I'll show you around.
SHIV: It's also a tax write-off,
'cause it's technically a residence.
SHIV: Hmm.
You interested?
Oh! Uh Yeah, a
chance to (CHUCKLES)
get to know him?
CONNOR: I'll have to talk to Willa.
I was crazy for cryogenics, but yeah!
I wouldn't say no to a top bunk.
Man, I don't know.
I had trouble finishing
a scotch with him.
He made me breathe funny.
CARDINAL: and wipe away
every tear from our eyes.
In the name of the
Father, and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Go in the peace of Christ.
Well, I'm intrigued to see
how he gets out of this one.
Oh, man. Oh, it's too
much. It's too much.
Dad wasn't really, um
How bad was Dad?
(CHUCKLES) He was a salty dog.
He was. But he was a good egg.
What you saw was what you got.
- Yeah?
- FRANK: Yeah.
(INHALES) Right.
You okay?
Yeah. You?
MARCIA ROY: I loved him very much.
I miss him very much.
He broke my heart.
And he broke your hearts, too.
KENDALL: Big H, how you doing?
Who? Little ol' me? Uh
I'm fine. You know, big day.
Yeah. Uh, come here. Listen.
I got something for you. I want
you to brief media on background.
Then I am the droid you are looking for.
Okay? That Matsson's acquisition
doesn't have the support of
key members of the family.
But you don't say who.
Matsson's trying to steal
the company for a song.
Board is souring on the deal.
Okay? The feeling is
you know, Living Plus, et cetera.
The price soaring
post-election, ATN pumped,
uh, undervalues Waystar.
Premium's too low.
Got it.
- Got it?
- Yeah.
KENDALL: You know,
Hugo, life isn't nice.
It's contingent.
People who say they
love you also fuck you.
So this is an explicit
plan to fuck the deal.
Me, rule the world.
And you can come.
But it won't be a collaboration,
okay? You'll be my dog.
But the scraps from the
table will be millions.
Millions. Happy?
Woof, woof.
There he is.
How you doing, big man?
(SIGHS) Yeah.
KENDALL: How you doing yourself?
You okay these days?
'Cause I hear you were
talking to a headshrinker.
That's supposed to be confidential.
I'm Well, I'm sorry. (CHUCKLES)
Sorry, but, uh, I'm afraid it's not.
I mean, that's cool.
It's cool. It's just
people talk.
I got time on my hands, so
Yeah, I'll tell I'll
tell you what I think.
I think you can work for me.
Huh? Like, big, strong guy like you?
What are you fuckin'
(LAUGHS) What are you
fuckin' gabbling about, huh?
- I don't love it.
- No. I bet. No, I know. I know.
- No, I don't love it. (CHUCKLES)
- KENDALL: Me neither. Me neither.
Come work for me. Talk to me.
- Okay. Huh!
- Talk to me. Yeah.
Good man.
- HUGO: Ken. Mencken is here.
- KENDALL: Yeah?
You wanna watch me
scuba in his bullshit?
- KENDALL: Hey! Hey! Hey!
- Ooh!
KENDALL: I guess, uh, what?
Sort of, like, congratulations,
pending a grueling
jurisdictional knife fight.
- Yeah?
- Yeah. No, no. Confident.
- Exciting. It's exciting.
- It is.
I hear you're harvesting names.
- Uh, Kenton?
- MENCKEN: Exactly. Yes.
- Yeah?
- MENCKEN: Give them to Kenton. Many thanks.
Yeah, no worries.
So, yeah, I guess, um
Given what we have,
you know, on our side, you know
how we've been pleased to cooperate
- Mm-hmm.
- KENDALL: in terms of shared vision.
- I guess I wanted to touch base.
- Oh.
Wanted to talk, chat,
get my thoughts to you.
Oh, I thought you were the sound system.
Now you wanna choose the track?
- Yeah.
No, I mean, not one-way traffic.
- Right.
- Like
I don't know, when might you be
dropping something publicly
about your regulatory concerns,
vis-à-vis, big, bad foreign tech,
and great American corporations?
Right. Well, I've said
I'll I'll try to help.
- "Try to help?"
- MENCKEN: Mm-hmm.
GREG: Hello, sir.
- Greg Hirsch.
- Hi.
- Greg.
- ATN with Tom.
- Greg.
- This guy knows me well.
- Congratulations.
- MENCKEN: Thank you.
Um, Tom and I were, uh, proud to be
pulling for you last night for, uh
- But, yeah, Tom called it
- Hey. Hey, stupid! Stupid! Stupid!
- GREG: And I relayed the call. So, yeah.
- Fuck off, okay? Thanks.
- Why don't you piss off. Take a hike.
- Hey, hey, hey!
It's the Grim Weeper. Tiny
Tears. Kidding. You good?
- ROMAN: Ha-ha.
- Hey, be easy today, yeah?
- Oh, it's fine.
- Hey, J-man! Hey!
- Hi. What's up?
How are you doing? Just
want Hey, thanks.
- Wanna grab five just to, um
- Uh, Con?
No, no. It's copacetic. It's cool.
I just want to grab five, you know,
uh, um, just to talk macro Slovenia,
- micro travel budget, you know?
- Con. Con.
What? I'm trying to
talk with my colleague
to bat some ideas. Like,
what if I said to you,
Pan-Hapsburg American-led
EU alternative?
What would you say to me?
Uh, excuse me, Mr. President?
- KENDALL: Shiv. We're just
- If you'd care to follow me,
- I'm your extraction team.
- MENCKEN: Excuse me.
- No!
- We're we're we're we're just having a
Uh, perhaps you'd like
to chat with Mr. Mattson.
Oh, sure. I guess so. (CHUCKLES)
- Good luck, Mr. President.
- SHIV: 'Cause my thing is
You know about Supermom's plan?
Uh, no.
Now, maybe it's time to
open up. Big tent this shit.
Some motherfuckers I
don't want in the tent.
SHIV: Uh-huh. No, I know that.
I Well, here we go.
- Välkommen. (CHUCKLES)
- SHIV: Okay. Perhaps, we
I need you to find out where
this goes and how it lands, okay?
Got it.
MENCKEN: Okay, well, look at us.
A blonde, a brunette, and
a redhead walk into the bar.
Liberal, conservative, and whatever
What what what's
your philosophy, exactly?
Privacy, pussy, pasta.
Anarcho-capitalist parmigiana.
- LUKAS: So, uh, congratulations.
- MENCKEN: Thank you.
- LUKAS: Very exciting stuff.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'm gonna keep this brief
'cause, uh, we're both quite busy.
Um But I I want Waystar.
I want a piece of the
news. I want sports, uh
archive, library, IP,
talent, all that good stuff.
And I I really like the deal.
So what we would want to talk about
is what would make you,
assuming you make it,
what would reassure
you about his ownership?
Okay, I just wanna be frank about, um,
how important it is for me
that you feel comfortable
- about this.
- I guess No, no, the thing was,
whatever our frictions,
there was an ideological
sympathy with your dad.
Uh My dad had deep ocean
currents swirling in his gut,
but I think on specifics,
he was about money, winning, and gossip.
LUKAS: Well, and in terms of, um,
like across GoJo, and GoJo socials,
and all the kind of
communication environment,
whatever, um
we're in this place where
we are making the
thing that everyone has,
but nobody knows how it works, okay?
And there's, um, a very
small number of people
that are thought leaders in that space.
And so, I just think that maybe
you might wanna hear our take,
you know?
It it's also kind of
fucking fun. (CHUCKLES)
So it's either a couple
of tiny men in your pocket,
or a gateway to broad and
growing cultural influence.
Well, you know. (CLEARS
THROAT) It's really all about
regulatory framework,
CFIUS considerations.
So yeah, muck about, but
it'll be out of my hands.
Uh national interest and domestic
LUKAS: Of course. Can
Can I Can I just say that,
like, the stuff that I'm interested in,
there's no need for me to
be, like, deep inside it
on a day-to-day basis.
You know?
So, um, for example, um
Just spitballing here,
maybe an American CEO?
Would that help make things feel
a bit more culturally aligned?
- Perhaps?
- Oh, what?
Kinder Küche Kirche over
here? I thought you hated me.
(CHUCKLES) My dad was
flexible. I'm flexible.
I know how things go.
And and you would
be very glad, right?
To see see him win.
My feelings are irrelevant.
Our audience loves Jeryd, and so
I respect our audience.
- And I love your audience.
- DYLAN: Ohio.
Oh! All right. Good talk.
- LUKAS: Have fun with Ohio.
- SHIV: Great to chat.
Oh. Decided to turn up.
Yeah, I can only stay for 20.
It's getting a bit
Tiananmen-y out there.
Oh! Ballsy. Whole new Tom.
You would never have dared not
come to his funeral when he was alive.
Yeah, well, the thing
about your dad is that, um,
he's lost quite a lot of influence
- over the past few days.
- (CHUCKLES) Yeah.
Thank you.
Uh, excuse me?
- Yeah, it's fine. It's fine.
- I know it's fine.
- So?
- SHIV: So?
- Go on.
- SHIV: What?
Are you going to explain, ever, to me
- SHIV: Uh
- what happened?
Why you didn't
- Oh
- and how?
- "And how"?
- Yeah.
I mean, I wasn't expecting it.
Yeah, I mean, I wasn't sure
that I wanted to keep it.
Then I wasn't sure that it was okay.
But it turns out that,
by all accounts, it is.
- So, why didn't you tell me?
- So
Because it seemed so sad, Tom.
And and we were in a
phase and
- Yeah.
- SHIV: Yeah.
Take your potential
dad for a test drive.
Oh, fuck you.
- Hello, the happy couple.
- Hey. Hi.
- Congratulations, Tom.
- Oh, thank you.
- Thank you so much. Yeah.
- Lovely news. Well done, you.
Well, if it wasn't such
a total fuckin' disaster,
it would be a dream come true.
- Oh, I'm sure it'll be wonderful.
- TOM: Well
Are you all right about
it, Shiv? I mean, it's hard.
Oh! No, I'm not gonna see it.
I'm just gonna do it the family way.
- Oh, right.
- TOM: Uh-huh.
Oh, that'll work fine.
If you don't see it, that's fine.
Yeah. I mean, they don't grow
up emotionally stunted, do they?
I shouldn't think so.
- What do you think? (CHUCKLES)
- PETER: Caroline? Darling.
- CAROLINE: Oh, sorry.
PETER: Sorry.
Fuck me.
- SHIV: Wow.
- Your mom.
You learn to disassociate fairly early.
Hey. I wanna
Come here.
I wanna I wanna say sorry,
um, for not being here.
'Cause I was I
I wanted to have been
in, but I, you know,
I'm so, so tired. And I hadn't
I've been awake for so,
so long, and and I
just felt I couldn't leave.
- You know?
- Yeah. Mm-hmm.
It's okay. Fine.
And you know, I was the
I was the first one in there, with him.
After he died.
I was. So I did say
I did say goodbye to him.
- Um
- I did.
- Oh.
- You're exhausted.
Hey, why don't why don't you, uh
- Why don't you go back to the apartment?
- Oh, I can't
For a couple hours,
just, you know, sleep.
I don't care.
The people at the hotel know
me and I fuckin' hate it.
I don't like it.
Just hide out for a while.
Okay. Thank you.
SHIV: Hey!
- LUKAS: It's a yes.
- Yes?
SHIV: Uh. From Yeah?
- Yeah!
Okay. Great move.
- Smart.
- LUKAS: Yeah.
They think they're interested.
And, uh, I think I
can make a US CEO work.
SHIV: Great.
Let's, uh, let's make a meatball burger.
- LUKAS: Yeah. Good night.
- Hey, bud.
- ROMAN: Heya.
You okay?
Look at her. In her fuckin' pomp.
She's fuckin' glowing.
All dope, one in the chamber.
Yeah. Listen, I might
need your help, bro.
Lukas and Shiv. It's possible
There might be an
accommodation with Mencken.
- With your pal.
- Mm, no. No.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- No. We had an agreement.
- He's gonna block the deal.
- Yeah, so, well, we don't have
a lot of leverage at this point. Right?
So we might need to
to make some moves.
- And I might need your help.
- Uh I don't (GROANS)
I don't really
- feel so great at the moment.
- KENDALL: Yeah. I know. I know.
- Sorry.
- That's because you fucked it.
- Jesus, man.
- Yeah, it's okay, man.
- What the fuck?
- It's okay. Look, it happens.
- Um
- It happens.
You thought you were
Dad, tried to Dad it.
- Holy shit, dude.
- But you fucked it.
- Jesus fucking Christ, man.
- Yeah?
- But, listen.
- Like
- Take it easy. Fuck! (LAUGHS)
- Yeah.
ROMAN: Um. I didn't fuck it.
- Yeah, you fucked it with Jeryd.
- Okay? No. I didn't fuck it.
No, I didn't. Because, you
know, if he tries to, you know,
welch on the deal or whatever, to block,
then, you know, we got him.
We can fuckin' hurt him.
We have we have ATN.
- You know?
- Right. Well, yeah.
- So I didn't fuck it. Okay?
- He's got our dick in his hand.
- We should have his dick in our hand. Yeah?
- Well I don't Okay.
- I think we do.
- KENDALL: Uh-huh?
I should have stopped
it, so I blame myself,
but it's on us, dude. Okay?
We don't wanna say
bye-bye to Waystar
we have to get fuckin' real
and fight Shiv at the board.
The Roy Boys versus Shiv the Shiv.
'Kay? It's okay. I mean, I've got it.
I have a plan, but I'm
gonna need you to just
Yeah? Help me here. We
can do this. Okay, dude?
Okay? You fucked it. But it's all right.
- Did you get this?
- FRANK: No.
Did you get it? I'll send it to you.
- What? Who recorded?
- What?
I think I think it was Ray.
Listen to this. He sounds like a sow
that's about to get the
stun gun and knows it.
GERRI: Are you
Roman? You're kidding me.
- No, but this is circulating.
- HUGO: Don't play that.
- Come on, guys!
KARL: Oh, a show of
strength. It's circulating!
Oh, that's not right.
I'm, uh, I'm walking.
Thank you. Thank you.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
I wouldn't go that way.
It's a bull run over on Fifth.
Okay. Well, keep up the good work, okay?
Wow. No fuckin' idea. Fuck you!
- Go home! Go home!
- PROTESTOR 1: Fuck you, dude!
Fuck me? Fuck you!
Fuck you! You piece of shit!
No fucking idea!
- No idea! Morons!
- ROMAN: Fuck's sake.
- ROMAN: Idiots!
Fucking morons, all of you!
You're a stupid fucking idiot!
- You have no fucking idea. None.
- PROTESTOR 2: Dude, move!
- Idiot. Moron.
- PROTESTOR 3: Go fuck yourself!
- Stupid fuckers!
- Fuck you, man!
No. Fuck you, you piece of
shit! I'm (GROANS) Oh, shit!
PROTESTOR 4: Get the fuck outta here!
Don't fucking touch
me, you piece of shit!
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