Sugar Rush: The Baking Point (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

This is Sugar Rush: The Baking Point,
the pastry competition where speed is
a very important ingredient.
Six talented pastry chef pairs
will face off
in a race against the clock
and against each other
to prove who's best.
Oh, look. It's falling.
Again. I have to repeat it.
[Capi] They will have 24 hours in total
to bake throughout the entire season,
in which, episode after episode,
they must prove their talent
in delicious challenges.
We have to get it up. No.
[contestant] We're wasting time.
[all exclaiming]
Teams that fail
to win over the judges will be eliminated.
In each episode they will be able to use
up to six hours over two rounds.
The first, cupcakes and creations.
The second, ah, cakes.
But it will be
the taste and their creativity
that will determine which of these teams
will win a million pesos
and the winning trophy!
I'm Capi Pérez, and these are our judges.
Gris Verduzco of Mis Pastelitos.
The pastry chef who has revolutionized
the social media world
with her sweet recipes
and cake challenges.
Luis Robledo, the famous pastry chef
and award-winning Mexican chocolatier
who never ceases to amaze
the entire world with his creations.
And as a guest judge, Erika Buenfil,
one of the most recognized faces
of Mexican soap operas of all time.
Gris Verduzco is
explaining to our pastry chefs
what the first round
of challenges consists of.
The theme, street food.
She is also warning them
that at the end of this round,
two teams will lose 30 minutes
of their remaining time
to make their cake.
Wow, this is gonna be rough.
There's no going back now.
[Erika] Run!
Because this sound indicates
that the sweetest race has just begun.
Follow me.
Hello, friends. All set over here?
-That's the right attitude. Very good.
-All good here?
-All good!
Very good.
You ready?
-We're ready.
-Yep, ready. All set.
-We're gonna win.
-Love it. Good luck.
[both] Thank you.
Judges Gris, Luis,
what a pleasure to have you.
And what an honor to have my idol here,
the legend, my spiritual mentor,
Erika Buenfil. Truly.
Thank you.
Thank you for being here, Erika.
How do you feel?
-Very excited.
-[Capi] It shows.
My dear Gris,
what does this first challenge consist of?
Well, in this street food challenge
what the pastry chefs have to do
is create the perfect breakfast to go,
but in a cupcake.
But wait!
To make this challenge more special
Special, oh!
When you see it live,
it feels more amazing.
Different, different.
This cupcake must be inspired by
your favorite typical Mexican breakfast.
Imagine all the possibilities.
I like to have some chilaquilitos
for breakfast, with some bread.
About two fried eggs.
All that inside a cupcake? Sweet?
If that tastes good, of course.
-What's your typical breakfast?
-Green chilaquiles.
You cannot forget cheese, cream.
Mixers there, mixers here.
-If we run into each other, I'll kill you.
There is nothing more Mexican
and chilango than a tamale sandwich.
-[contestant 1] Are you nervous?
-[contestant 2] No. I'm revved up.
We're going to surprise them
with this deconstruction of the tamale,
with the corn and everything.
You like the idea, right?
For it to be like this?
Yes. I like the idea of it being
[both] A hot cup of coffee.
With bread and everything.
-Careful. I almost punched my partner!
-Oh my gosh!
We are going to make a cupcake
inspired by churros with hot cocoa,
which is also very Spanish.
-[contestant 3] It's been 10 minutes.
-Ten minutes? That's a lot of time.
[Luli] We plan to make
a cupcake that is a sweet tamale.
Let's give it our all.
-Okay, pour some here.
-[Iván] If you need me to move, tell me.
-[Gaby] Come on, Ruth!
[Ruth] Can I help you? You set?
I'm gonna risk making a bolillo dough.
A tamal sandwich
without its special bread,
well, that's not right.
I've participated
in professional competitions
nationally and internationally.
That has opened the doors
to another vision of pastry
that I didn't know.
I'm taking a risk, Ale.
I don't want to go home today.
No. No, neither do I.
[Ale] We're a team. He trained me.
The truth is that
I consider him as a teacher.
I'm helping you make
the, uh, pink chocolate montage.
-That's okay.
I see her as a little sister.
I brought her into my pastry world.
To the oven.
Works good as a fermenter, huh?
Alan is proofing dough in the oven.
They have to wait for it to rise.
Yeast dough needs heat and foam.
Risky, huh? Because that takes time.
We're somewhat ambitious.
But I don't like being ordinary.
[tense music playing]
Come on.
I don't know how long we've been.
Oops, my word!
I haven't looked at the clock until now.
Let's not forget
that after this first round,
which is not only cupcakes
but also creations,
the two bottom teams will lose
30 minutes for their round of cakes.
That's right.
I love tamales, you know
Let me come closer.
I can't hear you. I'm busy here.
and chilaquiles. But I know that yours,
your favorite, are the tamale sandwiches.
Luli is my mom, and she's my best friend.
-Am I in the way here?
I was feeling a little lonely.
When I had a heart attack,
I was very depressed because they told me,
"You won't be able to do anything else
except sit down."
Luli, the ganache.
I left it in the freezer.
And she coaxed me.
-She coaxed me into baking pies.
-To bake cakes.
Look, they turned out good.
-They came out well.
-They turned out very nice.
And that injected life into both of us.
[Gaby] Watch out.
Cupcakes ready.
You know what?
I also have to moisten the tamale leaves.
[Israel] Cream is almost there?
As a child I loved very elaborate cakes,
and no one made them.
So I promised myself that when I grew up,
I would be the best pastry chef
so that no child would lack
an incredible cake at their party.
-Yes, I like them.
It smells like a tamale.
In fact, smell them.
I started with the pastry part
because I love trying new things.
When he goes to the pastry shop,
I give him something different to try.
That's why I go.
What's up, Karen?
It's already been 45 minutes.
Come on!
Let's start with the churros, guys.
Erika, shall we tour the facilities?
[Erika] Yes!
-Let's go, so you can chat.
-I would love that.
There can't be one lump in this cream,
because then the presentation
will be spoiled, huh?
[Iván] When I was studying, there was
a professor who gave me pastry classes.
He told me I was not going to be able
to live off of making pastries, ever.
-We need the cream cheese to sit, right?
-For the filling.
-Pineapple tamale with cream cheese.
Professor, I know you're watching me.
Don't change the channel,
because you're going to see us succeed.
Israel, Iván, nice to meet you.
-I present Erika Buenfil.
What's up? I'm watching you.
-She has such beautiful eyes.
-Guacamole color.
It's a pineapple compote.
You can smell it.
It has a little bit of cinnamon.
Have you heard
the term pineapple jam, or no?
My jam. Hey!
-He is my jam.
-We're jamming.
Right behind you.
I'm gonna do it by sight.
[Karen] We're already plating and Gaby is
giving the final touches to our frosting.
All that remains is to add our sauce,
the tortilla chips and the cheese.
I'm excited.
-The first ones are already finishing, no?
-[Israel] Karen and Gaby. They're there.
They want to take our pie.
This game is interesting but complicated,
because they only give us
24 hours for the entire season.
It's six hours per episode.
But we can't use all of them
because we have to save time
for the finals.
Each episode is divided into two rounds.
The first part is cupcakes and creations.
And the second round,
we have to bake a cake.
It doesn't matter
if we manage to do perfect things.
If we run out of time, we're out.
Enjoy watching us suffer.
-Done, Gaby.
And they're done.
Karen and Gaby are done
with the cupcake challenge.
[Erika] When do they press the button?
-When they both finish?
-When they both finish.
-Yes, both.
-The cupcake and the creation.
Then you can press it.
My friend, master Luis, what does
the creations challenge consist of?
Their creation will be
inspired by street food.
A tortilla sandwich.
It can be a taco, a tlacoyo, a tamale.
A sweet tlacoyo?
Sounds even poetic.
Let's make gorditas.
-Okay. Cream.
-Uh-huh. Nice.
We finished first. That gives us
a time advantage for our second challenge.
[Israel] Damn.
[Iván] There it is. Go.
Let's go with dessert, right?
With the creation.
Come on, Gaby. We're doing great.
For the sweet creation part,
we're gonna make some corn salad.
I'm gonna use these cups as a mold
to make some chocolate cups, okay?
Get in.
It had too much ganache on the tip
of the piping bag, and it's clogged.
It looks like Lis and Luli
are battling with the ganache.
[tense music plays]
[Lis] I'm gonna do the ganache
with a spoon, Lu.
-Lis, what if we use a bigger piping bag?
-If you want, but it's clogged.
The problem with a very cold ganache
is that it does not have
a very good consistency
to be able to place it on the cupcake.
No, Luli, don't put
-Are you sure, honey?
-Yes. Do it like that, Lu.
-What if it's faster?
-Come on.
There, they already plated.
[Luis] They already have
their cupcakes. Them too.
[Capi] I know we're worried
about Alan and Ale,
but good news, they're putting
mini breads on top of their cupcakes.
Mini bolillos on top of their cupcakes.
Four for the judges.
Done. Let's go to the next one.
-Rubí. Okay.
The churros turned out really well.
-Really well. Yeah.
-That's the way, Ruth.
-Where is the Manchego cheese, Rubí?
-[Rubí] Below. In the drawer.
For the creation,
we are very inspired by flautas.
Stuffed corn tortillas.
Powdered sugar.
The first thing that comes to mind
for me is a fried quesadilla.
With everything, my friend.
[Alan] I think we're gonna make
something super crunchy, like flautas.
We are going to simulate,
with filo pastry,
that crunch in in our flautas.
I think the dough was also a little runny.
I'm feeling pressure
because I'm doing gorditas,
and they aren't looking good.
Well, these have to be taken out already.
Hey, their pastries are burning.
Do you think it's possible
to split these for Oh! Be careful!
[tense music plays]
We thought that we had a lot of time ahead
for having finished the cupcakes earlier,
but it's not turning out
as we would've liked.
[Capi] Pastry chefs!
Remember that the two teams
that do not convince the judges
will lose half an hour
in the next challenge.
I don't know which is better anymore,
to plate and get punished over time,
or to continue here wasting time.
They all have to look the same, okay?
You're right.
I'm not in a good mood anymore.
[Luli] The piping bag is clogged.
It's impossible to work like this.
[Lis] Luli, now.
[Luli] Ready.
We have to speed up, Luli,
we're 30 minutes late.
For our sweet creation,
we plan to make a corn on the cob.
And we'll make it so the judges
can pick it up and eat it. [crunches]
[Luis] They started using liquid nitrogen.
There, there, there.
I'm giving it Stir it.
Move it. Don't get injured.
[Luis] I'm surprised
they don't have gloves.
Nitrogen burns badly.
-It's -73 degrees.
-[Capi] Wow.
[Israel] Yes, yes.
No, no, no, no. Careful, dude.
Time is forcing us to hurry up, isn't it?
-Do I start plating them?
-Yes, please.
-[Luis] Get ready. They're almost there.
-We are almost ready for the first one.
[Luis] They're about to
[bright tones chime]
[Iván] Ready!
-[Capi] They pressed the button.
Someone's finished?
Israel and Iván are done, dude.
We have to shift gears.
-Let's go try, what do you think?
-Let's go.
[Capi] Come on.
Israel, and Iván, how are you?
-[Capi] Let's start with the cupcakes.
The cupcake, we think, is the breakfast
that every Mexican should have
at least once in his life.
[Capi] Sure.
[Iván] A tamale with corn flower.
And we put a touch of pineapple there,
with a compote.
What's this? Wow!
It has a good balance of flavors.
Everything they said is there.
-The cream is a little too sweet for me.
[Capi] Tell us
about your creation, please.
[Israel] That one is inspired
by corn salad, and it's hot corn milk.
Inside the dessert you'll find
poblano chili cream,
corn biscuit, citrus compote,
and a cream that we made from yogurt,
simulating the cheese part.
It looks spectacular. The yogurt,
what they did, the show they gave us
We were seeing
what they were doing with the nitrogen.
We create our own tricks
The only thing is that
I almost don't like spiciness,
and maybe I would add less chili.
Yes. Damn it.
I do like spicy,
so I did look for this flavor that for me
was a surprise in a dessert. Very good.
-Thank you.
-Thank you very much.
Come on, girl. Come on!
-[bright tones chiming]
-[whooping, laughing]
Sorry to interrupt you, friends,
but Ruth and Rubí are done too.
There's some strong competition here, huh?
I'm gonna tackle them.
No, no. Calm down.
Well, two out of six, it's not that bad.
Ruth and Rubí. Tell us more please,
starting from here to there.
Our cupcakes are
a typical Mexican breakfast
of churros with chocolate.
The dough has a bit of cinnamon.
The center has metate chocolate.
And we've also moistened,
let's say, the domes with butter
to overflow them a little with sugar
and to remind us a bit of a churro bite.
The only thing
I would've liked in the cupcake
is if the cream was a little sweeter.
It tasted milky to me.
So tragic.
[Capi] Go ahead
with the creations, please.
Well, our creation is some flautas
filled with Manchego diplomatic cream
and bits of yellow guava jelly
and a tile which is not very Well
-It's crunchy and sweet.
-It's from Manchego cheese.
That was our special touch.
I love flautas.
They're sour, sweet, crunchy,
and they're playful.
I did like that salty touch.
It was a surprise to me.
Very good, congratulations.
-[Luis] Great.
[Ale] And you grated cheese.
[Ale] It looks great.
Mmm, it's still very hot.
If the bread doesn't cool down enough,
we can't handle it.
And don't you think it'll cool faster
if we put them in like this?
I'm already feeling pressured.
I'm getting nervous.
[Luli] I dropped it, Lis!
[Capi, Gris] What happened?
[tense music playing]
I'm not paying enough attention.
-Go press the
-Okay, perfect.
[bright tones chime]
Last touches.
All the pieces are already on plates.
Go, go, go, go.
-Press it!
-[bright tones chime]
I don't know whether to laugh
or cry anymore, Lu.
I'm not gonna cry because tears are salty,
and if they fall on dessert,
they're going to be ruined.
Look, it's a good thing
I didn't eat what was left over.
I am very distressed
because everyone is finishing
and we're not moving forward.
One, two, three, let's go.
-[bright tones chime]
I'll give it a minute, Lis,
and I'll take it out.
[Capi] Karen and Gaby, how are you?
Tell us about the cupcake first.
It's a vanilla cake.
It has a cheese frosting.
Then, we made a green tomato jam
with a little serrano.
And it also has a pistachio sauce
with white chocolate.
[Erika] Here's the jam.
You paid a lot of attention
to the challenge.
I love how they combined everything.
The green chilaquiles,
the cream cheese from the icing.
Very good. Congratulations.
Thank you.
I needed more tomato jam,
and I was looking for it,
but it tasted very good.
Very good.
Now let's hear about your creation.
-We were inspired by a pambazo sandwich
-[Capi] Yes.
so we tried to make some gorditas
with apple fondue,
feta cheese and a little bit of cream.
[Karen] It also has a fig jam
and smoked chili.
-It's spicy.
-That one is a bit spicier.
[Capi] Mm-hmm!
I was expecting something a little neater.
However, the flavors seem to be on point.
It lost the charm in the presentation,
but in terms of taste,
it already made up for everything else.
-Thank you.
-Congrats, girls.
Cut it, cut it. Come on.
I see chaos in Lis and Luli's kitchen.
They're all done.
-[Erika] You made bread!
-[Capi] Alan and Ale, tell us about it.
[Ale] Ours is made up of a sweet tamale,
a pink tamale,
and as decoration we have a bolillito.
If you pick up the bolillo,
you'll find a little chocolate sauce
to dip the little bread.
[Alan] And you'll notice
that it falls apart just like a tamale.
-It's like a
-Yes, like a tamale.
[Gris] I felt that by wanting it
to taste like a tamale
and making a different recipe,
maybe it was a little cakey.
Have you never tried a tamale cupcake?
Now tell us about your creation.
[Alan] Some flautas.
We were inspired by an apple strudel.
Only we used plantains.
We used filo dough
to simulate the flautas,
and the guacamole is made
with a pistachio pastry cream.
[Erika] Amazing.
I would have tried to find something
other than rice paper for the lettuce.
It doesn't add flavor or anything.
Okay. Fine.
The filling is very rich.
I wanted it to taste like an omelet
and nothing. It was a dessert. Very good.
-Thanks, guys.
-Thank you.
I'm anxious, but they look very tasty.
I don't want to lose 30 minutes.
[Lis] You have to press the button.
[bright tones chime]
We were last. But I'm confident
that the next round, we will be first.
Dany and Ana Lau.
We wanted to make a cupcake
that had the exact flavor of café de olla.
We put an orange cream on it also
to counteract all those strong spices.
[Dany] In addition,
we wanted to add a mini cookie bread,
and we also made some jars
with almond marzipan.
[Luis] They put cream inside.
-[Luis] All right.
No, no. What a delicious thing.
The cupcake did taste like coffee.
Maybe the cream was
a little greasy for me,
but it was very good.
The shell, too.
All the time you invested
doing this was worth it, girls.
Thank you.
Now let's move on to creations, please.
We wanted to make some quekas.
It's the typical fried quesadilla
with sauce and cream.
Obviously everything is sweet.
And that's some yogurt corn
with cream and a touch of sugar.
We made it more balanced, you know?
We decided to
[Ana Lau] We wanted it not so sweet.
You forgot one ingredient.
The salt.
That contrast, that would've raised
the flavor much more than what you expect.
Oh, man!
A touch of salt, maybe you're right.
I would've loved it, but it's very tasty.
-Oh, thank you.
-Thank you.
[Capi] Lis and Luli.
-Tell us about your cupcake first.
This is a cupcake
that's like a sweet tamale,
and is filled with cheese and blackberry.
The topping is a chocolate ganache,
and on top we have
a tamale sandwich made of chocolate.
I'm so nervous.
-It's a shame the ganache is cold.
Change the experience. It was hard to cut.
Good. Tell us about your creation.
[Lis] You can pick it up.
[judges exclaiming]
Let's see, let's see.
Let's turn it around.
We made a recipe,
a family recipe, which is corn bread,
and we also made a vanilla panna cotta,
and the topping is cheese.
The taste of the corn
I feel that perhaps it was too much,
that if they had
counteracted it more with the chili,
it would've been even tastier.
Each grain of corn looked
as if it were on top of a cob.
Congratulations, very good.
[both] Thank you.
I hope the corn does help
and saves us in this round.
[Capi] Pastry chefs,
the judges have already talked.
Everyone did a great job.
However, there was one team
that stood out for their creativity
and the interactive way
of testing their creations.
[dramatic music playing]
Iván and Israel!
-[contestants applauding]
-Give each other a hug!
Hello, Professor.
Now, the bad news.
[tense music playing]
Two teams will lose 30 minutes
for the cake round.
The first team
wanted to use a lot of elements
that unfortunately
didn't work well together.
Ruth and Rubí.
-We can't believe it.
As for the second team, the pressure,
the tension and the stress they suffered
in the first round did not help them.
Lis and Luli.
Luli! [laughs nervously]
We just lost 30 minutes.
[tense music playing]
The time has come
to start the second and final round!
The cakes!
Let's listen to my idol, Erika Buenfil.
For the last challenge,
you will have to create a cake
that looks like a dish
or a Mexican street food stand.
What do you think?
The hardest part of this challenge is
getting the cake to have
a realistic finish.
But first, let's review the most important
ingredient in this program. Time.
Israel and Iván will lead with four hours,
18 minutes and 29 seconds.
while Lis and Luli
will be the last to start
with three hours,
15 minutes and 31 seconds.
And that's where I'll let you know
as time progresses,
so that the others can start.
And I'd like to remind you
to save some time for the final.
If you make it, of course.
Okay, Capi.
Hands on the mixers. Your time begins now!
So we're gonna do the taco griddle, right?
With the dome.
And we're gonna add the meat,
chorizo, a little onion.
[Israel] They'll find Irish cream,
chocolate and coffee flavors.
How much will we have earned
from that million,
now that we have this extra time?
I would say 10%, 20%.
Ten, 15%.
Even though Iván is my friend,
right now, I hate you.
Almost there.
-[Israel] Almost there, huh?
-Yeah, we'll be right behind you.
I'll catch up with you, Iván.
[Karen] Time does play a little
with your mind,
because it begins to torment you.
Karen and Gaby, hands on the mixers!
Your time starts now!
Okay, we're going to do, like, these pots
that the ladies have. Street vendors.
Lots of snacks.
[both] Peanuts.
Our cake is inspired
by a street chip stand.
[Karen] It's going to be lemon.
We're gonna put a lemon cream filling
with a tamarind pulp
and grasshopper powder
to make it a little more interesting.
That's the last one. Ah!
[Lis] Go!
We're all looking at Iván and Israel.
I don't like to see
what they start to make,
because it puts a lot of pressure on me.
[both] One, two
-They're ready. We want to start.
-Our hands are like this.
Alan and Ale, Dany and Ana Lau,
hands on the mixers!
Your time begins, now.
-Let's do some corn salads.
[Alan] White glass,
chocolate spoon, and a chicken leg,
because the more the street-style,
the more atmosphere.
It's gonna have a lot of corn. A lot.
They're looking for realism, and I want
to give that expression on our cake.
I'm gonna speed up the process
and make twice the amount for the mixture.
This time, Ale is gonna
take the lead as head chef,
and I am going to be her sous chef.
[Ale] I'm going to make
a super traditional corn cake.
[Alan] I'm going to make
a passion fruit toffee and an apricot jam.
How's it going, Chef?
-[Alan] I'm cooking all the jam.
[Ale] I hope to be prepared
to take charge this time.
I dominate more,
regarding the fondant part.
-A little thicker? More cooking time?
-Yeah, a little more.
Okay. I say we make a taco stand
with a taco man. Do you like it?
[Dany] And he's gonna have
his pot, his plate, his sauces,
-He's gonna be named Don Pancho, yeah?
Okay, we have 18 eggs.
I'm gonna separate them.
For the cake we'll use jamaica, horchata.
[Ana Lau] They're going to make
a delicious cake
because it's gonna have jamaican gelée.
-[Karen] How are you doing, Gaby?
-[Gaby] Ready, chef. I'm done.
-[Iván] Chocolate.
-Capi is coming over.
-Oh, no.
Pastry chefs,
not to add more pressure,
but I want to remind you
that after this round,
one team is going home.
We have to hurry.
Here we go.
Come on. I'm getting desperate.
Oh my God.
I want to start now.
[Ale] I tried to put two recipes
in the mixer, but it didn't fit.
The first thing I need to do is
start mixing the recipes I already have
without forgetting what I added.
That is essential.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
[Capi] Ruth, Rubí, hands on the mixers!
Your time begins, now!
-We're gonna make a pot of tamales, okay?
-A pot of tamales.
Yes. And the table will be
as if it were a small dinner,
and a plate with more tamales.
-What do you think of the sauce?
-I love it.
-A mortar?
-A mortar.
[Ruth] We're going to make a corn cake,
and we're gonna add caramel sauce
and a crispy caramelized walnut.
I miscalculated. I'm incorporating
all my elements already mixed by hand.
I see that being so ambitious to make
so many recipes at the same time
is slowing me down a bit,
and it was exactly
what I didn't want to do.
-[Alan] Okay.
I don't like to wait for anything.
I don't have the patience.
I'm anxious to see
that everyone is starting
and that we still can't do anything.
Lis and Luli.
How are you?
Uh nervous.
You have to make an exceptional cake.
-That's the goal.
-Yes, to stay here.
I don't know how we're gonna do it,
but we have to give it everything we have.
[Israel] How are the others doing?
Do you know?
Lis hasn't started yet.
Ruth and Rubí are barely mixing.
They're already making decorations.
You need something?
-[Israel] Yes.
-Go. Let's go!
[Capi] Lis and Luli,
your time begins, now!
[Luli] Let's do this.
[Capi] Everyone is competing right now.
For this round, we're going to make a cake
in the shape of a pastor meat trompo,
and we're gonna put an oven on it.
We're also going to add
some fatty meat on the side.
What flavor for this?
-Jamaica with tequila?
-Jamaica with tequila.
And tequila may help the judges
to be happy and vote in our favor.
Yes, for us.
This one has to be baked
while I take out the other one.
Let's just put a little here
Pastry chefs! You have two hours
and 20 minutes left to finish your cake.
Save a little time for the finale.
If you make it that far.
-Well, we need a miracle.
-How are you, Ale?
-Good. Ah, that's what I wanted.
How do you feel?
I have a mental block.
[Alan] Toffee done.
Jam, you checked the texture?
-[stressful music playing]
-[Alan whistles]
I'm not listening to Alan.
How do you feel?
-Don't know?
I feel Ale is very tense.
She's getting short with me.
-How can I help you?
-No, no, no, no.
-[Alan] But achievable?
-[Ale] Yes, I hope so.
He's trying to help me, and I think
it's generating more pressure for me.
What's bothering you?
The base? The filling?
-It's fine. You're making things quicker.
-Oh, okay, sorry.
Calm down. Calm down, all right?
So I can be calm.
Do they look angry?
[Capi] Yes.
Okay, I'll relax.
[Luis] I know that Ale,
at some point, was Alan's assistant.
so I don't know if the hierarchy issue
is playing against them.
First solve the issue,
then discuss it afterwards.
That's what a professional does.
Hey! There's our little man.
Right now, Isra,
you make the iron pan to paint
-and I'll handle the coriander.
Israel and Iván had the advantage,
and I feel like they haven't
taken advantage of that,
and they haven't made that much progress.
I'm not gonna leave it so smooth
because in the end it's gonna be covered.
Luli, what do you think?
I'm cutting the bread
to place it in the structure.
-Is that good?
It's a 3D cake
and has a specific structure.
We have to fight gravity a bit
so it doesn't fall.
What do we think of Lis and Luli?
Looks like they're really hitting the gas.
-Right now it's obvious, but like this
-Super concentrated.
-Tunnel vision, right?
-[Capi] Totally.
-Okay. Is it sticking or not?
-I think so.
A very interesting detail of our cake is
the edible plastic bags
that look like real ones.
Put some bags on it.
Even more of, of the fried foods, okay?
-[Capi] Edible plastic bags?
-I like those innovative techniques.
Don't use so many.
It doesn't take that many.
Well, I only pick this this part.
-[Israel] They look like surimi tacos.
-[Iván] Yeah but wait.
More here, here, here. No, here, here.
If we make mistakes,
this is going to get complicated.
[Capi] Pastry chefs!
There's an hour and a half left.
Remember that in the end, we will know
which team will lose the opportunity
to win a million pesos.
We're gonna win if it kills us.
We already decided.
Let them bury us with the million.
It's like you give it the shape
and then, let me explain, to stimulate
-You can still lose some more of it.
-It's already taken shape.
We're in the final stages to deliver it
and we still have time on the clock.
Ready. Go. Press it.
[exciting music playing]
[bright tones chime]
And they touched the button.
-They already pressed it?
-What? No way.
Pressing that button, for us,
already represents success.
Anytime, huh, dude?
-Wait, I'm just
-The meat'll cool.
-Why are they not touching the button?
We press the button?
[bright tones chime]
-The rest is not finished yet, huh?
-[Ale] It's all right.
Good, yeah. Calm down.
[Ale] I see the cakes that are finished.
It's starting to make me doubt
if what we're presenting is correct.
It looks like a pot.
[Alan] Stop that.
What I'm focused on is that mine is tasty.
I don't care about the others.
-Well, I think what
-Don Pancho looked like a child.
We've already competed together,
already won, so we're gonna give our all.
Let's hit the button!
Hit the button! Let's go!
-[bright tones chime]
-[both cheering]
They already pressed it, Mom.
Ana and Dany.
[tense music playing]
-[Alan] It looks like cheese.
-[Ale] Go, go, go.
To me, it looks like a cup of corn,
and whoever says otherwise,
I wouldn't believe it,
but I notice Ale is very overwhelmed.
And I don't like that.
[Ale] Go. The button, the button.
[bright tones chime]
Okay, we're gonna push the button.
Come on. Let's go.
[bright tones chime]
-We're the last ones, again.
-We're the only ones left.
We need this to fit very well.
Right now is when we need
more concentration,
and something always happens.
[Luli] Don't trip, Lis.
It would be serious
if this anti-gravity cake fell.
I hit it a bit.
Ugh, my nerves.
Like that, Lu, yeah.
-Done? Okay.
[bright tones chime]
-I wanted to jump!
Hug me, Luli!
Karen and Gaby, the first to finish.
-Thank you.
As you can see, the judges are here,
and they'd like to know
what we're looking at.
Our concept is inspired
by the junk food street carts,
or rather chip carts,
that we see on every corner.
The plastic bag looks just like plastic.
Yes. I can give you one.
[bag crinkling]
They sound real.
Honestly, using this technique
is really impressive.
And they had never worked together,
so it's magic.
Thanks so much.
Israel, Iván, explain to the judges
your concept, please.
[Iván] When Isra and I met,
we did a lot of things all day,
so all we could find
for lunch and dinner were tacos.
It has it all.
Meat, sausage, onion, nopal.
You think it's salty,
and that's the secret of this challenge.
And now I think
that the flavor will determine it.
-Let's hope they cherish our memories.
We wanted to make the classic taco maker.
Don Pancho, we called him.
The way they modeled the face,
that technique they have is impressive.
The only thing I see,
because I see it like this
It shows here,
how they pasted the fondant.
But I feel that with more time,
it would have been perfect.
I want Don Pancho to serve me some tacos.
Really, congratulations.
Thank you!
This challenge is ours.
-One woman from the north is worth two.
-Is worth two.
Alan and Ale, I see
a controversial chicken hand.
Tell us about it.
We used a lot of chocolate techniques.
Both the spoon and the corn,
as well as the mayonnaise.
Yes, I think
the chocolatier techniques are obvious.
-They represented the cake in white.
-[Gris] Exactly.
[Luis] I saw they were thinking about it,
and it is a cup of corn.
I would've liked something more elaborate.
I needed a little bit more theatrics.
But hey, it's the esquite cup
with the lemon on the side.
Let's get along better, guys.
[light laughter]
Because cooking is done with passion,
so when you're displaying
adverse emotions, it doesn't help.
That's how things go in the kitchen.
-Thank you.
-Thank you so much.
[Rubí] The concept is
a tamale street cart.
The anti-gravity effect you gave
is what draws attention from afar.
And that the cover is like this.
-[Erika] Beautiful.
-[Gris] Creative.
Congratulations on the mortar,
because over there I said,
"Why didn't anyone make a mortar?"
-Thank you, really.
-Thank you.
-We did it, Ruth.
-Take that!
Hey, Luli. Tell them about your concepts
and techniques, please.
Well, our concept is tacos al pastor,
because we like them a lot.
I really like the color, the details.
The work, the effort is clear.
The detail of the oven
lacks just a little bit, right?
[Lis] Yeah.
Like some coal burning.
Although they make up for it
with that wow effect of the light.
Congratulations. You guys showed up
for this one. A round of applause.
-Thank you.
Now it's time to cut four slices
and take them to the judges' table,
because the flavor is key.
[tense music playing]
My dear Karen and Gaby,
please bring your slices.
Winning a million pesos
would be incredible. Wish us luck.
Fingers crossed.
Tell us what flavors you added here.
[Gaby] The cake is lemon-flavored,
with a lemon cream.
And we also added tamarind pulp
and a touch of grasshopper powder.
Grasshoppers. Really?
I just ate some grasshopper?
[laughs] Yes.
I think their decision
will be very good for us.
It's a good cake,
aesthetically and in taste, so
And very striking, right?
You're gonna find flavors
of Irish cream, chocolate and coffee.
[Iván] In the filling, we put a cookie
to give it that contrast of textures,
and also a very rich chocolate touch.
I'm very nervous,
but something deep inside
tells me, "Calm down."
[both] Baked cake,
glitter inside and salt outside!
[Dany] Our cake is inspired
by street flavored water,
which is jamaica water and horchata water,
so we made a cake
that's gonna be slightly moistened,
and on the side it will have
[Ana Lau] A jamaican gelée
that has a lot of texture.
The competition is fierce.
-A lot of talent.
-There is a lot of talent.
We're very nervous,
because a small detail
can make a difference.
Well, what you'll find here is
a very moist cornbread,
with a fine batter
of Swiss meringue and butter,
and caramel sauce.
[Rubí] Also filled
with caramelized walnuts
and covered with chocolate ganache.
[Rubí] That's it.
-The dice have been rolled.
We feel like it's very close
because all the cakes are pretty.
The cake is jamaica,
and it also has
a hibiscus extract to moisten it.
And the frosting is
cheese with red fruit compote.
I am very nervous,
and I hope the verdict is positive.
The most important thing is
the taste, the texture.
I'm hoping for the best.
Well, what we have here is a cornbread
that is inspired by my family's recipe.
With an apricot jam
and a soft passion fruit caramel,
which goes very well
with the acidity and the corn.
[Alan] I hadn't felt anguish
up to this point
because silence is
the most brutal thing there is.
Pastry chefs,
the judges have made a decision.
[suspenseful music playing]
The team that is chosen as first place
will win one extra hour
to compete in the finals.
And the team that is chosen as second
will have half an hour too in the finals.
That is, if they make it.
My dear idol
[Erika laughs]
would you do us the honors
of naming the team
that came in second for this challenge?
[Erika] The pair that won second
managed to tell a story
that matched very well
with their presentation
as well as with their flavors.
Dany and Ana Lau.
[upbeat, energetic music playing]
We're gonna give Erika
a loyalty card from Don Pancho.
Second place is very nice,
but it's not as sweet as first.
This next team won
because of their strength,
because of their presentation,
and because of their flavor.
[dramatic music playing]
The team that won first place is
Lis and Luli.
[applause, cheers]
After that, Lis, we have to take
a sabbatical year. We deserve it.
[Lis laughs]
Didn't you see it coming?
No. We thought we were gonna lose.
-Oh, no.
-Aw, sweetheart.
You kept it together. You did a great job.
You have earned an extra hour
that you badly needed for the finals.
-If you make it, of course.
-We will.
[uplifting music playing]
There are things that are
much more valuable than winning,
and one of them is
being able to have my mom here with me.
Very good.
It's time to find out
who are the two teams
that presented the cakes
that the judges liked the least.
[tense music playing]
The first pair is
Alan and Ale.
Come forward, please.
Please don't eliminate us.
We both have a lot to prove.
The second team that also failed
to win over the judges is
[suspenseful music continuing]
Ruth and Rubí.
-It's the first day, you know?
-First day.
Being nominated on the first day
I am now going to ask you, judges,
to tell us, with your vote,
which team should leave the competition.
Let's start with you, Gris.
Although the cake was very delicious,
I feel the technique they used,
in the end,
did not give an excellent result.
My vote goes to
Alan and Ale.
I'm about to cry.
To me the cake had
an excellent presentation,
but when it was time to taste it,
I found it to be very sweet,
and lacked harmony.
My vote is for
[suspenseful music intensifies]
Ruth and Rubí.
No, no, no, no.
Luis, my friend,
all that remains is
to hear your defining vote.
Tell us, please, who should leave
Sugar Rush: The Baking Point.
I don't like being the executioner,
but hey, it's up to me to give my vote,
and since it's
a very high-level competition,
those details are
what makes the difference.
So my vote goes to
[suspenseful music continuing]
[Capi] Hands on the mixers!
Your time starts now.
We cannot fail today.
[Karen] It's about beating time.
[Capi] A piñata cake
[guest 1] A Day of the Dead offering.
[guest 2] You have to change and improve.
[guest 2] You were given an awful cake.
[Gaby] An impossible pastry.
Scandalous! What are you doing?
How awful.
[Capi] The team who'll be eliminated is
[Gris] I think it'll make it special.
[emphatically] Special.
-[Luli] You switch it every five minutes!
-[Lis] I know.
[Capi] Finish your cakes!
-Hold it.
-That's what I think.
-Come on, Lis!
-I'm sad to see you go.
[Capi] A million pesos!
Enjoy our suffering.
[upbeat outro music playing]
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