Sugar Rush: The Baking Point (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Okay, Luis.
We're on the edge of our seats,
since your vote decides it.
Please now, go on and tell us
who should leave the competition
Sugar Rush: The Baking Point.
[tense music playing]
My vote is for
Alan, Ale.
[somber music playing]
Being the first team eliminated was
like a bucket of cold water to the face.
I just want to say thanks so much
for trusting me.
You're more than a teacher,
you're my friend.
This'll make us both stronger.
-Bye, guys.
We started with six pastry chefs teams.
Now there are only five left.
These are the times
they've each accumulated
that will decide
who makes it to the final round.
Let's get on with the competition.
Today, our pastry chefs will have to find
creative ways to use food waste
and repurpose cake disasters
to impress the judges.
Speaking of judges,
our guest is an actress
as sweet as a lollipop. Ludwika Paleta!
Gris is currently explaining
to our pastry chefs
what the first round
of challenges consists of.
The theme is recycling.
But she's also reminding each of them
that at the end of this round,
the two worst-performing teams
will lose 30 minutes of time.
That's 30 minutes of the time
they have left to finish their cake!
[Gris] Run!
And this sound indicates
that the sweetest race has just begun.
Follow me.
-Hello, everyone.
We were both pretty shocked
when we found out
we had made it to this episode,
because we'd been
on the verge of getting kicked out.
-Lis, Luli. Dany, Ana Lau.
-[Luli] Hello.
The team to beat today is Iván and Israel.
-Israel, Iván.
-What's up?
Karen, Gaby.
Gris, Luis, good to see you.
Ludwika Paleta, it's an honor to have you.
Thanks for inviting me. I'm super excited.
We were doing some research and we know
that your palate,
in terms of desserts, is demanding.
-Is that true?
-Very true.
-Then get ready.
-Oh, I'm ready!
Gris, please explain
what challenges they face in this round.
[Gris] Okay. Just as we recycle
clothes for fashion,
the teams are going to recycle
leftover food that's in their basket,
then turn it into a delicious cupcake.
-[Capi] They have the same ingredients?
We see the box for the first challenge
No! What's is this?
-Stuff we'd never use
-It's all in there.
There's papaya with yogurt.
Who likes papaya?
-I like papaya, but not like that.
-Yeah, right.
Like, for a dessert.
-There's carrot juice.
We can't even smell what it is.
-Fried bananas.
-Some tostadas. Oh boy!
-Some piggies, like a
-[pig oinking]
-Piggy cookies.
-It smells like
-Green juice.
The worst is a piece of cake
from a grocery store.
Horrible. Stiff.
-That's definitely not the Jell-O.
-The papaya, then.
Well, from what I heard,
no one's very happy
with their ingredients.
-No one.
-We should use the cookie.
We're clueless how to use it
to make a cupcake.
What do you think about using the banana?
I've played drums since I was 13.
My whole childhood was dedicated to music.
Then later on, I took a leap of faith
into gastronomy and cakes.
Let's make a cupcake that's vanilla-based.
I studied gastronomy.
But they made me prepare
a bunch of these savory things.
Like deboning quails, making fish broths,
and things that really aren't my style.
-Look, it's nice.
-I'm weighing cupcakes.
Maybe use it as decoration?
As fate would have it,
I didn't finish studying gastronomy,
and now I make custom cakes.
-What are we gonna do?
-I guess we'll make a carrot cupcake.
Today is tough, but we're trying our best
to solve the first challenge
as quickly as possible
so we can get more
to spend working on our cake.
No stress.
What else?
We're gonna make a tortilla
cake, with papaya frosting.
Ludwika, what's the worst ingredient?
The papaya for sure. [laughs]
-The papaya will be cooked.
-Oh yeah.
It'll be a challenge for them
'cause of all the papaya they're adding.
We're going for some green juice cupcakes
that'll have a papaya and carrot
in the middle of them.
I've been an actress since I was little,
and we've always cooked in my house.
Especially my grandmother, Naty.
Oh, my God!
I suppose what I enjoy
the most about baking is that
it gives me the opportunity
to transfer my love through what I cook.
It gives me the chance
to spoil those that I love.
I'm gonna put this in
the immersion blender.
It feels like fate's led me
down the confectionery path.
It's allowed me to meet
a lot of people along the way,
and helped me create
very strong friendships.
Here, wanna try?
No. I trust you completely.
We met right around a year or so ago.
[Rubí] I started following her
because I loved her content.
Getting to know each other has created
a strong energy and chemistry.
We've got a lot in common.
[Israel] How're the others?
[Iván] Well, I don't see anyone baking.
Oh yeah?
Time could be against us,
but remember, we're not the only ones.
-Obviously, they have flour already.
What if I just combine 'em
with butter to make a crisp?
I feel the pressure with this challenge.
I'm not sure too about the ingredients.
-To the oven.
-[Lis] There's no trays.
[Ana Lau gasps]
-What's up?
I got a problem.
[tense music playing]
It's too cold in here,
and my white chocolate's not working.
The white chocolate's beginning to cool,
and we aren't sure
if the cupcakes will rise or collapse.
Pastry chefs!
A half hour has passed, okay?
-Thank you.
We think we're doing good on time, right?
[Capi] Just remember to make sure
you save some time for the final.
That is, if you make it .
Thanks, everyone.
Yeah, trust me. Well, have you added
the full amount of milk and everything?
-[Ana Lau] What milk?
-No milk?
Okay, I trust you.
Pastry prayer, so they come out
well-baked and beautiful.
If they're one of the teams
with the worst performance this round
And remember that it's not just about
the cupcakes, but also their creations,
a half an hour will be
taken off the cake round.
Oh, no!
[Karen] Are we good on time?
We're not there,
but there's good progress.
Let's take 'em out.
You're filling them up? I need you
to move faster and not mess it up.
Looks good, right?
[Ana Lau] Make it as fluffy as you can.
[upbeat music playing]
Like it?
-They're great.
[Luli] Ready.
They don't have filling,
but they have frosting.
-Yeah, and the crisp.
So currently, Lis and Luli have
really run away with things.
They're a big step
ahead of the other groups.
This competition took a big turn.
[Luli] I got them all!
-Ready! Let's do the dessert.
Lis and Luli. they
I was just gonna interject.
They'd already finished their cupcakes,
but remember
that they can't touch the button
until they finish their second challenge.
Luis, what is it? What do they got to do?
The challenge is
for them to create something
with the products included
in their surprise basket.
-And we're staying on recycling.
They have popcorn, they have
tamarind candy, they have cream muffins.
-[Luli] Cheese.
-[Lis] Pineapple pie.
They'll need to be very creative
in order to use them
in a way that makes a winning product.
-They're going in cold?
-Warm em up if you want.
-[Lis] No, it's fine.
So we decided that we want to use
the cream muffin as a base.
Filling for the tart is the pineapple.
And then we're gonna decorate it
with glitter and a cherry.
It won't stay up.
[tense music playing]
-I put on the gelatin and cream.
-[Ruth] It must be the cream.
We can mix in some butter.
Are you serious? We were just recovering
from the day before, and now this?
[Gaby] Let's put a decent amount
of fried banana in it.
Because Chef Luis likes it crunchy.
Having Chef Luis sitting nearby
has me on edge a little bit.
It feels like he's watching
everything we do,
and I don't want to disappoint him.
Done, Gaby. It's ready.
Put more.
That's it, man.
Finally working with two hands.
-You can waste time later. Don't worry.
Three teams have presented their cupcakes.
And if not, we'll do a quick
white chocolate buttercream.
Ruth and Rubí are falling behind in time.
It doesn't matter.
You made the cream.
-The cream was the problem, not me.
I'm a little stressed out for them.
It's cream cheese.
[Gaby] I think they're cream muffins.
Look, exactly what almost ruined
our challenge.
Well, we're trying to make
cream muffins with an apple crumble.
I was expecting more detail.
Seems to me
that fate has been playing dirty
and is mocking us by sending
these lovely cream muffins again.
It's kind of hard. Let's reheat it.
This is it for dessert.
Think about recycling.
What's the first thing that comes to mind?
Paper. It's gonna look crumpled up.
It looks like actual garbage,
but let's hope it tastes like heaven.
When you have to use a cream
that you have absolutely no idea
what the fat percentage is,
it's impossible to get it right.
Plan B, we better go
to the carrot buttercream.
[Dany] Okay, Anna,
this is what I'm thinking.
The point is that they look like
milkshakes, right? Well, we got that.
-Dude, are we done? Whoo-hoo!
Oh, the frustration.
They're done.
Dany and Ana Lau's strategy is
to celebrate really loud
to distract the other teams.
Hey, what are you doing? I need to know.
A sugar cookie.
I think it's very exciting to be here.
It's also kind of a surreal experience
because of everything behind it
and all the preparations
I had to do with my two babies.
I admire how you never let
obstacles get in your way.
-Two more mixing bowls, okay?
We both have going to school in common.
I was lucky that from a very early age,
I pretty much knew that I loved sugar.
I once saw a beautifully decorated cake,
tasted it, and was like,
"I want to dedicate myself to this."
-I'm heating it up, Ruth.
Ruth and Rubí, most have
already finished the cupcake.
And see what they're doing,
how your squeezing stuff onto it now?
I don't know
if the cupcakes have cooled down.
-It can end up crushed and caked.
-"Caked" doesn't sound good.
[Ruth] Start here.
[Capi] Pastry chefs,
it's very important you all remember
that the two teams
who don't convince the judges
will lose half an hour
in the next challenge.
-I'm gonna take the other
-Yeah. The other box.
All the pressure, and looking over to see
all the others are further along than us,
And we're running around
like chickens with their heads cut off.
[Ruth] We're thinking we can make
a sweet cheese panna cotta
with papaya cream.
And the little sphere?
[Ruth] Well, to do that
I'd have to freeze it first.
No, I probably won't have time,
but I can give it a try.
Nothing crunchy?
Lis and Luli went with
a simpler presentation in this stage.
You could see how much
they were committed to finish faster
and not get into time problems.
-Look, I get that they want to buy time
but what if it's not good
because they went too fast?
-That's the problem.
-[Capi] That's the thing, Gris.
It's not rising. Our cream isn't rising.
Add a little more sugar.
It has to set.
The curse of the muffins.
[shrill stinger]
[Luli] Let's plate.
And dare I say that
-Run, Lis, run!
right at this moment they're going to
[bright tones chime]
And there it is for you all, folks!
Lis and Luli finished.
We did it.
We can feel the heat on us, no question.
The fact that they finished first
does give us some pressure now.
Lis and Luli, here you are
with a new positive attitude.
-What are you presenting?
Start with the cupcake.
It's a cupcake made
with carrots and frosting.
It's a whipped-cream-style frosting
that also has a little yogurt in it.
And we really tried our best
to balance everything.
[Lis] And we made the crisp
with some sugar cookies that we had.
I think it has a good texture,
it's crunchy, and the cupcake is soft,
but it needed a little more carrot flavor.
Well, I really liked the carrot cupcake,
mainly because it isn't very sweet.
But the frosting was too sweet.
Tell us about your creation.
Well, we ended up making
a batch of cream muffins.
And Luli made a pineapple frosting
with sweet cheese.
-[Luli] We put pieces of wafer on it.
-With amaranth and a cherry.
I might have liked it
if you didn't use the cake like that,
but I really, really liked the frosting.
Great combination.
-Glad you liked it.
-[Gris] Well done.
I think what was remarkable for me
was the frosting. It tastes really good.
But I'm sorry to say
the bread is very dry.
So dry I didn't want to keep eating it.
I think we just got too excited
and tried to do things too quickly.
We could've put our heads together
and thought more about the cream muffin.
Right. Not so great after all.
Not so great after all.
[Capi] A few are
about to finish over there.
I think the way you're doing it
makes it look organic and really great.
The mamey fruit mousse will be there too.
[bright tones chime]
Nice work, again!
-Are we gonna add
-I feel way behind.
My guys, Iván and Israel,
are all finished.
Please tell us about
your cupcakes, please.
Of course.
So we have a cupcake over there
that we made with some orange juice.
It also has in it a papaya cream filling.
-Ludwika, what's the worst ingredient?
-The papaya, for sure.
[Israel] And on top we decided to make
a flavorful white chocolate whipped cream
with just a touch of banana.
[Iván] The dirt is little piggy cookies
because, since it's about recycling,
we thought it would be fitting
to add some soil
with a little chocolate leaf on it.
So cute!
You talked a lot about recycling,
but why didn't you recycle the inside?
No good.
Maybe that filling could've been dried
in the oven, then used as the soil.
Lean into the recycling theme.
I said I wouldn't like papaya,
but I think it tastes really great.
-Thank you so much.
-Thank you.
We conquered Ludwika's palate.
Now please tell us about this creation.
When we thought of recycling,
the first thing that came to us was
a crumpled sheet of paper.
To play out this concept,
we made the top part of the creation
look like a wrinkled sheet of paper.
Under that, there's also
cream cheese frosting
with pineapple on a sponge cake,
which is basically a cream muffin.
[Iván] With a little cherry liqueur.
The cream muffin tastes very dry.
if I was to improve this,
I'd try putting something on top,
like maybe more liquid
to moisten it and make it spectacular.
If you'd have tried it as it was,
you would have applauded what we did.
I loved the paper. It's super original.
Everything's very creative.
-Thank you.
-Ah, Rubí.
If this is how they break,
we'll make a crumble.
We're solving everything with plan Bs.
Nothing's coming out the way we want.
-Okay, good.
-Come on, come on.
-Come on. Move.
-[bright tones chime]
-[both whooping]
-For the million!
The instant someone goes
to touch the button,
without a doubt, immediately everything
starts to get way more difficult.
-We'll see. It's a little curded.
-Turning it off.
It's because of the cheese we used.
It's better to risk the big failure
and make it happen.
[Gaby] Go on.
Inside, we're just burning up
from all the anxiety that comes with this.
Button, button. Run, run.
-[bright tones chime]
-[Karen exhales] Good job, Gaby.
So tell me how are the two best friends
doing at this competition, huh?
-[Capi] Good.
Tell us what the two of you prepared
with that little basket of goodies
that gave you
such an awful splitting headache.
Our inspiration was a milkshake.
So, we made
a white-chocolate-flavored cupcake,
and for the filling we used
a whipped ganache
to make it look super creamy and soft,
like a good milkshake.
And for the topping
[Dany] A meringue with buttercream,
which comes in milkshakes, yeah?
You guys, this one's super cute.
I loved the idea and it's really creative.
But I kind of felt like the cream
tastes a lot like whipped cream.
Amazing presentation.
But I gotta say, I think that it tastes
a lot like vegetable fat,
and not in a good way.
So to be honest,
that sort of made me feel a little sick.
Ludwika, I swear it doesn't have
an ounce of butter.
And this creation?
So to achieve the dirt effect,
we decided to use the sugar cookie.
[Ana Lau] A sugar cookie.
We also added a touch of salt.
-And we made a mamey mousse.
-[Dany] That's a mamey mousse.
We combined the cream, which helps
to stabilize it with the gelatin
and makes a style of dessert
that could be used like a plated dessert
or a restaurant dish.
The way you mix everything
works very well.
You have one bite to convince us.
And this one works for me, that one bite.
I thought there would be
a lot more mousse,
but it's great after tasting.
I love mamey, and it was very cute.
-Thank you.
-A female pastry chef
-[both] Is worth double.
-They need more time.
-[Rubí] A lot?
I'm worried about the panna cotta.
It hasn't set yet.
Is it better to just wait so it sets?
It's the focus, you know, the main element
of this dessert, so it's gotta be ready.
Okay, so Karen and Gaby, why don't you
tell us what's inside this little cupcake?
[Karen] It wasn't by any means
an easy decision,
but after assessing and discussing,
we both decided to use banana sugar bread,
and it has an Italian meringue frosting
with the banana on top too.
[Luis clears throat] Very sweet.
Instead of the Italian meringue,
you could have used
something with more contrast.
Now, I think visually,
it's one of the best.
I don't like Italian meringue.
I find it sticky, too sweet and tasteless.
But that's me.
Tell us about your creation.
We had fun with this one,
and just made the decision
to take the cream muffin
and make it our own.
And so we made a kind of
caramelized banana with the popcorn.
And, uh, the frosting
that you see on top has the cheese,
and as decoration
we also have the wafer with amaranth.
I love how you used the popcorn.
I found the crisp to be delightful,
and it tasted great.
We'd already tried three cream muffins,
so when we saw 'em, we were like, "Ugh."
Another dry cream muffin!
But I was super surprised
because this, at least, the
-Like, the
-Yeah, we put it in butter.
You put it in butter, so it has flavor.
So it's a little bit worrisome,
but we have one of our teams
that's still in the thick of it.
They haven't finished
assembling their creations yet.
Ruth and Rubí.
We have to to present it.
[Ruth] Yeah, we're done.
Hold on one sec.
There's a knife over there, right?
-Can you grab it?
Let's do this for now and leave 'em be.
They're very ambitious,
but ultimately trying to make something
that takes much more time than they have.
-Don't make me nervous.
Come on now
Two things can happen.
One, they stick. And two,
when you take 'em out of the oven,
they aren't set inside
and end up melting on the plate.
[dramatic music playing]
They'll lose 30 minutes.
[bright music playing]
It comes out as a perfect sphere.
Put a nice decoration.
-Okay, come on.
-Let's go.
[bright tones chime]
[Rubí] Done.
Finally finished. Yeah!
-Ruth and Rubí.
[Capi] Tell us about your cupcake.
This is a green juice cupcake.
-It has a center
-[Rubí] Of carrot.
And on top a crumble of
[Rubí] A crumble with almond, banana, and
-And oats.
Well, look, I think it's really clear
that you listened to us closely
in the previous feedback sessions
we've had with you,
because I think it's fantastic.
One thing I will say though is
the bread tastes slightly
-[Rubí] Humid?
-too wet. A little doughy.
Oh my God.
I was surprised
by the taste of the green juice bread.
It's very good.
Okay, and then we have
what we made for our creation.
It's a panna cotta
of sweet cheese and papaya
with a heart of tamarind and cherry syrup.
-It has a crispy meringue.
[Rubí] It's like a dacquoise.
[Ruth] It has a tamarind and cherry sauce
and a candy syrup.
Maraschino cherries in syrup.
I love that the panna cotta
wasn't gelatinous.
The crumble could be more crunchy,
so that it doesn't clash with the texture
of the creamy panna cotta.
-[Ludwika] What's this called?
-[Rubí] Dacquoise.
So delicious. Really great work.
I also liked the surprise
that it was stuffed.
Congratulations, good job.
Pastry chefs, the judges have deliberated.
We have a decision.
The judges' favorite team
of this first round is
[tense music playing]
Ruth and Rubí!
-How cool!
-Our dessert was their favorite!
And now, the hard part.
The first team to lose 30 minutes is
[suspenseful music playing]
Dany and Ana Lau.
It was a tough challenge.
We barely had anything to work with.
Oh well, half an hour less.
It's a lot of time.
And now, everyone, the second team
that'll lose 30 minutes
in the cake round is
[suspenseful music playing]
Lis and Luli.
We've got to change our strategies
if we're gonna get to the final.
Pastry chefs, I hope you're ready,
because it's time for the second round.
As you all can see, you have some
works of art in your stations, right?
And now our dear Ludwika is gonna
explain to us what's about to happen.
Of course, as you can see, each couple
has a really horrible cake on their table.
And believe me,
as horrible as it is on the outside,
it's just as bad on the inside.
So for this last round,
the pastry chefs have to change
and improve the make-up
of each of the awful cakes that they got.
It looks destroyed.
The filling's already coming out of it.
Not only do each of you
have to improve the cake's flavor,
but you also have to return it to the fate
it was meant to have. A perfect cake.
And that flavor will be judged.
So I'm so sorry
-You have to try it too.
-No, I'm just a host.
I'm really sorry to let you down, judges.
I'm really sorry.
You'll also have to take a bite
and try these awful cakes
in the state that they're currently in,
so you can see
how different the contrast is
and how much the chefs have
changed and improved the flavor. Got it?
I can assure you that it's been
sitting in the fridge for ten days.
But before we start,
I think it's a good idea
to review the times of each team.
Iván and Israel, you will lead
with four hours,
26 minutes and 36 seconds,
While you, Ruth and Rubí, will be Last,
with three hours,
37 minutes and 37 seconds.
I recommend you don't use all the time
you have allotted to make the cake,
so instead, try to save just a little
to compete with in the final.
That is, if you make it.
Israel and Iván, please place your hands
on your mixers. Your time starts now!
I would've liked the truck.
This is what I wanted to see.
[Iván] How could they do this to us?
Our cake and this challenge
definitely doesn't favor us.
We gotta step it up.
[Gris] It's so black.
It looks like chocolate
with black coloring.
They straight-up destroyed everything.
I wanna see what it's like inside.
Can we touch it to check it out?
I'll start working on it.
[Israel] We agreed on a chocolate cake,
a mango compote, and a cookie, right?
[Iván] Something crunchy
to give it contrast.
We're gonna create a bus that moves.
It'll have lights, sound.
It'll even have very tasty music.
We'll also give it special structure,
so it can have a set of tires.
[Capi] Lis and Luli, hands on your mixers.
Your time starts now!
-Let's see.
-We need to see what flavor it is.
There's almost no filling.
It's very greasy.
We would never deliver
a cake like that to a customer.
We gotta be organized,
'cause last time we were in such a hurry,
that happened to us.
What intimidates me
the most about it is the shape.
It's got a lot of volume,
and I want to try it.
Carve the bread
so it looks something like this.
[Luli] It could be vanilla.
I'll make a buttercream filling
and I'll put walnuts in it.
Come on, Gaby.
Karen and Gaby, hands on your mixers.
Your time starts now!
I'm not sure what can be saved.
[Karen] It's still wet.
I'm a little scared. It's hands down
the sweetest cake I've ever tasted.
-Okay, flavor. It's gonna be
-[Gaby] A chocolate cake.
[Karen] Hmm.
Maybe we can add some peanuts.
Smooth vanilla.
Like I said, I'm thinking of something
that's a little more out of the ordinary.
Oh, I know, let's do a zombie foot.
I'm listening to Karen work this all out.
It seems she's really dead set
on making a zombie foot.
-No way.
-That'll start 'em off on the right foot.
I'd really like to add
an extra bone here, you know?
Oh, a little bone, of course.
The truth is, I really love
this whole horror theme.
I know Gaby doesn't as much.
I feel like I'm gonna end up
putting my personal touches on it too.
This ugly cake has
a flip-flop and little flowers,
so that also have to be replicated.
Very appropriate for a bus,
the moment you see it and hear the music.
Mexican pop culture.
How tough for Ruth and Rubí,
not being able to work yet.
[Israel] Cake's in the oven.
They've come a long way.
[Capi] Quite a way.
-Oh my god, it's super moist inside.
-[Gaby] Yeah?
We both know that can be dangerous.
-Karen, you having a good time?
-It's therapeutic.
What is this? It's made of butter.
-That ring isn't fondant, it's like
-Cream, right?
I think it's tougher to repair something.
We're gonna try and rescue the frosting,
and the bread as well,
and we'll transform them
to make cake pops
and shape its little legs.
So we're gonna bake the upper part of it,
which is like the ankle,
and we're gonna use a section of the cake.
We'll blend them together,
and then create a gelatin
to be able to integrate it
into the new cake.
[Israel] How's it going, Iván?
All right, about to finish this part.
I'll start the fondant.
Dany and Ana Lau, hands on your mixers.
Your time starts now!
Come on!
Let's try it first.
Just look at it, ugh! And the hair?
Oh, a curl fell off.
The bread's dry.
-It's dry, right?
-It's horrible.
The cake tastes like medicine.
Bad medicine.
We think a woman fighter
represents us more.
We can play with the costume,
put a lot of glitter on it.
Bling-bling is my thing.
[Dany] We're gonna
Tell me the banana bread plan.
[Ana Lau] With a semi-sweet ganache.
We're also gonna try and integrate
a little bit of this semi-cake.
-Ruth, Rubí, Yatziri.
-What did you call her?
Hands on your mixers,
your time starts now!
I think the cut's here.
I'll miss you, Yatziri.
Oh, let's see.
So we discover
that there's a cream in the middle.
It tastes like coffee and chocolate,
like a mocha.
So we thought about making a coffee cake.
It also will have a cream
of milk chocolate and chili powder.
That'll make it better.
Look, Ruth, I'm just
gonna decapitate her here.
The doll from Ruth and Rubí's area
is scaring me. Cut it already.
Just like in The Exorcist, eh?
[shriek echoes]
It won't be chocolate, right? We agreed.
[Lis] But if you make chocolate ganache,
you put Irish cream and coffee.
I mean, you can make buttercream
if you want, but with cocoa or
I don't know.
[Luli] Make up your mind already.
I don't know.
Sometimes it's difficult to agree,
especially when you're
working against the clock.
So which is it? Do you want it to be
Irish cream frosting or buttercream?
With chocolate?
Whatever you want, you decide.
Honey, you change your mind
every five minutes.
[Lis] So, you choose, please,
because I don't know right now.
Mother and daughter.
Kids always argue
with their mother, don't they?
It makes me angry.
It makes me very angry when things change
and I don't move forward.
-What do you think is better?
-I'm making the Irish cream.
We have to make a decision,
and then move quickly.
[tense music playing]
You're very quiet.
-[Israel] Don't distract him.
-[Karen] So focused right now.
I plan to finish in an hour,
then come bother you. Is that cool?
[Karen laughs]
[Rubí] You already put in chili, Ruth.
It needs more.
-Should I try it?
-I still don't feel it.
I'm becoming Mexican.
[Lis] How's it coming, Lu?
She hates me.
Pastry chefs, you have two hours left
to give new life to these awful cakes.
And here's where
the sad part comes in, folks.
Whoever fails to convince the judges
will have to leave
Sugar Rush: The Baking Point
and will lose the opportunity
of a lifetime to win a million pesos.
Jesus. I mean, in the end,
this is a competition,
and everyone does their best to win.
-[Rubí] What eye color do we put on them?
-Blue like Ludwika's?
-Hello girls.
-[Luis] Hello.
[Ludwika] How's it coming?
It smells great.
Like cardamom. What is that?
[both] Yeah!
How did you smell it?
I mean, it's not like
we bring any judge here.
We want to conquer your palate.
We're very curious to see
what you were up to,
because we see the clock is running
and you've fallen a little behind, right?
We're making progress.
All that's left is a quick airbrush.
We got the worst cake because
-[Dany] It's a square.
-[Ana Lau] Making squares is complicated.
Besides, we're against the clock,
because they took a half hour from us.
Keep it up, and move quick.
-Thank you.
-I know!
I like her mask.
It's a nice touch. It really is.
The clock is ticking, good luck.
-Thank you.
-[Dany] I know.
[tense music playing]
[Iván] How do you feel?
Good. I'm just missing two walls.
This and one more and that's it.
Are you trying to put some pressure on me?
-[Iván] No.
-[Israel] Okay.
I'll admit there's a little tension.
I'm just a little tired, that's it.
The layers of fondant are so big,
and they gotta be the same thickness,
and I can't anymore. I'm done.
I just can't do it anymore.
Fifty minutes.
At least no one's finished yet.
I want to see your face
when someone finishes.
-Wrong way. Here's the chest.
How could Dany start fumigating right now?
Give me a stick, she's gonna sink!
-One of the sticks.
-[Dany] What kind?
I don't know, dude, but it's sinking.
-It needs to be super perfect.
-Oh yeah.
[Ana Lau] I'm stressed,
but we're gonna make It in the end.
[Capi] All right, pastry chefs,
according to my watch
there's now less than 30 minutes left,
and not one of you has finished.
No, this is not good.
[tense music playing]
It's been tough.
I'm pretty upset with the cake.
I've had it up to here with that damn bus.
-[Luli] Oh God.
-[Lis] Calm down.
We're making progress. We'll finish.
[tense music continuing]
[bright tones chime]
Okay, so Dany and Ana Lau
have just pressed the button.
That's one fast team!
Here we go, Gaby.
I'm adding red paint
to it to make it look like blood,
and make it look super fresh.
Be careful. Careful right there.
Oh, the flip-flop!
You know, she's sweet but has
a dark side at the same time.
Okay, go.
[bright tones chime]
We did it, Gaby.
[Luli] Ready?
-One, two
-Press it, press it.
-[bright tones chime]
I was feeling really on edge,
but now that it's done,
I'm proud she's a cute, fluffy unicorn.
Should we take it together?
-Okay, let's go.
-Let's go.
-[bright tones chime]
-[Ruth, Rubí cheering]
That smooth porcelain skin.
Hey! With lipo and everything.
-I don't think you can do anymore.
I'm gonna cry.
-Can you do it?
-Sure, whatever.
Although I tried to close my eye,
turning it around,
I didn't find much of a shape.
Oh, no.
[Israel] Five, four.
[bright tones chime]
[Israel] Ugh, two minutes.
I'd say what frustrates us the most
is that we know we can make
this amazing cake.
-But in this amount of time
Dany and Ana Lau.
Very good. So tell us all
what techniques you used.
The detail we wanted to emphasize,
which is also one of the toughest things,
is the perfection of the square,
here by my partner Dany.
Yeah, I saw you working and working on it,
and I was like, "Heck yeah!"
The only thing I see is the proportion
of the ropes with her figurine
is looking a bit high.
You know, the ring is a little too high.
It should be like
Oh, it's really cool. I love it.
I love that it shines.
You too, even your hair shines.
Yeah, kind of.
-And the doll is spectacular.
-[both] Thank you.
-Karen and Gaby.
[Capi] So, what you got was a foot cake.
Tell us about the concept
and your techniques, please.
Well, we wanted to take the existing
foot design and give it a twist,
while also giving it
that ironic feminine touch.
I love the blood, the intricate details
of how the shadows look.
The only thing is the bone.
You can see fingerprints
from when you placed the fondant.
Look, at first I didn't have
much faith in the flip-flops.
And when I saw it I was like,
"Oh no, this is gonna be a disaster."
-But you gave it a good twist.
-[both] Thanks so much.
Well done, Gaby.
All right, we all agree that what you've
done here has each of us wanting to say
[all] Aw!
[Capi] Tell us what you got
and what you did to it.
What we did was we removed everything
that was totally destroyed,
and we turned that into cake pops.
[Luli] We baked it and then
decorated everything.
I really like the color of the eyes.
The eyes make
the unicorn's face stand out a lot.
You completely changed
the unicorn. Congrats.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Let's see what it tastes like,
which is just as important.
-But the outside is divine.
[both] Thank you.
Just look at Yatziri, she's
-We salvaged part of the head and neck.
-[Ruth] The structure.
I also used some chocolate to start
forming the features on her face.
We used a watercolor technique
on the hair to give it a bit of nuance
and make it seem authentic.
It's impressive, really,
what you did in the time you had.
Well done, it's beautiful.
-Thank you.
I'd have given her eyelashes.
[both] We gave it your eyes.
[Rubí] Blue! Yeah. They were blue for you.
[Ludwika] Well, it's divine.
It came out super cute.
She even has earrings, but we'll see.
We'll see.
-We hit the nail on the head.
-On the head.
Israel and Iván, good to see you.
Please tell us what you did to it,
aesthetically speaking.
We wanted to lengthen it
and make it a bit thinner
so it would look more like a bus.
You know, a public bus. More real.
[Luis] The success of this cake
is that it looks Very smooth.
You don't notice marks
like in other cases.
But it does look
a little disproportionate to me, honestly.
I don't think those little tires
can hold up that truck.
And then the rosary If it were real,
it would be this size. Right?
Hold me back, 'cause I'm getting upset.
In his defense,
buses are pretty bad in real life.
-In real life, they're ugly, right?
-This one's pretty.
If you'd be so kind,
would you please cut four big slices?
We'll be waiting
at the judges table. Thank you.
[Iván, Israel] Thanks.
[suspenseful music playing]
Dany and Ana Lau, bring your cakes
to the judges table, please.
We want to convince the judges
that we're great pastry chefs.
But we have no idea
what they'll think or say.
In front of us is the old cake
that had to be renovated and upgraded,
and here is Dany and Ana Lau's.
May we try it now, please?
Tell us what you really think
of this old cake.
-It's bad, right?
-I broke a tooth.
It sticks to your teeth.
Please tell us what flavors
we're about to find in this new cake.
The previous cake is incorporated
into the cake filling on the new one.
We made a banana cake, and we added
cinnamon, walnuts, and for the filling
We made the ganache, and we also made a
-[Ana Lau] Salted caramel.
-[Dany] That's right.
Oh, and we also added
a touch of cardamom in there.
Well, what a transformation.
I thought it was impossible.
But you did it.
What you failed to do
was to improve this one.
I mean, you made another one
and incorporated this one.
But I want to say that it works for me
because of how delicious this one is.
I think it tastes really good.
Let's cross our fingers
that we're one of the best.
I feel nervous,
because anything can happen.
But I'm confident in our work.
Up first is the old unicorn cake.
[tense music playing]
[disgusted grunting]
It tastes like all my birthdays,
which were also bad.
There was a lot of work to be done
on flavors. Tell us what you did.
We made a new vanilla sponge cake.
We replaced the old filling
with something that was much better,
an Irish cream and crunchy walnut.
I love how you rescued the frosting.
It doesn't look like it's from
a recycled cake with really bad frosting.
Definitely. It's amazing
seeing it go from this to this.
It's like there's a portal
going from heaven to earth.
I hope the judges give more importance
to the taste than to the decoration.
Ah, yes, here we have the old bus
that was just a black cake.
Tell us, what do you think of this cake?
-Smells weird.
-I'm sorry, but I don't know I'm leaving.
Take that away and tell us about this.
What flavors are we gonna find here?
What you'll find is a new chocolate cake.
We took passion fruit
and made a nice cream with it,
a vanilla and mango-flavored compote,
and then a little chocolate dirt.
[Iván] The chocolate dirt you're tasting,
we made it by rescuing the sponge cake
and a bit of cake filling
to process and improve it.
I love that they used this one,
and it tastes good. Congratulations.
I insisted that you make a new cake
instead of improving what you had.
I would've done something different.
But it's very good.
We can't go back in time.
It is what it is.
-Let's go.
-Yeah! That's right.
As you can see,
here's a piece of Styrofoam.
The cake that Ruth and Rubí got.
And it smells like something
that doesn't exist in nature, right?
Now, explain to us
what we're gonna find in this cake.
[Ruth] I'd be happy to.
What we have here is a coffee cake
with a milk chocolate
and chili powder cream
that we hope will complement it.
And we also deconstructed the whole cake.
So it was dehydrated,
and it became like a crumble.
I hate to say it,
but I really love the crumble.
When I found out
it was from that, I said, "Oh, no!"
-But it's
-But it's great. It's a base.
Now I don't like it as much.
I didn't expect the chili surprise
to be so present.
I thought it'd be more subtle.
But I like it.
Chef Luis, being that he's
such an expert in chocolate,
he scares me a little.
And of course, the chili powder,
I honestly thought we'd put in too much.
I think that the cake was a success.
And I think it'll be our ticket
to continue to the next round
in this competition.
First, there's the old flip-flop.
It even looks sad.
It's getting to me.
-It's really getting to me.
-No, it's bad.
Tell us, please, what you did to it
and what we're gonna find.
Yeah, so we reinterpreted
the classic chocolate cake.
We made a cake that was
a little softer, a little fresher.
We integrated a little of the old cake
with a jelly, right there,
from cake batter.
And we added
a crunchy element, the peanuts.
That's why I saw you blending the cake.
That's what the Jell-O was for, right?
How creative. Wow.
I'm gonna sound like a broken record,
but still, I feel like
they could have improved this
instead of making a new one.
Above all, you're very creative
when it comes to the flavors.
I think with the time we had,
we managed to do a good job.
Pastry chefs, the judges deliberated
and made their decisions.
Let's start with the sweet ones.
Well, I don't want to jinx it,
but I think we're in the top three, right?
Yes! Yeah!
All right, here we go.
The team with the second-best cake,
and the team which'll now have
a precious half hour added to their time,
the one that was transformed by
Karen and Gaby.
-We got second place.
-Dodging bullets.
Okay, so our favorite team
in this second round of cakes here,
which will have one hour
added to their time, is
[suspenseful music playing]
Ruth and Rubí.
The RR team is back!
We're back.
Fun time's over, pastry chefs.
In each episode, one team has to go.
And so the time has now come
to let you know
which are the two teams
that didn't manage to convince the judges.
The first couple
Dany and Ana Lau.
I don't know what's going on
or what's happening. I mean, really!
The second couple that'll be at risk
along with Dany and Ana Lau,
and who could ultimately lose
the chance of winning one million pesos,
[tense music playing]
You see Luis's face? I can't look.
Israel and Iván.
I think it makes us even more nervous
they're the ones we're fighting
for the million pesos.
They're both talented.
Now, the time has come.
Taste might be
the only thing that saves us.
Judges, which team must leave
Sugar Rush: The Baking Point?
Sorry to be blunt,
but Israel and Iván's cake
was not very pretty.
And then Ana Lau and Dany's cake,
it was the opposite.
It looked very pleasing on the outside,
but their taste was superior.
My vote is for
[dramatic music playing]
[upbeat outro music playing]
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