Sugar Rush: The Baking Point (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

My vote goes to
Dany and Ana Lau.
I'm so worried.
I thought she liked the flavor.
My vote goes to
Israel and Iván.
-I froze.
I froze. I didn't know what to do.
Luis, tell us, which team should leave
Sugar Rush: The Baking Point?
My vote goes to
[suspenseful music playing]
Ana Lau and Dany.
[somber music playing]
Dany, Ana Lau, we're gonna miss
the joy you bring in your station.
Your colleagues and I wanna give you
a round of applause. For real.
Thank you. Thanks.
This feeling, like I'm in shock.
I wasn't expecting that. It was just like
I'm your fan, you know. You did great.
Dany, thank you so much.
Thank you for being here.
This is an experience
that we'll keep in our hearts.
[Capi] So far, Karen and Gaby
have accumulated the most time,
whereas Israel and Iván are
at the bottom of the ranking.
In a few seconds,
some spirits from the afterlife
will haunt this kitchen.
Nothing to be scared of, right?
This is Sugar Rush: The Baking Point!
Today, the bakers have to wow the judges,
those who are here
and those in the afterlife.
-Wait, Luli.
-No, Lis, that's it.
-You're on your own.
-[Lis] It's too much.
Sorry, sorry.
For this challenge, you'll have to
[Capi] The theme? Day of the Dead.
And our guest judge,
the villain of villains
who likes to shout at people,
"Maldita lisiada!"
Itatí Cantoral!
Right now, Gris Verduzco is explaining
to our bakers our first challenge.
And she's also explaining
that the two worst-performing teams
will lose 30 minutes of their time
for the preparation of their cakes. Yikes!
[countdown clock beeps, chimes]
That sound means that the sweetest
competition has just begun! Follow me.
Lis, Luli. Let's hug it out
to start with good vibes.
We can't fail today.
Ruth, Rubí. All the best to you.
-We're coming full force.
-Full force.
Israel, Iván,
are you talking about the bus?
[horn honking]
I don't remember.
-If I don't remember, it didn't happen.
-We got amnesia.
Karen and Gaby kept
their good vibes. Truly.
Stay that way, bulletproof.
With good vibes, you can do anything.
Gris, Luis, I'm so glad to see you.
And look, Itatí Cantoral!
-Thank you for being here, Itatí.
-Thank you so much!
I'm so happy, and I
I wanna taste that sweet stuff already!
My dear Gris, please tell us
what this first round will be.
They have to draw inspiration
from the delicious pan de muerto
to create their own
special cupcake version.
I love cupcakes, so I'm gonna love this.
Orange, I like it.
We're going to cook
for loved ones who are no longer with us.
We hope that everything goes well,
in honor of my grandma.
[Ruth] Orange blossom water and orange.
Pan de muerto reminds me
of all my loved ones who are gone,
but mainly of my grandma.
-Obviously orange blossom water.
-Tangerine, right?
We had a friend named Armando Cajero.
He was an incredible person,
an amazing chef.
That's why we're making
this tribute to him.
This smell really reminds me
a lot of Spain.
Beautiful memories, right?
It's okay, sweetie.
Yeah. This right here's already quivering.
The eye, right?
It reminds me a lot of home.
And my family and Christmas and, well
And I haven't seen them in a long time.
And I feel a little bit embarrassed,
but hey, just don't mention it!
Are you getting emotional too?
Come on, we don't have enough time.
Come here, honey.
The intensity of emotions
they're investing in this challenge is
-It's gonna be next level.
-Much stronger. Yeah.
[Itatí] And it's true.
I don't know if this happens to you,
but when someone's cooking at home,
the smell immediately reminds me
of my closest relatives.
-Here, you can start weighing it.
-Yeah, thanks.
You need the mixer?
-Not now.
We had a beautiful offering, right?
We have to do it perfectly.
We'll do even better.
Even if it's only for an hour.
[Karen] Only for an hour?
I love these kinds of celebrations.
I love skulls, marigold flowers
and the Xoloitzcuintles.
[wolf howling]
Done, it's in the oven.
-Just like this, with your finger.
-Oh, it's good.
We came to prove everyone wrong.
It's our favorite sport.
[Israel] I'm really inspired.
This is one of my favorite seasons.
Let's prepare the yeast
for this pan de muerto.
Year after year, I used to make bread
for my mom before anyone else.
And this year, she's no longer with us.
[Lis] Lu!
-I'm gonna change the plan, sweetie.
-Come here.
Be careful with that.
Yes, but take it easy,
you've done this so many times.
We got too absorbed by work,
and we didn't let out
the pain that we felt.
This shouldn't be happening here.
We're wasting time.
-It's okay.
-We're wasting time.
[Lu sighs]
-[Lis] Lu.
I'm gonna weigh the flour.
Let's make regular cupcakes.
I had never seen my mom cry before.
[Lu] I think there's a point in life
when you can't hold your emotions back,
and then they just come out.
[exhales heavily]
If it's hot, then it's wrong.
I should've distributed the batter
a little better in fewer cupcakes.
[Iván] One's done.
[Capi] Pastry chefs, one hour has passed!
And still no cupcakes?
Remember, the teams
that do not convince the judges
will lose half an hour
in the next challenge.
[Gaby] That was too fast.
Or did I take too long?
[Karen] A little of both.
-[Rubí] Five minutes to finish them.
-[Ruth] Only five minutes?
How are the others doing?
We're going a bit slow,
because we've already been working
for one hour and five minutes,
and we haven't finished the cupcakes.
-Should I bake the breads now?
-Yeah. Cover that.
I can see cupcakes ready,
but Iván and Israel
cannot press the button
until the second-round challenge
is completed.
What should they do, sir?
They have to pay tribute
to their loved ones.
They have to recall memories
to carry out this emotion and express it
in a creation of their choice.
In this case, that creation is
more personal than the cupcake.
Put their soul into it.
[Israel] Armando did a lot
to rescue Mexican food,
and this dessert is dedicated to him.
You need something?
-To hurry up.
-To hurry up.
I knew you'd say that.
He was a very special friend.
So humble and noble.
He was a great person in character,
in soul, in spirit, in every way.
-What's up?
-How are you guys?
Good, very good. We're getting there.
[Lu] These are not good.
I'm not happy. I'll make them again.
[Lis sighs]
There's no time.
We have four hours and 41 minutes left.
I'd like to make them again,
'cause some came out fluffier,
but there's no time.
And they're delicious.
-It was my fault. I didn't pay attention.
-No. Luli, chill out.
Why is it not coming out?
Maybe my hand feels tired.
[Rubí] Let me see, can I help you?
Yes, on the top, sprinkle them like this.
Give them a touch of ice cream. That's it.
Come on, Rubí.
The elements we had planned were achieved.
-Do you want me to start covering it?
Ready. Come on.
We're putting the finishing touches on.
We're integrating the elements.
I'm always shaking.
It's all the nerves and my rapid pulse.
[Gaby] The final touches are
the most important.
Okay. Done.
Karen and Gaby even put
the flowers around it.
I can't wait to try that cupcake.
We're gonna make arroz con leche.
Oh, arroz con leche
brings back so many memories.
For our grannies that used to make
rice puddings for us.
You feel the warmth of home
when you arrive
at your grandmother's house.
-[Ruth] This is for them.
-Yes, we wanna dedicate it to them.
-Do you feel it, Ruth?
-It already smells like grandma's house.
Yes, with this rice pudding.
I'm inspired by my grandma.
And she passed away a long time ago,
but I feel more connected to her.
Itatí, let's see
what they're doing at the stations.
-Come on.
I think this must have
a particular flavor.
We want to make
a cookie with a corn filling.
A very grandmotherly thing.
There's a ghost that's moving
my stuff around, Karen.
-[Karen] Hi.
-Hello, Chef.
-[Luis] How're you?
-Tell us.
-We're doing well.
What's your inspiration?
My inspiration is my grandma.
She left me a great legacy,
which is painting.
Before coming to this competition,
I lost my grandmother,
so I know she will be by my side,
and that means a lot to me.
What a beautiful legacy.
-Good luck, girls.
-Thank you, chef.
It's been an hour and a half.
I'm feeling a little frustrated.
-This should be here.
-But they're already hard.
I'll make new ones.
Time is running out
and the prize is at stake.
We're making chocolate cazuelitas
to simulate clay casseroles.
Our friend, Armando, used to take the time
to go with these people,
the ones who made the cazuelas by hand.
He took everyone into consideration.
-Amazing. You look like a potter.
-Thank you.
[Iván] I am one.
[Capi] Pastry chefs,
it's been an hour and 40 minutes.
Lis and Luli are putting
way too much effort into those cupcakes.
[Lis] We struggled.
Okay, what do you think? Do you like it?
Do they look weird?
-What can we add now?
-I don't know, Lu, but
I know, dear, we have no more time.
I don't understand
why so much is happening.
Can I take these?
I think we accomplished
an important part, the flavor.
I'm not satisfied
with the presentation, but we made it.
[tense music playing]
It took Lis and Luli
an hour and 45 minutes
to present their cupcakes.
But I feel like they're delicious.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Just chill out.
Israel and Iván
have almost finished their creations.
[Iván] A teaspoon each.
Spread it well.
Now, now!
Okay. okay.
-[bright tones chime]
-[Capi] And that's it!
Those guys!
[Capi] Israel and Iván are the first ones!
And now, let's taste them, okay?
Follow me, my friends.
[Lis] We want to make a coffee cheesecake.
I created this recipe
thinking about grandmothers.
It's a recipe that I know by heart,
and it can't fail.
Israel and Iván, congratulations.
You are the first ones.
Please, tell us about your cupcake.
We took the flavors that, in our opinion,
remind us of pan de muerto.
Orange blossom water,
marigold flower and tangerine.
And for decoration it has pan de muerto,
made with very thin chocolate,
so you can eat it to your heart's content.
[Luis] It's well-balanced,
perfectly baked, moist.
I wish it had more crunch,
'cause I'm a crunchy guy.
What you looking at?
This dessert, to me,
is a ten in every way. In every way.
We did it!
Now let's see what this creation is about,
and especially who you were thinking about
when you did this.
He's a friend named Armando Cajero.
He passed away last year.
He was a super chef.
You'll taste flavors like pumpkin
The papel picado.
What an awesome presentation!
and cocoa mix, burnt vanilla,
just to add that toasted touch,
the crunch,
and to try to create a little balance.
The only thing is that
the chocolate is a little bit thick.
[audio warps, slows]
But this is delicious.
I'm glad you liked it.
What I like the most is you can bite it
like this, and, like, oh, it's not clay.
How is the sablé, Rubí?
I'm gonna move it to the top
because the bottom is browning too much.
We gotta be very careful, or else
We're ruined.
-One minute so it's doing well.
-Cool, thanks for keeping an eye out.
It's taking a little while, but okay.
They're going, right? Good. They're going.
We're worried.
We still can't fully set up our creation.
How much butter did you put?
The grandmothers had
cheese with coffee every afternoon.
So I thought about
combining these two elements,
and I think it's going to work.
-[Luli] Honey, this didn't go well.
-Come on, Lu, what's up?
-I don't know, Lis.
-Look, Ma, chill out. Relax.
If you don't stay calm,
things won't work out.
A lot's happening,
and everything is going wrong.
I need to unmold what we have
to do it again, okay?
-How's it going, Lis?
-Come on, Lis. You got this!
-Come on! It's all good, cheer up!
[Israel, Iván] You can do it!
Come on, Luli, Lis!
Come on!
This is a beautiful day!
This is not ready, honey.
They need to freeze the cheesecake
to unmold it, and it's not happening,
not even in the blast chiller.
Let's wait one minute.
Okay, let's wait, or we'll do the
What are you saying?
-Let's wait one more minute.
-Something happened.
[Lis] Luli just had a breakdown.
At this point,
they're forgetting everything.
The recipes, the techniques.
I'm worried they won't be able
to complete the dessert.
A challenge without a complication
for Lis and Luli is not a challenge.
Not a challenge.
-Do you have coffee extract?
-We have instant coffee.
I'll get you some.
[Iván] Whether it's allowed or not,
I don't care.
I'm gonna help them.
Just taste it. Add it little by little
to the Kitchen Aid at high speed.
[Lis] This new cream cheese
will include coffee extract.
We hope it works,
because though they have similar flavors,
they will have different textures.
I love you.
-[uplifting music plays]
-I love you more.
We understand perfectly
what they're feeling,
and I know they can and will succeed.
We have to finish right now
if we want to save time for the cake.
We're anxious. Time is running out,
and we're trying to control it and flow.
[Gaby] Done.
Press the button. They're ready.
-We're ready.
-They're ready.
-[bright tones chime]
-That's it!
[Karen] We did it!
[Karen] I think we can still do
quite a bit with the cake challenge,
if they don't take up our time.
Karen and Gaby are the second to finish.
Well, tell us about this cupcake.
It's an orange cake with spices.
With a cream filling.
[Gaby] The frosting is
a chocolate mousse cream,
and the pan de muerto is
a chocolate truffle.
I love the idea of the truffle.
It was maybe too big,
and it was a bit hard to cut.
The cream?
-Oh God, girls.
-The cream is the best, right?
-The cream is the best.
-The best.
It's the best. I agree.
I also really liked
the consistency of the bread.
Tell us about this colorful creation.
Who was your inspiration?
It's inspired by my grandma.
She was a painter, and we wanted
to interpret a painter's palette.
It is a dough with brown sugar and walnut.
It also has a vanilla corn cream
and a guava jam.
Capi never lets us down.
Someone get him some water.
-Capi, are you okay?
-I'm good.
I felt maybe this part was kind of thick,
and that's why it was
complicated to cut it,
but I tried the browned part
and it was very tasty.
Thanks so much.
I wished that the cookie was thinner
so that it could be broken with a fork
or a spoon or given a good bite.
Otherwise, the result is
what happened to Capi.
-I just need a coffee.
Yeah, to dip it.
For dipping it.
I think we did a great job.
A delightful piece of art.
We're using nitrogen,
and we're trying to make ice cream fast.
Don't worry,
this is the time to make it nice.
Being in a hurry doesn't help us, okay?
Better to lose a second of your life
than your life in a second.
Come on, press the button.
-[bright tones chime]
-[both cheer]
[lively music playing]
I think that these dishes are worth
the time that we invested in them,
because we put
a lot of dedication and love.
I can't assemble it.
-[Luli] Huh?
-It just doesn't have a good consistency.
It's super watery.
[Luli] The only solution I can think of
is to unmold, assemble,
and decorate it around with whipped cream
and that's it,
because we can't wait any longer.
I can't reach it.
[bright tones chime]
It's not what we had planned,
and it meant a lot to us.
We just hope that the judges like it
so we can continue in the competition.
Ruth, Rubí.
-Hey, welcome.
First, tell us about the cupcake.
The base has orange blossom water
and orange zest.
We wanted to add a little more softness
with a center of whipped cream,
but we added pieces
of crystallized orange.
The cake is so good.
I love the crystallized orange idea
and the way you made it.
But maybe I would have liked it
to be on the inside.
I felt it would've tasted
even more delicious.
[both] Thank you.
-For me, it has too much orange.
-It has too much orange?
Too overpowering.
What's this, now?
Now tell us, who were you thinking of
when you made this creation?
We wanted to make arroz con leche
in two different textures,
because both our grandmothers
used to make rice pudding.
[Rubí] Yes.
And it has a lot of meaning for us.
It does.
Both textures in the circles are a sablé,
and it's harder, like our grannies' lives.
And the soft one is a Joconde,
as soft as all that love
they gave us, so cuddly.
And the sauce under it is cinnamon,
sugar and orange with a bit of cream.
It's so delicious. What is it?
-It's filo pastry.
-Filo pastry.
I feel Granny's flavors in this dish.
Grandma's flavor.
-It hit you.
-[Itatí] It hit me.
-It's beautiful.
Joconde, sablé, filo pastry,
ice cream, arroz con leche.
I like the rice pudding al dente.
You nailed it.
This is a nicely executed dessert.
Congratulations. Very good dessert.
[both] Thank you.
My lovely Lis and Luli.
Tell us about this cupcake.
Originally, it was going to be
a real pan de muerto,
but I changed the design,
so we made a cupcake.
Although it's pink, the flavor is orange
and it has a pastry cream filling.
[Lis] It's orange with cardamom.
The crunchy part is
caramelized marigold petals.
I love the color.
Thank you for making it pink.
And for me,
it does taste like pan de muerto.
Maybe it needed
a little more orange or something sour,
but I loved this decoration.
I really liked this cupcake.
It's good because it's not dry.
And the color and the presentation,
I think it's wonderful. And the taste too.
Now, what is this?
And why, during the process,
did all these emotions come over you?
It's because our great-grandmother
and my grandma
used to eat cheese with coffee.
And on my birthdays, she used to make me
cheesecake with coffee.
Today, it didn't turn out
the way it usually does.
But we didn't lose the love
for the baking.
It didn't turn out
the way it usually does? It's delicious!
Thank you very much.
-[Luis] How does it normally turn out?
-What would it be like?
So good!
We weren't aware
this didn't turn out right.
And we wouldn't have even realized it.
Why? Because it's really good.
As I always say,
it's the taste that counts.
Be proud of your achievement,
especially after having so many hiccups.
[Itatí] Despite everything.
Let me give you a hug,
and from here tell you that if you think
you got stressed in this round
[Lis] What's coming up?
Get ready for what's coming, okay?
But never lose the love.
[both] Thank you.
We're used to being under stress,
but not like this.
Pastry chefs!
The judges and I want to thank you
for sharing stories close to your heart.
It's been an unforgettable
first round, truly.
Our judges are so happy with your work.
However, there is one that stood out,
and that team is
[suspenseful music playing]
Israel and Iván. Congratulations!
-We did it.
It was us two, or three with Armando.
Now let's continue
with the not-so-sweet news.
Our judges had to choose two teams
who unfortunately are going to lose
half an hour for the cake round.
The first team is
Karen and Gaby.
I feel like the spirits are
playing with our emotions.
The second team who will lose
half an hour on their timer is
Lis and Luli.
[somber music playing]
Let's Let's keep going.
Pastry chefs,
it's time to start the final round.
Itatí, what kind of cake do we want?
It's not Day of the Dead
without altars or offerings.
We want to see you create a cake
that represents your own version
of an altar for the Day of the Dead.
We feel confident for this one.
We want to see your own identity
reflected in both decorations and flavor.
Let's give it our all for this round,
and also honor Carmelita.
Good luck.
[Capi] Israel and Iván,
you have three hours and 53 minutes.
That's why they're going to start first.
Lis and Luli will have
two hours, 20 minutes and 26 seconds.
And you'll go at the end.
And I'll tell you when the time has passed
for the others to start, okay?
Israel, Iván, hands on the mixers,
your time starts now!
An altar for the dead.
Let's add tangerine.
-We'll use the mole, right? For flavor.
-[Israel] Yeah.
I'll include mole and a cream,
pumpkin biscuit and an apricot compote.
The apricot will reduce
the sweetness of the mole
and the pumpkin biscuit.
The marigold flower is
very important to me,
'cause it gives off a strong scent,
and also the seasonal fruit
like sugar cane, tangerine.
We want every aspect to look very real.
We can't let them down.
And we have to do better.
It's difficult because it's a lot of work.
Won't the others get bored?
[Iván] Hope not. They should help us.
We only have two hours and 46 minutes
to start and finish
a cake for the Day of the Dead.
Impossible in terms of baking.
[Iván] I'm gonna make
some marigold flowers.
Have you grown flowers?
Just for cakes.
-[Capi] Okay, let's warm up, girls.
-Come on, come on.
Hands on the mixers.
-Your time starts now!
This cake is challenging our time
and what we wanna do.
Let's make a big base.
-Another one higher.
-Another one higher, and we leave it.
[Rubí] We're gonna make
a space for a cake to float.
[Ruth] Exactly.
[Rubí] And we're gonna make a flower arch.
And here, we're gonna do
-A A heart of the miracle.
-Of the miracle. Sure.
[Ruth] Okay. It's complicated,
and we'll see if there's enough time.
And hopefully it won't fall down.
We're gonna make it
with pumpkin, brown sugar syrup,
cheese frosting, and pumpkin seeds,
and pink pine nuts between the layers.
The cream's done.
I'm just gonna let it cool.
I'll start working on the cream
and the compote at the same time.
-I'm like an octopus.
-A talking octopus.
[Israel] How's it going?
[Iván] I'm going to start with the rice,
'cause we're gonna make a rice dish
with chicken and mole,
but the bad news is that the rice
has to be modeled one by one.
I feel so nervous
when Iván puts so much effort into it.
Maybe I'll come up with something
so I don't have to do that much.
[Israel] Please, bro.
-Come on. Ten seconds.
-Come on.
Come on! Almost done!
We have a lot of ideas and so much to do,
and we can't start yet.
-Karen, Gaby!
Hands on the mixers, your time starts now!
Our Day of the Dead cake.
-An altar.
A three-tiered cake.
We want our cake to look like a coffin.
-And we should make some hands.
-[Gaby] Like, hugging the offering?
[Karen] And at the top,
we'll decorate it with flowers.
[Gaby] Tangerines. Also papel picado.
We're gonna make a coffee cake
with a white chocolate ganache filling
and caramelized seeds.
Okay, right now,
we're both gonna work on the cake.
To bake it as quickly as possible.
Time's not on our side, and I think
we should at least finish the cake,
even if I sacrifice some details.
Otherwise it'll be very clean.
Done. Here they go.
-It's too small.
-We have to level both sides.
It should be even at the top.
It has to be very smooth, very nice.
Even moreso with ganache.
-The chicken should be ready in 15.
-[Israel] Fifteen.
Lis, Luli
Hands on the mixers, your time starts now!
Let's go, Luli!
I can officially announce that as of now,
all of the bakers are cooking!
This is the perfect time
to remind you all that in this episode,
we're going to say goodbye to someone,
and they're going to lose the chance
to win a million pesos.
-I'll die if we don't finish the cake.
-But you can't die.
-What flavor are we gonna make the cake?
[Lis] For this, we chose dark chocolate,
white chocolate and an orange compote.
We have over two hours to make this cake,
and we have to work super-fast.
You're doing the second one, right?
The second one, and then I think
I'm gonna paint a little purple.
Yes, perfect.
So you can help me with this decoration.
Sorry, but you're on your own.
Even though we have very little time,
I'm trying to inhale,
exhale, and calm down.
This isn't the best covering,
but I'm gonna leave it like this
because I'm missing two more levels.
Pastry chefs!
You have less than two hours
to finish your offering cakes.
-Is it done?
-[Iván] I'm making the rice.
And if we need it,
we'll add more rice, okay?
-[Ruth] Is the base already covered?
-[Rubí] Yes, yes.
-Fondant is like a pair of leggings.
-You can see everything.
Everything. You can see the cellulite,
so it has to look good.
[Rubí] We honored our loved ones,
so we omitted the black color.
We went for a purple one.
[Lis] I'm starting with the decorating.
I'm giving it texture.
Carmelita was my mom.
She passed away recently.
We didn't expect it.
We miss her.
And set up the dishes
that we're gonna present in this offering.
We're gonna include
all the food she liked.
Tortilla snacks, rice with mole,
coffee, pan de muerto.
[Luli] And pork crackling.
-We won't have time.
This fondant dried out a little bit.
I don't know what to do, Karen.
I know how to knead,
but it's really hard for me.
I feel like I don't have such strong arms.
You have to knead it.
If the fondant is too thick,
someone could die from too much sugar.
Pastry chefs!
This is the exciting part.
You have less than an hour.
Give it your all for these cakes.
-The rest are way behind.
-They're too slow.
Itatí, do you wanna go visit the bakers
to see what they're doing?
-Let's see.
-Come on.
We're working on the decorations
so we can cover the entire altar space.
Hey, even though you started at the end,
you guys are way ahead.
We're making progress.
-But we only have 50 minutes left.
I feel right in my element. If it involves
decorating a cake, we're gonna make it.
[Itatí] Please give me some mole.
That rice is making me hungry.
See all the details?
We're really gonna wow the judges,
especially Itatí Cantoral.
You're an artist.
[Israel] You haven't heard him sing yet.
He sings [grunts]
-Sing "La Guadalupana."
-For inspiration.
[in Spanish] From the heavens
A beautiful morning ♪
What was that?
I never would've recovered
if she hadn't sung "La Guadalupana" live.
-[Israel]To you, that's like
-She did it.
I'm leaving with my flower.
[in Spanish] From the heavens
A beautiful morning ♪
[Lis] Mom, how's the bread coming?
[Luli] I'll get it.
With the pressure on me,
It has to be perfect.
There's no room for error.
-What a relief.
-It's fine.
-Now all we need is
-To assemble the dish, right?
And wait for the dead.
-We add the finishing touches with ease.
-With style.
They're about to press the button.
They started an hour and a half earlier.
[both] One, two, three.
[bright tones chime]
Yeah, bro!
We saw the timer
and it's not too bad, is it?
We could've saved more,
but I'm pretty satisfied.
-[Karen] What happened?
-[Gaby] A finger fell off.
Even if we press the button
at the last minute,
we're gonna finish the cake.
-Lu, the bread.
-I'm coming, dear.
We're starting to get a little desperate.
There's a lot of elements,
but we're gonna make it, I'm sure.
-Will it fit?
-It's hitting something.
-I see.
With the Look, wait.
-Move your hand.
That's it.
Pastry chefs,
you have less than 15 minutes.
-Not to add any more pressure.
-No, no.
[Gaby] What's missing? Let's see.
[Karen] In these cases,
where there's not much to do
'cause we have ten minutes,
I put aside my perfectionist side
and I let myself go.
I'm gonna press the button.
[bright tones chime]
[Capi] They're done.
Another team finished.
At the end, ten minutes can be
the difference between being saved
and going to the grave.
Luli, let's set things up.
We feel the pressure. We don't have time.
It's been a tough time.
[Ruth] We're at the marigold flower stage,
and we're on edge.
We have to place the grandmothers' frame.
-No. It's too much.
-Sorry, okay. Sorry, sorry, sorry.
[Rubí] Wipe off the excess.
-Hook it with something.
-Wooden skewers.
-Come on.
-Let's go.
Come on, come on, come on.
[bright tones chime]
[Ruth] We only saved seven minutes,
but we did it,
Balancing it is complicated.
Lu, four minutes.
[Luli] Four minutes.
Israel and Iván.
I'm listening, my friends.
[folksy Spanish guitar playing]
Our inspiration for this altar is
the same as we usually have.
We used seasonal fruits
such as tangerines, bananas.
-[Itatí] A candle?
-Actually, we're going to light them up.
-You can light them?
-[Israel] Yes.
Otherwise, how will the dead
find their way?
They won't arrive on time.
-[tense music playing]
We have to press the button.
Ah, here it is.
I don't wanna leave the jar
without painting on it,
and it'll only take a few seconds.
[Capi] Luli, Lis, I think.
-[Lis] One minute.
[Capi] One minute.
-[Iván] Come on, Lis.
-Come on!
[Capi] You still have
40 seconds left, relax.
[all chanting] You can do it!
-Come on, Lis and Luli!
-[Capi] Come on!
-Wait, Luli!
-No, Lis, that's it.
[Capi] Let's go! Come on!
Now, now, now, now!
[bright tones chime]
[all cheering]
Very intense.
And I want it to be over.
I need to be in my bed.
We'll be right there. Let's keep talking.
I was speechless, but when you lit
those candles, I said, "No way."
We have that special touch.
It looks like a prop, the kind we use
in telenovelas, like, "Maldita Lisiada."
Please cut four good slices and bring them
to the judges' table when asked.
I'm feeling like
-A rooster.
-A peacock, excuse me.
Karen, Gaby.
Please tell us about
your idea, your technique,
and each of the elements on this altar.
First of all, we wanted to put a twist
on the typical offering.
[Gaby] We shaped chocolate and fondant.
[Gris] The flowers, petal by petal.
Those are real.
Well, some are, and some Yes.
[Gris] You combined them?
[Gaby, Karen] Yes.
[spooky music playing]
I wouldn't have combined
real flowers with flowers
With fondant.
I would've used
either all natural or all made by you.
I have no regrets. I feel the real flowers
gave it a very nice touch.
[Gaby] Ruth and Rubí,
you finished at the time limit.
But look at this. It's so beautiful.
This is our tribute to our grandmothers.
We wanted to celebrate them
with their favorite flowers,
with printed fabrics on the bottom.
And we also crowned it with a cross,
a very typical Mexican handicraft.
I love that little sacred heart.
It reminds me a lot of my childhood.
[festive, folksy music playing]
The height is something that I think
a cake like this should always have,
to make it more impressive.
I wouldn't have used the lights.
I could rip the lights off
without him noticing.
And you left
a little of the acrylic exposed.
I think it's usually always covered.
But you guys always end up
coming up with a winning formula,
as you've done so far. Congratulations.
[both] Thank you.
I think we have a good chance.
Besides the taste. I'll keep quiet
because they haven't said anything.
Lis, Luli, you both are
extreme bakers. Really.
[Capi] You almost spent all of your time,
but now that I'm here,
I'd say it was worth it.
Please tell us about all the elements
involved in this altar cake.
We included Mexican stew
and pork crackling.
Everything you see
that looks like lettuce is wafer paper.
The Catrina is decorated with fondant.
And Carmelita is my grandma.
She loved that line from the song "Gema,"
and she was always singing it.
How did you achieve this beauty
in such a short time?
Every single detail looks so real.
Thank you.
[Luis] I admire the fact
that you haven't used real flowers
and you used 100% hand-made elements.
That was a great move.
Let's give it a try, huh?
Great work.
You only have 32 seconds left,
but it was worth it, because we can see
that you put your heart in every cake.
-Thank you.
-Thank you. Thank you.
Carmelita would be happy.
"I would like to shout
and sing that I love you."
Okay, friends,
the taste of your cakes will be crucial.
Let's start with your cake, Ruth and Rubí.
We're proud because in such a short time
We did it.
Please tell us what flavors we have here.
The main inspiration is
the candied pumpkin.
It's a cake spiced with anise, cloves,
cinnamon, with brown sugar syrup.
The cream is made of
a cream cheese frosting with brown butter,
and it also has crunchy pink pine nuts
and pumpkin seeds.
It's a little bit sweet for my taste,
but that's very personal, probably.
It's delicious.
We're gonna win.
No doubt about it. Well, I don't know.
You think so?
At this point, it's anyone's game.
[Gaby] It's a coffee cake
with a white chocolate ganache filling
and crystallized seeds.
It's moistened with coffee and milk
and sweetened with a touch of brown sugar.
Mmm, this is lovely.
It tastes like coffee!
Maybe a little dry.
We're stuck in purgatory.
We don't know where we stand.
Our flavors are great. It's really tasty.
We decided to make a chocolate cake
with chocolate ganache
and an orange compote.
-Did you use orange peel?
-Yes, we also used the orange peel.
Oh, yes. I'm getting a little bit
of that white part,
and the orange is quite strong.
I smelled it right away.
We don't know what's gonna happen.
I'm very nervous
because we used risky flavors.
[Israel] This cake has a mole cream,
an apricot compote,
and a pumpkin biscuit.
We wanted to use pumpkin and mole
because they're traditional flavors
in an offering.
Does mole seem risky to you?
Or did you think,
"Mole is a winning combination"?
No, we wanted to use mole.
It's unusual for an offering to lack mole.
We also decided to add a crunchy touch
with guava to enhance all the flavors.
It's amazing how you make
totally different cakes,
and they're always delicious.
I just felt it was a little dry.
Maybe they just need to salivate.
Pastry chefs,
the judges have made their decisions.
Let's start with the good news.
The team that has won second place
and the extra 30 minutes
to compete in the final is
[tense music playing]
Karen and Gaby.
[Capi] Congratulations.
For the second time, they've added
half an hour to compete in the final,
if they make it.
Looks like we won't be
the dead ones today.
The winning team of this challenge,
that wins an extra hour
for their final timer,
Ruth and Rubi!
I told you.
[Capi] Congratulations, Ruth and Rubí.
You have an extra hour
on your timer for the finals,
if you make it.
This win is dedicated
to Grandma Chita and Grandma Nati.
Today, there's no doubt
they're here with us.
Israel and Iván.
I don't even know what I feel.
Lis and Luli, please come forward.
Iván and Israel.
As the icing on the cake.
You are four of the most loved people
on this program.
It's very difficult for the judges,
and it's time to hear their decision.
[suspenseful music playing]
Please tell me the team who, for you,
has to be eliminated from the competition.
My heart's racing,
'cause this is a horrible situation.
Although this cake was
one of the most beautiful creations,
something happened here
that has happened to me many times.
That's how it is in the kitchen.
Sometimes it happens,
and you remember it so clearly
that next time,
you avoid making the same mistake.
My vote goes to
[suspenseful music continuing]
Lis and Luli.
Definitely not my day.
I preferred the decoration
of one team more than the other,
and in terms of taste,
I liked one team more than the other.
So, I have to choose
Israel and Iván.
I have mixed feelings. I don't wanna cry.
[Luis] There are two
very well-executed decorations.
Both of you used flavors I like.
And my vote goes to
[tense music building]
Lis and Luli.
[somber music playing]
Your sweet journey is over.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
So, we leave.
Thank you for being with me,
and putting up with my stress,
and my moodiness, and everything.
I put up with it for two reasons.
Because I'm your mom,
and because we're best friends.
-We're friends
-I love you so much.
That's what friends do.
Oh, Luli.
Thank you so much.
I love you.
[applause continuing]
I won't stress you out so much anymore.
[Capi] This is the time all the teams
have accumulated so far
to compete in the finals, if they make it.
They're still in the competition,
and they're getting closer and closer
to that million pesos.
But what they don't know,
is that a carrier pigeon
is going to visit three teams
to compete again in this kitchen.
[upbeat outro music paying]
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