Sugar Rush: The Baking Point (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

[exciting, upbeat music playing]
[Capi] Alan and Ale,
Dany and Ana Lau, and Lis and Luli
were eliminated from the competition.
But today, they'll have the chance
to get a place in the semifinals.
Good luck.
[Capi] But only if they convince
the judges and our guest expert, Ana Ruiz.
Internationally recognized
for her style and innovation in cakes,
she's the highest-ranking judge
and the only one who knows
how to bake cakes in Nailed It!
The journey will be sweet, but not easy.
We can't be like,
"No, we'd better do this."
[Luli] Oh, no.
I gotta redo it.
In the end, only one team will rejoin
the race to win one million pesos
and the Sugar Rush:
The Baking Point trophy!
Right now, Gris Verduzco is
explaining to the bakers the first round.
She's warning them
that the rules are changing today,
because one team
will be eliminated before the cake round.
[clock chimes]
And that sound means the sweet journey
to redemption has begun. Follow me.
Lis, Luli, there wasn't
even time to miss you.
My heart's racing.
Dany, Ana Lau, it's a pleasure
to see those beautiful smiles.
We came to show how professional we are.
-Alan, Ale.
-[Alan] Capi.
Good to see you.
[Alan] I have to prove again
that we've got more passion and love
for our profession than anyone else.
Our judges, Gris, Luis, Ana Ruiz.
-Gris, Luis, Ana Ruiz!
Ana, how's it going?
Good, you?
I'm excited you've finally come
to judge some good cakes!
So, you're a master cakemaker.
What are your expectations
from the bakers?
I really like distinguishing colors.
And then good texture and flavor.
Finding tiny details are also a plus.
[Capi] Did you hear that?
She's gonna be looking for tiny details.
I'm super excited
that Ana Ruiz is the guest judge.
Let's do it!
She's a fondant expert, and so creative.
It makes me nervous
that she'll be judging our cakes.
All right, Gris, what's this challenge?
They're getting another chance.
The bakers have to take
the cake that got them eliminated
and reinvent it into a cupcake.
-Oh, boy.
-[Ale] Thank you.
[Capi] A poetic way
of asking for forgiveness.
Too bad the desserts aren't here
to witness this redemption.
The flavors were good.
We're gonna keep the same ones
and just play with the textures, Ale.
[Ale] Yes.
[Capi] Luis, what was their Achilles heel?
Alan and Ale had good ideas.
Alan and Ale,
I see a controversial chicken leg.
I would've liked
something a little more elaborate.
I needed a little more theatrics.
They made a cake
that wasn't what they promised.
Our cake was inspired by corn salad.
We have a cake with corn and passionfruit.
We're gonna leave out
extravagant decorations, like the leg.
We're replacing the chicken leg
with a feather.
So, to avoid controversy
like with the chicken leg,
let's pluck the chicken.
It's gonna be a plucked chicken.
We're gonna make
chocolate and orange cupcakes,
because those were the flavors of the cake
that took us out of the competition.
In our last episode,
Lis and Luli had an emotional situation.
Don't cry, dear. I'm sorry.
And that took its toll,
and they made a mistake.
Yes, we also used the orange peel.
Oh, yes. I'm getting a little bit
of that white part,
and the orange is quite strong.
That's why I noticed it right away.
Please don't give me
anything that bitter again!
-I'm nervous.
I zested the orange way more carefully.
I'm gonna add a pinch of salt.
We know exactly what went wrong,
so this should go well.
-We'll redeem ourselves with this cupcake.
-What are you gonna do?
It needed a little moisture,
but the taste was great.
For Dany and Ana Lau
[Luis] They spent a lot of time
focusing on meticulous decorations
that, in the end, didn't make any impact.
The detail we wanted to emphasize,
which is also one of the toughest things,
is the perfection of the square.
Honestly, it was a real
It was a real challenge.
The wrestling ring challenge,
that was chaos.
We had faith in the wrestler and the ring.
They should spend their time equally
in both taste and decoration.
[Dany] We're not using wrestlers
But we're gonna add a tropical touch
by including a fondant flower
and passion fruit.
[Dany] The pineapple adds
moisture and is delicious.
In this episode,
they don't need to save time
to take part in the final.
They can use their six hours,
as long as their creations
are spectacular.
How do they redeem themselves?
They should present something
that's simple, impressive, and effective.
In this competition,
good is not good enough.
It has to be outstanding.
[Lis] Take it easy, Lu. Focus.
-Everyone's cruising.
This is yours?
-[Lis] Give me a sec. I'll move it.
-[Alan] Don't worry about it. Good luck.
-It's no problem.
I wish there was a way
for all of us to stay,
but there's gotta be a winner.
After last time's collapse
I feel more relaxed.
We were meditating beforehand.
-Can I have a pinch of salt?
-It's almost ready to bake.
The oven's set at 149.
-Just put it in the fridge.
-[Dany] Okay, the fridge.
Pastry chefs,
I have something to tell you.
Before the cake round,
one team will be eliminated.
[tense music playing]
This competition's already super tough.
-Flowers are hard.
-It's fine.
It's for Ana, right?
Because Ana Ruiz loves decorations.
The flowers will take a long time, but
-We want to stand out.
-We want to stand out.
I'm making a mascarpone cream.
[Alan] Those cupcakes
are rising beautifully.
Seriously, they're looking great.
Oh, no!
-[Lis] Open the oven.
-I don't know.
The sky's falling!
[stressful music playing]
This is déjà vu.
Lis and Luli are having problems.
We're solving problems.
What do you need? How much of everything?
Sometimes you take the pan out
before it's done baking and it goes down.
[Dany] The cupcakes.
Let's see.
-Oven mitts?
Let's not panic. What do you need?
-[Gris] The mixture's off.
-The oven temperature.
-Cocoa, 30.
-I'm sifting all of it.
-Here's 30.
Oh God.
[Lis] It's okay, Lu. Let it go.
Otherwise, it'll be like it always is.
[Luli] Careful.
[Capi] Pastry chefs,
you've just passed the first hour.
We want to see finished cupcakes.
Even if you don't have to
save time for the final,
you do need enough time
for the cake round.
That is, if you make it.
-[Alan] Understood.
I'm worried.
We might not have time left for the cake.
This time we're using
part of our strategy.
Three and a half hours would be fine,
but we still have a long way to go.
-[Luli] The oven's ready right?
-[Lis] Yes.
I checked the temperature
so that it wouldn't happen again.
Let the chips fall.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Luis] The chocolatier,
making white chocolate.
This is my thing. I'm in control.
Let's assemble in five minutes.
Leave room for the corn, okay?
I already added
passion fruit to the ganache.
We're gonna take longer,
but we wanna add a lot of technique.
-You like it?
-[Ana Lau] Delicious.
Oh no!
-[Luli] No.
-What happened?
-No good.
Again. We sank again.
[Lis] Are you adding something?
[Luli] I don't know, Lis.
Nothing extra. It's the usual recipe.
Just change the flavor.
I think they're under a lot of stress.
[Ana] Something's off with the recipe.
Weird it's happened twice, right?
[Lis] That's baking powder?
[Lis] We need a plan.
We've already lost too much time.
-I'll check it out.
-Let us know.
How about orange cupcakes?
Yeah, that's fine.
I'm gonna make a chocolate ganache.
We're trying to manage things
the best we can.
[Capi clears throat]
Not the best time, Capi.
I found this.
[Luli] The oven was getting low,
and I didn't notice.
[Lis] Right.
You know what they say
about the third time.
Third time's the charm.
That's right. Good attitude.
I don't know why I came out here. No clue.
I just came here, but they look nice.
-This is a good one.
-I sure hope so.
I'll use the glove.
See what I mean?
-The The feathers.
-I won't melt them.
-Did you add the syrup?
-Yup, I did.
Mmm, yum.
-I'm worried.
They put in a third tray, but seem to be
more confident this time. They're focused.
Pressure's on.
Everything's looking perfect.
We have a fluffy cake
with a fruit filling.
That's it.
To the next one? Come on.
Alan and Ale have finished their cupcakes
and will start the creations challenge.
Tell us what it involves.
They have to make a creation
that represents the moment
when they decided to become a baker.
The revelation.
-[choral music plays]
In cooking school,
the first thing you learn with chocolate
is a little cup with a balloon.
Now, I'll make my own version,
15 years later.
This will surprise Luis Robledo.
-Ready to assemble?
They're ready.
[both cheering]
[Dany] All right, we did it!
Onto the next one.
Dany and Ana Lau
also finished their cupcakes.
We heard their enthusiasm
that we've missed so much.
The first thing I made
was the profiteroles.
-Me too. Yeah.
-You made cream puffs too?
It's a technique you learn
the first semester of baking.
Something with coffee?
Hey, something like a carajillo, or what?
Oh, yeah! I love this coffee cocktail.
Think there's time
to make macarons? Do I risk it?
We gotta keep it real.
Take the risk.
Okay, they're rising. Looking good.
Smells great.
[Capi] They did it.
But it's the color I'm worried about.
[Lis] Can I have a spoon?
This one?
Huh? Yeah.
Hopefully the decoration on top
gives it a little moisture.
To hide that golden color.
-They can disguise it at the end.
[frantic music playing]
We started it because of your heart.
When my mom had a heart attack,
those were difficult months
because we were both unemployed.
[somber music playing]
We could make hearts and put them in here.
Lis had the wonderful idea
of making cakes.
That's how we started this business.
It's given us a lot of happiness.
Feels like we're doing it all at once.
[Dany] This is the process, though,
and everything has to be perfect.
Takes lots of muscle!
[Capi] Pastry chefs,
two hours have passed.
Remember that one team
will lose the chance
to win one million pesos
at the end of this round.
We want those pesos.
[Capi] Give it your all, bakers.
-Okay. Yes, Capi.
-That's it!
More muscle!
It's super complex,
and there's several techniques left to do.
It's gastronomy, not gymnastics.
The chef has a very bad habit of
cooking the pastry cream in the microwave.
Wait, that's not a bad habit.
It's way faster.
It's a bad habit.
I wasn't taught that way
at school, so it's not right.
Your school hasn't held six competitions.
You want the base here?
[Lis] No, don't pour everything.
-What's your idea?
-Yeah, tell me.
-Otherwise we're wasting our time.
-The almond first.
I'm getting upset. I have to be careful
to not let this get out of control.
Relax, it's fine.
I asked if you wanted it
on the bottom. You said yes.
Sorry, I didn't hear you.
We don't want any blow-ups.
I'm in a hurry too.
I understand I need to stay calm
so that this goes as smooth as possible.
We'll win. They done?
-[Ana Lau] No.
-[Dany] We're doing well.
Can you make this coffee ganache?
We're doing a lot of super-complex things.
-[Ale] I think the mousse
-[Alan] Just a little.
[Ale] Yeah.
It's just like the chocolate foam.
-Assemble in three minutes.
-[Ale] Got it.
We need the details
to be perfect to make a good impression.
Done. You go.
[bright tones chime]
[Dany] Alan and Ale pressed the button.
-What? No.
-Alan and Ale pressed the button.
-Come on, Dany! Hurry!
-I'm trying!
Just 'cause they finish first
doesn't mean they'll beat us.
Gris, Luis, Ruiz.
-Come on.
-Let's go.
Alan and Ale have come in full force.
Tell us about your cupcakes.
We wanted to recreate our corn cake
and include our fruity touches.
[Alan] Instead of cooking
a hot compote, we made a colder jam.
We added the crunchy
almond crumble as a bonus.
I really love this one.
It's super-cute and delicious.
The cake's soft
and the acidity's just right.
I loved that it tasted like a cupcake,
but also like a corn salad.
Maybe a little more color.
I would've liked
a little gold on the feather.
I look for those details,
but I loved the feather.
What's this? Tell us about your creations.
[Alan] See how it's dripping?
The textures are a chocolate streusel,
a chocolate cake without flour,
chocolate pastry cream,
a ganache and a light chocolate mousse.
[Luis] This is an insane work.
Everything you just explained
takes a lot of effort.
The chocolate was so rich
that I would've used less of it,
or incorporated it in a different way.
I ate my spoon.
Even though the chocolate's
a little too heavy, I loved it.
Thank you both so much.
-Thank you.
-It's hot, so put more in.
-[Ana Lau] Put it in!
-Now run!
-Let's put it there.
[laughing] I know, but we're so
-Come on!
-One, two, three!
[bright tones chime]
Let's finish it.
No, it's ready.
Hurry up, Lis. Ready?
-Yeah, press it!
-[bright tones chime]
We did it!
Our cupcakes and our creations
are beautiful.
Dany and Ana Lau, please tell us
about this good-looking cupcake.
We wanted to redesign our banana cake
that lacked a little bit of moisture.
This one's more tropical because we added
pineapple, banana and lime zest.
[Dany] And the little fondant flower
is a tribute to Ana Ruiz.
It's delicious. That acid combination
with the bread is spectacular.
The cream stuck a little bit on my
I don't know if it has butter.
-It doesn't have butter,
but mascarpone cheese has
a high percentage of fat.
But it's very well-assembled
and visually pleasing.
A perfect combination.
This cupcake is delicious.
I loved the contrast.
The cream was a little sweet,
but it was gone when I tasted the lime.
Now, tell us about this beauty.
[Dany] For this one we made a puff pastry
and filled it with a diplomat cream.
[Ana Lau] We infused it with coffee
and added a special
semi-sweet chocolate ganache
with coffee liqueur and 43 Licor filling.
It's crunchy. It has texture
and good flavor and balance.
You used the same filling for the macaron,
and I would've used a different one.
But as a whole it was well-executed.
-Go, North!
-[Capi] Lis, Luli.
What's in this cupcake?
It has an orange cream
and chocolate ganache filling.
It has whipped cream and peanut,
with a touch of caramel.
Our inspiration was
the cake from last episode
and that's why we also decided
to put a mini soup bowl on top,
because one of the elements
of our offering was a pozole.
I don't want to eat it.
I didn't taste
the white part of the orange.
I was careful with the zest,
and we added a touch of salt,
just in case.
I wish the cream had a little more flavor,
because it tastes like
freshly whipped cream.
But it was beautifully decorated on top.
And now, please tell us
about these creations.
We used a cream cheese
with raspberry compote.
The heart's made with modeling chocolate.
As I always say,
Luli's heart is what led us to be here.
She had a heart attack, and from there
a series of events led us to baking.
[gentle, wondrous music playing]
How great that the blessed cake
was born from that.
-The blessed cake.
[Ana] I loved the raspberry
and chocolate combo,
and the lemon gives it a great acid touch.
Everything acidic with sweet is amazing.
The crumble lacked flavor.
If you had baked it a little longer,
it would've made it
more intense and drier with texture.
But it's a winning combination.
-Good thing I'm not a judge.
-That's right.
Thank you.
-Thanks a lot.
We could win because we made them
with a lot of heart.
Pastry chefs, you all deserve to be here.
However, only two teams
will be able to face each other
in the battle of the cakes.
The judges' winning team is
[dramatic music playing]
-Alan and Ale. Congratulations.
A good day.
Enjoy your sweet victory,
but think about your cake.
It could lead you
directly to the semifinal,
and you'd be back
competing for a million pesos.
Good vibrations!
Let's put it all in this cake.
Unfortunately for another team,
this means goodbye.
-We're in an alternate reality.
The team that will not be competing
in the cake battle is
[tense music playing]
-This is
-Our heart's racing.
[music intensifies]
Lis and Luli.
[somber music playing]
We're in.
-Thank you.
I feel like a big winner
for having my mom with me
and supporting me all the time.
[sentimental music playing]
I didn't come for the million pesos.
I came to support Lis.
[Gris, softly] I love you. You're amazing.
This experience brought us closer.
-Thanks, Chef. Thanks for your advice.
-[Capi] Congrats. Way to go.
[Lis] It was a big effort.
-I love you, honey.
-I love you too.
This has also caused her to hug me more!
I give more hugs.
-Thank you.
-[Capi] Thank you both.
-[Luli] Okay.
-[Capi] We love you.
Same here.
[Lis] Bye.
We didn't have to see a therapist!
[Capi] Hooray, Veracruz!
[applause continuing]
Okay, Ana, what are judges looking for?
Bakers, we want creativity.
Everyone has different skills.
You have to make the cake
you've always dreamed of.
It's really tough to create
the cake of your dreams.
The theme is free.
Now we're in our element.
You'll all need to be smart
if you want to claim a spot.
Okay. We need to talk about your time,
as it is an important factor.
Alan and Ale, you'll have three hours,
27 minutes and one second.
You'll start.
Dany, Ana Lau, you have three hours,
five minutes and 12 seconds,
so you'll have to wait.
Hands on the mixers, your time starts now!
There's a very old pottery technique
called kintsugi,
-which is the art of healing.
It comes from a Japanese art
that consists of repairing
broken pots with gold dust.
I want it to be
like a fountain with a bonsai tree,
because it's us blossoming.
Let's bet on our strengths.
At the base is Ale, like fondant.
On the second level,
there's me, like chocolate.
I do feel broken, and want to be healed.
In this case, Ale and I are broken
for having been eliminated.
And we want to show
that despite it, we're stronger.
-Our comeback.
-[Ale] Yeah!
-Let's go.
-Let's do it!
I don't know what they're gonna do.
I say we start baking this
and you do the poppy seed.
Don't let the cakes be so thick, right?
The cakes. No, I'll make
the cheesecakes small.
We have to wait so long!
We can't start grabbing anything at all.
-Not even from our area.
We know we want to see
two very special cakes.
What are you waiting to see, my dear Gris?
If it's a free theme
and they get to decide what to do,
their creativity's gonna explode.
But it has to be stunning,
and most importantly,
the cake has to look so special,
because otherwise no.
All right.
Maybe start with the inside of the cake,
and I can start with the outside.
Start assembling the base.
-You are my base.
Okay. I feel committed, but it's okay.
We want to use sophisticated flavors
with a matcha cake, a jam.
And in this case,
the chef is very fond of passion fruit.
That acidity will bring
a lot of balance to the cake.
I think if you bake four cakes,
that's enough.
[Alan] Okay.
We came to win.
We came to show
our techniques and good flavors.
It's gonna be fine,
and we'll enjoy making that cake
because it's really a cool idea.
Good taste.
They're 25 minutes ahead of us.
That's a lot.
-We won't lose.
-No way.
Can you temper this? What can I do?
-Here's this. I'll temper this,
When Alan's tempering chocolate,
I think it's when
he's most focused on his job.
An old chef said, "We chocolatiers, Alan,
we live on marble,
and when we die, we're under it."
That's a nice thing to say.
[Capi] Never heard of "tempering."
[Luis] To temper means to pour it
on a marble plate, like Alan did,
and start cooling it.
We want to come back with a big bang.
We bet everything on the technical,
visual and conceptual side.
[Ale] I'm gonna start baking.
[Alan] Okay.
Let's go.
Where are you?
[Capi] Almost, huh?
This goes out to all the students
that have great teachers.
Eh, it's not important.
-We believe we have what it takes to win.
-To win.
-Focus, my friend. Let's win, okay?
-You too.
Dany, Ana Lau, hands on the mixers.
Your time starts now!
-Come on, we got it. Wait for me.
-Yeah, first, okay, let's see
Our head start's over. Let's go.
You want to do something like
the times of Marie Antoinette?
All those desserts,
the colors, the dresses, the hairstyles?
[elegant classical music playing]
The first layer'll be
The ingredients we're using
are three types of lemons.
Sour lemon, yellow lemon,
and yuzu, a Japanese lemon
that I know the judges will love,
and an Italian meringue.
I'm gonna make a raspberry coulis.
I want to add a little lemon.
Give me some, I'll squeeze it.
As we always say,
we'll give it everything we've got.
Ana, should we go on a gastronomic tour
to check out the bakers?
-Sure, let's go.
-Let's check it out.
-Report back.
The girls haven't started their cake?
-They're not baking.
Our lead time allowed us
to bake the cakes.
The baking and cooling times are critical
to the success of the challenge.
Let's put some rose water.
Should we put it
on the cheesecake or the coulis?
-Ah, the coulis.
-The coulis?
We're still ambitious.
We wanna go, but time's running out.
It's going to make it special,
as Miss Pastelitos would say.
-[Gris] Alan and Ale.
[Gris] What's going on?
I'm making a structure to get height.
We want to make an elevated cake.
I mean, with a lot of height.
We think it'll be worth it.
-Well, no risk, no reward.
Creating a structure
that'll stand tall and still hold a tree
is gonna be glorious.
We hope your cake is super high
and that it won't fall and stays in place.
Thanks so much.
Keep it up. Come on, come on.
I'm working hard to finish everything.
How are you? Good?
And then Gris and Ana Ruiz come,
and I'm like, "Ah!"
The other team's doing something very big.
Tell me your plan.
-It's also something big.
We're gonna make a character
inspired by Marie Antoinette.
So it's all gonna be in pastel tones.
It's a 3D carved cake,
which'll be more interactive
than a tiered cake.
We won't take up any more of your time.
-Good luck.
-You can do it!
-[Ana] Keep it up.
-Thank you!
[Luis] Yeah?
They're giving it their all.
That's the spirit.
They're doing very big things.
More than in other episodes.
I'm worried about the time they have left
for what they're gonna do.
I'm gonna make two cheesecakes.
[Dany] Three for the
-[Ana Lau] If I can make it
-No, listen.
Two cheesecakes for the cake
and for the one in the front.
How many do you need?
Um, what?
Well, I don't know.
Ana Laura
I'm very concentrated.
My head's somewhere else.
We already baked in this.
Do I fill these first?
-No, I'm gonna need a small mold.
-Then you take this one.
What? You wanted the hair
-My brain's headed somewhere else.
-Sorry, friend.
-Look, Ana. Focus.
They're doing so many things.
[tense music plays]
-The pressure's on.
-They're getting very ambitious.
Yeah, dude. We can't be like,
"No, we'd better do this,"
'cause I got an idea
and I can't change it.
That's why I'll give you a mold,
fill it and take care of the rest.
Just leave me the batter.
Pastry chefs, remember that the winner
of this epic round
will go directly to the semifinals
of Sugar Rush: The Baking Point.
Two hours and 22 minutes.
The cakes are ready,
the jelly's almost ready,
the meringue's ready.
I gotta hurry with the bonsai.
I'm using one of my secret weapons,
which is modeling chocolate.
On the top is a bonsai
with chocolate, my specialty.
This will have
a lot of stability and strength.
There's passion here. There's art.
[Ale] Easy.
Don't rush.
No doubt there's passion.
To the oven.
-What's up?
-I'm tired.
[Alan] Use the laminator.
No, that's fine.
I want to hurry so we don't fall behind
and can finish this amazing cake.
The good thing is that
if there's any cracks,
that's exactly where we're gonna
apply our chocolate
to simulate the ceramic repair.
I got a perfect marbling finish.
That's what we wanted.
-Can you help with the fondant?
[tense music plays]
It didn't work. Oh my God.
I gotta redo it.
[tense music playing]
We have an hour and a half left.
Will you help with the laminator
so we can get it done quick?
I think we're really overdoing it
with all these preparations.
It's like we've made
four different batters for the bread.
We've also made the cheesecake
These teams are really ambitious.
These techniques are very complex.
If they get it right,
it's gonna be a home run.
If not, it'll be
an unfinished catastrophe.
-We're making a cream of
-Mango with yuzu.
We're counting on a place
in the semifinals,
so we don't care about
all that's left to do.
Think we'll make it?
Pastry chefs, your time is up.
No, no!
Come on!
That's what I'll say in an hour, okay?
I'm not an expert,
but you look a little slow.
Why is he like this?
I'm gonna see
how much of the color I can recover.
To get the right texture,
the colors can't mix too much.
Otherwise, it'll be gray.
[Capi] It's already in
the fondant flattening machine.
[Alan] Can you, Ale?
Uh, yeah.
The amaranth for the head?
[Dany] Oh, yeah.
-Not easy.
-Oh yeah.
There's a lot of tension,
'cause we have to make the amaranth head,
shape it and then model it.
I don't like this part,
but it helps keep it in place.
-The marshmallow was very hot.
-Very hot.
I think it's ready,
'cause I burned myself.
[Ana Lau] Great.
I'm visualizing the bonsai.
-Yeah, it looks cool.
-Come on.
But right now,
I'm in the middle of a garden in Japan,
with a beautiful bonsai.
Nothing can go wrong.
Now I need your help.
Fix this by putting hair in here.
And pretend this is gonna grow like this.
There's gonna be a fringe here.
-And the whole back with cream.
-With cream.
-We're missing things.
-We're behind.
A gravity cake is very complex.
Truly, I'm worried.
The hair's not
I put it a little apart because we can't
move the head a millimeter, okay?
Because the neck's super fresh.
I'll hold it,
and you put it on and turn it.
I think at this point,
I'm gonna bring out a bad habit.
Okay, stay there, don't turn it.
I'll cut it right later.
I tucked the edges in. No one will notice,
since I'll have a tier above
that'll cover it.
Looks realistic.
Don't speak too soon.
Anything can still happen, okay?
-Chill out, okay?
-I can't.
It's falling down.
-It's falling apart.
-Like [groans]
No. This'll fall apart.
-The head's falling apart. No!
Take it out.
-I can hold it.
-It won't work.
-With a nut?
-No, it's all falling.
The rice, everything.
We should've done the other one.
What do we do?
I'll do it again.
[grunts] I'll try to save this one.
We have to redo all the hair.
It's the best part of Marie Antoinette.
I'm afraid it could fall apart.
I didn't level my bottom tiers correctly.
Well, anything can happen.
They don't know if there's a risk
of falling because of the height,
but that's why they're risking everything.
-Got it?
I still have to assemble a bonsai on top.
-I melted a marshmallow with this one.
Three, two, one.
-Careful with the head.
-Hold it, this is
-The neck's damaged.
-Then hold it.
We're not gonna stress out.
-It's done.
-Yeah. Should've done that from the start.
I even burned my hand.
Pastry chefs,
you have less than a half hour to go,
and your cakes are not finished yet!
Give it your all in these last minutes,
because one of you is leaving.
Honestly, we're gonna spend
every last second to complete our design.
The most important thing's missing.
The scars.
It has a lot of meaning for us
'cause it represents
our elimination on day one.
It's super-cute. I love it.
[Alan] We see the clock running down.
Lots of details left.
[Luis] Yeah, still a lot to do.
Time is money.
Should we put this here?
Yeah, if you're not gonna
put anything else. You or me?
-Can you grab it?
I like her confidence.
She knows it's heavy,
but she's in control.
So I just let her do it.
I think we can put it like this,
so you don't hold it too tight.
Oh, damn.
Help put it down.
Anything that goes on, a fly buzzing,
can affect our decorating
and ruin our cake.
Oh my. There it is.
We have 15 minutes to work wonders.
I think Alan and Ale
Looks like they're about done.
-I'll put the stick in to hold the bonsai.
It's important it's well-positioned.
Don't let go
until you think it's really done.
[tense music playing]
Done! Press the button!
[bright tones chime]
Alan and Ale are
officially the first to finish.
They're done.
-They pushed the button?
-[Dany] Yeah.
[frustrated groan]
It's fine, don't worry.
I'm gonna put different elements
that'll look beautiful in the hair.
I can't stop putting things in,
because Marie Antoinette's theme
allows you to do that.
Where's Capi?
Capi always pops up when you're
super-focused, and it's like, "Ah!"
Dany and Ana Lau, you have five minutes
to finish the cake of your dreams.
[panicked yelp]
Give the final touches,
'cause Alan and Ale have finished.
-What's missing?
-You seen the sprinkles? Oh, here.
Ana! Ana! Stop adding things.
Let's place it.
We're gonna get eliminated
'cause of the time.
[Dany] Coming.
I saw the work that Dany and Ana Lau did.
It's really clean, it's very aesthetic.
I admire them for that.
Let's press it!
[bright tones chime]
[Capi] Dany and Ana Lau
pressed the button.
I mean, we almost got eliminated for that.
Alan, Ale, congratulations.
You made it through.
You have to tell us
about the concept you used.
[Alan] Of course, Capi.
You're going to see a show.
-A show.
-[tranquil music playing]
-We're pouring green tea.
The mist represents the uncertainty
and doubts we had when we were eliminated,
and the tea's the relaxing effect
in the face of the storm.
Each level represents something about us.
Ale likes fondant.
The middle level is
because I really like chocolate.
We wanted to use marble textures,
and on the top we put a bonsai.
This bonsai, for me,
represents that you don't need
something too majestic to be beautiful.
I really think we're here
as as new bakers.
I loved how you assembled this.
Like, "Look, this is my style.
The one above is mine."
Then when you take advantage
of both strengths,
you get a work of art like this.
Technically, it's a complex cake.
The mistakes I can see are
the details of the union of the base,
the hand painting, et cetera.
To me, they're fairly obvious to the eye.
I'm also a chocolatier.
Don't kid a kidder.
Great bonsai technique. I thought,
"How are they gonna do it?"
"How are they gonna give it
that texture and volume?"
And well done. I loved it.
-Thanks, Ana.
Congratulations. Unfortunately, I have to
ask you to cut four slices of your cake
and bring them to the judges' table.
-Okay. Thanks.
-Thank you.
Dany and Ana Lau!
You've finished!
Tell us about your concept
and the techniques.
We did a 3D modeling for the body,
then we used RKT for the head,
because you had to do a modeling
and also apply molding chocolate.
It really required a lot of technique.
It's beautiful. From the beginning I said,
"Oh, I'm really gonna like that theme."
I love everything vintage.
And it's so cute.
Once again, you've shown your skills
at doing so many things.
Thank you.
The joints of the piece
I can see some in the front.
There's a joint there.
There's another one.
We didn't have enough time
to put all the details we wanted.
I thought, "Oh my God,
what are they gonna do with the head?"
"What about the hair?" I was worried.
But I'm amazed
at how you figured it all out.
Congratulations. It's a very good job
in such a short time.
-Well worth it.
-Thank you.
We're tired but happy.
Pastry chefs,
we've already seen your creations.
Now It's time to taste them.
Alan and Ale, please bring your cake.
We have color, we have texture.
I'm so happy with the result.
Tell us what flavors we have here.
We made a matcha-flavored cake
that's quite controversial.
[Gris wincing]
You love it or hate it.
There's a lot of people who don't like it.
It comes with a passion fruit jam
and a pistachio crunch
with chocolate streusel.
It's important to eat it together,
'cause matcha is one of those products
that tends to kind of dry your mouth
and compress it a little bit.
I'm doubting whether matcha was
the right flavor,
but I think there's no turning back
at this point.
It's quite balanced.
However, the last layer is very cold.
It's difficult to taste it at its best.
I loved the passion fruit.
If they'd used a little bit more,
it would've been too much, you know?
But I loved this combination.
[both] Thanks.
We'll win.
Dany and Ana Lau, bring your cake.
-I'm feeling stressed.
-The stress is back.
For this cake, we wanted
four layers of different flavors.
A lemon layer with blueberry,
a lemon layer with mango,
a freeze-dried raspberry cake,
and a lemon cake with poppy seed.
We finished it with Italian meringue,
so you wouldn't feel
too heavy when you try it.
I really liked this flavor variation.
I think it's a great idea,
and I was delighted
to discover four flavors
in the short time you had to create it.
Thank you.
Be careful decorating.
Even if it's edible, this happens,
and I almost broke a tooth.
Sorry, Luis.
We'll pay your dentist with our million.
Alan, Ale, please come forward.
I don't want to be eliminated again.
And now it's time to make a decision.
[dramatic music playing]
My heart's going boom, boom.
Judges, I'm gonna ask you to tell us
which team should continue
in Sugar Rush: The Baking Point.
There's no doubt
that both teams were very good.
Flavors, techniques,
the stories of both are spectacular.
My vote goes to
Alan and Ale.
From the beginning of the competition,
I knew it was gonna be really close.
We tasted very balanced flavors.
Contrasts of acidity, sweetness.
It wasn't perfect,
because both had technical difficulties.
Therefore, my vote goes to
[tense music continuing]
Alan and Ale.
-Thanks, Chef.
[gentle music playing]
I told you we'd make it.
Mathematically, it's decided,
but it's important to hear from Gris.
My vote also goes to Alan and Ale.
Congrats, Alan and Ale.
You're in the semifinals
of Sugar Rush: The Baking Point.
-Let's enjoy and get to the finale, okay?
-Aye-aye, chef.
You know I love you guys.
And it hurts to see you go,
but you learn from your mistakes.
And that's what makes us grow in life,
and whatever comes next,
it'll be even more amazing
than it already is.
Don't cry, you'll make me cry.
All the lucky people watching this
will learn from you.
You can't always win the competition,
but we did show how talented we are.
Unfortunately, it's time
for you to walk out that door,
triumphant and smiling as always.
Thank you.
[spirited music playing]
-I love you. We gave it our all.
-Me too.
[both] Bye.
Alan and Ale have shown us
that just 'cause you're down,
that doesn't mean that you're out.
And now they're chomping at the bit
to compete in the semifinal
of Sugar Rush: The Baking Point.
Everyone beware,
they're coming with full power.
[upbeat outro music playing]
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