Sugar Rush: The Baking Point (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

[Capi] This is Sugar Rush:
The Baking Point semifinals,
and Alan and Ale are back
in the competition.
Today, our pastry chefs
will have to get in a time machine
to travel to a very distant past.
Their sweet childhood.
Don't rush me.
No, no, don't let go, grab it.
And, to accompany the judges
on this journey,
one of the most unforgettable
journalists of all time,
Lolita Ayala!
Gris Verduzco is now explaining
to our pastry chefs
what the first challenge consists of.
The theme? Sweet childhood.
And she's reminding them that,
at the end of the first round,
the worst-performing team will lose
30 minutes of their time for the second.
We gotta hurry with that, Karen.
No way, it's paused.
-Dessert has to be ready In half an hour.
-But we won't make it to the finals.
It's everyone for themselves,
and there's no turning back.
[clock ticks]
And that sound means
the sweetest race to the finals
has just begun. Follow me.
Alan, Ale, what a pleasure
to have you back here.
Thank you.
The hard part's
not getting here, but staying.
Ruth, Rubí, I hope everything
turns out very Goo-bí!
-We're excited.
-Very excited.
Israel, Iván, how are you?
We're full of energy.
We're very excited, very confident.
Karen, Gaby.
We're already in the semifinals.
We're on edge.
My dear judges! We're privileged
to be here with Lolita Ayala.
Lolita, how are you?
Oh, thank you so much.
I'm happy to be here.
When I see Lolita,
I think of my childhood.
I think something's missing there
to make your area look better.
[Iván] When my mom would turn on the news,
there she was
with her rose and everything.
-Do you like desserts?
-I love them.
What are your favorites?
Chocolate desserts.
You hear that? Chocolate desserts
are Lolita Ayala's favorites.
Wow, thanks.
And fruit desserts, too.
-And fruit desserts, too!
-Okay, Capi. Thank you.
All right, Lolita, I gave them
the important information.
[Lolita] So they're not thrown off.
My dear Gris,
what's the cupcake challenge?
This challenge is to be inspired by
their favorite typical Mexican dessert.
-Great, I love them all.
The dessert also has to be represented
in the decoration.
That's the challenge.
[Karen] What's your favorite?
Um, the Santa Clara cookie.
It's a typical dessert
that I'm very familiar with.
How about a palanqueta?
[Iván] Oh, I love it.
My dad came home with a nut bar
just about every day.
-I love marzipan.
-[Ruth] You love it?
Then we're gonna make
the cupcake with marzipan.
I have a fun idea.
Instead of it being a crystallized lime,
we're gonna make a lime crystal.
I'm gonna use
the ancient technique of blown caramel
to honor my dad and the blown glass
workshops he took me to as a kid.
The ranking of times is as follows.
In first place, with the most time,
are Ruth and Rubí.
They've managed to save
two hours, 54 minutes, and one second.
What a dramatic effect.
We had a feeling
that we were gonna go pretty far,
but each step has surprised us a lot.
In second place are Karen and Gabby.
They've managed to save two hours,
47 minutes, and two seconds.
-How are you, Gaby?
We're gonna put all our cards on the table
to stay in in the competition.
Trailing behind are my bros,
Israel and Iván,
with one hour, 48 minutes,
and eight seconds.
[Israel] I'm on the cupcake, Iván.
Obviously, we want to get to the finals,
so we need to do
an excellent job in the semifinals.
And the newcomers are in last place.
Alan and Ale.
They'll have half an hour less
than the last couple, Israel and Iván.
So they'll compete with one hour,
18 minutes, and eight seconds.
We don't have time, Ale.
I want to win all the contests
and add time for the finals.
We have to show them what we've got,
put it all out there and give it our all.
Okay, I'm gonna put my cupcakes in.
-How are the cupcakes coming?
-Really beautiful.
They're rising, which is nice.
-[Rubí] Cute and plump.
-[Ruth] They look amazing.
-Because everything we do looks amazing.
We can't drop any more cupcakes.
-What do you have ready?
-[Gaby] Not much.
Overall, what's your ranking? Nothing?
Regarding the time, it feels tight.
-I have this one ready, the peanut one.
-[Karen] Okay. Into the oven.
I'll start blowing. That's it.
Let's go to the max. An hour 20, okay?
Talk to me, Alan, what are you blowing?
My family are glass blowers,
and as a kid I'd go with my father
to the glass blowing factories.
When I saw this pastry technique,
I imagine it took you back
to your childhood.
Right now, it's not me,
it's my inner child here,
playing and enjoying the experience.
I'm a little scared because
Do they require a lot of technique?
-They do. The flavor is
-[Rubí] Very good.
We recognize that Alan and Ale
are top notch.
[Israel] How's the peanut? More, less?
Did you get a whole thing of marzipan?
-Whoever gets them out is the real winner.
-[Ruth] I'll check the cupcakes.
We can see peanuts
in the marzipan with Ruth and Rubí,
and peanuts in Israel and Iván's nut bar.
That's important,
because there's gonna be
a reference point.
You're gonna try two cupcakes
with a similar flavor.
Look, Gaby, they rose.
Let's speed things up.
I'm almost ready, Ale. I have my limes.
Well, get on it,
'cause that took you a while.
Yes, Chef.
-[Israel] Did you remove the centers?
-Yeah, it's just that they're still hot.
Time's passing by really fast,
and we don't know
if the others are on time.
I'll do the cream.
[Israel] Yeah.
Should we put them there? And that's it!
They made their cupcakes
in less than an hour.
That's fast.
[Israel] Okay.
Dessert. The whipped cream, is it out?
Dessert has to be ready in half an hour.
-An hour?
-Half an hour.
Israel and Iván are
about to start making their creation.
But what do they have to do, Luis?
They have to create something
inspired by favorite childhood candies.
What was your favorite candy?
I personally am a fan of tamarind candy.
Mmm, delicious.
It's the dessert
that represents our childhood,
and it also saves time.
That's the hardest part.
For the sweet creation,
we chose a marshmallow lollipop.
I wanna put the brownies in.
They take the longest.
It's very traditional at parties,
and it has chocolate,
marshmallow, and some gummies.
Pastry chefs, an hour has passed
in this semifinals round.
[Ale] Wait
-Are those cupcakes lime flavor?
-[Luis] Yes.
I love lime-flavored things.
-Ready. let's keep going.
-Let's start the other preparation.
[Alan] We're making a fruit jelly.
We're gonna use it
to evoke spicy fruit candies.
Sweet childhood, for me, is eating
and stuffing yourself with sweets.
So, this touches my heart very deeply.
Paint them without fear. Boom, boom!
They won't break, they're hard.
-We have them.
[Rubí] The marzipan on top. That's it.
-Rubí. Okay.
Gris, what was
your favorite sweet as a child?
Marzipans and nut bars,
what we in Sinaloa call pepitorias.
I liked fruit slaps
and beer-shaped lollipops.
[Gris] Important fact.
-A mango and tamarind flan.
-Yes, a flan.
Some spherifications with chamoy sauce.
For the creation,
the inspiration is the Pulparindo.
I think it will take at least an hour
because of the condensed milk.
My God, such an ordeal.
Let's see. Check them out, Gaby.
What do you think?
-They're ready.
-Come on.
Done, Gaby. The cupcakes are ready.
I can start with the jelly filling.
For the creation, we were inspired
by our guest judge, Lolita Ayala.
Gaby, think about the colors
we're gonna use.
-I'll consider it.
What we tried to do was
kind of an entremet, but quickly.
I hope it stays soft.
It will. You'll see.
Lolita, what was
your favorite candy as a kid?
-I still eat Pulparindo.
-Tamarind is delicious.
[Luis] Lolita's my soul mate.
She likes chocolate,
she likes tamarind candy.
-You guys are already best friends.
-Yep, we are.
-[Rubí] Ruth.
[Rubí] Why is it like this?
-[Ruth] Uh
-I just followed the instructions.
What a challenge.
Tamarind lumps, when did that happen?
-Do it in a bottle.
-Should I add more water?
-Should I add more water?
-No, do it in a bottle.
Well, do it however you want.
I think we should put it in a bottle.
You have to give this preparation a twist.
So, what can we do? Nothing.
We put the flan in the center
and the mousse on the outside.
-We're at two hours.
-Here we go.
Pastry chefs, two hours have passed
for Sugar Rush:
The Baking Point's semifinals!
We have to do it the right way, and fast.
The two teams
with the least favorite desserts
Now we have to do everything possible.
will lose half an hour
for the cake round.
We made it, right?
Do you think we made it?
And also, in the end, one team will lose
the possibility of winning
a million pesos.
[Ale] We have half an hour to finish?
Thirty, 35 minutes.
Okay. Let's go.
The tip you gave me, Ale, worked great.
You just gave me 20 valuable minutes.
I'm gonna use all of Ale's advice.
She's my safety net.
-A drop of chamoy sauce?
-Sure. Yeah.
-[Alan] Two.
The colors we're highlighting
are so pretty.
Alan and Ale worry me a little.
-I think they're strong.
-[Luis] Are they done?
Ready. Done.
[bright tones chime]
-They pressed the button? That was fast.
-We have to hurry, yes.
They're on top of it.
Alan and Ale finished!
That means the time has come,
judges, and my dear Lolita.
-Let's taste them, are you ready?
-Let's go.
-Put it on each one.
Like this.
-I'll do it crooked, yeah?
Sometimes they're like this.
Everyone, at some point, has gotten
a clown lollipop with crooked eyes,
an upside-down mouth
-They always, always come out crooked.
They never look right.
His mom always said
they were made by old people.
-And that's why they were all uneven.
-They came out bad. Ta-da!
[bright tones chime]
Oh, those guys.
How long ago did they finish?
Alan and Ale, congratulations.
You finished first, huh?
I knew you'd pull through.
-We're pumped.
You're pumped, that's good.
Tell us about your cupcake.
Our cupcake is inspired by
one of both of our favorite candies,
which is crystallized lime with coconut.
We can see coconut and lime
throughout the cupcake,
in the filling, the batter, and frosting.
This is delicious.
Thank you.
I thought the cupcake was
very good in texture, in coconut flavor.
I love coconut. I would add a little more.
It's lime with coconut,
not coconut, with lime.
-Don't be afraid of the coconut.
-[Luis] Don't be afraid.
[Gris] Are we gonna try this one too?
Yes. In fact, they're gonna
tell us about that creation.
For the creation we decided,
instead of combining
many childhood flavors into one
We decided to separate them.
Like a tamborcita?
[Alan] We were inspired
by the typical fruit jelly,
which is a compressed sugar technique.
Also a confectionery technique.
The one Lolita is about to try
is a spicy strawberry.
The marshmallow is
a tangerine with marshmallow.
And I love milk fudge,
which is that little almond paste.
I'm traveling through time right now.
You transported us to our childhood.
It was a pleasure
trying these four creations.
-Thanks a lot.
Good job, Ale.
Thank you very much.
[Lolita] Congratulations.
-Thank you.
-What a great idea.
Let's look at the depth.
Congratulations, you were
the second to finish.
-You worked fast.
Explain your cupcake
to Lolita Ayala, please.
[Israel] We both have
many memories with sweets.
[Iván] My dad, whenever he'd come home
from work, gave me a nut bar.
So that unites me with my dad.
We really like Pulparindos, or tamarind.
So, we used these two flavors
for the cupcake.
You'll find it's like a peanut cake.
And a tamarind cream
with peanut whipped cream.
[Iván] We put some Pulparindo pearls on it
because we love that candy.
The crunch, great job.
It's delicious. It gives it texture.
I found it very balanced.
A little sweet for my taste.
Almost perfect.
[Luis] I would've added more pieces
of Pulparindo, but I love it.
I also like Pulparindo.
I loved the flavors.
-Thanks so much.
-Thank you.
Now, tell us about this creation.
The face I got is a little sad.
[Israel] It's based on a clown lollipop.
The flavors you'll find are chocolate,
a blueberry compote, a strawberry cream.
It's all flavored a little bit with yuzu.
And the decoration is a cigarette dough.
Very good.
I kept waiting for a little bit
of marshmallow. Just a little.
-Because that's a clown lollipop, right?
-How sad.
My dear Lolita, what about this one?
Almost done with this one.
Lolita Ayala, so beautiful.
Yes, the mix of flavors is delicious.
I mean it.
Thank you very much, really.
Thanks a lot.
Check on them, please.
Should I take it to the blender?
[Rubí] It needs more time.
Five minutes. Five minutes.
When did we decide to make flan?
Didn't we learn with the panna cotta?
It's a little worrisome.
They haven't finished assembling
their creations yet.
They need more time.
-A lot?
-It hasn't set.
I'm gonna take out the flan once it cools.
I could just wait.
[Karen] A little more, right?
-They're having a hard time getting out.
You can do it, Gaby, I trust you.
Unmolding this type of preparation
has its degree of difficulty.
Let's review. We have the sauce.
We're gonna wait a moment to cut the flan.
[both] Oh, the flan.
It tastes good.
Let's see if it solidifies
in the meantime.
The flan needs to be even colder
to complete this assembly.
[tense music playing]
A bit more on this one.
-Ready? Go, go, go.
[bright tones chime]
Yeah! [laughs]
This creation was hard,
so I hope you like it, Lolita.
[Ruth] We've been the slowest
on other occasions.
I don't think we can get it from
-from there. No.
Karen and Gaby, tell us
about this cupcake, please.
This cupcake is inspired
by a typical candy from Puebla,
which is the Santa Clara cookie.
The cake is made of cinnamon
and also has seeds inside.
The filling is
a caramel chocolate ganache,
and the frosting is made with Irish cream.
Hope you like it.
I had never tried Santa Clara cookies.
I really liked the cookie.
The cupcake also tasted like a cookie.
The frosting was
just a little greasy for me.
I hadn't tried these cookies.
This is my first time.
[Gaby] I'm from Puebla, and
You haven't tried them?
You won me over
with the caramel ganache filling,
because it adds not only the creamy,
unctuous part, but also flavor.
-[Lolita] This is very soft, very tasty.
Let's talk about this beautiful creation
that I suspect is inspired
by someone very special.
The decoration is
inspired by Lolita, our guest.
-Thank you.
[Karen] The special guest.
Well, we wanted to represent
one of our favorite candies.
They have jelly fillings,
a creamy filling,
and chocolate and biscuit as a base.
That's what we both like.
I love how you put the frosting on top.
I find these types of desserts so elegant.
-I just found it a bit gelatinous
-Yeah. Me too.
A little less, perhaps,
would've been easier than
-Yeah, softer.
But the taste was great.
Oh, the cookie is here.
[Capi] What are your thoughts, Lolita?
-Oh, how awful.
-Oh, no.
Did you like the tribute?
It's exquisite,
except the gelatinous texture.
-Come on, Ruth.
-Yes, I am, Rubí.
I know that the flan may not have been
the best decision because of the wait,
but oh well.
We thought that we were gonna have
a little more time, you know?
[Rubí] We're short on time.
-Okay, come on, Rubí.
-One, two
[bright tones chime]
Done! God, that was hard.
Ruth and Rubí, tell us
about your cupcake, please.
[Ruth] This cupcake is marzipan-inspired.
[Rubí] The filling has pralines,
but to lighten it,
it also has a pastry cream base.
It also has some Muscovite candy on top.
[Ruth] Yes, and the lower part,
well, we painted it with chocolate,
in honor of our guest, Lolita,
who likes chocolate very much.
Oh, how nice.
I love how you decorated it like this,
with the marzipan on top.
The only thing is that
this one was a little hard.
The candy is crunchy.
I'm comforting myself.
It's delicious.
-Ah, thanks.
We hit the nail on the head.
Tell us about the creation, please, Ruth.
Well, we were inspired
by children's hide-and-seek games.
[Ruth] So under this dome,
which we'd like you to break,
you'll find a mango and tamarind flan
on a chamoy and tamarind sauce.
It also has a white chocolate mousse.
Very good. I always liked the game
of breaking something
and finding something hidden.
But I had a little too much
white chocolate cream.
I agree with Luis, I would've
made it a little less sweet.
Of course, he knows a lot.
So, you finished
an hour after Alan and Ale.
-They're so fast.
Pastry chefs, the judges were deliberating
and made a couple of decisions.
The first,
which team captivated
not only their inner child,
but also the responsible
and mature adult who tried those desserts.
And that team is
[suspenseful music builds]
Alan and Ale!
It was worth it.
That little lime that Alan made.
Wow, it was amazing.
Now, the time has come to announce
which two teams were
the judges' least favorites.
Let's hope they don't take away
our 30 minutes.
The judges' first least favorite team is
[suspenseful music builds]
Karen and Gaby.
[Karen] We have to do everything possible
to try to make that cake
in such a short time.
The judges' second least favorite team is
-This makes me very anxious.
-Very anxious.
Ruth and Rubí.
Oh, damn.
-Well, there's nothing to do but
-[Ruth] Just keep going.
Keep going.
The second and last round
of the semifinals is upon us.
This will determine the three finalists
who will compete for one million pesos
and The Sugar Rush:
The Baking Point trophy.
For this challenge, you'll have to
pay tribute to your childhood,
by creating a cake
that doesn't just look like a piñata
Oh, I love pinatas.
but when broken, candy must fall out.
Wait, what?
We'll break the cake?
A cake-piñata with filling and everything.
I'm not gonna make a cake-piñata,
but a piñata-cake.
Time to do the math, okay?
Alan and Ale have three hours,
51 minutes and 33 seconds,
so they're going to start first.
Ruth and Rubí, you're in last place,
with two hours, 26 minutes and 14 seconds.
You'll start last.
And over there, I'll let you know
when it's time for the others to start.
Alan and Ale, hands on your mixers,
your time starts now!
-A doll.
-A doll.
[Ale] A Maria doll,
with ribbons in her hair.
[Alan] I'm gonna
make the body out of chocolate,
and it has to be delicious
and fulfill the function of a piñata,
but then I'm gonna leave it to you,
and I'll make sure our piñata floats.
I've made chocolate sculptures
in four hours. Large ones.
Never one that floats though, you know?
I'm going to add tangerine,
and I'm going to add a bit of mango.
I want to create an avocado cream.
Remember those days?
-Israel and Iván, hands on your mixers!
-[both counting]
Your time starts now!
-[Israel] How about we do
-Something Mexican, right?
The idea of our cake is
to make a milagrito.
So, we're gonna make a heart,
put wings on it, and an eye in the middle.
[Iván] And when we open it
It'll explode.
Did you used to
throw yourself on the ground
when the candy fell out of the piñata?
All I did was reach out and push
and take everything away from them.
Forty minutes.
[Israel] The flavors that we chose
are raspberry, strawberry and blueberry.
They're very fresh flavors.
I'm gonna start making
wafer paper decorations.
Isra and Iván are very good.
[Israel] In three minutes,
the first ones come out.
-Now, let's focus
-I'd love to.
-on ourselves, okay?
When you admire and respect someone,
you compete with them to become better.
It's ready, bro.
Israel and Iván, what are you thinking?
It's just that on my grandmother's patio,
where we'd hit the piñata,
one wall was full of
little Mexican milagritos.
So, I always link piñatas
with little hearts.
-I remember the milagrito
-He was gawking.
and then focusing on
taking candies from my cousins.
-What's your idea?
-[Ale] These are flourless cakes.
It's a super moist cake.
It practically melts in your mouth.
I would never have imagined this
inside a structured cake.
I'm being very ambitious,
but I know I can do it.
Karen, Gaby, hands on your mixers,
your time starts now!
-We're going to make a piñata cake.
-In the shape of a cactus.
We're focusing on memories,
childhood, sweets.
-Wow, the cactus is gonna be like
-In a pot.
For this challenge, we're gonna make
a cactus cake-piñata
which, when cut, will have
candies falling out of it.
So, it's a party and a pinata.
We decided to make it
vanilla with colored sprinkles,
and Mascarpone cheese
with a strawberry jam with cactus fruit.
For me, this is all new,
this 3D cake thing.
Yeah, but we can put on the arms.
I'm confident that the structure
will be fine and not fall apart.
-We've been waiting for more than an hour.
-Doing nothing.
Well, you go crazy.
I present to you your structure.
I'm a little nervous about breaking,
literally, the cake-piñata.
I say hang it a little higher.
If I hang it up higher,
you know what's gonna happen?
The chocolate will put pressure on it
and break the center.
Whatever happens in that scenario,
I have extra cake to serve.
Good thing I've got extra.
Ruth, Rubí! Hands on your mixer,
your time starts now!
The last stage of the semifinals
has just started
with all the teams cooking.
Tensions are running high.
We'll make the finals.
-I can sense it.
One of them won't make it to the finals,
which will make us sad.
Let's make a small chili.
A Mexican chili pepper.
That's great, but with maracas.
[Rubí] Okay, well, let's see, let's see.
My childhood was amazing.
[Ruth] Mine was too,
with my brother, Ruben,
who I love very much.
Remember that thing we tried
called the "Bubulubulubu" or something?
-Why don't we do a Bubulubu?
-That's good.
Chocolate sponge cake,
marshmallow frosting,
-and strawberry jam.
[Rubí] Strawberry jam.
We'll cover it in chocolate.
Impossible to resist.
Pastry chefs,
I know you're pretty busy, but the judges
think you could be even busier.
Oh, no, please. No more surprises.
That's right.
There's a new bonus challenge
for all of you.
More challenges, my God.
From the time I start this timer,
you will have 30 minutes
to make four stuffed churros.
[Israel] Do you know any churro recipes?
Whoever's brave enough will win two hours.
I think they're talking to me.
Two hours for the final timer.
Ale, Ale
-No. I'm busy.
The half hour starts now.
Should I invent a recipe?
-For what?
-The churros.
Well, if you're feeling brave, go ahead.
I don't know how to make churros,
but trying can't hurt.
I think it's risky, but sure.
Of course, but we're gonna make
everything worthwhile here, right?
If you make them, I'll fill them.
Come on, Iván. We can't afford
to miss out on this opportunity.
You never told them what kind of filling.
They could be creative and use something
they're already working on, right?
The possibilities are vast.
They can improvise.
[Luis] They're all doing it.
If you want to do it, go ahead,
but I can't lose focus right now.
I have enough chaos as it is.
-I'm not gonna do it.
I can't neglect or waste
a second in this process.
Should we have a short meeting?
Two minutes.
[Ale] No. No need.
I understand her position,
but she's not watching the clock again.
Either I do this or I do that.
It's even making them angry.
I see that we don't have time.
I also don't have a very clear recipe
right now in my mind, due to stress.
If you want, I'll do them,
but we won't make it to the finals.
No. There's no way.
Making a churro is like making an éclair,
and I know how to make them
in the microwave.
I'm focused on finishing my cake.
And if Alan wants to do it,
well, he's not gonna rely on me.
Oh! The oil's out.
[Capi] Time to heat up the oil.
[Alan] If we leave, we leave together
and gloriously, okay?
I'm gonna get those damn churros out.
[Capi] You have ten minutes left
in the churro challenge.
I stick a toothpick in it, right?
I mean, one of those wooden sticks.
I have one here.
No way!
It just can't be.
What happened?
Why isn't this oven
It's paused. And it's always on.
And on top of that,
we're making the churros.
-This just can't be.
-Okay, calm down.
I must've forgotten to check.
-No temperature
-It's fine, it's fine. Go, go.
I already have the dough.
-Well, almost.
-It's got to be cold to fry well?
I trusted you.
[Luis] The first thing I'd do is
heat the oil, because the dough is quick.
Is Gaby heating the oil, or no?
[Gaby] It's not hot at all.
Brave churro makers,
you have five minutes left.
Churros are derived
from a French recipe called choux pastry.
Very similar. I don't have one on hand,
but, well, let's improvise.
An impromptu churro recipe
can be dangerous.
The churros are ready.
[Iván] You're not as dumb as you look.
I won't die of hunger, bro,
even if I can only make churros.
[Capi] One minute left!
Come on, churro.
All right, churro, come out pretty.
-How are you, Gaby?
-I think they're ready.
[Gaby] They're becoming flat,
and I think the dough I made
was more like corn dog dough
than churro dough.
-Okay. Ready.
-[Alan] I've got this.
-There they are.
Pastry chefs, your time is up!
Master Luis, let's test them now.
Ruth and Rubí?
Oh! They're like churro flutes. [whistles]
A bit tasteless.
-But churro.
-A churro it is.
They're gonna give us an extra hour.
-Two? Oh.
They're warm.
How does he like churros?
-Good? Two hours.
-Two hours. It was worth it.
[Luis] I can't decide.
It's a very, very bad churro.
-But it's a churro.
-Close call. Very good.
In the end, it was a churro.
A slightly deformed churro.
I was sweating.
It's a churro after all, right?
-Now we have to make the finals, Ale.
If we don't make it through today,
this extra time will be of no use.
[Gaby] I need rice crispies.
You also have to be very careful.
We can't do it that fast,
because that can lead to a cake accident.
It's coming undone.
-This one?
Right now, the risk is that
the main support won't be broken
by the weight of the cake.
-Look, it's sideways.
-[Alan] How complicated.
-Yes, help me.
-No, if it can't, it can't.
[Ale] Yeah.
I don't care if it takes us
until the last minute.
Okay. There's a lot of tension.
If we stay
until the last minute, so be it.
Pastry chefs, you have
less than an hour and a half
in the last round of the great semifinals.
[Gaby] The bottom part
is filled with sweets,
and the top is just going to be pure cake.
I think they're being very ambitious
for the time they had.
I would've done something much simpler.
Well, the competition isn't easy.
The shape of the cake isn't fitting.
I'm gonna start hooking it up
and pray to God that everything works out.
No, what did I do?
I need a small spatula, please.
-Please, a small spatula.
My God, it's all happening to me.
This is so frustrating.
Oh, no!
I feel like our clock
goes faster than everyone else's.
I'm starting to feel a little tense.
At the end of the day,
we have to buy time and make it perfect.
I'm gonna make
a small hole to fill it with candy.
[Capi] Pastry chefs!
-Oh no.
-It's Capi.
We are entering
the last hour of the last round
of the last challenge of the semifinals!
Oh, no, no, no. I'm getting
a little nervous. What can I say?
Ready. Flowers.
Not even in My little cakes.
How difficult is a cake-piñata?
[Gris] It just has to have good support.
Also, something important
is that it has a lot of sweets.
So it's suddenly a real piñata.
-I love what you did there, teacher.
Put this on. Go, go.
If we don't do this, we won't make it.
-Don't do that.
No, no, I just want to see.
I urgently need to finish
the last details.
I need to finish this piñata,
and I urgently need the judges to arrive,
otherwise this is going to be chaos.
When you have the part in the middle,
tell me, so I can put the face on.
Karen and Gaby seem to be behind.
And it's difficult to understand
what they're doing.
I think it needs a little more.
We're getting nowhere.
Nothing is ready yet.
-[Iván] Like this, or more?
Like that. Let's see. Slowly.
The milagrito looks amazing.
I love it, it brings back
a lot of memories.
[Capi] They're always ahead.
[Lolita] It's impressive.
And three.
[bright tones chime]
Thanks, bro.
Attention pastry chefs,
you have less than 15 minutes left!
This semifinal is about to end.
Remember that one of you
will not be present
at the grand finale
of Sugar Rush: The Baking Point.
If I only have five or ten minutes left,
it doesn't matter.
The point is to finish the cake.
It's just that time goes on
and we haven't Well, the cake falls.
I'm very concerned about the structure.
That it'll collapse, that it isn't firm.
-Go ahead.
-Yeah, yeah, grab it.
Will it stay up with that?
I'm gonna hit the piñata.
It's me against time and gravity.
I think it doesn't have
much of a foundation.
Don't let go, 'cause you're gonna drop it.
-No, no, don't let go. Grab it, grab it.
-Oh, I don't know
-Oh no. Hold on, hold on.
[tense music playing]
The 10-second rule or what?
[bright tones chime]
It stresses me out,
knowing that such a fragile object
Is suspended in the air.
Pass me the baking powder, down there.
I'm very scared.
Five minutes, Karen.
I know, and I'm
Well, it was missing here
because it it fell.
We've never had anyone not finish.
-Is today the day?
-Could be.
And we lower this, right?
Which part?
-It's very hard.
-The hat. It is?
-The back is still missing paper.
-No, Rubí, you have
-Wait, wait for me.
-Two minutes, Gaby.
-Wait, don't pressure me.
I go, I go.
-The little arms.
-What else? Hurry.
So stressful.
-Let's go.
-Don't rush me.
-Come on! Let's go.
-Come on, Rubí!
[bright tones chime]
Wow, girl!
Wow, time was almost up.
Come on, come on! Press it, press it.
Is it done?
[bright tones chime]
Israel and Iván, the first to finish.
Tell us about what we're seeing.
Everything is totally edible.
You can find flowers with wafer paper.
The fondant lining, the rice sculpture.
Yes, let's hope that this little miracle
Makes miracles.
helps us reach the finals with more time.
It looks so pretty, so delicate.
It's amazing
that everything here is edible.
The techniques you used. It's colorful.
I love the wings, the fire.
Everything is very, very nice.
Your cake is incredible.
However, you have to cut it
to make the candy fall out.
Imagine if we cut it open
and nothing happens. No candy comes out.
I'd cry.
-There you go!
Were you nervous?
[Capi] There go the sweets!
[horse neighing]
-[judges] Wow!
Alan and Ale, is there a possibility
that this piñata will fall?
The beauty of a piñata
is that it breaks, right?
-Not having to cut it, but breaking it.
-[Capi] Right.
[Alan] And we used
the Maria doll as our inspiration.
We think of it as a craft
that represents Mexico.
I made a small gift, obviously,
because you arrive
at any party with your gift.
Well, congratulations,
it's very well done.
We achieved something epic
that no one else has.
But we are afraid it will fall.
[Ale chuckles] Yeah.
[Luis] The pastry technique flourishes.
I love that it doesn't have supports
because they aren't edible.
Despite the time constraints, it's still
a very, very impressive piece of work.
-Thank you.
-Thanks so much.
So, we requested permission
from the authorities to break the piñata.
Yeah. Just take away the gift.
[all singing festive song in Spanish]
[Gris] One, two, and
[all exclaiming]
If I go home today,
I'll float home very happy.
-[Capi] Ruth and Rubí.
After what seemed to be
the most stressful day you've had
in the entire competition
-tell us about your inspiration.
[both] Spicy breakfast.
-[Rubí] That's when
-[Ruth] When have you found me like that?
-[Rubí] Right.
-We had to make a chili pepper.
A chili pepper.
But with a super-fun design.
[Rubí] Hanging.
[Gris] You guys have spoiled me
with some jaw-dropping cakes.
I think that, on this occasion,
in this challenge, time hurt you.
[nervous chuckling]
The only thing is the legs or the tail,
whatever you want to call it, it's faulty.
[both] Yes.
-It looks nice.
-From far away.
First, you have to break the piñata,
and then make four slices.
Laboratory dissection.
The dissection of the chili pepper.
[all exclaiming]
[Capi humming]
[Ruth] There it is.
There it is. From the neck of the chili,
the sweets are falling. Just look.
Karen and Gaby, pushing it to the limit.
Living on the edge, huh?
One minute, 50 seconds.
Tell us why you chose a cactus,
and what techniques you used?
Tell us about the concept.
We wanted to make it fun,
and the shape was even interesting to us
because it's like pretending
they're little arms.
We painted the paper with an airbrush,
which is edible rice paper.
I feel that you should've found
some other technique
or some other procedure, raw material,
that would serve as glue
so you didn't have to spend
so much time gluing papers and
Let's see what it tastes like.
-And, well Yeah.
-[Capi] Break it, break it, break it!
-Break it open!
[all exclaiming]
Wow! How nice!
-There's confetti, too!
It's colorful.
We're a little down, but we can't be sad
because this isn't over yet.
Alan, Ale.
Bring us your slices, please.
Despite all the problems we had,
we made it.
Now the time has come for you
to tell us what you did with this cake.
[Ale] Well, I made a flourless cake.
It's a chocolate sponge cake
with apricot jam.
And an avocado cream with Greek yogurt.
The avocado impressed me.
It tastes really good because it gives it
that little salty touch
that I'm sure
the master is gonna love, I think.
You can taste the salt. Good.
Very balanced, really delicious.
This competition is getting tougher.
Small details will make a big difference.
Israel, Iván. Bring your slices, please.
-This is a very tense moment.
-Everything's decided.
A lot's being decided.
Tell us what flavors we'll find in this.
We made a raspberry sponge cake
and a strawberry compote with raspberry.
The crisp.
It also has a crisp made with blueberry.
[Lolita] I find it a little dry,
the cake.
But the flavor is very good.
[both] Thank you.
We're nervous, because in the end,
Lolita is complicated.
Now we're gonna try Ruth and Rubí's cake.
[Ruth] This is difficult, huh, Rubí?
-For real.
-These challenges
They were challenging.
Tell us.
The inspiration for our cake is
How do you say it?
And it's a chocolate sponge cake
with a homemade marshmallow frosting.
Also a strawberry jam, and it has
a little bit of ruby chocolate caramel.
The strawberry was a little sweet for me.
I would've liked a little more acidity.
But it tastes like a strawberry.
Jeez. I don't know, I don't know.
Karen, Gaby, bring us
a little piece of that cactus, please.
We're worried. We're anxious.
Tell us about the flavors you used.
Well, the cake is a vanilla cake
made from Funfetti.
The filling is Mascarpone cheese
and has a cactus fruit
and strawberry jelly.
-It's a little
The sweetness is very sweet.
But very pretty.
I'm going with the flow and I hope that
I always hope for the best.
Pastry chefs, the judges
have made their decisions.
The two teams that I mention
will go to the finals
and have extra time to compete.
The team that wins second place
gets half an hour
and becomes the first runner-up
of Sugar Rush: The Baking Point is
We're this close
to winning a million pesos.
[suspenseful music playing]
Alan and Ale.
There was danger, there was drama,
there was laughter, there was anger,
but at the end of the day,
there was passion and love for what we do.
You two are going to compete in the finals
with three hours,
48 minutes, and eight seconds.
Now, let's proceed
with the judges' favorite team,
who gets an hour of extra time
and becomes the second runner-up
in Sugar Rush: The Baking Point.
That team is
[suspenseful music playing]
Israel and Iván.
Thank you so much. Our miracle came true.
And this leaves you two
with a total of four hours,
48 minutes and eight seconds.
Karen and Gaby, Ruth and Rubí.
I ask that all four of you
come forward, please.
No, no. We can't leave now, Rubí.
Judges, which team
doesn't make it to the finals
and leaves the Sugar Rush:
The Baking Point competition today?
I'm just waiting for this ordeal to end.
Well, look, I'm so sorry,
because it looks like you put
a lot of effort into it,
but, for me, the cake
I liked the least was
[dramatic music playing]
Karen and Gaby's.
I'm very conflicted about this,
but the reason I'm voting this way
Is because I know that you could've made
a much more amazing cake,
and that's because I know
you're super capable.
My vote is for
Ruth and Rubí.
Now that we only have one episode left,
we can't go. Please, please, please.
That means the master teacher Luis
has the final vote. We're listening.
The decision I'm about to make now
is based on how I saw you work
from the start of the competition
until the last two minutes you had left.
My vote is for
Gaby and Karen.
[somber music playing]
[Karen] Mmm, no.
Well, Gaby, it was a good trip with you.
[all exclaiming]
I have learned from you
to try to let go and be more open.
-It's okay.
-Thank you.
[Karen] I wish you all much success.
I know you're great
and you'll make it big.
The teams of Israel and Iván,
Ruth and Ruby, and Alan and Ale
will give it their all
in the grand finale,
and one of them will leave
deliciously richer with a million pesos.
The grand finale of Sugar Rush:
The Baking Point begins next.
[upbeat outro music playing]
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