Sugar Rush: The Baking Point (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

[upbeat intro music playing]
This is the grand finale
of Sugar Rush: The Baking Point!
Alan and Ale,
Ruth and Rubí, and Israel and Iván
will face the sweetest race
for the last time!
And it won't be easy.
-You didn't tell me?
-I told you!
-You don't listen.
-All good?
The time they'll have today is based on
what they accumulated
in the previous episodes.
Rounds are the same.
First, cupcakes and creations.
And second, cakes.
But only two pairs
will advance to the second round.
What in God's name are we up against?
I don't think we're on the right track.
We'll see how it goes.
And they'll be able to compete
in the final battle
to win one million pesos
and the Sugar Rush:
the Baking Point trophy.
I'm Capi Pérez, and these are our judges.
She didn't know how to cook
and couldn't even bake a cake.
Now, she's a special pastry chef.
It's Gris Verduzco from Mis Pastelitos,
who says "special"
as her particular expression.
The prestigious chef and chocolatier,
and owner of the largest collection
of vests in Mexico, Luis Robledo!
And as a guest judge,
the influencer and YouTuber
who's lost and found herself
on the planet of social media,
Wendy Guevara!
Today our bakers will pay tribute
to the mysticism of Mexico.
The theme? Magical Mexico.
The end of the sweetest race
is about to begin. Follow me.
My dear friends. The time has come.
Reaching the finale today
is very satisfying.
Every stumble we had
We're fulfilling our promise.
-We told you we'd make it, and
-[both] Here we are.
Every tear shed
has brought us to this moment.
-We made it!
-Can you believe it? This is amazing.
So much emotion and melancholy.
Judges, I'll miss you.
Wendy! How are you? Welcome!
Awesome! So grateful to be here.
There's a good vibe.
That's it, bakers!
You came to this kitchen
with 24 hours in total
for the entire season.
But the time has come to review
how much time you have left
in this grand finale.
In this finale,
the enemy is actually time.
Ruth and Rubí have four hours,
54 minutes and one second.
That's why you'll be
the first to start baking.
-You gotta be careful with 'em.
-You gotta fear 'em.
Israel and Iván, four hours,
48 minutes and eight seconds.
We can't get too cocky,
because the other teams are very fast.
And Alan and Ale, three hours,
48 minutes, eight seconds.
We started with a deficit
of more than an hour.
We'll see how it goes.
My dear Gris, tell us what they have to do
in this first challenge.
For this challenge, you have to create
a cupcake inspired by a mystical creature
or an animal from the Mexican fauna
that's considered a magical being.
What a beautiful theme to end with a bang.
Pour your hearts into your baking,
not just because it's the grand finale,
but also because, after this first round,
one couple will be eliminated.
We'll sweat. If we cry, we cry,
but we'll make it work.
Ruth and Rubí, hands on your mixers.
Your time starts now!
We're gonna make
an atotolin cupcake, the bird king.
It's a magical golden bird
from Aztec culture.
We love the atotolin idea
because it hides a jewel inside,
and we're gonna show off
the jewels we carry inside.
-Let's go. Let's do this!
-[Ruth] Come on!
Ruth and Rubí's only weakness
is that they can get distracted.
I'm gonna start making
a honey buttercream.
[Ruth] Okay.
How much of a difference is there?
An hour and a half?
-No prob.
This challenge is against the clock.
What do you think? Add vanilla bean?
[Ruth] A little.
-Which is pre-Hispanic.
-It's very Mexican.
They're great. But when they're
against the clock, they stumble a bit.
It won't stay up.
Yes I am, Rubí. I know that the flan
may not have been the best decision.
But they always seems to recover.
I'm very demanding.
Sorry, I'm like the Iron Judge.
Israel, Iván, hands on your mixers.
Your time starts now!
[Israel] Banana with passion fruit?
Our idea is to make a cupcake
based on white butterflies.
[Iván] Yeah.
[Israel] After someone dies,
the white butterfly arrives.
It's believed that it's
the deceased family member returning.
It's also a good luck omen
that things will improve.
Let's hope this butterfly's
a good omen for us.
[Iván] Good omen.
They're gonna make
a blender cake to save mixing time.
The quality will depend
on the preparation order.
The truth is we want to handle
the first part as quickly as possible
to save as much time as we can
for challenge two.
Israel and Iván.
They always vibe together well.
-He is my jam.
-We're jamming.
-You really look like a potter.
-I am one.
You're an artist.
And you haven't even
heard him sing yet. He sings.
The way they've worked together
and taught each other
has benefited them a lot.
It's reflected in the flavors.
-[Iván] I'm excited to meet Wendy.
-[Israel] Yeah?
-Being in the finale's a dream.
They were challenges for us too.
We also learned a lot from each other.
[both] We got to know each other.
Rubí's great, she's so sweet.
I feel like we're family,
since my family isn't here.
They're taking their time,
and we might be able to catch 'em.
[Alan] Yeah.
Oh my, you're using a scoop.
Grab a sleeve, sweetie.
That's an amateur technique.
The best technique's with the sleeve.
Everything's faster.
And it's done.
We'll make the next round.
[Rubí] There.
Upright, that's it.
We started putting jewels on top.
Pineapples, golden wings.
We're getting closer.
It's pretty frustrating. I see the clock.
It's stopped, and I just have to wait.
Rubí! Let's go.
I think it's
the fastest cupcake we've done.
They're done.
-[Gris] Done with their cupcakes?
-[Luis] With pineapple chips.
We're done, right?
[Capi] Israel and Iván and Ruth and Rubí
have finished their cupcakes.
[Ruth] Where's the notebook?
[Capi] Luis, what does
the creations challenge consist of?
[Luis] Well, Capi, this is the finale.
So they have to be inspired
by a Mexican legend.
La Llorona
La Llorona, the kissing alley,
the aluxes,
the legend of the Popo and Izta volcanoes
Sounds difficult.
-Let's do
-Chocolate and also
What legend, though?
Hummingbirds are beautiful.
They represent good wishes and good news.
[Ruth] Why don't we make
a molten chocolate cake,
super dark chocolate,
but with a lemon center?
The hummingbird is very inspiring.
What desserts do you like?
Chocolate-y, strawberry?
Chocolate isn't really my thing.
-Watch what you say about chocolate.
-No! [laughs]
If you make it, I'll eat it
-I'll start right now.
-'cause I'm a good person.
[Iván] We're inspired
by the legend of vanilla.
We're gonna make vanilla orchids,
and we're gonna put them
on top of the dessert.
We're making simple decorations 'cause
-Sometimes less is more.
Dear finalist pastry chefs,
officially one hour has passed
in the Sugar Rush:
the Baking Point grand finale.
Two teams have already
presented their cupcakes.
One hasn't even started them.
Forget about the others
and focus on the clock.
We definitely don't have time
for mistakes.
We need to achieve perfection.
It's prettier that way.
[Rubí] Yeah. Okay.
I think we're both bossy.
-It's better downwards than to the side.
-[Rubí] Yeah.
I'm more patient.
Let me do it.
Alan, Ale, hands on your mixers,
time starts now!
Ale, there's no time for games.
Give me your best marbled cake
and your best crumble.
[Ale] Got it.
[Alan] Let's show 'em
why we're from the underworld.
For this cupcake, I'd like to talk about
the Aztec god of the dead,
and about the spiritual guide, the xolotl.
The xolotl is the only being
capable of passing through
the underworld and returning.
So I'm making a chocolate Aztec dog.
[Iván] I'm moving the dirt.
-[Israel] Leave it.
We're really anxious to finish this stage.
We already feel close
to that million pesos.
-[Ale] Cupcakes going in.
-[Alan] Got it.
Wendy, you seem intrigued.
The time's come to take a tour
so you can smell and feel everything.
You're absolutely right, Capi.
I'm super psyched to try each of these.
They look delicious.
[Israel] I have the compote on the stove.
And I'll make an avocado cream
and the crumble, right?
[Iván] Okay.
-Hey. Welcome.
-Israel, Iván we came to visit.
I admire Wendy a lot,
and think she's funny.
Tell me the legend of vanilla.
-Of course.
-You who knows everything.
In Veracruz, in Papantla,
the king had a beautiful daughter.
She met a warrior.
But she was forbidden to fall in love,
and they were sacrificed.
-Both of them.
-What a scandal. That's terrible!
They scattered their blood
and saw that a bush grew,
and an orchid was entwined in the bush.
And from the orchid came the vanilla pods.
It's a beautiful story, look it up.
-Where there's gossip, there's knowledge.
-Of course. I'll tell all my neighbors.
-I don't want to
-Want me to mix it with the raspberry?
I don't want you to just beat it together.
I want you to wrap it up
when we finish assembling it.
But do I beat it now?
No, wait for the coulant to come out.
Things turn out better when you slow down.
Alan and Ale are finally working.
-[Wendy] Hello, lovelies.
-This is Wendy.
-[Alan, Ale] Hi, Wendy!
-Are you a couple?
-No, no, no.
I just saw Never mind.
They fought a lot at first. Not anymore.
They told me you tried to choke him!
-We're strong-willed.
-They're both strong-willed.
-[Alan] Uh, no.
-Calm down, so I can be calm.
[Ale] I'll do 'em,
but we won't make it to the finale.
Yeah, we have strong tempers,
but we've balanced it out a bit.
We want to be as calm and as patient
as possible to succeed in this challenge.
We won't distract you anymore,
There's not much time. Good luck.
-Good luck and success.
-Thanks so much.
Can you check the crumble?
Yeah, I'm going.
-Let's put these on.
You're gonna break 'em.
We're both nervous, but we can feel
a good vibe that we're moving forward.
And we're gonna deliver
the first part in its entirety.
I'm gonna put the dirt on.
Just covering it a bit
so you can see the green.
One, two
[bright tones chime]
Israel and Iván just finished.
-The first ones, bro.
-We did it.
They finished.
-What happened?
-They finished, but we're doing good.
They finished first,
but maybe it's curdled or raw or just bad.
It's finally time to taste, Wendy.
That's what I wanted,
because from here it looks great.
-What you came for. Let's go.
-All right!
It's warm. I'm gonna put it in longer.
You finished?
-This is cold.
-If I put it in, it'll get cold, okay?
-Got it.
Israel and Iván, you're the first
to finish the first round
of the grand finale.
-Thank you.
First, tell us about your final cupcake.
[Israel] The flavors that you'll find
are banana, passion fruit, and walnut.
We chose the butterfly
as our mystical animal.
[Iván] When a relative
or close friend dies,
even if you don't realize it,
a white butterfly visits you,
and it's their way of saying goodbye.
I don't like it.
[dramatic stinger]
No way!
I love it!
That made me sweat.
The iridescent color here,
I love how it looks.
Thank you.
I like it a lot, although the cupcake's
texture is a little dense.
Now tell us about the inspiration
for this creation and how you made it.
In this dish we used vanilla
to accompany four flavors.
There's chocolate, pumpkin seeds,
avocado and tomatoes.
[Luis] This cocoa's great.
Your cake's good and perfectly cooked.
Sometimes cake in the microwave
dries out the edges.
This one isn't like that. Superb.
I'm a flavor expert.
But I'm an expert in the flavors
like enchiladas and pozoles.
-Don't offend me.
-On the contrary.
That's why we chose
something like the tomato.
The tomato was delicious.
I'm passionate about local market food.
I love it.
We're on our way.
-[Capi] Congratulations.
-Thank you.
[Ruth] One second.
-Let's assemble the coulant.
I'm very anxious.
I'm having a hard time waiting.
Two minutes.
We aren't gonna plate something
that's half-done, ugly, or not well-made.
[Alan] Are you adding the worm salt too?
[Ale] Yeah.
Should I spray it with mezcal?
With the clock ticking,
we can't help but think about what's next.
Do the next one.
Honestly, the most symbolic legend I know,
the first to go viral
and transcended Mexico to Latin America,
is the chupacabra.
Supposedly they suck goats' blood,
so we're gonna use elements
like raspberries to simulate that.
Goat cheese, a soft almond cake.
We want to take
the funny side of this story.
This is maddening, stop it!
-Chocolate's in the microwave.
In order to conquer this challenge,
you need a lot of technical knowledge.
Checking my crumble.
-You watching the cake?
-Put it there.
-Move this forward.
Put it in for me, but I'll put this first.
Come on.
-[bright tones chime]
[Ale] The girls are done,
but we're still good, right?
No biggie.
Ruth and Rubí.
Your last cupcakes, your last creation.
Tell us about your cupcake
and the animal that inspired it.
[Rubí] Well
In this case it's from Aztec culture,
and it's the king of birds,
which is the atotolin.
[Ruth] t's a sponge cake
with pineapple and pine nut,
a caramelized pineapple heart,
and a Swiss meringue buttercream
with honey.
I love the taste. I love amaranth.
But this was a little bit stiff.
What can I say?
The frosting's a little greasy.
-But the taste was delicious.
I'll take your wing if you don't want it.
It's just so good. Excuse me.
I love it.
She loved it and wouldn't stop eating it.
That's nice.
I'll tell you the truth.
I didn't like this
because it's as hard as a rock.
Oh my gosh, Wendy. Where are we going?
Be careful.
-And don't hate me.
-Not at all!
[Capi] Please tell us about this creation.
[Rubí] We were inspired
from the legend of the hummingbird.
We tried to make a dessert
that contains the essence of nature.
That's why the heart
of the coulant is lemon,
and the lemon and raspberry
whipped ganache, and the lemon foam.
Can you eat the flower?
Well then, excuse me.
-What is this?
-Oh, I got scared.
-[Rubí laughs] No.
-What's this yellow stuff?
-Lemon curd.
I like this good flavor.
Lovely, pretty, nice.
Nice work. I thought it was just chocolate
and I was surprised by the center.
Doing a fondant for the finale
is somewhat conservative,
and I would've risked a little more
with something extra.
I don't know if this'll play against us.
Good luck.
Thank you.
The jam
Don't pour it from up high,
we won't have time.
Do it low, and we'll make
a shorter cake this time.
We don't want to waste another minute.
-You nervous?
-Yeah. They're moving too slow.
Besides the fact that they started last,
this is worrying me.
Put another cold tray in so it keeps cold.
If it was already frozen,
it could be assembled right now.
It's gotta be low.
I can't tell the fridge,
"Chill it faster."
[Ale] Is it ready?
My God, the nerves.
I'm afraid that when we unmold,
it'll start to collapse.
Alan, bring 'em.
But we'll do our best to decorate it nice.
Should I unmold them?
They're a little slow.
No, no.
-You won't see the edges.
-No. No.
I don't like how Alan's
decorating this cake.
This feels more tense.
-Yeah, Ale.
-I would've done it different.
We'll fix it.
I think it's too much cream.
Press it.
-Come on.
-[bright tones chime]
[Ale] I would've decorated differently.
The edges don't show.
-No, it's not
-No? We'll see.
I had it here.
-You didn't tell me?
-I told you!
I need a minute.
I need Alan to give me my space
so I can get angry calmly and alone.
Alan and Ale, you did it. You delivered
the first part of this grand finale.
First, tell us about the cupcake, please.
[Alan] Sure, Capi.
It's the xolotl,
the only being capable of passing
from this world to the other.
[Ale] We wanted to make a crumble,
and as a Mexican element
we're using a slight perfume of mezcal.
It's accompanied by worm salt
and a touch of orange,
because a mezcal without orange
and without salt isn't a mezcal, right?
I didn't like it very much
because it has salt.
I'm not used to desserts like this.
I think sweet things should just be sweet,
and savory things should just be savory.
But it has both, just like me. You get it?
-Like I see myself.
-[Ale] Okay.
[Gris] Visually,
it's beautiful how it shines.
It's incredible.
I needed a little more sugar.
You already know me,
my taste is a little more sugary,
but the flavors as a whole were very good.
I have a hard time
pleasing Mis Pastelitos,
'cause she's too sweet.
Please tell us about this creation.
The twist to all this is the goat,
the white chocolate whipped ganache,
and the raspberry
with hints of sourness and the crumble.
Were you planning to set it up like this,
or was it an issue?
It wasn't the plan.
I love this one.
I really liked the flavors
of the goat cheese, raspberry,
and the crumb's very neutral,
but it's obvious you rushed the assembly.
What's this white thing?
[Ale] A mounted white chocolate ganache.
-A ganache?
-It's too much honey.
Next time be careful,
or I'll send it back.
Okay. Okay.
All right, finalist pastry chefs.
You made a great tribute
to Mexican legends.
Really, congratulations.
However, as you already know,
one team will have to be eliminated.
But first, one team was the favorite
of the judges in this first round.
Seeing the work of the others,
I think we have a pretty good chance
of being the best, right?
That team is
Should I pray to the Virgin Mary?
From Tres Cantos in Spain.
I really hope to reach the final challenge
so we can make an equally great cake,
even if all odds are against us.
Ruth and Rubí, congrats.
I can't believe it! First place.
Congrats, Ruth and Rubí. Enjoy this win.
Rubí, we made it.
The million's almost ours.
It's right here!
The time has come to inform you
which couple won't continue
to compete in the grand finale.
[tense music playing]
We know there's a chance
they'll send us packing.
The team who will not be able to continue
competing in the grand finale is
[suspenseful music playing]
Alan and Ale.
[somber music playing]
I'm gonna cry.
You're amazing pastry chefs.
Personally you have
all my admiration and respect.
A round of applause.
I think I need to spend
some time on myself.
To rediscover the Alan who has a life.
Besides the bakery,
the chocolate, the skills, the teaching.
-Thank you.
-Give it all you've got.
I don't know him anymore.
-Master Chef.
I know that right now I may not be 100%,
but despite all the setbacks
that keep coming,
I know I can keep handling them.
[Capi] Goodbye! Bravo!
Pastry chefs, you've shown superiority
in each of your creations.
We surprised the judges. So far.
And that's why you're here,
in front of this lovely geometric trophy.
-We're freaking out.
-A lot.
Dear Wendy, what do our bakers
have to do for this big final challenge?
They'll have to use
the magical art of our country.
This cake's a real challenge for me,
but I'm calm because Rubí knows a lot
about Mexican art.
We want to see lots of light,
loudness, feeling, and all the tricks.
Basically you'll have to choose the art
from a specific place
in our magical Mexico.
There's too much art, too many crafts,
too many communities to choose from.
Just keep in mind that this cake,
with the essence of our country,
will be responsible for you
winning or losing one million pesos.
-We're in this together.
-We'll give it our all.
Israel and Iván, you finished first,
and you have three hours, 19 minutes
and 18 seconds to make this cake.
-Think we'll make the cake?
-I think so.
Ruth, Rubí. You have two hours,
47 minutes and 22 seconds.
You'll start later.
My goodness.
Not much time.
Israel, Iván. Hands on your mixers,
your time starts now!
The challenge is us against the clock.
[Iván] We're gonna make a cake
inspired by Huichol art.
It's gluing glass balls with wax,
one by one, color by color.
The idea of the cake is
to place a jaguar head on top.
[jaguar roars]
You gotta make some wafer paper flowers
simulating the corn leaf flowers
that make
-The tamale.
[Israel] We've got the sponge cake,
which is made of chocolate,
the dirt, which is made of
cocoa with coffee,
a tangerine cream,
and a mango compote
with a little bit of guava.
It's in the oven. How are you?
-[Iván] I'm good.
My heart's gonna burst!
Seeing their bread in the oven
while we're waiting is nerve-wracking,
so I better not even look at them.
Sorry. Let's dance.
Isra, the tattooed one, is the baker.
He's more of a technician.
Iván's more of a decorator and an artist.
He does amazing things.
I don't think we'd have made it
this far if we hadn't come together.
I think this brought us much closer,
and our friendship is unbreakable.
We just need to carve
on a century plant our initials.
I don't know if you're staring
to put pressure on them or
[Ruth] Definitely not.
Since Mexico's magical, maybe it'd help
to give 'em some kind of evil
-No. We like each other a lot.
They're good guys.
[Israel] We still have
a 10-minute advantage over Ruth and Rubí.
Smells great.
[Israel] The cakes are
about five minutes away.
[Iván] And the dirt?
I'll check. I think it needs
about three more.
Start stretching.
Our stomachs have butterflies, like
[imitating insects buzzing]
Get ready.
Come on!
Hands on the mixers, your time starts now!
[Rubí] Our cake is
inspired by Oaxacan art.
We're gonna make a basket
like those for the Guelaguetza,
with black clay, a heart and flowers.
[Ruth] Because we wanna
leave our hearts there.
That halo of the Tehuana dresses,
I wanna hang everything on the cake.
But it's less than three hours.
-Let's go! One for all!
-I love you. Let's do it.
It'll be a coconut cake,
with a cheese and chocolate buttercream
and a passion fruit filling
with toasted coconut.
-[Israel] How many ganache you got?
-Two. Going for the third.
-Should we put it together?
Start with the head and let me do
The jaguar head sounds
risky and complicated,
but we got an ace up our sleeve.
I'm gonna line it with fondant.
It's not that tough to do.
We're gonna make
a silicone mold with the texture,
then stretch fondant over it to save time.
-Why isn't it working?
-Ruth, calm down please.
Why, though?
And it won't turn on!
Oh my God.
-Thanks, Grandma.
Calm down.
Pastry chefs! There are two hours left
in the grand finale
of Sugar Rush: the Baking Point!
[Capi] A-hundred-and-twenty minutes
are the only thing standing between
a team and a million pesos!
I'm nervous.
And more importantly,
from the golden geometric cupcake.
Put your hearts
-Yeah. All our hearts!
-into this sweet art.
Come on! So psyched.
-[Israel] Got the head?
-I'm gonna start painting. You?
Yeah, bro. I got two assembled,
on my third.
This technique's probably
one of the most complicated
and elaborate in the entire country.
Are they shooting themselves
in the foot here?
This could trip them up,
but Iván looks pretty confident.
-I love you.
-Oh my God, you scared me.
I love you too.
How are they? The girls, you know?
[Iván] About a year behind us.
-Don't get cocky, okay?
-[Iván] No.
Ruth and Rubí are great opponents.
It'll hurt us to beat 'em, but we have to.
[Iván] I should finish the head
in a half-hour.
God bless me.
-Whatever may happen, happens.
-[Israel] Bless us!
Well, me more, 'cause I'm doing the head.
I'm diluting dyes and pigments
in alcohol to cover it faster.
Normally, it'd take me
about two to three hours
to make it nice and defined.
I'm gonna let this rest in the fridge,
then cover it in black, okay?
Iván's painting something
with a lot of detail that makes me think,
"Oh my God. What are we up against?"
At this point, it's
Yeah, they're both running
smooth operations right now.
-Do you have time to do the flowers?
-I mean, 20 minutes max.
I feel like winning this
depends on me right now,
because if we don't finish
the jaguar head,
then obviously the cake won't look good.
-I'm worried they won't finish.
-[Capi] Calculations aren't their thing.
Not at all.
They look confident, let 'em try.
-I'm going to the mixer.
-[Rubí] Okay.
[Ruth] Let's see if I can move it.
Need help?
Yeah, I don't want to put a finger in it.
Could it break?
[Luis] Definitely.
You're smarter Whoa!
Uh, Rubí!
Sorry, I'm going a thousand miles an hour.
I'm super focused.
Ten minutes in the mixer, right?
[Israel] How're you?
It's been 20 minutes.
These guys have messed up
several times this competition.
-I don't think you can do that anymore.
Hope it doesn't happen here.
I'm feeling all the weight
on my shoulders.
Should I do flowers?
Only if it's fast.
Pastry chefs!
I can't believe I'm saying this,
but we're down to the last hour
of this competition.
[whooping, cheering]
Give it your all, bakers. Don't hold back!
I'm feeling nervous because of the time.
Rubí, that's so pretty!
I'm adding a halo.
We're trying to manage our time
so everything goes well.
Isra and Iván.
-What's up?
[Capi] How ya doing?
-Not much time.
-You stressed?
-Big time.
You satisfied with your jaguar head?
-[Iván] It's not done.
-[Capi] Okay.
But this was urgent.
Are you painting
with that technique for everything?
Depends on the time.
It's not coming out like I had in mind.
I got no choice but to improvise.
-Good luck.
-[Iván] Thanks.
-Hope it's enough time.
-Well done.
I have to try.
Never in the history
of Sugar Rush: the Baking Point
has this station been
as quiet as it is now.
Are you connected
via Bluetooth or something?
No, telepathically.
See how focused I am?
I couldn't even think of a comeback.
Why'd you make the heart
so realistic and bright?
We already had it in mind.
-[Ruth] We wanted to put our hearts.
-It was decreed?
-It was always gonna be a heart.
If we have something left,
let's leave it there. This is our heart.
What are you doing? Flowers?
-How many you got?
I see that Iván's starting to sweat
and get stressed.
He's not answering me with the same gusto.
You want to put some on the cake?
I'll wait to put them
all on symmetrically.
Well, don't wait too long.
No, just let me finish these two.
Pastry chefs!
You have 30 minutes left
to finish your cakes.
And in case you forgot,
there's one million pesos on the line!
And the golden cupcake of champions.
We have to improvise now,
or we won't make it.
I did embroidered flowers.
There's a silence
that's really killing me.
It worries me.
How many braids?
-How many braids?
I always You don't listen.
What's happening?
When the two go into war mode, watch out.
[Gris] High tension.
Like this?
-You sure?
And these two are starting
to lose their composure.
Is there time
for the embroidery with the pipe?
Seeing that things aren't going as planned
makes me pretty angry.
What do we put here?
Do you want to detail the head more?
-[Israel] Twenty-one minutes left.
I see the head and I don't like it.
I think Iván can do so much better,
and I don't think
we're on the right track.
My God. I can't believe this is over.
I thought, "What's that black ball?"
Now I see it. I said, "Wow."
-Should we just stick it on?
-[Rubí] Yeah.
-Can you do it? Or not?
When you're the boss,
I just shut my mouth.
Pastry chefs! It's the last ten minutes
of this spectacular Sugar Rush:
the Baking Point competition.
I'm about to collapse.
In ten minutes, we'll know
who'll win one million pesos!
Last cake in this kitchen.
We'll miss it here.
Let's go.
[Capi] Ten minutes.
I wanna replace these.
I think we could've taken the decision
to make something with simpler processes
that would've made our work
look good from afar.
What if you move this to the other side?
It'll be the same. How're they?
[Iván] They're getting there.
[Ruth] We're a little stressed.
A cake for the finale
needs to have our heart in it.
And it truly has it. We can't hold back.
Oh, the other side!
[Capi] Five minutes!
Five minutes left in the grand finale!
Five minutes, and honestly a part of me
is starting to fall apart and melt.
For God's sake, finish your cakes!
-A stick's coming out here.
-Okay, pull it out.
No, Rubí. We're messing up.
Take it out.
-This moment's
I have my doubts,
'cause it feels like it's moving,
and I'm squishing it, like it's not right.
Just two minutes.
What if we put one on?
One what?
Something like a a filler.
But I'd have to paint it,
or I'll paste it.
Think it'll stick?
Last minute!
The teeth are falling.
-Where do we put it?
-On the back, here.
[Wendy] He's finally putting it on.
I'm stressed.
What's happening?
More flowers here, the heart's showing.
Oh, wow, it does look different.
No, keep going.
[all chanting]
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six!
Five, four, three, two, one!
-[Capi] That's it, bakers!
-We did it!
-Yeah. Yeah.
-It turned out just like we dreamed it.
-Wow, so pretty.
Amazing what you've done.
There's no turning back,
and nothing we can do.
It's over. You gave all you could.
Maybe not what you wanted to give.
-Israel and Iván, a round of applause.
-[Wendy] Wow!
Incredible job.
Not just now, but throughout the season.
Thank you.
Tell us your techniques and inspiration.
[Iván] We were inspired by Huichol art.
We made the flowers with corn leaves,
and made them look embroidered.
How did it go, especially with the head?
It was a little tough to work
with the time, but we did it.
Now we're gonna give you
our final opinion at the judges' table.
Our cake may not be perfect
in terms of decoration,
but I think the flavor
could determine the results.
Ruth, Rubí.
Always giving everything
Until the last second,
and the finale was no exception.
So tell us about this creation
and your inspiration.
Our inspiration was mainly Oaxaca.
[Rubí] At the bottom
there's a basket from the Guelaguetza,
which is a very important celebration,
the black clay vase, and also a heart.
-Break your heart, please, and give us
-Oh my God.
-We'll wait at the table.
-[Rubí] Thank you.
I want them to try it.
[suspenseful music playing]
Let's start with Ruth and Rubí.
Bring the cakes.
Oh my God.
[Ruth] We used
Oaxacan coconut candy as a base.
So we made our cake with coconut bread.
The buttercream is a cream cheese
and butter frosting with dark chocolate,
and it has passion fruit
and toasted coconut cream
between the layers.
I think we achieved something
really beautiful in a short time.
The heart of the cake is
what caught my attention the most.
I really like how you decorated it
and all the details.
The combinations you chose is amazing.
The creativity it takes to combine
the flavors you did is incredible.
This cake's special.
Thank you.
She loved it!
Go ahead here, Wendy.
To me, I felt like it was too greasy
for my palate, you know what I mean?
Excuse me?
But that's all. I love passion fruit,
and the cake is really good and fluffy.
[relieved chuckle]
Can you feel the victory?
I would've used
more techniques outside of fondant.
The passion fruit works,
the coconut works, the chocolate works.
Everything works.
Except that you always gave me
something crunchy,
and I was expecting it.
No matter what happens,
you have my respect.
-Thank you.
Iván and Israel,
please bring us a slice of cake.
All I can do is trust in the taste
and the judges' decision.
Hopefully they'll love the flavor.
You'll find flavors
that come from all over Mexico.
We have the chocolate part,
which is the strongest part,
because we have it
in the cake, in the coating,
and in a crumble that goes inside.
You'll also find a light tangerine cream
and a compote made with mango and guava.
I love that you didn't use fondant,
because it looked like it was fondant.
The cake was so straight.
And I also loved the taste.
This shows what great bakers you are,
and you make things
that are really delicious.
For me, this cake was very special.
I'm gonna faint.
Well, I loved the decoration,
because I'm very flowery and all that.
But the truth is,
I found the head very dark.
Iván, when you explained
the Huichol theme,
my expectations were so high
that I think it fell a bit short.
I expected to see more detailed work.
I see you used nice matching flavors.
I think the two textures,
both the cream and the compote,
complement well,
but in general it's a very balanced cake,
and you have my respect.
-Thank you.
That gave me a lot of confidence.
All right, the moment of truth has come.
Ruth and Rubí, please join
Israel and Iván here in front of us.
[Rubí] We're really happy to be equals
with them, because they're so talented.
May the best bakers win.
The moment that decides
the whole competition is here.
The vote of the judges.
We're competing with the best.
So the competition's
gonna be really tight.
What I want to hear from you, judges,
is which couple you consider to be
the winner of
Sugar Rush: the Baking Point.
Wendy, go ahead.
Well, I really liked this team's cake.
I loved the decoration.
So my vote goes to
[suspenseful music playing]
Whatever the result,
just say it now, please.
Israel and Iván.
Thank you.
Thanks, Wendy. That's why we love you.
The pair I'm gonna choose,
if I analyze the whole program,
all the challenges
This team, in my opinion, always fulfilled
the two most important things in a cake.
That it tastes delicious
and looks beautiful.
So my vote goes to
No matter how much I breathe,
I can't get any oxygen.
[suspenseful music playing]
We have the first vote,
but the nerves still don't go away.
Ruth and Rubí.
We're happy and it's wonderful,
but anything can still happen.
One team has an overall performance
that's a little more outstanding
than the other.
My vote's for
[suspenseful music intensifies]
Ruth and Rubí.
[Ruth and Rubí crying]
Congratulations, Ruth and Rubí!
You're the winners
of Sugar Rush: the Baking Point!
[excited, upbeat music playing]
It's so amazing.
I seriously can't believe it.
[Capi] Hug each other!
Taste the sweetness of winning!
We knew how good they were.
Come here to receive your trophy.
Winning this award means a lot to us
'cause it reinforces
our confidence in our profession.
It's also obviously important to remember
that you won one million pesos!
Congratulations. Congrats.
I feel a little sad, because we'd
already made plans with the million pesos.
[Luis] You're great professionals.
I'm at peace with the decision
because they worked so hard.
-I've learned a lot from you. Thanks.
-So have I! Thanks.
Thanks for everything.
For teaching me so much
and always giving all your heart.
[Ruth] I'm so proud of Rubí.
And I'm proud of you, Ruth. So proud.
I already had a friend, but now I have
a half-sister, because you and me, honey
[Rubí laughs] Thank you.
[upbeat outro music playing]
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