Suicide Squad Isekai (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

have you ever thought about
going to a new world
that's different from this one?
A place that has
hella good food, killer music
Extra fluffy beds, you name it!
C'mon, doesn't that sound great?
S Spare me! I'll do anything!
I'm gonna take you there!
To a new world!
Have you double-checked
the equipment?
Just finished.
What about the main program?
Performing the final check now.
Hurry. Power is our main priority,
so just ignore any small leaks.
Roger that. Unit Two,
I need your support on this!
Everything's ready,
Then start it up.
Was that perfect or what, Puddin'?
We're just getting started, honey!
Consider this the prelude
to a very, very long show.
- Harley.
- Yay!
A new world!
That's music to my ears!
It's exactly
what I've been itching for.
The modern world is so ugly!
And worst of all
it's unfair.
What's the matter?
The power output
is lower than we expected.
It won't last
Then increase the load.
But that would put
too much strain on her
There is no "her."
Just a tool to open the Gate.
Now do it.
You are totally right.
Deep down, that's what
everybody's thinking about!
Even people who're sitting pretty,
eating good every day
and bossing around
their countless minions!
You mean, they just wanna blow
this pop stand and go someplace else?
That's right! To a new world!
Can you guess why?
It's because their soul,
or their existence
or whatever you wanna call it,
is screaming on the inside.
It's saying,
"This isn't who I really am!"
People are so stupid!
But nobody ever takes the leap.
And that's why
we're going to change things!
We'll use whatever it takes, whether
it's guns or these scraps of paper
and change the world!
Hey, Puddin'?
Let's enjoy a drink
before we do that.
Changin' the world is a tough job,
ya know?
Hang back for a bit, 'kay?
Booze tastes all the sweeter
when I drink it
while waiting for my lover.
You're the best woman alive.
Cuz' I'm your woman, Puddin'.
Hey! Everybody havin' a good time?
Aw, jeez. Is this a funeral or what?
Welcome in.
Gimme something sweet.
Super sweet.
Where's KJ?
Taking the day off?
Yeah, called in with a cold.
Fun fact, there's nobody
named KJ at this bar.
Puddin'! Don't come in here!
Ma'am! We really need to stop!
Just keep going.
Don't stop!
Hey, Puddin'? Where are you?
Come in.
I don't know what a samurai
could have against little ol' me.
Uh, gosh what a pretty sword!
Your mask needs some work, though!
Do you use a flat iron
on that hair
I'm sorry.
The Joker slipped
through our fingers.
That's rich!
No freakin' duh.
My Puddin' would never get caught
by chumps like you.
Wait for me, Puddin'.
I'm gonna find
my way back to you for sure.
This is where it all begins.
We've finally opened
the doorway to a new world.
Half a year later
Codenamed A.R.G.U.S
Please wait a minute!
Are you out of your mind?
I've already gotten approval.
But these people are supervillains,
the worst of the worst!
And it's going to come down
on my head if anything goes wrong!
Are you picking a fight with me?
Not at all, ma'am.
Well, you've already got
a major problem to answer for.
There's a discrepancy in the number
of supplies coming into the asylum
versus those going out.
It's been like that ever since
you took over here.
So shut up and do what I say.
Otherwise, you'll spend
the rest of your days behind bars
instead of in front of them.
Open it.
That you, Wade?
Hang on, this is the best part!
Hey, I said hang on!
What is this, a surprise party?
Get out.
You're going to do a job for me.
Who are you?
You're not my mom, that's for sure.
Wait, Harley.
I've been extra good to you,
haven't I?
I gave you
the best possible treatment!
So the least I deserve is
a thank you
Sorry, pal.
But there's only one guy
who gets free reign over me.
Both romantically and physically.
Take her away.
Lead me to the next cell. Hurry up.
You're insane!
Nobody in their right mind
would ever let these scum out.
It's impossible to change the world
without embracing insanity.
Rise and shine, little lady.
Ugh, goddammit!
I wanted Tweety's voice to be
the first thing I wake up to
in the morning!
Why I gotta see your nasty face?
Oh, great. A psycho chick.
Hey. Watch your mouth.
That's no way to treat a woman
who you've just met.
A real gentleman always
carries himself with elegance.
Aw shucks!
Now that's more like it!
I'm liking you already.
Where the hell's your bowtie, then?
I can't deny we're wearing
the same outfit.
But I'm just built different.
Don't you notice
anything special about my face?
I'm seeing two eyes, two ears,
one nose, and one mouth.
Yep. You're a real looker.
Not my type, though.
Do you two just not watch
movies or what?
No way! You're a movie star?
What about TV?
I've watched every season
of Game of Thrones!
Just forget it.
Isn't this one of those
shock-and-awe scenes?
No, maybe they're
going with foreshadowing.
Like it's more exciting
if they notice who I am later on.
What's the deal
with Jason over there?
Have an accident
while shaving or what?
I never make mistakes.
People seeing my face
could interfere with my mission.
That's right. It's a noble cause.
Hold the damn phone.
Do you know the reason
they hauled us out here?
Yes, we're on a mission for peace.
Because I don't put in work
for anything else.
Peace? Us?
This is just perfect!
Now we've got a crazy mofo, too.
It's about time
you woke up, dirtbags.
Glad to see you're all getting along.
Why of course.
Tell me, will we be arriving soon?
If it's going to be a long wait,
then would you mind untying me?
I need to get my stretches in.
Don't worry.
We arrived some time ago.
You dirtbags have
a mission to carry out. A noble one.
Now listen to the word of our Lord.
The five of you will work together
with my agent there, Adam
to conduct a mission.
The reward for success is
a reduced sentence.
To put it simply
your mission is to establish
and protect a series of bridgeheads
that will serve as the framework
for conducting research and resource
acquisition in a certain region.
Jeez. You really call that simple?
It doesn't count
unless you use words
that even dumb schoolkids
can understand.
Besides, why the hell
should we work for you?
Because you've all had bombs
implanted in your necks.
And I can trigger them to explode
at any time that I wish.
Furthermore, they also
work on a countdown.
Unless it receives
a radio signal sent from our end
the bomb is set
to explode every 72 hours.
In other words,
any attempts to escape
or ignore the orders
that I give to you
will result in death.
So we're just supposed
to wag our tails and be good doggies
now that we know our lives
are in your hands?
I hear you have a daughter.
- Sit down!
- Amanda Waller! You bitch!
Mark my words.
Lay a single finger on my daughter,
and you're dead friggin' meat!
There are no more objections,
I assume?
Then follow the instructions
Adam gives you.
All of your gear is stored
in the wooden crates in the back.
Get changed
and prepare for the mission.
Got it? Don't forget
about the bombs in your necks.
Are you sure?
What happens if I cling onto you?
Still willing to blow me up then?
- Why, you little
- I'm just kidding.
You aren't even my type.
By the way, she said
there were five of us just now.
Where's the last performer?
What are you talking about?
The fifth one is
What happened?
Hey, let me loose!
Hey! Get us out of these restraints!
What was that explosion?
Let's go take a look. Follow me!
Shit! Just a little more
Guess we managed
to make a crash landing.
What the hell?
Good grief.
We can get out from this side.
He's a metahuman?
No wonder he was the only one with
that weird restraining device on him.
Did you have a part
in The Lord of the Rings?
Now that's a hardcore film set.
Which studio is doing this one?
Film set? Seriously?
Hey, where are we?
Is this part of the peace mission
or whatever?
That's right. Our noble cause.
Then, like, explain it.
I'm betting
you don't know jack shit, do ya?
Whoa Wait a minute!
Huh? Say what?
My apologies.
We're outsiders, you see.
Where is your producer
Okay, don't even try to tell me
this is a movie set or a dream.
'Cuz under the nasty BO
of these pig freaks
I can smell something
real friggin' familiar.
This is all real.
I love when things are
super easy to figure out!
I have no clue where this is
or who you freaks are
But you're not on my side, right?
Metahuman in the form of a shark
Has the IQ of a kindergartener
The maiden of mischief
Former psychiatrist
Anybody who gets in my way
or disturbs the peace is dead!
Violent vigilante who is determined
to achieve peace at all costs
Disgusting beasts!
A shape-changer made of living clay
Unpopular movie actor
This is getting us nowhere.
Where's their boss?
You mean, like, a King Piggy?
Probably hiding in their pigsty!
It's that one!
Everyone knows that
true villains have hideous faces!
True villains are hideous, huh?
- What?
- Nothing.
Professional assassin
An expert marksman
who never misses his target
Ugh! What the hell
was that all about?
Who knows?
But ignoring all the pig freaks
I'm guessing that one's on our side?
She did say five people.
Not sure if we can count that
as a person though.
Look who's talking.
Hold on! Do you speak our language?
You guys have been fighting
those pig things, too, right?
That guy is on our side. Probably.
Come, my sword!
Was that a trick?
Or some kinda magic?
Oh, I get it!
So that's what's going on!
It's okay. Don't worry.
Our apologies for frightening you.
We come in peace.
The stories in my reality
were boring me to death
but God really knows
how to entertain!
What a fantastic scenario
he's blessed me with!
Wait, what? What's gotten into you?
Don't you get it?
Look around you!
There's dragons and orcs!
An old-fashioned war
fought with swords and arrows!
Plus, magic!
This is Alice's Adventures
in Wonderland!
The Lewis Carroll book?
But I believe the more common term
in pop culture is
an Isekai!
Oh, goddammit. Give me a break.
"Noble cause," my ass.
This is friggin' ridiculous!
Did you just call
my mission ridiculous?
Have you looked around?
If this isn't ridiculous,
then what is?
No matter how sticky
the situation gets
I always see my mission through
to the end.
Don't get in my way!
Christ, man.
Are you blind?
Who the hell
do you think
just shot the pig boss's
brains out?
You're looking at the chosen warriors
who were summoned
from another world!
Isn't that right?
Now bring us
before your king!
We'll put an end
to this war!
"Anybody who disturbs
the peace is dead"?
What the hell was that?
You a peace-mongering
nutjob or what?
Hey! I already told you once!
Don't say that kinda crap
in front of me!
- You guys are still fighting?
- Peace-mongering nutjob
- You sonuva!
- Peace-mongering nutjob
We just got word that
a new group of strangers
has been brought into the Kingdom.
Beings from another world?
Most definitely.
There is nothing they can do.
Isn't that right,
my trailblazing friends?
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