Suicide Squad Isekai (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

It's the Queen.
Move aside!
- Your Majesty, please!
- We don't have enough food!
We're going to starve
You want to be killed?
Just look at how helpless
those fools are!
The pathetic swines
never stood a chance against us!
It's all thanks to Her Majesty
for traveling to the frontlines
and rallying the morale
of our troops.
This is cause for celebration!
How can you say that?
They are still subjects of
the Kingdom who are starving!
Oh? And so what?
Are you saying that
we shouldn't reward our soldiers
for a battle well fought?
Or do you have something against
celebrating the glory of our Queen?
No, but
Do you gentlemen seriously consider
the outcome of this little skirmish
to be a victory?
Until every last one of
those Imperial brutes is crushed
there will be no victory
for our Kingdom.
Y-Y-Yes, that's absolutely right,
Your Majesty!
Of course! When I said "victory,"
I didn't actually mean
Your Majesty,
what shall we do with these people?
Ah, right, them.
I've heard their meddling changed
the tide of battle in our favor.
Is that so?
They're an eccentric bunch,
both in speech and appearance.
We've locked them in
the great prison for the time being.
Forget about them.
We have no time
for such trivial matters.
With all due respect, Your Majesty,
I believe that we can put
their weapons to good use.
It would make
future battles easier
That's coward's talk!
Are you not the hero
who once saved the Kingdom?
The mighty knight
who was blessed with the sacred armor
by the princess herself?
I expect all of you
to come prepared with a plan
for the next battle
by tomorrow's cabinet meeting.
That is all.
Um excuse me, Mother.
What is it, Fione?
Well, it's about the strange people
that Cecil mentioned.
They might actually be
the Empire's
I said to forget about them.
Unless you have some reliable
information to share with us?
Then keep quiet.
Come in.
Greetings, Princess.
You wanted to see me?
You're still not eating?
Princess, you must understand that
skipping your meals
doesn't feed our people.
I have no appetite.
I have a favor to ask of you.
Harleen Quinzel.
A former psychiatrist
at Arkham Asylum.
Fell in love with the Joker
during his imprisonment there
then helped him escape.
You've been partners in crime
with him ever since then, huh?
Pretty dumb for someone with a PhD.
You trying to live out
some twisted fantasy
as the heroine of a romcom or what?
How about you guys, didja fail
the officer exam or something?
Prison guards are
just buff muscleheads
who couldn't hack it as cops.
Or at least
that's what I heard on TV.
You stupid bitch!
Take this!
- Wake up!
- Dammit!
- Quit lazing around on the floor
- Enough of your bullshit!
- Get up!
- We're gonna teach you a lesson
Rise and shine, Harley.
Finally awake, eh, little lady?
Ugh, reality freakin' bites.
Oh, nothin'!
Do you guys realize what's going on?
Well, if we've waited this long
and no one has come to get us
then I guess that means
we aren't welcome around here.
No shit, Sherlock!
What was your first clue?
Anyone with a brain can see
that we're stuck in a goddamn prison!
There's no need to shout.
I'm just as frustrated as you.
That battle was won
due to our efforts.
By all rights,
they should be treating us as heroes
and calling upon us
to do even greater things.
Like changing the very fate
of the Kingdom!
Good grief.
I was totally onboard with the idea
of us being summoned to an Isekai.
But the God behind this whole thing
clearly has no idea how
the basics of a story actually work.
I'll just have to revise it myself.
Now I get it.
You're one of those movie star pricks
who everyone hates
'cuz you keep forcing them to change
the script you don't like, huh?
Hah! No wonder I don't know you!
You're a third-rate nobody!
What did you just say?
Time is our biggest problem.
Three, two, one
And that marks exactly 12 hours since
the helicopter we were in crashed.
If everything
that Amanda lady said is true
Then after 72 hours
Or actually, it's just 60 hours now,
then our heads will explode.
We have to get back
to the helicopter before then.
Holy crap.
I didn't think you actually had
any brains in that head of yours.
Hold up, why are you
prioritizing the bombs?
I thought you worked
for that hard-ass hag.
What about your noble mission?
The only lady I serve is liberty.
But I'm willing to do
what Amanda wants if I have to.
I'm not happy with the way
the story is unfolding
but I don't see a reason
for us to stay here, either.
We already kicked
the hell outta the bars.
Even the macho man here
couldn't do it. There's no way you
Using brute force isn't my style.
Just hang tight.
I'll kick this story into gear.
But please bear one thing in mind.
The hero woefully being forced
to leave his comrades behind
and growing stronger
from their sacrifice is
a common trope in the movies.
Most of the time, the lady survives.
However, it's also typical
in these Isekai stories
for the hero from the real world
to get asked for help
by the local princess and
ultimately falling in love with
- Guards!
- We got a prison break over here!
I can tell you're going
to come in handy with the mission.
I'm not letting you go!
My powers!
Sucks for you, buddy!
Can't cause any trouble now, can ya?
There's such a thing
as narrative flow, you know!
What kind of minor side character
gets in the protag's way like this?
Get out.
The hell is this?
Soup, maybe.
If I had to guess.
So, you're gonna take us
with you this time, right?
- No can do.
- What?
It's these handcuffs.
I haven't been able to use my powers
since they put them on me.
Why'd you guys get in my way
in the first place?
You're sitting in my seat.
Don't get your human stench on it.
You'll infect me with your weakness.
The stupid humans who came here
before you did the same damn thing.
Say what?
C'mon, you must get the gist of it.
The social rules of prison are
the same no matter where you go.
Even in different worlds.
Hold on.
Making a scene when we're short
on time isn't the smartest move.
Stuff it, Mr. Hide-My-Superpowers.
We're different species
with different languages.
Hell, we don't even share
the same tastes in music
and you expect me
to get along with them?
Remember what I showed you before?
You and I are different, too.
Yet here we are,
having a conversation.
Isn't that right?
We really should've dragged
that other metahuman along with us.
Then we could've resolved this
with big stick diplomacy.
Which is typical for a movie plot.
Well, tough titties!
We couldn't wake him up.
Probably too full or something.
Have you made a decision yet?
That's my seat you're in.
Ah, my apologies.
We're new around here.
Just get lost, already.
Of course.
We should've paid our respects first.
You're the boss here, right?
Everyone's attention is
focused on you.
It's quite impressive, really!
You can understand them?
I'm reading the room
from their expressions and attitudes.
It's a basic skill for an actor.
Say, would you be so kind
as to tell me the rules around here?
What are you smiling about?
Are you screwing with me?
Indeed! The guards here are
downright deplorable.
They like to pretend
they have superiority
by beating us up all the time.
It's so pathetic!
I see how it is.
The puny human thinks
he can mess with an ogre, huh?
Now then, let's share a meal
Freakin' barf!
Ya like that?
Eat this!
The wands! Bring the wands!
Oh crap! Not the wands!
Throw them in the disciplinary cells!
All of them!
Hands off!
Ow! What the hell was that?
Must've pulled
some hocus-pocus on us.
He said magic and shit was possible
in this Isekai or whatever, right?
Any luck?
Who are you?
You speak my language.
Did you come here
from the other world?
Why don't you
introduce yourself first?
Rick Flag.
I'm an agent with A.R.G.U.S.
"A.R.G.U.S.", huh?
Let me guess.
You must be buddies
with that old hag, Amanda, right?
You're Harley Quinn.
Partner of the infamous Joker,
Gotham City's Clown Prince of Crime.
So you know about me and Puddin'?
Hot damn. You're her?
Along with
Deadshot, Clayface, Peacemaker,
and King Shark.
Yeah, well, what's your deal?
Cuz from the looks of it, you've
been here way longer than us, yeah?
When exactly did you all get here?
Literally just yesterday.
They fed us a bunch of nonsense
and then boom.
So Director Waller decided
to send backup?
It's more like
she decided to get serious.
Seems like you guys
weren't filled in on the details.
You're not the first group
who got sent to this world.
What does that mean?
A few months ago
I led the squad that was tasked
with making first contact.
With this strange world
that's connected to ours
through the Gate.
So we really are in an Isekai!
I knew it!
But what for?
We're willing to go anywhere
to find water and natural resources.
Because monopolizing them
would bring immeasurable benefits
to our country back home.
It's even worth the risk
of exploring totally unknown worlds
that we might not return safely from.
So, basically,
you guys screwed the pooch.
And now we're here
to clean up the mess.
We're a group of criminals who nobody
gives a shit about if they die.
Some kinda "suicide squad," huh?
Who was in charge
of leading your team here?
If they had to replace me,
then it must be Katana?
I think it was somebody named
Adam or Eve or whatever.
But he got squashed
after our helicopter went down.
What about the bombs in your necks?
They must've briefed you on those.
We have exactly 58 hours,
29 minutes and 21 seconds left.
We need to reset the timer.
Where's the device?
Timer? Reset?
What are you talking about?
Don't play dumb!
Get in the way of my mission
and you'll regret it!
A time bomb, huh? Director Waller
really thought this through.
You seriously don't know?
She said something
about it receiving radio signals.
Seems like we share
a common goal, then.
I'll help you guys escape.
But just FYI, I have nothing on me.
There should have been gear
on your helicopter.
All squished! Flat as a pancake!
Then a signal must come
from beyond the Gate.
The only way for us to pick up
radio waves from our world is
by getting up close to the Gate.
I should be able to guide you there
assuming we came
from the same entry point.
So what, we're supposed
to be buddy-buddy now?
After you assholes planted
bombs in us and just dumped us here?
Would you prefer
kicking the bucket in 58 hours?
Whatever! We know you're
just desperate to get outta here!
It's easy to see that you're not used
to prison life like we are.
Me hungry.
Smell blood.
W-W-Wait a sec!
You gotta be friggin' kidding me.
Aren't you guys supposed
to be friends?
How did you handle him before?
Don't ask me!
They just brought us all here
outta the blue!
H-H-Hold on!
Nanaue! Just wait!
It's his real name.
Nanaue, are you hungry?
Well, so are we!
There's food on the other side.
We can go together.
Other side?
Th-That's right.
Come on, let's go.
What's the matter?
The door should be unlocked.
Come on, hurry up! Let's eat!
What are you doing?
Make it quick, Nana!
Get wrecked!
What just happened? Freaky.
Holy crap.
Let's go before the commotion
gets any bigger.
Wrong! Make it bigger!
Are you out of your mind?
All right!
Let me handle this!
And the grand finale!
I knew it!
My powers are greater here!
Listen closely, folks!
This is the power of true acting.
The moment where language barriers
are surpassed and
What are you dipshits waiting for?
- Huh?
- Now is the time!
Did they neuter you or what?
Don't you have fangs and claws?
What the hell happened
to your fighting spirit?
Now's our chance!
Hell yeah!
Take that!
Un, deux, trois un, deux, trois!
Would it be okay if I talked
to that girl and her group?
What girl? Who do you mean?
Those strange people
who suddenly appeared on the plains.
Per your report
they were powerful enough to turn
the tide of battle, weren't they?
Yes, that's true.
However, we know nothing
about who or what they are.
But remember the cabinet meeting?
You spoke of them like
they had some kind of potential.
I was merely showing interest
in their weaponry.
I assigned one of our technicians
to take a closer look
but he's been
totally baffled by them.
War is about using whatever
resources we can, Princess.
Please, Cecil.
I wish to help in my own way.
So that we can end the fighting
as quickly as possible.
Sir Cecil!
L-Look at that!
Looks like we've got company!
Although they're gonna need way more
troops than that to bring us down.
Friggin' asshats
You know we don't have time
to waste on this shit!
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