Suicide Squad Isekai (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Show them the mighty power
of the Royal Knights!
And off they go!
It's the Magic Knights of the Kingdom
versus the Beastmen of the Empire!
Which side has the advantage?
Let's ask our commentator,
Mr. Deadshot.
Looks like they're evenly matched
in troop numbers
but one side is trying
to siege a castle.
So it's painfully obvious
how this'll go down.
Oh, really? How can you tell?
Back when I was in the army
my dickhead of a commander
told us all the time.
"Never charge the enemy
straight on
unless you have an ass for a head."
And if that ain't bad enough.
The discipline of the Imperial forces
is beyond the norm.
Don't fall back!
Keep charging at them!
They move like
a modern special forces unit.
Even though they're just beasts.
Hey, nutjob!
How much time we got left?
Two, one
Exactly 30 hours as of right now.
That's not enough time to come up
with a decent plan of attack.
Which friggin' sucks, cuz they've
obviously got a top-notch commander.
Brainless schmucks.
Did they really think
this would be enough to wipe out
my all lovely beasts?
What in the world?
The army's here!
That's the flag of the royal forces!
What do you morons think
you're doing?
If I'm not mistaken, isn't that
the same knight who captured us?
You mean the guy who looks like
a super stressed-out
insurance salesman!
This is clear rebellion
against the Kingdom!
Say what?
"Quit stressing me out
more than you already have!"
"I don't want to lose
all my precious hair!"
Did you say something to insult me?
Come, my sword!
Huh? You wanna piece of us, jackass?
No, wait! Hold on!
- Stay still.
- Let me handle this.
- I have an idea.
- There.
Nanaue, you want
to eat better food, right?
Screw that, man!
I never back down from
Start a fight now and we'll have
to deal with knights on our asses
all the way from here to the Gate.
That's gonna eat up
time you don't have.
Just let me handle this.
Hey, hear me out.
Wow! You can speak their language?
Yeah, but just a little that
I picked up from the other inmates.
I've been here longer
than any of you have.
Let's make a deal.
Get your ugly ass over here.
We don't wanna fight you.
So lead us to where your damn boss is
We wanna talk. Talk, got it?
Does your dumb stank-ass understand
the words I'm saying?
Not a chance!
Go back to your cells!
Quit wasting my goddamn time.
We wanna talk.
Or does your dumb stank-ass
still not understand me?
Hey, you sure
you're getting through to him?
Because he's looking
more and more upset.
Are you sure it's smart
to try and communicate with words
you learned from orcs?
Well, I'm pretty sure it's fine
Does your dumb stank-ass still not
Enough of your insults!
Would it be okay if I talked
to that girl and her group?
I wish to help in my own way.
So that we can end the fighting
as quickly as possible.
Follow me.
That's more like it, chickenshit.
Hey! Watch it!
- Quit pushing!
- Hey!
Freakin' ow!
Would it kill ya to treat a lady
with a little more respect
Now this feels like a scene
straight outta the movies
I've seen a million times.
Well, it's the worst welcome party
I've ever been to.
Guess we're still in the doghouse.
What is with that demihuman?
Are these really the people
who won that last battle?
Her Majesty will see you now.
Mind your language.
These are the ones?
Who's the lady? Some kinda princess?
Nah, that's gotta be the Queen.
Just look at her huge-ass throne.
Plus the friggin' high
and mighty attitude.
What? What did you just say?
Whoa! I can understand her.
Must be my genius brain at work!
No, it's magic!
She cast a spell
so we understand each other!
Talk about convenience!
Your Majesty.
We humbly appreciate you
granting us an audience today.
There is an urgent request
we'd like to make
which is why
we sought to meet with you.
So you do know how to speak politely.
You are my prisoners.
What right do you have
to make requests of me?
Exactly. Know your place.
It's a miracle that riffraff like you
were even allowed into the castle.
I sincerely apologize
for our insolence in the prison.
But we have information that may
prove useful to you, Your Majesty.
All we ask in return is
your permission to move freely.
I'm sure you've realized that
the Empire has grown stronger
during the war.
But did you know it's because
they completely replaced
the senior officers
who lead their forces?
We already caught wind of that
long ago. If that's all you have
Very well, but are you aware that
all those newly installed officers
are from another world like us?
Another world?
What other world?
Trust me when I say
they are extremely dangerous.
But I have information about
Oh, duh! That makes sense!
Now I see the big picture.
If they were gonna send
somebody else before us
then it sure as hell wasn't
a team of legit soldiers, was it?
Keep your mouth shut.
That figures.
So the group you brought
in the beginning was
just another suicide squad, huh?
I'm guessing you lost control of them
then they ditched you for the Empire
and are now having a grand ol' time.
Hmm. I hate to put it
this way, but
You mean to tell me that
the rise of the Empire was
due entirely to your incompetence?
Wow! This is a familiar twist!
But ya know,
I do love when things go south.
Hey, Queen of this world!
We're willing to do whatever it takes
to atone for that mistake.
So choose any battlefield you want.
We'll go out there, fight,
and bring peace to your lands
in the blink of an eye.
Yo! Who said you get to decide?
I trust you're willing to make good
on this man's words?
Yes, Your Majesty.
Then prove it to me.
Otherwise, this man loses his head.
Y-Your Majesty!
Having them fight in our stead
could prove disastrous!
You were the one
who brought them before me.
We wouldn't be in this situation
if your knights had held true and
fought properly in the first place.
Am I wrong?
Karma's a bitch, ain't it?
D-Dammit! Hey, you guys!
You better get the job done!
Hey! Don't ignore me!
You know what's at stake, right?
Quit acting like
you run the show around here.
I'm not gonna bust my ass
for this crap.
Don't forget!
I'm the only one who knows
where the Gate is!
Your heads are gonna go kaboom
without me! Don't you dare forget!
So, what now?
For starters,
I'm hungry and wanna eat.
Something really tasty!
We promised Nana good food, too.
Oh, and
I'm gonna need you
to return our stuff, 'kay?
So, you're still going
to wear a mask?
Of course. Revealing my face could
prove detrimental to the mission.
By the way
that's really what you wanna wear?
Okay. You do you.
All righty. Shall we?
Should we back them up?
No friggin' point.
You heard that hot-shot commander
Stay out of this!
Our royal forces
will do the fighting.
We don't take help from outsiders!
He sidelined us.
And we wouldn't wanna
hurt his pride, ya know?
But helping them in spite of that
could lead to them seeing us
in a better light.
Which is a fairly common trope
in the movies.
I say useless allies are
better off dead.
They just get in the way
of the mission.
Plus, if I'm being honest
taking those things on
would be a huge pain in the ass.
They act like kamikaze fighters.
I can only imagine
how they were trained.
No way, I know
brainwashing when I see it.
Just look at those doggies
in the back.
They haven't even fought
and they're still roughed up.
Every last one of 'em.
Yet they don't seem
reluctant to fight
and don't give a shit
about their own pain.
That's not training.
That's brainwashing.
You seem to know
what you're talking about.
'Cuz I've got first-hand experience!
It's the tale
of wimpy little Harleen Quinzel
before she got liberated.
Brainwashing, obedient animals
and another expendable
group of criminals like us.
Sounds familiar.
Let's go!
I've got a good idea
of who their commander is.
He'll listen to what I have to say.
Oh? A friend of yours?
Yeah. One of my homies
from the slammer.
I can't even count
the number of times
I've saved his ass
from getting harassed.
A fortress like this should have
an escape route or two somewhere.
Good point.
A poor set makes for a poor movie.
Could you step back a bit?
I want to try something.
Is that all?
Can't you just wreck the whole fort
and get this thing over with?
No. This isn't my forte, you see.
My original power only allows me
to change the shape of my body.
You haven't felt different at all?
Like something changed
after we came to this world?
Because I feel like there's some kind
of magic power flowing through me.
Unfortunately, my new powers
don't seem too versatile.
Probably because
there's not enough moisture here.
I'm Clayface.
I can manipulate clay.
Primarily, only the clay
that my body is comprised of.
But in this world
it seems I'm capable of controlling
any sort of clay.
Not sure if that's useful or not.
Every good protag needs
an endearing flaw.
Just look at Tom from Tom and Jerry.
He wasn't very friendly
with Spike the dog, right?
Eat this!
Oh no.
I didn't think
there was anyone in the Kingdom
who could get past all my guards.
Just so we're clear,
I'm not here to fight you.
We're homies, after all.
Ain't that right, Rat?
Surprised, huh?
That makes two of us.
I never thought
you'd be in this world, too.
That's the guy?
Yeah, he's Ratcatcher.
One of my very few homies.
Right, Rat?
Why the hell are you here?
You friggin' asshole!
Hey, is it just me,
or does this guy reek of sewage?
What else do you expect? None of
this freakshow's friends are human!
Schmucks like you will never
understand the greatness
this little guy is capable of.
Let me eat in peace, would ya?
Oh, Deadshot
W-We were just
Just what?
'Cuz it sure looks like
you're blowing off steam on him.
Sure, he's a miserable rat bastard.
But you guys can't do jack
without herding together
in your own little rat pack, either.
Ain't that right?
He's a gloomy and introverted mofo
who reeks like a garbage can.
Plus, I bet his [bleep]
is like unsliced bologna
and always strikes out
with the ladies.
But so what?
Are you two superhumans
who can do whatever they want?
Then why the hell are you eating slop
in this friggin' hellhole?
Get lost!
Yo, Rat!
What's this?
It's cheese. Your fave, right?
It was headed for the trash, but hey,
let's not sweat the small stuff!
I'm cool with this instead.
Yuck, tastes like sewer.
Hey, Rat! There you are!
I've been looking for you.
Listen, if you don't want people
giving you shit
you gotta change your look.
Intimidate them. Know what I mean?
Show this one, dammit!
Huh? Screw that!
This is the only stuff
that Rat can get off to!
He's a [bleep]
who's into [bleep], okay?
Give him a chance.
Yuck! I ain't watching that shit!
Wazzup, Rat! Right, Rat?
Listen, Rat. Rat!
It's your damn fault that I I!
Why's he angry?
And you call yourself his friend?
That'd never make it
to broadcast on a TV show.
Assholes like you are the reason
that there's no peace in the world.
Devour them all!
Don't leave a single bone behind!
Hey! The rest of us
never did anything to you!
So I was right!
What's the deal, Rat?
'Cuz as I remember it,
rats are the only critters
that your powers give you
control over!
There's no end to these things.
We need to kill him!
It's your fault we're in this mess!
Do something about it!
I was just trying to be nice!
Hey, Rat! What did I do wrong, man?
Was it cuz of the [bleep]
or the [bleep]?
You bastard!
Water flows downward.
A fact that remains true in every era
be it medieval times
or the modern day.
And water pressure is the number one
reason why water tanks are
typically built
in elevated locations
Just like these ones here!
That tramp
She's here, too?
What's going on?
We might have overdone it a little.
What did you do?
I told you to stay out of this!
When you guys were
getting your asses kicked?
This fort originally belonged
to our Kingdom!
And our plan was to take it back!
Whatever! You got it back, didn'tcha?
It'll be just fine
after some repairs and cleaning.
I wanna take a bath!
Maybe he wanted us
to get his hair back, too.
They've driven
the Imperial forces away!
It seems your plan worked perfectly,
Your Majesty!
I was right. They can help us.
I'm only going to help you this once.
You know how the emperor feels about
failures who can't pull their weight.
I know. It won't happen again.
I'm going to make that bastard
and his friends suffer
by showing them
what I'm really made of!
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