Suits s07e13 Episode Script


1 Previously, on "Suits": It was years ago, and it was only one time, but Donna and I slept together.
I understand why you go after the unattainable woman.
You are titillated by what you cannot have.
But I can have her, Doc.
The only circumstances under which you can have her are if you choose to be the bad boy.
This is the second time that you haven't told me the full truth in as many conversations, and right now, what I need is some time to myself.
- Paula, please-- - No.
If you can't put my need to process over your need to feel okay about yourself, then I'm afraid we'll never get past this.
What are you do-- [melancholy music] We're going into your building, and we're going in there right now.
I'm ready to be your bad boy.
It was 12 years ago.
I've come so far.
I made peace with my mom, and you're the one that helped me with that, not Donna.
So, the question is, you still want to come with me? I do, Harvey.
[footsteps] Hey.
Want a cup of coffee? Is it the morning? You know, for someone who doesn't cook, you make surprisingly good coffee.
As I recall, I made you a delicious steak dinner not too long ago.
Yeah, and we both know that grilling isn't cooking.
Obviously, you've never had a double Whopper with cheese.
True, but I can't imagine it has anything on this coffee.
Put something extra in it, don't you? Vanilla.
What? Paula, I know the last few days have been rough, but I promise you, from now on, I'm not gonna keep something important from you just because I'm scared.
Thank you, Harvey.
[somber music] What do you say we go out tonight, have a nice dinner, and remind ourselves why we're together in the first place? Yeah, that'd be nice.
I'd like that.
[crashing noise] Shit.
My cell's in the living room.
I know someone's there.
You should know, I'm armed and dangerous, so get out now while you still can.
This is your last chance.
I have a gun, and I'm ready to use it.
But that's not the gun I'm here for.
So you better be locked and loaded, because your only choice now is to fill me with lead.
Oh, my gosh, this is so hot.
Louis, stay in character.
I'm the burglar.
I-I got it.
And you're about to be stripped clean.
Yeah, I am.
What are you gonna make off with, you thief? My money? My bonds? My jewels? [laughs] Oh, I'm after your jewels.
[jaunty music] And it looks like I found them! - [inhales sharply] Holy shit.
Sheila, I can't help it.
I love it when you-- - Ah, ah, ah.
Rule 29.
No L word.
I wasn't using it in-- We were very clear on the rules, Louis.
We wrote the Bill of Badness.
It outlined your lack of rights, and you signed it.
- Sorry.
I don't know what came over me.
It's okay.
You're forgiven.
But do it again, and next time, we play prisoner guard.
Well, then, I will do it again.
Good, 'cause I already got my Taser.
Teddy, what are you doing here? I thought you were off sailing around the world.
And I thought you were in the office down the hall.
Then I guess the news didn't make it to Macau.
Jessica's out.
I'm Managing Partner.
Louis is number two, and Donna's our new COO.
Oh, glad to hear some people still get rewarded for loyalty and hard work.
- What does that mean? - It means I got a call from the crew captain at my old factory.
Apparently, Adidas got an offer they couldn't refuse, sold the company to Kurt Baxter.
Teddy, there's no way that guy keeps your company intact.
Why do you think I'm here? Baxter's gonna ship all the labor overseas, which means my guys are permanently out of work.
I get that you want to stop this, but you sold the company, and they sold it to someone else.
We don't have a legal leg to stand on.
Harvey, I built my company on those guys' backs.
I gave them my word that they'd be protected.
If I let them get tossed out, I'm as bad as Baxter.
Now, I know I'm asking for the impossible, but isn't the impossible what you do? All right, Teddy.
I'll see what I can do.
Suits 7x13 Inevitable See the money, wanna stay for your meal Get another piece of pie for your wife Everybody wanna know how it feel Everybody wanna see what it's like I'll even eat a bean pie, I don't mind Me and Missy is so busy, busy making money All right All step back, I'm 'bout to dance The greenback boogie Hey, whatever you're working on, what's the timeline? Uh, it's not urgent, if that's what you're asking.
So why are you asking? Teddy Doyle just came to see me.
I thought he retired.
He did, but situation's come up, and he asked for my help.
What kind of situation? The kind that includes Kurt Baxter buying his old company and laying off the whole factory.
And if you're coming to me to stop Baxter from doing that, it must mean that there is no way we can.
Just like there was no way for you to sue your own client in a class action, or get into the New York State Bar after going to prison.
You're right, I do leap tall buildings in a single bound.
Good call, coming to me for help.
That's why I'm Managing Partner.
Harvey, why doesn't Teddy just buy his company back from this bastard, call it a day? Because Teddy sold it for 200, Baxter wants 500, and unless you got an extra 300 mil laying around, he doesn't have the money.
- Well, that's it.
What do you got? Baxter doesn't care where he makes his money from.
He just cares that it's green.
So we need to figure out how to make more money keeping the factory open than closed, and those workers are safe.
And I might still have time to fly around the city tonight.
You know I'm not just gonna let you keep calling yourself Superman and get away with it, right? Because that only leaves you with Aquaman? He can breathe underwater.
All right, fine, Harvey.
You can still be Batman.
Or Green Lantern, or Wonder Woman.
I can just keep doing this.
How about Hawkman, huh? [tranquil music] Okay.
The Silent Man it is.
What are you bellowing about now? Oh, I don't know.
Maybe the fact that I'm sitting here with a freshly blended prunie, 30 minutes to myself, and no morning newspaper? That's because when I went to get you one, they were out.
Well, then, why don't you go to the newsstand down the street? 'Cause I'm your secretary, Louis, not the paper boy, and that's that.
No, that is not that, because a day hasn't gone by that I haven't read the newspaper since I was nine.
So if it's all the same to you, I'll go out and find one myself.
Louis, wait.
They had the paper.
I just didn't want you to see it.
Why not? Because there's an announcement in there, Louis.
That Sazs woman's getting married in less than a week.
I know that, Gretchen, and I appreciate your concern, but I've accepted that she is moving on, and so am I.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go downstairs and get the newspaper.
You're still tapping that, aren't you? Say what? Don't lie to me.
You got a big old grin one second after mentioning that woman moving on.
- It was not a grin.
- I don't care what it was.
You're dipping your pudding pop in someone else's candy cane.
That doesn't even make any sense.
Louis Jr.
's having himself a slumber party.
Okay, please do not call him that.
Johnny-ready-to-go's snazzing round the neighborhood.
All right, fine! So what if I am? So nothing.
So you're not gonna tell me that this is a huge mistake? It's a mistake, but since you're already making it, we might as well skip the part where I tell you that you're crazy and get to the part where disaster ensues.
It's not going to ensue, Gretchen, because I know what I'm doing and I can live with my decision.
You know, I don't even need the newspaper anymore, so if you don't mind, I'm gonna finish up my prunie and I'm gonna make plans for my slumber party with my pudding pop.
[upbeat music] - Hey.
- Hey.
Do you mind if I ask what you're working on? Uh, actually, I'm in the middle of doing the impossible for Harvey.
But doing the impossible is not gonna keep me out of Father Walker's office at 7:00 p.
tonight, which is exactly what you came in here to remind me of.
You think you know me so well, don't you? Some might say better than you know yourself.
Okay, then tell me, what am I going to ask you right now? "How'd you get so damn handsome?" - [laughs] - "Have you been working out?" "Tell me the truth: is it the working out that's made you so damn handsome?" - Mike - You're about to ask me if I've had time to get to the questionnaire yet, and I haven't, but it is right here.
- Mike, Father Walker said it's important for each of us to write down what we want as a couple and where we see our lives going.
- I know, which is why I promise to have it filled out by tonight.
[tranquil music] - Thank you.
- Well? - Well, what? - You got something? - Let me get this straight.
You asked me to do the impossible, and then 15 seconds later, you just assume I came up with a brilliant idea? - So you came all the way down here to tell me you got nothing? - Would I do that? - You've done it before.
- And I'll do it again, but not today.
[clears throat] - It's good, Mike.
Did you do it yet, or did you just think of it? - It's done.
- How'd you manage that? - Well, I went back to my roots.
People love Teddy.
They care about him.
I decided to use that to our advantage.
- That's good.
It's what I'd do.
- Then why didn't you? - And miss out on all of this? - Yeah, this isn't so good, you know.
- You say that now, but someday, you're gonna miss me, buddy.
Trust me.
- Am I? - Nothing lasts forever.
[synth music] Come on.
Let's go save some jobs.
- I love this part.
[line ringing] - Louis, I thought we agreed you can't call me here.
- I don't care what we agreed on.
I want you, and I'm not gonna be denied.
- What? - You heard me.
My neighborhood watch won't be on patrol tomorrow night, and I'm prime for another break-in.
- Okay, Louis, as much as your lack of security excites me, I can't tomorrow.
I have to work.
- Well, then watch out for the janitor, because he's coming to clean your office, and it's very, very dirty.
- Louis, I can't.
I need to review some application files since I got to work late this morning.
- You negligent hussy.
Sounds like someone needs a spanking.
- Louis, this bad boy thing is really working for you.
- Call me "Louis" again, and I'm gonna smack that a-- - Oh, my God, this is so powerful.
- In that case, forget the janitor.
The Dean of Admissions is coming to check on your work tomorrow night, Miss Sazs.
- Ah.
You mean Dean Hans Von Schlongenhammer? - [German accent] I see you heard of me, and those papers better be in order, Miss Sazs, or you're going to get a hammer from the schlongen.
- Well, in that case, I will be unprepared for an inspection at 8:30 sharp.
- [normal voice] Wait, can we make it 7:30? Because I have a prostate exam in the morning.
[upbeat music] - What do you think? - It's a hell of a view.
- Better be.
Remember that building on the corner of 57th? It was blocking the park, so I bought it, then I tore it down.
- Is that what you plan on doing with Teddy Doyle's company? - It's not Teddy Doyle's company--it's mine.
Now what can I do for you gentlemen? - Actually, it's more of an issue of what we can do for you.
- Then get to the point.
- We know that you're planning on shipping those manufacturing jobs overseas.
What if we told you that instead of doing that, we'd cut a deal with Teddy's old suppliers that would lower your costs by 30% in exchange for a five-year contract? - I'd say thanks, but no thanks.
- Did you hear what I said? That would increase your cash flow by 80%.
- So what? - Kurt, I understand you not giving a shit about people when it makes you money, but not doing this costs you money.
- No, it doesn't, because I don't just want more cash flow.
I wanna sell the company, and China's not gonna buy it unless those jobs come along with it.
- Well, if you just wanna sell, then why the hell'd we take this meeting? - Because I didn't think the mighty Harvey Specter's going to come down here, groveling for a few jobs.
I thought he was going to come down here to match their price, because I'll let you in on a secret.
Paying me what I want is the only way those jobs are staying here.
[tense synth music] Enjoy the view.
- Harvey, listen to me.
- No, you listen to me.
I'm not gonna stop because some asshole with a view wants a bidding war.
We'll find another way.
That was the other way.
Harvey, I know that Teddy's your friend, but he walked away.
And he wouldn't have done that if he'd known those workers wouldn't be able to feed their families.
You, of all people, should relate to that.
And you, of all people, know that emotion shouldn't be mixed with business.
You two want to let me in on what's going on? Donna, I don't have time to-- Teddy caught me up on what's happening, Harvey, including the fact that he asked you to do something you have no standing to do, so I'm here to find out what you're getting us into.
There's nothing to get into, Donna, because unless Teddy suddenly finds enough money to match the Chinese, it's over.
Unless he doesn't need more money.
What the hell are you talking about? I'm saying we push the price back down to what Teddy sold it for and we get Stu Buzzini to help us do it.
You're talking about shorting his stock.
You think Baxter hasn't done the same thing a thousand times? I don't care how many times he's done it.
Putting downward pressure on a stock just to help a takeover attempt is illegal.
We can't ask Stu to do that.
It's not illegal.
Nobody's going to jail.
It's a civil violation.
All we have to do is convince Stu of that.
And how exactly are we gonna do that? We go to Louis.
Stu trusts him, and he's an expert on Securities Law.
Harvey, this isn't a good idea.
You don't have to get Louis.
I'll do it.
- Donna-- - Harvey, I know Stu.
This isn't about convincing him with legal arguments.
This is about appealing to him personally, and nobody here can do that better than me.
Donna, you sure you want to do this? I'm sure I've seen that look in Harvey's eye, which means someone's gonna do it, whether I like it or not, and I'm also sure, if anybody can convince Stu, it's me.
Gretchen! Hi.
However long 300 collated copies of Miller v.
Georgia takes, that's how long I'll be.
That's not what I was going to ask.
I wanted to know if Louis is seeing someone.
Say what now? If he isn't seeing someone, then I don't want to make him feel badly by including a plus-one, but if he is seeing someone, then I don't want to be rude by not including a plus-one.
Oh, he's seeing someone, all right.
What does that mean? W-What now? I forgot your original question.
- No, no, no, you just said he's seeing someone in a way that clearly means you know something.
[loudly] I'm sorry, I can't hear you over this rickety copier.
[clears throat] So that's how this is gonna be, huh? What are you not telling me? Louis is sleeping with Sheila Sazs behind her fiancé's back.
I told him he was crazy.
God only knows what goes on in that man's soul.
Now can you plug that thing back in, please? I got copying to do.
[fraught synth music] Didn't anyone ever tell you that staring at screens is bad for the eyes? Didn't anyone ever tell you that you're good for the eyes? Only every day.
It's good to see you, Donna.
To what do I owe the pleasure? I'm here to discuss a business opportunity.
Then I'm all ears, because the last time you came to me with one of those, I made a killing.
Well, then get ready to make another one by shorting Doyle Shoes.
Doyle Shoes is about to be sold at an 80% premium.
Is it? Okay, what's going on here, Donna? What do you know that I don't? I know that if you short that stock, you'll make a fortune, and a good man will get his company back.
And driving a stock price down to help with a takeover is an SEC violation.
It's a risk to make money.
It's what you do.
Not that kind of risk.
Not my license.
And keeping your license won't stop you from being dethroned.
You say my guys are coming after me? Look around.
Every single one of these guys is a young you, looking to take you down.
Traders are gunslingers, Stu, and gunslingers don't follow people who never sling a gun.
You guarantee I'm gonna make a ton of money on this and not get caught? - I'm not gonna lie to you.
You might lose your license, but like I said, you're not in this for the money, and sooner or later, you stop taking risks, you're not gonna be king anymore.
[cell phone vibrates] Mom, hey.
Am I interrupting? No, I'm just doing some work.
Well, I'm just getting ready to come down there.
You coming to the city? Yeah, just for tonight.
I know it's last-minute, but I was hoping you might be available for dinner.
Dinner? Yeah, you know, the meal people usually eat in the evening? Yeah, I know what dinner is, Mom.
[laughs] Would you like to have some? Of course I would.
It's just that I have plans tonight with the woman I've been seeing, and we've just gone through a little something, and I-- - Say no more, Harvey.
Just tell me her name in case I talk to Marcus.
It'll be fun to have the scoop on him.
Her name's Paula, Mom.
[guitar music] Why don't you join us? Are you sure? Yeah, I'd love to have you, and uh, I'm sure she would, too.
Then I'd love to.
Just tell me where and when.
Do you have a minute? For you, Rachel, always.
What's on your mind? Well, I was just on my way out, and I don't really know how to say this, but-- - Rachel, what's going on? Okay, look.
I don't know if you're seeing anyone right now, or not, but I just wanted you to know that no matter who it is, if they make you happy, then they are more than welcome to come to our wedding.
Gretchen told you, didn't she? Yeah, she may have told me.
But Louis, you were the one that told me that Sheila came to you in the first place, and I told you then that no matter what you decided, it wasn't going to change the way I feel about you, and I just want you to know that it hasn't.
Um, Rachel, I appreciate that, but Sheila and I can't be seen in public, and to tell you the truth, I wouldn't change that.
- You wouldn't? - No.
In fact, for the first time in my life, I have confidence.
I feel like a king.
Well Louis, it is my pleasure to inform you that I officially rescind your plus-one.
Thank you, Rachel.
I appreciate you understanding.
Well, hello, you.
- Am I interrupting? - No.
I was just finishing up my notes for the night.
Good, because there's something I want to ask you.
What is it? I know that tonight was supposed to be just for us, but my mom's gonna be in town for the night, and I was hoping that maybe she could join us.
Harvey, I'd love to just say yes, but What is it? Well, having dinner with your mother would be a big thing, and we just went through a big thing.
That thing wasn't a good thing.
This would be.
- I know--it's just, are you sure this is the perfect time? Paula, I may not have a lot of experience in this arena, but is there such a thing as a perfect time to meet someone's mother? No, you're right.
Of course she can join us.
Now I have to go.
I need to figure out what I'm gonna wear.
Wear the dress with the thing.
She'll love it.
How do you know? Because I love it.
I'm looking forward to it, Harvey.
I'll pick you up at 8:00.
Baxter's on the phone, line two.
What do you mean, line two? What are you, my secretary now? He called me.
I transferred it to you.
I thought we could do this together.
You know how to transfer? How'd they teach you that? I always drop the call.
Okay, well, he's gonna drop the call if you don't pick up line two.
Kurt, it's Harvey Specter.
How are you? What can I do for you? What the hell do you think you're doing? I have no idea what you're talking about.
You're trying to tank my stock and make my sale go away.
Kurt, Mike Ross again.
Listen, we have no knowledge of that, but if we did, I think we'd just be taking a page from the Kurt Baxter playbook.
You really think this is gonna work on me, huh? What I think is, you're a smart man who knows when to cut his losses and take the deal that's on the table.
And what the hell deal is that? As I see it, you got two deals.
You could take the supplier deal Mike and I made for you and put a small fortune in your pocket - Or.
- Or you can take the $200 million that our client is prepared to offer for controlling interest in his company, and you can keep the 30%.
You sons of bitches.
That is blackmail, and I'm not gonna let you get away with it.
And if you want the SEC to go through your books with a fine-toothed comb to make your case, you go right ahead, but this offer isn't gonna last forever, so in the meantime, my client's got financing to arrange.
All right, Baxter's gonna have to wait till tomorrow.
I've got plans.
Uh, me too.
What do you have going on? You're never gonna believe this.
I've got dinner with my mother and Paula.
- Oh.
- How about you? I have a sit-down with Rachel and Father Walker.
You wanna trade places? You do mine, I'll do yours.
Tell you the truth, I'm looking forward to mine.
Wow, you are so not the guy that I said would never have a lasting relationship of any kind.
You say that like it's a bad thing.
Kind of is.
Ah, you miss your buddy.
- Ha, ha.
- Is that what this is? Shut up.
Go to your stupid dinner.
So I know that they said we shouldn't look at each other's answers until Father Walker's here, but I'll show you mine if you show me yours.
Rachel, I didn't fill it out.
What do you mean, you didn't fill it out? I mean, I read it and I thought about it like I said I would, but when I tried to fill it out-- Mike, what's the matter with you that you can't take the time to fill out a form? It wasn't about the time.
I didn't fill it out because I can't answer questions about the future because I don't know what I want.
I'm not a planner.
Well, I am, and when I looked at it, I realized that I have spent so much time worrying about trying to keep you out of prison and how to get into the Bar that I never stopped to wonder if we really want the same thing.
Okay, so then what if I say I want whatever you want? I'd say if you really wanted that, you would have put it on the form.
[knocking] Did I interrupt something? Would you like me to give you a few minutes? No.
I'd say we're here for counseling, it looks like we could use some.
Let me guess.
You two don't want exactly the same things out of life.
Worse than that, we don't know what we want because Mike didn't fill out the form.
And why is that? Because answering questions about the future makes me feel locked in.
Okay, but see, this is what I don't understand.
You're locked into me.
And I love being locked into you.
All I'm saying is, why can't we just live our lives for a while and see what happens? Good.
What do you mean, good? I mean, there's a reason we start with these questionnaires, and the truth is, the couples that I worry about the most are the ones that seem to have the same answers to every single question.
So you're saying we win because we fight? No, I'm saying you win because you're honest with each other.
[melancholy music] And I think we're done for the night.
But we've barely done anything.
Rachel, he's letting us out of school.
Don't ask for homework.
Ah, I didn't say there wouldn't be any homework, Michael, and before next time, I hope you find some ways to talk about the future without feeling locked into an outcome.
[laughs] And then, he just climbed up on the piano and started singing.
- No, no.
Six years old.
Right in the middle of the dinner party.
My goodness.
What did you do? Well, the only thing we could do.
Gordon grabbed his sax and gave him some backup.
[laughs] You never told me you could sing.
Because he can't.
[laughter] For the record, that question was directed at me.
And somehow, I'm confident it was answered correctly.
Thanks, Mom.
Anyway, as much as I would love to keep embarrassing Harvey, I should get back.
Paula, thank you so much for letting me intrude on your evening.
It has been a pleasure.
No, Lily, the pleasure was all mine.
I can't tell you how happy I am to have finally met you.
- Me too, especially since I have you to thank for this evening.
Oh, no, well, tonight was actually Harvey's idea.
I think what my mom meant was that you were gracious enough to let her come to dinner tonight.
No, I meant when you and I mended our fences, you said the only reason you did it was because someone special in your life encouraged you to.
Well, it's obvious that someone was Paula.
[gentle orchestral music] I just put my foot in my mouth somehow, didn't I? Well, it's not your fault, but I think it just so happens I am not the special person that Harvey was talking about.
[quietly dramatic synth music] [sighs] Thought you could use a snack.
You know me so well.
[chuckles] Some may say, better than you know yourself.
Rachel, about tonight - Bullshit.
- What? I thought you liked Father Walker.
I'm not saying that his advice was bullshit.
I'm saying, my parents have a word they use when they want to talk about the future in a safe way.
If they say "bullshit," then they both know that anything they say afterwards is hypothetical, and they won't be locked into it.
Your parents have the same problem we do? You should've seen how they used to fight about where to go on vacation, let alone what to do with their money.
Do you want to try it now? No, I don't, because I just don't want to get into another fight with you.
To tell you the truth, I kind of love it when we fight.
- Do you? - Not while it's happening, but Rachel, we don't fight about things like who didn't take the garbage out or who forgot to turn the lights off.
We fight about things like whether or not I should take a case to protect prisoners at the expense of my relationship with Harvey, and the only reason we do that is because you love me and you care about me, and yes, maybe you do know me better than I know myself.
[tender music] Wow, maybe we should try this now.
No, you were right.
Think we've done enough growing for one night.
Paula, about what my mom said-- you were right.
I wasn't talking about you when I told her that, but you are the special woman in my life now, and-- I know that, Harvey, but-- But what? I know you know that Jacob cheated on me, but what you don't know is it happened with a woman that he worked with.
They worked at clinic together, and they became close friends.
So that's why Donna bothers you so much.
I know that I told you that I could handle you having her in your life, but I don't think I can.
- But I told you, I-- - Please, Harvey.
[melancholy music] I hate that I feel this way.
I hate that I feel weak, and insecure, and that my last relationship is affecting this one, but most of all, I hate that I am about to say what I told myself I wouldn't.
What is it? When I took the time to process what you told me, I did a role-play in therapy, and when I did, I told you that I'm afraid if you keep working with Donna, we won't survive.
Are you asking me to fire her? I don't know what I'm asking, but it feels like there are three people in this relationship, and the last time it felt that way, there were.
- Paula-- - I'm sorry, Harvey.
I just can't do that again.
[suspenseful music] [line ringing] You calling with another stock tip? Because it looks like that last one's about to make me a fortune.
I'm calling you to tell you to get out.
We're about to make a deal, and it's gonna turn around.
Message received.
Hey, do me a favor.
Tell Donna the gunslinger's back.
I don't get it.
She'll know what it means, and not for nothing.
Promoting her was a brilliant move.
What makes you say that? Are you kidding me? She could talk the stripes off a zebra, she's loyal, and she knows the big picture about keeping people happy.
If I were you, I'd hold on tight.
Thanks, Stu.
Thanks again for the tip, Harvey.
You ready to do this? Yeah.
Let's go.
All right, Baxter, we're here.
So you want to sign this thing with your pen or mine? You can keep your shitty pen, just like you can keep your shitty deal.
If you think you could call us here to renegotiate a price last-minute-- I didn't call to renegotiate.
I called to see if you'd come at my command, and here you are.
- All right, listen to me.
- No, you listen to me.
Sale's not happening.
Wait, you're passing on Teddy's offer? I'd sooner wipe my ass with Teddy's offer.
You turn him down, you're turning down hundreds of millions of dollars, and you're not in the business of losing money.
I'm also not in the business of letting assholes get the better of me, so I'm gonna hold on to my company, I'm gonna ship those jobs overseas, and I don't give a shit if I take a bath doing it.
You're really that vindictive? Nice to meet you.
Name's Kurt Baxter.
[haunting musical tone] But I'm not doing this out of spite.
I'm doing this because when word hits the street that I'm willing to lose 200 mil just to stick it to some guys who are trying to stick it to me, the next guy-- We're not trying to stick it to you.
We're trying to make a deal, and we put two of Th the t, so if you don't want to sell-- I'm not taking door number two, but if you're serious about coming to terms, I just might be open to renegotiating after all.
Son of a bitch.
That's what you really called us to say, isn't it? Teddy Doyle wants my company, he doesn't just match the Chinese.
He beats them by 25%, 'cause my rules are, you come to play, hard, and if you don't like it, get the hell off my court.
[cell phone vibrates] - Hello.
- Oh, I'm glad you picked up, Harvey.
I wanted to apologize.
Mom, you don't have to do that.
Yes, I do.
We finally made peace, and I go and do something like that.
Listen to me.
Paula said it, and I agree, it's not your fault.
You couldn't have known.
It is my fault.
It's the kind of stupid thing stupid mothers do.
Mom, don't worry about it.
I'm gonna be fine.
Please tell Paula again how much I enjoyed meeting her.
She's a keeper.
I gotta go, Mom.
I love you, Harvey.
I love you, too.
Hey,for a second? We need to tell Stu, and we need to tell Teddy.
I talked to Stu before we went over there.
He's out.
And Teddy? Take the day.
Think of anything you can.
If not, I'll tell him tomorrow.
[melancholy music] [line ringing] Hey, I need to meet you.
I need a favor, and I need it soon.
[knocking] Hey, Red.
Nice digs.
Stu, what are you doing here? I came to thank you for what you did.
It actually got me thinking, my office could use someone like you.
Mm, couldn't everyone? But as you know, use of The Donna is limited to this office alone.
I wasn't talking about The Donna.
I was talking about Donna.
- This is a job offer.
- It is, and I think the numbers on it will show you that I'm serious.
Stu, I would be lying if I said this offer wasn't flattering, but-- - Then take it.
I don't live under a rock, Donna.
I heard about Andrew Malik saying that you don't deserve a job like this.
I don't care what that son of a bitch said.
I deserve everything I have.
Then come over to me and prove that to the world.
I don't know anything about the world of finance.
You didn't know anything about the legal world when you started, either, but I'm not hiring you to make trades.
I'm hiring you to do what you do better than anyone on the planet, because, like I told Harvey to tell you, the gunslinger's back.
He didn't tell me that.
Well, he is, and he needs someone watching his flank.
[tranquil music] I'll think about it.
That's all I can ask.
You better be ready, Miss Sazs, 'cause I'm ready to-- Louis.
What are you doing here? I came to discuss the recruits that we talked about earlier.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know that you had company.
Of course.
Louis, this is my fiancé, Zander.
Zander, Louis.
Zander, is it? - Yeah.
Like I said, I was excited about the recruits that we spoke about earlier.
I didn't want to let any of them get snapped up, s-- but I can see you're busy.
Of course.
We can talk about it on the phone tomorrow.
Tomorrow it is.
Sorry to interrupt.
It's nice meeting you.
- Likewise.
[suspenseful synth music] [through door] That was weird.
Not at all what I imagined.
I mean, with the jacket [laughs] And the glasses and that bow tie.
I mean, what'd you see in him? - I know.
What do you say we get some Chinese? Sounds good.
I'm starving.
Donna, whatever it is, can it wait? Because I need-- - No, it can't wait, Harvey, because Stu Buzzini just offered me a job.
- He what? - You know what.
You can skip the part where you pretend you weren't the one who asked him to make that offer in the first place.
How'd you know? 'Cause he gave me some bullshit about what Andrew Malik did to me, and there's no way he'd know that if you didn't tell him.
Does Stu know you know? I don't want to answer questions anymore, Harvey.
I want to know why you did it.
Because Paula said she doesn't think we'd survive if you and I keep working together.
Thought we were over that.
Well, she's not.
Then why didn't you come to me and explain the situation? Or even have the balls just to fire me? I could never fire you.
Well, this doesn't feel any different, Harvey, 'cause I don't want to go work with Stu.
I want to stay here in the position that I fought to get and that I love and that I know I deserve.
I know you do, too.
Then why didn't you stand up for me? Because you put me in this position.
It was one mistake, Harvey.
One in 13 years.
[fraught synth music] Now I'm gonna lose my job because of it? Donna, what do you want me to say? I would've wanted you to tell her that after everything we've been through, making me leave isn't fair.
I would've wanted you to come to me, instead of going to Stu behind my back, but most of all, I want you to be there for me now, like I've been there for you every single day.
Do you think I don't hate this? I do you think I haven't wracked my brain, trying to figure some other way out of it? Because I have, Donna, but I don't see one.
Maybe I do.
[knocking] Come in.
I hope you don't mind.
Harvey told me that you had a half-hour break at this time of night.
- I do, but-- - Please.
Paula, just hear me out.
I'm sorry I did what I did.
I made a terrible mistake, and I apologized to Harvey, but I didn't apologize to you.
I'm sorry, Paula.
[melancholy music] I'm so sorry.
I appreciate your apology, Donna, but if you're asking me to change my mind-- I'm asking you not to put me in a position to leave the job that I love, a job that feels like I've worked my whole life to get.
I'm asking you as a woman and as a professional, please don't do that.
I want to say yes to you, but can you swear to me that nothing like that will ever happen again? That.
That right there is why I said what I said to Harvey in the first place.
I'm sorry, Donna.
I wish it weren't so, but it is.
Can I come in? Depends.
You only come in person when it's really good news or really bad.
So which is it? Why don't you pour me a cup of coffee, and I'll tell you inside? I can't fix it, Teddy.
I'm sorry.
Look, if you want, I'll call your guy at the factory and I'll tell him myself.
No, I'll tell him.
It was my word I gave, not yours.
This isn't your fault.
You can't blame yourself.
[sighs] Those guys had bled for me, Harvey.
All they did wrong was be loyal to me.
I know how you feel.
No offense, Harvey, but I don't think you do.
Teddy, I never told you this, but a few years ago, there was a case against the firm.
Donna did something to protect me, and it looked like it might be illegal, and Jessica had to fire her for it.
Well, it turned out, it wasn't illegal, and we got the whole thing straightened out, but while she was gone [fraught synth music] So, maybe you do know how it feels.
But you were able to make it right.
First chance you got, you made Donna COO, a real partner.
I--that means something.
Wait, what did you just say? I said it means something.
No, you said I made her a partner.
So? So, I think we may have a way to fix this thing.
- Hey, how'd it go? - Do you think we could still get that deal from Teddy's suppliers? Yeah, but why would we want to do that? We'd only be helping out Baxter.
No, we'd be helping out Teddy.
What did you do? I convinced him to buy his company back based on your suggestion in the first place.
I thought you said he didn't have enough capital.
He didn't, but when you're willing to offer equity partnership to your employees, it's amazing how much you can raise.
The pension fund.
The pension fund.
And if we get the deal with the suppliers, that makes the company worth the markup that Baxter wants.
- Exactly.
- I'll get on it.
[chuckles] What? Nothing.
It's just--it's nice to be on the right side of a corporate case for a change.
Sure is, Mike.
Sure is.
[synth music] San Diego.
What? Bullshit.
I want to live in San Diego.
[laughs] By the beach, or in the mountains? See, this is the problem.
I don't know, and I don't want to get locked in.
Mike, bullshit can't get you out of locking yourself in.
Then I don't want to play.
Yes, you do.
All right.
We live in San Diego.
I'll get a job running a clinic, like Oliver and Nathan.
We surf every morning, work two hours a day, and love each other all night.
Well, you catch on quickly.
Your turn.
Why would you want to live in Iceland? - Did I do that to you? - Yes, you did.
You asked me about the beach and the mountains.
No, no, no, those were all positive things.
And I'm positive I don't want to live in Iceland.
Okay, what if I told you that I've been there before, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and living there together for a year would be the adventure of a lifetime? [tender music] God, you're good.
Oh, you have no idea.
Yeah, Rachel, I do.
[haunting rock music] "Dear Harvey, "effective immediately, "I, Donna Paulsen, hereby resign from the firm.
" "Make no mistake, I wish I could stay, but I know that I can't.
" "Therefore, I thank you for giving me the chance "to be your Chief Operating Officer.
I hope I proved myself worthy of the title.
" "Unfortunately, I didn't prove myself worthy "as your friend.
"I put myself first.
"Therefore, it's time for me to go, "though I will miss working with you, "and everyone at the firm, more than I can say.
" "Good-bye, Harvey.
Please consider this my formal resignation.
" Hey.
I didn't know you were coming over.
I didn't know I was, either, but I got in a cab, and I ended up here.
You let Donna go.
She left her letter of resignation on my desk.
I am sorry, Harvey.
You didn't make me do it.
I chose to.
And now, I'm choosing to undo it.
I'm sorry, Paula.
I wanted this to work more than you know, but-- but I can't give you what you need.
["Unknown" by Jacob Banks playing] I hope you find someone that deserves you.
[cries] Good-bye, Paula.
Good-bye, Harvey.
[cries] Harvey, what are you doing here? I came here to give you this.
Are you sure? I am.
Does she know? She does.
It's over.
Are you okay? Will you come back? Yes.
Then I'm okay.
See you tomorrow.
Do you want to come in? Not tonight.
Thank you.