Suits s07e14 Episode Script

Pulling the Goalie

1 Previously, on "Suits": - Tell Harvey how you feel.
- What? If you don't tell him that soon, you might lose the chance to tell him at all.
I understand why you go after the unattainable woman.
You are titillated by what you cannot have.
But I can have her, Doc.
Only if you choose to be the bad boy.
What if I want to be the bad boy? I am happy to say, my friend, we both know that is not you.
Paula said she doesn't think we'd survive if you and I keep working together.
I want to stay here in the position that I fought to get and that I love and that I know I deserve.
- You let Donna go.
- She left her letter of resignation on my desk.
- I'm sorry, Harvey.
- You didn't make me do it.
I chose to, and now I'm choosing to undo it.
- Are you okay? - Will you come back? - Yes.
- Then I'm okay.
The Dean of Admissions is coming to check on your work tomorrow night, Miss Sazs.
You mean Dean Hans Von Schlongenhammer? [with German accent] You're going to get a hammer from the schlongen.
- Louis, this is my fiancé, Zander.
- Hey.
- What'd you see in him? - I know.
Louis, we've been here for 35 minutes, and you've barely said a word.
What's going on? All right, you want to know the truth? Last time I saw you, you said I'm not the bad boy.
But I thought, "You know, why not? Why can't Louis Litt be the bad boy just this once?" I see, so you continued your affair with Sheila.
And it was great.
I mean, I had the girl.
I had the confidence.
But then when I went to meet her He was there.
- He? The shithead that's she's marrying, Zander Fuck Face.
And how did seeing him make you feel? How the hell do you think it made me feel? It made me feel like someone was ripping my heart out, shredding it to pieces, and lighting it on fire right in front of me.
- Good.
- Good? Did you not hear what I just said? You want me to say it again in German? I heard you, Louis.
I said good because you may have fooled yourself into believing there was some future between you and Sheila.
But coming face-to-face with this Zander means you can now face the truth.
What truth is that? That if you do not end this, that terrible feeling you had last night will only continue to grow.
I know.
You're right.
It's time to let her go.
- Judge Ralls? - You remember me.
Of course.
You treated me fairly during my trial.
I'll never forget that.
- Good.
Because I'm not just here by accident.
You're being accused of overturning a verdict for personal gain.
And if I lose, it could cost me my judgeship.
Forgive me for asking, but why exactly are you coming to me with this? Because you're a hell of a lawyer.
And like you said, I always treated you fairly during your trial.
- Bullshit.
How many other firms you go to before coming to me? - Seven.
- That's what I thought.
So you're not coming to me because I know you're fair.
You picked me because anyone who takes on this case is gonna have to drop at least one client, and you thought you could come down here and guilt me into doing that.
No, thanks.
And what if that's true? I can't ask my firm to drop a client right now.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry? You stood in my courtroom, said you'd been given a gift and you wasted it.
I've served for 20 years.
They're accusing me of something I didn't do, and I lose this, I lose everything I've ever worked for.
So did you mean that shit you said to the jury or not? Zander, wh-what are you doing here? Surprised to see someone someplace they have no business being? I know the feeling because I felt it last night in Sheila's office.
And again, I am sorry for interrupting.
But as anyone who knows me will tell you, I take the recruitment of our associates very seriously-- Cut the bullshit.
I know what you were doing there last night.
And I'm not gonna let you keep doing it.
You're pretending to recruit students so you can spend time with her and win her back.
And it's not gonna happen.
That's not what I was doing there.
Well you sure as hell weren't there to recruit a bunch of associates for your shitty little firm.
What'd you just say about my firm? I said I work at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom.
We're better than you.
I'm better than you.
And you better start accepting that.
You know what, Zander? I wasn't there last night to get Sheila back, and you're goddamn lucky I wasn't.
Because if I wanted her back, she'd be mine.
- That's a joke.
- You're a joke.
And I'll tell you something else.
My name is on my firm.
I've never heard of you, so back off, or I'll take her from you.
I don't think so.
Because she chose me.
So get your associates from NYU or some other shitty law school.
I don't really care.
But stay the hell away from my fiancée.
[tense music] Suits 7x14 Pulling the Goalie See the money, wanna stay for your meal Get another piece of pie for your wife Everybody wanna know how it feel Everybody wanna see what it's like I'll even eat a bean pie, I don't mind Me and Missy is so busy, busy making money All right All step back, I'm 'bout to dance The greenback boogie - Mike, it's not even 9:00 yet.
- I know.
I was as surprised to find you here as you were.
Well, I meant it's not even 9:00 and you're already coming to me with that look on your face.
What look on my face? The look that says you're about to ask for something that I won't want to do.
[chuckles] Judge Ralls came to see me.
You mean the judge that oversaw your fraud case? She's been accused of overturning a verdict for a company that she has an interest in.
- No.
- Harvey, I don't think she did it.
- We're trying to sign Techron.
They've got a case that could end up in front of Ralls.
The second we agree to represent her, we can kiss them good-bye.
- Okay, look, I I don't want this to be another prison case.
So if you don't want to do it, we won't, but we were just on the right side with Teddy.
I thought it'd be nice for us to be on the right side again.
What do you mean us? Even if I said yes, you don't need me to fight this.
I heard about what happened with Paula.
I just thought that if we did this thing together, maybe we could have some fun.
In that case, get your shit.
Brief me on the way.
On our way where? If you know "A Few Good Men" as well as you say you do, you'll be able to guess.
- Thanks.
- Excuse me.
Aren't you Donna Paulsen? I am, and who might you be? David Fox.
Fox Commercial Leasing.
- Oh.
I know who you are, Mr.
You own the building.
Please, call me David.
You know this isn't the only building I own.
Hmm, exactly how many do you own? Well, David, if you think telling me that you own 34 properties is going to impress me, you just might be right.
Well, I do love being right, and you know what? I wish I could keep doing this all day, but unfortunately, this isn't a social call.
You want us to quadruple our security deposit? You took Jessica Pearson's name off the wall, and then you declared you want nothing to do with her.
That is a material change in your firm.
It could affect your ability to make rent.
We did distance ourselves from Jessica Pearson.
But we also restructured the firm, and we're stronger than ever.
And if you need me to show you the books to prove it, I'm happy to do that.
That's not gonna be necessary, Donna, but look, I've got this board of directors that I have to contend with, so if you could draft a letter documenting exactly what you just told me and hand-deliver it to my office, I just might able to keep them at bay.
You know, if you wanted me to come to your office, you could have just asked.
I thought I just did.
Katrina, drop what you're doing.
I need my black swan.
Let me guess.
Zander Epstein.
What? How could you know that? When I saw the announcement about Sheila's wedding, I knew there'd eventually be a duel.
Which is why I already started digging into him.
Well, then tell me what you got, because I need to beat this clown 19 ways from Sunday, and I've never even heard of him.
The reason you haven't heard of him is because he's an expert in a very small subset of technology law.
Well, shit.
I don't know anything about tech law.
But what you do know about is having a huge chip on your shoulder and using it to beat the shit out of anyone who stands in your way.
That I do.
This is gonna be one hell of a duel.
I know.
He's gonna be the Burr to your Hamilton.
But Hamilton dies.
Not this time, Louis.
Not this time.
I don't get it.
How could I have guessed this? They didn't go to batting cages in "A Few Good Men.
" No, but Tom Cruise says he can think better with his bat.
There is no way I could have guessed that.
All right, give me the Cliff Notes.
Two months ago, PolyCode versus K Systems.
Jury ruled in favor of PolyCode.
Ralls overturned the case on its merits.
Let me guess.
Whoever's representing PolyCode found out that Ralls has a ton of money in K Systems.
[grunts] Exactly.
But I talked to her finance guy, and he says it's in a trust, it's blind, and he's willing to put it in writing.
Who's repping PolyCode? [grunts] Smith and Devane.
Well, they're not idiots.
They've got to figure that we could find proof like that.
Yeah, so the only question is, why do they think they have a shot? [ball clatters against fence] Wait a second, what if they don't think they have a shot? What are you talking about? You said you didn't want to represent Ralls because it could affect another case we might try.
She gets put in review, she's gonna be kicked off the bench for six months.
Holy shit, they want her off so she won't find against a different client in an upcoming case.
Which means if we can get her to recuse herself from whatever the case is-- - They'll drop this bullshit like a hot potato.
Well, look at that.
I am having fun.
Now I'm having even more fun because you hit like a monkey trying to have sex with a buffalo.
What kind of nature films did you watch as a kid? I didn't watch any.
I was too busy learning how to hit a baseball.
[bat thwacks] Ugh, what are you doing here? You said you're the better lawyer.
I thought we'd put it to the test.
You really want to pick a fight with me in tech law? I wrote the book on it.
I don't care what you wrote the book on.
I just took my glove off and slapped you in the face with it, so are you gonna run to Mommy or pick up a pistol? You don't have the standing to bring this suit.
Yes, I do, because one of the massive banks in the area I wrote the book on has a 40% stake in Office Warehouse.
And the new microchips in your printers lock out our ink cartridge.
Oh, I get it.
You don't like that we have the most exquisite piece of equipment ever made and the only cartridge that will ever get to fill it with the full range of proprietary ink again is mine.
How dare you talk about Sheila like that? Sheila? I thought we were talking about who's the better lawyer.
Because let me assure you, no matter where this little charade ends, you're gonna be left standing alone with nothing but your Dictaphone in your hand.
She told you about my Dictaphone? She told me everything.
Now get out of my office.
I have to call my fiancée and tell her I have a nuisance suit to take care of.
[fraught synth music] All right.
Let's make this quick.
I only have a 15-minute recess.
This won't take that much time as long as you're willing to sign this.
- What is this? - You're recusing yourself from any cases being tried by Smith and Devane for the next three years.
And why would I agree to that? Because if you do, this whole thing goes away.
I don't care what happens to this thing.
It's blackmail, and I'm not giving in to it.
Listen to me, this avoids even the rumor of something that could destroy your reputation.
That's what you came to me for.
I came to you to defend me.
We're offering you a way to get out of needing a defense.
What you're offering is a chance to do something unethical.
You don't do this, we have to argue this in front of a judicial committee, which means all bets are off.
- I know what it means.
And I don't care.
So instead of trying to broker some backroom deal, why don't you try to figure out how to clear my name? Because I recuse myself, I might as well have gotten paid to overrule that verdict in the first place.
Is this a bad time? You know, I don't think it's possible to have a bad time if you're around.
Trust me, truer words were never spoken.
And just to make your day a little bit brighter, I have the letter you needed.
Now, I don't want you to leave here empty-handed, so I got one for you too.
[sighs] Here you go.
You're kicking us out? I'm giving you 90 days' notice.
Then I'm kicking you out.
That's a violation of our lease.
It would be if you had a lease.
It was rendered invalid when you restructured, which, if I'm not mistaken, you just gave me proof of right here.
So all that concern about us not being able to pay our rent was just I believe they call it a ploy.
Yeah, and I think we know what they call you.
Why are you doing this? You guys have been carrying a below-market lease for years.
I saw the new girl on the block get promoted to a job she'd never done before.
I took advantage.
So all that flirting was just bullshit? No, I never said that.
This is business.
That was fun.
Mm, well, I don't find it fun.
'Cause I may be the new girl on the block, but you just picked a fight with the best lawyers in the city, and in case you haven't noticed, they're on the block too.
You want to go tell Harvey Specter and Louis Litt their new COO just got served with that suit and cost them their home, you go right ahead.
Or you and I can quietly amend the lease, the rent increases 100% over three years, and no one ever has to know.
I'm not letting you get away with this.
[dramatic music] Sheila, what are you doing here? Yeah, I'm not here to answer questions, Louis.
I'm here to ask them.
What the hell are you doing suing Zander? What do you think I'm doing? I'm protecting my honor.
Louis, I know it upset you to see us together at my office, but I never thought you'd start something like this.
You know what, Sheila? As far as I'm concerned, I didn't start anything.
You did.
- What? I had nothing to do with this.
You have everything to do with it.
I was living my life.
You know what? I was dumb enough to think that fate finally got it right, that there was a reason that you were back here in New York and that you would figure out that that reason was me.
But when I saw you with him, when I heard you tell him that you just don't know what you ever saw in me, and then that dick shows up at my office to tell me to stay away from you.
So you engineered a lawsuit to get me back? Because, Louis, that's not gonna happen.
I know it's not gonna happen.
That's not what this is about.
Then what is this about? I told you what this is about.
It's about my honor.
I don't get the girl.
I don't get to be happy.
But at least I get to beat this asshole into the ground.
Louis, if you do this, he's going to find out about us.
And it's gonna ruin my relationship And ruin my life.
Sheila, you have my word.
I won't let that happen no matter what.
Okay, Louis.
I just hope you know what you're doing.
Rachel, I need you to drop whatever it is you're doing and come up with a lawsuit that sends the son of a bitch who owns this building to prison for the rest of his miserable life.
Okay, calm down.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Our landlord tricked me into admitting that we restructured the firm, and now he's filed suit to evict us in 90 days.
Donna, this is bad.
You have to get Harvey and Louis involved.
Rachel, I can't go to Harvey with this right now.
I just--I can't.
Donna, what's going on? - I kissed him.
- What? I knew things were getting serious with Paula, and I just--I had to know.
Donna, that's huge.
That's not the point, Rachel.
But I feel terrible because Harvey and Paula aren't together anymore.
And there's no way you're gonna be responsible for that and for the firm losing its home.
No, there's not.
Okay, we might be able to find a way to fix this thing, but it can't be bullshit.
Then let's come up with something that's not bullshit.
You were right, Mike.
I needed the distraction.
Harvey, I know it's none of my business and you probably don't want to talk about it, but What happened with Paula? Donna kissed me.
What? It was after Malik was over, and out of the clear blue sky, Donna kissed me.
Look, it's a long story, but it led me to realize that Paula's not the one.
Because Donna is? That's not what I'm saying.
Then what are you saying? I'm saying that you should know better than anyone that sometimes shit happens you couldn't see coming.
It knocks you into a different life, and this is one of those times.
Maybe you couldn't have seen it coming, but I think I should have.
What are you talking about? You're gonna be pissed.
That night before we went to see Malik, I kind of told Donna that if she had feelings for you that she better tell you before it was too late.
Look, I didn't think she was gonna kiss you.
It's okay, Mike.
You couldn't have known she was gonna do that.
Wait a second.
You couldn't have known.
What? We couldn't have known that Ralls wouldn't recuse herself, which means they won't know she didn't.
Are you talking about forging her signature? Yeah, I am.
We get Smith and Devane to sign off in writing, that's as good as them admitting that they fabricated this whole thing.
I don't know how I feel about crossing that line.
Mike, we've done a lot worse for people that deserve a lot less.
You yourself said that she deserves this.
Okay, let's do it.
- I hope you're ready, Epstein.
- Oh, I'm ready, Litt.
You sure? Because I have a little precedent in my pocket by the name of Jenkins v.
Which might frighten me if Howell v.
Munley didn't trump Sanders in 2010.
Well, then it's a good thing that I brought a little vixen to the party by the name of U.
Oh, I guess someone didn't hear the news.
Xerox was overturned last week.
- Bullshit.
- Okay.
It is bullshit.
But it doesn't matter.
Because that only applies to analog technology, which hasn't been relevant in, mm, 40 years.
And whatever else you have doesn't matter either because I've got a stack of precedents up to your fat face that'll crush anything you bring up.
[chuckles] Okay, change of plans.
We need to file a motion to delete this motherfucker's products from our store.
Louis, you can't do that.
Yes, I can, and I'm going to.
What is wrong with you? We have a solid plan.
Don't you get it? We picked a fight beyond our depth.
He's gonna kills us unless I do this.
Louis, if we pull a product from one of our biggest client's shelves without their permission, they will go ape-shit.
I don't care.
Well, I do.
And I'm not gonna let you do it.
All right, what are we doing here? Time-out.
- What? - A postponement, Your Honor.
I request a postponement.
- On what grounds? One minute ago, he was ready to go toe-to-toe with me.
I I, um It's my fault, Your Honor.
I brought the wrong case files to court.
Please don't punish Mr.
Litt for my incompetence.
All right, we will postpone until tomorrow.
But you two better get your act together.
This court does not appreciate having its time wasted.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Look, I'm sorry, Louis, but if I didn't do that, we'd lose this client.
- It's okay.
Louis is used to losing things.
You smug dick.
You think I'm the one losing Sheila? I think you lost her a long time ago, and now you're showing everyone why.
Well, you're showing everybody that you're the most pathetic piece of shit that ever lived.
- Yeah? And why is that? Because I'm the one screwing your fiancée behind your back and in front of it too.
- What? - Oh, yeah, last Tuesday, we played cops and robbers, and I vandalized her all night long.
- No, that can't be true.
- Oh, it's true.
Because you may be the one she wants, but I'm the one she needs.
[tense music] Louis, please tell me you didn't say that to him.
No, I didn't, but I wanted to.
And I have to, I will.
Louis, you can't do that.
You gave Sheila your word.
I don't care.
I need to win this case.
And if you use your affair to do that, you will regret it the rest of your life.
But if I lose, I'll have to live the rest of my life knowing that he got the better of me in everything.
Then find a way to win without using that tactic.
Because if you can't do that, I believe we must stop seeing each other.
- What? - Louis, I don't say it lightly, but I have taken an oath to do no harm.
And lately I have been feeling our relationship is doing harm.
- How could you say that? You said that you would never leave me.
I know.
And it would cause me great pain.
But my oath to my profession is greater than my words to you.
And if my willing to leave you does not prevent you from hurting the woman you claim to love, then what we are doing here is not working.
[melancholy music] [indistinct chatter] Donna.
To what do I owe the pleasure? - Got a present for you.
All right, let me get this straight.
You're trying to use a statute meant to protect squatters to keep your lease? - Not trying.
Doing, and that suit's already been filed.
So you can either spend more in legal fees than you'll make increasing our rent, or you can drop this whole thing.
I-I got to admit, this is-- this is very impressive.
Except for one little thing.
- What's that? The clause in your lease which states if the tenant initiates a lawsuit prior to engaging in arbitration, I have the right to terminate your lease within 30 days.
We didn't initiate the lawsuit.
You did.
Did I? That lawsuit was never filed.
Wow, you son of a bitch.
You have so little respect for me that you would deal in bad faith twice? Hey, look, I did what I had to do, all right? And look, this isn't personal.
Donna, I told you I own buildings all over the city.
Right? I wouldn't be able to do that if I didn't know how to get what I want.
And when word gets out that you treat your tenants like this, those buildings aren't gonna be worth shit.
Trust me, when you got views like mine from Central Park to Battery Park, people don't care how they're treated.
They just want in.
As a matter of fact, I might have something for you on the other side of town.
I think you guys are gonna love it, 'cause now that you've filed this, you're gonna be moving sooner than you thought.
[tense piano music] Ms.
Shear? Mike Ross.
This is Harvey Specter.
I'm sorry.
Do I have a case against you I don't know about? We're representing Judge Sandra Ralls.
Then I guess I do.
Unless, of course, you want to withdraw your complaint against her.
And why would I do that? Because we have a signed agreement saying she'll recuse herself from Exodyne versus the State of New York.
I'm afraid that's not good enough.
Are you kidding me? She's stepping down from a huge case that you have pending with her which we all know is what this is really about.
What this is really about, Mr.
Ross, is removing a judge from the bench who's demonstrated an inability to follow the law.
She followed the law in your case.
You just didn't like the result.
Then why don't you ask her if she followed the law in the Sullivan case 12 years ago? What the hell are you talking about? Your client takes matters into her own hands.
She did it 12 years ago.
She did it two months ago.
God knows how many times she's done it in between.
But she's never going to do it again.
That woman has more integrity in her little finger than you have in your entire-- - Mike, that's enough.
You make an accusation like that, you better damn well have proof.
Because if you smear this woman's reputation without cause, I will make it my life's mission to bury you.
Then instead of coming at me with empty threats, why don't you ask your client what she did? What are you doing bursting in here unannounced? We just came from Smith and Devane.
They're throwing around some Sullivan case like it means something, and you better tell us what they're talking about right now, or we're gone.
It was 12 years ago.
I was a new judge.
And there was a 16-year-old kid with the worst public defender I've ever seen.
It was bad enough I had to rule in favor of this boy being tried as an adult, but when he was offered a plea deal and this moron wanted to take it to trial, I couldn't sit by and watch.
I don't understand.
Why not just declare a mistrial? Because having a shitty lawyer isn't grounds for that.
So instead you had direct contact with the defendant? - Harvey, take it easy.
She was just trying to help a kid.
I don't give a shit if she's trying to cure cancer.
It's illegal.
She didn't tell us about it.
I'm not losing a client for a judge who can't even tell her own lawyers the truth.
You want to know what kind of judge I am? Anita Gibbs came to me to wiretap your phones because she knew in her gut he was a fraud and you were in on it.
She had everyone from the attorney general to the governor's office call to make me do it, I said no because they didn't have probable cause.
Are you saying I owe you? I'm saying I made one mistake 12 years ago, and our system relies on having people like me up on that bench so that when people like you get in front of us, you don't go straight to prison.
Katrina, if you're here to tell me we've got nothing, it's gonna have to wait because-- I'm not here to tell you that, Louis.
I'm here to tell you we have everything.
- What? - I heard him talk about digital versus analog, which got me thinking.
Tech law has its basis in copyright law, which means-- - Holy shit.
Xerox applies after all.
We got him.
All you have to do is show him this, and he will collapse like a premature soufflé.
You do it.
- Louis, I can't.
- Why not? Because the whole reason we're doing this is to give you the satisfaction of seeing that bastard humiliated.
Katrina, don't you understand? If that happens, he's gonna say something horrible, then I'm gonna say something horrible back, and then I'm gonna be tempted to tell him that-- Tell him what? Never mind.
I can handle it.
Louis, what's going on? What's going on is, I do not want to sully you with my sordid personal life.
I got myself into this mess, and you did everything you can to get me out of it.
The rest I have to do myself, so thank you.
[reflective synth music] [snapping fingers] Donna, can I talk to you for a second? No, Rachel, you can't because I'm too busy freaking out.
Freaking out about what? We had him.
It didn't work.
There's a clause in our lease that says if we skip arbitration, he can kick us out in 30 days, not 90.
No, that's only if we started the litigation.
We didn't.
He sued us.
- Not officially.
- What? You told me that-- - I didn't understand when I told you.
Donna, you have to tell Harvey.
- I can't.
- Okay, then you have to tell Louis.
Paula wanted Harvey to get rid of me.
What-- what are you talking about? I didn't tell you the whole story.
She wanted me gone, and Harvey didn't want to fire me, so he went to Stu Buzzini and got him to offer me a job.
And I was gonna to take it, but then at the last minute, Harvey changed his mind.
He chose me over her.
And it was only a few days ago, and I can't be responsible for losing the only home that this firm has ever had.
Donna, I understand all of that.
But if you let your guilt keep you from giving him a chance to fix this thing before it's too late, he's gonna wish you took that job.
I'll tell him.
I've gone through the files on the Sullivan case.
You did what? Why would you do that? Because the panel's in two days.
We need to be prepared for whatever they're gonna throw at Ralls.
No, we don't, because I'm not risking having to drop another client for someone who lied to my face.
I'm sorry, were you in that room? If she hadn't denied that wiretap, I wouldn't have been the only one in prison, and you know that.
Okay, why do you think she brought that up to you, Mike? I don't know.
Maybe to show us why she deserves to be on the bench.
- Bullshit.
She did it to make you feel like you owe her something, which is why she came to you in the first place.
It's because you're a sucker.
Well, you know what, Harvey? I'd rather be a sucker than someone who refuses to sacrifice anything for anyone else.
What the fuck did you just say to me? I said I don't give a shit what we lose.
This woman did us a favor, and I'm not gonna hang her out to dry just because you don't want to sacrifice a piece of business.
I sacrificed more than just business this week all because you couldn't keep your mouth shut.
Are you ser-- Are you really making this about Donna right now when we got a woman's future on the line? Don't give me that shit.
You made it about Donna when you said I couldn't sacrifice.
I sacrificed everything.
- Harvey-- - Enough.
You said you didn't want this to be another prison case.
Well, it is another prison case, and I'm saying we're dropping it.
Okay, well, as long as we're talking about sacrifice and prison, one of us went to prison for the other one, and the woman you're about to cut loose? She's the reason that was possible.
Did you come to drop this thing in person? Because if you're nice, I might let you avoid being humiliated in court.
You're the one who's gonna be humiliated if this goes to court.
Oh, good playground retort, Litt.
Then again, I guess a loser like you had a lot of practice.
How's this for a retort, Zander? We go to court, that's what everyone's gonna see.
- What do you want? - $30 million.
And I want it written in the settlement that Louis Litt is a superior lawyer to Zander Epstein.
- No way.
- Yeah way.
- You're really that petty? - You can bury it in the fine print if you want.
You can put it in Latin if you want.
But it's going in there, and you're always gonna know it's there.
If that's what it takes to make you whole, then we have a deal, but one thing.
When I get home tonight, remember who's waiting for me.
And she's gonna cook me dinner, she's gonna rub my feet, she's gonna tell me she loves me, and we are never gonna think of you again.
Well, maybe on our 50th wedding anniversary, we'll laugh about the guy she almost ended up with, if we can even remember your name.
Now it's $50 million.
And that's take it or leave it.
[tense music] Look, whatever it is, I'm kind of in the middle of something.
Well, I hope you're in the middle of keeping Ralls on the bench.
- Maybe.
Mike, I'm sorry about last night.
Truth is, it's been an emotional week, and when you accused me of never sacrificing-- I shouldn't have said that.
You've sacrificed for me hundreds of times.
I know that.
- More like thousands.
[chuckles] Now, what do you got? Well, I got to thinking, how the hell did that woman even know about what Ralls did with Sullivan? I'm guessing you've got an answer.
Turns out that shitty public defender-- Smith and Devane hired him six months ago.
But the thing is, six months ago, her docket hadn't been set that far in the future.
Which means this whole thing was a setup for a case that already happened.
Think about it.
She gets thrown off the bench, every one of her rulings for the last seven years is automatically subject to appeal.
Mike, this is great.
We got 'em.
The only problem is, I can't figure out which case because Smith and Devane didn't represent anyone she ruled against.
Well, what kind of cases did she hear during that period? Mostly federal antitrust.
Then I know who can help us.
What are you doing here? I talked to Zander earlier, and he told me you two had a settlement meeting.
[scoffs] Is that what he said? I would describe it as more of a beatdown, but whatever.
- Thank you, Louis.
- Why are you thanking me? - For not telling him about us.
- Never crossed my mind.
You asked me not to, so I didn't.
And now I have to ask you for one more thing.
Please let this case go.
- What? - Give him a way to save face, and let this thing go.
I gave him a way.
It's called a settlement.
No, you jacked up the settlement and added in some nonsense about admitting you're the better man.
I am the better man.
Then prove it by being the bigger man.
- Sheila-- - Louis, I'm getting married in a few days, and all my fiancé can think about is you.
You won.
You beat him, and he knows it.
Please do this for me.
Because if you don't, you might as well have just told him about us in the first place.
[somber music] Rachel, we need to talk.
- What did Harvey say? - I didn't go to Harvey.
Donna, why not? Because he was busy with something else, and I remembered one of the reasons he promoted me in the first place.
I don't understand.
Rachel, I know people.
I know what makes them tick, and I need you to pull another all-nighter and help me make that asshole back the hell off.
Louis, is this a bad time? What? No.
What's going on? Smith and Devane's trying to get rid of a judge to overturn a past ruling.
Mike and I are trying to figure out which case is big enough to be worth the risk.
Glazer Bank v.
Risa Ventures.
You didn't even look at the rest of the list.
Oh, I didn't need to.
Smith and Devane represent Pomaville Industries.
They've been wanting to merge with Condor for two years.
You overturn that precedent-- - Every dickhead on Wall Street would be swinging from the chandeliers.
Clear as day.
You really are a maestro with this stuff, aren't you? Thanks, Harvey.
Night, Louis.
Harvey, wait.
I, uh I could really use your advice on something personal.
But I know how you feel about infidelity, and Louis, my feelings about that have to do with me and me alone.
I'm not gonna judge you for making a different choice than I would.
- I appreciate that.
Because I had an affair with Sheila.
Somehow things got out of control, and found myself in a fight with her fiancé.
I went after his client, and I was about to put him away.
And now Sheila wants me to tank it.
Well, if you're asking as managing partner, I'd say you better not tank a case for a woman you're sleeping with.
I'm not asking you as managing partner, Harvey.
I'm asking you as my friend.
Then, my friend, I say sometimes we have to sacrifice our business for the people we care about.
[soft music] Thanks for this.
Let me guess.
You got here early to inform the panel you're removing yourselves from the case.
No, we got here early to inform you that you are.
And once again, why would I do that? Because you hired a shitty defense attorney for the sole purpose of getting dirt on an outstanding judge.
Hiring a shitty lawyer isn't against the law.
No, but doing it so you can set up a merger factory is.
That's a great theory, but you have no proof.
Yes, we do.
Right here.
You signed all six of these companies within the last year.
And we've got signed affidavits from each one of them saying that you approached them with an offer to get their mergers through if they signed with you in advance.
Wasn't hard once they realized this could rise to the level of a criminal offense.
And conspiracy to alter judicial rulings is most definitely a criminal offense.
Which means if you don't drop this thing right now, you'll end up in prison.
It's up to you.
They're gonna be here in five minutes.
[dramatic synth music] Louis, what the hell is this? What does it look like? It looks like you let this guy off the hook when you had him by the throat.
- It's a fair deal, Katrina.
Our client's gonna be thrilled that they get paid for an issue that they never even knew existed in the first place.
We didn't take this on for the client.
We did this for you.
- Well, then do this for me.
- Louis.
- God damn it, just do it! Oh.
She asked you to do this, didn't she? I can't say no to her, Katrina.
I just can't.
You're a good man, Louis Litt.
And someday you will find someone who appreciates that.
[tender music] I see you've brought along a friend this time.
Oh, she's not just my friend.
She's my lawyer.
- Mm, let me guess.
You brought her along to withdraw your suit 'cause you finally figured out there's no way to outsmart a man like me.
No, she finally figured out what makes a man like you tick.
And what makes you tick is being able to say to every woman you meet that you own the best buildings in the cities with the best views.
Mm, because if you can't say that, then people might notice that you're really just an insecure little man who builds buildings to cover up his weaknesses.
[suspenseful music] Get out of my office.
Oh, we will, but if we do, those views that you covet, they're going away.
- What are you talking about? - Oh, did you think I just came here to tell you I know what makes you tick? We now control the air rights across from six of your most prominent properties.
So instead of their unobstructed views of the park, your top-floor tenants will now be looking out at a 40-foot-high box of tampons.
What do you want? I think you know what we want.
- You keep your lease as is.
- Not quite.
We're gonna need you to reimburse the cost of the air rights.
And we'll take a 10% haircut on our lease.
I'd call you a name right now, but I'm guessing you'd sue me.
- David, I really don't care what you call me right now because, like you said, this isn't personal.
It's just business.
Here's our amended lease.
[dramatic music] Hey, how's it going? I just stopped by to tell you that Judge Ralls called.
She wanted to thank me.
- That's great.
Only problem with that is, she called me five minutes ago and told me the exact same thing.
Want to tell me what you're really doing here? Why'd you say that stuff to Donna? Because I care about her.
I didn't want her to go through life not knowing.
- What about me? - What about you? Did you think what it would do to my relationship? I guess I thought that if you were that solid with Paula, it wouldn't matter.
What if I went to Logan Sanders and told him to go for it with Rachel? Here's the difference.
I would hope that you wouldn't be rooting for Rachel to be with him, and you can get mad at me or not, but yeah, I guess maybe I was rooting for Donna to be with you.
Fair enough.
I guess the truth is, right now, I'm not looking to be with anyone.
[soft music] Donna, are you busy? I was actually just getting ready to go home for the night.
I was just wondering if there's a reason why I just got a new lease on my desk that's 10% less than our last one.
I just wanted to thank you for keeping me.
What? - If I knew it'd make you do stuff like that, I'd consider firing you more often.
Well, then let's just consider this a one-time thing.
Before you go want me to pour us a drink? What do you say we shake things up and make it two? Sheila, what are you doing here? I left Zander.
What? I realized he's not the one for me.
- But I thought you loved him.
- I don't.
I love you.
And I may have forgotten it for a while.
But in these last two weeks, you've--you've excited me, you've gone to battle for me, and then you sacrificed for me.
But what about children? You think I can't live without children-- No, I didn't, but then I thought, fate brought us together, Louis.
Why don't we let fate decide whether or not we have children? - I don't understand.
- Louis, I threw away my diaphragm.
You're pulling the goalie? [laughing] Yes, Louis.
I am.
And I don't want to role-play tonight.
I just want to be Sheila Sazs and Louis Litt.
[giggles] Well, come on.
Let's go inside.