Sullivan's Crossing (2023) s02e04 Episode Script

Eye of the Storm

CAL: Maggie?
Maggie, Maggie!
- Maggie!
Maggie, where are you?
Maggie? Maggie!
I'm here.
Hey. Hey.
I got you. I got you.
You're going to be okay. I got you.
Is this as good as it's gonna get? ♪
I've given all I can give ♪
But the rivers still
get wider, wider ♪
We've been here all along ♪
Through the valleys, we carry on ♪
The journey takes us higher, higher ♪
This could be your home,
if we try to build it ♪
This could be your life
that's one in a million ♪
All the hard times,
yeah, they were worth it ♪
Time and time and time again ♪
Time and time and time again ♪
FRANK: That's not right.
You're just a little confused right now.
They never found the
person who hit Lola.
No, Frank.
I'll never be able to forget
seeing her lying there.
But you're the one that called for help.
The cops knew me. Assumed
I was the first one to find her.
Didn't notice I'd been drinking.
When I got back from rehab,
they'd already written
it off as a hit-and-run.
Spent all those years trying
to make it up to her, Frank.
But how could I?
All the pain and suffering
that she went through
- because of me.
I could have been there for you, Sully.
Well, I didn't want to
drag you into it, Frank.
Guilt is like a poison.
It eats you from the inside out.
What happened?
Looks like you had a little
run-in with a tree branch.
I'm going to call Rafe. He
was helping me look for you.
Cal to Rafe.
- Yeah. Go for Rafe.
- I found Maggie.
She was unconscious by my cabin.
But she's awake and coherent now.
I'm going to let her
rest up at my place.
Cal, just keep her up and talking
in case she's got a concussion.
- Copy that.
- MAGGIE: Let me talk to him.
Rafe, it's Maggie.
I was with one of the campers, Pete.
He's a war vet with PTSD.
We were headed back to the Outpost
when his dog, Molly, took off.
He's probably still out
there looking for her.
- Okay. Got it.
Yeah. Don't worry. I'll find him.
Oh, Rafe, when you do find
him, let him know we have Molly.
He'll be worried about her.
All right. Copy that. You two stay safe.
I should probably get
us some dry clothes.
Hey, Cal?
Thanks for coming after me.
SYDNEY: Hey. Are you okay?
Are we safe in here?
Yeah. We should be.
Hopefully, this'll be over soon.
I hate storms, too.
- You do?
- Mm-hmm.
Just because I'm a grown-up
doesn't mean I don't get scared.
I'm glad you're here with us.
There you go.
Swapped out the propane tank.
Think we should be good for a while.
- Thank you, Rob.
- Mm-hmm.
Did you know that Auntie
Syd's afraid of storms, too?
Oh, yeah. She has been
ever since we were kids.
- Mm-hmm.
- You tell him about the time
you hid in Mum's closet?
- Oh, yeah.
- Here you go.
Think I was seven or eight at the time.
Your dad never left my side.
Mm-hmm. Sat outside that closet
for hours. Told her
stories. Played my guitar.
Your dad was the best big
brother a girl could have.
Always took good care of me.
How come you had to take
care of him when Mom died?
Let me take those.
I think those will dry in no time.
Hey, girl.
When I found Pete, he was
having a full-blown PTSD episode.
Thought he was back in Afghanistan.
It was heartbreaking to watch.
He should be with his family.
I can't imagine what he
went through over there.
I know first-hand from my brother
how hard it can be for a war vet
to open up. They think
they're protecting their family
from finding out what they went through.
How it changed them.
I just wish he wasn't so alone.
Uh, you want to come over here?
It's, uh, warmer.
Oh. Must have cut myself when I fell.
Uh, do you have a first-aid kit?
Oh, one sec.
Here we go.
All right.
May I?
Does it hurt?
No. I'm just not used to
having someone look after me.
Maybe it's time you change that.
Here we go.
Good as new.
Thank you.
How would you feel about some tea?
Power's out.
I'm resourceful, remember?
RAFE (OVER RADIO): Rafe for Cal.
Yeah. Go for Cal.
Pete's safe. We're
back at the Outpost now.
CAL: Copy that. I'll let Maggie know.
Where's Maggie?
- With Cal at his cabin.
- Is she all right?
Sounds like she might
have a slight concussion,
but she seemed okay when I
spoke to her over the radio.
What was she thinking, going out there?
PETE: It was my fault.
She was helping me look for my dog.
Oh. Well, the important
is you're both safe.
Connie to Rafe.
Yeah, Connie. Go for Rafe.
I heard from Otter Lake Rescue.
Their team saw Frank's truck
about two hours from here.
Oh! Thank goodness.
CONNIE: They're gonna send
somebody to look for him
and call me when they have an update.
You want me to head
up there? Lend a hand?
CONNIE: No the roads are
flooding. It's not safe.
But I'm going to need you
to come back here and
help me set up blockades.
Copy that.
EDNA: Okay!
Good news. Let's get you warmed up.
I don't want you going back out there.
Well, I have to, Syd.
Well, just promise me you'll be careful.
Yeah. Of course.
What was that for?
Well, thank you.
You sure you won't feel
more comfortable in bed?
It wouldn't help.
Is the baby kicking?
It's probably just Braxton Hicks.
- Braxton Hicks?
- Yeah.
False labour pains.
My doctor told me
stress can bring them on.
You're amazing, and I love you,
but you've got to stop
scaring me like that.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, Maggie.
Remember what Rafe said. No sleeping.
I can't seem to stay awake.
One second.
I've got an idea.
Oh, no. I'm way too worried
about Frank and Sully
to be playing games, Cal.
I get that. I do.
But there's nothing
you can do about it now,
and we need to keep you awake.
it might help keep your mind off things.
Maybe a distraction
would be a good thing.
I just hope they're okay.
Looks like this is going
to be a long night. Here.
- Thank you, Edna.
- Mm-hmm.
And there's a cot in the back for Finn.
Want to help me bring it in?
(WHISPERING) What's wrong with him?
Looks like he's afraid
of the storm, too.
ROB: Edna told me you served.
Yeah. Uh, three tours in Afghanistan.
- You serve, too?
- No, no.
But I have friends who did.
I'm Rob, by the way.
This is my son, Finn.
Uh, well, pleased to meet you, Finn.
I'm Pete.
Are you afraid of the storm?
Yeah. A little bit.
Do you want to play a game?
What were you thinking?
My daughter used to love
to play that game with me,
back when I still lived with her.
And where is she now?
She's with her mother.
How come you don't
live with them anymore?
Finn, that's enough.
Uh, I tried to reconnect
with her and her mother
after I came back,
but it was hard
and I don't think I did a very good job.
FINN: One, two, three.
One, two, three. One, two.
That's three times in a row.
How'd you get to be so good?
It was the only game Walter
would play with me growing up.
He sounds like a fun guy.
He was busy.
Why chess?
He thought that it would teach me
to stay calm under pressure.
He thinks that control
is the key to happiness.
You don't actually believe
that, though, right?
Well, I'd rather have control of my life
than leave it up to chance.
But isn't life all about taking chances?
swing let the years pass through ♪
Your move.
Are you going to tell
me what's on your mind?
I can't stop thinking
about what Finn said.
About how you been taking care of me.
Ah, he didn't mean anything by it, Rob.
I know
but he wasn't wrong.
When you came back from New York,
you needed me. I'm your big brother,
and I wasn't there for you.
You had just lost Sarah.
It was a difficult time.
It was for you, too.
Yeah. Well, taking care of you and Finn
gave me something else to focus on.
That's one of the reasons
why I hired Clover.
I know.
And if I'm being honest
I didn't leave because of that.
Then why'd you leave?
Finn called me "Mom."
He did?
When I was tucking him
in. He probably didn't mean
anything by it, but
maybe I'm the reason you two
are having trouble connecting.
It's not you, Syd.
Then what is it?
He looks so much like Sarah.
The storm's over.
We're going to be okay.
How am I going to tell her, Frank?
She's already been through so much.
What's it going to do to
Lola when she finds out that
the one person she trusts in this world
is the person responsible
for her accident?
You have to find a way,
so both of you can finally heal.
Just need a little
time to figure out how.
You two boys Frank
Cranebear and Sully Sullivan?
I saw your truck out front.
There's a whole lot of
people over in Timberlake
that'd be happy to see you.
Battery's dead.
Oh, I'll bring my truck around.
Give you a boost.
And you can follow me
to the comfort centre
till the roads clear up.
Time to stop running from your problems.

- God.
- Hmm.
Well, it looks like we
made it through the night
without you falling asleep.
And I got to tell you, I thought
I was pretty good at this game.
Did you play a lot?
Back when I was in law school.
What made you want to be a lawyer?
I guess I loved the idea
of helping people find justice.
That's very noble.
Must have made you feel good.
It would've, but being
a defence attorney
at a big firm can be pretty impersonal.
So, what are you going to do
now you've decided to stay here?
Jury's still out on that one.
Whatever it is,
I still want to make a
difference in people's lives.
Doesn't it bother
you, not having a plan?
I used to think you needed one.
But now I know that life's got a way
of showing you what your
next move's going to be,
as long as you're open to seeing it.
Why do I fall for you? ♪
Why give it all for you? ♪
And lose myself ♪
Inside of you ♪
Why do I fall for you? ♪
Nobody else but you ♪
I don't want to know ♪
The truth ♪
Why do I fall? ♪
RAFE (ON RADIO): Hey. Rafe to Cal.
- Hey, Rafe. It's Maggie.
- Hey, Maggie.
We got the all-clear from Connie.
Thanks for letting us know.
RAFE: Listen, Maggie. They found
Frank and Sully. They're okay.
Oh, thank God.
Where are they?
RAFE: They're at a comfort centre.
Just waiting till
it's safe to come back.
That's great news.
RAFE: Oh, and Edna told me to tell you
that Pete's doing better, and
he's gone back to his trailer
to wait for Molly.
Thanks, Rafe.
I'll go back to the Outpost
to wait for Sully, then.
I'll get Molly back to Pete.
- And your jeans.
- Yeah.
Dry as a bone.
being restored around Halifax,
but storm damage is widespread.
Residents are encouraged
to stay off the roads
until further notice.
And now, over to
- There's still no signal.
I really think that we should
drive her to the hospital.
They just said to stay off the roads.
I know, but I really think
that she should see someone.
It's just Braxton Hicks.
- Uh, John, honey?
- Huh?
I don't think it's
Braxton Hicks anymore.
What makes you so sure?
Because my water just broke.
This can't be happening.
Molly! Oh, I missed you so much.
Thank you. Thank you
for taking care of her.
Yeah. I'm glad it all worked out okay.
Who's that?
My daughter, Brooke.
- Oh, she's beautiful.
- Mm-hmm.
You two close?
Haven't talked to her since
I got back from Afghanistan.
Her mama thought I was
too difficult to live with.
You know, Pete, I watched
my father struggle, too.
It was hard.
You ever thought about
getting treatment?
Not interested.
Don't you want a relationship
with your daughter?
I can't be the kind of man
she needs me to be anymore.
Well, if your family saw
you putting in the effort,
it might make a difference.
I know it would've made a
difference for me and my father.
Not all stories have
a happy ending, Cal.
Listen. Tell Maggie I said thank you.
I'm going to be heading out soon.
Sure thing, Pete.
Take care of yourself.
Yeah, okay.
SYDNEY: Maggie.
- You scared me.
- Oh.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Just bumped my head a little.
Nothing to worry about.
And what about you-know-who?
I'm sure everything's fine,
but I will get an
ultrasound just to be safe.
ROB: Hey, Syd?
I need to get Finn back home
and check in on the diner.
I can take him if you want.
That's okay. I want to
spend some time with him.
See you.
Come on, buddy.
Looks like you and Rob worked
things out during the storm.
Actually, I think we did.
What about you and Cal?
What do you mean?
Two people alone in a
cabin with nothing to do.
We played chess.
You expect me to believe
you spent all night
with Cal Jones and nothing happened?
I'll be getting those
details from you later.
- You can't fool me, girl.
Oh, m'chi.
I was so worried about you.
- Your head!
- No. It's fine.
Did you hear they found Frank and Sully?
Yeah. We talked to Rafe on the radio.
Ah, those two.
Well, I better finish straightening up
before they get here. You okay?
Uh, did you get Molly back okay?
Yeah, yeah.
But it turns out
Pete's decided to leave.
Oh. I was really hoping
we could get him to talk
to somebody about his PTSD.
I tried.
Hello? I need some help over here.
Uh, what's wrong?
I've got Ellis in my
car and she's in labour.
- Okay. Let's see.
- John, John
Her water broke.
Cal, well, let's get
a plastic tablecloth,
- bedsheets if you've got it.
- Okay. Yep.
Towels, blanket.
You're doing so good, just breathe.
JOHN: It's too soon. It
hasn't been nine months yet.
It's a little premature,
but it should be fine.
I'm also going to need a first-aid kit,
scissors, alcohol, and something
to swaddle the baby after.
JOHN: Here. Lean back on me.
EDNA: I'll radio search and rescue.
- Edna to Connie.
- CONNIE: Go for Connie.
I got a camper in labour.
We need you to send someone right away.
- I'll send over a team.
- Copy that.
Maggie, help's on the way.
Have you done this before?
Um, a few times in med school.
You're doing great.
Just remember to keep
calm and keep breathing,
just like we planned.
This is nothing like we planned.
JOHN: Don't worry.
The road was closed. I
didn't know where else to go.
JOHN: Hold my hand. You're doing great.
You did good, Lola.
Maggie's got this now.
Why don't we go outside
and leave them to it?
Yeah. You know, I
could use a little air.
JOHN: It's going to be okay.
MAGGIE: Okay, Ellis.
You are fully dilated.
This baby is ready to come out.
All right. Give me one big push.
I can feel its head.
- Push.
- Ooh!
Stop. Stop.
Why? What's wrong?
Um, I don't want you to panic.
The umbilical cord is
wrapped around his neck.
Is he going to be okay?
It just means I need to change
my approach a little, but
Okay? Um,
Cal, I'm going to need your help.
Yeah. Uh, what can I
do? What do you need?
I'm going to need both my hands
to slip the cord over the baby's
head as he's being delivered,
so I'm going to need
you to help clean him
and wrap him up once he's out.
- I can do that.
- All right.
It wasn't supposed
to be happen this way.
John, I need you to stay calm for Ellis.
- Oof.
- Okay.
All right. Ellis. I need you to focus.
Do exactly what I tell
you when I tell you.
- Mm-hmm.
- You got it? Let's do it.
- Okay.
- When I tell you to push, you push.
- When I say "stop," you stop.
- Okay.
Pushing in three, two, one.
- Push.
- Ooh!
- Okay, good.
- JOHN: You're doing great.
Okay. Once more.
I'm going to need to
rotate the baby's head
to clear the cord. Ready?
And push.
Okay. Stop. All right.
You are doing so good, Ellis.
Okay. One more. As
big as you can give me.
Your biggest push. Ready?
And go ahead.
- Yep.
Good, good.
- He's out. He's out.
Oh, he's perfect.
I found hope ♪
He's beautiful!
In the hidden light ♪
CAL: I got you.
I learned it ♪
MAGGIE: He's okay.
I got you. Yeah.
In forgotten times,
'cause it was then ♪
That I found you in the quiet ♪
Welcome to the world.
Lies the truth ♪
Every moment ♪
There you go, Mama.
- Oh! He's so beautiful.
- Is something new ♪
Hi, baby! Hi.
But all I know ♪
- Is this peace in this moment ♪
And oh, now I see ♪
Oh, hi.
All the things ♪
Nuchal released without incident,
But you might want to supply
some supplemental oxygen just in case.
I know ♪
We're lucky you were here.
I know I'm home ♪
He's beautiful.
Home ♪
I know I'm home ♪

There's no damage at Sully's, either.
You should get some rest.
I can call you when they get here.
Ah, I can't rest. Not till they're back.
You're going to be okay.
- Mm-hmm.
- Is that them?
- Mm-hmm.
Frank! Oh.
What were you thinking, Frank?
You'd better be sorry.
(SIGHING) I'm just glad you're okay.
I was so worried about you.
I never should have left the hospital.
No, you shouldn't have.
Especially since I was
on my way to tell you
you don't have Alzheimer's.
Oh, my.

How was your shift?
Busy. Still in cleanup from the storm.
Right. You want a beer?
Sure, please. Yeah. I would.
Thank you.
I can't stop thinking about
last night at the Outpost.
I got to see a whole other side to you.
What's that supposed to mean?
You never even hesitated to
go after Maggie in that storm.
That is my job, Sydney.
Yeah. Well, I guess I'd never
seen you in action before.
It was pretty sexy.
Well, thank you.
I think I'm going to go have a shower.
Let me help.
I would ♪
I would own you ♪
What happened to just being friends?
Shut up and kiss me.
Ooh-ooh ♪
Ooh ♪
Ooh ♪
SULLY: So, the
forgetfulness, the falling,
that was all because
of a vitamin deficiency?
That's right.
You sure about that?
I'm sure, Sully.
I've still got time.
Uh, listen.
I need to talk to you about something.
This particular vitamin deficiency
it's caused by alcohol abuse.
I found your sobriety
chips in a box in your room.
I wish you'd told me.
I couldn't.
You know, I never thought
about what it was like for you
after we left.
Why would you? You were just a child.
I I always blamed you.
I thought you didn't care.
I never stopped caring, Maggie.
I know.
I saw the clippings.
Maybe we can
start over.
Just put all this behind us.
I'd like that very much.
I love you, Sully.
Can't tell you how many years
I've been waiting to hear those words.
I love you, too, Maggie.
ANDREW: Maggie?
I've been calling you since yesterday.
The phones were down.
Everybody was so worried about you.
And we're all going to be very happy
when you're home here,
finally, safe and sound.
Andrew, I'm actually calling to tell you
I still need a little more time.
What are you talking about?
Do you even want this job?
To be honest
I don't know what I want anymore.
Sooner or later, you're going
to have to make a decision.
I know.
Just know, whatever you
decide, I'll be here.
I appreciate that. Bye.
Hey. What's the emergency?
I think I screwed up.
What do you mean?
Let's just say I had a
momentary lapse in judgment.
I'm not following.
I slept with Rafe.
So, what's the problem?
There wouldn't be a problem
if I hadn't already asked
to sign back on with my old agency.
In New York?
I didn't realise you were
considering doing that.
Well, Rob is right.
It's time for me to start
focusing on my future.
Uh, have you told Rafe yet?
You got to do that.
It's not going to be easy.
What about you?
What about me?
When are you going to
tell Andrew about the baby?
Oh. I think I should
probably do that in person.
Does this have anything to do
with what happened at Cal's?
We played chess.
Are you sure?
We kissed again.
- Yeah.
- But it was a mistake.
- Was it?
- It can't go anywhere, Syd.
You know that.
Why not? You both clearly
have feelings for each other.
I'm carrying Andrew's baby.
Maybe Cal would be okay with that.
Well, you won't know
until you talk to him.
- Sully?
- Lola.
I was so worried about you.
I know. I'm sorry.
How about you come over
later and we catch up?
Yeah. I'd love that. I
can bring over dinner.
That'd be nice.
Are you all right?
I will be once we have a chance to talk.
Okay. See you later.
Hey. Hope I'm not interrupting anything.
No. Not at all.
Is there something I can help you with?
I was actually thinking about
what you said during the storm,
about taking chances.
I was wondering if maybe
you'd like to go for
dinner with me tonight?
I'd love to.
It's a date.
See you later.
SULLY: Maggie said
I'll be back to my old self soon.
I'm so happy that you're
going to be okay, Sully.
Is something wrong?
You hardly touched your dinner.
Uh, listen.
Um, I want to talk to
you about something.
What's wrong?
(CRYING) I'm sorry, Sully.
It's just that I was
so worried about you.
You're the only family that I have left.
And I don't know if I could keep going
if anything ever happened to you.
I'm not quite sure I've
got the hang of this yet.
Let me show you. Come here.
And then
Oh! Ah.
Here. Let me.
Thank you.
A love like this was
written in the stars ♪
Two passing ships ♪
You know, we never did have that dance
after the land blessing.
Well, I don't think that
there's dancing here, Cal.
Sure there is.
And no more nights
when I just think of you ♪
- I know inside ♪
- Okay.
You're thinking of me, too ♪
CAL: Nobody's looking.
It's just us.
When the day breaks ♪
Okay. You were right. This is nice.
I will never let you go ♪
- Never let you go ♪
- You know, you're not a bad dancer
for a handyman, Calypso.
You know what? I think it's all
about finding the right partner.
I can feel it my bones ♪
Feel it in my bones ♪
We are meant to be ♪
And it's you ♪
I always want to fall into ♪
Like the tide is driven ♪
By the moon ♪
Like I'm the one you come back to ♪
You know, watching
you deliver that baby,
that was really something.
You were so natural.
It seemed like you knew
exactly what you were doing.
Mm-hmm. Oldest of four, remember?
I can feel it in my bones ♪
Feel it in my bones ♪
So, you can see yourself
having kids one day, then?
We are meant to be ♪
I decided a long time ago that
wasn't in the cards for me.
I hope that's not a problem.
You okay?
I'm the one you come back to ♪
Um, we should probably get the bill.
- All right. Can we talk about this?
- Oh, no. I just I need to head back
to give Sully his treatment.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Oh and I am ♪
I'm the one you come back to ♪
Where's Edna?
Cabin four. They, uh,
needed more towels.
Well, tried to talk to Lola.
It wasn't the right time.
You know, there's a meeting tomorrow.
I think we should go.
- There he is.
- Hey.
Come to make sure the
place is still standing?
I really appreciate you looking
out for this place during the storm.
It's as much our home
as it is yours, Sully.
I'm just grateful we didn't lose it.
- Hey.
- Hey. Why you so dressed up?
MAGGIE: Uh, it's not important.
- It's time for your infusion.
- Ah. Okay.
All right.
Um, Sully?
You remember the thing
that you said you forgot?
I think I figured out what it is.
Really? What?
SULLY (READING): "Sullivan's
Crossing Campground.
Bank auction. All bids welcome."
The Crossing's up for auction?
EDNA: I can't believe it.
EDNA: How is this possible?

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