Sullivan's Crossing (2023) s02e05 Episode Script


EDNA: I don't understand.
How can the outpost be up for auction?
The bank can't just
foreclose without notice.
Do you remember getting
a registered letter?
Registered letter.
Where is it? What did I do with it?
SULLY: This can't be happening.
Hey, where's that folder
that was on my desk?
Uh, what folder?
How many times do I got to tell you
not to mess with my things, Edna?
I didn't see a folder,
and I would have noticed a
registered letter from the bank.
Where did I put it?
"Notice of foreclosure."
How could I have let this happen?
Is this as good as it's gonna get ♪
I've given all I can give ♪
But the rivers still
get wider, wider ♪
We've been here all along ♪
Through the valleys we carry on ♪
The journey takes us higher, higher ♪
This could be your home
if we try to build it ♪
This could be your life
that's one in a million ♪
All the hard times,
yeah, they were worth it ♪
Time and time and time again ♪
Time and time and time again ♪
MAGGIE: Almost ready?
Last time I wore a suit
was my father's funeral.
He's probably rolling over
in his grave right now.
Here, let me Let me help with that.
Oh, this is ridiculous.
We need to make a good
impression at the bank.
This place has been in
our family for generations.
How could I forget
something this important?
Don't blame yourself.
Maybe if I hadn't
started drinking again
Beating yourself up isn't going to help.
I always thought I'd pass
this place on to you one day.
I can't lose the Crossing, Maggie.
Don't worry. We'll sort this out.
EDNA: How could Sully keep this from us?
He was having trouble
with his memory. Remember?
Not when he got that letter, Frank.
I should have suspected things weren't
going well when he didn't pay Rob.
It wasn't like him.
Did you know?
- Of course not.
- You're his best friend, Frank.
He didn't say anything?
I knew things were slow, same as you.
Why didn't he tell us?
We could have helped.
Maybe he didn't want to worry us.
Oh, that's no excuse. We're like family.
And family doesn't keep secrets
from each other, no matter what.

- Hey.
- Hey. Um
This, uh This really
isn't a good time, Cal.
Oh. I was just hoping we could talk.
I could tell what I said the
other night at dinner upset you.
Um, I'm sorry. I can't
do this right now.
Sully and I have to sort out
this foreclosure business.
What foreclosure?
I thought you would have heard.
The bank is putting the
Crossing up for auction.
Looks like Sully missed
one too many payments.
We're headed to the bank right now.
Is there anything I can help with?
No. I'm sure once I explain to
them Sully was in the hospital,
that they'll understand.
- I really got to get going.
- No, of course.
Go, go. Let me know if
there's anything I can do.
Thank you.
So, did, uh, Maggie tell
you what the plan is?
Uh, only that she's
hoping they'll be able
to sort things out at the bank.
Who's that?
Just a robo-call.
Well, I should probably get going.
So, I'll see you later?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Hey, Harvey. It's Sydney Shandon.
I just wanted to see
if you'd had a chance
to think about taking me on again.
Thank you for calling.
Oh. Oh.
Where's Sully?
He's at the bank with Maggie.
I can't believe Maggie
didn't call me again.
We only just saw it in
the paper last night.
What are we going to do now, Edna?
Nimoo nik'shkayteo, my girl.
I wish I knew.
So, you can understand that
with my father's condition
and his being in the hospital,
it would have made it
I appreciate all that, Miss Sullivan,
but it doesn't really
change our position.
Your father owes this
bank a lot of money,
and we need him to
make good on that debt.
I told you this would
be a waste of time.
Just a bunch of numbers
on a spreadsheet to them.
I'm done here.
- Ridiculous.
- Mr. Sullivan?
Look. I understand what
you're saying, Mr. Blake. I do.
But the Crossing isn't just a business;
it is the heart of this community,
and losing it is going to
impact a lot more people
than just my father.
I know he isn't the best
businessman in the world
but Sully has made a difference
in the lives of
everyone around here,
and those people are loyal
customers of this bank, too.
That should mean something
to you, shouldn't it?
I'm just asking for a little
more time to make this right.
I'm afraid it's out of
my hands, Miss Sullivan.
You have two weeks to pay off the debt,
or the Crossing goes
to the highest bidder.
Thank you for your time.
I called it at two ♪
You called it at three ♪
Same people ♪
Different party ♪
All of the love in the world ♪
Couldn't save me ♪
Kneel with me ♪
Steal with me ♪
Just stay for a moment ♪
And heal with me ♪
Stray with me ♪
Lay with me ♪
- All of the love in the world ♪
LOLA: Cal?
Uh, it's open. Come on in.
LOLA: I can't believe what's going on.
Sully can't lose the Crossing.
It means everything to him
and the people around here.
I know.
I may not be a Sullivan,
but Sully and the people
here, they're my family, too.
I know exactly how you feel.
Isn't there anything we can do?
I just don't know that
much about foreclosure law.
So, let's find someone who does.
I know you're upset, Sully,
but now's not the time to give up.
I just need a minute.

Hey. I just wanted to check
in and see how you're doing.
MAGGIE: Honestly, not good.
Remember how I told you
that Sully was struggling
with his memory?
- Yeah.
- Well, it turns out
that he forgot to respond to
a demand letter from the bank,
and now, if I can't come up
with a way to pay back his loan,
then the Crossing is
going up for auction.
ANDREW: I'm so sorry.
I know how much that place means to you.
I don't know what else to do.
You should contact an
attorney. Get some advice.
At least then, you'll
know what your options are.
Mags, I'm worried about you.
No, I'm fine. I'm fine.
I've just I've got
to figure this out.
ANDREW: Remember, I'm
here if you need me.
Thanks for calling, Andrew.
ANDREW: Of course.
LOLA: Thank you very much, Mr. Kingston.
We'll be right in.
He said he can squeeze us
in if we leave right now.
Does he have any experience
with foreclosure law?
He said he's handled
a lot of bankruptcies.
Let's go.
How did it go at the bank?
They won't postpone the auction,
so we're going to have to
find another way to stop it.
Actually, Cal and I are on our
way to meet with an attorney
who said he might be able to help.
- You want to come with us?
Sorry. I I can't. I
forgot I have to meet Sydney.
Okay. Uh, we'll give you an
update when we get some news.
All right. Um, thanks, Cal.

Maggie told me you'd be here.
I take it the meeting at
the bank didn't go that well?
That's an understatement.
It was humiliating.
I had to sit there while some banker
airs my dirty laundry
in front of my daughter.
I'm sure she understands.
I dedicated my life to
protecting this land.
If it goes up for auction,
who knows what will happen?
I did this, Frank.
I thought I was strong
enough to handle it all.
Maggie coming back here
opened up a lot for you.
I finally got her back.
If I lose the Crossing, I'll
probably never see her again.
We're here for you.
You don't have to do this alone.
Come on.
There's still time to
make a meeting today.
- SYDNEY: Hey there.
- Oh, just
- Come on.
Hey, Auntie Syd.
Think maybe you could
give that phone a rest
and do some reading?
I am reading.
I mean reading a book with actual pages.
School starts this week and
you're going to need to get used to
spending less time on electronics.
Go get a book from the back.
No Clover?
She stepped out with her boyfriend.
She doesn't really seem to
be helping you out that much.
Maybe you should consider
finding someone a little more reliable.
I don't think this is the right time
to be considering hiring
anybody more expensive.
If the Crossing closes,
business is definitely
going to take a hit.
I can't risk losing this place.
It means too much to me.
I get it.
Don't suppose you'd be
interested in helping me
empty the grease traps this weekend?
Actually, I need to tell you something.
Okay. What?
I'm leaving for New York this weekend.
New York?
What for?
I talked to my old agent
and he's agreed to
give me another chance.
Are you sure this is a good idea?
I'm a lot stronger than
I was back then, Rob.
Besides, it was not the modelling
I was having problems with.
As long as you're sure you're up for it.
I am.
I'm just not sure how
I'm going to tell Finn.
FRANK: Smells good in here.
Huh? Bake sale I didn't know about?
Frank, I need some flour
from the back, please.
Yep. On it.
Uh, yeah. I I owe you an apology.
I'm not mad you forgot, Sully. I'm hurt.
I don't understand why you
didn't feel you could tell us
that you were struggling.
I didn't want you and Frank to worry.
We could have shared the burden.
It's our home, too, Sully.
I know, and I'm sorry.
Where's that flour, Frank?
Better get you to that meeting, Sully.
I'm going to figure this out, Edna.
I promise.
I hope so.

This is going to feel a little cold.
The heartbeat is faint in
the first trimester, but
let's see if we can find it.
Oh, my God.
I didn't, um
Oh, I didn't expect to feel like that.
Hearing your baby's
heartbeat for the first time
can be overwhelming for most women.
Thank you.
Don't you worry 'bout me ♪
I'm going to be a mom.
SYDNEY: I know.
Though my heart is drowning ♪
It seems this pain is by design ♪
My father once told me that
a man has to face his mistakes.
I guess I'm here because
I spent too many years ignoring mine.
Drinking screwed up my marriage.
(VOICE BREAKING) It cost me my daughter.
My family.
I thought if I
If I pushed it all down
and tried to forget about it,
that things would be okay.
But it didn't work.
Then, my daughter
she came home
and it opened it all back up again.
I realize now
I wasn't okay.
I was just
hiding from everything I'd done.
I miss your way with words ♪
And your Post-its by the door ♪
But I'll be fine ♪
- It's a good start, Sully.
You're a good man, Sully.
SYDNEY: So, what are
you going to do now?
What do you mean?
I mean about Cal.
I already told you
what happened at dinner.
He made it perfectly clear that
he doesn't want to be a father.
But you didn't tell him about the baby?
Why would I after that?
So, that's it?
You're just going to give up on him?
I mean, I never should have let myself
get carried away in the first place.
I don't really know him.
You know, anyways, it
never would have worked out.
Cal wants to live here
and eventually, I'll be
moving back to Boston,
once it all settles down.
I think you're making a mistake.
You saw how Andrew
acted at that poker game.
Take it from me. Guys
like that don't change.
That's not fair, Sydney. I
was with Andrew for two years.
He's been really working on himself.
I mean, he loves me.
He He wants a family.
It makes sense, and he
deserves a second chance.
Okay. If that's how you feel.
Listen. My agent called,
and he wants me to fly
to New York this weekend.
But I can still cancel
if you want me to stay.
No, no. Sydney, this is what
you want to do. You should go.
You sure?
I'll be fine.
Okay. Well, I better get
home and book my ticket.
Good luck.
Thanks for squeezing us in.
I'm Lola Gunderson,
and this is Cal Jones.
Lola Gunderson?
Roy Gunderson's granddaughter?
I was so sad to hear
that he'd passed away.
- Please, sit down.
- Thank you.
Well, what can I do for you?
We're trying to help Sully
Sullivan stop the bank
from auctioning off the Crossing.
Now, have they scheduled an auction yet?
Ah, well, that's going
to make it more tricky.
I was wondering if we
could file for an appeal.
On an emergency basis, yes,
as long as you can show the judge
that you have a good reason for it.
And if we had that reason,
how long would that take?
Oh, 24 to 48 hours.
And then, the judge could
direct to cancel the auction?
That's right.
What does that mean?
It means we need to convince the judge
that Sully being in the hospital
prevented him from making
his payments on time.
Now, you sound like a lawyer.
I was, in New York, but
I don't practise anymore.
Yeah? Why is that?
I didn't feel like, uh,
I was really making
much of a difference.
Well, small-town law, you
don't make the big bucks,
but it can be very rewarding.
Well, we should go, Cal,
to tell Sully the good news.
Yeah. Just remember,
if you're going to file the
appeal, you have to be able
to show that you have sufficient
funds to pay off the debt.
Okay. Thank you.
- I appreciate your help.
- Oh, it's been a pleasure.
Great to meet you.
- You, too.
- Yeah.
- Take care.
- Take care.
Who's that for?
(SIGHING) John and Ellis.
Thought it would help
them remember this place
if we close.
It's not going to happen, Edna.
What'd the bank say?
Uh, yeah. It didn't go well.
I can't start over
again at my age, Maggie.
And what about Frank?
What's he going to do?
There's so many
memories wrapped up here.
You took your first steps right here.
You're like a daughter to me, M'chi.
Losing this place will feel
like I'm losing a piece of me.
My girl.
Hey. Where's Sully?
I think we found a way
to stop the auction.
- Well, that's great news.
- What is it?
Uh, well, we need to file
for an emergency appeal,
and then convince the judge that
Sully couldn't make his payments
because he was in the hospital.
Is that it?
We just have to prove to the judge
that we have the money
to pay off his debt.
- CAL: What's wrong?
- Well, that's a problem.
What do you mean?
There's no way we're going to be able
to come up with that kind of
money in less than two weeks.

You say my name ♪
Like you know what tomorrow brings ♪
What the wildflowers sow ♪
You've got seeds in your pocket ♪
That steady grow ♪
It's a wild world ♪
Wrap me up ♪
In all your thoughts ♪
Like seeing sunlight ♪
Painted on the walls ♪
While the rain outside ♪
Is turning into frost ♪
It's a wild world ♪
But if you hold on to me ♪
Hi, Dr. Callahan. It's Maggie Sullivan.
I was hoping that we could talk.

We're going round ♪
On this fading stone ♪
And sometimes it might feel like ♪
You can't find the road ♪
But I see the trees
and their leaves are ♪
Guiding us home ♪
It's a wild world ♪
It's a wild world ♪
Yeah, it's a wild world ♪
I'll heat up your dinner.
Already ate with Frank
after the meeting.
I called Dr. Callahan.
Oh, I'm glad.
I passed on the job.
Why would you do that?
I want my children to
know this place, Sully,
and everyone here.
This is my legacy, too.
I don't want to lose it.
I didn't know you felt that way.
I may have grown up in Boston,
but the Crossing will always be my home.
Oh, Maggie.
So, I've been thinking about
where we can get the money,
and I have an idea.
I'm going to ask Phoebe
and Walter to help.
Over my dead body.
I know how you feel about Walter.
Just hear me out.
You expect me to borrow money
from the same man who kept you
away from me all these years?
I'd rather stick forks in my eyes.
I'm not going to let your
feelings get in the way
of saving the Crossing.
Sully, where are you going?
To the Outpost.
Hey. You're home.
What's that?
Syd, come on. What's going on?
It's a plane ticket to New York.
New York? What for?
I booked a photo shoot.
When were you going to tell me?
I just wanted to make
sure it was real at first.
How long have you been planning this?
Is that why you said you
only wanted to be friends?
I thought you cared about me, Sydney.
No. Rafe, I can explain.
Oh, it's a little late for
that now, don't you think?
Come on.
Let me take you home.
This place has meant so
much to so many people.
It's not over until it's over.
What are you two still doing here?
- We were just leaving.
- SULLY: I can't believe this.
What's going on?
Maggie wants to ask Phoebe
and Walter for a loan.
That's what's going on! Can you imagine?
I can just see the smug
look on his face now.
You won't consider it,
even if it means saving the Crossing?
How can you say that, Frank?
After everything he's done?
Let's go, nîcimos.
SULLY: "Thank you for
the wonderful memories.
It's nice to finally find a place
where we feel welcomed.
"We're looking forward to spending
many more summers together. The Fishes."

It's Sully Sullivan.
Listen. I thought about what you said.
I've changed my mind.
I'd like to discuss a deal.

You didn't come home last night.
I slept at the station.
Just getting a change of clothes.
Just don't do this.
I'm not the one who's
leaving for New York, Sydney,
and was lying about it.
I wanted to tell you.
I just didn't know how.
Syd, I can't just keep sitting around,
waiting for you to figure out
what you want, okay? I can't.
I know.
You're right.
You deserve better.
I will pack up my things
and head back over to Rob's.
All right.
You know, I hope you find
what you're looking for, Syd.
Just leave your key on
the table when you go.
- 'Morning.
- 'Morning.
Uh, is Sully here?
No. He didn't come in yet.
But holy, he was in
quite the mood last night.
I found a note he left this morning,
saying he was going to fix things.
Did he mention anything to you?
No. Only that he wasn't
going to take Walter's money.
Looks like my herb garden
didn't survive the hurricane.
Well, we can always
plant again next spring.
FRANK: If Sully wins the auction.
Um, I'm going for a walk.
Why don't I watch the store for a bit?
You know, I have to say,
I was surprised
when George called and said
that you wanted to talk.
I didn't think that you
were open to selling.
I'm not. Uh, but I was hoping
that you might consider
investing as a partner.
Go on.
All right. I'm thinking you buy
in as a minority shareholder,
and in exchange, I help
promote your business.
Could be a win-win for both of us.
Could be interesting.
Give me a day or two to think it over.
Of course. I'll be at the Outpost
if you feel like you want
to talk more about it.
All right.
- Exciting.
- Mm-hmm.

Uh, I just wanted to come by
and see how Sully was doing.
He's not here right now.
Well, uh, could I get a cup of coffee?
I was up most of the night
researching foreclosure law.
You didn't have to do that, Cal.
I wanted to.
And this is my home too, now. Remember?
Is now a good time to talk about
what happened the other night?
Because I'd like to explain.
You don't need to.
I have feelings for you.
I haven't felt like this
about anyone for a very,
very long time.
Maybe if we'd met at
another time in our lives,
this might have worked out differently.
But I need you to know that
whatever this is that's
been going on between us,
it can't happen.
I don't understand. Why not?
Because we don't want the same things.
Can we talk about this?
Can you not make this any
harder than it already is, Cal?
You know, you told me
that you push people away
when they get too close.
Why is that? What are you afraid of?
I'm not afraid, Cal.
Aren't you?
You've spent your entire life
putting up these walls to
protect yourself from getting hurt.
But you know the problem
with walls, Maggie,
is they also keep the people
who care about you out.
Please. Stop pushing me away.
Give us a chance.
I'm sorry, Cal.
I can't.
I'm sorry, too.
- Hey, hey.
- Hey.
RAFE: Hey, thanks for meeting me.
- ROB: What's up?
- So, uh, did Sydney mention
she was planning on
moving back to New York?
Yeah. She told me.
Great. So, I'm the last one to find out.
Well, she's moving out. I don't get her.
She's been avoiding relationships
ever since she got back from New York.
Yeah, but it doesn't make any sense.
She told me nothing good happened there.
I know. I know. But, um,
I think she's just trying
to figure out who she is
and what she wants right now, you know?
Yeah. I'm going to miss her.
Hey. Sometimes when you
really care about somebody,
you got to
You got to kind of let them go.
I'll go inside and make
some lemonade for all of us.
Why does life have to be so complicated?
What's wrong, my girl?
I was always so sure about everything.
You know, I had it all
planned out, and now, it's
Well, sometimes, you
just need to breathe
and let go,
and wait to see what
life's got in store for you.
Hey. I got your note. Where were you?
Just had a meeting with
somebody who might be interested
in investing in the Crossing.
- Who was that?
- New golf course owner across the lake.
That's right.
- Well, he came by while you were in the hospital.
- I didn't get a good feeling from that guy.
Ah, you and your feelings. Come on.
It's been a long time, Sully.
You're kidding, right?

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