Sullivan's Crossing (2023) s02e09 Episode Script



reached Lola Gunderson.
I can't come to the phone right now.
- Please leave me a message.
I'm really worried about you, Lola.
Just call me and let me
know you're okay, please.
Sully, you okay?
Didn't sleep that well.
Just got a lot on my mind.
You want to talk about it?
I'm going to give Frank a call,
see if he wants to go for a walk.
Okay. That's a good idea.
Are you sure you're okay?
I'm fine, really.
Call me if you need anything.


Is this as good as it's gonna get? ♪
I've given all I can give ♪
But the rivers still
get wider, wider ♪
We've been here all along ♪
Through the valleys, we carry on ♪
The journey takes us higher, higher ♪
This could be your home,
if we try to build it ♪
This could be your life
that's one in a million ♪
All the hard times,
yeah, they were worth it ♪
Time and time and time again ♪
Time and time and time again ♪
Can you get that, Frank?
Sullivan's Crossing.
Okay. I'll be right over.
I'm going over to Sully's.
He needs to talk.
Well, those fish aren't
going to cook themselves.
I won't be gone long.
Do you have to drop
everything the minute he calls?
I'm his sponsor.
It's not about the fish, is it?
I don't get how you can
be so patient with Sully
and not with your own cousin.
What is so funny?
I'll be back.

No easy way to break the fall ♪
No making sense when my
back's against the wall ♪
Don't know how to start ♪
Until I've stopped ♪
No remedy to give me rest ♪
Making peace with this
weight upon my chest ♪
And letting go ♪
Of all I know ♪
SULLY: I told Lola, Frank.
What did she say?
That she never wants to see me again.
Ah. She could still come around.
How's she ever going to
trust me again, Frank?
I broke her heart, and nothing
I can say or do can fix that.
It'll take time.
What about Maggie?
I haven't told her.
Why not?
She just found out
about Walter, you know?
I mean, how's she going to feel
when she hears that
I'm lying to her, too?
There's only one way to find out.
Can't lose her, Frank.
Making amends is about
taking accountability.
It's not about asking for forgiveness.
I know that.
I just wish there was
something I could do.
You were right.
About what?
Looks like it's time
for me to face the storm.


- MAGGIE: Cal?
Come on in!
- Hey.
- Hey.
Um, I just wanted to check and see
if you'd heard anything from Sedona.
Yeah. She has an appointment
with one of the
specialists you recommended.
Well, that's good.
That's a start.
Uh, will you let her know
she can give me a call
if she needs help with her test results?
I will do.
Uh breakfast?
Are you sure you have enough?
- Have a seat.
- Thank you.
Looks delicious.
Everything does taste
better when you're pregnant.

So, uh, Lola told me
that Sully has an
investor for the Crossing?
Mm-hmm. The owner of the
golf course across the lake,
he's going to make him an offer.
So I I guess you'll
be headed home soon.
Well, I do need to start
getting my life in order.
Mm. Andrew will be
happy to have you back.
Uh, things weren't really
working out between us,
so we decided to
go our separate ways.
What about you?
You decided what you're going to do yet?
Yeah. Yeah. I think, um,
I'm going to volunteer for
the Search and Rescue team,
you know, until I figure out
what I want to do full time.
They'll be lucky to have you.
I don't know what I would
have done without you
during that storm.
I was just happy to have the company.
I should get back to Sully's.
Need to look for a job.
Yes. Uh well, thank
you for stopping by.
Yeah. Let me know if you
hear anything from Sedona.
I will.


Hey. I didn't expect to see you today.
I was in the neighbourhood.
I heard you were short-staffed,
so I thought I'd stop in
and see if you needed a hand.
Oh. That's nice.
Well, I'm a nice person,
and I also know my way around a kitchen.
- Want to help me with some setups?
- Sure.

My wife used to do them
just like that, actually.
Sounds like she must
have been a smart woman.
She was.
You know, I know it's
not the same at all,
but I had a really tough
time after my divorce.
But the more I kept it to myself,
the harder I found it
to connect with people.
When did it get easier for you?
When I stopped trying to
hide how I was feeling.
You and I getting drunk on life ♪
I just just want you
to know that I'm here,
you know, if you ever
want to talk about Sarah.
(SCOFFING) That that
wouldn't that bother you at all?
You and I getting drunk ♪
No! Why would it?
Just you and I getting drunk on life ♪
- Hey.
- Hi.
You make it home okay?
PHOEBE: We we did.
Listen. I've been thinking.
The waiting list for daycares are long,
and you should probably
start interviewing nannies,
because a good one's
going to be hard to find.
Well, um, I have lots of
time to think about that.
Look. I just want you to be prepared
so you don't feel overwhelmed.
Can we talk about
something else, please?
Um Walter's heartbroken, Maggie.
I just thought you should know that, um,
they're going to let
Walter keep his licence
so that he can make restitution.
MAGGIE: Mom, I I really
need to get in the shower.
I'll talk to you later.
PHOEBE: Okay. Love you.
Love you too.

- Hey, Cal.
- CAL: Hey.
Here to work out?
Uh, actually, no.
I'm here to talk to you.
I'd like to volunteer for
the Search and Rescue team.
That is great. I was wondering
when you were going to come around.
I'll get you an application form.
- Perfect.
- I just have to do
a background check, but
once that's all done,
then we can get you into training.
What made you change your mind?
My residency came through.
So it's official. You're staying.
Yeah. Uh, I finally can
move forward with my life.
I'm a little jealous.
I always thought it would be
nice to to go somewhere new
and start fresh in a place
where nobody knows you.
Well, why not do it?
I can't just drop
everything and leave, Cal.
Well, look. You said yourself,
your divorce is final, right?
- Yeah.
- And Jackson,
he's headed off to college soon, so
what's holding you back?
That's a good question.
How'd it go with Frank?
Everything okay?
The night of my stroke,
you asked me a question,
wanted to know why I
didn't come after you
when your mother took you away.
We put all that behind us.
We don't have to talk
about that anymore.
You deserve to hear the truth, Maggie.

After I hit Lola,
I, uh, I couldn't live with myself. I
That's when Frank found
me, put me in rehab.
But by the time I got out,
they'd already labeled it a hit and run.
Did Frank and Edna know?
So you just kept quiet all this time?
Lola needed help, you know,
and I knew I could do
more for her from here
than I could from behind bars.
There's not a day goes by
I don't regret what I did.
I'm worried about her, Maggie.
I need to know she's okay.
But eh she won't answer my calls.
I can go and check on her.
I don't agree with what you did.
But I am glad that you
finally you told her.
So you don't hate me?
No, of course not.
Getting behind the wheel was wrong.
But I was just as
desperate to get back to you
that day too, Sully.

You don't think he'll start
drinking again, do you?
I don't know.
It'll always be a struggle for Sully.
And for me.
Well, then it's a good thing
that you went to see him.
Astum. Api.
I need to talk to you about something.

What's wrong, Frank?
I need to tell you
something about Sully.

So, we need somebody to start the saws.
Uh, we got to check the packs,
and, um, uh, we got to do
an inventory on our kits.
Oh, you're back! I missed you so much!
JACKSON: I missed you, too.
Mm. Where's your dad?
Oh, he's in the car. Uh, I
just came to get a house key,
um, and he said he'll call you later.
Yeah. Okay. I'll get it.
Hey, Cal.
- Jacks, how was the road trip?
- It was great.
I just had to listen to my
dad's music the whole time.
At least you got to spend
some quality time together,
- though, right?
- Yeah, exactly.
- Here you go.
- Thanks. I'll see you at home.
CONNIE: Okay. Aw.
- Love you.
- Okay. Okay.
- Tell your dad I say hi.
- JACKSON: I will.
Later, Jacks.
CONNIE: You know, it's so funny.
You spend so many years
watching over your kid
and making sure that they're
safe and that they're healthy,
and then all of a sudden,
you're just supposed to
kick them out of the nest
so they can learn how to be independent
and survive on their own.
Did you always want kids?
Actually, I didn't think
that I'd be a very good mom,
but Tom, he really wanted a family,
and he promised that he'd help,
he'd be there.
I'm so glad that he convinced me,
because the minute Jackson was born
and he was in my arms, it
was like all the doubts,
they just they disappeared.
I'm going to get back to work.

Why are you here?
Oh. I I want to
make sure you're okay.
He told you?
Of course he did. Why wouldn't he?
He's really worried about you.
All this time, he's
just been feeling guilty.
Sully loves you.
You know that.
How am I suppose to believe that?
I know what it's like when the person
you trust most in
this world lies to you.
But you know Sully.
He is a he is a good person.
He would never intentionally hurt you.
Why do you even care, Maggie?
You've never wanted me
to be a part of his life.
- That's not
- You should be happy right now,
because you're getting everything
that you've ever wanted.
Now, if you don't mind,
I'd really like to be alone now, please.

Okay. Okay.

EDNA: So, you're telling me
Sully is the one who hit Lola?
And all this time,
he's been keeping it to himself?
How long have you known?
Since the hurricane.
And you didn't tell me?
I promised Sully that I'd
let him talk to Lola first.
It's a pretty big secret, Frank.
Trying to do right by Sully.
I know you're his best
friend and his sponsor, Frank,
but you're my husband.
And keeping something
like this from me

I am sorry.
I need to get some air.

I tried talking to Lola,
but she's too upset.
I think you just need
to give her some space.

What's this?
The deed to the Crossing,
my mortgage files,
bank account information.
You're going to need those
when you're negotiating
Glenn's offer with the Crossing.
I don't understand.
I have to make things right, Maggie,
finally take responsibility
for my actions.
What are you saying?
I need you to drive me
to the police station.
I'm going to turn myself in.

Why would you turn yourself in now?
Because it's the only way
I can make things right.
I should have done this a long time ago.
- Who are you calling?
- Frank.
No. I need to do this on my own.
You're not going to talk
me out of this, Maggie.

Can I at least call Cal?
He's a defense attorney.
He can give us some advice.



Have you ever been back
to where it happened?
- No.
- Sometimes, that can help
trigger repressed memories.

Where you been?
Thinking about things.
I've been worried about you.

When you wanted to move to the Crossing
to be here for Sully,
I didn't say a word.
And when you wanted us
to work here with him
at the Outpost, I said yes.
I spent years supporting
your friendship with him,
even if it meant taking a
back seat to him at times.
(TEARFULLY) And Sully is my family, too,
but I'm tired of being
taken for granted.
I'm not sure I can keep doing this.
What are you saying?
I'm tired of always coming in second.

I'll be back to pick you up.

I can't believe it.
What's going to happen to him?
Well, that depends on
whether or not Lola wants
to press charges.
It's been over 25 years.
Isn't there a statute of limitations?
Not on a hit and run.
What would he be charged with?
Failure to report,
criminal negligence, uh,
impaired driving causing bodily harm.
MAGGIE: Will he go to prison?
CAL: Possibly.
I'm sorry, Maggie.
I can't imagine what you
must think of me, Cal.
What matters is that you're doing
the right thing now.
Let's take a seat,
and I can walk you
through what to expect.

I would die for your call ♪
I'm an ocean holding all your shore ♪
But you already know this
feeling of home is almost gone ♪
Now we can't remember what it was ♪
I'm only getting half of you ♪
I'm only giving half of me ♪
The secrets on our lips ♪
We're always hiding ♪
I'm only getting half of you ♪
I'm only giving half of me ♪
There's regrets pulling back ♪
A silver lining ♪
Now there's nothing left ♪
Ooh ooh ooh ♪
There's nothing left ♪
Nothing left ♪
Birds don't fly in a cage ♪
have reached Lola Gunderson.
I can't come to the phone right now.
Please leave me a message.
Lola, it's Maggie.
I know you don't want
to talk to me right now,
but Sully has just asked me
to drive him to the station.
He wants to turn himself in.
He wants to do the right thing.
I just I I
thought you should know.
I'm only getting half of you ♪
I'm only giving half of me ♪
WOMAN: Remember! Be careful!
Now there's nothing left ♪
Ooh ♪
There's nothing left ♪
Nothing left ♪
Oh, my God, Sully.
It wasn't you.
lose you again, Sully.
No matter what happens,
just remember how much
I love you, sweet pea,
and that I'm proud of you.
Please don't do this.
I have to.
For Lola and for me.

You ready?

Sully, wait!
Wait! I remembered!
I went back to the site of the accident.
You weren't the one that hit me, Sully.
It was another car.

I didn't know you
were coming back today.
- Yeah.
- So, how'd the photo shoot go?
- Great.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Alright. When do they need you back?
I'm not going back.
I thought you said it went well.
Turns out I don't fit
into that world anymore.
What do you mean? I
thought you loved modelling.
I did, but once I got to New York,
I realised that's not
what I went back for.
ROB: I don't understand.
I guess I needed to face David
so I could finally put what
happened between us behind me.
So, it looks like I'm ready
to move forward with Rafe.
Okay. I'm happy for you, Syd.
I'm glad you're home.
Me too.

Hi. Hi. Noah?
Hi. This is Connie Boyle.
I, uh, was calling to
see if that position
that you told me about at
Otter Lake has been filled.
I can't imagine how hard
it's been for you, Sully.
I just don't understand
how I could blame
myself all these years.
The alcohol and the
shock of finding Lola,
all of that could have affected
your ability to remember clearly.
Maybe if I'd said
something sooner, this
Things could have been
different, for all of us.
- Well, it's over now.
You can both put it
behind you and move on.
What'd the police say?
They think that crosschecking
the description of the
vehicle with speeding tickets
might help them find
the person responsible.
Where's Lola?
Uh, she went home.
You know, giving her statement
took a lot out of her.
Well, it's been a long day.
Hey, uh, thanks for all
your help, Cal, okay?
Uh, I think I'll go lie down for a bit.
Thanks for being here.
I'm just glad it worked
out the way it did.
Yeah. Me, too.
I'm really going to miss you, Cal.
This place will not be
the same without you.

Well, you should get some sleep.
- Night.
- Pain that you feel ♪
Don't hide it away ♪
If you let it ♪
It will help you find your way ♪
Trust me I know ♪
You want to escape ♪
You can't shake this feeling ♪
You can't be yourself ♪
Because you're not forgotten ♪
There's a light on for you ♪
Lola, hey. Is everything okay?
I just wanted to apologise
for being so rude
when I saw you earlier.
Light on for you ♪
I know you were just trying to help.
No. There's no need to apologise.
I know how much you were dealing with.
I was hoping you could come over.
There's a light on for you ♪
There's something I'd
like to talk to you about,
and I'd rather do it in person.
There's a light on for you ♪
I thought you were still in New York.
Uh, I just got back.
Do you have a minute?
- Sure. Yeah.
Um the photo shoot go okay?
I wanted to let you
know that I've decided
not to go back to modelling.
Why? Did something happen in New York?
It's a long story.
It's not important. I
just I wanted you to know
that I think I'm finally
ready to do this with you.
So, what? We're supposed
to just, like, pick up
where we left off?
Yeah. Why not?
Because you planned a trip to
New York behind my back, Sydney.
- That's why.
- It wasn't like that.
Wasn't it?
Look. I'm sorry that I hurt you.
But can't we just start over?
Syd, I can't do this.
One minute, you want to be with me,
and the next, you're moving to New York
and not telling me about it.
And that's supposed to be okay?
I'm just going to forget about
it like it never happened?
Come on, Syd. You were right.
I deserve better than this.
I deserve to be with someone
who's ready to be in
a real relationship.
But that's what I'm trying to tell you.
I am ready.
No, you're not, Sydney,
because a real relationship
means that you can let yourself
trust the other person.
I think you've made it pretty clear
that you don't know how to do that.
I should probably go.
May you give up that home ♪

You were right, Edna.
I haven't been fair to you.
I let my friendship with Sully
get in the way of our relationship.
And that was wrong.
Thank you, Frank.

Your mother's regalia.

But how?
I finally listened to you.
And I called my cousin. Turns
out he he got it back for me.
And you were right.
I shouldn't have judged him
for somebody else's mistake.
My mother would have been very proud
to know you have this.
You know that
there's never been
anyone else for me.
And there never will be.
I love you.
Oh, Frank.

Thanks for coming.
Of course.
I spent years blaming
the person that hit me
for everything that
went wrong in my life.
But I realise now that Sully lied
because he was afraid of losing me.
And I get that,
because I felt that way, too.
What's this?
Cal left it in his cabin the
day you came looking for him.
And you kept it?
Why would you do that?
Because I was jealous.
I thought that you had the perfect life.
And I was afraid that
if I gave that to you,
you would decide to stay
and I would lose Sully.
MAGGIE: I can't believe
you'd do that, but
I get it.
You do?
Yeah. I
I've been jealous of you, too.
How could you be jealous of me?
You were the one who had everything.
Everything except
you know for Sully.

"Dear Maggie,
Like our friend Thoreau once said,
'Not until we are lost do
we begin to find ourselves.'
I just need to put my past behind me
to be able to move
forward with my future."
He came back to Sullivan's Crossing
for you, Maggie.


SEDONA: You're in love with Maggie.
You know that, right?
It doesn't matter anyway.
She's with someone else.
She wants a family,
and you know how I feel about that.

Uh, dinner's almost ready.
I'll give you two a minute.
Maggie thought it might be nice
if the three of us had dinner together.
I'm glad you're here.
I understand why you lied.
I never lied about loving you.
I know that, Sully.

I'd better give Maggie a hand.
- Hello?
Sully, it's Glenn Perry.
I hope it's not too late to be calling.
SULLY: No, of course not!
Happy to hear from you.
Waiting for your call.
Um, any news on that paperwork?
Yeah. About that,
I've had a little bit
of time to think it over,
and I've changed my mind.
About what?
The profit split needs to be 70-30.
That's what it is.
In my favour.
We had a deal.
What's wrong?
GLENN: Well, I changed my mind.
What the hell are you talking about,
you changed your mind?
Look, Sully. There is no
need to take this personally.
Sullivan's Crossing has been
in my family for generations.
This is my life you're talking about.
I need you to take a minute
and consider my offer.
I don't need to take a minute, Glenn.
GLENN: Isn't the auction a
little less than a week away?
You know, I I would
hate to see your place
fall into the wrong hands.
I'll tell you where you
can stick your offer.
Then I look forward to bidding
against you at the auction.
What's going on?
Frank was right.
I never should have trusted Glenn.
He pulled the offer.
So, what are we going to do now?
We're going to raise the
money, and we're going to win
that auction. That's
what we're going to do.
The Crossing is our home,
and nobody's taking it away
from us without a fight.

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