Sullivan's Crossing (2023) s02e10 Episode Script

It's a Wonderful Life

MAGGIE: Previously on
Sullivan's Crossing.
I can't shake this feeling that
that I've forgotten
something really important.
The bank can't just
foreclose without notice.
Do you remember getting
a registered letter?
SULLY: How could I have let this happen?
Sitting around waiting for you
to figure out what you want,
okay? I can't.
You're right.
Leave your key on the table when you go.
I always thought I'd pass
this place on to you one day.
I didn't think that you
were open to selling.
I'm not, but I was hoping
you might consider
investing as a partner.
It could be interesting.
Does it bother you?
Not having a plan?
Life's got a way of showing you
what your next move's gonna be,
as long as you're open to seeing it.
GLENN: Well, I changed my mind.
We had a deal.
So, what are we gonna do now?
We're going to raise the money
and we're going to win that auction,
that's what we're going to do.
Rob, if you don't leave now,
Finn's going to be
late for school again.
Okay, yeah. Finn, hey,
come on, we gotta get going.
SYDNEY: Oh, hey.
I don't think I've
ever seen it this busy.
It's been like this since Rob
put that sign up last week.
ROB: Maggie!
I was really sorry to hear
Glenn pulled his offer.
Yeah, he was just trying
to make sure that Sully
wouldn't have time to raise
the money to bid against him.
Got something here.
The community has really
been coming together.
- I really hope this helps.
- Thank you, Rob.
FINN: Auntie Maggie!
- ROB: Oh.
- Look how much money I got for Sully.
MAGGIE: Whoa! Where'd
all that come from?
FINN: It's from everyone at school.
Thanks, Finn.
Sully's gonna really appreciate that.
All right, we gotta get going, Maggie.
Let's go!
Ah, ah! Don't forget your lunch.
Uh, where's my hug?
Run, run, run! Bye.
You know, it's nice to
see you back at the diner.
Well, Rob could use an extra
set of hands, so I'm pitching in,
until I figure out what's next for me.
What about you?
Have you decided what
you're going to do?
I can't even think about it.
I've just been so
focused on this auction.
What's wrong?
I'm just worried that, if
Sully loses the Crossing,
I'm never going to see you again.
I'll come visit, Syd.
Between work and the baby,
you'll be too busy.
It won't be like that, okay? I promise.
Okay. I, um
I should get back to that post.
Yeah. Well, we'll be
waiting to hear from you.
Thank you.
Good luck.
I still don't feel right about
taking all this money, Frank.
You've been helping this
community out for years.
They're just trying
to return the kindness.
Well, make sure we keep
track of who donated what
because I'm going to
need to give it all back
once Glenn wins the auction.
It's not the time for giving up.
Oh, God. How can I let
myself fall for it, Frank?
I just sat there and waited for
Glenn to run out the clock on us.
I mean, what are we
going to do if he wins?
Where are you and Edna going to go?
I don't know.
We'll cross that bridge
when we get to it.
- You want to take in a meeting?
- No time.
Got to get these checks cashed
before the auction starts.
You think there's any
chance we still win this?
I figured out a long time ago
that life's got a funny
way of working things out,
if you just let it.
Ehh. Really hope you're
right about that, Frank.

Is this as good as it's gonna get? ♪
I've given all I can give ♪
But the rivers still
get wider, wider ♪
We've been here all along ♪
Through the valleys, we carry on ♪
The journey takes us higher, higher ♪
This could be your home,
if we try to build it ♪
This could be your life
that's one in a million ♪
All the hard times,
yeah, they were worth it ♪
Time and time and time again ♪
Time and time and time again ♪
Hey, Maggie.
That is a large jar of coins.
Yeah. It's from Finn's
school. He wanted to help out.
Sweet kid.
I just got done dropping off
the donations from the fire hall.
And Connie and Rafe, they
wanted me to let you know
that their thoughts are with you today.
Thanks. What about you?
Have you heard any news from Sedona yet?
Yeah. She's actually expecting
her results back today.
Guess we'll both have
our answers soon then.
You doing okay?
I'm putting on a bit of a brave face,
but I'm really worried about Sully.
This place is his life.
That's why I'd like to go
to the auction with you,
if that's okay.
I'll take all the support I can get.
What would Sully do if
things don't go his way?
I've asked him to live with me,
but he won't even think about
moving into the city, so
Will you stay?
I mean, if this place
and the people I care
about aren't here anymore,
I just
I'm not sure what I'd be
sticking around for, you know?
I will I'll give you a call
when we're back from the bank
and we can meet up back at the house.
Sounds good.
- From the diner
- Oh.
and the donations
from Finn's school.
- Aww.
- Rob thought it would bring us luck.
We're going to need
all the luck we can get.
What? I'm just being honest.
EDNA: Lola has done a wonderful
job on this crowdfunding site
and all of the guests
that we reached out to
have been very generous.
But we've only been able to
raise half of what we'd hoped.
Maybe that'll still be enough.
It won't be.
Sully, we don't know that yet.
I guess I should have listened
to that gut of yours, Frank.
You can't blame yourself
for trying to see
the best in people, Sully.
we should get over to the bank.
All right. See you later.
- Hey.
- Oh, hey.
Brought you one of these.
I hope you like lattes.
I do. Thanks.
So, I heard what's going
on with your friends.
- That's gotta be rough.
- Yeah, it is.
The auction's today.
Well, I hope everything turns out okay.
Me too.
Listen, thanks for coming by.
I just wanted to let you know
how much I appreciated you being
there for me the other night.
I've been really
struggling to figure out
where I fit in lately,
and talking it out,
it really helped me a lot.
I just (SIGHING)
I think I've been, like, a mom
and a wife for so many years
that, somewhere along the line,
I just completely forgot who I was.
Well, you're a strong
and beautiful woman,
who just needs to remember
how wonderful she is.
So, you said you had something
that you wanted to tell me.
Yeah. Um
I applied for a job over at Otter Lake
and they said the position
it's mine, if I want it.
Alysa, I really like you
and I really like hanging out with you,
but I've been in one relationship
since I was in high school.
I just I need to
spend some time by myself
to figure out who I am,
before I end up in another one.
I get that.
You're not upset?
I'm disappointed, yes.
But upset, no
because I understand why
you would need to do that.
Connie, we only get one life.
You gotta do what makes you happy.
And when you figure out what you want,
you know where to find me.
What was that for?
Well, that was just a little
something to remember me by.
I'll see you around.

Trust me when I say ♪
That I understand ♪
That believing in nothin' ♪
Is a lead heavy hand ♪
That at the fade of the
water is often the sand ♪
That maybe all we're
doing's for nothin' ♪
But you pace down the hallway ♪
With nothin' to say ♪
And the chords all feel empty ♪
When you sit down to play ♪
So, you stand in the doorway ♪
And wait for a change ♪
May the smoke from this
smudge carry our prayers
and our hopes up to Creator
that we may continue to be so.
Whatever happens, we'll be here for you.
- I'll get it.
Probably somebody
calling to wish us luck.
In case anyone gets hungry.
Thank you, Edna.
I'm going to be a ball of nerves,
so please call as soon as you know.
- LOLA: Bye.
- Of course.
Uh, that was Mrs. Bailey.
She said she'd wanted
to make a donation,
but couldn't figure
out how to do it online.
She wants us to come pick
it up for the auction.
I can go get it.
No. She's an old friend.
We can swing by on the way.
- Yeah, I'll come with you.
- Yeah.
We'll meet up with you at the auction.
Good luck, Maggie.
I'll call you as soon as it's over.
Are keepin' you down ♪
We'll fight a little harder ♪
And find another way around ♪
Sully Sullivan.
Oh, it's good to see you.
Good to see you.
And who's this lovely young lady?
Lola Gunderson.
MRS. BAILEY: Lola? Oh, it's been years!
Come in! Come in! Oh, my goodness.
You're a grown-up. Oh, my Lord.
Oh, my goodness. How time flies, huh?
Oh, Bert would have been devastated
to hear what's going on.
He had such a soft
spot for the Crossing,
and you helped so much
when he lost his job.
I don't know what we would
have done without you.
I was happy to help out.
So, when I heard that the bank
was foreclosing, I thought,
"Well, I can't just,
like, sit around here
and not return the favour."
Bert would have wanted me to.
He's been gone six years.
I miss him every minute of every day.
I get it.
You know what? Oh, my goodness!
I think I have pictures of
all of us at the Crossing.
Hang on just one second.
I think I can find them.

I was not expecting this
many people to bid against us.
Hey, Maggie, just remember to breathe.
You got this.
Thanks for being here with me, Cal.
I'll go register. You
want to find us a seat?
Sounds good.
Any relation to Sully Sullivan?
He's my father.
I've always loved the Crossing.
Spent a lot of summers
there with my family.
Your father is a wonderful man.
I'm very sorry I have to do this.
It's the part of the
job I like the least.
That's okay. I understand.
Well, I really wish there was
something I could do to help.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
I couldn't help but overhear.
You are Sully's daughter?
Yeah, I am.
(CHUCKLING) Glenn Perry.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
Trying to take advantage
of my father like that?
It was a fair deal
and he should have accepted it.
Oh, we both know you had no intention
of partnering with him.
I'm pretty sure it's
going to take a little more
than a couple of car washes
and bake sales to win this.
Maybe you should just go home,
save yourself the aggravation.
You're getting a little ahead
of yourself, don't you think?
We'll see.
Where is Sully anyway?
Didn't have the nerve to show?
Don't worry, he'll be here.
Guess I should finish registering.
Bidding is going to start any minute.
- Who was that?
- The guy who pulled the offer from Sully.
If everyone could settle please.
The auction will start in 30 minutes.
Hope Lola and Sully get
here soon with that donation.
We're gonna need every penny we can get.
I cannot let that man get
his hands on the Crossing.
Oh, here they are!
Here you go.
Now, why don't I make us some coffee?
And I made a beautiful cheesecake.
It was my mother's recipe.
I don't mean to be rude, but
we really need to get going.
We can't be late for the auction.
Oh, of course.
Listen to me blathering on
like some silly old woman.
Oh, let me get that envelope for you.
Where did I put that? Oh
We're cutting it a little close.
SHERIFF: The highest bidder
must pay 10% of their final bid
within half an hour
of winning the auction.
The auction will start shortly.
Wonder what's taking Sully so long.
Don't worry, they'll be here.
- Can you ?
- What are you doing?
I don't know. I have to do something.
Um, hi. Sorry.
Can I have your
attention for a minute?
I know that you've all
come here today looking
to bid on this land,
and this is just a business
transaction for you,
you can't measure the value
of Sullivan's Crossing
in dollars and cents.
It is so much more than
just a piece of land.
Well, I mean, it's taken me leaving
and coming back here to realise that.
I mean, Sullivan's Crossing
has always been a sanctuary,
a place where people
can reconnect with nature
and a simpler side of themselves.
I know because, when I first came here,
that's exactly what I was looking for.
I had gotten so wrapped
up in my career and I
I'd forgotten how
important it is to do that.
My father has touched the lives of
just about everyone in this community.
He has always put the needs of
everyone else ahead of his own,
no matter what.
That's a part of the reason
we're in this mess in the first place.
It's taken me facing the
idea of losing the Crossing
to realise just how much it means
It's so much more than a campground.
It is a home.
It is a place where people
from all walks of life
can feel safe and welcome.
And losing it will
leave a hole in my heart,
as well as the hearts of
everyone in this community.
She's right.
Sully didn't think twice to
help out when I hit hard times
and needed my tractor fixed.
Consider this a donation
from the Berniers.
Thank you.
When my mother needed someone
to drive her to the doctor
and I wasn't around, Sally
was always there for her.
This is from the Harrisons. Good luck.
Thank you.
She's right.
When my son needed a wheelchair ramp,
Sully brought a friend
and built it for us.
Never even asked us for a dime.
It's wrong to take his home away.
Tell your father Mrs.
MacDonald says hello.
Thank you. I will.
Nice speech.
I appreciate you clearing
out the competition for me.
It should make this
thing go by a lot faster.
Time to take your seat.
- Was that a bad idea?
- No.
Don't let him get to you.
MRS. BAILEY: Where did I put that?
Oh, dear.
Um Okay.
For Pete's sake. No.
I remember! Right here!
Honestly, I would lose my
head if it wasn't attached.
There you go,
$20,000 and I hope it helps.
Oh, no, I can't take
that Mary; it's too much.
No, no, no, no, no, Sully.
I want you to have it.
Helping you would have meant
the world to Bert, okay?
So, you know what?
Just take it and give 'em
hell for us, all right?
Good luck.
Now, don't be strangers. Take care guys.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Thank you, Mrs. Bailey.
- Thank you.
Okay. Go. Go, go, go.
We can still make it, if we hurry.
I'm calling Maggie. I'll let
her know how much we have.
It's going straight to voicemail.
I'll try Cal, but I don't
think they have any service.
Opening bid will start at $50,000.
- Do I have $50,000?
- $50,000.
I have $50,000.
I have 65 now.
- $80,000.
- What are you doing?
Just trying to clear out the
competition, like Glenn said.
Looks like it's working.
How high can you bid?
Two hundred.
Unless Sully shows up
here with more money.
I hear $100,000.
Go to the office, grab my
bank card, and get to the bank.
I need more cash for the deposit.
Uh $160.
160. Going once.
Going twice.
Going once.
Miss Sullivan?
Going twice.
And the auction goes to
the highest bidder, Mr. Glenn Perry,
- for the amount of
- No!
- $200,000.
- No, no, no! No!
We're too late.
I'm so sorry.
It's not it's not your fault. Okay?
I'm so sorry, Maggie. We
got here as fast as we could.
I know.
So, glad that you could finally join us,
but it looks like you
missed all the fun.
I think you've said enough.
Mr. Perry,
I need you to fill out some paperwork
and settle up that deposit.
Sure thing.
Just waiting on my friend
to get back from the bank.
Well, he'd better hurry.
You only got 30 minutes.
- We should go.
- MAGGIE: No, not yet.
We have to wait until
the Sheriff announces
that the auction is officially over.
SULLY: Fine, but
I'm not just going to stand here
and look at that guy's smug face.
I'm gonna be right back.
I just need to make a call.
Sullivan's Crossing.
It's Maggie.
Is it over?
Got it.
- What'd she say?
- We need to get to the bank.
- EDNA: What's going on?
- FRANK: I'll tell ya in the car.
I'm so sorry, Sully.
You know, it's ironic.
When I was younger, my father
wanted me to take over the Crossing,
but I didn't want
anything to do with it.
It wasn't until after he was gone
and Phoebe had given
birth to Maggie that I
I finally understood
what he meant about
building a legacy,
how it gave purpose to your life.
And sign right here.
SHERIFF: We just need that deposit.
GLENN: You know I'm good for this.
SHERIFF: Like I said,
this is time dependent.
You think he's gonna make it?
- Any minute.
- Well, you got 15.
TELLER: Next in line, please.
Anything for Sully.
Steady is the ground beneath ♪
- Walk in time with one heartbeat ♪
SHERIFF: Mr. Perry, sorry,
but I'm afraid you've run out of time.
I just need a few more minutes.
Five minutes.
ALL: Five, four,
three, two,
The auction goes to the
second highest bidder
for $160,000.
Gonna be okay ♪
LOLA: Congratulations, everyone.
- Oh my God.
- We're gonna be okay ♪
- Wake up ♪
- Where were you?!
- It's a new day ♪
Whoa ♪
Whoa-whoa ♪
Whoa, whoa-whoa ♪
Whoa ♪
Looks like we're still
in business, everyone!
(LAUGHING) CAL: That's right.
- Gonna be okay ♪
Wake up ♪
- It's a new day ♪
FRANK: Sully.
Everything okay?
Wanted to thank you for what
happened at the bank today.
We're just glad
everything's going to finally
get back to normal around here.
That's the thing. Um
I, uh
I need to tell you something.
What now?
I've decided to
take on new partners.
What new partners?
Well, maybe you've heard of them:
The Cranebears.
You've both been like
family to me for years.
I think it's time we made
it official, don't you think?
This means so much!
Hey, buddy. Huh?
- Ahh
Hey, Syd, it looks amazing in here.
It does, doesn't it?
Look at the sign Clover helped me make.
All right. Great job, buddy.
Oh, Sully's going to love that.
Let's go get some more
colours from the back, okay?
So, did you invite that baseball mom
you've been hanging out
with to the party tonight?
No, I didn't.
Why not? I thought
you said you liked her.
We agreed to keep things casual for now,
and I don't want to
send the wrong message.
I'm not ready for a relationship.
That sounds familiar.
It's not the same as you and Rafe.
Isn't it?
Look, I know how hard it was
for you after you lost Sarah.
And I also know how hard it is
to open yourself back
up once you've been hurt.
But if you really like Jane,
don't make the same mistake I did.
You'll just regret it later.
Thanks, sis.
- Yeah.
- Give me a hug.
Appreciate you.
Um, I got everything under control here.
Why don't you go get
ready for the party?
You sure? I mean, I don't mind
staying, if you need more help.
- Nope, it's all good.
- Okay.
Hey, sis?
Maybe it's still not too
late for you and Rafe.

All that I want is ♪
A place to call home ♪
Sorry I didn't make it
to the auction in time.
Well, the only thing that matters
is we got the Crossing back.
So, it was your idea to
slow down George at the bank.
That was smart.
- Neurosurgeon, remember?
You were just about 18
months when that was taken.
I still can't believe
I'm going to be a mom.
Oh, you'll be great.
- How can you be so sure?
- Because I know you.
You're good at anything you
put your mind to, Maggie.
This will be no different.
Time unfolding ♪
At the auction, I, uh
I realised that the Crossing
isn't just your legacy; it's
it's this baby's, too.
Just hope you don't
get too busy to visit.
You know, I'm really glad we've
had this time together, Maggie.
Not gonna lie,
it's gonna be hard for me
when you go back to Boston.
That's the thing
I'm not going to go back.
What about your career?
This is my home.
This has always been my home.
I want to stay at the Crossing with you.
I can't tell you how long
I've waited to hear you say that again.
A place to come home to ♪
Time to let go ♪
Time to come home ♪
What are you doing here, Sydney?
I just thought you might want to
know that Sully won the auction.
Could have told me that over the phone,
so I'm gotta get ready for work.
Can I just have a second, please?
Okay, fine.
You were right, Rafe. I
wasn't being honest with you.
But it's not because I
don't trust you; it's just
I've been afraid to open up to anyone
after what I went through
in my last relationship.
You asked me before
what happened in New York
and I wasn't ready
to talk about it then.
But I'm ready to tell you now
if you're willing to listen.
David destroyed my career
and he ruined my self-esteem.
I ended up in
a really dark place.
And I guess I thought that,
if I let you get too close
I'd hurt you, too.
Syd, I I thought you just
didn't want to be with me.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I
should have told you sooner.
Hey, it's okay. Okay?
I'm just glad you told me now.
Okay, come here.
You're okay, all right?
- You're okay.
ROB: Oh, hey, you're back!
- You guys look great!
- CLOVER: Thanks.
The chili's just simmering.
Thanks so much for
helping Finn get ready.
No problem.
I'm gonna go head home and change
before everybody gets here.
Wanna come with me, bud?
Can I stay and help Clover?
Uh, I was thinking we could
finish decorating together.
- Right, Finn?
- ROB: Perfect.
I won't be long. Thanks, Clover.
It's open.
You look beautiful.
Well, you don't look too bad yourself.
Oh. I, uh came by
'cause Sully wants us all
to go to the party together.
- Sounds good.
It's Sedona.
- Hey, Sedona.
- SEDONA: Hi, Cal.
I got you on speaker.
I'm here with Maggie.
- Hi.
SEDONA: Yeah, I really don't understand
what these doctors are telling me.
They are saying that everything
that has been happening to
me is because of a tumour
on my ovary.
It sounds like you have a teratoma.
What is that?
It's when a tumour
contains neural tissue,
which causes the body
to create antibodies,
which then attack the brain.
SEDONA: So, I really
don't have schizophrenia?
No, you don't.
And after the surgery, you
should make a full recovery.
SEDONA: I don't know how to thank you
for helping me, Maggie.
No, I'm just glad they
finally figured it out.
Hey, just keep us posted, okay?
SEDONA: I will.
She's gonna be okay.
She is.
So, it looks like
you don't have to worry anymore.
Well, I guess we all have
something to celebrate.
Let's go grab Sully
and head to the diner.
Actually, Cal, um, I have
to tell you something.
- What's up?
- Remember
when you said that life is
all about taking chances?
I don't think I was
ready to do that before.
Today, at the auction
almost losing the Crossing,
it made me realise that
leaving here would mean
walking away from
everything that I care about.
You once told me to close my eyes
and picture where I wanted to be.
I know now that that place is
here at the Crossing
with you, Cal.
I'm in love with you.
If we could only see ♪
It's magnificent life ♪
I've been in love with you
since the moment I met you,
Maggie Sullivan.
It's magnificent life ♪
There's a field ♪
Of dream and sleep ♪
Past the edge ♪
Of what is seen ♪
Meet me there ♪
That's where I'll be ♪
We'll lie in the grass ♪
And forget everything ♪
It's a magnificent life ♪
I'll wait outside.
It's a magnificent life ♪
That chili smells good.
I'm gonna get more of
these from the back.

- CAL: I'll call 911.
- SULLY: I don't see anyone.
- Clover, are you okay?
Is there anyone inside?
This is Cal Jones.
There's a fire at Shannon's Diner.
Hey, Clover, look at
me. Take a deep breath.
Tell me what happened.
There was so much smoke.
I tried to find him.
- I couldn't
- Okay.
Hey, they're on their way.
Someone must have called.
I think Finn's still inside.
We gotta get him out of here.
- Call Rob!
- Wait! Wait!
What are you doing?!
Rob, Rob, it's Maggie.
I'm at the diner.
There's been an emergency.
Call me back as soon as you've got this.
CONNIE: Okay, let's go.
MAGGIE: Hey, Connie?
Cal and Sully went in there.
They went in after Finn.
Sounds like we got three people inside.
Everyone grab your gear,
mask up. We're going in.
We got this, Maggie.
Hey, excuse me, this woman's in
shock, we need to keep her warm.
- RAFE: All right, quickly!
- It's okay, Clover.
- It's gonna be okay.
- RAFE: All right, move, move!
RAFE: Around the back!
CAL: Maggie!
Grab a stretcher.
I got Finn!
I think he's having trouble breathing.
MAGGIE: You're okay. You're okay.
Can you get some oxygen?
Do you have a headache?
That's a good sign. Hey, where's Sully?
Rafe's got him.
- CONNIE: Okay, move, move!
MAGGIE: You'll be okay, Finn.
Just take some deep breaths.
You all right?
Yeah, I just gotta catch my breath.
ROB: Finn! Where's Finn?!
- Rob!
- ROB: I'm so sorry!
I'm so sorry, buddy. I'm so sorry!
- Is gonna be okay?
- Yeah.
His heart rate is good.
His breathing is back to normal now.
He took in a lot of
smoke, but he's all right.
I burned myself grabbing Finn.
CONNIE: We need an
injured line at the front!
RAFE: Up there! That's the one!
I can't believe you ran in there.
I had to save Finn.
Thank God you're okay.
The world is up in arms ♪
Don't scare me like that again, okay?
All the pieces falling apart ♪
Gotta get out while you can ♪
Gotta get out while you can ♪
Am I gonna fly? Am I gonna fall? ♪
Am I gonna live? Gonna lose it all? ♪
Cal, let's find Sully.
Will I make it out ♪
Alive? ♪
Connie! The flames are too
high! I can't get to him!
Wait. Wait. Where's Sully?
I'm sorry, Maggie?
- What do you
Sully! No! No!
No! Sully (SOBBING)
Will I make it out ♪
- Alive? ♪
Make it out alive? ♪
Am I gonna fly? Am I gonna fall? ♪
Am I gonna live? Gonna lose it all? ♪
Or will I make it ♪
Out alive? ♪
Am I gonna bend? Am I gonna break? ♪
Or will I make it out alive? ♪
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