Summer of Rockets (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

So, what do we do now? FAR-OFF LAUGHTER If biscuits are a rare event here, - then cake is absolutely unheard of! - THEY ALL CHUCKLE This is a real celebration, Mr Petrukhin! Come, Mr Samuel.
Let's get the signing under way! I can't agree to this yet.
What? What's the matter? I want to take these documents away and have a further look at them.
But we've seen them already! And the lawyers have looked at them.
Why am I not dealing directly with the authorities? The RAF? The Secret Service gives you a clean bill of health, Mr Petrukhin.
That's how it works.
I would like to see the head of your department as soon as possible, please.
Why? Because I think that is the correct thing to do.
Now I will leave you, gentlemen.
Go back.
I have nothing for you.
Go back! Go on! Go! Shoo! Do you want to get out of this place, too? - Mr Petrukhin, hold on a moment.
- What is it? I just wanted to say I'll arrange for you to meet Dick Armstrong.
He's the head of the department.
He's seen you before, actually, fitting hearing aids to the members of his club.
OK? Come on, Guy.
The gentleman wants to get away.
14? Yes.
Yes? You don't have an Anthony Shaw staying here? No - this is not a boarding house any more, madam, nobody's staying here.
I couldn't come in, could I? No, we run a little business here.
TYPEWRITERS CLACK We type up manuscripts, as you can see.
We type everything, from legal documents to people's novels.
Not many of those get published, though.
- And upstairs? - More of the same.
Madam? Madam! Are you satisfied now, madam? There's nobody staying here, I told you.
Do you have forwarding addresses for the people that were living here? We do not, madam, no.
When did it stop being a boarding house? Three years ago.
Mr Burridge sold it to us.
Now, if you could please Then how can I find him? I must to speak to him urgently.
He moved to South Africa.
I don't have an address.
Have you ever seen this young man? - I haven't, madam, no.
- Please, look carefully.
I have not, no.
Have any of you ever seen this man? These manuscripts did he ever bring anything in to be typed? Please, try to remember.
See, he's my son, and I'm sorry to come charging in here to your office, but he's my son, you see, and he's missing.
As I said, I've never seen him before.
Have you ever seen this young man? He used to live over there.
- You never saw him? - No.
You don't know where they went? The people who lived there? I don't, no.
- Would any of your neighbours know? - I don't know.
We keep ourselves to ourselves here.
Are we there yet? Yes, we're here! It says "The Moon" - there's a notice.
We're supposed to be the first ones here! Oh, right.
He IS funny.
He's sort of funny and angry at the same time! I always loved him.
I will not pay, do you hear? I'm DEFINITELY not paying half a crown.
It's only thruppence in Hastings! Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Max, I don't believe it.
We're in luck! We're in luck?! They're charging us half a crown for the deck chairs and we're all alone on the Moon and we're in luck?! A Woolworths sign! Now, we can buy ANYTHING we want! - Mr Samuel! - Not now, Courtney, not now! What's he saying, Esther? He's saying, "It's madness Mr Samuel hasn't signed the contract.
" You haven't told me why.
And you have to tell me why.
I need to know that we can trust Mr Field.
Trust! What do you mean, trust? This is the bloody government we're talking about.
I want to know exactly who we're dealing with, and that is why I have requested to speak to a more senior person.
But that could take months, by which time we'll be bust.
Well, I will make sure that it doesn't take months.
Mr Samuel, once the military start using it, the hospitals will follow.
This will stop some people dying.
Most certainly.
But if we don't act now, someone else is going to do it, and we'll have lost everything! You can't let that happen.
Ah, Mrs Shaw I did knock, but you obviously didn't hear me.
Ah, yes, ah we're looking for something that I've mislaid.
I have news, Mr Spearman.
The property has changed hands.
The owner is now living in South Africa - a Mr Burridge.
If you could It never really tastes of coffee, but there we are.
If you could trace him, and find out if he has any forwarding addresses, any records, and if you could interview people in the street - I wasn't particularly good at that part.
I will do all these things.
- Immediately? - Immediately.
It's amazing news, isn't it? It means he WAS alive, h-he didn't just disappear to To kill himself? Yes! And I've decided to do something else.
And what's that? I want to go public about Anthony's disappearance.
I see.
It seems extraordinary to me that it's taken this long, that I didn't do it at once.
There were always reasons, of course.
People advised us that it might frighten Anthony to go abroad where we would never find him, and then there was Richard's position in the Conservative Party, and I accepted all those reasons.
But then, suddenly, today, it seemed totally inexplicable that I did.
I'm sorry! - I'm rather excited, as you can see.
- Understandably.
So what are you planning to do, Mrs Shaw? The first thing I want to do, even before I go to the press, is really very simple - I want to plaster that street with posters, with Anthony's picture, and the surrounding streets, so that we can find some witnesses.
It could be the quickest route couldn't it? Maybe.
Have you asked your husband about this? Asked him? No, I don't need to, not for the posters.
Will you help me arrange it? VOICEOVER: "Dear Mrs Shaw.
"I just thought I'd write to let you know "what I've done about investigating your son Anthony's disappearance, "because yesterday, something happened.
" "I was off Games because I have a cold.
"Instead, we went for a sick walk "and it was being taken by Mr Tezler.
" "And I thought, 'I have a chance now.
'" "'I have to dare to ask him.
'" - Sir? May I ask you something, sir? - What is it, Petrukhin? You know Mrs Shaw came to see me the other week? Did you teach her son Anthony, sir? I did.
He was here some years ago.
And does he ever come back to visit the school, sir? He does not, no.
And does he ever write to you sir? I don't remember him doing so, no.
Do you remember most old boys that write to you, sir? This is quite an interrogation, Petrukhin! I DO remember most of them, but we have some very good records as well, in the headmaster's study.
Every letter is kept.
And Anthony Shaw hasn't written to you, or the headmaster, sir? Did I not just answer that? I don't believe he has, no.
VOICEOVER: "Those were his very words: "'I don't believe he has, no.
"Does Mr Tezler know Anthony's disappeared, Mrs Shaw? "I was just about to ask him that when" Stop! There is something disgusting here, boys, quite disgusting, and I can't let you pass.
This is what happens in our countryside today, and it is quite appalling.
Rabbits, dying, of a disease made by man.
There may be more ahead in the woods.
I can't let you see that.
So - everybody back, everybody back the way we came! And so my talk with him was stopped by a dying rabbit.
And after that, Mr Tezler marched ahead, not talking to anybody.
So, I want to report the first thing I've found out, that they have these very good records - of the old boys.
Mr Armstrong? Dick Armstrong, that's correct.
You're admirably on time, Mr Petrukhin.
I'd heard you're very punctual.
Would you like a drink? In a minute maybe, not just now.
I hear you're a wine connoisseur.
So, what can I do for you, Mr Petrukhin? You know about Mr Field and Mr Denning, and how they've asked me to obtain information about a certain family? And what you found out from your two visits so far has been very useful.
Why? - What do you mean why? - How has it been useful? What have the Shaw family - what has this family been doing? We have reason to believe that people they've been connected with are enemies of the state.
- In what way? That's what we have to - find out, but clearly this is not the place for me to go into any further detail.
And Mr Field and Mr Denning? I'm not sure how to put this.
- Hello, David.
- Dick, how are you? I'm very well, thank you.
How are you? Good.
Are you going to the do tonight? I most certainly am.
Right, I'll see you there.
Yes? Mr Field and Mr Denning.
Are they to be relied on? Well, I can vouch for them as first class officers if that's what you're asking? And you're monitoring what they're doing all the time? Of course.
And what is your rank Mr Armstrong, if I may ask? My rank? I am their boss.
Will that do? We do know what we're doing, if that's what you mean? Miss Prideaux will go to each house, give them a poster, and explain we've got official permission to do this, it is approved by the council.
And then you'll interview all the residents? I will.
Turn, turn.
I've always liked this picture of him.
Make sure you reach, otherwise There we go.
Ah, Mr Petrukhin, I see Guy has been waiting for you.
Here is what you want.
I've signed it.
What we all want, Mr Petrukhin.
We're off.
We're about to change the world.
Why does your dog understand some Russian words? Ah! That's all his fault.
William was attached to our embassy in Moscow for three years.
And I like showing off my Russian.
Guy is a very good audience.
Is that what's been worrying you all this time, Mr Petrukhin? That we might have a Soviet dog? So, what do you want me to do? Because there's always a catch, - isn't there? We want you to go back - to the house, to the Shaws' house, - one more time.
- I won't be invited there again.
They have become suspicious about me taking photos, they've started me asking a lot of questions.
But they also like you, don't they? They like you very much.
Do they? How do you know that? Well, we only have to look at these photographs.
It's almost a love affair, isn't it? There's something about you they really appreciate.
So, you just have to take Mr Shaw out for lunch.
That'll get the ball rolling again, I'm sure.
And we'll pay for the meal, of course.
And why would I want to go back? Apart from it being my patriotic duty, of course? For the same reason.
Because you like them very much.
You know that too, do you? - It's obvious, isn't it? - All the photos tell us that.
And if somehow they're keeping bad company, and you can help them by stopping that, you'd want to do that, wouldn't you? Help save them.
- Save them? Yes, there's something - you don't know, Mr Petrukhin, because it was never been made public - their son Anthony went missing the day after his 21st birthday, five years ago.
And no-one has ever been able to find him.
I hadn't heard that, no.
What a terrible thing to happen.
And nobody knows why? - No.
- So talk to them about it.
They'll want somebody to confide to.
They'll appreciate it.
And how am I meant to know about it? Probably because your daughter told you.
I'm pretty sure she must know.
You see, there's so much in your pictures.
Isn't there, Mr Petrukhin? And what do you want me to do if I get invited back again? - Something very small, in fact.
- Indeed.
We just want you to memorise the layout of the whole house, who uses which room.
If we're going to bug the place, we'll need an accurate description of the interior.
You can't just listen to their phone calls? - Wouldn't that be simpler? - We're already doing that.
But nothing of interest is ever mentioned in their calls.
I expect they know we're listening.
So, contrary to your worst fears, Mr Petrukhin, the tasks are getting easier! Ah, Giorgio, this is the gentlemen.
Samuel, do forgive me! Politicians are always late, aren't they? It's the only thing they can be relied on to do consistently.
Please, don't worry.
I haven't been here long.
Liar, I'm 20 minutes late! Soldiers are always on time on the other hand, so I still really mind when I keep people waiting.
The whole restaurant seems to have recognised you.
I pretend I can't see it.
If you take it seriously, it does funny things to your brain.
The lady over there asked if you'd autograph this for her, sir.
Yes, of course.
Does that happen every time you go out? Nearly always.
It's because I was in the newsreels during the war.
Of course, I remember.
And they made a movie of my book, so I became famous by accident really.
Anyway, it'll pass.
These things never last.
That's why it's so wonderful when one can be oneself for a change.
To be tremendously silly, like we were with our little adventure with the lorry.
Indeed! And with the world in such a perilous state, a little fun is essential, don't you agree? I do.
And it's so hard to find, at the moment.
It is, Samuel.
The Russians, the Russians, the Russians.
Is that why you asked me out to lunch, so that we could make idiots of ourselves again? - I really hope it is! - Absolutely.
That was an amazing day, when we went fishing.
It was, wasn't it? Well, you must come again as soon as you are able, you and your wife.
I'm sure we would love that.
- In fact, next week we have a gathering.
- A gathering? Yes, Walter is giving a talk of huge importance apparently.
What's it about? Something crucial according to Walter.
Not to be missed.
We've watched the television all night and you've not said a single word, Samuel.
I know.
Something has happened, hasn't it? I wish you'd tell me.
Is it the factory? Is business very difficult? We have a situation at work.
Two groups of people, I don't know which of them to believe.
Then you have to keep asking the right questions, keep digging until you've worked it out, as you always do, my dear.
I must work it out.
I have one favour to ask of you, Will you come to the Shaws' with me? One last time? Please.
DOOR OPENING Back so soon? I thought you were staying at the ball all night? Well, I changed my mind.
It wasn't very well attended.
Don't worry, I'm not missing anything with this one.
There were hardly any men there, for a start.
Hello! Don't worry, you're all quite safe.
The she-devil is having a night off.
Hannah? Dad? I'm sorry to disturb you.
I have to ask you something important, Hannah.
Yes, Dad? Did you know that Mrs Shaw's son Anthony had disappeared? I did, yes.
She told me not to tell anyone, so I thought it was best not to.
I'm not angry.
I just needed to know.
I'm so pleased she decided to tell you.
It's extraordinary, isn't it, him just vanishing like that? Yes.
I'm glad we've resolved our differences.
You won't ever go away, will you? Like that? Of course not.
I'm so glad you decided to come.
Yes, you never know what to expect at this house.
And we're staying the night! God knows what that's going to be like.
- Hello, Kevin.
And it's perfect timing.
Esther's mother has a new boyfriend and she's over at his place tonight.
So, we're on our own! Hello, Hannah.
So, you're both here.
Do you two always go round together? - A lot of the time.
Especially - when we know you're coming.
- How've you been? - OK.
- I've got a night off, so that's good.
- Yes.
All the dreadful balls and parties you've had to go to, five days a week! We can't wait to hear about that, how tough it's been.
Well, I won't disappoint you, then.
I have a little film for you.
It will surprise you, it may shock you, indeed I hope it will shock you, because what it shows is intensely serious.
Something is happening all over our country, something that is irreversible.
I shall be answering questions afterwards.
Don't be put off by the commentary.
Old England.
We are all familiar with its historic sites.
Its ancient cities, the Mother of Parliaments, the land of Shakespeare, but something is stirring in Old England.
These buildings that many of us treasure, that give Old England its fair face, the face it shows to the rest of the world, these buildings are now threatened and many more have already been destroyed.
Terrible, isn't it? Everything I knew as a child is going.
The destruction, Walter, the destruction! And the scale of it.
Old England is destroying its past.
The buildings that defied Hitler's Luftwaffe are now facing a new threat.
All over the country, the great stately palaces, the grand town halls, even the Mother of Parliaments itself are being destroyed or are being threatened with destruction.
The reason for this? An urgent desire in this ancient land to embrace the future at all costs.
Someone else had to leave, I see.
And you're writing notes, too! It just makes one so angry, doesn't it? It does make one angry, yes.
It's not that one shouldn't get rid of some of the past.
Of course one should knock down a lot that is old.
But what really upsets me is the stupidity of the people who are doing it, how they overreact, how they don't realise it's a question of balance.
It's all or nothing.
It always is with these people.
And now we come back to the Houses of Parliament.
The Palace of Westminster, could it be next? Could we see it razed to the ground and a new home be born for the Mother of Parliaments? And there is a plan to demolish it.
There really is! - I feel so sorry for you, Mr Petrukhin.
- Sorry for me? Yes, I'm sorry because you couldn't have expected such a sombre evening.
Oh, I didn't know what to expect.
Certainly not a lecture on Victorian architecture.
I had to pop out too.
There's a limit to how long you can watch buildings being demolished.
So, Old England is indeed at a crossroads.
When we next visit, how much of it will there be left? So, how is Hannah, your lovely daughter? She's very well.
She enjoyed you accompanying her to the ball so much.
I think she wishes you could be with her at every one.
APPLUSE IN THE OTHER ROOM She told me about Anthony.
So, she told you.
She didn't mean to.
It just slipped out.
Yes, it's good that Hannah told you.
It's not going to be a private matter now for very much longer anyway.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pry.
No, you're not prying, Samuel.
I have something to tell you, now.
To confess.
Sasha's boarding school is where Anthony went to school.
And it is one of the first reasons I wanted to get to know you - any connection to him I come across I tend to seize.
- That's perfectly understandable.
- It's not very logical, is it? But it's how I've been thinking all this time, until this week, anyway, just clutching at anything.
I've been thinking about your invention, Samuel, your bleeper.
If our children carried them.
And it worked outside, over an entire city, for instance.
Then we could find them, whenever we wanted.
That would be wonderful, yes! Yes, yes, it would, truly wonderful.
If only I could bleep Anthony right now! Of course, they'd hate us for it.
If we could always find them.
Not if we used it properly.
If we only used it when we had to, they wouldn't hate us then.
And they could find us, too.
If they wanted us.
You realise I love your invention, Samuel, and so does Richard.
MUSIC PLAYS It's amazing how good a dancer she is.
Yes, isn't it? Come on, we can't just watch - it's not allowed! No, not yet, Joel! Please! Are we the only people staying the night, do you think? - We can't be, surely! - Goodnight! Anyway, it's not been too bad so far.
And this room is nice.
Ah, there you are.
Come and join me.
Thank you.
I couldn't sleep.
It's always difficult the first night in a new house, isn't it? Of course.
Two glasses? Like you were expecting somebody.
Yes, well, I was hoping.
Without the sound, it's quite moving, isn't it? I'm so glad they sent you back here.
Richard invited me.
He's going to get a bit of a shock isn't he, your Mr Field, when he finds out it was just a meeting for the Society of the Preservation of Victorian Buildings.
So, Samuel what's this about? Why are they so interested in what's happening here? It's time you knew, isn't it? I would like to know everything, yes.
The Russian penetration of the secret service is on a bigger scale than even I suspected.
Both in MI5 and in MI6.
It goes seriously deep.
Quite extraordinarily, there's even a Russian spy that comes into close contact with Her Majesty the Queen on a regular basis, and he's been allowed to keep his job, because his public unmasking would cause unbelievable embarrassment to the government.
It is quite possible that the head of MI5 himself is a Soviet agent.
That's how high up the Russian penetration has got.
Myself, Richard, and a handful of others are determined to expose this situation, both in Parliament and in the press, when we have gathered sufficient evidence.
Your Mr Field keeps sending you back here to find out how much evidence we have managed to uncover.
So, Samuel, what are you going to tell them? I'm just going to install the staff locator at an airbase and then I'm done with them.
I just hope their interest is genuine.
And what happened to Anthony? Can anything be more upsetting for a parent than one's child to vanish into thin air? So, what happened, Arthur? Nobody knows.
But I expect they tried to recruit him.
The secret service? Recruit him? The people that you suspect of being Soviet spies? A 20-year-old boy? The truth is nobody knows what happened to Anthony.
Despite all of our efforts, it's been impossible to find out.
So, Samuel, are you going to tell Mr Field that it was just an evening devoted to Victorian architecture? I'm not going to tell him anything.
You may wonder why I didn't stop you being invited back here, Samuel.
I was wondering that, yes.
It's because I wanted to be able to give you one more piece of advice.
Try to get away from them as soon as you can.
That's easier said than done.
I need the business they're providing.
Samuel! Now, please, please listen to this.
The moment that's finished, get away from them.
Because if they think you suspect them, they may well find a way, a surprising way mind you, but they'll find a way of disappearing you.
Disappearing me? Yes.
Of killing you.
MUSIC: Wherever You Are by Richard Blandon & The Dubs Joel, please, stop.
Everywhere I go I've been doing things that get me stared at.
- Is that bad? - Well, it's not very comfortable.
If my dad could see me now! Or a few seconds ago, anyway.
Off games again, Petrukhin? I'm beginning to think it's deliberate.
Steady, and off you go! Hamilton! What is the meaning of this? I've injured my foot, sir.
You've injured your what? I've injured my foot! A boy is injured, matron! Matron! Can you hop? Hop, hop! - Can you see anything seriously wrong? - Oh, not again, Hamilton.
Now, can you do this? What in heaven's name are you doing, Petrukhin? I was just looking if I could find a letter.
You have broken into the Headmaster's study.
And into the school's private papers.
You have committed a crime, Petrukhin.
Who did this? Who pulled all the posters down? I didn't see anything.
Maybe it was the council.
But we had permission to do this.
Someone must've seen something?! Who saw something? Someone must've done! There were posters here of my son, who is missing.
- And they've all been taken down.
- I didn't see anything.
Please! Somebody, somebody must know who did this.
Please! There were a whole lot of posters here, and someone has pulled them all down.
Did you see something? Please, for God's sake, one of you must have seen something! Did you see something? Don't be afraid.
There were posters here.
They were of my son, you see, and he's gone missing.
Did you see something? Please? I think I did.
Yes? Two men were in a car.
A blue car.
PHONE RINGING Marylebone 2629? The posters have all gone.
They've been torn down! - Torn down? You got permission, - didn't you? I did, absolutely.
Well, you've got to find out who did it, who it was.
There were two men in a blue car, a little girl told me.
I need you to get to the street and find out who it was.
Tomorrow afternoon I will go down there and I'll No, today.
You have to do it today.
Now, Petrukhin, your offence is so grave that Mr Tezler and I have decided on the following course of action.
Your parents are due to come and visit you on Sunday, so your punishment will be delayed until after that visit - until we've discussed the situation with them.
You could either face expulsion, Petrukhin, or, yes, the hairbrush many times over in front of the whole school.
Or the cane.
It will all be decided on Sunday.
The full site is about eight times larger than the portion we did in the demonstration for the top brass.
To cover that distance, we have to have the strongest transmission signal we've ever attempted.
We have to place the transmitters here and here.
- And probably here too - Yes, Courtney.
But the most important thing is this - we have to get the job done as fast as we can, and then get the hell out of there.
And then find ourselves some new clients.
I have something to tell you, Richard.
Shall I take out my hearing aid, so you can pretend I'm not here? No, I want you to listen to this, Mary.
I was given a possible address for Anthony by his friend Paul Ledbury.
You were? When was this? You never told me! A couple of weeks ago.
I went to the address.
He wasn't there and no-one was able to tell me anything.
But I had posters put up in the street.
Posters? - You put posters up? - Yes.
And someone had them all torn down.
Did they indeed? And who would do that? Was it people in the street? I don't know.
Mr Spearman is finding out.
You did all this without telling me, Kathleen.
Yes, and I'm sorry.
I should've told you, of course I should.
But I was completely wrapped up in getting it done, I so wanted to have something positive to tell you.
But an address for him That's a wonderful lead! That's what we've been waiting for! What happens now? I know what I have to do next, Richard.
I'm going to go to the press.
That is a big step, Kathleen.
The whole world will know our business.
Why not? It's high time we did.
Why didn't we do it before? We've been locked in a situation, a way of thinking.
Yes, let's do it.
Any minute now we should hear it.
BEEPING I wonder what he wants.
Morning, gentlemen.
We're just testing the range of the transmitters.
And it works! We should be able to find anybody over the entire base! Splendid.
I just want a word with Mr Petrukhin, here.
Hallelujah! These young men are going mad with boredom here.
When the base is fully operational again things will be better.
You haven't supplied what we asked for - details of the interior of the Shaws' house.
I have written it all down.
I was going to send it to you.
May I call you Samuel? Certainly.
What do I call you? Robert.
Samuel, you wanted to know more, about that house, about the Shaws.
So, I'm going to tell you some more.
It's about time, isn't it? We believe they are using that house as a base for their meetings, their discussions, and their plans.
Plans that amount to treason.
What do you mean "they"? Who are "they"? Some very senior army commanders, members of the House of Lords, the House of Commons, a top civil servant or two, a newspaper magnate - who are all completely opposed to the dismantling of the British Empire, the granting of independence to our colonies, they are also furious about our national humiliation after the Suez fiasco and our loss of influence in the world.
And they are planning to take over the government of this country.
By force.
And they hope to do this from a house in Hertfordshire? Well, that's what we're trying to find out.
We're trying to obtain evidence about what they're plotting, exact plans and how they're going to activate them.
So, if you can send us what you've got, Samuel, it would be tremendously helpful, make what we've got to do a lot easier.
I know how captivated you are by that house, and you're even more captivated by some of the people in it.
But you ought to believe me.
So, do we understand each other now? I think we understand each other, Robert.
Come on, come on.
Come on! Number, please.
Can I please have Stevenage 5471? It looks like the little blighter has been using that phone box.
I think he's around here somewhere.
Missed the bus? Yes.
There's not another one for an hour.
For an hour? - Where are you going? - To the station.
Well, jump in.
I'm passing there.
Well, make your mind up.
I haven't got all day.
There's a very urgent phone call for you, Mr Samuel.
- Samuel? Sasha has run away from school.
- He's done what? The school has been out looking for him.
They haven't found him.
They've called the police now.
Apparently he's been missing several hours already.
They can't find him Samuel! I'm coming home immediately.
Keep off the phone, Miriam, in case he's trying to call us.
I'm sure he will try and ring us.
If anyone else calls, get them off the line at once! Oh, God.
What's happened? Any news? No, I'll call you back Hilda, I can't talk now.
I'll phone you back! I told you to keep off the phone.
Well, she just rung now - I got rid of her as fast as I could, - I had to answer it, didn't I? - Yes, of course.
Did the school say what had happened? Did he have a quarrel with someone? With another boy? With one of the teachers? They didn't say what had happened, except that he had run away.
- And that he'd planned it.
- How do they know that? - He's taken all his money with him! - All his money? Well, he doesn't have much, so he can't have got far on that! This is all my fault.
It's because I've been involved with all this extra business at work - and this is what happens! It's not your fault, Samuel.
How can it be? We must think where he's heading.
Hannah, you think too.
Where would Sasha go? Where's his favourite place? Where would he try and reach if he's not coming here? I don't know, Dad.
I don't know what his favourite places are.
I wish I did! Oh, God, Samuel, nothing will happen to him, will it? OK, got to go.
Impatient little man, aren't we? PHONE RINGING Mrs Shaw? Sasha? Is that you? How's school? I'm not at school, Mrs Shaw, I need to see you.
What do you mean you're not at school? Where are you? I'm in London, I have to see you.
Why aren't you with your parents? You've not run away from school, have you, Sasha? I want to see you, Mrs Shaw.
I have to tell you things.
Where are you, Sasha? You have to tell me exactly where you are.
Cleveland Crescent, Paddington.
You stay there now, Sasha, and don't move, I will send the car for you, but it will take about an hour to get to you.
So, you must stay in that street all the time, do you understand? Yes, I understand.
You mustn't tell my parents, Mrs Shaw.
Well, of course I have to tell your parents.
Please don't.
I won't stay here unless you promise me that you won't.
Sasha, you have to stay there.
That is the only thing that matters.
Promise me you won't tell them.
I'm sending the car now.
Sasha? Sasha, are you still there? Sasha? Sasha! I was doing it all for you.
I was looking for letters from Anthony.
Please don't tell my parents until I am with you.
Promise? OK, Sasha.
I promise I won't tell your parents until we've had some time together, but only if you stay where you are.
It's for you.
Courtney, are you there? I am, Mr Samuel.
I won't be joining you for the final test.
My son's gone missing from school.
Gone missing? When did this happen? A few hours ago.
I can't stay on the phone.
Don't worry, we can manage here, Mr Samuel.
We'll be all set for the big day.
Let me know when he's found, won't you? - Yes, yes.
I must go.
The boss's son has gone missing.
He has? He should have a staff locator like all of us - then we'd be able to find him! - Exactly.
Tomorrow is the start for that! What are you doing down there, love? I'm waiting.
Somebody's coming.
You're lost, are you? I'm not lost, a car is coming for me.
A car is coming?! What are you doing hiding down there, then? You're going to come with me.
Oh, yes, you are.
I know what a child like you needs.
No, you're coming with me! I had to do it, and you have to understand, I had no choice.
There you are, Sasha.
Oh, we've been so worried.
These police officers have kindly stayed so that you will understand the seriousness of what's happened.
Of you running away.
Come here, Sasha.
This is all because of me.
Sasha was only trying to help find Anthony.
Thank you, Mrs Shaw.
We will deal with this at home.
All schools are beastly.
None of them know how to behave.
Don't let them send me back.
Please! He won't forgive me.
At least they've got their son back.
We've heard the details of what you've done from the school, Sasha.
The situation is very serious.
I don't want to go into it all now, but it is extremely serious.
Running away from school, Sasha.
And getting into a stranger's car! Everything we've always warned you about! We will leave all further discussion until the morning.
Hannah, will you take Sasha upstairs to bed? We'll be along in a moment to say goodnight.
This is a reckoning, Miriam, it really is.
And now he will be expelled from the school almost certainly, which will make it impossible for us to get him into another good school and all our plans for him, for his future will be He went to see her first.
He went to see Mrs Shaw first.
I have brought disgrace on the family, haven't I? No, you haven't.
Anyway, that makes two of us.
I can't face going back.
I'd rather die than go back.
Don't talk like that.
Never talk like that.
I'm not going back, Hannah.
We'll see.
Anyway, who knows what's going to happen.
If there's a war, maybe every school in the country will be closed, and we'll all be underground together in bunkers.
- Hello? - Mr Samuel? I'm sorry to ring you at this hour, but there's a problem.
The whole system is suddenly not working The whole system? How did that happened? We've been working on it for hours now to get it back - and nothing.
I felt you had to know.
I'll come straight away.
They want me to go to the airbase.
It's an emergency, because of tomorrow.
Maybe I should stay here.
Tonight of all nights.
Well, both the children are here and safe.
So, if you really need to go.
It's for the government, after all.
Mr Petrukhin.
Thank you for responding to our emergency call.
I didn't expect to see you here.
Well, it is because of me that your system is being installed here, so it better bloody work! We're keen not to look complete idiots tomorrow.
The transmitters are working fine.
We're now getting a signal near the buildings.
But not out there.
Nothing! It was working perfectly well earlier on in the week.
What on Earth could've happened? They are paging us all the time.
It should be bleeping.
So, why do we have no signal? Go on, let's try further on.
Stop! BEEPING Ah, it is working, listen! Switch the engines off.
Mr Field! There's a telephone call! It seems I was bleeping for real! Urgent telephone call, Mr Field! Somebody wants me.
BEEPING See, your system does work, after all! You carry on.
I'll catch you up.
We'll have it working again by the time you get back! This doesn't make any sense.
His works, but we're getting nothing.
It doesn't add up! It'll work this time.
Anyway, you know what they say, last minute hitches means it goes all right on the day, so there's hope for tomorrow! GUNSHO GUNSHO Get down! Get down! GUNSHO Oh, God! Oh, God! Get out, Mr Samuel! Get out! Stay down, stay down, stay down! GUNSHOTS Aggh! Stay down! GUNSHOTS Go back! ALARMS SOUNDING Is anyone hit? Get down on the ground!