Summer of Rockets (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 INDISTINCT SHOUTING Mr Samuel? Mr Samuel? You need treatment.
You've been hit.
COMMANDS ARE BARKED Hallelujah! As I always say.
I said they were going mad here but now there's nothing to do.
You need to sit still, Mr Samuel, till they get you to hospital.
I'm perfectly fine.
ALARM BLARES They're just going to clean out the wound and check there's nothing else wrong.
Don't let that man back in the hospital.
I'll do my best, Mr Samuel.
Dad? Dad? Dad? You've been asleep for nearly two days now, dear.
HE GRUNTS - Are you feeling any better? - I'm not sure quite yet.
An airman went berserk, that's what they say, at the airfield.
Is that what they're saying? But you're safely back with us.
And you'll be home very soon.
Mr Petrukhin Mr Petrukhin? You have an infection.
We need to get more antibiotics into you, which means you'll need to stay with us a few VOICES INTERMINGLE - I'd like to see him.
You can't see - him, you cannot visit him, no visitors are allowed to see him, you cannot see him! It is imperative that I see him! I have something to tell him! You cannot see him! I think he can smell it.
I'm sure he can smell it.
I managed to smuggle one in.
I thought a quick munch on some really ripe French cheese, and Samuel will be up and about in no time.
I told him it's your favourite thing.
Almost - you're forgetting the wine.
That'll be coming soon.
It's very good of you to visit him.
No, don't be silly.
We love your father, we all do.
- He's a unique fellow.
- He is.
Seemingly old-fashioned but modern on the inside, - isn't he? - DOOR OPENS I can't help thinking that soon all hospitals will be full of his bleeper.
In fact, I must make a note to speak to the doctors here about it.
What's that clock? Ah, the clock! I'm not sure I should tell you.
Knowing how worried you are about bombs and rockets.
This is the Doomsday Clock.
The Doomsday Clock? That does sound worrying.
Yes, well, that's the whole idea.
Scientists each year calculate how close we are to midnight - nuclear war.
This year it's three minutes to midnight.
- Three minutes?! - Hm.
It's our job, all of us, to push the hands back a little, to, say, 12 minutes to midnight.
Or 10:30.
That would be even better, wouldn't it? It would.
10:30 would be even better, Hannah.
Well, your face is lighting up, old chap, as you eat that, which is splendid.
- Come on, darling.
Yes, - we mustn't take up too much time.
I just want to tell you something.
Don't say anything about your search for Anthony on the telephone at home.
Not if you want it to be private.
I think the secret service is listening in.
Listening in? To us? Why would they do that? I think you may be exaggerating, Samuel.
The shock of the cheese perhaps.
I mean it.
I just thought I'd tell you that.
BELL PEALS Hello, Samuel.
It's good to see you.
They nearly got you, didn't they? Yes.
Thank you for warning me.
I'm not going to let that happen again.
I'll call the nurse - you'll be thrown out.
There's no need for that.
I will be very brief.
I just wanted to let you know we're putting a 24-hour guard on your house.
Your factory will be watched, too.
We're not convinced the young man who did the shooting was acting on his own.
We will do our very best to keep you and your family safe.
I involved you in all this.
I feel responsible for putting you in danger - for you getting shot, in fact.
And yet you managed to miss it all? You went to take an urgent phone call at exactly the right moment, - didn't you, Mr Field? - It was extremely lucky, yes.
We must both make sure we continue to be lucky.
PHONE RINGS - Mrs Shaw? Mike Spearman here.
- Yes? I just wanted to let you know that I've completed the interviews for the residents of Ardmore Road, and I couldn't get any more information about the men in the blue car who may have torn - down the posters of Anthony.
- I see, right.
But an elderly gentleman did give me a forwarding address for a resident of Number 14, and he thought it's possible more than one person went to this address from Number 14.
It's in South London, it's No, don't give me the address.
- I'll come and see you this afternoon.
- Ah, but I I will come and see you this afternoon.
More news about Anthony? It's another possible address.
I mustn't get too excited.
But it's another lead.
Well, you won't go rushing to the press now.
Rushing? It's hardly rushing after all this time.
No, I shouldn't have said that, it was silly, I'm sorry.
Maybe it's best not to, isn't it? All that public exposure, the shame of it - all kinds of questions could be fired at us, and we're both so ignorant, aren't we? We're both so completely ignorant, aren't we, Kathleen? - Barnabas Minor? - GIGGLING Do you want to know what I think it is? I think you have some English history stuck down your trousers, Barnabas Minor, do you? Oh, no, sir.
Do you know what the punishment is for lying? Two strokes, sir? Two strokes?! Two strokes?! Certainly not! It's ten strokes - absolute minimum! Unless I approve of the history you've sneaked in.
Who have you got down there? Edward the Confessor? Edward the Confessor?! There's even men in the garden.
It is to keep us safe, they said - just in case that madman at the airbase had an accomplice.
We're not safe here, Miriam.
Hannah, can you come here, please? Does anyone know what he was confessing to? Does anyone out there have any idea? For the safety of the family, I want the following to happen.
Sasha will go back to school - I've spoken to the headmaster, and because of what's happened to me, Sasha will not be punished.
Well, thank God for that.
And we all have to be split up - each of us has to be in a separate place.
Whatever for? Surely the family ought to be together.
It's only for a few days, until I have more information.
I promise this is for the best, Miriam.
You must go and stay with your sister.
And leave you? I won't do that, I won't agree to that, Samuel.
You must do this.
I can't explain yet why it's so important, but you must.
And, Hannah, you have a new friend that you've been staying with - who is it? Come on! It's Esther Davies from the factory.
Esther? Good Lord, you've been staying with Esther! Well, they'd never look for you there, at least.
And where are you going to be? I haven't decided yet.
Not here, certainly.
I've never tried to disappear before.
There's a big party at Hampstead tomorrow night.
Should I not go to it? No, go to that - that will be perfectly safe.
I don't - understand.
How can we be in danger here when we're surrounded by the secret service, for goodness' sake? That's what I've got to find out.
So, it's goodnight from me, and it's go away, Barney.
More quickly than that.
Go away, Barney! Please, please APPLAUSE It's good to see you all, but, please, back to work.
It's possible, just possible, that my family is in danger.
What?! But they got the guy who did the shooting.
I know, but that might not be the end of it.
Who else is involved, then? But you'll not be in any further danger because I've told you nothing, and I need to keep it like that.
You can't keep it like that.
I promise you, this is the safest course.
- I have to disappear for a few days.
- Disappear? How are you going to do that? You have no idea how to do that.
I know, but I have to give it a try, while I work out what's in our best interests.
Do not trust Mr Field.
Do not answer his calls.
- And do not let him in here.
- Right.
I won't.
We will find a way out of this, Courtney.
I'm just stepping out for a moment, Shirley.
Hello, Manytone Electrics.
Mr Petrukhin, yeah, he's just - Is he there or not? - Mrs Shaw? Ah, Sam, there you are.
I need to talk to you, in person.
I'm sorry, I can't understand that.
I can't understand! I told you, I can't understand! Excuse me! Oh, don't look like that, Sasha.
You'll be all right back at school.
There'll be no punishment.
The headmaster has told your father that.
But maybe they'll change their mind.
They - certainly won't change their mind, not after what's happened to your father.
But it's very important, Sasha, that you keep out of trouble, any sort of trouble.
We have enough to worry about at the moment.
Understand? Back here again, are you? Want to tell us about it, lady? This is so strange, Esther.
Setting off for a ball tonight seems so unnecessary.
That's why - and don't say no, please don't say no - that's why I want you to come with me.
Say yes.
Please say yes! They won't let you in? Oh, yes, they will.
They're frightened of me now, remember? And I've brought you a dress.
That's why I've got so much luggage.
DOOR BUZZER RINGS - Yes? - I've come to see a Mrs Shaw.
I believe she's staying here.
There is a lady of that name here, yes.
There's a gentleman here for Mrs Shaw.
So, there you are.
This gentleman wishes to see you, Mrs Shaw.
All callers must be out of the house by 9:45 at the latest.
Unless they have a room, of course.
Do you have one I can have for tonight? I don't let rooms out for one night only.
So, how long is Mrs Shaw staying for? Well, I've made an exception for her.
So I suppose I could make a second exception.
Paid for in advance, two guineas a night.
Two guineas? All rooms are single occupancy, of course, and must contain just one individual only after 9:45.
There are no exceptions to that.
Third door on the right, and I'll bring you your change in the morning.
- I'll explain.
- Yes, I think you'll need to.
And you'll need to tell me what you're doing in a place like this.
I'm here to find Anthony.
Nobody's heard of him or recognised him - not yet, anyway.
- Are you hungry? - Hungry? Uh I could be hungry, yes.
Do you fancy some kedgeree? - It'll taste better than it looks.
- I'm sure it will.
Why do you need a place to stay tonight, Samuel? Because my house isn't safe at the moment.
Isn't safe? But they caught the man who did the shooting, didn't they? Oh, excuse me.
I will use it later.
- We need to be in private.
- Yes.
They're probably all hiding from somebody or something, don't you think? There seems to be only one plate.
Shall we use your room? Because I've inspected every inch of mine in case by some miracle I could find a trace, you know, of Anthony.
I spent my whole life trying not to end up in a room like this.
Go on, you tuck in first.
I'm just going to look for clues.
You never know.
I hope you don't mind.
Do you? No, no, I haven't exactly unpacked yet.
- I didn't want to bring a suitcase.
- Why? I didn't want to telegraph I was on the move.
Ah! One sock.
One sock, yes.
- That's a start.
- Yes.
INDISTINCT CHATTER Hannah Petrukhin, and this is Esther, Lady Esther Moncrieff.
She only got in from Paris yesterday.
I managed to persuade her to come.
- Told you they were frightened of me.
- JAZZ MUSIC PLAYS It's one of the last parties of the season, Esther.
Time's running out for people to pair off.
Oh, Hannah, there you are! We were just wondering, weren't we, if you'd be here.
We thought you might decide to stay away.
Don't worry, I wasn't going to miss this for the world.
We haven't seen you before, have we? No, you haven't.
Esther has been modelling in Paris.
So, Hannah, when are you going to hold your party? - My party? - Yes, you have to hold a party.
Everybody else has, and time's running out, isn't it? And you'll need to find a place like this to hold it, won't you? What do you think of it so far, Esther? Is it how you imagined? Scared of me? Scared of what's going to happen next.
- I've eaten so much kedgeree! - SHE LAUGHS It was a very successful concoction.
We're sitting on the floor, not one clue between us and And a single sock, which may or may not be important.
And you're not with your children and I've lost the only child I'll have.
- That's not very successful, is it? - TRAIN RUMBLES HE CHUCKLES And the whole bloody house shakes! All evening, I've been avoiding asking you this question, Samuel, and I can't avoid it any more.
Why are the secret service listening to our phone calls? Why are they interested in us? They think that some of the people you know may be enemies of the state.
What does that mean? That some of - the people who attend your parties, like Walter's talk about Victorian buildings, that some of them may have other interests.
Like what? I know most of these people - they're friends of Richard and I.
But it's complicated by the fact that these same secret servicemen that have made the accusation could themselves be - enemies of the state.
- Oh, for goodness' sake! What is this, some sort of ludicrous game, all these men accusing each other of we-don't-know-what? Well, at least I don't know what! It is ludicrous, but it is what is happening.
Do you know what Aunt Mary said to me the other day? She said, "We are so ignorant.
" She meant me and her - and that's true.
I know I don't take very much interest in Richard's work and the day-to-day world of politics Like most people, like me - you can't blame yourself for that.
Oh, yes, yes, I can.
I've been so wrapped up in our beautiful house and making the garden as stunning as it could be, and being a dutiful wife, and I thought my ignorance was natural - as you just said - but of course it isn't natural at all! And maybe that's why he went, why Anthony left, because I was so closed off from everything in that bloody house! It can't be because of that, it can't be that simple.
Yes, yes, it can! I had Anthony when I was barely 19, and all my energy since then, everything, has gone into bringing him up right, encouraging his interests, his drawing and his music.
And being the perfect hostess for all the parties we had.
And I was very good at that, I really thought I was.
And that's why I carried on doing it, even after he left.
But it was all utterly wrong.
Such a lie.
Because it was my fault.
- It is my fault.
- Well, that's not true.
It's never one person's fault.
I won't cry in front of you again, once is enough, I can't.
- I won't do it again.
- SHE SOBS No, Samuel.
No, just just hold me, please.
That's it.
No, that's not just holding me, is it? Oh, God, Samuel.
All residents should be in their own room by now.
- Of course.
- As I told you.
There are absolutely no exceptions.
- Don't worry, I'm just leaving.
- We'll leave the door open.
Thank God for the tiny woman.
- Huh.
Because that would only have made things worse, wouldn't it? Goodnight, Sam.
LOUD CHATTER AND LAUGHTER - Hello, beautiful! Fancy a kiss?! - LAUGHTER Want to go up there? I hope you're signing something really, really obscene.
See that man? He knows something about Anthony Shaw.
He gave Mrs Shaw an address.
Let's see if we can find out more.
Mr Ledbury? I'm a friend of Mrs Shaw's.
- Oh, yes.
- Hannah Petrukhin, and this is Esther, Lady Esther Moncrieff.
You were a friend of Anthony's, weren't you? - Anthony Shaw.
- I was.
I was wondering if I might be able to ask you a little about him.
You can ask me anything you like.
But a little bit later, ladies.
A bit later.
Come on.
I'm not letting him get away with that.
They're looking at us.
Are they talking about us, I wonder.
Can you read him from here? Oh, I'd love it if you can! Eavesdropping from here! See what they're saying about us.
You've got something? What's he saying about us? He's talking about Anthony? You've got to get more of it.
What's he saying, Esther? Come on.
We've got you, Paul.
We can hear what you're saying.
CORK POPS, LAUGHTER Let me see! Is that what he's saying? They never knew what Anthony was interested in, his parents.
Never had any idea.
They never knew what Anthony was interested in.
They really didn't.
His parents had no idea.
There you are.
Yes, I was sort of hovering, waiting till I heard you.
- I've decided I'm going to go home.
- You're leaving already? Yes.
I'm not going to learn anything more from this place.
There are several reasons why it's a good idea for me to go home.
Are there? - Don't you think? - Such as? Well, Richard will be missing me, for a start.
Of course.
He will be missing you, that's right.
- Yes.
He hates it when I'm away from home.
Thank you last night, though, for looking after me.
That was very kind of you.
- Right.
I wish we'd found more than just a sock.
There's a plate missing here.
It's in my room, I was just about to return it.
So, where will you go, with your brown paper parcel? My parcel, yes.
I don't know, I have various ideas.
How long do you have to keep away from home? I'm not sure.
Until I find out who's really behind the shooting.
You will be careful, won't you, Samuel? Yes.
PLATES CLATTER Actually I've thought of where I should go.
The very last place that they would look for me.
- Which is where? - You won't tell anyone? - No-one at all? - No, of course, of course I wouldn't.
Then it's the hospital, the one I've just been discharged from.
Hospital?! Because they know that I'm not there any more.
Can you do that? Can you just book into a hospital, like a hotel, if you're not ill? Yes.
Why not? I am the bleeper man, after all.
CHILDREN YELL IN BACKGROUND So, Petrukhin, your punishment is postponed - whether for good, - we don't know yet, do we? - Don't we, sir? We don't know that, no.
So, what have you to say for yourself? I'm very sorry, sir, that I ran away.
Is that all? This is our first chance to talk since you've come back, - and that's all you have to say? - Yes, sir.
- You have nothing to ask me? - No, sir.
I think you should be asking me about Anthony Shaw's letters, shouldn't you? Because this is the file you were looking at.
You broke into the headmaster's study so you could take a look at this.
I only wanted to take a look to see if there were I know what you wanted to see.
Come here.
So, now you can take a good look, Petrukhin.
And, as you can see, there are many letters from Anthony Shaw, he wrote to me a lot.
You look surprised.
No, sir.
I'm not surprised.
And, as you can also see, they stopped several years ago, just before he was 21.
He disappeared, didn't he? - You know that, don't you? - Yes, sir.
- Mrs Shaw told me.
- Ah.
- A fine lady, is she not? - She is, sir.
I expect she was an excellent mother, too.
I'm sure we both wonder what happened to Anthony.
Yes, sir.
I wonder if we'll ever know.
PHONE RINGS Yes? Mrs Shaw? It's Hannah Petrukhin.
- Hannah? Are you all right? - Yes, Mrs Shaw.
I get nervous now when a Petrukhin calls me from a call box.
Oh, no, nothing's wrong, Mrs Shaw.
I have a friend, Esther.
We were at a party and she learned something about Anthony.
Well, what was it? What did she learn? I think it would be easier if we came to see you, Mrs Shaw, if that's possible.
Maybe tomorrow when Esther's not at work.
LOUDSPEAKER: Dr Philip Jones to Paediatrics immediately, please.
So, these are the rooms for our private patients, Mr Petrukhin.
- I hope this will do.
- Absolutely.
It's perfect.
We will have to charge you the same rate, - I'm afraid, as our private patients.
- Of course.
I just want to be able to study the workings of the hospital around the clock, to help with the development of the staff locator.
I'll see you around the hospital, then, Mr Petrukhin.
Yes, you will.
Dr Small? You will keep the fact that I'm staying here strictly confidential? I think everything will work better that way, if as few people as possible know about it.
Where are you, Samuel? You must tell me where you are.
It's best you don't know.
What do - you mean, it's best I don't know? - How on Earth can that possibly be true? - Right now it is true.
I realise there's all sorts of things you're not telling me, I'm not that stupid! LOUDSPEAKER CLAMOURS What's that noise? Are you at a train station, Samuel? Is there somebody with you? Nobody's with me, Miriam, of course not.
BLEEPING Put in more money, Samuel, you're cutting off.
I don't have any more change, I'll call you - Samuel! LINE BUZZES FOOTSTEPS APPROACH Hello.
There's no need to stand, please.
- Mrs Shaw, this is Esther.
- I'm delighted to meet you.
You'll forgive me if I come straight to the point.
You've found something out about Anthony, you say? We were at a party, Mrs Shaw, and that man, Paul Ledbury, was there.
And Esther can lip-read, and she saw him saying to his friends, she saw him say, "They never knew what he was really "interested in, his parents.
"They never had any idea.
" And? What did he say then? I'm afraid we didn't find out any more.
You came all the way here to tell me that? Yes, well, we thought it might be useful.
Well on its own like that, it's tantalising, naturally, but how do you even know they were talking about Anthony? Oh, yes, they were, definitely.
But you didn't catch what he was referring to? Can't you get Paul Ledbury to tell you? Well, yes, I could certainly try, but he's always extremely reluctant to talk to me.
Well, thank you, you're very kind for taking the trouble.
I thought perhaps, now we're here, because Esther notices things sometimes, maybe we could have a look at some of Anthony's things.
Well why not? I'm sorry for disturbing you, Aunt Mary.
Come in, come in.
I tend to hide away here in the afternoons and bury myself in books.
- This is Esther.
- She's deaf, she can't Oh, I see.
It makes my problems seem very small.
Yes, that's one of Anthony's pictures.
He was 15 when he did that.
We think they're images of the end of the world, or of some great storm.
He painted in all sorts of styles, as children often tend to do.
Horses? There aren't any horses in the picture.
Oh, yes! Horses! So there are! You've spotted something all the rest of us missed! I've looked at all of these, of course.
I've never seen anything hidden in them, though.
And then, of course, there's this.
He spent months doing this.
It's the last bit of artwork he did.
It's a sort of fantasy town, a futuristic place.
All the people look like they're frozen, don't they? Like they've been stopped moving by some tremendous force.
Maybe it's the moment before the bomb.
- What have you seen? - Oh, yes.
There are lots of birds.
He drew so much detail.
There are even people inside the aeroplane.
But isn't it odd - turkeys on the rooftops? Oh, yes, the rabbit.
Not sure I'd noticed that one before.
I think we need a magnifying glass.
Esther, you've uncovered a whole zoo! I'd noticed the birds, but none of these.
It's like a children's game where you have to spot the tiger in the forest, but here they're everywhere.
Because he liked animals.
Maybe he went to a zoo.
Maybe he's been working at a zoo all this time.
But they're all farm animals.
Well, maybe a farm, then.
He's working at a farm in the countryside somewhere.
No, it's nothing to do with a zoo or a farm.
Can't you see what it's saying? Look at the animals and then look at the people.
Can't you see? It's about not eating animals, that's what it's about.
It's about not killing animals for food.
People are frozen, caught in a moment of disgust because the animals have taken over! The animals are no longer meat! That's why there are so many pigs and cows and chickens, because nobody dare eat them any more.
That can't be right.
Anthony never mentioned anything about not eating meat.
But children have secrets, don't they? This is not such a huge thing that it had to be kept secret.
Of course it didn't.
We never would have stopped Anthony from giving up meat.
I don't see that in the picture.
- I don't think it's that at all.
- Kathy? Where are you? It makes one so calm, doesn't it? Feeding these animals.
That's why we keep them, for precisely that.
After being in Parliament all day and having to deal with some of the ridiculously self-important people there, to come and do this it's blissful.
Every time I see you, Hannah, I think of something falling on us from the sky.
Bit of Sputnik or a bit of bomb.
HE CHUCKLES - Do you still worry about that? - Yes, all the time.
And now I've seen the Doomsday Clock, it's worse, of course.
I've always been interested in what young people are thinking.
How they worry about what could happen to our world.
Its destruction.
The final war that could end all this.
DOOR OPENS I think you might be right.
Mr Field, what can I do for you? You can find Mr Petrukhin for me.
It's good to see where these things are made.
I was always a believer, ever since the first demonstration.
- So, where is Mr Petrukhin? - I can't tell you that.
- Why ever not? - Because he doesn't trust you.
You weren't there when the shooting happened.
It really is very simple, Mr Johnson.
We need to know where Samuel is in order to protect him.
So, are you going to tell me where he is? I'm not, no.
And, as it happens, I don't know.
- You don't? - No.
Well, that is a great pity for all our sakes.
I'm absolutely determined this situation does not become even messier, Mr Johnson.
I don't want anybody else to get hurt.
I certainly don't want to see anything happen to Samuel.
So, these tiny animals are what you feel it's all about? Yes.
Yes, they are.
Especially this one.
TYPEWRITERS CLICK, PHONES RING I have to be honest, Mrs Shaw.
I think this is a very slender lead.
I've looked through all of Anthony's drawings and paintings, as you know, and there's all sorts of things.
There's flowers and battleships I want to follow this line of inquiry, Mr Spearman.
I think it's the nearest we've got.
Have you done what I've asked you to do? You have made enquiries? I have, yes.
Today I visited the only two vegetarian restaurants in the West End and there is no sign of your son working there, eating there, ever having been there.
I also spoke to the Vegetarian Society and they've had no contact with him or anybody answering his description.
I see.
And what about the hotels serving purely vegetarian food? Well, there's one on the west coast of Scotland and there is one a little nearer in Norfolk.
Do you really want me to visit them? No, I will visit the one in Norfolk myself.
I'll go there tonight.
In fact, I will go there today.
Aren't you in the wrong country, mate? What?! We'll run well out of bananas.
THEY MAKE MONKEY CALLS Come over here! Leave it! You in the stupid top, come here! They're not worth it! Go back where you belong! Come on, mate, come try it! Get back to where you're from! We know where you are, mate.
We'll see you later.
There she is.
We just thought you probably needed some company.
I get by myself, you know.
I've been studying, as it happens.
Besides, I've got to try to get to university, and that means I've got to get a scholarship, so I've been quite busy, actually.
Then you'll need some distraction, won't you? Yes.
Esther's brought you a letter.
It was delivered to the factory.
She's living here now, you know.
Esther's mum's moved in with her boyfriend.
It couldn't be better for you.
It's from my friend Nicholas.
He's one of the few people I can talk to - apart from you, of course.
It's a pity.
He says he's given up his novel, but he's writing jokes now, and comedy sketches, and trying to make his living that way.
Oh, Esther, I've missed him so much.
And I've so wanted to talk to him about my father and what happened to him.
I'm so worried about my dad, Esther.
GUNSHO Samuel? Samuel? Samuel?! Samuel, it is you! Lord Wallington? Oh, goodness sakes, stop calling me that.
Arthur, please! Did Kathleen tell you that I was here? Kathleen? No.
- Why, does she know you're here? - I don't think so.
I was just trying to work out how you found me.
No, no, nobody told me.
I rang the hospital and encouraged them to take your bellboy machine seriously, put in a word, and they said you were here, making a study of the workings of the hospital.
I am, yes.
Although very few people know about it.
Anyway, that's the reason I've come here, to rescue you, Samuel.
Rescue me? Yes, you can't be staying another night here, eating ghastly hospital food, so, Richard and I are going to take you out for a slap-up meal.
How does that sound? And there's somebody we'd like you to meet.
I'd like a single room for one night, please.
- You haven't booked? - I have not, no.
If you could sign your name, please, madam.
So, Mrs Milton, you do realise this hotel serves only - vegetarian food at all meals? - I do, yes.
And no meat can be brought into the hotel in either - sandwiches or snacks.
- I understand.
Not everybody appreciates that.
How did you come to hear about us? The Vegetarian Society.
- Are you a member? - No, but I am about to join.
BELL DINGS It's a nice room, thank you.
Are there several young men of your age working at this hotel? There are a few, yes, madam.
- And have you worked here long? - Two years, madam.
Is there anything else, madam? No, not at the moment.
Thank you.
INDISTINCT CHATTER So, Samuel, meet our very distinguished dining companion, - Sir Reginald Maddox, the general.
- Ah, yes, you're the inventor chap.
- Delighted to meet you.
- I say Now everyone's looking at us.
Richard does have that effect on people almost wherever he goes.
Not everywhere, that's rubbish.
Not in Parliament, certainly.
We need a screen put around us, don't we? So, do you have your bellboy pager thing on you? I do, as it happens.
I never go anywhere without it.
Funny-looking thing.
Bloody useful, I expect.
- I hear you got shot at.
- Yes, at an airbase.
- Two people were killed, in fact.
- Nasty business.
It was an awful business.
Let's banish it, shall we, order some champagne.
- The menu, madam.
- Thank you.
There's no special tonight, madam.
The wine list, madam.
We were shown this absurd government film, warning children what to do during a nuclear attack.
It consisted of hiding under their desks at school - with their hands on their heads.
- Duck and cover.
There's even a little song.
Duck and cover Duck and cover Under the table.
Yes, my daughter's always talking about this film.
Samuel has the most delightful daughter.
I showed her the Doomsday Clock.
She's rather obsessed by it now.
Yes, she's interested in most things.
She's always reading.
Ah, yes, books.
You know the play by Shakespeare about the mad Scottish general? What's it called? The one with the witches.
- No.
- No? There's another one, is - there? - What'd you say? Macbeth? Yes, that's it.
Well, you know at the end there's a wood that moves? He's told there's nothing to worry about until a wood moves, - and then a wood does move.
- When Birnam Wood comes to Dunsinane.
That's right.
Because all the soldiers carry trees and bushes in front of them.
Well, I have a wood that can move.
Well, that's hardly possible, is it, Reginald? - The general has a wood that moves.
- I bloody well have, and it's not in Scotland.
And it'll freeze their blood.
Coming out of the night, coming straight at them.
- Freeze whose blood? - Well, the fucking Russians, naturally.
They're absolutely everywhere.
They've burrowed their way into all sorts of places in this country.
And then of course there's the fucking Jews.
They're running everything again.
Taken them no time at all to get back to where they always were.
Reginald! Samuel is Jewish.
Now, you must take that back immediately.
- What? Are you? Well, I mean you're not, of course, like them.
I mean Well, you sell things to deaf people for a start.
You're not just about making money and getting everything for yourself.
And you're not a recent immigrant, are you? Reginald, you don't want Samuel to think you're some sort of grotesque, old dinosaur, do you? Certainly not.
Because, actually, I'm not that at all.
Now, let's talk about your invention, because I think I'm able to help you get some people interested in it.
You must tell me how it works.
I will.
In a moment.
Where are you going? Just the cloakroom.
- Samuel, the general has to go.
- Yes, I've just been given a message.
I've been called away.
Even at my age, there's sudden urgent business to attend to.
Marvellous meeting you.
We'll meet again, I'm sure.
The old bastard still doesn't know how to behave, does he? He certainly doesn't, no.
Don't worry about him.
And certainly not about his horrible views.
- He's hardly a close friend of ours.
- Definitely not.
But I wanted you to meet him, because he's still very influential in military circles.
He could get all the Armed Forces to take the bleeper.
Today, he was having a little bit of a lapse, though.
- More than a little.
- Absolutely, more than a little.
So, now we must make amends and have a riotous night.
And you're going to come and stay with me, aren't you, in my rather cosy London flat? No, that's very kind of you, but it's totally unnecessary.
We can't have you mouldering away in a hospital room, can we? Besides, Kathleen's away and I need the company.
Please, come.
Excuse me.
You don't know this man, do you? He never came here, did he? No, madam, I've never seen him, I don't think, no.
None of you have ever seen this man? Please, look carefully.
- No.
- He's Anthony Shaw.
Although he may be using another name.
He's my son, and he's been missing for years.
You're quite certain, all of you? I'm sorry, madam.
It's this young man I'm looking for.
It's my son, and he's missing.
If he didn't stay here, maybe he worked here? No, I've never seen him.
He's a handsome boy, isn't he? Not much further till we get to my little hideaway.
That's Anthony.
I've only seen one photograph of him before.
Yes, I hope it doesn't seem like a shrine to him.
We were The Three Musketeers.
On our best days, anyway.
Isn't this a wonderful bottle? Richard keeps them here for me.
Because I don't partake any more.
My hell-raising days are over.
- Well, almost.
- THEY CHUCKLE This is the place we always come to dream.
To dream? That's right.
You're a man of dreams, too, aren't you, Samuel? Yes, maybe.
About future inventions, that sort of thing, yes.
All three of us are dreamers, then.
We've set the world to rights many times in this room, Samuel.
Talked about how to make it safe.
Well, safer, certainly.
Like, for instance, what to do about the secret service.
They almost certainly caused the shooting you were caught up in, - Samuel.
- I know.
They're out of control, no question.
In fact, I'd say they're the cause of all of our problems, not only in this country, but in the US, the secret service in Europe, too.
They're behind all the so-called "accidents" of history.
I've spent all my life in diplomacy, Samuel, as you know.
I've been an ambassador, even secretary-general of the League of Nations for a while, and wherever you are in the world, whatever job you're doing, they're always bloody there.
And now the Russians have penetrated our secret service to quite a ridiculous extent.
And that's worrying, isn't it, Samuel? Yes, it is, very unsettling, yes.
As a White Russian, you must really mind that, mustn't you? Of course.
And also as an Englishman.
There are, however, one or two members of the secret service who I trust.
They're friends of mine, and they're determined to fight the penetration by the Russians.
And the general? Where does he fit in? We told you, don't worry about the general.
We hardly know him.
Now, I would like to propose a toast, to us.
There's a problem, I can't with water, it's unlucky.
Oh, well.
One drop will banish the bad luck.
THEY CHUCKLE So, Samuel, here's to us three.
And our plans for the future.
To us, yes.
If you'll excuse me one moment.
You're always slipping away, Samuel.
The end of the passage.
Thank you for the meal and for the wine.
I think I must return to the hospital, I'm not feeling particularly well.
You're feeling unwell? Is there something we can do? No, no, I'd just rather be there.
After all, it's the place to be when you're feeling like this.
QUIET HISSING Can I help you, madam? - I just wondered - What is it you want, madam? I just wanted a word with that young man.
BRUSHING Excuse me? Excuse me? Anthony? Can I help you, madam? - I've found you.
- His name's David, not Anthony.
David Harris.
You couldn't leave us a moment, please? But I've got to continue this work Could you leave us a moment, please?! Oh, Anthony! Oh, God! Sorry, madam, but my name is David.
I work here.
You've mistaken me for someone else.
It's all right.
It's all right, Anthony, I know it's a shock.
I don't mind what you're calling yourself.
I'll call you David, if you like.
But I know it's you.
It is you.
Madam, I'm not who you think I am.
I need to get on with this, madam.
Do you do you live here? Do you sleep here, in the hotel? Yes, madam, I do.
OK, then.
That's all I need to know.
PHONE RINGS - Hello? - Richard? Kathleen, there you are! Where are you, darling? I've found him.
I've found Anthony! What?! You have?! You really have?! Yes, yes! He's calling himself David, but I know it's him! What do you mean you know it's him? I mean, is it him or not? It is him, it's definitely him! Darling, I'll explain all when you get here.
I'm at a hotel in Norfolk, the Bedingham Hall Hotel, near Cromer.
Come first thing, won't you? I I can't believe it.
I I can't believe you've found him.
- I'll definitely set off really early.
- Just you, darling.
Nobody else, not even the driver.
- We don't want to frighten him.
- No.
PHONE RINGS - Is that you, Mr Field? - Samuel.
- Where the hell are you? - I need to see you, Mr Field.
It's about bloody time! We certainly do need to see each other! Look, come here for 11 o'clock.
I need to do something first - we're moving offices, you see.
I'll be there.
11 sharp.
Mr Field? Mr Field? I only went out for half an hour, and this happened.
They even killed the dog.
We really have to put a stop to this.