Summertime (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

A Moment at Night

1 ["Lucy" by Francesco De Leo playing.]
Hey! Yeah, why inflate them? People like to see them limp, anyway.
Or God forbid you get emphysema.
Your macchiato.
Look at that smile of yours.
- You find some pussy? - No.
But mind what I always tell you about German girls.
One year they look like models, the next [both.]
Weather balloons.
- Got it.
- [chuckles.]
[music continues.]
Good morning.
Hey, Mom.
Going to work? - Yeah.
- No, wait.
I'll come with you.
- No.
- Why not? You don't work with me anymore.
- Are you telling me I'm fired? - You made it awkward yesterday.
Awkward you're overreacting.
You disappeared, and the new girl had to cover for you.
Remember dinner tonight? I think I'll drop by later, anyway.
[door closes.]
[phone buzzes.]
[phone buzzes.]
MADDA [upbeat rock music playing.]
I'm mean and loud And lookin' all clean ♪ A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES You know I came to put my foot down ♪ Look.
Where is she from? She's from Bydgoszcz.
- Bydgoszcz? - In Poland.
Apparently, she's a Scorpio.
I've never been with a Scorpio.
But why are you into girls? I don't know.
Why are you into boys? - I don't know.
- There you go.
- Edo.
- Hi! Hi, Edo.
- What's that? - A dinghy.
Let's have a look.
We'll inflate it later.
- Where are you going, Sofi? - To see Dario.
- The Darsena guy? - Come on, he's nice.
- Nicer than me? - It's different.
You're a pain in the ass.
- [Blue.]
I think you're nice.
- Thanks, Blue.
Want to come? - I'm working.
- Never mind, then.
It's so hot.
Right? Yeah, it's so hot today.
- You two are being weird.
- Weird? How so? Maybe it's just me.
- Do you feel weird? - No.
How about you? Absolutely not.
- So, everything's okay? - Yeah, everything's okay.
You're being weird.
- Want to go for a swim? - Let's go.
No, I have to go.
Isn't it early, though? Yeah, but I'm starting early today, so I gotta go.
Shall we inflate it? Let's inflate it.
- See you later.
- [Summer.]
[upbeat rock music playing.]
Check your watch It's payback time ♪ Oh ♪ I came to put my foot down ♪ - Okay, and how long will you stay? - Until we can sell it.
I'd keep it if it were up to me, but it's in both our names.
That's such a shame.
I didn't realize that was why you were here.
You have community property as well? Who, us? No! We never got married.
We always just lived like this.
If we were ever to do it, it'd be to get some stability.
More for the girls than for us.
Excuse me a moment.
- Summy! Where are you going? - I'm going to work.
Why what time is it? Isn't it early? Must you all keep tabs on me? I don't think it'd be a problem if I showed up early.
All right, I was just saying You're always in a rush, and when we do chat, I do the talking.
It should be the opposite.
Who's that? A friend.
His name is Riccardo.
How long have you known him? I don't know.
Not long.
Poor thing, he just got separated.
Summy, are you all right? - Yeah, Mom.
- Okay.
Are you sure? - Yes, I'm fine.
- If you want to talk, - you know that I'm here - Mom, I know! - About anything.
- I know, Mom.
Okay, I'm done.
All right.
- One last thing.
- What? You needn't worry about me.
I'm doing great.
See? - See? Bye.
- Bye.
- I have to go back to work.
See you later.
- Okay.
[footsteps approach.]
Ale decided he's not going back to racing, but we can't stop.
This means that at today's press conference, we'll say that you're our one and only rider.
And that we believe in you.
And only you.
Is that true? Of course, we believe in you a lot.
This is your big chance, Jacopo.
Now you're DeCara Racing's one and only rider.
Don't pull any tricks on me.
Come on, go practice now.
Thank you.
I'll see you later.
- [Jacopo.]
- Yeah? What is it? Listen Are you okay with this? I'm okay with it.
Have you spoken to Ale? No, we didn't talk.
I just wanted to tell you that I'm sorry for There's nothing to be sorry about.
Come on, let's go.
["64 Bars" by Frah Quintale playing.]
Any news from Ale? He said he likes her.
How about Summy? No, she never talks about that with me.
How long have you been friends? - A long time.
- And nothing ever happened? Between me and Summy? - You said you're into girls.
- What do you mean? She's my best friend.
- It's not like I like them all - I didn't mean to - How about them? - She's not bad at all, actually.
Have you ever been with an athlete? I was with a dancer once.
Dario, trust me.
You have no idea what dancers can do.
What was your longest relationship? - What? - Your longest relationship.
My longest relationship - I don't really remember - Never had one? It happens.
- [mumbles.]
- How many girls have you been with? - What do you mean by "been with"? - Come on.
Been with.
- What does that mean, anyway? - Slept with, come on.
Slept with Just give me a number.
Okay, but I don't remember.
Maybe I had a half fling of sorts - Dario.
- when I was younger.
- Dario, look at me.
- You know, it was barely anything.
You've never had sex? - What the fuck are you laughing at? - Sorry.
Is that a crime? I'm sorry.
It's just strange.
You're a nice, good-looking guy.
Maybe I haven't found the right one.
What right one? Dario, this is serious.
"Serious"? I think you're overreacting.
Does anyone know? It's a secret.
But, seriously, Sofi.
Keep it to yourself.
No, don't worry.
I won't tell anyone.
Anyhow If you listen to me, by summer's end, you won't need to keep that secret.
Trust me.
Man, she's so hot.
Edo, how long has it been since you've had a girlfriend? A while.
The last one was in Class 3-D.
- How do you know? - I saw you at school.
Then I had a thing with someone from the fourth year.
- But that's it.
- And there's no one you like now? Careful, you're done.
It's inflated.
- How about you? - Me? I'm available.
And looking for someone.
Imagine A pretty girl like you will have guys lining up for her.
PARADISE BEACH See you later.
[in English.]
Here is the swimming pool, and in the back we have the tennis court.
If you want to book them, you can come to me or go to the reception.
Excuse me, what time do you serve the meals? Uh 9:35.
- [woman.]
9:35? - Yes, 9:35.
- This way, please.
- [woman.]
Thank you, Summer.
- Goodbye.
- [man.]
Summer, what a nice name.
[in Italian.]
He's right, though.
It's true.
Summer is a nice name.
A bit weird, but still nice.
Listen have I suddenly become invisible? What you're doing is useless.
If you want I can help, but there's really no point.
Summer, what I said was bullshit, but I did it for a reason.
What? Want the truth? I only came back here to see you.
- [woman.]
Excuse me? - Yes? [woman.]
Can you tell me the Wi-Fi password? The network is open, but you must register with your name and room number.
- [woman.]
Okay, thanks.
- [Ale in English.]
Thank you.
You're still here? I like you, Summer.
Don't call me that.
I still like you, anyway.
Do you have a boyfriend? Maybe.
- I can fix that.
It's not a problem.
- It is for me.
Will you stop? Can we talk like normal people? Huh? Know what? I'll call my mom, and tell her to let you off early.
- You're an asshole.
- I'm kidding.
But good.
It's a good sign.
What? You get mad because there's chemistry.
- It means that - Go fuck yourself.
See? Anyhow, I'll wait.
I'll see you when you get off.
I'll write down lunch and dinner hours for you.
Seeing as you'll be staying for two weeks.
- [man.]
Thank you.
- [woman.]
- Enjoy your stay.
- Thank you.
- I'm always here.
- Thank you very much.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- [woman.]
Summy, can you come here? - Yes, sorry.
Write this down for tomorrow.
[mellow pop music playing.]
Take the phone.
I don't know what to write to her.
She'll think it's me.
What matters is using the right emoji.
Let me show you.
So See here? I wrote "Hello," but then I added the winking emoji.
So I'm not only saying "Hello," but also letting you know that I like you.
But what can I tell her? All I can write in English is "Hi" or "Oh, my God.
" Words don't matter.
It's all about emojis.
Listen, we live in difficult times.
Ice caps are melting, the hole in the ozone layer is growing.
Even polar bears are on the verge of extinction.
Don't you feel sorry for the polar bears? - A little bit, yes.
- There you go.
One thing's still simple, though.
What? Fucking, Dario.
Fucking! [Dario.]
Enough with the fucking, already! Now take that phone, and throw emojis at her.
- She responded with a monkey.
- A monkey is good.
A monkey is very good! I'm a shark! [mimics animal noises.]
So? - What did you and Ale say to each other? - Nothing.
Come on, admit it.
You like him.
And I see why.
Ale has quite a nice ass.
Listen How can you tell when you like someone? I kiss them.
It's even better if I sleep with them.
At times, I'll kiss someone because I like him, but then I'll sleep with him, and won't like him anymore.
- And when you don't like him anymore? - Then I dump him.
Why do you ask? No, I was just curious.
How do I look? - Nice.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
- I have a date tonight.
We'll have dinner and then who knows? - Bye, darling.
- Bye.
IF YOU WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN, CALL ME [mellow music playing.]
Surprise! - Hey! - Hi.
Do you want to hang out? Um, I'll have to ask my mother, because of my sister.
We can go on the Ferris wheel.
- Come on, I'm kidding.
- [chuckles.]
- [Edo.]
Listen, how did it go today? - [Summer.]
[upbeat techno music playing.]
How fucking hot are those two Dutch girls? - Ale, take them a drink.
- No.
- Come on.
- No, not today.
- Hey, take them these.
- Sure.
Hey, man.
- Who is it? - Shit.
It's my mother.
I can't take her anymore.
She's calling ten times a day.
Anyway I fought with Dad.
He refuses to speak to me.
What a shitty summer.
And Summer? I don't know.
I don't get her.
- She always hangs out with some guy.
- Her boyfriend? I don't know.
Yeah Welcome to my world.
No, not Madda.
What, Madda? Where are you going? Wait! Ale! What am I supposed to say? [knocks over drink.]
What a mess.
- Hi.
- Where is he going? Where is he going - To train.
- Spare me the bullshit.
I don't know, he He told me he had practice.
- Is he avoiding me? - No! What? I don't know.
He I know why you cover for him.
Why? - He's a friend of yours.
- Yeah.
Listen, it's nice of you.
I'm not judging, seriously.
Listen, Edo Yes? - Are you hungry? - Yes.
- Yeah? Want to grab a bite? - Yes.
Uh There's a nice little place over there.
It's great.
["Redbone" by Childish Gambino playing on speakers.]
I wake up feeling like you won't play right ♪ I used to know But now that shit don't feel right ♪ It made me put away my pride ♪ Sofia? Uh Juliana? - Juliana.
- Okay.
- [in English.]
Nice to meet you.
- Drink something? - Yeah, thank you.
- One more, please.
Want a taste? Daylight ♪ I wake up feeling like you won't play right ♪ I used to know ♪ - Can I bring you something? Water, wine? - Water, thank you.
- One still and one sparkling? - Very well.
- Hi, Mom.
- Hey.
Are you Ale Alba? - Yes.
- How's the shoulder? A bit better, thank you.
- You're a legend, man.
- Thank you.
- How's my legend doing? - Fine.
All good.
And I thought you'd invited me to dinner.
What is this? Some family gathering? [Laura.]
Will you sit with us? Please.
I didn't realize you had a guest.
- I'll bring a menu and set the table.
- [Laura.]
Thank you.
You're not eating? Even cold, it's not bad.
Edo, can we have a word? Mm-hmm.
Shall we go elsewhere? Sure.
Talk to each other, please.
I have nothing to say to him.
- Me neither.
- Good.
All right.
- I'm not going back to racing.
- We got that.
But why, Ale? Because I've had enough.
- [Laura.]
Of what? - Of him.
He's had enough of me? Did you say you've had enough of me? - [Ale.]
You heard right.
- I did.
I spent my whole life by your side, and you're the one who's had enough? Did I ever ask you to do it? You put me on that bike when I was a kid.
I never had a say in it.
I'm on that fucking bike in every single childhood photo.
You forced me.
- I forced you? - You forced me.
- Listen to him.
I forced him.
- You did.
Be grateful I taught you how to ride bikes or you wouldn't have achieved squat.
I spent my whole fucking life teaching you everything I know.
- Everything I know! - [Laura.]
Enough! - What else would you have done? - Who the fuck are you? - [Ale.]
Fuck off.
It's your fault! - [Maurizio.]
Tell me! - [Laura.]
Be quiet! - [Ale.]
It's your fault! What the fuck would you have done? It's your fault! You didn't [Maurizio.]
Here we go, again.
- [waiter.]
Everything all right? - [Laura.]
I'm sorry.
- [Maurizio.]
He always does this.
- [waiter.]
We'll get this cleaned up.
You don't know what it means to do everything by yourself, with no one believing in you or helping you get back on your feet when you fall.
I did everything for you, Ale.
I even came to this fucking shithole.
- Maybe you shouldn't have.
- Maybe.
- Seeing as you broke up anyway.
- That's enough.
No, Laura.
You're staying.
You wanted this, so let's finish.
Because he did it on purpose.
- What? - Huh? Admit it.
Tell me you did it on purpose.
I've watched and rewatched that video a hundred times.
You never came out of a bend like that, even at 4 years old.
Say you did it on purpose.
Ale? Fucking dickhead.
Darling, is that true? Well done.
Way to go.
This "prodigy" has wasted 20 years of sacrifices.
You could have died.
I could have died.
Good job.
[slow, contemplative music playing.]
[Maurizio sighs.]
That went pretty well, I guess.
[phone rings.]
[phone continues ringing.]
MOM Summy, I know it's not easy to talk about it.
Yes, you're right.
But it was the right thing.
- What? - Kissing me.
You think so? Yes, because this thing between us was in the air.
You just brought it out into the open.
Yes, that's true.
I thought you felt sorry for me, you know? Edo, what are you saying? When my mom died, you've always been there for me, so I thought it could be because of that.
Edo, I never felt sorry for you.
- Yeah, but I didn't get it.
- You've always made me laugh.
Last night was weird.
Weird but good, as well.
More weird than good.
Come on, 50/50.
Um What do you plan to do about Sofia? - Why? - I mean, when are you planning to tell her? I thought we wouldn't.
But eventually she's going to find out.
Not if we don't tell her.
Have you told her anything? No, I haven't.
But you're right.
There's no need to say certain things.
You just have to experience them.
Shall we go home? - Edo.
- What's wrong? What did you understand from the chat we had? That we're together.
Right? ["Just Like Honey" by The Jesus and Mary Chain playing.]
[in English.]
Kiss me! What did you scream? As she takes on half the world ♪ - Moving up and so alive ♪ - Kiss me.
In her honey dripping beehive ♪ Edo, wait! I'm sorry.
Let me speak.
- Why the fuck did you kiss me? - I don't know.
- For fuck's sake, do you pity me? - It's not that! It's not! - Tell me why! - It was a mistake.
- What the fuck is that supposed to mean? - I don't know I don't know what to Edo! Just like honey ♪ Just like honey ♪ - [phone ringing.]
- Just like honey ♪ - Just like honey ♪ - Just like honey ♪ - Just like honey ♪ - Just like honey ♪ - Just like honey ♪ - Just like honey ♪ - Just like honey ♪ - Just like honey ♪ Just like honey ♪ Just like honey ♪ Just like honey ♪ Just like honey ♪ - Just like honey ♪ - Just like honey ♪ - Just like honey ♪ - Just like honey ♪ Just like honey ♪ [song ends, indistinct conversations.]
["Il Mondo" by Jimmy Fontana playing.]
[song fades into silence.]
[mellow music playing.]
[music stops.]

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