Summertime (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

A Glimpse of Peace

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [electronic dance music playing.]
[gym trainer.]
Left, right, left, right Come on! Left, smile.
Faster! One, and back.
Up! Stretch! One, two.
Sorry I'm late.
- Tough night? - No, I couldn't sleep well.
They arrived today.
Look how much fun they're having with those balls.
[gym trainer.]
Excellent! [Milena.]
They all seem calm at first.
A little scared, even.
- And then? - Then, well they take advantage of you.
- But they all seem so nice.
- Yeah, you'll see.
Come on, go get changed.
[electronic dance music continues.]
Good morning.
- Summer.
- Yes? Good morning.
I'm sorry I'm late.
I promise you it won't happen again.
It's not that.
I need to ask you something.
By any chance, have you heard from Ale? I haven't No.
- No, huh? - No.
- Why, has something happened? - I can't reach him on the phone.
I'm a little worried.
- Anyhow, never mind.
- I'm sorry.
- Excuse me.
Have a nice day.
- Goodbye.
- Hi.
- How are you? - I'm fine.
- Have you seen the results? - Yes, I've seen them.
- How did it go? - It went well.
Okay But, are you all right? Yeah.
- Will you drop by later? - I don't know if I can make it.
Did I flunk? I'm sorry.
Bye, Isa.
Man, she doesn't stop talking.
But do you understand them? What's wrong? It's Laura She asked me about Ale earlier.
She said she can't reach him.
Seemed pretty worried.
I noticed.
She didn't seem to be in great shape today.
Look at those blondes, having fun.
Enjoying their drinks by the pool.
Look at them.
I'm so envious.
- [in English.]
It's okay? - [in English.]
- [in Italian.]
Which room are they again? - Huh? Anyhow - [in English.]
Room 234? - [in English.]
Thank you.
[line ringing.]
The number you've dialed is not [cashier over P.
Now serving number 23.
Now serving number 24.
- Wait, let me help you.
- Hi! - Need a hand? - No, I Yes I actually do.
Thank you.
At first I didn't recognize you.
I mean, dressed like that.
- Why, how am I dressed? - Well.
- Really nicely.
- Oh! [chuckles.]
I mean, I didn't Anyhow, you look really nice.
Thank you.
- Heading to the checkout? - Yeah.
- I'll carry this for you.
- Thank you, that's very kind.
Any news about the house? Yes, we got an offer, but they kind of lowballed us, so we're not selling.
But, I actually didn't think it was a bad offer.
She didn't agree.
- You mean your ex.
- Exactly.
I'm sorry.
- I do have good news, though.
- Really? I'll have to stay here until we reach an agreement.
All right.
- That's good to know.
- You'll have to endure me a little longer.
But how are you? - Is something wrong? - Remember Blue, my youngest? - Yeah.
- She flunked.
- Well, it happens.
- It's just that I'm so sorry for her.
I did badly in school, too.
But it wasn't because I didn't get it, it was because school was too restrictive.
- In fact, I flunked three times.
- Three times? - Three.
- No way - So you transferred? - No, I just left.
- Where? - I ran away from home.
- Seriously? - Yeah.
I took my guitar, started playing around bars, and I got into a ton of trouble just about everywhere.
I just followed my instincts, you know? I've always been like that.
At times I would mess up, but still - But you followed them.
- Yes.
And what do those instincts tell you now? I don't know.
I owe you a coffee.
At least a coffee.
[cashier over P.
Now serving number 27.
- That's my number.
- What? That's my number, 27.
Oh, okay.
See you at the bar tomorrow.
You'll recognize me.
Same place, same dress.
- Bye.
- Thank you.
You're welcome.
[phone ringing.]
Piero! - I'm done here.
- So? - So I'm leaving.
It's summer for me, too.
- What a lazy bum.
Wake up.
Come on.
- What time is it? - It's late.
- Your mom called, but I didn't answer.
- Good.
Now she'll think I'm mad at her.
Listen, I'll go take a shower.
- Are you coming to the party? - Don't know.
How about a toke? [Dario.]
Better if you don't.
You're already paranoid as it is.
Listen, Dario.
Can I stay here? Of course you can.
Are you kidding me? Don't you know? Mi casa es tu casa, bro.
If my mom calls, just tell her you don't know where I am.
- Bye.
- Bye.
[exhales heavily.]
- Edo? - Blue what are you doing here? - I've got a fever.
- Let me check.
Yeah, you're actually a little warm.
You came here for Summy? She's out.
Want to stay anyway? Okay.
So, shall we watch something? Have you seen Stranger Things? Yeah, Season One is really cool.
Riverdale? - Mm-hmm.
- [chuckles.]
[yawns audibly.]
You've seen everything.
You know, sometimes it's really hard choosing what Oh, yeah.
How about Money Heist? The new season.
I haven't seen that yet.
Blue? [melancholy music playing.]
[camera clicks.]
I feel bad seeing Ale like that.
Like what? He's holed up at my place.
He doesn't want anyone to know.
That's so unlike him.
I wish I was like you guys.
- Us who? - Like you and Ale.
You have no qualms about going out with someone new every night.
Turn around.
Your eyes.
- What? - Open them, you look nearsighted.
- It's because of the sun.
- Put up with it a moment.
[phone camera clicking.]
- We got it.
- My phone? What are you doing? So I made a profile for you.
Sofia, I told you I don't want to.
Stop it.
What's the matter? Nothing.
Will you tell me what's wrong? There's a problem.
Another one? I think it's an even bigger problem.
Listen there's no bigger problem than being a virgin.
Hey, you're making me worry.
What's wrong? I feel like an idiot.
I'm in love.
- What are you laughing at? - I thought it was a serious problem! With whom? Enough of this.
Dario you're not in love with me, are you? - Oh, my God! You are? - Come on, Sofia.
Good Lord, you're always joking.
Come on, I'm just teasing you.
Come here! Dario! Tell me who it is.
I'm not talking to you anymore.
Come on, now.
I found out more.
Are you interested or not? Yes, what is it? His phone's been turned off since yesterday.
He fought with his parents, and he wants to quit racing.
How do you know that? It was on the Internet.
That they fought? No, Henry, the cook, told me that.
I found out about racing on the Internet.
[coughs for attention.]
Excuse me.
Finally, you're here.
I called you 40 times.
- I ran out of credit.
What is it? - I'm worried.
I haven't heard from him.
Who's that? Ale's father.
He never comes here.
Not too bad, is he? Where are you going? I haven't eaten yet.
We're all saddened to announce this, but we can no longer continue our collaboration with Alessandro Alba, because both physically and mentally he's no longer fit to race.
This doesn't mean that we will stop.
We have total confidence in Jacopo, who is ready for the Dutch Grand Prix, right? Yes, in fact I'd like to thank the whole team for having faith in me, especially our technical director, who's doing a great job despite the short notice.
Mister Alba, any comment about your son? Man what kind of fucking question is that? Why the fuck do you have to come up with these stories? When I say that he's not physically or mentally fit to compete, it simply means that he needs time to recover.
He's in no condition to compete, so he can't go back to racing and we must ALE ALBA ACCIDEN [journalist.]
There were rumors about tension between you.
Can you confirm [turns computer off.]
[dramatic music playing.]
- Can't we leave? - How long will his break last? We still don't know.
Sorry but… No, wait.
Where are you going? Where? Laura [groaning.]
The number you've dialed is not Miss excuse me, I need some information.
- Mom, what are you doing here? - Hi.
Mom, you can't stay here.
- Why? - Because I'm working.
- I just wanted to see where you worked.
- What's wrong? Uh Mom.
Blue flunked school.
I do everything I can, Summy.
I swear to you.
But I'm not enough.
What can I do if I'm not enough? Have you told him? Does he know about Blue? No, right? It's not like things between us are all that great I know, Mom.
- How do you know? - 'Cause he's never around! We took this summer off to reflect and give each other some space, you know? It has happened before, but we always figured it out.
- There was no reason to tell you.
- Look, I have to go back in.
But at least you've done really well.
- Please, Mom.
Just stop.
- All right.
Listen, we saw Edo.
- You did? - Yes.
He's special.
You'd better be careful not to lose him.
Because you're lucky to have him.
[Milena in English.]
This is the restaurant and the shopping area.
[in English.]
Yes, and where can I find good "piedina"? - "Piadina.
" - Ah, piadina.
[in English.]
Here's the best piadina in town.
- The name is Da Nora.
- Okay, I'll write also - [in Italian.]
You're not coming? - I'll be right there, go ahead.
- Hi, Piero.
- Hi, Ale.
Can I borrow a 12mm bushing? - You know where they are, right? - Yes.
How's the shoulder? Well I've been better.
Anyway, I'll get going.
- Want a hand with that? - Yeah, why not? Wow This must be from the late 70s.
From 1978.
Dario's done a nice job.
I remember when you brought it in.
It was pretty messed up.
It belonged to my grandfather, who gave it to my father, and he gave it to me.
- So it's a family thing.
- Yeah.
- So? - So - I wanted to finish it.
- It's only fair.
Looks like it's coming along.
I'd like to finish it today.
Ahh Piero The bushing - All right, then.
Let's get to work.
- Okay.
[upbeat dance music playing.]
Hey, Dario! - Hi.
- Sofia, I'll buy you a drink.
I think you two are secretly a couple.
You're bullshitting us.
- It's obvious.
- He vanished the moment he met you.
- See? Disappeared.
- No! - He vanished for real.
- We can't find him anymore.
- It's a pleasure.
- Sofia.
Hi, pleasure is mine.
- Ouch.
- Did you hurt yourself? You asshole! [Ale.]
Listen, how about Dario? How is it going? You know, he's good with his hands.
But he deserves more than this.
You know that all he's waiting for is for you to let him join your team.
He wants to work on real bikes.
He wants to feel things that young people like him want to feel.
Don't you miss this whole circus of bikes, races, racing circuits? - Yes, Piero I miss it, but - It's understandable.
When you can't do something you like, you're bound to miss it.
But maybe you can take some time off and get back after the summer.
Yeah we'll see.
Listen, I've had it with this song.
Now that's more like it! Let's hear some real music, like mazurka! But actually polka would be fine, too.
I like polka even more.
You should see how skirts go up when they dance the polka.
- So? Will you tell me who it is? - No.
Oh, for God's sake.
But if I guess right, tell me.
- Go.
- Okay.
Let's see.
I think - The horse-faced one.
- No.
- The one with the golden swimsuit? - No.
- The one with big jugs.
- Which one? - That one.
- No, it's not her.
Does she even exist, or did you just make her up? She exists.
Is she here at the party? - No are you serious? - Yes.
Shall we try to see if she starts up? Go on, try it.
- Shall I? - Go for it.
[engine fires up.]
Thanks, Piero.
Now, this is music to my ears.
Listen, can I borrow your phone? - Be kind to it, I use it to chat.
- I don't want to know with whom.
Mom? Yes, I know.
[in English.]
We are here okay? This is the restaurant, and this is the shopping area, okay? You have all the contacts of the hotel.
Any questions? [in English.]
I read that here in Romagna there are a lot of flamingos, and that it's the perfect period to watch them in love.
Where can we find them? [in Italian.]
He wants to see flamingos in love.
Flamingos? [in English.]
Just a second.
[woman in German.]
Look what you did with your obsession with flamingos.
[Milena in Italian.]
Everything okay? What's wrong? - No, it's nothing.
- Is it Ale? It's everything.
Everything what? Can you tell me what's going on? My sister flunked at school, my mom's always feeling depressed, I have no idea what my father thinks.
I screwed up with my best friend.
It's nothing serious.
Everything will be all right.
And I don't know why I get so upset when that idiot doesn't answer my calls.
I feel so dumb.
You're not dumb.
It's just that you're in love.
Come on, let's find a solution.
Do you know someone who knows him? I don't know A mutual friend? Sofia! - Everything okay? - I'm at work.
- Can you ask Dario where Ale is? - I know where Ale is.
Where is he? At Dario's place.
He fought with his parents and went there.
- Okay.
All right, thanks.
- Will you tell me what's going on? - I'll tell you later.
Give me the address.
- All right.
Thanks, bye.
Come on.
Get changed and go.
- I still have over an hour left - I'll cover for you.
Get changed.
He doesn't even answer my calls anymore.
I'm sorry.
I know I've been calling him too much, but he blocked my number.
Why is he acting like that? What have I done to him? I don't know.
Please, if you know where he is, tell me.
We need to talk.
Dario, it's important.
I need to get this thing off my chest.
I can't hold it in any longer.
Please, I'm begging you.
Help me.
- It's not that he's not answering.
- No? He threw his phone away.
So you know where he is? Another beer? - Why not Thanks.
- Here.
To us.
Careful! Excuse me! You sure settled in right away, Sofia.
No, not at all.
Next week we'll throw another party.
- You'll help us, right? - Sure.
Guys, what is Dario doing there all by himself? What the fuck is he doing? Dario! [Manu.]
A party like this, and you stay up there all by yourself? [laughing.]
What a loser.
He's such a dork.
I like it here.
I like your friends as well.
But, anyway It's not better to be like us.
You only say that to cheer me up.
No, I mean it.
It's not like dating someone different every day makes you happier.
So, how did it go? She was really sad.
She said she wants to see Ale one last time.
And what did you tell her? Nothing That I'm sorry.
I'm sorry to see her like that.
It hurts me, too.
I told her he's at my place.
- What did you tell her? - That he's at my place.
- She's going there now? - Yes, why? Shit, that's a problem.
- What's wrong? - Summer is going there, too.
Can we talk? - Thanks.
- You're welcome.
We need to talk.
- What do you want? - You need to hear me out.
Sorry, we're closed.
- [in English.]
Sorry? - It's closed.
- But it's open - No, it's closed.
What are you doing? - We're friends, right? - No.
Yes, we are.
Before I messed it all up, we always were.
I'd always talk to you when I missed Dad or when Mom screwed up, because you're the only one who really understands me.
I know that by saying this I risk losing you, but I don't want our friendship to be ambiguous.
I think I fell in love for the first time.
The bike guy? Yes, and I'm not asking you to understand me, but I wanted you to be the first to know it.
I don't want to lie.
Not to you.
I'll get back to work.
[soft dramatic music playing.]
I'm sorry, Madda.
It's not that I didn't know, but I needed to hear you say it.
It's been a shitty period.
I can't deal with that right now.
I know.
I've been stalking you a little.
You've been stalking me a little? A little? What an asshole - That, too? - You are.
- No.
- Come here.
No you're tickling me.
Come on.
[phone ringing.]
Sofi? Summy Hello? My battery is dying Sofi? Summy! - She's not answering? - Yeah, but I can't hear her.
She hung up.
Thankfully my mother talked to him.
You know him, he's the same.
Hey Summy! Is everything okay? It's all right, seriously.
- Summy.
- Don't touch me.
- Summy.
- Summy.
Summer ♪ You're as hot As the kisses I've missed ♪ You're filled with love That is long gone ♪ Love that my heart Would like to forget ♪ I hate summer ♪ The summer that ♪ [song cuts off abruptly.]
[light pop song playing.]

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