Summertime (2020) s02e01 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 1

1 - [romantic instrumental music playing.]
- [Summer.]
Love is the greatest power.
It's like the breath in everything.
It's a mighty power that can keep us alive.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Even if you are far from the person you love so much, living in different parts of the world, your deep love will never be a wasted emotion, because you can't be in love in vain, because when you love deeply, you simply feel alive.
I believe that that is what the poet was trying to say in the ultimate canto of Paradise.
Because as the poem says, it is love that moves everything, like the sun, the stars Okay, okay, Bennati, that's enough.
I believe we can stop with Dante.
- [woman.]
If you're all satisfied as well - [man.]
No further questions.
You may be excused.
Thank you.
- [chuckling.]
- Did it go well? Yes, it did.
- Are you satisfied? - Yeah.
- Relieved? - [both chuckling.]
Where's Edo? Edo's hiding in the bathroom.
He's a bit nervous.
Don't worry.
It's doable.
- Yeah? - [man 2.]
 Chiaravalle? Okay, I'll go now to check on him.
- Okay? See you, babe.
- Okay.
See you later.
- [Summy.]
Edo? - [Edo.]
Yeah? [Summer.]
What are you doing? [Edo.]
I'm just gonna stay here for a bit.
I'm freaking out a little.
It's so quick.
It'll be over before you know it.
- What if she asks me about integrals? - The math professor's easygoing.
What if I freeze, and I flunk? Well, if you do, you'll be done with math and school altogether.
You'll take over your father's business.
You'll get a belly, and a bald head, and during the summer, you'll hit on tourists.
- [chuckles.]
Who are you talking to? - I thought that you were in there.
- Is the math professor really easygoing? - [chuckles.]
- Okay.
- [giggles.]
Who was that? - [Sofi.]
Edo? - Yeah.
- Almost your turn.
- Coming.
Thank you, Summy.
Thanks a lot.
["Il Cielo In Una Stanza" by Mina playing.]
A harmonica is playing ♪ It sounds like an organ to me ♪ Vibrating for you and for me ♪ Up in the endless ♪ I love you, Edo.
I love you too.
- Let's go.
- Yup.
In the sky ♪ [groans softly.]
I have to go.
- Take care of yourself.
- Mm, yeah, you too, uh Dario, my name is Dario.
Oh, excuse me, Dario.
- See you next time.
- Whenever you want.
- Yeah.
- ["This Life" by Vampire Weekend playing.]
[engine starts.]
[group screaming in excitement, laughing.]
Baby I know pain is as natural as the rain ♪ I just thought It didn't rain in California ♪ Baby, I know dreams Tend to crumble at extremes ♪ I just thought our dream would last A little bit longer ♪ [clears throat.]
- Please, no.
Don't mind me.
It's fine.
- [laughs.]
I just decided to stop here for a drink accidentally.
Give it a rest.
Come on.
Stop smooching for a change.
- [Dario yells.]
It's over! - [screams.]
[both laughing.]
Hey, Dario.
- Are you crazy? - 'Sup, guys? [laughing.]
Did I hurt you? - A beer for me, please.
- Of course.
- Thanks a lot.
Well? What's happening? - Well? - Let's have a toast.
- A toast.
- Hell yea! - Absolutely! - Yeah, it's over, guys.
- No, homey.
It's just started.
- Not wrong.
- [Summer and Sofi.]
It's only just started.
There's a party tomorrow night, you going? Obviously.
- Yeah.
- Since when do you like going to parties? Since summer is my favorite season.
Aw! - [Dario.]
Aw, so sweet.
- So sweet it melts my heart.
How about a dip? - [Edo.]
A dip.
- Bad idea, no? - [yells.]
A dip! - [screams, laughing.]
[upbeat instrumental music playing.]
- For real? - Yes, Paris.
- [chuckles.]
- Awesome.
Paris is the city of love.
I mean, I am so freaking jealous right now.
- I can't wait.
- Same university, yeah? I'll study languages, and he'll study architecture.
- [chuckles.]
- Nice.
You know, that never happens to me.
- What's that? - To fall in love like that.
To say, "Oh, this is the right one.
I'll hang on to him for a moment.
" - I'm a loser.
What's wrong with me? - No, no, no, no.
It was nothing like that with Edo.
I mean, it took a long time.
First, we were best friends.
We waited for each other.
We fought, we drifted apart, and at some point, we realized we wanted the same thing: to be together.
You just proved my point.
- It just takes time, twists, and turns - Yeah.
- Summer.
- Hi.
I got another call from the agency of that French group.
- Uh-huh.
- They'll all be here soon.
- Good with you? - No problem.
Thanks, Summer.
What about Ale? Have you been in touch? No.
We haven't we haven't spoken since last winter.
Not even a text message now and then? "How's it going?" - No.
- Hm.
Do you miss him? Um no, no more.
Ya know, it was for the best in the end.
- [buzzes.]
- [crowd cheering.]
[dramatic music playing.]
[engines revving.]
The fight's between the two amazing riders of the season, Jacopo Sandri, Meccano Racing, and Ale Alba, Barcino Racing.
The two former teammates are locking horns! Stunning once again, Jacopo Sandri, the dominator of the season.
Ale Alba tries his best, but Jacopo Sandri wins this time too! [man 1 .]
Well done, Jacopo.
[man 2.]
Fenomeno! Ha! [grunting.]
Come here, come here.
Okay, okay, you guys.
It's a team effort, it's a team effort, everyone.
I'm sorry, Miguel.
He didn't leave me an opening.
I couldn't get through.
I I was on his tail, but I I couldn't pass him.
I'm sorry.
Calm down.
You did a good job.
He cut you off.
It happens.
What matters is that we qualified, all right? Okay, okay.
Just relax.
- Lola.
Why did you try to pass Jacopo? - I didn't try to pass anyone.
Didn't you see how he took the curve? I had to speed up, or he'd've pushed me out.
Listen, you're very impulsive, Lola.
You only had to maintain your position and wait for Ale.
No, but Miguel, Lola waited for me.
I was the one who failed.
I couldn't pass.
Listen, it's very simple to understand, Lola.
If you don't help Ale to win, then it means you're not doing your job.
- We'll talk about it next week.
- Yeah, okay.
And now, just enjoy your weekend off to chill out, recharge.
The championship is long.
Meditate, guys.
Meditate, all right? Hm.
And hurry up, they'll pick us up in half an hour.
Hm, aren't you glad? - We're going back home.
- Yeah.
- Thank you, Miguel.
Thanks, Miguel.
- Yeah, thank you, Miguel.
- Thank you, Miguel.
- Thanks, Miguel.
[upbeat pop song playing.]
I brought this to celebrate.
Here? For real? - What? They don't know? - No.
- Don't know what? - Hi, little brat.
Hi, little brat.
How are you? [Blue.]
Good, you? Doing great.
Isa, I saw you've reached 10,000 views.
Oh, you did, love.
Nice, huh? Your songs are damn nice.
Aw, thanks.
But I wanna know what you have to tell us because Summy always keeps us in the dark.
What do you have to tell us? Nothing, it's just that we've made a decision.
We've picked a university to study at.
Oh, bravo.
Where did you choose? - Shall I tell her? - Yeah, do it.
[both chuckling.]
- Hm, Paris.
- Paris.
- Paris.
- Paris.
Ale, it's not my fault you can't win.
- I know.
- It's not my fault.
- It's not my fault, all right? - I know it's not your fault.
I like being on the team.
I'm extremely happy to be here.
You know that.
I swear it is gratifying and satisfactory to be your second.
- I swear to you.
- Lola, you are a great rider, okay? But then why does he have to treat me like that? I don't get it, Ale.
I really don't get it.
- Lola, calm down.
Lola! - [angrily.]
What? You have to calm down, okay? Just take a deep breath.
[breathes deeply.]
- I'm breathing.
- Okay.
[breathes deeply.]
Meditate clearly.
- Okay? - Okay.
[Lola giggles.]
- [Dario.]
What time is Irene coming? - [Sofi.]
Should be here in the afternoon.
Afternoon? [Sofi.]
Yeah, so, here you'll find the tins for Norma.
- Uh-huh.
- As for Silverio, he only eats dry food.
- They'll get sick if you mix it up.
- Norma and Silverio.
Anyway, um, they have plenty of this.
I mean, enough for like six months.
- You know, I feel a bit sorry.
- About? If you stay here at my place, it's a shame that I have to leave.
You nagged me to look after your dogs while your parents were away and you're leaving with Irene, and now you're a bit sorry? No, I'm just saying that we could have hung out and had fun together.
Yeah, that's for sure.
After work, do you want to spend time with me? A girl texted me, so after work I'll go hang out with her.
Who is that? How many girls do you have? No, forget about it, I mean, listen, I've developed my own method.
- What? - Uh trawling, ya know.
- Like fish? - Yes, I mean, like, when fishermen sail in open waters, throw the net, and catch whatever is there.
- So you catch whatever is there.
- [laughs.]
Not literally whatever is there.
Okay, fine, I'll explain it to you.
When I do my deliveries for work, sometimes I meet a cute girl, one that I like a little bit, so I crack a few jokes.
I try to look cool, if she's into it, I come up with something.
I dunno, something like, "Oh my God! That's so awesome!" Or something like, "I love that book!" And when she turns around, I've got cards with my number on it, I get a card and I put it in the bag.
That's my move.
- And you know what the crazy part is? - [Sofi.]
What? - Now and then they call me back.
- [laughs.]
- Why are you laughing? - I just recall how you were - a year ago.
- With girls, yeah, right.
I would call you too.
I'd like to spend the night with you tonight.
Me too.
We'll do it every single night in Paris.
Yeah, perfect, but now? Now it's a bit complicated.
- I mean, this summer, don't you think - Uh-huh.
it would be great to have a place all to ourselves.
where we can go wherever we like all the time, without having to hide, without me having to come to your place or vice versa? Yes, that would be amazing, but it's not poss Well here's that place.
Which one? [worriedly.]
Edo, what are you doing? Edo, there are people inside.
You can't enter.
- [keys jingling.]
- [softly.]
The lights are on! - [lock opening.]
- Edo! Edo! [whispering.]
Edo, what are you doing in here? Welcome to my new home.
Really? Actually, my father used to rent this place to tourists.
This place is where I spent all my summers when I was younger, me, my dad, and my mom.
Edo, this is really wonderful.
If you feel like it, when you want to, you can come here, and you can spend the night.
When I want to? - If you feel like it.
- I feel like it.
Do you? [Lola.]
Now that we have a few days off, we could do something.
What would you like to do? Get away, you know.
- Where to? - Wherever you want.
But we just got back.
I know, but I would like a vacation.
- Yeah.
- Uh-huh.
Where did you have in mind? I was thinking, what if we go to Italy? - Italy? - Italy, yeah.
Would you like that? I'd like to know your relatives.
I think I'm pretty sure I'll love to hear you speak in Italian too.
[soft music playing.]
Why? [chuckles.]
Because it'll make you look more desirable.
- Way more.
- Yeah? Yeah.
No! No, no, no.
- No! - Come here.
Remember? You were light A dragonfly in the wax ♪ I lost you, and it was clear ♪ You were raindrops in a blizzard We are the tail of a comet ♪ Like a drug when it takes off ♪ A fork piercing the grip ♪ I hold your hand you let go ♪ It's just us and the dog ♪ And that terrible painting From your mom ♪ The shirt smells of smoke, of tar ♪ We're close But I miss you like the air ♪ I can't stand you ♪ When I try and sort myself out ♪ Edges And I still get stuck in my head ♪ Think about why ♪ I can't stand you ♪ [Milena.]
Good morning.
Here are the keys.
Have a nice day.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Look how cute that guy is.
- Oh God, shh, he's coming.
- [phone vibrates.]
- Hi.
- [Milena.]
Where can I find a good local restaurant? SOFI: CAN YOU TALK? SUMMY: NOT NOW - Seafood or pizza? - Seafood.
For that I suggest La Teresona SOFI: ALE IS COMING BACK FOR THE WEEKEND DARIO TOLD ME [dramatic music playing.]
Is she doing better now? - A little too much.
- What do you mean too much? Come on, Dario, those two haven't seen each other since he dumped her.
- She can't be that cool with it.
- Makes sense.
I got it.
You didn't you invite Ale to the party, did you? I mean, yeah.
He calls, tells me he's coming back.
What was I supposed to say? - Turd.
- What? - You have to take care of it, Dario.
- Oh that, I see.
How do I I don't have anything.
Here you go.
If Ale is coming to the party, I need to know so I can tell Summy.
I'll ask him.
[reggae music playing.]
- [Edo.]
This is yours.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Have a nice day.
- Bye.
- [both laughing.]
- Yo! How's it going there, big man? - You all right? Huh? - Hi.
- Hi, darling.
- Hi, Wanda.
You're a bit early, you know.
So what? We can start right away, can't we? [laughs.]
Yeah, so you can go for a nice swim in the sea, huh? - Eh? - Eh? Go to the command post! - The cash register? - Well? Oh, okay then, yes.
[Wanda singing.]
Who brightens the gypsy man's days? ♪ - So, did you get settled in the house? - Yes, I'm starting to.
Nice place, isn't it? Listen, if I may, why is she in the store? She came along with me.
Does it bother you? Who me? No, no, of course not.
What about locking up? Will you do it, or do you want me to? No, no, we'll take care of it.
Don't worry.
Because tonight is the end of school party, and we wanted to go.
Awesome, no.
Wanda and I'll take care of it.
You go to the party, have fun, and don't worry about a thing.
- Okay? - Okay.
All right.
- See you.
- Bye, Edo, darling.
["Quando, Quando, Quando" by Tony Renis playing.]
Tell me when you will come ♪ Tell me when, when, when ♪ The year, the day, and the time when ♪ [Sofion voicemail.]
I know you're cool, but I still asked Dario to find out whether or not Ale's coming to the party.
I'll let you know, okay? Perhaps you'll kiss me ♪ [dings.]
Boo! Irene! You're here! It's so good to see you.
Suddenly, I'll see you ♪ I missed you a lot.
I did too.
- Giulia.
- [Giulia.]
Edo? How are you? All good, you? All good, huh? Well, I mean, once again, I saw my dad with that woman.
So, what's the big deal? Uh I don't get her very much.
What do you have to get? Well, first, she sings.
She sings all the time.
She must be happy.
Well, yeah, but then he looks like he's lost his mind.
It's freaky.
If she laughs, he laughs.
If she's sad, he's sad.
If she's preoccupied, he's preoccupied as well.
I don't recognize him anymore.
Edo, he's not an idiot.
He's just in love.
- If you say so.
- [chuckles.]
Listen, you know what I was thinking? That I haven't seen you in a long time.
It's true, but working at the store and the exams, I haven't been hanging around.
- Yeah, oh course.
You are a busy dude.
- Uh-huh.
Yeah, but - [laughs.]
- But - What are you doing here? - Nothing.
I was at home yesterday.
I was trying to study, and I thought of you all of a sudden.
So then I just told myself, "Enough with this phone, always chatting on the phone.
" For months we've done nothing but talk over the phone, ya know.
I just wanted to see you.
I took my things and left, and here I am, voila.
Well, yeah, but you could have given me a heads-up.
You could have told me.
- Why's that? I didn't come here for you.
- Huh? Uh - Hang up if you want, ya know.
- Oh yeah, sorry.
Officially, I'm here to visit my parents at the campground.
- Don't get too big-headed, all right? - Yeah.
So, what are we up to tonight? Uh well, uh tonight there's there's a party.
- I love that! [chuckles.]
- Yeah, yeah but - Uh - You're going with your girlfriend? - Yeah.
- Hm.
All right then, no worries.
No pressure.
Another day.
But you could at least give me a nice hug.
- Of course.
- [giggles.]
["Quando, Quando, Quando" by Tony Renis playing.]
Senigallia, Cervia, Ascoli, Cesena, and these are - Hi, love.
- Hi.
It's really a lot of places, but if all goes as planned, there will be even more.
- What are you talking about? - They called Mama.
- Who did? - The guy who produced her record.
Is that so? They've asked me to do a few gigs.
- It's wonderful.
Amazing, Mom! - Yeah, that's what we're telling her.
There's nothing special, just small venues.
That's it, you guys.
Well, it's still nice, right? What will you do? - We'll be okay, Mom.
Can you tell her too? - Yep.
Here with Dad without me? - Yeah.
- [Summer.]
With me.
I can't quit my job at the Paradise Resort just like that, especially in high season.
- That's true, but we'll find a solution.
- Exactly, we'll figure it out.
No, I think I'll say no.
When do they need an answer? Tomorrow.
And I'm not sure about it at all.
What's wrong? Are you okay? - Yeah.
- Yeah? It's just that I'm not used to seeing my parents together, so Okay.
Come in, guys.
Make yourself at home.
Look at you, you really are gorgeous! - Thank you.
- Ah! - This is Lola.
- Ah, yes, I figured that out.
- Lola, this is my mom.
- [chuckles.]
- Okay? All good? - [group laughs.]
- Can I put this down here? - Yes, of course.
- I'm really delighted to meet you, Lola.
- My pleasure.
- How was the trip, guys? - Good, good.
- [Ale.]
- [mom.]
Look who it is.
- Hi, Lola.
- [Lola.]
How are you? I'm good, thanks a lot.
- Thanks.
- Hey, Pop.
Lola, come see the garden.
- [Lola.]
- [mom.]
This way.
You've turned into a chef.
I've started cooking, and I'm good at it.
- No doubt about that.
- Nah.
You did a good race, by the way.
That's an overstatement, could have been better.
Well, yeah, you could have won.
[footsteps approaching.]
Will you join us? Give us two minutes.
Okay, and please, guys, tonight, no motorcycle talk.
I bought him his first one when he was four.
His first minibike, gorgeous.
It was uh - It was red.
- Red, yeah, that's right.
He was terrified.
 He was terrified.
Just the sight of it sent him running away.
He would start crying.
He would run to her, and she was so overprotective, right? No, it's not like I was overprotective.
He just seemed so little, my sweetheart.
After two years, he was on the track, racing, and winning.
It's fortunate to be able to start so soon, I mean, so young.
Well, not really.
It depends.
I started biking much later.
My father thought it was inappropriate.
Really? How did you do it then? Will and drive.
- Ah.
- Did you hear that? Yes, because there's still so few of us, and [sighs.]
If you're a girl and you want to race, they all look down on you.
Of course.
Out of curiosity, between us, how is it working out with Miguel? - With Miguel? - Yeah, how is it? Don't look at him.
Look at me.
Initially, pretty good.
Um But then, I mean, in the last year, everything has changed.
He he always seems to be so exacting.
And sometimes, let's say we don't understand each other.
Let's say, he's not an easy person.
- [Lola laughs.]
- Ah, come on.
What, you don't agree? Yeah, precisely, Dad.
You don't know the guy, how he works, or behaves with us.
I don't know him? I knew him before you guys.
- He's good to us.
- What? - [louder.]
He's good to us.
- Well, I'm glad.
- Good to hear.
- Yeah, it's true.
He's good, but - Sometimes he doesn't seem to understand.
- Understand what, Lola? Me, for example.
Why are you talking about this right now? Anyway, we're talking about your team manager, Alessandro, not about your dad.
So you can chill out.
Yes, you can chill out now.
What are you talking about? - No, you're not.
- Yeah, okay.
So it's all very interesting, but let's change the subject.
This is a quite special night.
Hm? I have some bubbly in the refrigerator.
You're doing little moments of ecstasy.
We don't save on ecstasy.
- How old is he? - [button clicks.]
So, if I answer yes, would it be a burden for you? - For me? - Uh-huh.
Why would it be? Because I'd be off playing music, and you'd be at home with the girls alone.
Yeah, so what? I dunno.
It could have been a burden.
[button clicks.]
I'm talking about something you surely know.
- If you buy raw material, you must - [button clicks.]
You know, you've never told me if you like my new songs.
Yes, I've told you.
[both chuckling.]
You don't think the ones we did together with the band were a bit better? Isa, they were good as well.
- You see? - See what? - Uh-uh.
- [soft guitar playing.]
Did you decide to stay because you wanted to spend the whole summer with us at home, or because you felt guilty in some way? About what? Guilty about us.
No, I wanted to spend some time here with the three of you.
- Uh-huh.
- With you, Isa.
[characters speaking indistinctly on computer.]
- Hey.
- Hello.
You look amazing, Summer.
Thank you.
Listen, I'm running a bit late.
No worries.
Take your time.
It's a party.
It's not gonna end any time soon.
- Okay, but it's late already.
- Edo, really, it's okay.
- I'll get dressed and be out in a minute.
- Take your time.
I'll be a second, okay? - Take your time.
- Yeah.
[upbeat dance music playing.]
What's wrong? Nothing.
It's Dario asking what time we'll be at the party.
What is it? You're mad at me.
I didn't mean to take your father's side.
Yeah, but you did, Lola.
As soon as he started bad-mouthing Miguel, you went along.
- [scoffs.]
- Yeah.
Gimme what for, really, but I know it's not your fault.
I mean, that's just the way he is.
He does it on purpose.
Because he always wants to be the center of attention.
He's always like that.
 Everything's a challenge.
He's always competitive.
- And you are just like him.
- Oh? - Yeah.
- Tell me how.
What are you trying to prove? Huh? What? Would you stop that? I have nothing to prove to anyone.
I beg to differ.
If I can't speak my mind, then perhaps I shouldn't have asked you to come here to begin with.
The house is so beautiful, Ire.
- [Sofi.]
Oh, it's right on the sea.
- [Irene.]
Yeah, and look, there's a little marina here with boats.
- Ah, that is so cute.
- Awesome.
I can't wait.
Tamara called, by the way.
Uh she says we'll take the trip together if it's not a problem.
A trip with you, and me, and your ex? - She's not my ex.
We're just friends.
- Hm.
She says they might stay with us for a couple days, and then continue their trip.
I'm not sure where to.
It should be with her, her cousin, her girlfriend too, I believe.
How long have you known? She called me yesterday.
Why? Are you mad? No, not at all.
Come on, you can finally meet her.
- [Dario.]
- Dario! - How are you? - Good, you? - Never better.
- Hi! [Dario.]
- Am I interrupting something? - No.
Well, I'm going to get ready, and hurry up.
You're coming too, right? - [Irene.]
Yes, of course.
- [Dario.]
Sounds great.
Oh, Sofi, Ale wrote to me.
He said he's not coming after all.
Oh, fine.
Okay, I'll tell Summy.
It's supposed to be here.
- Summy, are you there? - Yeah.
What's going on? You're acting weird.
- How do you mean? - You seem miles away.
- It's just it makes no sense to me.
- [phone vibrates.]
I mean according to this, we arrived, but I can't see the place.
Listen, Edo, I have to tell you.
Ale is in town, and he's invited tonight.
Edo? [phone vibrates.]
You look a bit different.
I mean, just a bit.
So are you here by yourself? No, with Edo.
Ah, right, with Edo, of course.
Are you here alone? No, me neither.
[soft dramatic music playing.]
[phone vibrates.]
[phone vibrates.]
- You're not picking up? - [phone vibrates.]
- Oh, sorry.
- [phone vibrates.]
Hello? [Edo.]
Hey, where are you? I turned around, and you had moved.
Yeah, I lost you too.
Listen, I've found the party.
You have to walk back from where we were, and go in where there's a toucan.
A toucan? Or a flamingo, I'm not really sure.
Is it a flamingo or a toucan? They don't really look alike.
Wait a sec.
Yeah, it's a toucan.
I'll be inside, okay? Okay, I'm coming.
So was it a flamingo or a toucan? A toucan, I guess.
Sounds good.
So, are you not going to tell me how you are doing? Ale! Thank goodness, I've found you.
Forgive me.
I was a little bit aggressive.
No, no, no.
I am sorry.
It's not true.
I asked you to bring me here.
Maybe you didn't even want to.
No, it's not true.
Of course, I wanted to.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
["Sports" by Viagra Boys playing.]
Ale, do you think you still want to go to your friends' party? [laughs.]
Hey, Summy, there you are! You finally made it! - Yeah.
- You were about to say something earlier.
- Earlier? - Yeah.
When? Before.
You were gonna tell me something, but then I lost you and you didn't.
- You forgot or - No, no.
- Are you sure? - Uh-huh.
- Okay.
I'll go get a drink.
Want one? - Sure.
All right, the others are there.
Down there.
- Okay? - Okay.
- All right.
See you in a bit.
- Yeah.
Sports ♪ Sports ♪ Sports ♪ Sports ♪ Hello.
- Summy! - Oh! Oh! Finally! [chuckles.]
- Hi.
How are you? - [Irene.]
Hi! - You good? - [Irene.]
All good.
- Hello there.
- Hello, you.
Oh my God! Don't turn around.
What's going on? Ale is over there.
I thought you said he wasn't coming? - Yeah, but what do I know? - Is it a problem for you? No, no, it's not a problem.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
Oh! - [Ale.]
Bro! - [Dario.]
- How are you? - [Dario.]
I'm good, you? - Good, good, so this is Lola.
- Hi! - This is Dario.
- I've heard a lot about you, Dario.
- And so have I.
- [laughs.]
This is Sofia.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Irene.
- Hello.
And this is Summer.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Not after a cause ♪ [Edo.]
And this is Lola.
All right.
What's up? All good? Yeah, good.
We had a pretty smooth trip - What's he doing here? - Um I don't know.
What now? Do you want to leave? No.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
It's packed in here.
We can come up with an excuse, and no one will notice.
Is it a problem for you? For me? No, I thought it was a problem for you.
Yeah? Uh-huh? Okay.
Hey so we're all here right? Now we are, apparently.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- How are you? - [Irene.]
Hey, Maddy.
- [Ale.]
How are you? - I'm good.
- Madda.
- This is Lola.
- Pleasure, Lola.
- Likewise.
Thank you.
[crowd claps and cheers.]
- How about dancing? Yeah! - Let's go! [Irene.]
Let's do it! ["Aquiloni" by bnkr44 playing.]
Words up in the air like kites ♪ Tied to people Tied as I used to tie myself to ♪ Things that made me feel good ♪ Even though, I can only drown My sorrows in you ♪ Lights off, you’re leaving me home Without saying a word ♪ On my knees in the street From the school rooftop ♪ People’s anxiety raining on me But you know what? ♪ I’m no longer afraid of you ♪ You speak for three, you know nothing You only want me to disappear ♪ I was afraid to sleep Now I can almost always sleep ♪ I always dream of shooting you And I never lie about anything ♪ As if running was your solution ♪ Words up in the air like kites ♪ Tied to people Tied as I used to tie myself to ♪ Things that made me feel good ♪ Even though, I can only drown My sorrows in you ♪ I’m not feeling good, no ♪ Six pills in my glass Like fireflies at night ♪ Like fireflies at night ♪ You’re only looking at me It’s eight o'clock in the morning ♪ And we say goodbye ♪ Words up in the air like kites ♪ Tied to people Tied as I used to tie myself to ♪ Things that made me feel good ♪ Even though, I can only drown My sorrows in you ♪ [soft instrumental music playing.]

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