Summertime (2020) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

You said it too.
We've both been suffering.
But breaking up like this just isn't right.
Come on, Summy, we’re never together.
And they're really cracking down on training this year.
I'd say just come here, but then you still have school.
We never get to see each other.
And when we do, we fight over nothing.
What's the point of a relationship like that? Yes, but we fight because we're always apart.
It's my fault.
I never should have left.
Listen, I better leave.
Summy, just just wait.
What, Ale? I’m sorry.
Miss? Miss? - Miss, are you listening to me? - Yes.
- I was telling you about the AC.
- Air conditioning, yes.
Is there a way to adjust it in the room? It’s set to 65 right now.
I'm freezing.
Well, there should be a remote to change the room temperature, sir.
Look, miss, I'd be grateful if someone could take care of it then.
Alright, thanks.
Sammy? - Are you going there? - Yeah, I'll go.
What are you doing here? Nothing, really, my mom's here, and, um just need to talk to her is all.
- I’m working now.
- I know but wait.
Um, I'm actually here because I wanted to talk to you, okay? All right.
Tell me.
Well, I mean, um um, we’ve never talked about about us.
And, well, I wanted to know if you're angry with me.
No, listen, we're fine.
But really, I'm over it.
I swear.
- Okay.
- Okay.
So that's all you came here for? Do you think, maybe, we could, um, still stay friends? Sure.
- Really? - Yeah.
- You sure? - Yes.
Gotta go.
Anyway, it was really nice to see you again.
Let’s, uh, let's keep in touch.
- Ale! - Huh? Um Look, we can't be friends.
Then what can we be? Nothing.
Nothing, we're nothing.
And you're on my mind ♪ And you're on my mind ♪ Every morning ♪ And every evening ♪ And every night, you ♪ I work harder ♪ Just water? - Yeah, thanks.
- Mom? Sweetie! Hi! Uh, why aren’t you at work? Uh, just, I left work early.
All right, uh, just give me a minute.
- Ah, how's my girl? - Sandro! Gorgeous as always! - A lot going on today.
- Yeah, we've been doing well this year.
Restaurant's doing great ever since Jonas arrived here.
- Who’s Jonas? - He's our new chef.
- Have you met him? - No.
Jonas, come here a minute.
There he is! Sandro! - And who's this? - Hi.
- Hey.
- This is my daughter.
- It's nice to meet you.
- Pleasure.
Summer! Anyway, I'm gonna go change the kegs.
He’s a bit weird like that, maybe a little bit, well, but you wanted to talk.
There's something you wanted to say.
Um I don't think you should be here, Mom.
What are you saying? You should be out there singing, and doing gigs, and touring again, because that’s what you love to do, Mom.
I don't want you to give up just because you’re too afraid to leave your job here.
Look, sweetie, we've talked about this.
I'm fine with this.
I'm serious.
Every morning ♪ And every evening ♪ And every night, you ♪ Wouldn't it been easier to just call a plumber? Oh, come on.
It’s a piece of cake.
- You think your dad can't fix a faucet? - You sure? Oh, please.
A plumber just for a shower faucet.
Come on.
All done! You see that? The first thing your mother would do every summer was measure you here.
She was always so excited to see how much you've grown.
One year, two years, three years You sure ate a lot! Mom would've been pleased to know that you moved over here, ya know that.
Ah, before I forget, Edo, uh, I came by to also talk about something really important.
Uh Wanda and I are we are together.
- Yeah.
- We’re seeing each other.
Yeah, I kinda figured as much.
Yeah, I didn't really want to talk about this too soon or something because I wanted to make sure things were good between us.
Yeah, and what? Wanda and I are getting married.
What? You're getting married? Uh-huh.
- But when? - Next month.
But wh why can't you wait? Oh! Wanda is the one who proposed! What can I say? No? Yeah, okay, but this is Cesenatico, not Las Vegas, Pops.
Edo, I’m turning into an old man.
I've been thinking about it, and I wonder what I have been waiting for.
But really if you're not happy for me - Yeah, I'm happy.
I'm happy for you.
- You sure? Yeah, I am.
- There’s one more thing though.
- There's more? Edo, will you be my best man? Uh, I think it's time to call a real plumber this time.
Great idea.
Much better, much better.
- May I? - Sure.
Do you know how much time it takes for these things to decompose? Um a year? More like five.
- Why are you picking them up? - Because people toss them.
Um, sure.
Sometimes though, um they throw out some beautiful things too.
You see? I broke the screen I'm pressing on the corners ♪ And I take my shoes off Together with my soaked clothes ♪ Lightning It takes me a moment to find you ♪ You sing in the shower You're a Barbie doll ♪ I lick my whiskers ♪ - Wanna go for a swim? - Huh? Anyone? Why not? - Are you coming? - No, you go.
- Shall we? - Yeah.
I swear, if someone had told me a year ago that we'd both be here chatting casually while our boyfriend and girlfriend were over there snoozing on the beach So what are we buddies now? Huh? Well, I guess so.
Yes, but you’ve been holding out on me, buddy.
Something’s clearly been bothering you.
- Absolutely not, no.
- I know you.
- No, I’m totally fine.
I swear.
- Uh-huh.
Ale's father, how’s it going with him? He's all right, you know.
You just have to know how to deal with him.
Once you get past that he's not that bad.
Ale told you about him? Not much.
Anyway, you've been doing great this season.
Well - Yeah.
- Uh-huh.
Tell me, you don't want to win the championship, do you? No.
- No? - I wish.
In that case, well, you better watch your back because you bet your life we’re coming for you.
Nah, though.
What can I say? I’m happy with Lola.
I really am.
All right, sure, but you being happy with someone doesn’t always mean you're in love.
- Hey, what’s gotten into you today? Huh? - Nothing! - I'll make you stop asking questions! - No, come on! Cut it out! No! It's almost like they're staring at me ♪ Like crumbs on the bed, they prick me ♪ You should have given notice.
You can’t just leave whenever you feel like it.
I needed to see my mom.
I'm sorry, Summer, but you just can't do that.
Listen, next time you need some time off, don’t just run away like that.
Come find me, and we’ll find a solution together, okay? Now get back to work.
I'm sorry.
I can't do that.
I don’t understand, Summer.
I'm sorry.
I can't work here anymore.
You wanna quit? You know you're putting me in an awkward position.
It’s not easy to find someone to replace you now that the season has begun.
Yes, but I have to, Lara.
This has nothing to do with Ale, does it? And my sad eyes ♪ And unfastened shoes ♪ - Come check it out.
- Oh really? You mean it? - All right.
Cheers! - Cheers! - What do they say in Spain then? - Cheers.
Cheers, okay.
So what have you guys been up to? Well, let's see, we've been around, and hanging out with Jacopo and Madda.
- Yeah, Madda.
You still in touch? - No, no, not really.
But I’m fine with it, I don't I'm not looking for anything, especially not love.
Of course.
Don't take this the wrong way, I mean, we're all friends here, right? I think coupling up is just a bit old-fashioned.
Listen, I have nothing against you two, of course, you know, being together, it's bullshit.
It's unbelievable.
No, no, no, sorry! I just you’re wonderful, and I’m thrilled you’re with him.
I'm just saying like coupling up just isn't for me.
I just I want to, uh, to be free, and stay simple.
I mean, it's, uh it works for me, that's all.
If it works for you I’m gonna go for a walk, okay? Uh-huh.
Hold on, whoa.
Do you think I upset her? She's fine.
Hey, I saw Summer.
What? Really? Went by the hotel, and, ya know, we made our peace.
Made peace? I think you guys were fine, cleared things up.
Be careful, okay? Look, man, it's fine.
Look at me.
Just relax, okay.
Don’t bite ♪ Michelle, my darling ♪ Michelle, my darling ♪ Don’t cry Don’t cry ♪ Edo? SAMMY: WHERE ARE YOU? I'M AT YOUR PLACE.
ARE YOU COMING BACK SOON? Good morning! Always working, huh? Hey.
Yeah, well, I'm actually, I'm almost done.
I'm kinda in a hurry.
I'll give you a hand.
It’ll be faster.
- It's fine.
Leave it.
- I don't mind.
Happy to help.
- Okay.
- All right So, where should I put this? What? The ball? - Just put them over there.
- Fine.
There ya go.
Wanna hear what happened today? What happened? My dad’s getting married.
- No way? - Yeah.
Next month.
I warned you you would have to deal with it sooner or later.
- Didn't I tell you? - Yes, but definitely not right now.
But does it make you sad? No, well You know I'm leaving soon, then you'll be all on your own.
Make sure you behave.
Yeah, you’re leaving already.
Well, I sure can’t spend the whole summer camping with my parents.
Yeah, but you’re leaving with that guy.
- With my boyfriend, yeah.
- Yeah.
He requested leave for next week.
He's taking me on vacation.
Listen, uh Giulia, there’s, um something I wanted to ask you.
Tell me.
So, you and the soldier guy, your boyfriend, Maurizio.
Yes, him, whatever, I mean, um How did it go this year? Hm What is it you're asking me exactly right now? Last summer, how you and I I, um I mean I'm asking if, uh if he had any problem with you with you and I You know what I mean? You mean if he knows about you? - Yes.
- Does he know we've been together? - I kept our little secret, unlike you.
- What did I do? What do you mean? You went and told your girlfriend.
But, okay, what's that gotta do with anything? That was different because she told me everything about her relationships.
- Oh, well then! - Plus we weren’t even a couple.
Her and I.
I was just kidding.
Forget about it.
Don't keep her waiting.
Go see her.
I better get going.
You are a great love You make my heart beat ♪ Yes, you are ♪ My super love, super love ♪ You are a great love, a super love ♪ Oh, no, you don't! It’s not my fault that you have the maturity of a child! What are you saying? What? You're not late.
No, it's not.
This is clearly, clearly a lack of respect for me and your son! What were you thinking? Yes? - What's up, buddy? - Hi.
- Uh she forgot to pay.
- Who, Mama? Mama? Sure, yeah, Mama.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I'm speechless.
I don't know what to say.
- What? - You didn’t pay me.
Oh my God, I’m so sorry about this.
- Uh how much? - Uh, 21.
Not sure where So sorry, but You caught me at a bad, um a bad time.
Yeah, you're still wearing that.
Oh my God! Sorry! - Oh God.
- No worries.
I'm sorry, really, just It's just - It's just a little bit hectic.
- A bit.
I’ll bring the cash.
Okay, I’ll be here.
- Okay.
- Uh, it's 21.
- Here ya go.
- Oh, and you get two free egg rolls for every 20 bucks you spend.
Oh, thank you.
- Well - Okay, almost forgot.
- What is it? - Forgot the tip.
No, no, please don't worry.
It’s fine, no need to.
Next time maybe.
- Oh, okay.
That's fine.
See ya.
- Bye.
Edo, finally.
What is it? I’m just happy to see you.
Me too.
Summy, are you okay? - Yeah.
- Sure? - Pizza? - Yep.
Listen, so something happened.
I have some news too.
Wanna go first? What did you do? I quit the hotel.
What do you mean you quit? I did it for my mom so she can tour again.
Yeah, but what about us? I mean, what about our plans for Paris? I thought I'd take over for her.
What does she think? She doesn't know yet.
You're right.
I screwed up.
I have no idea what I was thinking.
No, first, calm down, Summer.
You didn’t screw up, okay? Hm? You sure? Yeah.
And you? What's this news you had? My father.
Your father? He’s remarrying.
Remarrying? Seriously? Seriously.
- So, was she beautiful? - Gorgeous.
I mean, but not just beautiful here.
She's not like every other girl on the street.
I mean, I swear, she's what you would call a proper beauty.
So what’s the problem? Well, she’s a MILF.
Come on.
A MILF? I thought she was young.
- She’s hot.
She has a son.
- Hm.
But MILFs are the best, Dario.
MILFs are fun.
Okay, all right, maybe I didn’t make myself clear.
Um she doesn't look like other girls.
She’s older and she’s secure.
Her whole life already set, ya know what I mean? - If she calls you, just make up an excuse.
- Yeah.
That works.
Um but what if I didn't want to make an excuse.
- I mean - Do you want to hear from her or not? Sorry, but isn't it a good thing to find someone who’s confident? Yeah, sure.
Yeah, someone who has goals, who knows what they want.
That's a good thing.
It’s Tamara.
I’ll be right back.
Hey, Tami.
How are you? Tamara? She's a friend of hers.
Well, actually, it’s her ex.
Now they’re, like, best friends.
And apparently now she’s gonna vacation with us.
Hold on.
And you're fine with that? No, I guess not, but I don't know, Dario.
I mean, it bugs me, but I mean, I'm I'm I just really don't want to sound bratty, you know? No.
You need to talk about this because that's not normal.
What do I tell her? I don’t want to create a problem when there isn’t one.
I'll be fine, okay? - Talk to her.
- She said we're set for tomorrow.
- They’re coming down by train.
- Hm.
They’re bringing Biscuit along too.
I’m so excited.
Biscuit? Though it's Tami’s dog, we got him when we were dating.
Now we take turns taking him.
So, like a kid.
I guess so.
Oh, cool.
I mean for Biscuit.
PARADISE BEACH Hi, sweetie! So? Mom.
Yeah? You need to go on tour.
Oh, Sammy.
Stop that.
Mom, I'm serious.
I’ll cover for you here.
- You? - Yeah.
You go play, and I’ll work here.
It's a perfect solution.
What about the hotel? Well, I actually don't work there anymore.
Oh, sweetie, what are you saying? Nothing.
I decided to quit working there.
But no! But that's crazy! What were you thinking? Wait.
You still have time.
You can just go back and explain everything Mom, working here or there doesn't matter to me.
I mean it.
- But it changes everything for you.
- Summy, you don't have to Mom.
What do I do now then? Should I tell Sandro you're replacing me then? - Yeah.
- Guess I should call the concert guy, and tell Blue and your father.
Looks like the ferry is at 11.
I'm sure we'll make it.
You feeling all right? Yeah.
Don't worry.
You'll see.
 They’re really, really super nice.
Trust me.
Better? They're here! - Hey! - Hi! Hi! It’s so nice to see you! Biscuit, hi, boy! Sofia, finally, it's nice to meet you.
So, how was the trip? - It was good.
- Emma.
- Hi.
- Anna.
- Ready? - Could I sit up front? Sorry, I get carsick really easily.
- No, go ahead.
No problem.
- Thank you.
Get in.
Come on, boy.
Okay, here we go.
Watch out.
- Is he bothering you? - No, no.
He's fine.
I have two dogs, so - We all set? - Yeah! Greece, here we come! Dear, you will see ♪ We will wonder why ♪ The world knows all about us ♪ And I might call you ♪ My cuddly love doo doo duh duh duh ♪ And your name will be Every city's name ♪ The name of a wet kitten That will meow ♪ Your name will be on a billboard ♪ Excuse me! I'm not feeling well.
I want out.
Please take him.
What’s wrong? Tell me.
Pull over.
I need to get out.
- There's nowhere to pull over.
- I said pull over right now! Sofi.
Sofia, what - What's going on? - What are you doing? Sofi.
- Sofi, where are you going? - I'm going home.
Home? - Is she serious? - Sofia, what are you doing? I can't do this.
Not like this.
Why are you doing this? We're nothing alike at all.
I don't know any of your songs, or, um, why was I even invited on this vacation? I'm sorry I can't.
I just wanted you to show you my world, for you to meet the people who matter to me.
But obviously you don't care about any of that do you? - That's not true.
You know that.
- It sure seems like it.
Why do you need to be surrounded by all these people when you are with me? Friends, cousins, exes! Listen to me! We're just friends! - How many times do I have to tell you? - You’re just not friends.
You're not just friends.
I get you share a past, and that you live in the same house.
You even have shared custody of a dog! You’re not just friends.
Why not mention this before? Why only tell me at the last minute? You’ve never stayed with a girl for longer than three days.
So what? So you don’t know what it means to be part of a couple.
Are you sad because we’re heading home? No, why? No, really.
I'm I'm looking forward to training when we get back.
Maybe you’re sad about your parents then.
My parents? - Uh-huh.
- They’re better off without me.
Trust me.
Well, are you sad leaving your friends then? No.
Well, then, maybe, uh, you’re feeling sad about leaving your ex? - Are you still on that? - Your exes are everywhere here! Basically packed! I’ll go pay.
- Do you want anything else? - No.
So your ex, she's super lovely.
- Oh, Maddalena! - Yeah.
She clearly cares about you.
- Yeah.
Yeah, she does.
- Uh-huh.
TO SAMMY: WE N What is it? Do you have any previous restaurant experience? Uh I'd help out with breakfast at the hotel when they needed an extra hand.
So you don't.
Is that a problem? No, it’s better.
Now I won't have to correct you every five minutes.
Okay, okay.
And, so, what now? It's simple, really.
Just watch what I do, and, um, do what I tell you to do.
- What, that's it? - Yeah, that's it.
I mean, seems difficult enough for me.
- Okay.
- Listen.
I'm gonna go shopping, but in the meantime, set the tables and chairs.
- In about an hour we'll serve lunch.
- Okay.
- Ready? You excited? - Yes.
I'm gonna do some shopping.
- And I've got Summer settled in.
- Sure, that's perfect.
- Who’s the hottie that just left? - You mean my new boss? Guess I'll have to come over often.
- Hi! - Hey.
- How are you? - Good, good.
- You left work so abruptly.
- Yes, I know.
You're right.
But my mom went on tour, and I just had to, so Summer, tell me the truth.
I can always tell when you're lying.
Is it about Ale? - Because he stopped by the hotel? - But he's in Spain now, so Sometimes there is no such thing as a safe distance, ya know.
Meaning? Even on the other side of the world, anything is possible, because it’s not over till it's over.
Sofi! - What are you doing here? - I’m not going anymore.
Um - Hello.
- Oh, sorry.
I didn't, um - You didn’t say you lived with a woman.
- Right, but she’s super chill, so - Sofia.
Nice to meet you.
- Yes, Sofia this is Monia.
Uh - Beer? - Uh, beer? Well, uh, beer? No, I'm gonna go now.
Yeah, sounds good.
Um So what happened? Do you mind if I stay here for awhile? It’s your house.
I'll I'll see you next week, or Uh, maybe.
I'll think about it.
- Later.
- Later.
So, tell me.
Why didn't you go with them? Because I couldn't.
Biscuit? Yeah.
I knew it.
♪Never to find you ♪ But I'll travel with you ♪ Will you trouble me too? ♪ Is it bad? Thoughts.
It’s perfection.
Can I try it again? And please remember when I'm on tour, Blue.
Because Blue seems to be a bit, um a bit lonely.
Um no, she’s just she's just too smart for her age.
That’s why she has trouble, uh, finding friends.
Come on.
You know what it's like at that age.
But please keep an eye on her.
- I mean, watch her, listen to her, hm? - Uh-huh.
Then there is us.
What about us? Are we gonna be okay? Just go.
Everything will be all right.
Are we dancing alone? ♪ Are we playing the fool ♪ Hello? It was you? Coming.
Where have you been these last few days? I just didn’t want to bring you down with my love life.
Why didn’t you just call her, Sofi? What's the point, Summy? It's not Irene's fault.
It kinda is, but I'm the problem.
I know.
There's something's wrong with me, Summy.
No, there isn't, Sofi.
You're not like me.
How is that? Like what? You always know what you want.
I just don’t know how to love someone.
Please tell me how.
Tell me how.
How was my time? It's not looking good, Lola.
- You’re way over time.
It's pretty bad.
- Seriously? Seriously.
Now, hurry up and get changed.
I'll meet you in the gym.
The tires, they seem to be a bit too soft.
No, the tires were absolutely perfect.
You have to maintain your speed, Ale.
You can't keep this up.
You were over 1:40 on every single lap.
Tell me what's going on.
It's nothing.
She's fast.
Yeah, she's fast.
The problem is you're too slow.
So far, you’ve always had the pole position.
That can't change now.
The championship's at stake here.
If this was a race, what would you have done? Well, I'd I'd have taken risks.
You need to stay focused when you practice, so you won't have to take risks.
Ale, since you got back, you seem a bit different, like you're unfocused.
- Did something happen there? - No.
- Everything good with you two? - Yeah, yeah.
It's good.
Fine, fine, then I won’t interfere, or anything.
But don’t make a mess of this.
Clear your head, and you'll be much faster.
Is that understood? - Yeah, fine.
- Okay.
All right.
Tired? Yeah.
I’m gonna go rest for a little while, okay? All right.
I’ll be up in a bit.
The train coach is too packed ♪ Maybe I should wait for the next one Doors close and you go through ♪ But I don't make it and You leave me here alone like an idiot ♪ Like an idiot ♪ Hands touching for a moment ♪ But only through the glass ♪ I have more Than one bottle to gulp down ♪ Because I have More than a mistake to forget ♪ TO SAMMY: WE'VE NEVER BEEN And I've been left on my own, it seems ♪ I was hoping For an American movie ending ♪ But a bittersweet ending Would have been just as good ♪ With the world crumbling down And the two of us hand in hand ♪ On a sky made of soy sauce And dragon clouds ♪ So who is that? A friend of yours? No, we just met at the beach.
What’s he doing? He picks up trash when he thinks it's pretty.
- Hi! - Come on, Papa.
Please don't.
I just want to talk to him.
- Do you have to? - Over here! - Papa, no.
- What? I'm just saying hi.
- Why? - What do you take me for? I promise I'll behave.
- Nice to meet you.
I'm Anthony.
- My pleasure.
I'm Alfredo.
We were just about to get some more.
Did you have dinner? Want anything? How about classic, ham and cheese, right? I'm a vegetarian.
I don't eat lard.
So, no lard.
Shall we order? - So, is that your father? - Yeah.
He seems nice enough.
He can be.
- Mama? - Hi, sweetheart.
Aren't you supposed to be playing? Yes, I am.
No, no, actually, because my, um, my voice, is gone, and I can't play now because my voice, so Your voice is fine.
It's just nerves.
You'll be fine.
No, Summy.
I'm serious this has all really been a huge mistake, and I can't It's seriously packed in there.
Mama, Mama.
Close your eyes.
Take a deep breath.
I'm breathing, I closed my eyes.
Okay, I'm breathing.
Just keep breathing.
Do you remember that lullaby you used to sing to us when we were both kids? Of course, I do, sweetie.
Sing that lullaby.
Mom, just sing it.
Thanks, sweetheart.
I'll call you tomorrow.
Bye, Mama.
Good luck.
Excuse me.
Coming through.
At times I feel for you Like your secret bind ♪ Your place to hide ♪ Sometimes I picture we’ll never rhyme ♪ We’ll never find a quieter mind ♪ Blow big on my fire ♪ Lean on me, dance with me Another hour ♪ You talk like your mother ♪ God knows you wish She could find a new lover ♪ Is everything okay? Yes, she was just nervous.
Sometimes I picture you late at night ♪ A clouded mind ♪ A parallel life ♪ Sometimes I picture we'll never ride ♪ We'll never find ♪ A quiet mind ♪ ALE: WE'VE NEVER BEEN AND NEVER WILL BE "NOTHING" Is it her again? ALE: WE'VE NEVER BEEN AND NEVER WILL BE "NOTHING" Yes, it’s still my mom.
Blow big on my fire ♪ Lean on me, dance with me ♪ Another hour ♪ You, you talk like your mother ♪ God knows you wish She could find a new lover ♪ Sometimes I picture you late at night ♪ Living your life ♪ As a parallel life ♪ Sometimes I picture you late at night ♪ Living your life ♪ As a parallel life ♪ Sometimes I picture we'll never ride ♪ We'll never find ♪ A quiet, a quieter mind ♪ Subtitle translation by:
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