Summertime (2020) s03e02 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 2

1 [piano music playing.]
A NETFLIX SERIES [motorbike revving.]
This is the final course, the championship, the anticipated challenge between Ale Alba and Jacopo Sandri, but Lola Ortega is still in the game.
What's this? Lola Ortega is slowly encroaching on Alba! She's getting closer.
This attack by Lola Ortega is completely unexpected.
What's she doing? She's taking a huge risk! And there's contact! Sandri arrives and overwhelms her.
Oh no, it's terrible! Sandri couldn't avoid the contact.
This is terrible! There was nothing Sandri could do to avoid the impact.
Ortega is down.
It's a disaster.
Ortega is down.
It's a disaster.
Ortega is down.
[pendulum tapping.]
Lola, did you hear me? [inhales.]
Yes, yes.
Does it make sense? Uh, no.
No, excuse me.
In order to get to the articular ends, I'm afraid we were forced to detach and cut the muscles.
- We compromised their tone in doing so.
- I know that.
I know that.
But we could do another surgery, right? You've already had two operations and three months with pins.
No, look, I can keep going.
Give me intense physical therapy.
I know I can push harder.
No, Lola, there's no point.
We've done everything that we can.
[pensive music playing.]
We've seen improvement.
You've made great improvements.
But we can't go any further.
Do you understand? You won't be able to regain full mobility in your leg, I'm afraid.
I'm sorry.
However, this won't cause any real issues in your daily life.
But I won't be able to race anymore? Not like you have in the past, no.
I'm sorry.
It's unlikely you'll be able to race again.
But it's not impossible.
It's not impossible.
All right.
But I'm afraid it's How should I put this? Improbable.
Lola, I'm really sorry.
And now seeing that you're fully recovered and in good shape, you'll be discharged within the week.
Hmm? We don't want to see you back.
["Il Sole Non Aspetta" by Giovanni Imparato playing.]
By the way, my man, how much stuff did you bring? You're only here for one week.
Yeah, I overpacked a little bit.
I'm so happy that you're here, seriously.
I was starting to think we wouldn't see you this summer.
Yeah, I wanted to come home before leaving with Giulia.
Hey, that's right.
You know, it's a real big decision to go live together in Hamburg.
Yeah, we're just gonna give it a try, Dad.
Ah, that's good.
It is.
Well done.
Taking it slow.
Start off living in Hamburg.
- You can decide where to live after.
- Yeah.
The important thing is that you study, okay? I don't want to see you working your whole life at a campground like your old man.
No, but there's no shame in working at a campground.
But you can aim higher.
Huh? [laughs.]
[in Italian.]
It rises in America ♪ [vocalizing.]
You know, I can't wait to go to Sardinia with you.
It'll be good for you.
You mean, it will be good for you too, I hope.
Good for both of us.
[Rita chuckles.]
We've got an amazing room, Jacuzzi, a view of the beach.
[phone dings.]
Who is it? Stefano.
What does he want? He asked me to swing by.
What for? Dunno.
["Il Sole Non Aspetta" continues.]
I'll wait a minute before exploding ♪ I should go.
Don't even think about it.
Get over here.
- [both laughing.]
- What do you want? It rises in America ♪ [didgeridoo playing.]
I didn't hear you come in.
Yeah, I bet.
- What's that? - This thing? Um, a didgeridoo.
A flea market find.
Wanna play it? - I don't really know how to play it.
- Here.
I'll show you.
What do I do now? So, you have to, uh, put your lips like this and press down.
And then blow really hard, like you're making a raspberry.
[both chuckle.]
[blows into didgeridoo.]
- No.
No, no.
- [Anthony.]
Come on.
Give it another try.
Okay, take a big breath in and push out all the air you have at a slow, even pace.
[playing didgeridoo.]
- [Summer chuckles.]
- Well? Cool.
The whole thing vibrates.
It's cool.
If you want, I'd be happy to let you borrow it.
You can use it on someone you like that you might wanna impress.
- Dad, come on.
- What did I say? What is it? - [sighs.]
- I just was asking if you liked anyone.
No, there's no one.
- There's really no one? - There's really no one.
Oh, well, okay.
That's okay.
I mean, at least you can enjoy your vacation.
What about you and your exes? How do you leave it? Meaning? No, I guess I mean, do you maintain a friendship? Or do you disappear completely? Do you stay in touch? Do you see each other? I mean, you know It depends.
 It depends.
On what? Come on, Dad.
You always ask me so many questions when I'm here.
Will you make me a coffee, please? Yes.
Tell you what, let's go grab coffee at a café since I haven't been able to get groceries yet.
I'm completely out.
- Sound good? I'll go put my shoes on.
- Okay.
Okay, hurry.
[breathes deeply.]
[upbeat music playing.]
- [Loris.]
How did your final exams go? - [Edo.]
- All three? - Passed 'em all.
My little genius.
- Ah-ha.
It was Wanda.
She insisted.
- [Edo.]
Yeah, I bet.
WELCOME You like it? I gave it a fresh coat.
Because the sea wrecked everything last winter.
It's perfect.
I mean it.
And plus, starting next week, I'm renting it out.
You didn't say anything.
Well, it's because I thought we could use the money.
You know very well that it's pricey living your life over in Germany, right? Let's go.
Come on.
[indistinct chatter.]
[upbeat music continues.]
Hey, Dad? Hey, Pops? How about some bubbly? [laughs.]
I just couldn't wait a minute more.
So come here now.
[all laugh.]
- We did it.
- So our surprise worked, huh? I'd say so.
It was perfect, wasn't it? [chuckles.]
- Look at how cute a couple they make.
- She's cuter.
- Yeah, obviously.
- Aw.
- A toast.
- I've got it.
I've got it.
Uh, we're glad you're here.
[all laugh.]
- We're glad you're here.
- [Loris.]
We're glad you're here.
Now we need to leave you alone for a minute.
Because they haven't seen each other for a while, right? - Oh yeah.
We should really go.
Us too.
- You need time alone.
- Us too.
- Let's go.
- [Loris.]
Us too.
- [Wanda laughs.]
So? You might start by saying something, huh? It's just I'm caught off guard here.
Oh, I was thinking of something more romantic.
[in Italian.]
Call me ♪ - Romantic like this? - Uh-huh.
Even where there's no signal ♪ Stay here ♪ Even the sea can hear us ♪ [Summer.]
I'm sorry my Mom isn't here yet.
She's always late.
No worries.
In fact, I'll go down to the beach and just wait for her there.
- Okay? - Okay.
- I'm right here.
- I know.
But you were going Come here.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Later.
- See ya.
Seems like they're getting pretty close, doesn't it? Yeah.
I'm glad they've become good friends.
And also, I found a new job.
- Where? - At the Saian.
Stefano really liked the concert we gave the other day.
He said a lot of people went, so he asked if I could organize more of 'em.
That's amazing, right? It is.
I mean, it's amazing, but it's only one for now, and I I don't know if I can do it, but Well, I know how to mix.
One sec.
I jotted down a few ideas, some notes, you know, so Like the logo of the club, a list of bands that I can call.
I was thinking of extending the stage too, and maybe - Whatever.
I mean, it's - It's incredible.
Yeah, I mean, it's okay.
It's just it's I'm not sure.
I don't know.
It's a great opportunity, and it's been a minute since I had one.
So I'm worried about it.
Why are you worried? I think you're gonna be amazing, you know? - Yeah? - Yeah.
I don't know.
I don't know.
It's just that running a place on my own, it's not exactly the easiest thing.
Sure, but - Hey, how are you? - Hey.
- Hi.
- Hi, sweetheart.
I'm sorry I'm late.
- Don't worry.
- Theo wouldn't stop crying and Mom, Rita's here.
She's down on the beach waiting for you.
Oh, of course, Rita.
Okay, so I'll go see her.
I'll be back before you know it.
- Can you stay for a bit? - Yeah.
Thank you, sweetheart.
Have you seen Blue or talked Yes, I talked to her before I came, and she was really rude.
- Perfect.
- Yeah.
- The beach Oh, that way! - That way.
- The beach is that way.
- See ya.
Anyway, if you need some help, just let me know, all right? - Yeah? - [Summer.]
I don't know.
I mean I don't know.
I feel really bad adding this to your plate.
I mean, you have so much to do here.
The place is always packed.
I don't know.
Look, I can handle things here.
And, honestly, I'd like to do something new.
Keeps me occupied and my mind off people.
Fair enough.
[inhales deeply.]
Also, thanks for the other night with the situation with Ale.
I'm just sure it wasn't easy seeing him again.
It was a little hard seeing him.
I thought so.
- [chuckles.]
- Have you two cleared the air? Mmm, no.
No, and to be honest, I'm over it.
Maybe you could I mean, he'll listen to you.
Hmm? I don't know.
You think? [gentle music playing.]
Hey, this thing just took my brush! That could have been dangerous.
- You mean for her? - No, I mean, for the turtle.
Look, do it like this.
Be delicate.
Look, we've been coming here for a while now, right? We've been in these boring lectures, collecting bottles, helping clean up turtles.
And, I mean, look, I get it, but respecting nature should be more than just that.
It should be fun, you know.
Sorry, but there are more important responsibilities than just having fun.
Wait a sec.
So you're implying that by having fun more turtles will probably die? [chuckling.]
Okay, guys, let's make something fun happen.
We'll go out.
I promise no animals will be harmed in the process.
So who's in? Awesome, Blue.
You might be one of my favorites, you know? [chuckles.]
All right.
Who's with me and Blue? What are you working on? Oh, I was just looking for fun things to see in Hamburg.
I've been thinking maybe we could do some sightseeing in the city before our classes start up.
I found this beach that is just beautiful.
The name is "Blankenese.
" Yeah, I've seen it.
It's all right, I mean Oh.
Never mind.
We'll just find something else.
That's fine.
[gentle music playing.]
But maybe we could wait a little.
I mean, we could pack up next week.
- Sure.
- Yeah.
Of course.
It was really touching.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
It was amazing playing again.
You gave me a lot.
- No, Dario did.
Dario is incredible.
- Mm-hmm.
In fact, I'm so glad he started the job at the club.
It's perfect.
Stefano is pretty cute.
- What are you saying? - I'm saying he's really hot, Stefano.
Oh, uh - How long have you known him? - Mmm We went to the same school.
- You're giddy.
- No.
- Yeah, you're acting strange.
- What? [gasps.]
- [chuckling.]
- Really! When? Our senior year of high school.
We had a small fling.
We even traveled to Greece together.
But then the vacation ended, and we stopped talking.
That's all.
- A summer fling.
That's all? - It was really nothing.
Oh well.
When he got this place, I saw him, but neither of us mentioned it.
- Mm-hmm.
Does Dario know? - No.
I didn't think it mattered, to be honest.
And then when they met, it felt weird saying anything, so I left it and never mentioned it.
It's not like I planned on them working on something together.
I mean You're defending yourself.
You don't have to.
It's part of your past.
It's no one else's business, that's it.
- That's right.
- Yeah.
Well, of course, I mean, unless you like the guy.
- You kidding? Come on! - No? - No, of course not.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
- Oh.
- Then it's okay if I flirt with him? - [laughs.]
[knocking on door.]
- Another surprise? - I don't know anything about this.
- Edo! Willkommen! [chuckles.]
- [chuckling.]
Sofi! Hi! - How are you? - I'm doing well.
- Uh, let me in? - Yeah, come in, come in.
- So how long will you be here? - Uh, I don't know but I got time.
- Look who's here.
- Who is it? - [gasps, laughs.]
- Oh, but it looks like I was interrupting.
- Not at all.
Hi, gorgeous.
- [laughing.]
- How are you? - I'm good.
And you? Pretty good.
I didn't know you were here.
I would've come sooner.
No, don't worry.
I wanted to do a little surprise, so So I mean, since I've interrupted, should we go celebrate? - Sure.
- Let's celebrate.
I was going to an exhibition nearby actually.
You wanna Is there an open bar? Obviously.
- Ah, then it's perfect.
- [chuckling.]
- Okay.
Just let us get cleaned up.
- Sure.
[indistinct chatter.]
[line ringing.]
[line beeping.]
[on voicemail.]
Hey, it's Ale.
I can't answer right now.
Leave a message.
[seagulls cawing.]
- Hi.
- What do you want, Summy? - Can I come aboard? - No, sorry, you can't.
Ale, I need to talk to you.
Listen, Summy.
I have enough people involved in this.
Just leave me alone.
Ale, you need to listen to me.
Summy, no, I'm not in the mood today.
All right? [Summer sighs.]
Can you just stop for one second, Ale? Ale! Ale? I just want to help.
Yeah? Well, I've been calling you for the last year while you've been ignoring me, so I felt horrible.
What for? For breaking your heart.
And for messing things up with you and Lola.
- Yeah, well, it's too late now.
- [Summer.]
No, it's not too late.
Just explain it all.
Just explain it all, Summy? When she woke up out of her coma, I told her everything there is to say.
You know what she said to me? She said that she doesn't want to see me again, that I'm the biggest mistake of her life.
What's there to explain? I went back there every single day just to see her.
She was in the middle of rehabilitation.
I watched her have to sweat, have to learn from her mistakes and start all over again because of me.
- I was by her side all along.
- She doesn't know that.
Hold on.
Where are you going? Ale, I need to go see her.
If you want to come with me, let's go, but if not, then just stay here.
Okay? What are you going to say? Please.
Cut the crap, okay? Ale, I'm dead serious.
[in Italian.]
Lady, all naked on my bed ♪ I ride her like a motorbike ♪ Lady, I know how to really love you ♪ And it doesn't matter If you have to get up early ♪ I feel like ♪ [indistinct chatter.]
But do these make sense to you? Well What do you think about it? I mean, I suppose I kind of like them.
Although I don't know a lot about photography.
I was talking about this.
Let's see if they'll allow me to make a few the right way.
- Are you a bartender? - Well, I did work at a pub in Hamburg.
- When was that? - It was more of a favor.
I just helped a buddy of mine a few nights.
Uh, Herbie.
- Who's Herbie? - His roommate.
- You have a roommate? - Uh, not exactly a roommate.
Actually, we're classmates, and he's staying with me for a while.
- Uh, let's go.
Look at the line.
- Yeah.
You need anything? - No, I'll just be here.
- Have fun.
One sec, babe.
I'm coming, I'm coming.
[in Italian.]
It's four o'clock ♪ Feel like going to the sea ♪ To think, to fish ♪ You ♪ - [Ale.]
Summy? - [Summer.]
Is this a fucking mistake? Ale, just take a chance.
Come on.
No, just please take me back.
Why don't you believe me? She made it very clear she never wanted to talk to me again.
You didn't want to talk to me either, remember? But now, look at us.
["Controvento" by Bartolini continues playing.]
Then, thank you, Summy, for dragging me into this.
Of course.
What do I say to her? Ale, you'll think of something that you need to say.
Trust your gut.
It'll be fine.
To think, to fish ♪ You ♪ [upbeat music playing.]
What do you think about it? - Honestly.
- Uh - Well, these photos have great potential.
- Mm-hmm.
But in some of them, like this one, for me, the image feels a little bit trapped in the composition.
- Mmm.
- I don't know, it's Almost like it was taken with the wrong lens, for example.
- Exactly.
- [chuckles.]
I've been obsessing over it, and you're right.
It's just that I wanted to do something different, but I wasn't able to execute it.
Federica Donaera.
[clears throat.]
Sorry, I'm No.
I mean it.
I appreciate your honest reaction.
I really do.
Hmm? So are you a photographer too? A photographer? [chuckles.]
I started my studies about a year ago.
That's amazing.
Where? In Milan, at NABA.
- You're kidding.
I went to NABA.
- Hmm.
- And what is it like now? - It's - been nice.
Um - [Federica.]
I really am sorry about bashing your work like that.
I'm - One more sorry, and I'll be offended.
- Sorry.
Tell you what I'm gonna do.
Here's my business card with my cell phone number on it.
If you need advice or anything, just call me.
- Hmm? - Thank you.
- Do it, though.
- Yes.
- Will you? - I will.
- [chuckles.]
Have a nice night.
See you.
- You too.
And she is? - The photographer.
- You impressed her, Sofi? Hmm.
I told her her photos are shit.
[groovy music playing.]
Uh Hmm.
I'm sorry.
I know I really screwed everything up.
I'm so sorry.
I wish I could change the way I acted, but it's impossible.
The thing is I've missed you.
I just wanted to be there by your side, Lola, but it was not possible.
And I'm sure you think I'm an idiot.
But right now, I need you to just hear me out.
It's very important that you hear this.
Is that cheesy? How was it? That was great.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Now, go.
Yes, yes.
Just go.
Okay, okay.
I'm going.
- Um, I have an appointment.
- Hah.
Who with? Uh, Lola Ortega.
- And who is here to see her? - Well, it's a surprise.
Um, but actually, uh if you check your book Lola! Lola! [receptionist.]
Excuse me, sir, where are you going? [Ale.]
How are you? Better.
Well, actually, you got here just in time because I'll be gone by next week.
I'm finished here.
Where will you go? For starters, I'll go home.
To Barcelona? Uh, yeah.
And you? What are What are you doing here? Well, it's just that I wanted to come and see you to explain things.
- I mean, I know you don't want me here.
- No, but you're wrong.
Ale, um [sighs.]
I'm over all that.
Over what? All of it.
- All of it? - Mm-hmm.
But you, you seem like maybe you haven't let it go.
I haven't let it go.
I was preparing to give you this whole speech, but I don't remember it anyway.
Will you race again? [sighs.]
Uh, no.
I don't think I'm ready yet.
I think you are.
You don't have to do that.
- Do what? - You don't have to console me.
- I'm not consoling you.
- I'm pretty sure that you are actually.
And it's just pointless.
I don't need you to do that.
Well, then tell me what you need most.
Just say the word.
You came here with Summer.
Yeah, so what? - Summer and I are just friends.
- Ale, I don't know what I need.
I really don't.
But not this with you.
- What are you saying? You know Summer.
- Go away.
- Why are you being like this? - Ale, go away.
[sentimental music playing.]
That the guy? Yep.
- So? - So what? - [Summer.]
How did it go? - It was bad, okay? It was shit.
It was shit? Why? She didn't wanna hear about it and got pissed when she saw you.
She saw me? Fucking stuck.
Yeah, but it wasn't your fault.
- Don't worry about it.
- [sighs.]
Ale, I'm really sorry.
- It's fine.
Let's just go.
- [engine starts.]
[in Italian.]
I miss you and it's trouble My brain is offline ♪ Come on.
Let's go.
Let's love each other Like two borderlines ♪ Why? Because I'm gasping for air When you're not with me ♪ Even if you can't solve my problems ♪ I miss you, and it's trouble My brain is offline ♪ She's had exhibits everywhere.
She's really famous, Sofi.
Let me see.
I made an ass of myself.
I mean, if she gave you her card, then you must have impressed her at least.
- Believe me, it could've been worse.
- [phone vibrating.]
- I'm not gonna call her.
- Why not? If she's famous, all the better.
I'm telling you.
Who is that? Uh, it's my dad.
- I'm gonna quickly call him back.
- Sure.
Isn't he acting strange? You think? No, maybe it's because I haven't seen him, but Yeah, it's just been a while, that's all.
Plus, with the traveling, and with the surprise I mean, it's just been a lot.
Yeah, sure.
[Edo in German.]
Hi, Herbert.
I've already told you everything's fine.
No, wait.
A few more days.
At least one week.
Yes, it's the last time.
Okay, thanks.
[in English.]
 See ya.
[gentle music playing.]
I brought you some dessert.
You don't want it? Okay, I'm gonna eat it.
You know, I never really thought about it.
About what? About the fear I have of leaving this place.
I I mean, you remember how many times we talked about leaving, how we would always dream about the moment we would finally get to go? Uh, only now that it's time to go, it's no walk in the park.
Well, of course.
It's the beginning again.
It won't be easy.
I I'm really glad I got to know you here.
[chuckles softly.]
I'll miss you.
Think you could come and visit? - Of course I will.
- [Lola chuckles.]
But where? Mmm [sighs.]
I don't know.
Wherever I end up.
On a racetrack then? What are you saying? Just that I know you want to race again, and I know you'll do whatever it takes.
What should I do if I don't? Well, you could try a bunch of things.
There's so many out there, you know.
Most are safer than riding a bike at 200 miles an hour, for sure.
Mmm, yeah.
How about mountain climbing for starters? - [chuckles.]
- No? No.
No, no, I've decided I'm giving that up.
I guess because if there's anything I'm sure of it's that I don't want to end up here again.
No way.
Look, are you having this dessert or not? 'Cause I'll finish it without you.
Yes, yes, I'll have it.
I'm sorry it went so badly.
It's not your fault.
I mean, we gave it a shot.
It's best not to overthink it.
No regrets, right? [chuckles.]
I'm glad that you came to get me.
- Any time.
- [chuckles softly.]
- Good night, Summy.
- Good night.
[gentle music continues.]
[bottles clinking.]
[phone vibrating.]
What's up? So, the speakers go here.
We'll cover this area with canvas, and I'll toss the mixer near there.
- There? - Yeah.
Actually, Stefano said I could buy more equipment, and he even gave me a budget.
How much? Uh, a bit, yeah, but I'm not expecting to use it all.
- I I want to do this right.
- Okay.
- How's that sound? - It's amazing.
I'm impressed.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
But are you sure you can help with this? You're in? - Of course.
- Agreed? - Yes.
- Great.
Oh, Luca.
- You remember him? - Yes.
Yeah, yeah.
Luca isn't just the sound guy.
He's also the guitarist of his band, the Foster Wallace.
- I think they're an amazing band really.
- We're okay, you know.
- [Dario.]
You're amazing.
- Thanks.
I didn't know about it.
Add it to the list.
I didn't know you could sing.
Dario told me.
- And maybe he shouldn't have mentioned it.
- No, it's fine.
- It'd be great to hear you sing.
- [woman.]
Who do you wanna hear sing? Oh yeah.
Katia, singer of the band.
Summy's helping us organize the event.
- Hello.
- Nice to meet you.
So you sing too? Uh, no.
It's more of just a hobby.
Actually, she's really talented.
I've heard her.
She's amazing.
Anyway, they'll be the first band to play next week for the first time at the Saian.
Let's hope.
Well, since we're all here, shall we toast? - Yeah? - Yes.
Watch out! - Ooh! - Bravo.
[in Italian.]
While your floral dress has withered ♪ Moving in the wind of our breath ♪ - And it's not a place for you ♪ - [phone chiming.]
Still wanting to make mistakes And to change every plan ♪ Where the fuck is it? Lola.
- Hi.
- [Lola on phone.]
Hi, um I wanted to know what the name of your boat was.
Uh, my boat? [Lola.]
Is it called Pixel? Sorry, I can't I can't hear you well.
Where are you? Uh, just on my boat.
Where are you? Loneliness plays tricks on you ♪ But sooner or later ♪ Luck will be on our side again ♪ [chuckles.]
Um Can we walk a little? Once again We'll look at each other by accident ♪ Yeah.
But right now You only want to quickly disappear ♪ Close your eyes And don't see yourself anymore ♪ In a moment, burning fast ♪ Like a match upside down ♪ You know what I thought ♪ That at times, it's easy to feel lost ♪ And surrender To the shadows you live with ♪ And often it's not much ♪ You feel like running away ♪ Many times I've shouted in the wind ♪ And cried my eyes out ♪ Loneliness plays tricks on you ♪ But sooner or later ♪ Luck will be on our side again ♪ Once again, we'll look at each other ♪ By accident ♪ But right now You only want to quickly disappear ♪ Close your eyes And don't see yourself anymore ♪ In a moment, burning fast ♪ Like a match upside down ♪ Who knows what you're looking for? ♪ Maybe you don't know either ♪ The day is fading away ♪ And you don't want to think about it ♪ And you risk falling down ♪ If you stay halfway ♪ Between the stars and the pavement ♪ Luck will be on our side again ♪ Once again, we'll look at each other ♪ By accident ♪ But right now You only want to quickly disappear ♪ Close your eyes And don't see yourself anymore ♪ In a moment, burning fast ♪ Like a match upside down ♪
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