Summertime (2020) s03e03 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 3

1 A NETFLIX SERIES [in Italian.]
Perhaps I waited too long To tell you some things ♪ You see, even our roses have withered ♪ I read you like an open book With blank pages ♪ We can write them together Tell me when and where ♪ I gave up everything To chase you into the void ♪ You'd say baby Because it takes so little to open me up ♪ Until we get burnt You think it's only a game ♪ But look how we ended up ♪ [Lola.]
Dad, no, wait.
No, I didn't say that.
If you let me finish, I'll explain.
Will you let me talk? I'm trying to.
Today, I'm leaving the clinic like I told you, but I'm not coming to Spain yet.
Okay? I'm not.
But it doesn't mean I won't ever see you again.
[inhales deeply.]
Yes, I know you're there.
I know.
But me coming to Spain is like saying I'm ending my old life.
But because I'm ending this chapter of my life, I need time, okay? I need I need you to understand this and You there? [in Italian.]
If you stick Between my fingers like glue ♪ It'll take forever to forget you ♪ [clicks tongue.]
Tell me this night isn't over yet ♪ - Hey.
- Hey.
They're all around you like Lolita ♪ If you stick Between my fingers like glue ♪ Wanna talk about it? Hmm? It'll take forever to forget you ♪ [Ale.]
I'm sorry.
[breathes deeply.]
I apologize.
What I did was fucked up.
[object clattering.]
How long have we been buddies? - What's the difference? - It makes a difference because it matters.
- Have I ever apologized to you? - No.
So, do you believe me? All right.
Look, man, whatever.
Forget it.
No, no, no, wait.
Hold on.
You realize you almost ruined something important? - Hmm? - I know.
Just to get attention.
My whole life I've focused on you.
- I was such an asshole.
- [Dario.]
You really were an asshole.
Actually, you know what? I missed you.
- I missed you a little.
- [chuckles.]
I mean, I wanted to punch you, but [chuckles softly.]
So you've decided? You're not going home? And you're moving into Ale's? Look.
I know you think I'm making a mistake.
'Cause for a year, I've been saying that I'm done with all that, and that's it.
That it's over with him.
A lot can happen in a year, so No, no, believe me, that's not it.
It's still over with Ale, but I need some time to figure a few things out.
He's the only one I can talk to about this.
- [sighs.]
- He's been through all of this.
And, um, before making a final decision, I want to get his honest opinion on the options that I have.
And you trust him more than your doctors? - [scoffs.]
- Yeah, um It's difficult to understand.
That's why my father is completely furious.
It's just you have to go through it to understand it.
[breathes deeply.]
If you believe this will help you make sense of things, then I support it.
You've been an amazing support, Fulvio.
Hey, you're an amazing friend.
[in Italian.]
I'll learn not to hurt people anymore ♪ I'll learn to hate Without feeling pain ♪ I'll learn to be wrong Without making a mistake ♪ I'll be able to tell my children I have known love ♪ He smoked Camel Lights And dreamed of the States ♪ He didn't go to school ♪ - Not bad, huh? - Yeah, they're good.
I told you.
[both, in Italian.]
He never cared About being judged by people ♪ What are you doing? - [Luca.]
What do you mean? - [Katia.]
Can you stay on tempo? - This is the right tempo.
- [Katia sighs.]
Can we wait to talk about this? Luca, we're just hurting each other.
But it's going well.
- What do you think? Should I go over? - Uh, give it a minute.
Let's just try again.
- Dario, will you play it back for us? - You know what? I'm sick of rehearsing.
- No, no, no, no.
- [Luca.]
Katia, where are you going? Wait, wait, wait.
Where are you going? Hey, hold on.
That was great.
That was perfect.
We were dancing.
Just Look, come on.
Please, please, I need this to go well.
It's my first event.
Don't go.
Give me five minutes.
- What's going on? - It's nothing.
- She's gone? - She's gone? No, she's not.
I hope not.
- What do you mean? - What do you mean? She'll be back.
[groovy music playing.]
Can you believe what an ass I made of myself? I mean, she's had exhibitions everywhere, then I show up and criticize her photos.
[Jonas laughs.]
That's crazy, but she's amazing.
You've seriously never heard of her before? - No.
Otherwise I wouldn't have said that.
- And what did she say when you texted her? To stop by her place.
But I don't know.
No, don't say that.
Just stop by.
I mean, after all, what's the worst that can happen? [Sofi.]
Yeah, I guess I can't make it any worse after the first impression I made.
Hey, where are you? [in Spanish.]
I'm in Cuba.
[in English.]
We were out all night.
We just got back.
Who's "we"? [chuckles.]
It's a long story.
I'll tell you all about it.
Anyway, you should come visit me here.
That'd be great.
How would I, though? [Jonas.]
How? Get on a plane and come over.
It's an amazing place.
- [Sofi.]
Well, don't tempt me.
- [line cutting.]
Sofi? You're cutting out.
- Sofia? - And you can't hear me.
- No problem.
- [Jonas.]
All right.
- [rooster crowing.]
- [Jonas laughs.]
[upbeat music playing.]
Edo, I'm not saying I don't get it.
It's no problem if you need the rent.
I get it.
But why are we the ones managing it? Why can't Loris handle it? I mean, we had plans.
Remember? He's the one who asked me.
How could I say no? He rented the house out for the whole season.
He can't manage it alone.
You know he's got the store to look after.
And you agreed just like that.
Edo, it took months to decide to go.
And now instead of living in Hamburg, we have to be here, stuck picking up after renters.
- Yeah, but we won't be here for long.
- How long? We'll stay a few weeks at most.
[knocking on door.]
I promise.
It will go fast.
- Bonjour! - [Edo.]
[in French.]
Hi, Edo.
[in English.]
I'm Edo.
- [in French.]
- Pleasure.
[in English.]
And this is Giulia.
[man in French.]
[in English.]
[woman in French.]
- [in English.]
- Okay.
Uh, this is the house.
I'm sure you'll love it.
And I'll show you around.
[in French.]
Not bad.
- [in English.]
Coming? - I'm coming.
Come on, let's go.
This is the kitchen.
And the beach is just over there.
This is where you sleep.
[in French.]
[in English.]
So, yeah, if you need anything, we'll be here.
- [man.]
- No, hang on.
Edo, can I talk to you? - What's up? - Did you say we're gonna be around? - Yeah.
So? - You didn't tell me about that.
I mean, they seem really nice, all right? I'm sure that won't be a problem.
- I'm not worried about them! - Shh! - What about me? - Come on, Giulia.
[in French.]
Sorry, guys, there's Wi-Fi and breakfast, right? - [in English.]
Yes, of course.
- Yeah.
I've got it all figured out.
I'm still confused about it.
Let me finish up here, and I'll explain it.
Okay? [Giulia.]
The towels are over here.
[playing guitar.]
- Hi.
- Weren't you guys going to practice? Well, actually we ran into some problems.
- With the equipment or - No, with Katia.
We got into a fight.
Another one.
Do you fight often? Since we split up, yes.
So, you were a couple.
It's more complicated.
We were a couple, but then we broke up.
We tried again.
We broke up again.
It's not easy.
[playing guitar.]
What's that? - I don't know if you've heard it.
- [guitar playing.]
[in Italian.]
Nobody can judge me, not even you ♪ I know that I made a mistake once And I won't make it again ♪ The truth hurts you, I know ♪ You should think about me ♪ And take more care of yourself ♪ There are already many people Who resent me ♪ Who knows why? ♪ We all have the right To live as best we can ♪ [Luca.]
The truth hurts you, I know ♪ That's why I like this And I don't like that ♪ The truth hurts you, I know ♪ If I came back to you ♪ All you need to know is that ♪ There are ♪ No.
I saw the difference Between him and you ♪ [both.]
And I've chosen you ♪ If I made a mistake one day Now I understand that ♪ I paid dearly for the truth ♪ I say sorry, and you know why? ♪ Happiness lives here ♪ [chuckles.]
Dario was right.
You have a beautiful voice.
- Did you ever study singing? - No.
Then if you want, um, maybe I can give you some lessons.
My mom is a singer, and my dad is a musician.
I mean - [Luca.]
Okay, I get it.
- No.
So I guess not.
You're lucky.
My parents would prefer that I do something something more serious.
I assure you, having musicians as parents isn't all you think it is.
No? Ah.
Excuse me.
[phone dings.]
["In Limousine" by Bais playing.]
ALE: HOW'S YOUR DAY LOOKING? CAN WE TALK FOR A SEC? - So, what do you think? - About what? When the guests go to sleep, we'll set up out here.
- Are you serious? - Yeah, it'll be like we're camping.
If I wanted to go camping, I would have stayed with my family.
- Sure, but this will be romantic.
- Mmm.
Hey, come here.
And we'll make love under the stars each night.
- Hmm? It'll be amazing.
- [chuckles.]
I don't know.
["In Limousine" continues playing.]
- Katia, what exactly is the problem? - You don't give a shit about the band.
- Come on, Katia.
Not this again.
- You see? You're so selfish Perfect.
Just great.
Do you think they'll figure this out before tonight? I don't know.
Doesn't seem like it.
I mean, look, she's leaving.
- Aren't they supposed to be your friends? - No.
I mean, I just met them recently.
- Ah, perfect.
- Same thing here.
Well, not bad for our first concert, is it? - [chuckles.]
- [Summer.]
 It'll all be fine.
The concert will happen.
Trust me, all right? - Let's hope so.
- Hi.
- [Dario.]
- Hey.
- What are you doing here? - I wanna see the rehearsal.
Too bad then.
What do you mean? It's just that the musicians just had a fight and But it's normal.
It's the typical couple thing.
Inevitable, right? Don't be a smart-ass.
You'll be where they are one day.
Well, I doubt it.
How long has it been since you had a girlfriend? How long? Let's see Uh, it was back in high school, when I was with you.
[all laugh.]
You guys were a couple? - [chuckles.]
- Huh? [Rita.]
Come on.
Uh, well, I'm gonna go grab a beer.
Anyway, they clearly aren't a couple anymore.
- Hmm? - Luca and Katia.
- Ah.
- [Summer.]
They aren't a couple anymore.
- Yeah.
He tell you about that or - [Summer.]
- But he seemed pretty chill about it.
- [Dario.]
And I have found you a new band for the next concert.
If we're lucky enough to be given a next concert.
Oh, stop it.
It'll be amazing.
Don't you think so? - Yes, it'll be amazing.
- [Dario chuckles.]
- Do I have to say it too? - [laughs.]
It's not like if we all say it, then everything will be fine.
What band is it? I'll send you some songs later, so you can hear for yourself.
Listen, I meant to say Ale stopped by this morning, and he's doing a lot better.
He really is.
I'm glad.
I gotta go.
I'll see you later.
- See ya.
- [Dario and Summer.]
- I'm sorry I can't be here tonight.
- Hmm.
- So what's the story with - Really.
What story? - Huh? - Huh? No.
Never mind.
[in Italian.]
 July The love I have for you ♪ You'll see, it'll never end ♪ July has made a promise to me It will bring love ♪ You too, on a seashore ♪ Some time ago, love, love ♪ You said July will bring us luck ♪ Then I never saw you again ♪ Come, it's very sunny here ♪ But I'm so cold in my heart When you're not with me ♪ [indistinct chatter.]
Hey, are you doing anything? - No.
Nothing important.
- Oh, okay.
- So you wanna walk a little bit? - Yeah, if you're not busy.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Did you speak to her? And, uh, how did it go? She's being released today, and she says she'll stay with me.
- That's great, right? - [chuckling.]
In fact, I wanted to thank you, because I couldn't have done it without you, Summy.
- You would have figured it out fine.
- I don't know.
And plus, not everyone would've done what you did, so I mean, after what happened between us and all.
Can I pay you back? In what way? I don't know.
If you had a fight with an ex [both laugh.]
No, no.
There's no problems with my exes.
- You sure? - Yeah.
[gentle guitar music playing.]
Thank you, Summy, for everything.
You mean a lot to me.
[music continues.]
[bell tolling.]
Mmm [beeping.]
- [Federica yelling indistinctly.]
- Excuse me? [Federica.]
I've been dealing with this for days.
You hear me? No.
The print, it's matte.
With a 45x70 centimeter format.
What part aren't you understanding? Because you never listen.
You just want to do things your way.
No! I already told you.
I'll never agree to it! And if you don't print them the way I want, then I'll quit! And Exactly.
I'll do it.
 I'll do it! Bye.
Want a coffee? - Sure.
- In there.
Never mind.
I'm fine.
Well, then sit.
[inhales deeply.]
So? - Everything's great.
And you? - No.
I mean, what did you bring me today? Mmm Nothing.
- I didn't think that I didn't expect - You were the one who arranged this.
- Yes, I thought maybe you could help me.
- [Federica.]
Help you do what? Uh, maybe talking to someone who's like already working, who exhibits Sure.
But if you don't show me anything, how can I assist? - Yeah, you're right.
- Yeah.
Uh, sorry.
Really my mistake.
So let's do this.
Forget today, and bring your work by some other time, okay? - Yep.
- [Federica.]
What? Say it.
All my work is in Milan.
You're a disaster.
- [chuckles.]
- [softly.]
I better be going.
Hold on.
We'll do something else, okay? Just go back to your house, think of a project, grab your camera.
You do have your camera here with you, don't you? - Yes.
- [Federica.]
Take a few pictures and bring me the ones you're most proud of.
Hmm? Yes.
- Can you do that? - [chuckles.]
And no more apologies, all right? - Yeah? - I'm going.
[ship horn blowing.]
- [Lola.]
- Hey.
- How are you? - [Lola.]
You? Let me grab this for you.
- I'm good.
- Yeah.
It's all great.
Let me help you.
One sec.
- [Lola.]
Thank you.
- Okay.
All right.
So, this is the boat.
[Lola chuckles.]
Do you like it? [Lola.]
Yes, it's great.
- Nice, huh? - [Lola.]
I cleared up the cabin down below, so you can sleep there.
- Okay.
- And I'll just stay in the cockpit.
Which is pretty rough, but also, uh, comfy.
- Hmm? - [Lola.]
Anyway, it's, uh it's great you decided to stay for a while.
Uh, but me staying doesn't mean that we're back together, Ale.
I know.
I'm staying because Look, I probably shouldn't be asking, but, um I'm wondering if your father would coach me.
Well [chuckles.]
I don't know, but, I mean, you can ask.
I was hoping you could ask, actually.
Um, and what did the doctors say though? Uh, they said that I'm ready.
Ale, it's the only thing I want.
I'll ask, okay? - You'd really do that for me? - [Ale.]
It's nothing.
[Lola sighs.]
[Summer humming tune.]
[continues humming.]
- [Blue chuckles.]
You sound like Mom.
- Why is that? [Blue humming.]
Stop it.
Hey, by the way, are you eating with Dad and Theo? - You're going out with Alfredo? - With a friend.
Who is that? You don't You don't know her.
But you're not excited or It's not that.
It's just Actually, I had already told Alfredo we'd do something.
You having problems with Alfredo? No.
Look, if there is a problem, you can talk to me about it.
I don't know.
I guess I'm just confused.
Lately, I haven't been in the mood to see him.
Well, you two were doing long distance, and now that you're seeing him every day, it makes sense that something feels off.
But it's all about finding what the right balance is.
[motorbikes whizzing.]
Hey, do you have a minute? All right, tell me.
I'm listening.
Lola got out of the hospital.
She's feeling better.
Happy to hear it.
- And she's sticking around for a while.
- [Maurizio.]
Did you get back together? No.
Uh, we didn't get back together, but she wants to pick up racing again.
And what does she want from me? [Ale.]
To train her.
- Me? - Yes.
You know I'm already training someone.
Yeah, but, well, riders keep leaving you, Dad.
Just like I did, you know.
Or just like Jacopo.
- Lola would probably stay with you.
- Oh yeah? - And she's fast too.
- Sure.
Well, then you better go ask the team.
Take it to the boss, go ask them.
You know it's not my decision.
- But they won't agree to it.
- Yeah, I know.
Listen, Dad, I really need this favor.
I know what it's like to have an accident like that.
It's crucial to learn to trust yourself again.
Have her do a lap, okay? Clock her time and tell her how she did.
That's it.
Please, Dad, nobody would know.
That's my point.
[upbeat music playing.]
[indistinct chatter.]
- Sorry.
- It took you forever.
Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry.
- How long have you been waiting? - Um, I mean, a while.
But did you speak to your dad? Yes.
Uh, what was his answer? Um, he said that he's he's in.
- He's in? - Yeah.
- He's in? Really? [laughs.]
- [laughs.]
I can't wait to start.
Thank you, thank you.
Yeah, sure.
But, um, he said that he can't actually be your coach.
But wait.
Who will coach me then? Me.
I'll coach you.
Because this way, we'll make up lost time.
Otherwise, you'll lose a year.
This way, at the end of the season, we'll show him what we've been working on, and if he accepts you, then you'll be on his team.
Are you in? If you're in, then let's do it.
I'm in.
- You sure? - Yeah.
- Okay.
- Perfect.
So we'll start tomorrow.
Tonight, we'll have dinner to celebrate, and in the morning, it's all diet and back to training.
- Okay, Coach.
- Okay, that's the spirit.
Come on.
[upbeat music playing.]
[in French.]
So, it was Portugal, Spain - Uh - Now in Italy.
Yes, and then in Greece.
[in English.]
Wow! That's amazing! [in French.]
Are you staying here for the summer? - Merci.
- [in English.]
What's our plan? Ah.
No, actually, we were also planning to travel.
We were supposed to go to Germany, to Hamburg.
He's studying there.
Oh, thanks.
We're moving there.
But then our plans, let's say, kind of changed.
[in French.]
It's normal.
Plans change all the time.
- It's normal.
- [woman.]
[speaking French.]
[chairs scooting.]
- [gasps.]
- [bottles clinking.]
[crockery clattering.]
We'll be right back.
[door opens, closes.]
[objects thudding.]
- [in English.]
- [woman screaming.]
- [chuckles.]
- [furniture scraping on floor.]
[woman moaning.]
I think that You think what? No, it's just No? - Oh yeah? - Maybe we - Let's do it.
Come here.
- Huh? Huh? Right there? Yeah.
[woman moaning.]
[phone dings.]
- Everything okay? - Yeah.
- Who is that? - Uh, no.
It's no one.
Uh, should should we go? Hmm? Um - Let's go so they can be alone.
- [woman moaning.]
[furniture scraping on floor.]
- Here, get up.
Let's go.
- Okay, but where? Uh, I don't know.
Why don't we go find Sofi, right? [woman screaming.]
[in Italian.]
They send us hearts ♪ Hey, come on.
We are the children of the 2000s With floral swimming suits ♪ This summer, I'll give you a New Year ♪ The eruption of a volcano ♪ All of my damage In a thousand pieces in the air ♪ And it's just you and I ♪ - Hey.
- [Dario.]
- Looks like a great turnout.
- It's, uh Yeah.
- [Sofi.]
It's great, right? - Mmm, yeah.
It is.
Are you okay? No.
No, I'm pretty nervous, actually.
Why? It's gonna be great.
- You think? - [Sofi.]
Of course, I do.
Why? What if the power goes out? It won't go out, Dario.
Well, what if Ale shows up and makes a scene again, or I thought you guys cleared things up? [Dario.]
But Ale's crazy.
He shows up out of nowhere, you know? Da, and an asteroid might hit the Saian.
Let's hope it doesn't.
Do you think maybe you're scared it'll be great in the end? Because, I mean, if it goes well, that means you'd have to start all over, put yourself out there again.
Hmm? - Yeah.
- There we are.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Good to see you.
- Thanks.
- How are you doing? - Not bad.
And you? - Oh, yeah.
Can't complain.
- [Sofi.]
Yeah, it's great.
- Listen, I'm gonna steal him for a second.
- [Sofi.]
He's all yours.
- [Dario.]
- [whistles.]
- [Dario.]
I'll see you later.
- See you.
- For a non-alcoholic drink, it's not bad.
- Right? Mmm.
- Blue.
- Hi.
- Alfredo.
Nice to meet you.
- Sofia.
And this is Viviana.
- [Viviana.]
Hey, nice to meet you.
- Sofia, hi.
["Pedro" by Raffaella Carrà playing.]
[crowd cheering.]
This is my song, guys.
I'm gonna dance.
Maybe it was a bad idea to come here tonight.
Why? It's so loud here.
We can barely speak to each other.
And plus, we haven't even heard of the band that's playing.
Well, now we have heard of them.
What's the problem? But if you really want to go, I'll catch up with you tomorrow.
Maybe we can both go somewhere and get a pizza? I'm not really hungry.
- Well, I'm gonna go dance.
- [both chuckle.]
[in Italian.]
At first, he seemed a decent boy ♪ He offered to be my guide in town ♪ This place is amazing.
How did you find it? My sister works here.
They organize events.
- Who? - Our group of friends.
See him? That's Dario.
- Pedro, Pedro, Pedro, Pe ♪ - [singing along.]
I love the music he plays.
He's really good.
He does his research.
[in Italian.]
Not a decent kid at all ♪ He really knew a lot of stuff More than I did ♪ He took me many times To watch the stars ♪ But I didn't see anything in Santa Fe ♪ Pedro, Pedro, Pedro, Pedro, Pe ♪ Virtually, the best in Santa Fe ♪ So you're staying? Yeah, sure.
I'm getting the hang of it.
I'll come back to you ♪ How well he danced under the stars ♪ Virtually, the best in Santa Fe ♪ Girls were crazy about him ♪ But he was just focused on me ♪ Pedro, Pedro, Pedro, Pedro, Pe ♪ Wonderful adventure in Santa Fe ♪ Pedro, Pedro, Pedro, Pedro, Pe ♪ Just me and you ♪ [song ends.]
I think that I ate a little too much.
- [chuckles.]
- Stop that.
No, it was all fish.
- Even though it was fried.
- Hmm.
[both laugh.]
Um [clicks tongue.]
Ah, so, who's sleeping outside? Me.
- Are you sure? - Of course.
Tomorrow, I'll find a place to stay.
Is that cool? Sure.
But actually, you know, I thought of something.
Remember, we talked about this.
I told you no.
No, no, no, no.
Not that.
There's a guy with a boat not far from mine, and he'll be gone.
I'm looking after his things while he's out of town.
And I bet you could stay there.
- Yeah? - Yes.
- Should I ask? - Sure.
- Yes, yeah, thanks.
- Then we'll become boat-neighbors.
[both laughing.]
- Okay, I'm in.
- Okay.
Not bad.
Anyway, tomorrow we'll get up early.
Okay? - Hmm? - Mm-hmm.
[crowd cheering and applauding.]
[in Italian.]
I'll learn not to hurt people anymore ♪ I'll learn to hate Without feeling pain ♪ I'll learn to be wrong Without making a mistake ♪ I'll be able to tell my children I have known love ♪ He smoked Camel Lights And dreamed of the States ♪ - [Milena.]
They're good, aren't they? - Yeah.
But is that the guy? - The one from the club? - Mm-hmm.
- Did you call him? - This was a coincidence.
- I don't think that exists.
- [Summer.]
- I saw Ale again.
- Ale? Yeah.
It was strange because when he said goodbye, he gave me a kiss on the cheek.
- Like we were friends.
- Isn't that what you wanted? Summer, will you give me a hand? There are like 37 beer orders.
- Of course.
- Thank you.
- [Milena.]
Go ahead.
- See you later.
[Luca and Katia, in Italian.]
full of things ♪ I'll learn not to hurt people anymore ♪ I'll learn to hate ♪ - Dario.
- Hey.
- You good? - [Dario.]
- [Milena.]
Have a great night.
- See ya.
[in Italian.]
I'll be able to tell my children ♪ I have known love ♪ - [in English.]
Thanks, everyone.
- Thank you.
[crowd cheering and applauding.]
[upbeat music playing.]
[in Italian.]
I'm full of troubles You're full of yourself ♪ First you say goodbye Then we end up in a hotel ♪ - Can you see Sofia? - No, I don't actually see Sofia.
Oh, look, there's Summer.
- [Summer.]
How are you? - Good.
You? Good.
And this is Giulia.
Summer, Giulia.
- How are you? - Nice to meet you.
- I've heard a lot about you.
- [chuckles.]
Uh - I didn't know you were back.
- Yeah, I just got back.
- Are you working? - [Summer.]
Yeah, just when they need help.
Uh, I should go.
- [Edo.]
- [Giulia.]
- Well, anyway, see ya.
- See ya.
- Did you know about this? - What? - That she'd be here.
- Do you mean Summy? Yeah.
What's the matter? You're acting strange.
- Me? - Yes.
I'm not.
- I'm just happy that we're here.
- Mmm.
- You sure? - Yes.
Of course, I'm sure.
[in Italian.]
You ask how it's going, how it's going ♪ I haven't slept in a while And I miss my city ♪ Which is like you, full of herself ♪ And I still don't know If she'll change at all ♪ You don't know What to do at university ♪ I spend the nights in between bars ♪ You ask me how it's going How it's going ♪ When we fall to pieces Who will pick us up? ♪ - [camera clicking.]
- [music continues.]
Hey, Sofi.
- Hi.
- [Summer.]
Would you like something? A beer? Um, I'll pay for it though.
To contribute to the club's profit tonight.
For Dario.
Wanna catch up for a bit? I don't think it's the right time.
[music ends.]
[crowd cheering.]
Thank you.
[crowd continues cheering.]
Viviana seems nice.
Yes, she is.
We could have walked her home tonight.
She wasn't going home.
She went to see some friends.
What were they doing? I don't know, going to get a drink.
We could have gone with them.
- Alfredo? - [Alfredo.]
What is it, Blue? I'm tired.
Me too.
I'm going home.
- Well, I'll come with you.
- No.
I'll go by myself.
You mean, a girl all alone at this hour? I mean, come on, Blue.
It's a bad idea.
Come on.
I'll walk with you.
- [cork pops.]
- Whoa! [people cheering.]
This is on the house.
So I don't want to hear it.
- [people chuckling.]
- Yeah? Anyway, guys, tonight was unbelievable.
You guys were incredible.
If I were you, Dario, I'd start looking for the next band.
- I found them.
- You found them? Awesome.
And Sofia, I saw you took some photos.
They're actually for a project, but I'd be happy to give you some for the website.
That's a great idea.
Send them to Dario.
- He'll handle it.
- Sure.
Anyway, if I may say, since you guys are a great team, and since you never mess with an all-star team, huh? Well then, a toast.
[both chuckle.]
I thought you were a DJ.
Why don't you put some music for us? - Uh, Rita's expecting me, actually.
- [Stefano.]
Rita's probably asleep by now.
Listen to your friend.
Put on some music.
Let's all go to dance by the speaker.
- Huh? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! - Do it, Dario! Come on, Dario.
[all chuckle.]
[indistinct chatter and laughter.]
Let's do it.
["I nostri 20" by Galea playing.]
[in Italian.]
The movies I might never watch ♪ Your obsession for a rock-star life ♪ My whims, all sort of whims I have ♪ And the sadness I imposed on myself ♪ I'll let you go if you promise ♪ That you'll look for me at that party And we don't care about the rumors ♪ - Are you comfortable? - Oh.
Uh, yeah.
Of course.
["I nostri 20" continues playing.]
Um Thanks.
I just I'm really happy.
Really? Yes, really.
No, I know this will take long.
Well, just begin with the training and whenever whenever you feel you're ready, you'll get on your bike.
But no rush.
- Hmm? - Hmm.
And you you think that we can make it? Uh, I mean, we always have.
- Why not? - [chuckles.]
[in Italian.]
But these are our twenties ♪ You're great musicians.
- Thank you.
- You two are a great band.
You said it.
As a band.
But as a couple Eh [Summer.]
Dance with me.
Well Why not? You afraid? Of what? Well, I don't know.
We both saw how it ended last time we danced together, no? [Summer chuckles.]
[in Italian.]
No one can judge me, not even you ♪ If this isn't destiny, then I don't know what it could possibly be.
I know that I made a mistake once And I won't make it again ♪ The truth hurts you, I know ♪ You should think about me ♪ And take more care of yourself ♪ There are already many people Who resent me ♪ Who knows why ♪ We all have the right To live as best we can ♪ The truth hurts you, I know ♪ That's why I like this And I don't like that ♪ The truth hurts you, I know ♪ If I came back to you ♪ All you need to know is that ♪ I saw the difference Between him and you ♪ And I've chosen you ♪ If I made a mistake one day Now I understand that ♪ I paid dearly for the truth ♪ I say sorry, and you know why? ♪ Happiness lives here ♪ [music fading.]
[upbeat music playing.]

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