Summertime (2020) s03e08 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 8

A cocktail.
A mojito.
What do you say? Want a drink? She was impressed.
You hear that guy singing? He sang live at my club before.
Well, I mean, it wasn't really mine.
It was It was this asshole who tried to hit on my girlfriend.
Now she's not my girlfriend.
But you want to know what, man? I don't give a fuck though.
I mean it! Who cares? I don't give a fuck! I don't give a fuck! Come on.
I told you.
Baby, what are you doing? I wanted you to break up ♪ But you weren't a boy band Baby, you know if I brought you roses ♪ Ale.
You would have got thorns too ♪ But you didn't think I'd bring them Or I'd be only trouble ♪ Well, you're right Come with me, let's do it together ♪ - Dario.
- Mmm.
Don't you think it's time you two talked? No.
If I see that guy, I'll punch his face in.
- No.
You and Rita.
- Mm-mm.
You should speak to her.
Maybe you guys could clear things up.
I think it'd be good.
No, no, no, no.
I don't want to.
No, I can't do it.
You two okay? Well, he needs to get some sleep.
- Mmm, I'm not going to sleep.
- No, of course you won't.
Take this.
- What is it? - Drink it.
Ah! It's burning hot.
It stinks.
Come on.
It's what we give to Theo when he's colicky.
- No, give it to Theo.
- It's good for you.
No, I don't want it.
I'll deal with it.
- Ahh! It's burning hot.
- Yeah, a bit.
- Wanna rest in my room for a little bit? - Mmm.
Mmm? Sorry for calling you so last minute.
But he was such a mess, and I didn't know what to do.
No, don't worry.
I'm glad that you did.
- Plus, I was already awake.
- Mmm.
Hey, by the way, did you ever get to talk to Blue? No.
Not yet.
- I'm waiting for the right time.
- Makes sense.
Anyway, thanks for being such a good friend to her.
Okay, friends like before The party is already over ♪ If you no longer recognize yourself ♪ - Bye, Summer.
- See you, Sofi.
Don't blame it on my life, your life Which looks like a movie inside a movie ♪ Inside a faded photo A piece of a random quote from a song ♪ - He still won't respond? - No, he won't respond.
Look, I'd be upset if I were Dario, so I get it.
And how is Davide doing? Davide has put together that something's wrong.
I just told him that Dario's away for a few days on a work trip, made a bunch of stuff up, but I don't know how long I can do all this.
- Mm-hmm.
- The panini, Isa.
- The panini.
Davide, let's go.
Your panini.
It sure is sad seeing it like this.
Hopefully, Stefano can find someone to keep doing live concerts.
It'd be a real shame to lose a place like this.
Dario? How is he? Uh, pretty upset.
I'm sorry.
Listen, I've been thinking about it.
- What's that? - About you.
Uh, and us.
Do you wanna keep playing music with me together? - You and I? - Yeah.
I don't know.
I have to focus on school again.
Classes are starting, and we have tons of exams, and It was amazing, really amazing, but I don't know Summy, who knows what will happen at the end of the season? Maybe we'll lose touch, or we'll become great friends.
I don't know.
But when you're up there next to me, there's something that happens.
I don't want it to be over yet.
Think about it.
Say you come back and decide no.
Well, that's totally fine.
But what you have, continue with it.
It'd be a waste if you didn't.
Everything's okay for me ♪ I'm not missing anything ♪ Everything's okay for me ♪ I'm not missing it anymore ♪ I'm not missing it anymore Everything's okay ♪ Okay.
We're done.
- We're finished? - Finished.
Well done.
Okay, I think I've got it.
- How are you feeling? - I'm great.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Well, then, I'll call my dad.
- Are you ready? - Of course.
- Okay.
I'm on it.
- You know I've been waiting all summer.
And you? You ready for this? Of course.
- You sure? - Yes.
- Okay.
- Well done.
- Wait.
You're all sweaty! - It's not just me.
How's our little heartbreak doing? He is sleeping.
Just still sleeping.
I really needed that.
I didn't sleep for shit on the train.
Thanks again for letting this wanderer crash at your humble abode.
Yeah, but I can't just let you sleep on the street.
Well, you could have.
- Wow.
What do we have here? - Dry your hands! Come on! - Of course.
What do you take me for? - Don't.
- Ready.
- Here you go.
Thank you.
I believed it at the time.
With Federica, that is.
When she finally made a move I just I felt completely stupid.
I'm sorry, Sofi.
I'm I didn't understand anything.
Like, why was I even over there at all? Never mind.
But But You've improved a lot.
This one is nice.
When you're all famous, just don't forget your first mentor.
- Who? - I'll give you a hint.
Hey! You! You, you, you, you.
These are great.
It's kinda weird what happens whenever I come visit.
Like what? I don't know.
When I'm traveling I always say it'll be great to get back.
Is it not? Yes, but not for long.
Each visit, it's less.
I immediately wanna leave.
And you, young lady, what's on the horizon? Uh Maybe you'll come visit me.
You know where I'm staying so It's a bit far, but I have friends helping me with accommodations in Perth.
They're amazing.
You have to travel, Sofi.
You have to travel.
Go and meet others.
See the world.
It's beautiful.
And useful too.
Beautiful and useful.
- Davide.
What are you doing here? - The gate was open.
Who's this? He's Dario's son.
Not Dario's.
I mean - Is he here now? - Yes.
Come on.
Let's go wake him up.
- He's still sleeping? - Yeah, he's a little tired.
If I would've known, I would've come to see it.
It was just an impromptu thing.
We improvised.
I get it, but Mom told me you wrote one of the songs.
Can I hear it sooner rather than later? But isn't it strange that another person in this family sings and plays? Not all.
In fact, if Blue starts, then we'll form a group.
- Right.
- Yeah, we'll form a band.
Also, Luca wanted to see if we could be a duo.
But I don't know if I'm ready for it.
You sound just like your mother.
I know.
It's just I'll have classes, school, exams.
I don't know.
I'm sorry we hardly spent any time together this summer.
Thinking of you spending all that time alone And who says I spent it all alone? That's how you tell me? How was I supposed to tell you? It started just like that this summer.
But I believe it's getting serious.
I'm seeing your mother later.
I think I'm gonna tell her tonight.
- You're telling Mom, huh? - Mm-hmm.
- It's Blue.
- Oh.
Is she on her way? No, she wants to talk and asked if we can meet up.
Then go see her.
- Yeah, but - What? Hey, don't worry about it.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
- You have to tell me how it goes with Mom.
- Bye.
See you.
Bye, Dad.
At least you could have said goodbye.
You're right.
Yes, it's just that It's a complicated thing now between me and your mom.
And, uh, sometimes it just gets that way with adults.
You mean like what happened with my dad? So was it all my mom's fault? Uh Or was it because of me? No, no.
You didn't do anything.
Got that? You didn't do anything.
- Coffee.
- Thanks.
Listen I'll tell you what.
Wherever we go next, regardless, I'll come and see you.
You'll come see me.
Look, we'll find a way, and I'll make sure we spend some time together.
What do you say? I think Mom is a little worried about this.
Well, yeah, 'cause like I said, it's because it's difficult.
I think she's pretty worried about me.
How so? She doesn't know that I'm here.
- Was it her? - Yes.
Come on.
Let's go.
- See ya.
- I'll see you later.
- How is Dad? - Oh Uh, he's been quiet for days.
Won't talk to me.
He just sits there staring, silent and focused.
Which is nice in a way.
Look, a bit of silence hasn't been that bad, in fact.
However, since he can't set aside his pride to come and talk to you, I decided I needed to.
It's clear you hurt him a lot, Edo.
You really did.
It hit him like a punch to the stomach.
And maybe you two do need to be away from each other, I suppose.
Well, I don't know actually.
If it's what you both want.
But let me tell you, given how much he loves you, honestly well, I feel like it's worth it to try and connect.
Hmm? - Mmm.
- Yeah.
I'm pretty sure one of you'll have to cave and be the bigger person.
Either your father or you.
- Hmm? - Mmm.
Don't you agree? Mmm.
But how do you cope? With what? Living with a guy like my father.
What makes you do it? Well, he's the love of my life.
Did Sofia tell you already? No, she didn't tell me anything.
She only said that you've been going through a rough time, and that I should have been there for you.
But you knew that.
- She didn't say anything else? - Mm-mm.
So you gonna tell me what happened? Uh, nothing.
I'm in love, actually.
Well, then, it's not so bad.
No, but I wasn't positive at first, and Sofia's been helping me.
You fell in love with a girl? She wasn't just a friend then, was she? No.
She is just a friend to me, that's all.
She's seeing this other guy.
I'm sorry.
I don't think they'll make it much longer.
And for now? I'll wait for this to pass.
- Hmm.
That'll take a while.
- Yeah, it will.
Until you're over her, are you going to keep being rude, or - I am not that rude.
- Yes, you are.
And don't be scared ♪ Between the mind and the heart Between your eyes and my voice ♪ While I think about all that I have ♪ You don't recognize me anymore ♪ The mistakes we'll make ♪ Let's try again even if ♪ We can't change the world ♪ Let alone change you ♪ Oh, here they are.
What? Do I look bad? Ridiculous? Come on, Dad.
I thought if I ride, I could really see how she's doing.
You wanted my evaluation.
It's been a minute since you rode.
Let's see if I've still got it.
What do you say? Is that a problem with you? - No.
It's not a problem.
- No.
For me, it is a problem.
- What problem is that? - Come on, it'll change things.
Would it change things? No.
Listen, Lola, I know how he is.
He's doing it to mess with you, all right? Don't worry.
I've got this.
Don't worry, Ale.
She can do it.
But I'll race too.
Will you? - Yes.
- Perfect.
By sheer coincidence, your bike, suit, and helmet are prepped.
Don't you ever do something like that again.
What were you doing? You scared me to death.
Wait in your room.
Hmm? Go on.
Go play.
We'll talk in a bit.
- Jeez.
- Hey, it wasn't his fault.
It's mine.
Uh, I should have said goodbye before I left.
How are you? I'm so-so.
You wanna sit for a minute? I've been trying to call you Why not tell me you'd been together earlier? Because it seemed pointless, really.
It was a stupid thing.
And I didn't want to hide anything from you, but You were excited.
I didn't want to ruin it.
And yet you did.
Can you imagine how I feel? The only reason he did all this is just because he wanted to get back with you.
That's it.
It doesn't mean you weren't amazing at your job.
It's all over, so it doesn't matter anymore.
Don't say that.
It matters, okay? It matters to me.
I miss us.
Yeah, I thought you had all these doubts about us.
I did, but But I don't I don't know.
I wake up in the morning, and I wish that you were next to me.
And I wanna tell you about the things I'm doing each day and be there with you.
Hey, calm down I said, look at me ♪ Time's up For hiding behind those corners ♪ Now tell me where you're running And why you're panting ♪ You never saw Who danced with the fucking devils ♪ Who has grown up With strong dreams and fragile hands ♪ Who was pushed into the grave Crushed against the edges ♪ Covered in gold and then pierced The beautiful Kahlo Frida ♪ In front of everyone, I kept quiet But look at me now ♪ So you stay with your group Crawl, pray, blend in ♪ We're not short of courage We're fearless ♪ We grew up with bruises on our elbows ♪ We don't give a fuck about you And about the group you eat with ♪ And about the group you eat with ♪ Yes, about the group you eat with ♪ Lola.
- Hey! - Leave me alone! You made the time.
That's what you wanted, right? Months and months of training, you and me.
And you only care about challenging your father.
That's not it.
I was I didn't even want to get on the motorcycle.
He got you 'cause you're an idiot.
Oh! Looks like I still know how to ride, huh? Dad.
Oh, you did well.
You were amazing, Lola.
You were great.
We got carried away a little, but you made great time.
Really, your leg is fine.
So can I officially announce that you two are my new riders for the upcoming season? Well done.
Hey, let's look at those times.
Where's everybody at? Hey! The two of us? I don't get it.
- No, it's nothing.
- How long did you know about this? It was just a favor, Lola.
He He asked me, so I You're such an asshole.
Lola, please don't.
He accepted you.
That's what That's what counts, isn't it? He couldn't care less about me.
- That's not true.
- You knew that's what this was.
No, that's not it.
He wasn't going to let you try out otherwise, all right? Do you know how risky it was for me to start training? - Yes.
- Do you know what could have happened? I was lying to you.
For the two of us to get closer, to try this together, but you You could have let me know! But you kept it from me.
You knew you were what mattered to your father, but you lied, and you looked the other way.
- Lola.
- What? I did it for you.
I only did it for you.
I swear.
Let go of me.
Well done.
You happy now? Look, she'll get over it.
No, I don't think so.
Ale, we could do extraordinary things next year.
I know it.
- Listen, Dad.
- Hmm.
I brought you an amazing rider.
Now the rest is up to you.
'Cause I'm done.
I'd like to know what you're thinking ♪ Now that we are far away, distant ♪ And these miles traveling in front ♪ I can't dream if I know you're crying ♪ And we slammed the doors Just to feel a bit more grown-up ♪ Hey, Dad.
But we are tiny drops in the ocean ♪ And it doesn't go away The memory I had of us ♪ When darkness fell with nothing around ♪ That itch I had to shout To cover your back and sustain the world ♪ It doesn't go away, it doesn't go away ♪ I can't fall asleep, oh It doesn't go away, it doesn't go away ♪ - Listen, Dad - Edo, no.
Let me say this.
I Mmm I've always done what I could.
You know that.
But the one who was good at guiding you was your mom.
I wasn't.
I know if she'd have been here instead of me, it would be different.
It wouldn't have happened.
And when I think of that, I can't bear it.
I just can't understand it.
But, Dad, I swear, you didn't do anything.
You've given everything you could to me.
I'm sorry that I disappointed you.
In Hamburg, I was When I went, I I didn't know why I was going.
I've only just figured it out.
I went to look for my mom.
I went there to look for her.
And I was hoping I'd find her, really.
But Mom wasn't there.
We are here.
Who knew I was good at making things up, huh? Now that you mention it, we gotta get you a prize.
That was impressive.
Lola, wait a sec.
Lola! Hey, wait a second.
All right, I screwed up.
It's not your fault.
He did it all for you.
'Cause he really cares about you.
He's always known about your talent.
- He's also talented.
- He's also talented.
I know.
That's why I did what I did, okay? I can't stand him throwing it away, but there's nothing I can do about it.
- Race with me next year.
- Why? - Because he told you no? - No.
No, because you're the best, and we need you.
And Ale? Ale's made up his mind, and that's the end of that.
Race with me.
- Hi.
- Hi.
You know, this year I've collected a lot less plastic than last year.
Oh yeah? But I still don't know whether it's because I've spent less time at the beach or or because people are starting to see what pollution really does.
Do you wanna help me? Thanks.
I'm actually here 'cause I have something to tell you.
Yeah, I figured as much.
Lately, you haven't been interested in the cleanup, or so I've noticed.
No, but it's not about that.
But it's true.
I've been distracted.
Are you in love with someone else? In a way, yeah.
Isn't it? I knew it.
Thank you for telling me about it.
It must have been hard to do.
A little.
Listen, Blue, aside from my grandparents, you're the most important other person I have.
If our love story is over, okay.
But I don't want to lose you.
Will you still be my friend? Yes, absolutely.
- What is it? - Nothing, it's just something stupid.
Tell me.
Well, I was thinking that we recycled our love, I suppose.
It's true.
We couldn't just toss it out, right? I'd like you to make up your mind ♪ I'd like to follow the wind It changed direction ♪ But I'm tired of waiting ♪ Let's go.
- Where to? - We'll go for a ride.
But talk to me About the things you never tell ♪ Chase me among my fears You know that anyway now ♪ I wanna go back home But I can't find an excuse ♪ If I talk about my regrets You'll understand anyway ♪ Try and catch me in your hands And even if it's late outside now ♪ I'm leaving.
What do you mean? Where? Anywhere.
Set off on my boat.
I'm thinking that I'll start in Croatia.
I might even go down to Greece.
Maybe even visit Turkey.
- What are you gonna do there? - I don't know.
I don't know.
But I feel like I want to start something new, something different.
You remember how hard we worked, how much we dreamed of becoming who knows what, you and I? This is all that's left.
It's yours.
It's yours, Da.
Mine? I don't want it.
- Ah, you don't want it? Then sell it.
- You're crazy.
No, you'd be crazy if you didn't get on it and go.
You've got a place to go.
Go, Da.
It sure is funny, huh? What? When we were little kids, I just wanted one thing.
What's that? To be you.
To be you.
Giulia? Giulia? - You here? - I'm here.
There you are.
I got pizza.
I talked to my dad.
- How did it go? - Good.
It's beautiful here.
- Yes, it's it's beautiful.
- Mm-hmm.
It's been nice.
And now you're ready, but I'm not.
Not anymore.
You can start over again if you want.
But I can't do it, Edo.
It's almost like something's been broken, and I can't fix it now.
I hope you don't get yourself into any more trouble and that you will be happy.
I'm sorry, Edo.
I'm sorry too, Giulia.
Good luck my love.
My love.
Dario, if it's over, let's end it now because - I can't go on like this.
- I've decided.
I'm gonna open up a club of my own.
Without having to answer to anyone.
Look, I know it will be difficult, but But I want to give it a shot.
Because you're right.
Maybe I'm good at doing what I love.
And I don't want to just throw it all away.
Because I don't want to do that ever again.
No? No.
And that? Ah.
It's a long story.
Just get on.
I'll tell you.
Where are we headed? Who knows? Let's go.
The unmade bedsheets Covering those bites ♪ And don't worry If your eyes are burning ♪ Hi.
You feel what I feel ♪ If you stay, tell me now ♪ You have the most beautiful smile ♪ When you are with me ♪ The light gets in, just a slice ♪ I kiss your right profile ♪ You have the most beautiful smile ♪ When you are with me ♪ When you are with me ♪ You came, in the end.
Did you get in a fight with Dad? Did you know about your father's date? No, his girlfriend.
Is it hard for you? No.
It's not.
No, I mean, we've been separated for a while now, and I was aware that, that, that it could happen.
I mean, this is all normal, you know? Mm-hmm.
I don't know, but suddenly, while I was walking, I felt so heavyhearted, and I just But this will pass.
He wants me to meet her.
It's just - It could be a bit rushed.
- A bit rushed.
That's it.
That's why I said to him, "Maybe wait Maybe wait to see how it goes.
" - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Listen to me now.
Please, just listen to me.
I love you, Mom.
I love you too.
Theo? He's already asleep.
Will you play your song? - Go on.
You haven't yet.
- I can't play the guitar.
I will.
- Are you sure? - Yes, yes.
How does it go? If I'd been more ♪ - Ah.
That's it.
- Mm-hmm.
If I'd been more patient ♪ By now I would know The geography of your heart ♪ Mm-hmm.
Instead, I'm lost now ♪ I hear clearly a melody ♪ - Now is the chorus.
- Mm-hmm.
You and I ♪ - Alone ♪ - Alone ♪ Like a summer ago ♪ The sand in my thoughts ♪ That doesn't let me be okay ♪ - Okay with myself ♪ - myself ♪ - Do it again.
- Okay.
Now let it out.
I ♪ - I'm going to bed.
- Good night.
Don't leave, Ale.
Don't leave without me.
I don't know how long I'll be gone.
Permission to board? Are you sure? Yes.
But this doesn't mean I'm going to quit racing.
I'll find a way to keep it going.
I know that I'd be fine without your help.
But you you'd be so lost without me.
- Hi.
- How are you doing? - Fine.
And you? I'm doing good.
- Are you free? - I was studying.
- Ah.
We can do it another time then.
- What is it? I got off work pretty early, and I was thinking we could maybe for a walk.
- Let's do it.
- Really? - Of course.
- I called Sofi.
She's at the beach.
- We can all meet up there.
- Perfect.
- Hi, Edo.
- Hi.
- How are you? - I'm doing good.
You? Good.
Look, I'm going out with Edo for a bit.
- You watch Theo.
- Okay.
- See you in a bit.
- See you later.
- Have fun, guys.
- Bye, Blue.
The day always comes when you wake up, and you open your eyes, and you realize that all the tourists have disappeared.
You're right.
It seems to happen overnight, doesn't it? Mmm.
Honestly, it used to make me a little sad.
- Does it still? - No.
Not anymore.
I enjoy it.
I'm even fixing the house.
I renovated it, brought all my stuff.
It's my house.
I'm not gonna give it up.
In the end, I like being here actually.
And you? It's the same old ritual ♪ But now you're missing ♪ Over there.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- You came, too? - Yeah.
- Good.
Hi, Edo.
- Should we swim? - Uh Let's go.
It's the last chance we'll have for a while.
Hmm? So, the last one in is a rotten egg.
Huh? - That's disgusting, Edo! - Edo! Whoo! - I decided to go see Jonas.
- Wait.
Really? Yeah.
He's in Australia now.
And they have a few great programs I wanna check out, so I figured why not.
And I was hoping that maybe you'd come with me.
Even just for a while.
You always said that you wanted to travel.
That'd be great.
The last one in is a rotten egg.
La-languid, shi-shivers ♪ Like ice burning when I'm with you ♪ Ki-ki-ki-kiss me We are two satellites orbiting the sea ♪ You came, in the end.
Do you hear that silence? And the flamingos? They're not here anymore.
Where are they? They've flown away.
Another winter will come ♪ A thousand rose petals will fall ♪ Snow will cover all things ♪ And the heart will find some peace ♪ I hate summer ♪ I hate summer ♪
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