Summertime (2020) s03e07 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 7

1 [Summer singing in Italian.]
If you knew what I have in mind ♪ A NETFLIX SERIES Mmm.
If you knew what I have in mind ♪ - Perhaps you'd run away from here ♪ - [playing guitar.]
From the black and white Of yet another party ♪ I'm looking for an ending Like the ones in the movies ♪ [strumming guitar.]
In the movies ♪ [in English.]
Mom! - [chuckles.]
- [Isa chuckles.]
What is that? Did you write it? Yes, with my friend.
- It's so nice.
Your first song! - Thanks.
Yay! When I gave you that guitar, I didn't know if you'd ever try it.
- I guess I'm not positive it's my thing.
- Mmm.
I mean, when I'm alone, I'm in love with it, but playing in front of other people Makes you nervous? - Yeah.
- [Isa.]
Well, it is nerve-racking.
But then the moment that you start, you're completely empowered.
You're invincible.
You forget everything.
You're not afraid of anything.
It's [chuckles.]
- Beautiful? - Nah, it's not bad.
- Mmm, it's not bad.
- [chuckles.]
- Will you play it for me? - Um - [Isa.]
That's okay.
- When it's finished.
- Well, then See ya.
- [chuckles.]
See ya.
["Accidenti a te" by Franco126 playing.]
[in Italian.]
Can you believe the trouble I got myself into? ♪ What do you want from me ♪ I mean, the thing is it wasn't a proper kiss.
Uh Well, it was just the corner of my mouth and then sort of on the cheek.
I don't even remember.
I mean, it wasn't that long.
It was like a second Dario, I don't understand a fucking thing about what you're saying.
Did you kiss or not? Yes.
And is it that awful? I mean, you're completely freaking out.
- I feel like shit doing that to Rita.
- Just quit worrying about it.
I mean, okay, maybe you fantasized a bit.
But just move on.
Let it go.
And I swear I can't explain it ♪ [Isa.]
All right, and here's your wine.
Hey, listen, okay.
It's all right.
A kiss is nothing.
Plus, you regret it.
- No, Isa, it's not - One second.
All right, and here's the dessert menu.
We're out of the tiramisu today.
- But just take your time.
- Thank you.
I'm back.
Do you want to date Stefano? No, I don't want to date Stefano.
But I But - But you have a crush.
- I don't have a crush.
I mean, it's almost like that kiss has now messed everything up.
- Does that make sense? - [Isa chewing.]
Well, it's At the moment, it feels like my relationship with Dario has gotten, um Will you quit eating for a sec? Our relationship is fragile.
What if you were right? I mean, about me wasting the best years of my life, you know, worrying about a family that isn't even my own? Da, I said that 'cause I was upset.
Okay? I was just jealous you were happy and I wasn't.
Everyone was happy, and I felt like I was about to drown.
So I wanted to take someone down with me.
But that was shitty.
- You've always decided for yourself.
- Sure.
- [Ale.]
You've always done the right thing.
- What do you mean? Sometimes you even go against what others are telling you to do.
All right? And you've always been right.
The problem is I don't know if I should tell him or not.
I mean, it feels like he's finally found a good balance in his life, a job, the Saian Our relationship isn't the only factor here.
Does that make any sense? ["Accidenti a te" continues playing.]
Look, I don't know if you'll stay with Rita, or you'll go off to have another family, but there are things you've figured out, things I haven't.
It's game over for me.
I mean, I quit.
I gave up.
I gave up on training.
Gave up Lola.
I walked away from a life.
But I do it over and over, and somehow I'm back at square one again.
[clicks tongue.]
I think you might spend too much time alone.
- You think? - [Dario.]
Yeah, I do.
So, look, tonight, I've organized this this huge concert.
Be there, have fun, clear your mind.
Come on.
- All right, fine.
I'll come and say hi.
- Attaboy! Okay.
Hi, Giulia.
I wanted to come see you, but I have no idea where you are.
You're not answering at home and you won't answer here, and it's important I talk to you.
[inhales deeply.]
I've called a million times and nothing.
I want to tell you that that I'm sorry, and that you were right.
I should have been honest and asked for help.
I'm not sure why I was being like I was or what I was even looking for this year.
I just know that I ruined everything, and I I'd love if you give me another chance.
[phone dings.]
Hi, Giulia.
- I wanted to tell you that - [knocking on door.]
Someone's at the door.
I'll call you back.
I'll send you a voice message.
May I come in? Yeah, of course.
- I wasn't I didn't expect - [sighs.]
Me neither.
Should we sit down? Yeah, sure.
I I think I just sent you a voice message and Well, it didn't really come out right.
I thought a lot about coming over because I wasn't sure if I should or not.
I still don't know if I should be here, but And I don't even know to what extent this whole mess you've created concerns me anymore.
But what I do know is that I still love you.
But, look, you can't just keep hiding in this house like this.
You have to take your life back.
You have to start living again, to start breathing again, and to do that, you have to tell your parents.
I know.
It's just that every time that I try, I just see my dad's face and I'll be here with you.
Hmm? [sentimental music playing.]
Maybe we should have told someone.
We just disappeared without saying anything.
I was thirsty, so we took a break.
It's okay.
They'll clean up the beach even without our help.
Look, it's not like we're that essential.
I mean [chuckles.]
So, tonight - So, tonight - Let's go out.
- Sure.
- We'll get something to eat.
Maybe [both.]
a pizza.
- Okay.
- Yes, let's get a pizza.
How about we go to a bar after and dance? - How about the event at the Saian? - The Saian.
That's perfect.
- Wanna go? Okay? - And I'll bring Marek, so he can meet you.
- Marek? - Marek, that's right.
Um, I met him maybe ten days ago at the docks.
He's this Slovakian guy.
He seems nice.
I think, at least 'cause Well, I mean, he can't really speak English, so I don't understand anything he says, but he seems nice.
This is where you were? Busted, yeah.
Everyone's working hard down there.
We could use your help.
- Look at all the stuff I picked up.
- [Viviana.]
All right.
We're coming.
Hey, remember that shirt you wore at the oil rigs? Can I borrow it? - Mm-hmm.
- [Viviana.]
I can? Okay, thanks.
Let's go.
- ["Animale" by Mesa playing.]
- I was worried.
I turned around, and you were gone.
[in Italian.]
I have a jungle inside my head ♪ [Dario.]
Tonight of all nights? Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry, but I just can't come tonight, so Look, why don't you bring Federica so you can watch the concert together? Dario, I mean, she is my boss.
So We're meeting this gallery owner.
Well, fine.
Well, look, anyway, the concert starts late, so if you wanna come after - I'll see what I can do.
- Hmm.
Anyway, I should get going.
I still don't know what I'm gonna wear.
I mean Got lots to do.
- You gotta speak to her at some point.
- At some point.
["Animale" continues playing.]
- [Sofi.]
Break a leg.
- [Dario.]
- [Summer.]
How's it coming along? - Good.
I mean, yeah, there are some things I still need to figure out, but not much.
- Uh, I'll go get the bar in order.
- Yeah.
Uh, can you can you help me with the tables? [Summer.]
Listen, uh, have you talked to Ale? Why are you asking? Uh, because I saw him earlier, and he wasn't doing well.
Uh, Dario, I'm sorry, but it's none of my business.
Look, I know I shouldn't bother you with this.
Why is everybody coming to me about Ale? We're not together anymore.
I don't need to worry about him or what he said.
You're right, but he's feeling, um He's been feeling pretty down lately, and I'm worried that if he's feeling low, he'll start with his bullshit antics again.
- [phone ringing.]
- And I don't know what to do.
Yeah, I know I shouldn't be talking to you about this, but I don't, um I don't Summy? It's Summer.
Who's that? [Summer.]
Uh, yeah.
I shouldn't have.
[Carmen: "L'amour est un Oiseau Rebelle" playing.]
[music continues.]
[Ale sighs.]
How is it? [both chuckling.]
Well, it's nice to spend some time together.
It's been too long.
Yeah, it has.
I'm glad you asked me to come.
Now tell me what you have to say, and let's get it over with.
[song ends.]
Sorry for calling you like that.
Out of the blue.
Did you have a fight? [wind howling.]
Um, we haven't spoken for a few days.
I mean, even our training has stopped.
Well, I'm sorry.
Listen, I know that you two have a very strong relationship, that you really care about each other.
And I wondered if you had been getting closer again.
If, um you were seeing each other again, or No, Lola, we aren't.
We haven't been talking either.
Then I guess I was mistaken.
Um I guess I need to just quit.
Like he did.
I think I'll go back then.
You'll go back to where then? - My parents' house.
Back to Spain.
- But you But you can't leave.
Look, I I know it's none of my business, but, look, please, just reconsider.
I've been thinking about what you said.
- What do you have in mind? - Well, I thought about leaving.
I've got a boat.
I mean, I could travel the world.
Maybe I could even find a normal job like everyone else.
Or maybe figure out what I really want to do with my life.
Ale, that sounds wonderful.
But it's difficult.
- You'd be completely alone.
- Yeah, I know.
But that's what I need.
You don't know how much I hoped over these last few months that that you'd leave each other, or that things would end badly.
Then you should be happy, Summer.
Yeah, but that's not what I really wanted in the end.
I mean, the way Ale loves you and the way he cares about you, it's rare.
You have something that you guys share, your dreams and your goals, things you're trying to achieve together.
And, I mean, that's so much more than most people get to have.
He needs you, Lola.
Why tell me Why tell me all this now? Because Because I I still am in love with Ale.
I think I better just leave.
[in Italian.]
It would be nice to free ourselves ♪ Of all this frenzy ♪ [sighs.]
I think of you, but I don't have time ♪ I don't have time to love you much ♪ We fly high like stars in the night ♪ - Dario.
You need a hand? - [Dario.]
No, no, no.
I got it.
I got it.
And? - Ready for tonight? - [Dario.]
Oh yeah.
I can already picture the big crowd.
People everywhere, all sweaty, shouting, "Dario! Dario!" - Let's go get a drink.
- No, no, no, one sec.
Hang on.
I wanted to ask you something.
Um [sighs.]
For the opening act tonight, did you have anything scheduled? I was gonna play music just to set atmosphere.
Why? Well, um [smacking lips.]
Uh, what if I do it? I've got a couple new songs, just guitar and vocals.
What if we try it? [inhales.]
- No? - Yes.
What's the matter with you? [laughs.]
No, look, let's do it.
The great comeback, right? - Let's do it! - To the comeback! - To the comeback.
Good deal.
- [Dario.]
Get outta here.
- No changing your mind.
- [Dario.]
Come on, I promise.
Dario, can I talk to you for a second? [in Italian.]
And I don't know if I'll come back ♪ Like when there's a holiday And you're not there ♪ [Federica.]
Sofia? Up here.
- I think she got lost.
- Maybe she just doesn't know anyone here.
I'm sure she's feeling really self-conscious about it.
I couldn't find you anywhere.
This is Mauro.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- You're Federica's new assistant then? - I am, yes.
You know, Federica says your work is impressive.
If she says so [chuckles.]
If you want, you should stop by my studio in Milan.
- You can show me your photos.
- I'd love to.
- Will you give her my address? - Sure, no problem.
- Whenever you want.
- Okay, thank you.
- Bye, my friend.
- Yes.
- Bye.
- See ya.
- What have you been doing? - I don't know.
Just wandering.
- [both laugh.]
- Cheers.
- [sighs.]
- But who's that guy? Well, he's a very close friend of mine.
He's one of the best war photographers I know.
He's practically been everywhere.
I'll introduce you to some other friends.
- Okay.
- [Federica.]
Come on, let's go.
So, guys, is everything ready? You're all packed? Hmm? Yeah, almost, almost.
But we might just need a few more days.
Again? That's the second time it's been delayed.
- What is it? The second, third time? - Yeah, yeah, it is.
Tell me, what are you waiting for? [cutlery clinking.]
I get it.
- You had a fight.
- [Wanda.]
Stop it.
Loris, leave them alone.
Can't you see you're embarrassing them? Hey, I didn't say anything wrong.
I just asked a question.
It's their business.
Leave them alone.
- [Loris.]
I'll be quiet.
- [whispering.]
Say it, Edo.
"Say it"? Come on.
What's going on? What do you need to tell us? [Edo.]
The truth.
I've been telling you a ton of lies.
I wanted to tell you that tonight will be my last night of work.
But - What do you mean your last night of work? - [Milena.]
Look, I can't work with you because - I don't - Ah.
Is it possible that we can just forget about it? Maybe you can.
I can't.
I see you, and and I realize there will never be anything between us.
I need to get away for a bit to try and get over it.
I'm sorry.
So am I.
["Empatia" by Tenth Sky playing.]
[in Italian.]
How are you? How's it going? ♪ We haven't talked for months ♪ Where are you going? Come back here I can give you what you can't see ♪ You don't understand that what you say Instead of uniting us, only hurts me ♪ I can't believe this.
I know, Dad.
What did you do with the money? I was kicked out of the school housing.
And I had to pay rent after that.
Rent? Where? Wherever I could find.
That's why we're not leaving.
Because in Hamburg, I have nowhere to stay.
I don't have anything.
So, yeah.
Now you know about it.
[Loris exhales.]
[door opens, closes.]
I'll speak to him.
[upbeat music playing.]
Anyway, they seem nice.
[both laughing.]
I mean, your friends are really nice.
[both laugh.]
Well, tomorrow night they've invited us to this hill exhibition.
- Wanna go with me? - Okay.
How cool is that? - Should we grab a drink? - [chuckles.]
Why not? - Good evening, ladies.
- [Sofi.]
- Uh, Gin and tonic? - Gin and tonic.
Gin and tonic.
Two gin and tonic.
[in Italian.]
On the high seas Then letting ourselves go ♪ Excuse me? Uh, can you turn it up? On a wave that throws you down And then hurls you into the blue ♪ What are you doing? - [volume increases.]
- And breathing ♪ [chuckling.]
- [chuckling.]
Actually yes.
- No.
Like two birds to kill ♪ - [Federica.]
Come on.
- Mm-mm.
- [indistinct chatter.]
- [upbeat music playing.]
Don't worry.
She'll show up soon.
She's just a little late.
No, it'd just be a shame if she missed the start.
And plus, it's weird that she wasn't there for pizza.
- Maybe something happened to her.
- I'm sure she's just fine.
Okay? She said that she would be with her boyfriend, Marek.
I'm sure wherever she is, she's fine.
- Well, he's not her boyfriend yet.
- [mic feedback.]
[scattered applause.]
Uh This on? Thanks.
Thank you, everyone, for being here tonight.
To say the least, the August 15th festival is a very special celebration for me but also the club here as well, because of what we have all built here together as a team.
- [crowd cheering.]
- Anyway, I'll I'll stop.
I'll go.
I'll wrap this up.
I really wanted to open this concert with a person that Well, he's already played here before.
So So that's it.
I'll just bring him up now.
[crowd applauding.]
When did they decide on this? [laughs.]
I had no idea.
- Well, good evening, everyone.
- [Dario chuckling.]
I'm very happy to be here.
It's an honor to play the opening Summy, I need to talk to you.
I'm so happy to be able to play This is my last night working here.
- [Dario.]
We're glad to have you.
- [Luca.]
Thank you.
What do you mean it's your last night? I'm in love with someone.
Who is it? - [crowd applauding.]
- [Luca and Dario chuckling.]
Thank you.
- It's Luca? - What? No.
- [crowd cheering.]
- Dario? Yes, all of this just [Luca.]
I'm happy to be able to play here tonight.
happened at the worst time, with the completely wrong person.
- [Luca.]
I won't be doing this alone.
- But yeah.
But with a person that has been very important to me this summer, actually.
But are you sure you want to leave? She should be somewhere back at the bar.
Uh There she is.
- Can you join me up here, please? - [Summer.]
Is he crazy? He's crazy.
He sure is.
I think you gotta go.
- [Luca.]
She's shy, but she's talented.
- No, no, no.
She just needs encouragement.
A round of applause for Summer.
- [crowd applauding.]
- Summy, get up here.
Just go.
No way.
I already know she'll hate me for this.
[man 1 cheering.]
- Go on.
- [Luca.]
You afraid? Here she comes, slowly making her way.
[people murmuring.]
[man 2.]
Whoo! [whispering.]
You're gonna pay for this.
Do whatever you want to me tomorrow.
But now just sing.
Hmm? [strums guitar.]
[playing song.]
[stops playing.]
- [people murmuring, chuckling.]
- [chuckles.]
Just breathe.
[Summer clears throat.]
[man 3.]
Whoo-hoo! [playing song on guitar.]
[in Italian.]
If you knew what I have in mind ♪ Perhaps you'd run away from here ♪ In the black and white Of yet another party ♪ I'm looking for an ending Like the ones in the movies ♪ But while it's all dark outside ♪ I try to stop thinking of you ♪ You and I alone ♪ Like a summer ago ♪ The sand in my thoughts ♪ That doesn't let me be okay ♪ - Ale.
- I told you I'd stop by.
So what's going on here? - Not bad, right? - [chuckles.]
They're great.
[in Italian.]
If I'd been more patient in my heart ♪ Hey! I couldn't find you guys.
This is Marek.
- Hey.
- Blue.
- Nice to meet you.
- Marek.
[Summer, in Italian.]
I can hear clearly a melody ♪ Resounding in the courtyards ♪ In the empty glasses at the bar ♪ [both.]
You and I alone ♪ Like a summer ago ♪ The sand in my thoughts ♪ That doesn't let me be okay ♪ Okay with myself ♪ Underneath my shades ♪ I no longer think of you ♪ [crowd cheering.]
- [man 1.]
Bravi! - [man 2.]
Bravi! [crowd continues cheering.]
- [man 1.]
Bravi! Bravi! - [man 3.]
Bravi! [men cheering in Italian.]
[man 4.]
Bravo! - Uh, is this in Iceland? - [glasses clinking.]
[Federica laughs.]
What? No.
It's Bolzano.
[both laugh.]
[both chuckle.]
[both laugh.]
- Mmm.
- [Sofi laughs.]
Thank you.
- Uh, for what? - For bringing me on as your assistant.
- I didn't expect it.
- Ah.
- I'll put you to work.
- Well, I can't wait.
- Ah.
- [glasses clink.]
[both chuckle.]
What? Do I have something [laughing.]
[Sofi chuckles.]
- I wanna take some photos of you.
- Of me? Mm-hmm.
You know, it's very important for a photographer to be photographed.
- You can learn a lot from it.
- [camera clicks.]
You learn to let yourself go, for instance, to let go of all your inhibitions, exactly what you're refusing to do right now.
- Sorry.
- [Federica.]
You're in a safe space.
Just take it easy.
- All right.
- [Federica.]
- Tell me about yourself.
Go on.
- Uh - Whew.
I, uh - [camera clicking.]
I don't know what to say.
Do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend? Don't tell me you don't 'cause I'll know you're lying.
- I used to have one.
- [Federica.]
In Milan.
Move your chin.
Um, then it ended.
- [camera clicking.]
- Why? - I wasn't ready.
- [chuckles.]
You're absolutely stunning.
- Come on, come on.
- Excuse me.
- [Federica breathes deeply.]
- [Sofi.]
- [sighs.]
I think I better go.
- Why? Because we work together.
It seems like a bad idea.
Oh, I wouldn't worry so much.
It's no problem.
No, really, I prefer if we didn't.
It's perfectly normal.
People working together do it all the time.
Is this why you asked me to be your assistant? To seduce me? [scoffs.]
Why? Do you think that's what I have to do to sleep with a person? Huh? No.
But - What? - Why did you ask me to come up? Look, obviously I was wrong.
Mmm? - Looks like I was wrong.
- [Federica.]
Hey, hey, hey! Where are you going? You think you can leave? Huh? - Look, you're gonna be sorry for this.
- I know.
[somber music playing.]
[crowd cheering and applauding.]
Guys, you rocked.
- Congratulations, really.
- Thank you.
- You have a beautiful voice.
- Thank you.
- Summer, right? - Yes.
Well done.
Keep it up.
[cheering continues.]
- Hi, guys.
Good evening.
- [crowd screaming.]
[in Italian.]
I'll get an electric shock If you touch my future ♪ And you'll shatter it ♪ Why don't we take a run-up ♪ To throw ourselves In each other's eyes ♪ And never think about it ♪ And never think about it ♪ I can't believe we were up there a minute ago.
- Hey, believe it, and you were amazing.
- Yeah? Hey, I'm gonna go grab a drink.
You want one? Uh - I'll get you one anyway.
- [laughs.]
I'll be right back.
[song continues.]
[song stops.]
What are you doing here? I wanted to see you.
Um [song resumes.]
Do you maybe want a drink? Yes.
[in Italian.]
Still like water ♪ I take a step And vice versa, you move the other leg ♪ Parallel like this straight line ♪ - I'm going to the bar.
Want anything? - No, thanks.
I'm dying of thirst.
Can you get me a drink? Thanks.
[in Italian.]
If outside there's the Carnival ♪ You tell me you don't like People wearing masks ♪ I need to tell you something.
- What? I can't hear you.
- I need to tell you something, okay? Oh, okay! Why don't we take a run-up To throw ourselves in each other's eyes ♪ - I think I'm in love with you.
- Huh? Sorry.
I couldn't hear you.
I said that that I that I'm in love [chuckling.]
Thank you.
You're awesome.
I got you a drink anyway.
I thought you might have gotten thirsty in the meantime.
What did you wanna tell me? Uh, you wore my shirt, huh? It's amazing! I love it! [laughs.]
[crowd cheering.]
[in Italian.]
And if the wheel spins You can't change the destination ♪ From one second to the next In our life ♪ And this empty road only has one light ♪ And there is no way out ♪ What are we doing, Ale? We're drinking.
- No.
- [Ale chuckles.]
I'm serious.
I don't know.
You think we've messed it all up? That's what it feels like.
I want to return to racing, Ale.
I really want to give that a chance and I want to do it with you.
If it wasn't for you, then I'd never have made it through this.
Lola, I only did what I did because I believe in you.
You're amazing.
And plus You're not like me.
I can't concentrate.
I don't have the focus, the vision.
But you're really cut out for all this.
I don't know if I'm cut out for all this.
But I know I still want to do my tryout.
[sentimental music playing.]
Will you still help me again? [chuckles softly.]
- Yes.
- Yes? - Of course.
- [chuckles.]
But I'm out.
Can I have yours? Por favor.
[both laugh.]
Thank you.
- De nada.
- [both chuckle.]
[romantic music playing.]
[fireworks exploding.]
[music swells.]
What was that? Can we just think about it tomorrow? [music continues.]
- [man.]
Great event.
- Bye.
- [man 2.]
Later, man.
- See ya.
[Stefano scatting.]
- Beer? - Thanks.
- Cheers.
- [Dario.]
Well - We're not doing too bad.
- Not bad? You mean amazing.
- Seriously, great job.
- Thank you.
Listen, there's something I need to tell you.
- [man.]
- See ya.
What's going on? Are you going to manage this club or not? - I mean, are you kidding me? For real? - No kidding.
I'm serious.
I am.
I need a break and I've been meaning to forever.
Look, I was gonna sell the club before we got you.
 So now what? I mean, it will be winter soon, so it's not gonna be the best time, but Now that we got buzz, you can manage it all, organize concerts Bye.
What do you say? [laughing.]
Of course, yes.
I'd love to.
- [Stefano.]
Yes? - Yes.
It'll be grueling.
It will require all of your focus.
I know.
I know.
But I'll do it.
- You'll do it? - Fuck, yes.
I'll do it.
Thank you.
- Don't thank me.
- [Dario.]
What? No.
Of course I will.
My heart was pounding so fast.
For a moment, when you started playing up there, I thought to myself, "Okay, I'm gonna die.
" - I noticed.
- [laughs.]
But then I started singing, and, uh it all melted away.
So, basically, if you hadn't made me get on stage, I never would have.
Yeah, that's why I didn't tell you.
[indistinct chatter.]
I live that way.
I'm that way.
[sentimental music playing.]
Good night.
[music continues.]
[music continues.]
[door opens.]
- Hey.
Still up? - Yes.
You wouldn't have believed it.
It was a bummer you didn't come because tonight was incredible.
Tons of people, the music was amazing, everyone danced.
And then Stefano comes over, and he says, "I have something to tell you.
" I thought it was gonna be bad, but instead, he says, uh - What is it? - Hmm? It's just, uh You're, uh What's wrong? I mean, is everything okay? Hey, what's with the face, huh? [sighs.]
I made out with Stefano.
What do you mean? Who did you kiss? I kissed Stefano.
Are you joking? No, I don't believe you.
[inhales deeply.]
No, it's not true.
I don't believe it.
[Rita sighs.]
No, it's not possible.
Uh - When did you - Come on, Dario.
- Did you fuck him? - No.
- You didn't fuck him? - No! No? No? Then why are you telling me? Why bring this up then? Because I think you should know about it.
I think Oh.
I should know about it.
Ah! And so you're So you're saying it's over? - [Rita.]
- Am I being dumped? - Hmm? - [sighs.]
We've drifted apart, and I think that that you're advancing in your life.
I don't I don't want to hold you back.
What are you even saying? I'm saying we're in two different phases of our lives right now.
So this is a pretext, an excuse to be with other people and throw everything we have away? That's not what this is.
- You're not getting it.
- I'm not getting it? - No.
- Oh, and what exactly do I need to get? - I'm too young for you? Is that it? Huh? - Dario.
You think I didn't have the opportunity to cheat with someone if I wanted to? Yeah.
But I didn't do it.
I wasn't jeopardizing what we had over some bullshit.
I've worked my ass off [Rita inhales deeply.]
to build something for the two of us, and you [breathes deeply.]
But I'm the immature one.
No, I didn't say that.
And you're still not getting it.
- What the fuck don't I get? - Stop yelling.
What the fuck am I supposed to get? What do you mean? [quietly.]
What don't I get? Just tell me.
You don't love me.
[chuckles wryly.]
[in Italian.]
Spending evenings drunk on the highway ♪ Staring at speeding cars like a whore ♪ Letting ashes fall on my clothes To heal myself ♪ [Summer.]
What happened? [sobbing.]
Everything goes wrong when you're not around.
Picking up pieces of me Scattered in the street ♪ I've missed you so much.
I've missed you.
[Carmen: "L'amour est un Oiseau Rebelle" playing.]

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