Summertime (2020) s03e06 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 6

1 A NETFLIX SERIES [doctor.]
The situation has improved considerably since your last visit.
No doubt about it.
It's improved? [motorcycle engine revving.]
- Does that mean that I'm healed? - [doctor.]
Now don't get ahead of yourself.
Remember, healing is a process.
It takes a long time.
But you're on the right track.
["The Happy Melancholic" by Sense of Akasha playing.]
[motorcycle engine revving.]
'Tis the right time ♪ [Lola.]
But my leg it still hurts.
Yes, and it will continue to hurt for a long time.
It's possible it will always give you a bit of pain.
Given the injury you sustained, it's normal.
But don't worry.
It's healing really well.
[motorcycle revving.]
- [Ale.]
- Yes.
- [Ale.]
Are you ready? - Yes.
Okay, let's go.
We don't have much time, okay? Okay.
- [Lola laughs.]
- What is it? [laughing.]
Your hat.
Oh, my hat.
Yeah, it's sunny.
Let's go.
I'll be out there.
- [Lola.]
- [Ale.]
I didn't expect this.
Whatever it is you've been doing, it's been working.
Obviously, it isn't just a physical thing.
It's psychological as well.
If you feel ready, well, you can begin racing again.
'Tis the right time ♪ To say good night ♪ Have a good sleep ♪ - [exhales.]
- That's all you will need ♪ Go on.
So, look, let's recap.
You gotta stay focused.
And also, don't push yourself too hard.
You need to get your bearings first.
Once you've got the hang of it, you can pick up the pace.
Don't forget.
Watch the third bend.
And don't go out, or my father will kill both of us.
You've told me this a hundred times already, Ale.
Well, this is 101.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
I'm sure.
- Go.
- Okay.
I can't believe I'm really here.
- Ready? - Yes.
And you? Good luck, Lola.
["Senza rotte (Halba solo)" by Halba x Foldino playing.]
I'm out in my baggies 'Cause I wanna be cozy ♪ Sometimes I switch my mind off 'Cause my dreams are tiring ♪ This stuff is love-hate, baby Just like weddings ♪ One day you run away from yourself One day you find yourself ♪ Let's see.
Sweaters, warm clothes You need to pack more or do you have enough in Hamburg? No, I have everything I need there.
Then as soon as you're all settled, let us know, so we can come visit you guys, all right? Yeah.
Well, don't sound too excited about it.
Come on.
You guys can come whenever you want.
We'll be there.
- [Loris.]
- Mmm? Can you believe they're moving in together? [both chuckling.]
Oh, Edo.
- I almost forgot about it.
- [Edo.]
Yeah, I wanted to give you these.
They're the same key rings your mom and I bought when we moved in together actually.
Now, they're yours.
Well, yours and Giulia's.
Nothing to say? - It's - You don't like them? - No, thanks.
They're great.
- They'll bring you both luck.
Where is Giulia? Can we say goodbye to her before you go? Yeah, of course.
She just, uh, well, went to see her parents to say goodbye.
- Oh.
- Ah, but we'll see her? Of course.
She'll be back.
For sure.
All right, then.
It's getting late.
You have a ton of things to do still.
We'll go.
But tomorrow, will you two come and see us? - Yes.
- So we can say goodbye, okay? Hmm? - Okay, let's go.
Bye, son.
See ya.
- Bye.
Behave yourself.
- Wave.
- Wave.
[both laughing.]
- You never finished telling me.
- What's that? [Milena.]
About the other night when you left with Ale.
There's nothing to say.
Do you still love him then? [emotional music playing.]
I knew it.
- You know when summer started? - [Summer.]
And you said you wouldn't fall in love this summer Of course.
And I was sure I wouldn't fall in love either? Remember that? - [Summer.]
- I think it happened, Summy.
What? - I think I'm in love with somebody.
- You do? I don't know yet.
We'll see.
How do you know you're in love? When you can't sleep or can't eat at all, when you think you'll say one thing, but you freeze up.
- Uh-huh.
- Those are the signs, right? - Yep.
- Yeah.
I'm kinda afraid.
Of what? [sighs.]
Not knowing how to act around him and Wait.
Do I know who it is? Milena, who is he? Who is he, Milena? - Who is it? Tell me.
- I don't know.
Tell me.
[in Italian.]
We talk about everything ♪ About our dreams, about the world ♪ About the fact that I love you so much ♪ The mistakes I've made ♪ But I don't have a strategy Strategy, strategy, strategy ♪ There you are.
Oh, sorry.
- Are you thirsty? Here.
Have some.
- Thanks.
I never expected all of this.
My parents and I always travel so much.
I've never had a party or really anything like this before.
Not even when I was a little kid.
I was always so sad.
But then you guys come along and did this for me.
What's wrong? Are you not having fun? Uh, are you hot? We could swim.
- I can't I just can't swim today.
- Oh.
Look, if you're on your period, it's really okay.
Don't get shy with me.
I think that my bathing suit is ruined.
Why didn't you say something? Come on.
I'll lend you mine.
- No, no, no.
- Yes.
Let's go.
Get up.
Come on.
About the fact that I love you so much ♪ The mistakes I've made ♪ Please, don't.
I mean, you shouldn't, really.
Hey, are you kidding me? [chuckles.]
This way we can all go swimming together.
You're not leaving me all by myself with the turtle savers.
But they're all dancing.
Yeah, but did you see how long it took me to get them to do that? Uh, here you go.
I got it today as a present from my parents.
What do you think? - Wow.
- Mmm.
Well, I don't want to ruin it.
[Viviana laughs.]
You don't like it? - No, no, it's not it's not that.
- I don't like it either, to be honest.
Look, how about I put this one on, so my parents are happy, and you can have the one I have on instead? It'll be more your style.
Hey, so, how was the cake, huh? - It was good.
- [laughs.]
Oh, take this.
This way, you won't have any other problems.
You know, I'm so happy that I met you.
I mean, you were the best surprise this summer.
All smiles, I know what it takes To fool this town ♪ Help me with this? [Blue.]
And all through the nighttime ♪ Oh yeah ♪ Oh yeah I'll tell you what you wanna hear ♪ Leave my sunglasses on While I shed a tear ♪ It's never the right time ♪ [vocalizing.]
I put my armor on ♪ Show you how strong I am ♪ I put my armor on ♪ I'll show you that I am ♪ I'm unstoppable ♪ I'm a Porsche with no brakes ♪ I'm invincible ♪ Yeah, I win every single game ♪ I'm so powerful ♪ I don't need batteries to play ♪ I'm so confident ♪ Yeah, I'm unstoppable today ♪ Unstoppable today ♪ Unstoppable today ♪ Unstoppable today ♪ I'm unstoppable today ♪ I put my armor on ♪ Show you how strong I am ♪ I put my armor on ♪ I'll show you that I am ♪ Unstoppable today, unstoppable today ♪ Unstoppable today ♪ I'm unstoppable today ♪ Unstoppable today, unstoppable today ♪ Unstoppable today ♪ I'm unstoppable today ♪ [song ends.]
[motorcycles revving.]
- Wait.
Why did you pull me? - What's on your mind? [Lola.]
I haven't been on a bike for a year.
Let me get my bearings.
I just need a minute, you know? I know.
I didn't stop you because of your pace.
- Then what? - [sighs.]
Just say it.
It's because you're in pain.
I could tell because you're not leaning in on the bends.
It looks like maybe maybe you're still afraid.
[Lola sighs.]
How much does it hurt? - A little.
- How much is a little? Ale, there's no way you just noticed now that my leg is in pain.
No, I haven't just noticed now.
But I thought it was better if I pretended that I didn't.
But why? Because you wanted to race again.
And I wanted that too.
- And now you don't anymore? - Yes, yes, I want that.
Of course.
- Then why just give up on this? - That's not what I've done.
Yes, you have.
The last few days, you've been completely distant.
You say everything's fine.
But what is it, Ale? You know I'm trying my best, okay? You know that.
It's true, my [sniffles.]
my leg hurts a bit, but It's tiring and Then don't stay out so late.
What? You heard me.
No, no, no.
Are you jealous? You're jealous? All this fuss is just 'cause you saw me the other night with Fulvio? [shouting.]
And you're jealous like some little kid now! Is that it? Huh? [softly.]
You don't need to yell.
Okay? I can hear you.
I'm standing right in front of you, so you don't need to yell.
Now, go talk to your father and let him know that you're wrong about this once again.
Fucking hell! [all cheering.]
Hey! Watch out! [chuckles.]
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! [laughing.]
I told him to stick to music because with sports he's As if you're amazing at this.
Well done.
By the way, tell me what you think of the song.
It's good.
It's just that it's missing the verses.
- If you want, we can write them together.
- We're working on it, so Who's "we"? Me and Summy.
You and Summy? Yeah, we get together, sing harmony.
We're writing the music.
- Oh, I see.
Good for you! - [laughs.]
This is how you're telling me, though? Come on! And I thought you had a thing for Milena, actually.
- For Milena? - [Dario.]
Man, she's always talking to you, looking all lovey-dovey and smitten.
What are you saying? - You're so oblivious.
- What are you saying? Gentlemen.
Can you meet me back at the beach? We have to set up for tonight.
- Got it, coach.
- Yes, sir.
[both laughing.]
[upbeat music playing.]
Did I scare you with my fin? Yeah.
May I? It's a great party, isn't it? Um, and to be really honest, Viviana is really nice.
I always end up dancing so much when she's around.
I'm having such a fun time.
[music continues.]
You okay, Blue? Is it something that I've said maybe? [indistinct chatter.]
What camera did you use? The same as always.
A Nikon.
The same one I always use.
- [Sofi.]
They're still not good, are they? - [chuckles.]
On the contrary.
You've done some amazing work here.
I mean, you can really read people's expressions.
You conveyed emotion through your portraits, which feels impossible with the lights blaring and the confusion in those venues.
Well done.
And more importantly, you didn't just abandon this because of my criticism.
Are you serious? 'Cause I I mean, you're not joking? [laughs.]
Does it seem like this is all a joke? Look, if you want, I'll help you exhibit them.
Maybe a group exhibition or something of the like.
Hmm? Wow.
Actually, I've got a better idea for you.
Listen, I'm glad you stopped by.
I I would have come to see you, but then so much has happened the last few days.
With Lola, my dad I'm sorry to get you mixed up in it.
The entire summer, I've been dumping my problems on you.
'Cause I believe that I'm destined to ruin everything in my life.
- Okay? That's how it is.
- [Summer scoffs.]
- [sighs.]
- [Summer.]
I've been thinking about the other night.
And I think that you and I Made a big mistake.
I agree with you.
Is that what you were thinking? [seagulls cawing.]
I think you know what you actually want.
I know it too.
You know, the other night when it happened for a second, I believed it.
But it was only for a second.
Do you think it's possible we could remain friends? [gentle music playing.]
Bye, Ale.
- [horse neighing.]
- Whoa.
Slow down.
[Sofi on phone.]
And then she asked me to be her assistant.
Okay, she just threw it out there, of course.
- But she said it.
- [Jonas.]
Hey, that's amazing, Sofi.
But I don't know.
It's all happening so fast.
And I wanted I wanted to leave with you.
I won't be able to travel with you.
Well, this would be the only reason I'd be okay with you canceling.
And anyway, look, I mean, I'm pretty sure we'll see each other soon.
Why do you say that? I mean, I have to swing by good old Cesenatico City for work, so you can introduce me to your brand-new friend Federica.
Promise you won't fall in love.
Come on, it's not like I fall in love with everyone.
And I'd never dream of meddling in anything with your work.
I gotta decide if I'm taking the job.
What do you think? Hey, Sofi, look, just think about it.
But I'd have to leave the Academy and follow her for months even.
I don't know.
[line ringing.]
[slow music playing.]
[ringing continues.]
- [ringing stops.]
- [phone clicks.]
[sets down phone.]
- Hi.
- [Edo.]
- I was just calling you.
- [Edo.]
Oh yeah? I wanted to tell you that it was better not to come.
Did something happen? Is this about Ale? I just keep trying.
I went for it again for the umpteenth time and struck out again.
And what's worse is I expected it to end.
I knew better.
But I wanted to believe in it.
At least a bit.
I made a mistake, didn't I? No.
It wasn't a mistake.
Uh - Are you still leaving tomorrow? - Are you kidding me? Where would I go? Look what I've become.
I've lied to everyone, even Sandro.
I tried to tell my parents, but I couldn't.
I was ready to and everything, and I couldn't say a word.
- Edo, you can't keep going on like this.
- Then what can I do? Stop thinking about the lies you've told already.
What about Giulia? You can't afford to lose her again.
She asked for some time.
Give her the time she wants right now, but write to her, call her, and be there.
And above all, you need to apologize to her.
You know, this picnic idea wasn't bad.
- [Dario.]
I know, right? - Yeah.
You didn't expect it, huh? What? You being such a romantic? No.
Romantic? You know, the stars, the picnic near the ocean You put on the music, and everyone's in love.
What about you? You got a wish for tonight? Hmm.
Like what? Well, just a wish or something you want.
Mmm, I guess Well, I could ask to find a guy.
- Why? You don't have anyone? - [Milena.]
I've never had a boyfriend.
Not in the traditional way.
I haven't yet.
Yeah, but there's time for that.
I hope there is.
- Hi.
- [Dario.]
- Excuse me.
- Sure.
Can I talk to you for a minute? Sure.
So, actually, it's not a concert, really.
I'll put on some music and dim the lights, so people can see the stars.
And if they want to to drink or eat, they can do both or neither.
Bad idea? Should I have done a concert? No, no, it's perfect.
What's wrong? Nothing.
Are you bringing Davidino tonight? No, I'm not bringing Davide.
Actually, I wanted to talk to you about that too.
I wanted to wait for the right moment, but, um - What is it? Is Davide sick? - No, no.
What's going on? - Is it about pushing the vacation back - It's not about that.
It's that you're gone.
- [chuckles softly.]
- [Rita.]
You're distant.
It seems like maybe the club is just your excuse for it all.
- An excuse.
- [Rita.]
Look, I'm doing work that I'm proud of.
Look what I've created.
This used to be a windsurfing shack.
Do you get that? And you did a great job.
- But that's not the point.
- It's exactly the point.
- No.
- Yes.
I know I haven't been around for Davidino, for you.
And I'm really sorry, but you yourself told me to follow my dreams, and you even helped me.
So what's the real problem? 'Cause I'm lost.
The problem is there's a life outside the Saian.
Have you ever wondered if this is a waste of your time, or realized you don't own this place, and at any moment it could end? [emotional music playing.]
[Dario inhales deeply.]
You got anything else important you wanna tell me? No.
Because now I have to go finish wasting my time.
Sofi, I'm sorry about last time I saw you.
I was a a bit nervous.
Blue, don't worry about it.
It's okay.
It's just I don't know.
What do I say? Do I tell her? Well, maybe before figuring out what to say, you should figure out what you're feeling.
You don't know.
I'm afraid I still haven't figured that out.
But But when you're with Alfredo, you think of Viviana.
You can't wait to see her.
You imagine every scenario, like an idiot.
The important thing is that you never feel judged.
Not by your parents, or your sister Not by anyone.
Is that what you did? Not completely.
Which is why I'm telling you Don't ever hide who you are.
Because it will only hurt you.
The sooner you understand this, the better.
Tonight, they're stargazing at the Saian.
Wanna come? Maybe bring Viviana.
Or Alfredo, if - [chuckles.]
- if you want.
Well, maybe it's best if I don't.
I might need some time so No problem.
[sentimental music playing.]
You know, today she told me I was her her best surprise.
And what did you think? [music continues.]
That she was mine too.
[chuckles softly.]
[upbeat music playing.]
- [Milena.]
Your spritz.
- Thank you.
- Are you excited? - [Milena.]
I am.
Are you? - [Sofi.]
- Hi.
- [Sofi.]
I've got some news to share.
- Good or bad? Good, I think.
- [Dario.]
- What is it? Uh, Rita.
She says this is a waste of my time.
- Waste of your time? - [Dario.]
- You finally stopped delivering pizzas.
- Yeah.
Go tell her that.
I'm gonna go get us drinks before we talk about it.
All right.
Thank you.
- [Sofi.]
Hi, Summy.
- Hi.
Everything okay? Uh, it's a rough day.
Why is that? It's sort of complicated.
You wanna talk about it? Maybe later, when the place isn't so busy.
Summy, look, I can't do this anymore.
You know, I'm really trying to make things good again.
But you're not making it easy.
Seriously? I come in, you snap at me, but I didn't do anything.
No, Sofi, look, I've also tried to reconnect - Excuse me.
- Yeah, just one second.
I've tried reconnecting with you, but you run away.
That's not what happened.
- Then what is it? - [Sofi.]
I'm not running away, Summy.
And you think it's my fault? Summy, just wait.
Sofia, for the last year, I've tried to mend things between us.
And all you do is push me away.
But you think I pushed you away because I don't give a damn about you? - Yes.
- No.
I walked away because you are selfish.
Because you don't see that people around you have feelings too.
It's not easy being close to you, Summy.
- You think you're really better than me? - I would never say that.
- No, but you think it.
- [Sofi.]
You think I only care about myself, huh? I do think about others.
You talk to Blue lately? What about Blue? She's been going through something, and since you focus on others so much, you must have noticed.
No? ["Amore Mio" by Mecna playing.]
I didn't grab a beer.
Oh, uh, want some of this? Cheers.
SUMMY SUMMY I'M SORRY MAYBE WE NEED TO TALK MORE It's my fault if you're not feelin' it ♪ Nostalgia will kill me ♪ It won't kill me ♪ [line ringing.]
[line beeping.]
So you've decided.
On what? You're starting racing again.
That's what Dad told me.
Is that what he said? - [Laura.]
He wasn't supposed to tell me? - [Ale groans.]
You should have seen Dad.
He was so happy.
What's wrong? You'd be going back to what you do best, right? No, just Every time I think I know how to do something well, then I end up being wrong.
Ale, you're an adult, all right? It's normal to have doubts.
Look, it's difficult, no doubt about it.
It's tiring, but you have to choose.
You have to pick a path and stick with it.
All right, look, I suppose maybe I misunderstood, and you don't want to go back to racing again, but We both know that your dad is a difficult person.
[Ale scoffs.]
But I just want what's best for you.
I'll be right here by your side.
I've always been here, and I always will be.
[Ale chuckles.]
Choose the thing that gives you bliss.
- Okay? - Okay.
I hate seeing you like this.
- [sighs.]
- Sorry.
- Sorry? - Sorry.
I mean in general.
I'm sorry.
You said "sorry"? - He actually said it.
- [Ale laughs.]
He said it.
Aah! [both chuckling.]
Ladies and gentlemen, good evening.
Uh, welcome.
And, uh, I believe the moment has come to do some stargazing.
So if you've come with a wish, you can start thinking about it or share it with whoever you brought tonight, because in exactly three, two, one the lights will go off.
And please keep it PG 'cause I can see you, huh? [chuckles.]
You can see how Dario gets.
He's He's enthusiastic.
Sometimes he gets carried away, and he's often too naive.
And maybe I made a mistake, but I wanted him to understand that he could lose this job.
It might not last.
But why do you think it wouldn't last though, huh? I already told you.
You did great.
I just dimmed the lights.
Well, an important step, though.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Listen, where's Stefano? - Uh, I saw him talking with Rita.
- Mm-hmm.
She already left? I don't know.
- Okay.
I'll leave you here.
- Okay.
Well - Don't say I didn't tell you.
- [Dario.]
What? No, nothing.
- [Dario.]
What? - [Luca.]
- What are you [laughs.]
- Yeah.
- No.
You're wrong.
- No.
- You're wrong, all right? - Mm-hmm.
I mean, it's possible.
- [laughing.]
Shut up.
I don't know.
- [laughing.]
- I'm out.
- Yeah.
[soft music playing.]
You're acting strange.
How so? You've been acting really weird.
I've been acting really weird? What are you saying? You've been so focused on Davide.
On me.
So? Do you think I'm stupid? Mmm, no.
Not at all.
I can't figure out if you've been doing this just to help Dario or not.
You what? I don't know what you mean, Rita.
You know perfectly well what I mean.
[chuckles softly.]
Did you make a wish? No.
Did you? Do you wanna go somewhere less crowded? Where? [Stefano.]
Do you remember when we broke up? Hmm? No.
No? - No.
- Ah.
Well, shoot.
[both chuckling.]
It's been so long.
We were barely together.
We were both so young back then.
Barely together? Okay, then.
But then about a year later, didn't you come back and ask me if it would make any sense to get back together? No? You don't even remember that? Hmm.
- No, I remember that.
- [Stefano.]
And? You said it wasn't the right time for us.
And now I need to go because there's a babysitter at home who's charging me a lot, so But I made a mistake.
What's that? I was wrong, Rita.
It was the right time for us, but I realized it too late.
["Mountain" by Boundary Run playing.]
Took a passing glance ♪ A throughout vision ♪ Current overcame ♪ - You okay? - [Dario.]
Hmm? You all right? [Dario sighs.]
Doesn't seem like it.
No, I'm not okay.
It's, uh It's Rita.
I don't know what [Milena.]
I like you, Dario.
I don't know what to do.
Look, I know you have a girlfriend, and that there's no place for me in your life, but - [Rita.]
What are you saying? - [Stefano.]
I'm not saying anything.
When I see you, I'm completely lost.
- I'm sorry.
I can't.
- I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
- I'm an idiot.
I shouldn't have.
- It's not you, really.
It's just It's just that I'm sorry, but I can't.
No need to explain, so excuse me.
We're here.
- Yes, but where are you taking me? - Enough with the questions.
- All right.
- Come on.
- Stop there.
- [switch clicks.]
It's wonderful, Luca.
Thank you.
Do you live here? Yes.
And there's more.
- It took me two years, but it all works.
- [Summer chuckles.]
Look, I know, it's still tiny, but but we can record our song here.
Speaking of, I have something to tell you.
Remember, you asked me to try writing a song? - Yeah.
- Okay.
I gave it a try.
And There are still a lot of things to fine-tune, but more or less, it's there.
I did it.
I wrote it.
Whenever you're ready, you can play it for me.
But now, I got something important to show you.
Right this way.
- Follow me, miss.
- Thank you.
Very kind of you.
Have a seat.
- Here? - Yeah.
[in Italian.]
And you don't like endings ♪ It's too easy to make them up ♪ Well, you can see them better here, huh? Much better.
You wait for the sunrise ♪ You remember when we first met? Of course.
It was amazing.
For me, at least.
For me too.
You run away from goodbyes ♪ Because you just can't, you ♪ [Summer gasps.]
Did you see that? [Luca.]
Of course I saw it.
You don't finish your food Because bottoms should never be reached ♪ You ♪ You know that in the end ♪ There are many beginnings to make up ♪ And every time it happens Every time I fall ♪ Every time from scratch Every time I'd rather not, but ♪ Every time I risked For the joy of one minute ♪ To say you've lived long enough To say goodbye ♪ [vocalizing.]
Every time a sunset To watch till the end ♪ [vocalizing.]
And you tell me about tomorrow ♪ There is no one better than you ♪ To make a sunrise ♪ To make a sunrise out of everything You ♪ You know that in the end ♪ I have to watch all the end credits ♪ And every time it happens Every time I fall ♪ Every time from scratch Every time I'd rather not, but ♪ Every time I risked For the joy of one minute ♪ To say you've lived long enough To say goodbye ♪ [vocalizing.]
We all are a sunset To watch till the end ♪ [vocalizing.]
And every time it happens Every time I fall ♪ Every time from scratch Every time I'd rather not, but ♪ Every time I risked For the joy of one minute ♪ To say you've lived long enough To say goodbye ♪ [vocalizing.]
We all are a sunset To watch till the end ♪
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