Sunshine (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 Jacob Garang now jumps for the three! Nothing but net! - Dazzler! - Razzle dazzle! And he goes up! - Ohhh! - Oh, my God! (BOYS LAUGH, CHATTER) (ENGINE IDLES) Oh ho ho! You're the man, Santino! - Get in, bro! - What are you doing, Santino? Don't worry, man.
I borrowed it from a friend.
- You're on parole, man.
- Chill, brother.
Tonight, we're gonna ride like kings.
Get in! Get in, man! Oh, we are Sunshine Kings, man! Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Yeah! (HONKS HORN) (FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) GIRL: Jacob, wake up! We're gonna be late! Come on, get up.
Get up! Oh, go away, Grace! - Mum! - WOMAN: Jacob.
Why didn't you wake me up? Not too late.
- Grace, where's my phone? - I don't know! (INTERNATIONAL CALL TONES) - Why? Are you gonna send it to him? - Yeah.
Why should you work nights and me two jobs for him? OPERATOR: Manhattan State.
How may I direct your call? Recording and Admissions, please.
- MAN: Carlyle Jones.
- Oh, Mr Jones.
It's Jacob Garang.
From Australia.
I was calling to see if you got my mix tape.
- Garang - Yeah, I sent it last week.
It hasn't come across my desk.
Let me have one of my staff check on that and get back to you.
- But, Mr Jones - (HANGS UP) There's other universities, you know.
- I'm not even sure I like New York.
- And who says you're coming? Maybe not for college, but you can fly me over when you make the NBA.
Out of my room, Grace.
It's a good mix tape, Jacob.
It is.
All right, come on.
Let's get you to school.
(TRAIN RATTLES BY, DOG BARKS) Try to make that.
Damn! - Ooh, that's nasty.
- (LAUGHS) You're telling me.
Look who's here.
- What's up, Dazzler? - What's going on? - Thanks, man.
- No worries.
Thanks, man.
Yo, Santino.
Have you been to bed yet? Nah, man.
Sleeping's for cats, bro.
Been rolling me some blunts.
Having some munchies, bro.
- Are you stoned? - (CHUCKLES) Yeah.
A little bit.
But it was good weed, though.
You only see weed the bad way.
Hey, where's the Porsche, bro? Ohh! You wouldn't believe this, bro.
Somebody stole my fucking stolen car.
- It's not parked at the club? - No, man.
It's gone.
Look at you, man.
We've got a game today, and you're off your face.
- How good was last night? - For real, bro.
Nah, seriously, Dazzler.
How good was it, man? I can't remember.
- (LAUGHS) Are you serious? - Yeah, man.
You were on fire, man! (LAUGHS) Yeah! TV: off the top.
Both teams very perimeter-heavy He didn't see my tape.
Man, when that talent scout sees your mix tape, he'll be on the phone begging.
Leave the ball by the door.
And when the scout calls, I'll be handling negotiations, bro.
- Are you my manager now? - Yeah, I'm your manager.
- 10%.
- 12.
5% it is.
There's no contract, Deng Deng.
It's college, not pro.
You're gonna make NBA, J.
- I'd put my house on it.
- You don't own a house.
I'll put my Housing Commission house on it.
Do you have these in size 13? That depends.
You buying? 'Cause I've got better things to do than go out back, pull out a ladder, climb up, find a size 13, undo the laces, watch you try them on and then come back and tell me you need to think about it.
Can we try these on? Yep.
TV: Melbourne can't find a basket at the moment.
They're getting close, but.
Clarke with the transition (SIGHS) - Ooh, this red one's good.
- Oh, yes, brother.
Ooh! I look good in that.
I look better.
Go on, man.
Well, we'll put them both on.
Ooh! Look at you, boy.
(CAMERA CLICKS) - All right, that's enough.
- (LAUGHS) - Hey, would you put them on Instagram? - Hold up.
I'm doing it.
Oh, he's looking, man.
(SIGHS) Didn't fit.
Put 'em back.
(SIGHS) Bastards.
Yeah, Jordan won six championships compared to LeBron's three.
And five MVPs to four.
But LeBron's still playing.
He'll catch up.
Forget it.
It's like Batman versus Superman.
- Which one's LeBron? - Batman.
Man, Batman doesn't have kryptonite.
Batman is a rich white guy with gadgets.
- Superman can fly.
- Man, Superman's fucked up.
He's from another galaxy.
(PANTS) Jordan got more points, though.
LeBron has more defensive rebounds.
OK, I want you to focus on defence today, boys.
So hands up, heads on a swivel.
Sounds like the Peacock's been reading a new basketball book.
Keep moving.
Keep moving.
Keep working.
(GAME SIREN SOUNDS) - Bring it in, boys.
Hey, bring it in.
OK, come on, nice and tight.
Nice and tight.
Starting five, Jacob, Deng Deng, Santino, Dazzler and Mike Wong.
Let's pray.
Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them - Reverend? - .
who trespass against us.
Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever and ever.
- ALL: Amen.
Go, go, go! Santino! Right here! (CROWD CHEERS) Defence! Defence! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Come on, Jacob! COACH: It's all about defence, OK? So, I want to see hands up and heads on a swivel.
But, Reverend, we have the ball.
Yeah! We do! And that's good.
I've got faith in you boys.
All I ask, do your best.
All right? Come on! All right, guys.
- Three, two, one! - ALL: Kings! - Go on! - (WHISTLE BLOWS) Hey, J-Man, what's the play? All right.
Deng Deng, give the ball to Santino.
Dazzler and Lam, work the paint.
If they double, find a spare.
Scores are even.
So, we have the clock.
We want the last shot.
All right, set the screen for J-Man and he'll bring us home.
- Let's get it.
- Come on, Jacob! Nya.
I like your stripes.
Not while I'm working, Deng Deng.
- I'm on parole, man.
- (WHISTLE BLOWS) Santino, here! Hey, Santino, pass the ball! Pass the ball! Santino, get that going! DAZZLER: Great work, J! (PLAYERS SHOUT) CROWD: Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! - Six! - Tino! - Five! Four! Three! - Oh, no! Ohh! Two! One! (SIREN SOUNDS, WHISTLE BLOWS) (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) COACH: Wow! Ha! Never mind.
That had some excitement in it.
Really did.
MAN: Santino? (WHISPERS) It's OK.
I'm right here.
Dad's here too.
We love you, sweetheart.
(SIGHS) Can she hear us? Oh, I'm sure your voices are a comfort to her.
How long before she's out? We just we have to be patient, Mr Messino.
That was Sunshine Police.
Looks like they've found him.
Hi, darling.
Hi, Dad! (CHUCKLES) - Bad time? - No, no.
We haven't seen you in church in a while.
Well, some of us have to worship at the altar of billable hours.
Don't mean to make you feel guilty, love.
That's the Catholics.
What ARE you here for? Wondering how busy you were.
What's he stolen this time? Porsche.
(SIGHS) At least he's moving up in the world.
Come on.
I don't know anything about a Porsche.
Humour us, Santino.
You didn't steal this vehicle from Callistemon Drive in Templestowe? Nope.
Nice wheels, though.
I don't blame whoever did it, man.
Not quite how the owner sees it.
A car like that should have a live GPS tracker, man.
It was disabled.
Smooth operator.
Lucky for you the home security system was switched off.
From inside the house.
Crime, huh? It's a big problem nowadays.
I feel for you guys.
Lucky for us, we've got the neighbour's CCTV.
Oh, and your fingerprints in the vehicle.
They're on a database.
You thought you'd wiped them all, didn't you? Uh, did you guys say something about a grey Porsche? Coming back to you now, is it? Yeah, look, man, someone stole that car from me last night at the club.
I had to walk home.
- Oh! What's the world coming to, eh? - (CHUCKLES) So, you stole the vehicle in Templestowe, took it for a wee ride to Sunshine before parking it outside the Cooler nightclub.
- Hmm? - Mmm.
Who else was with you on this little joyride? Just me, man.
(CHUCKLES) Really? Yeah.
I prefer my own company, you know what I mean? I imagine that's out of necessity.
That's not the feeling I was getting from the girls last night on stage.
You don't seem too concerned about this, son.
So what, man? I borrowed some rich guy's car.
Nobody got hurt.
What? I've never seen her before.
(KNOCK AT DOOR, DOOR OPENS) His lawyer's here.
Miss Skelton.
ZARA: Detective.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- (SIGHS) - Thanks for coming, Zar.
How many times, Tino? What do you want? A commemorative plaque on the wall? That would be nice.
Have you even thought about Mum and Dad? You know, they feed you, clothe you, bail you out in the middle of the night, and and this is what you do.
You'd still be in detention if Dad hadn't vouched for you.
How did you get the car keys? I found them.
So this wasn't random? This was premeditated? No.
It was it was random.
The keys were in the ignition.
You randomly chose a mansion in Templestowe with a Porsche with keys in the ignition? Yeah.
I guess I've always been that lucky, huh? The owner reported his keys stolen yesterday.
Do you know anything about that? DAZZLER: Hey, J-Man, we can still make finals without Santino, right? - How? He's our Patty Mills.
- Can't win without Patty Mills.
Plus, we're one short.
You want to hear some good news? I'm going to marry Nyagua.
How? She's from Nuer tribe and you're Dinka.
It's like Montagues and Capulets.
- Like what? - Shakespeare.
- How do you know this, bro? - He reads, bro.
(SCOFFS) Man, doesn't matter what tribe she's in.
The real problem here is she's a referee.
Referees and players in love? That's not right.
It's unnatural.
There's not enough snap in your wrist at the point of release.
Ooh! Damn! Hi.
- Hi, Mum.
- Hello, bubby.
If it wasn't for Santino stealing cars, we'd never see you.
So, where is he? Uh they've charged him with theft.
- Right.
- They're holding off on bail.
There's talk of forensics.
Why? There's a female victim.
What? That's not our Santino.
I know.
We'll get him out.
I just I really have to get back to the office.
- Yep.
Yeah, no, of course, love.
- OK.
- OK.
Thank you.
- Sorry.
Thank you.
Have a good night, madam.
How may I direct your call? Carlyle Jones, please.
One moment, please.
JONES: Carlyle Jones.
Mr Jones, it's Jacob Garang.
From South Sudan.
I live in Australia.
I found your mix tape.
Really?! I'm assuming you're taking the SAT? Yes, I am.
I'm planning to come down there for your state championships.
You'll be playing in those, right? Uh state championships Yes, definitely.
I'll be playing.
Good man.
(HANGS UP) GRACE: State championships? How are you gonna do that? Go to sleep, Grace.
COACH: That's a good start.
See if you can get as many as you can, then we'll break that record.
OK, poor start.
Keep going.
Excuse me, Reverend.
Hey, Jacob! How's your mother? Is she still at the night shift at the nursing home? - Yes, every night.
- Sad place.
- Yes, but can I show you something? - What is it? Well, last night, I put together some NBA clips of offence and defence tactics.
Thought we could write some set plays.
No, I mean, what is it? It's a USB.
For a laptop.
Computers? (CHUCKLES) Oh, don't get me started on the internet! Well, perhaps I could show them some of these plays and how they work? Well well, perhaps we should just leave the coaching to the coach.
What do you think? But, Reverend, if we keep doing what we're doing, we'll never make local league finals, let alone state championships.
Well if that is God's will, Jacob.
(SIGHS) (GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) (KNOCK AT DOOR) (SIGHS) Oh, f So you used to play? Yeah, I played a bit.
Can I come in? I want to ask you something.
(SIGHS) Who did you play for? Nebraska State.
You played college?! Yeah.
What do you want, son? I'm a busy man.
Well, I was wondering if you'd be interested in coaching our basketball team.
Is it 'cause I'm black? Are you black? We didn't steal from your shop, you know.
You want a trophy? You can't come into my house asking for favours, accusing me of being a racist and expecting any help.
Piss off.
Piss off! (SIGHS) O Lord, we ask that you would bless this food to our use - (PHONE BLEEPS) - .
and us to thy service.
We also ask that you keep Santino in a loving embrace.
In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
- Amen.
- Amen.
This looks great, Mum.
Santino never likes to miss a Sunday roast.
It's my fault.
It's my fault, Neil.
If he were staying here, this would never have happened.
Mum, he still stole cars when he lived here.
I keep thinking of him all alone in that holding cell.
- (PHONE RINGS) - Sorry.
Sunshine Police.
Hello? Yes, Detective? On what charge? OK.
I'm on my way.
They're charging him with assault on the young girl.
(SIGHS) Tell us about Elly Messina.
I don't know any Elly Messina.
The girl whose blood's in the vehicle you stole.
I told you.
There was no one with me.
She's in hospital in a coma from a blunt-force trauma to the back of her head.
We did a rape kit, and we'll get a court order for a DNA sample.
It's only a matter of time.
You know she was under age? - Not even 16.
- I didn't touch her! I never even met her, man! But you know who she is.
That's why you went to that house.
On that street.
I wanted to see where the rich people live.
Take their fancy car for a spin.
Pretend it's my life for a bit.
I never seen any girl, man.
Well, you pop that in your statement.
Let the jury decide.
We just provide the evidence.
Your fingerprints in the vehicle.
Your confession to stealing it.
The victim's blood on the passenger-seat headrest, which you wiped away to cover up your assault before you dumped her body on their front doorstep.
- Like she was garbage.
- Leaving her for dead.
But, hey, I'm sure the jury will see it your way.
But I was at the Cooler! How could it be me, man? I was performing on stage.
(RAPS) You're stuck in the streets, trying to be a G But heaven's kinda far Yeah.
Granny tried to grab me, but the devil's trying to get me You went on stage at 1:03am.
For precisely 12 minutes.
The victim was left unconscious outside her home at 2:06am.
Leaving you plenty of time to get from Sunshine to Templestowe.
(SHOUTS) Help out! Hands up there! Pressure! That's it! Pressure! Come on, come on! Slide, slide! Hands up, Larry! Hands up! For Christ's sake, put some pressure on him! Larry, get your arms up! Slide! Jesus, give 'em all day! (WHISTLE BLOWS) Referee! Come on! It's a charge! It's a bullshit call! (WHISTLE BLOWS) What's wrong with you?! You're blocking my view, Bev.
I'm gonna need to ask you to leave, Eddie.
- Why? - 'Cause you're upsetting other patrons.
- Since when is it a crime to barrack? - Come on, let's go.
- No, I don't want to go.
- Come on.
Come on! - Zara, you gotta get me out of here.
- They're refusing bail.
- They say you're a flight risk.
- Can't Peacock vouch for me? You have no fixed address on your parole forms.
They're within their rights.
(SIGHS) Oh! Tino.
I know you've had it hard.
But this, this is some serious time you're looking at.
What do you care? You fell on your feet.
They adopted the pretty white girl and not me.
Tino, please, don't play the victim.
- I'm no victim.
- You know who is? The people whose cars you steal.
The people you pick fights with when you're off your face.
And a 15-year-old girl who's in a coma.
Is there something you're not telling me? I've done some things, Zara.
But I didn't do this.
Larry! You need a lift? - Nah, catching the bus.
- Oh, come on, mate.
Let your old man give you a lift home.
- I'm gonna go.
- See you.
- How many points did you lose by? - It doesn't matter.
Of course it matters, Larry.
It's a sport.
(SIGHS) I told you.
My name's Lars.
No, it's not Lars.
It's Larry.
It's your stupid name, not mine.
Larry Bird is the greatest white basketball player to ever have played! Hey.
Did you paint the fence? No.
Sweetie? Is everything all right? What the hell is going on? What are you doing here, Eddie? HE did this, didn't he? - He painted my fence! - It's not your fence.
Who the fuck does he think he is?! He moves into my house, sleeps with my wife, hangs out with my son! - But you tell Abdul - Adam.
Whatever! You tell him he's got no right to paint my fuckin' fence! I want you to go, Eddie.
Now! Yeah, all right, I'll fuckin' go! I'll fuckin' - (SNAP!) - Oh! - Here's your fence, you fuck! - Great, Eddie! Well done! (SLAMS DOOR) (RINGING TONE) - ZARA: Hi, Rima.
- WOMAN: Hey, Zara.
Richard's asking about Edwards and Ferguson.
Yeah, I know.
He's got wind that they're not really happy with the revisions on the Cannex merger.
So I I told him you're working on a new draft and that we have a conference call booked with them this afternoon.
Yeah, I think we're gonna have to ask them to reschedule.
- Oh.
- I'm sorry.
- What, tomorrow morning? - No.
Well look, I'll just tell them you have a family emergency.
I just really have to sort this out.
My father has a black belt in emotional manipulation.
All right.
I'll see what I can do.
- OK.
- Bye.
- Hey.
- Me again.
We handle corporate for Retina Security, don't we? I'm guessing he doesn't have an alibi? (SIGHS) Not for 2:06am.
The travel times are tight, but they're feasible.
He said he didn't return the car.
So who did? The answer is still no.
I know.
I just came to steal something.
Come on.
(WHISTLE BLOWS, CROWD CHEERS ON TV) COMMENTATOR: Oh, what about that?! You like to slam dunk, don't you? Yeah.
And doing his reverse jam.
It's amazing, man.
What, you want to be Jordan? Or LeBron? Distribution is the key.
Be a distributor.
You know, it takes five men to win a basketball game, not one.
Right there.
Unable to get it to roll in.
38% compared to 53% .
from the field.
Ooh! See, look at that.
An inside pivot, get a shot to the post is the same as a drop pivot, box your man out.
It's just fundamentals.
And your footwork.
(PHONE RINGS) Yo, Deng Deng.
DENG DENG: J-Man, you've got to meet us at the station, bro.
- What about the game? - Don't worry about the game.
- Get down here.
- OK, OK, bro.
All right.
I've got to go.
Fair enough.
MAN: Just fill this out and bring it back, all right? How are we gonna win today if they don't let him out, man? - What if he goes to jail? - He's not 18 yet, bro.
Man, Santino's been 17 for two years.
He doesn't have a birth certificate.
You don't think he told the cops, do you? We have a game to get to.
Can we please leave this here for Santino Dut, just in case? Don't hold your breath.
(HUMS) (TAPS, SWIPES CARD REPEATEDLY) Bev, there's something wrong with your gate.
Management's refusing you entry indefinitely, Eddie.
Well, how am I supposed to see my son play? It's not my problem.
DETECTIVE: What am I looking at? The men's toilets at the Cooler nightclub.
Guess it was too many man-hours to watch all the security footage? - Oh, is that a - Spliff? Yes, it is.
Well, you'll note the time code, 2:07am.
So, unless you're accusing my client of time travel, clearly he didn't return the stolen Porsche, which means he didn't hurt the girl.
There's a gang of them, right? They're in this together.
There's prints all over the car.
Yeah, of course there are prints all over the car.
It's a family car.
NYAGUA: Reverend? Reverend, I'm so sorry.
If you don't have a starting five, you're gonna have to forfeit the game.
- Yes.
OK - I'm so sorry.
Wait, wait, wait! - (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) - Thank God! Hut, hut! Hoodies off.
Dazzler, you shall remain on the throne.
- (WHISTLES) Come on, boys! - Please stop shaking.
- All right, let's go! Three, two, one! - ALL: Kings! OK! On we go! Energy, buoyancy! Enjoy yourselves! Ball up! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) The game will have started.
Your friends left this.
Thanks, man.
Appreciate it.
(GAME SIREN SOUNDS) REVEREND: I know you're tired, boys, and we're down on numbers.
We're only 10 points behind.
So we're gonna have to dig deep, get those reserves Santino! - (CROWD CHEERS) - NYAGUA: (WHISTLES) Time! Hey, don't sweat it, guys.
You were never in the car.
Got it? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Right, let's go.
- Here, I'll take your stuff.
Thanks for getting me out, Zar.
Told you we didn't do it.
DAZZLER: Let's go, Tino.
What do you mean, "we"? NYAGUA: (WHISTLES) Ball up! (CROWD CHEERS) CROWD: Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six! Five! Four! Three! Two! One! (SIREN SOUNDS, WHISTLE BLOWS) (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) You know, when God closes a door, he always opens up a window.
(CHUCKLES) All right! Hey.
You lose? - Yep.
- What was the score? 57 to 48.
How many points did YOU score? My mum's waiting.
Do you want to win? Or do you want to score lots of points? Win.
All right, then.
I'm in.
You'll be our coach? Yeah.
Jacob Garang.
Eddie Grattan.
Come by the store later in the week and we'll sort out the paperwork.
You will not regret this.
Oh, don't get all misty-eyed.
I'm just doing it for the security pass.
TV: followed by an 18-month community corrections order.
The daughter of prominent construction industry magnate Tony Messina remains in a critical condition tonight.
15-year-old Elly Messina was assaulted by an unknown assailant and has been in an induced coma since the attack last Thursday night.
If anyone has any information regarding our daughter Elly, please please come forward and let the police know.
I mean, we live in a cul-de-sac, so someone must have seen something.
A Qantas flight from Melbourne to Los Angel Oi! Eminem, get in! My name is Eddie Grattan.
You can call me Coach.
Or you can call me Your Eminence if you wish.
You're talking about winning championships to a team that lost four games in a row.
Good luck with that.
Back up, or I tell the cops you stole my dad's Porsche.
REVEREND: I know these boys.
There's no way Santino stole the car, Dad.
The boys are best friends.
They are involved, whether you want to accept it or not.
MAN ON RECORDING: There's a girl.
She needs an ambulance.
She's hurt.
6 Callistemon Drive, Templestowe.
Serious! You gotta hurry, man!