Sunshine (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 WOMAN: You randomly chose a mansion in Templestowe with a Porsche with keys in the ignition.
- Get in, man! - We are Sunshine Kings, man! You gonna make NBA, J.
I put my house on it.
We keep doing what we're doing, we're never gonna make State Championships.
If that is God's will, Jacob.
State Championships.
How you gonna do that? EDDIE: There's not enough snap in your wrist at the point of release.
Referee, come on! That was a charge! Management's refused you entry, Eddie.
Where am I supposed to see my son play? - I'm in.
- You'll be our coach? Don't get all misty-eyed.
Just doing it for the security pass.
15-year-old Ellie Messina was assaulted by an unknown assailant.
She's in hospital in a coma from a blunt force trauma to the back of the head.
- Told you we didn't do it.
- What you mean we? If anyone has any information regarding our daughter Ellie, please come forward.
Let the police know.
WOMAN: I mean, we live in a cul-de-sac.
Someone must've seen something.
This is some serious time you're looking at.
I need a ride.
- I'm just returning the car.
- It's cool.
You can do that later.
It's all right.
No damage done.
See? Have a good night.
Back up or I tell the cops you stole my dad's Porsche.
Go! Now! Go! (BEEP!) Bev.
Still got it, I see.
Pat's not gonna miss washing seven uniforms every week.
Of course, I would have appreciated Jacob discussing this with me first.
But, to be honest, basketball's not really my thing.
Yeah, all the evidence would support that.
So, we done with the handover? They're good boys, Eddie.
They just need a good role model.
Someone to look up to.
Someone to keep them on the right path.
Yeah, well, the church has done such a good job with that with young boys over the years.
Oh I probably should tell you they don't have a watch between them and, you know, as for discipline, well I'm sure you won't have a problem with that, given your history.
Oi, Eminem.
Get in! Dazza! Don't take all day, man.
(ENGINE SPLUTTERS) (ALL GRUMBLE) - Get out and push! - Again, man! (IGNITION STRUGGLES) - Everybody push.
Three, two, one.
- Come on, let's go.
I might as well ride my bike to work.
Get in! Get in, get in, quick! Quick, quick! Sorry we're late.
Car broke down.
Get your gear on.
My name is Eddie Grattan.
You can call me coach.
You can call me Mr Grattan.
Or you can call me your eminence, if you wish.
Can we call you Eddie? 20 push-ups.
Right now.
Why do we play basketball? To score with Beyonce? 20 push-ups.
Hey, man.
I'm not your nigger, yeah? You want to be on the team? Go on.
20 push-ups.
Why do we play basketball? Vanilla Ice.
Why? Jacob.
Why do we play basketball? To win.
We play basketball to win.
Come on.
More effort.
Come on! When are we gonna practise shooting? Offence wins games.
Defence wins championships.
But to win championships, you need stamina.
When you hit that line, explode! You're talking about winning championships to a team that lost four games in a row.
Good luck with that.
Thanks for your support, Bev.
Come on! Vanilla Ice is wide open.
Pass it! Jesus.
What the fuck is going on? J Man's our main man, your eminence.
We do not have a main man.
A basketball team is like a hand.
You pull the fingers together, what have you got? A Black Power salute.
No, a fist.
A team.
We're gonna play as a team.
Let's run this again.
Let's go.
Stop! Hey! Jacob! Are you deaf? You think this is all about you? Teamwork.
Lay off the ball to other players, give them an opportunity.
Let's run it again.
Play the ball to Mr Wong.
What's your name? Deng Deng.
Your parents run out of ideas? That was a nice bounce pass through traffic.
Well done.
All right.
Let's run it again.
Can I help you? I need to have a word with Deng Deng and Jacob Garang.
- Right.
- Hey.
They can't make you go.
It's cool, man.
We have nothing to hide.
- We were never in that car, got it? - You guys make it quick.
You're screwing up my practice.
Landall, in.
WOMAN: I'm gonna need to get leave to file.
It's not ideal.
You know, this is why I asked you to not negotiate without me.
What's this for? It is to measure how far I am from a partner's office.
You might need a longer one.
They've seen your billable hours from last week.
If we'd kept him with us, none of this would've ever happened.
Santino was legally emancipated at 16, Dad.
You couldn't have made him live with you.
Should have tried harder.
Not many teenagers I know want to grow up in a rectory.
You did.
Like I said The police are questioning the other boys.
Theft is one thing, but aggravated assault? I know these boys.
There's no way Santino stole the car, Dad.
The boys are best friends.
They are involved, whether you want to accept it or not.
So you won't defend them? There are legal aid lawyers who specialise I rang them.
They won't even go to the station.
The best they can offer is a five minute phone consultation.
They just need somebody in their own corner.
You're not their coach anymore, Dad.
You don't have to be their saviour.
They've got no one else, Zara.
Edwards and Ferguson are here to discuss the Cannex case.
Yeah, OK.
I mean, do you think those people suffer if they lose their case? They've got money.
This is CCTV from the street where the Porsche was stolen and the girl was found.
Do you see that? I measured that.
It's almost 200 centimetres.
How tall's Jacob Garang? Well, that's hardly evidence.
I mean The figure is in stride and airborne and the security camera's elevated.
All right.
I have to go save some rich white people.
I wonder when lawyers did away with the presumption of innocence.
First preference, University of Melbourne.
- What course? - Bachelor of Science.
You? Commerce.
Listen, Nyagua, I was wondering if you would like to go out.
- Yeah - Some time? Wait.
I'll be right back.
You need to leave now.
What are you, a bouncer? I'm your brother.
And you're 16.
Like you didn't come here when you were 16.
- That's different.
- How? Dad's gonna go crazy.
We have to go.
Let's go.
Let go of me.
It's a free country, I can do whatever I want.
Don't push me! And then what? I had to stay home, make sure she didn't sneak back to the club.
And your sister will confirm this? It'd be the first time she's ever agreed with me, but yeah.
- What's this? - Read that out loud.
I don't think I should.
You said I had a right to a lawyer.
Of course.
But if you want to go down that line, we'll have to inform your dad.
It's up to you.
"There's a girl.
She needs an ambulance.
"She's hurt.
"Number six Callistemon Drive, Templestowe.
You gotta hurry, man.
" Thank you.
When you're ready, Jacob.
If you could read this out in a nice, clear voice.
- Are you charging my client? - Just a routine chat, Miss Skelton.
- Otherwise known as racial profiling.
- (SCOFFS) You realise the crime rate's seven times higher for South Sudanese than the wider community.
You're illegally taking fingerprints and using a police report as evidence to charge someone? (SCRATCHY RECORDING) There's a girl.
She needs an ambulance.
She's hurt.
Number six Callistemon Drive, Templestowe.
You've got to help me, man.
See, we're gonna run that past a voice expert.
Use it in combination with other evidence we have and then charge someone.
I've seen footage of you running down the street in Templestowe that night.
I just heard what sounded a hell of a lot like you on an emergency call, and if your alibi is Deng Deng, he took his sister home from the Cooler at 11:30pm.
I got you out of there because what the cops were doing was out of order.
Not because I think you're innocent.
Got it? Want some? You know, you're like really black.
Not brown, like a badass black.
Where are you from? Sunshine.
You know, we do this whole thing at school on refugees and me and my friends did this thing where we had to eat like a refugee for a week.
So hard.
Where am I dropping you? If my dad could see us right now he would totally freak out.
He loves this car so much.
If he knew some gangster had nicked it I'm not a gangster.
I didn't steal your car.
I returned it.
So you're not Santino? No.
Then why did you return the car? You really didn't need to.
Dad's loaded.
He could just buy a new one.
Look, I need to win basketball games, OK? And that means returning your stupid car so our point guard stays out of jail.
Got it? Whatever.
I'm just saying that if the car was mine I'd give it to you.
My dad doesn't need it, and you guys have nothing.
You don't know anything about me.
(CAR DASHBOARD BEEPS) Hey! You have to pay first.
Why did he say that? Why do you think? Where are you living at the moment? SANTINO: I've got a few couches here and there.
Dad wants you to move back with them.
Yeah, what about Pat? - She does too.
I mean - She wanted me out.
Said I stole her jewellery.
Did you steal her jewellery? She doesn't know what bling is, man.
- Santino - Yeah? That night at the Cooler, was Jacob there all night? Yeah.
Jacob was with me that night.
He was turnt.
He was on his level that night.
But you were on stage and I mean, how do you know for sure? My boy was with me all night.
Would you even tell me if he wasn't? Santino! Let's go! You know how it is, sis.
No matter what's the truth, they're still gonna pin it on the black guy.
Santino! We want a holy man! Yeah, I gotta go.
- The boys are calling me.
- OK.
- Take care.
- Yeah, be careful.
- Come on, man.
- Yo, hold up.
Let's go to Macca's, man.
I'm only coming if you're paying, Dazzler.
Gotta forfeit you the court, Eddie.
Sorry, but we're not on African time.
Fair enough.
(MUSIC BLARES FROM CAR) You know you're allowed to drive those things here.
You guys are one hour late for practice.
We've lost the court time now.
Oh, so we don't get to run up and down the court for no reason? - What a shame.
- I don't care if your car breaks down.
I don't care if you get arrested.
You're gonna show up here on time for training.
You know what? I tell you, this is how it's gonna be.
We're gonna go to Boot Camp.
And we're gonna train you harder than you've ever been trained in your life.
Sorry, your eminence.
I've got community service.
- Court's orders.
- When? When's the Boot Camp? Coach.
My mum's car would never make it out of Sunshine.
That's all right.
I've got a van.
Well, then, they're in breach.
It's a bilateral contract.
It's right in front of me.
I'm looking at it right now.
Well, if they're gonna resort to that then we'll absolutely win.
- Oh, Zara.
- How's it going, Daz? Yeah, it's good.
Oh, look, I had nothing to do with them sacking your old man.
If anything, I actually like the praying.
- (LAUGHS) - Yeah.
So, um, Elly Messina, is she a friend of yours? Who? Elly Messina.
You don't watch the news? Oh, yeah.
That girl who got hurt? Yeah.
It's just that, um, she follows you on social media.
She does? I've got heaps of followers, though.
I can't really keep track of them all.
I just wanted to give you a heads up.
Given your connection to Elly, the police might want to interview you.
- Thanks for the tip-off.
- Yeah.
Little prick.
Fuck! What do you think you're doing? We all make mistakes, Jackie.
Only some of us know how to repair them.
- What do you want, Eddie? - Nothing.
Hey, Dad, you seen the ladder? We're coming second.
- That's great, mate.
- I scored a three pointer.
Hey, Jack, can I borrow the car for a couple of days? - I knew it.
- Listen.
- No.
- It's a one-off.
You can drive Abdul's car.
His name's Adam.
And that's a no.
You're lucky this time.
Hey, morons.
Boot Camp is off.
Oh, no! What?! Because some idiot vandalised my car.
Who would do that? The cops were right about you boys.
Nothing but a bunch of fucking criminals.
Why would I waste my time with a team that's going nowhere that can't win a game? Take the patience of a saint to coach you lazy little fucks.
And I ain't no saint.
Why did you do that? Hey look, man.
I kept you out of this cop shit, yeah.
I'm not gonna kill myself for you as well.
Brotherhood only goes so far, bro.
JACOB: Training camp's been cancelled.
- Why? - Because his van's broken.
We were going out of town to a professional facility.
Walk?! We don't walk, Ma.
This isn't South Sudan.
Now we've got no coach so we're never gonna make finals, let alone state.
I'm gonna end up sitting by the ticket booth for the rest of my life.
What's the point? If he doesn't make State Championships, the college scouts will never see him play.
My intervertebral discs are really struggling with this.
So invite me back to your place.
You know I can't.
You, on the other hand Dean, I told you I sleep on a yoga mat.
Joe took the bed, the couch .
even the bloody doormat.
Maybe we should go to IKEA.
Oh, so romantic.
Say it again.
Oh! - Expedit.
- Expedit.
Swedish meatballs.
Hey, the cleaner's gonna swipe you out, OK? No pillow talk, then? I don't have a pillow.
- Right, then.
- Yeah.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Darren Burns is tall, he does a South Sudanese accent, he's friends with Santino and he works for Tony Messina.
Messina Constructions employ hundreds of people.
There's no guarantee Darren Burns even knows the Messinas.
Come on, Detective.
Have you ever heard of social media? You should look into it.
He knows Elly Messina.
Miss Skelton, when you have a client you are more than welcome to come here and fight the good fight.
You really are.
But until then So you won't look into him because he's white? Yeah.
Got me in one.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm running late for a Klan meeting.
Through here, please.
I'm Deng Deng.
I was just wondering if it's OK to speak to Nyagua.
How are your brothers, Deng Deng? They are back in South Sudan, no? Working for the military? I hear that they are fighting for Salva Kiir, killing my people.
And you think I will welcome you into my home? Let you speak with my daughter? Is your son playing today? What if he is? You quit.
- You have to give the pass back.
- (CAR BEEPS) - I am Mari Garang.
- Pleasure.
Don't worry.
It is insured.
You can borrow it when the team need it.
Boot Camp.
Olympic quality facility, coach.
I like it.
I'm glad you approve.
- What a shithole.
- Right.
Grab your kit.
Come on.
Listen up.
It's a 1,500m course.
18 obstacles.
Each rotation will be timed and logged.
You go when I tell you and you don't stop till I tell you.
We ready to work, soldiers? ALL: Yes, coach.
Are we ready to work, soldiers? - Yes, coach! - Then go! Go, go! Come on! I've seen wombats move faster.
Go, let's go, let's go! Put something into it.
Where's Santino? Did he get eaten by a wild animal or something? Boys, we've lost the last four games.
We are eighth on the ladder.
If we want any chance, any chance at all of making it to the finals, we have to win the rest of our games.
We play the Redbacks this week.
It's a must win.
If we lose, that's it.
We're done.
We'll beat them.
Yeah? And how are we gonna do that? Yes, Dazzler? When's dinner? When you boys can learn to concentrate for more than three minutes at a time, you can have dinner.
Until then, bed, lights out, now.
Go on.
Aghh! (PANTING HEAVILY) (WHIMPERS) Are you all right? Are you OK? It's all right, man.
Do you know what the army does to its soldiers when they go AWOL? I knew you lot would crack under pressure.
Have you had to walk across the Sahara with no shoes, no water? Have you had to watch vultures surround your two-year-old dying brother, knowing you're too weak to protect him? Santino did.
Have you had to move to a new country without parents, brothers or sisters, where you don't speak the language? Fair point.
What's your excuse? All right.
Move some stuff.
Help me out.
There you go.
- Dig in.
This one's on me.
- (ALL MURMUR THANKS) Now you're talking my language.
My dad never came to a single game I ever played.
Thought it was a waste of time.
Basketball was my escape.
It was a 40 minute time-out from life.
But you know when my game got better? It was when I started to bring my dad to the game.
In here.
He couldn't do it.
He was too busy with Cutty Sark.
- Hey, Dazzler, what's that? - Whiskey.
You boys, you have to bring your lives into the game.
Double Deng was right.
That's who you are.
You have to use it.
PETER HITCHENER: (ON TV) 15-year-old victim of a suspected assault, Elly Messina, with an as yet unidentified male.
Footage from a security camera shows construction magnate Tony Messina's stolen Porsche leaving this Ivanhoe petrol station.
Police are urging anyone who may have seen the distinctive vehicle to come forward.
And we check in now with Livinia (RAPS ALONG TO MUSIC) Let me break sh, let me drop it Let me break sh, let me drop it You don't wanna start when I'm on this, no Check that you wanna act to, but don't Their chin chins gonna chat to and fro And they want us us 'cause their tools don't go So doomed what they gonna do when I go let (MUMBLES LYRICS) (LAUGHS, MUMBLES) Never see me coming but he making moves yet (LAUGHS) I'm a beast at Dubsmash.
You should see me do Kanye.
Kanye? He's a college kid.
You want to hear real rap? You should listen to Tupac.
What's his latest album? What? He's been dead for 20 years.
They put him in prison for something he didn't do.
But then when he got out, they shot him dead in the street.
He was the man.
- Sing me one of his songs.
- No way.
Go on.
I need to be educated.
So you think, because I'm black, I can rap? - Yeah.
- It's not happening.
You're a skinny white girl.
Why don't you sing me some Taylor Swift? - Go on, just rap.
- No.
- Please.
- No.
- Pretty please.
- Pretty please? - (LAUGHS) - Jeez.
So this is your boyfriend's place? I can take you home.
I'm taking the car back anyway.
Do you get on with your parents? It's just my mum.
My dad thought leaving South Sudan was the coward's way out.
So he went back.
What do you think? I think it's best to get out of a bad situation.
Me too.
Thanks for the ride.
Hey, and just so you know, I can rap.
(LAUGHS) See you, Kanye.
See ya, Tay-Tay.
Now, I haven't been yet.
MAN: Personally, I'd recommend the TRYSIL Queen or the KOPARDAL.
But I wouldn't get the mattress from IKEA.
Who said was inviting you over anyway? I'm thinking of your comfort.
I sent Elly Messina's phone records through.
There's nothing there.
Kids just use their phone accounts to call their parents these days.
Everything else is done on apps.
Can the police trace the apps? It depends.
Do they have her phone? No.
It wasn't on her when they found her.
Well, without it there's no way of tracing the metadata.
These apps are all owned by international companies and they don't give a flying fuck about Australian warrants.
- Perfect for criminals and teenagers.
- Is there a difference? I'll be right with you, Gordy.
Listen, I've gotta go.
Are you, uh, gonna make up your desk for me tomorrow night? I thought your intervertebral discs couldn't handle it.
I'm seeing a chiro in the morning.
(PAY AND BE ON MY WAY BY EDDIE BRIDGES) Let's go! Yeah! Bring it in! - J-man! - Come on, focus.
- Concentrate.
- Jeez.
Those Africans can really jump, can't they? Um, actually they're from South Sudan.
You know? Borders on Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda.
Just a little geographic thing, you know? Good luck today.
A little more organised.
A little more organised.
Come on, guys.
- Tighten up the drill.
- How are you? It looks like you're playing in the park.
Come on.
Make an effort.
Guys, get yourself in order a little bit.
- (TIMER BLARES) - Top four starts today, boys.
Come on in, come on in.
You've got to go hard at them.
I want you in their face.
I want you breathing the air that they breathe.
Just stick right to 'em.
They can't make a move with you right up their arse.
All right? Come here.
I want you to drive to the post.
- Yeah.
- I want you to drive the play.
Five fingers, coach.
Team's counting on you.
I'm counting on you too.
All right, boys.
- Bring it in, guys.
- ALL: Three, two, one, Kings! Let's go, Kings.
Right from the top.
Open up, open up.
Well done.
Well done.
You'll just let them do that? Come on, come on! That's it.
That's it.
Oh, you're jokin'! You got your eyes painted on? Should I get you a seeing eye dog? Would that help? How many fingers am I holding up? Help out, help out.
Come on! Yes! - (TIMER BEEPS) - Right.
Mike and Daz, come out.
Santino, you're in.
I want you to spread and hustle.
We're four points behind, right.
Really push hard.
Let's go.
- Who, who? - ALL: Sunshine Kings.
- Who, who? - Sunshine Kings.
- Who, who? - Sunshine Kings.
- Three, two, one! - Kings! (CROWD CHEERS) (PHONE VIBRATES) (RUSTLING) EDDIE: Zone defence.
Zone defence.
Get your arms up.
- All right, all right, all right.
- (CROWD COUNTS DOWN FROM SEVEN) Make them rain, make them rain! - Two, one.
- (WHISTLE BLOWS) (CROWD CHEERS) Yes! Yes! All right.
All right.
Just calm down.
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
(BOOING) This is not another game, J-man.
This is it.
I really need you, Daz.
I'm down near the boatshed.
Please come and get me.
This is clearly the work of a gang of young African men.
If you have information, you need to tell the police.
Mum wants to know if you could join us for lunch tomorrow.
- Well, I'd be delighted.
- (LAUGHS) Delighted.
We've got a championship to win.
And I don't want any distractions.
I saw you when the news report came on.
That was you in the Porsche with the white girl, wasn't it? - What happened? - You know what happened.
Your son deserves everything he gets.
I never wanted you boys to go down for this, man.
This'll be one of the most important times you spend as brothers, as teammates.
Every breath, focus, concentrate, team.
Your laws, they will not save me.
You'll do anything to keep your black friends out of jail, won't you?